Y&R Transcript Friday 8/28/09

Y&R Transcript Friday 8/28/09 -- Canada; Monday 8/31/09 -- U.S.A.


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Victor: I heard you cry out, Sweetheart.

Ashley: (Sobs)

Victor: You had a nightmare, okay? That's all it was, a nightmare.

Ashley: (Sobs) It was horrible. It was horrible. (Sobs)

Victor: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Ashley: Sabrina was in the house again, Victor. Sh-sh-she's trying to take the baby.

[Victor remembering]

Jack: Recover? Wake up. My sister's in pieces, thanks to you. If I had any doubts about getting a court order, believe me, I don't anymore.

Ashley: (Sobs)

Victor: You're safe now, Sweetheart. I'm here. You're safe now. Please don't worry anymore.

Ashley: (Sobs)

Phyllis: Hey, Pumpkin. What are you doing up? What are you doing up? Look at you-- in your pajamas. Here, come here for a second. I have something to tell you. Tomorrow, we're gonna go on a trip.

Summer: A plane?

Phyllis: Yes. Good for you, Honey! Yeah, a plane. We're gonna go on a plane. We're gonna be up high, and we're gonna look at the ocean below us, and it's gonna be a really fun, fun trip. Uh, we're gonna be in Switzerland for three weeks. We're gonna have a lot of fun, a lot of fun. We're gonna learn new things and, you know, talk to people and make new friends. That's gonna be neat, right?

Summer: Ears.

Phyllis: (Gasps) Mr. Ears. Yeah, you can take Mr. Ears with you. No problem. Okay, what else do I need to pack? I need your passport. Your passport... I think Daddy-- I think Daddy knows where your passport is. Look at you. Hey, baby, I know that, um, you're busy, but I just wanted to check with you. Um, where is Summer's passport? I-I-I think you put it away. Anyway, um, call me when you're on your way home.

Summer: Love Daddy!

Phyllis: Could you hear that? She said, "Love Daddy." She said, "Love Daddy." All right, I'll talk to you when you get home. Good job. Good job!

Sharon: (Sighs)

Sharon: (Gasps) Nick! Gosh, you scared me.

Nick: I've been out in the hall wondering if I hallucinated what I just overheard you tell Doris.

Sharon: What did you overhear?

Nick: Is it true? Is that baby mine? Am I the father?

Paul: How could they violate sanctuary? Patty wasn't violent. She didn't need to be subdued.

Jack: If she wanted to marry me so badly, why did she run off? Unless she's a lot less deluded than we thought.

Chance: There's no sign of the suspect anywhere in the building.

Paul: Okay, what about outside?

Chance: Well, my men are searching right now, but my guess is, we're not gonna find her.

Jack: Wait--wait a minute. Patty is gone? She's vanished?

Paul: (Sighs)

Owen: Seems to me, she would have needed help to get past the barricades.

Paul: Help from whom?

Owen: That's what I'd like to know.

Gloria: Okay, get in. Get in. Get in.

Patty: (Whimpers)

Gloria: Okay. Okay. We're in! Let's get outta here.

(Tires squeal)

Gloria: (Sighs)

Patty: (Whispering) Its okay.

Ashley: I keep having the same dream.

Adam: Sabrina?

Ashley: Yeah, she's always here trying to take the baby. She's trying to take you, too, Victor.

Victor: Sweetheart, please don't worry about that. I'm not going anywhere.

Ashley: Well, maybe you won't have a choice in it.

Adam: Remember, we talked about your dreams. They're just your-- your bottled-up fears and insecurities coming out while you're asleep.

Ashley: Right.

Adam: Right, well, that's all this is. It's just-- you know, you--you-- your mind is working overtime, Ashley. And you've been feeling stronger lately, though, right?

Ashley: Yeah, I thought so.

Adam: Yeah, well-- well, hold onto that. The baby is fine, and I can call Dr. Taylor, if you'd like.

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute.

Adam: Well, it's really no big deal.

Victor: You don't need to call a doc--no.

Adam: I don't mind calling him. It's not a problem.

Victor: No, we will not call a doctor, and you go back to your room, all right? Let's go. Come on. Thank you.

Gloria: Aah! Would you turn the air on? These things are hot! (Sighs) What are you staring at?

Patty: You're not a nun at all. You're--you're the woman at the coffee shop who gave me food.

Jeff: Yeah, she moonlights as Mother Teresa.

Patty: And you know what? You were there, too. You were asking me all those questions. Who are you people?

Gloria: Oh, just think of us as, uh, I don't know, your guardian angels.

Jeff: Yeah, with a mean set of wheels.

Gloria: (Laughs)

Patty: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Gloria: Listen, we knew you were trapped in that church surrounded by police, and you know who pulls their strings? Victor Newman, evil man.

Jeff: Yeah, ruthless. Manipulative.

Patty: You know, I know about that. Uh, he--he, uh, had me under his spell for a while. I should have known this was coming. But Jack--

Gloria: Yeah, Jack. Jack. Jack Abbott. (Sighs) That's the man she was talking to inside the church.

Patty: No, he--he-- he couldn't be in on it, 'cause he would never betray me.

Gloria: Oh, Honey, of course he wouldn't betray you. I saw the way he looked at you when you put on the altar cloth like it was a veil. You're gonna be a beautiful bride.

Jeff: Uh, yeah, stunning. Um, Jack will be a lucky guy to have you for his wife. Heck, any man would.

Gloria: (Chuckles)

Patty: You guys are my only friends, besides Jack and Kitty Kitty.

Gloria: You know, that is a very cute kitten.

Patty: Yeah.

Gloria: How long have you had him?

Patty: I-I found him in the church.

Gloria: (Sighs)

Patty: It was a gift from God.

Gloria: Yeah, well, I can see how much he loves you already.


Jeff: (Whispering) Why do you keep calling Mary Jane "Patty"?

Gloria: (Whispering) Because that's her real name, as in Patty Williams, as in Paul Williams. She's his sister.

Jeff: Wh--

Gloria: (Sighs)

Paul: You know, if anybody helped Patty get away, it's you. You couldn't wait to bust through those doors and raid this place. This is not a crack house. It's a church!

Chance: When the lights went out, all bets were off.

Owen: The man was only doing his job.

Paul: Oh, really? Was it part of his job to cut the power?

Chance: Wait, wait, wait, wait. My men didn't even touch the power. In fact, I was actually wondering if one of you did.

Jack: What?

Paul: Oh, really? Neither Jack nor I would have any interest in having my sister on the streets. She is mentally unstable. What do you think I was negotiating for?! So some hothead rookie detective wouldn't storm in here first and ask questions later.

Owen: Detective Chancellor's well-qualified to handle this.

Chance: We heard Mr. Abbott and the suspect, who had originally shot him, over the speaker. I was not about to risk anyone else getting hurt.

Man: No one outside saw anyone leave, except for two nuns who took off after the power went out.

Chance: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You let two suspects leave a secured area during a standoff?

Man: Didn't seem like they were suspects. They were nuns.

Paul: This is a very small parish. Uh, th-there's a couple of priests here at most. I'm not aware of any nuns.

Jack: No, w-wait a second. I did see a nun when I walked in here. Is it possible Patty left dressed as a nun?

Owen: With an accomplice.

Chance: Tell your men to fan out. Search for two females dressed up as nuns, probably not armed, but one of them is definitely dangerous. Now go.

Paul: My sister is not dangerous.

Chance: Paul...

Paul: She is mentally ill.

Chance: I can't take that risk anymore. Dispatch, this is Detective Phillip Chancellor. I need an A.P.B. on a Patty Williams, A.K.A. Mary Jane Benson. The suspect is a female, Caucasian. Her height is approximately 5'8", weight--

Paul: Here...


Chance: Whoa. Whoa. All right, that's it. Come here.

(Radio smashes)

Chance: Officers, take him. Paul, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Nick: You still haven't answered me. Am I the father?

Sharon: Of course not.

Nick: Don't lie to me, Sharon.

Sharon: Nick, just leave it alone, please.

Nick: Do you remember the day that you went to get the D.N.A. results? I do. We were together. We were planning our future. We were gonna buy a new house and start a new life with Noah and this baby. Were you lying to me then, too? Did you want to be with Jack?

Sharon: No. I-I lied to him about the baby being his. I-I lied. It's yours, Nick. It's yours and mine. I am carrying your child.

Patty: (Sighs)

Jeff: She's like a little kid.

Gloria: Yeah, I know. It's weird, huh?

Jeff: Yeah. Wonder what made her snap.

Gloria: I don't know.

Patty: Excuse me. Excuse me.

Gloria: Yeah, Honey? What is it?

Patty: Um, you guys have been really wonderful. But it's time for Kitty Kitty and I to be on our way. Would you mind dropping us off at the nearest bus station?

Jeff: Uh, well, uh, there's a huge manhunt going on. Police'll be everywhere looking for you.

Gloria: I know, and, uh, well, unless, of course, you want to turn yourself in.

Patty: No.

Jeff: We're just, uh, we're gonna head somewhere out of the way here.

Gloria: Yeah, we know the perfect spot.

Jeff: Yeah, we'll just stay put till this all blows over. How's that sound?

Patty: That's fine, except I-I feel really bad running out on Jack.

Gloria: Hey, you had to escape from Victor, and Jack understands that. And he wants you to be safe, you know, until the wedding, hmm?

Jeff: Um, you know, I can't--I can't remember. Is it left or right up here?

Gloria: It's, uh, definitely left up there.

Jeff: Oh, man, when you're that certain, I worry.

Gloria: Would you come on and turn before somebody rear-ends us?

Patty: You know what? I don't know when my kitty last ate. Would you guys mind stopping off for some milk?

Jeff: Yeah, yeah. Sure. You know, maybe it's the next road.

Gloria: No, it is there.

Patty: When?

Gloria: Soon, Honey. Soon. Would you make the damn left turn?

Jeff: Okay, okay. But when we end up lost, you're gonna hear a big fat "I told you so."

Patty: Okay, you know what? "Soon" isn't good enough, because my kitty's really hungry right now. Right? Yeah.

Chance: Coordinate with the Sherriff’s office, but keep me posted about it, okay? Go.

Owen: Detective.

Chance: Yeah?

Owen: Was it really necessary to arrest Williams?

Chance: Now just because his daughter's an assistant D.A.--

Owen: I'm just saying you don't want her for an enemy. She's already going over my head trying to locate our boss.

Chance: Let her. The D.A. will never let the police show favoritism, okay?

Owen: Well, maybe not. But if she pushes him, he can go on record talking about what a mistake it was for you to violate the sanctity of this church.

Chance: (Sighs)

Paul: So I'm handcuffed. It's a stupid waste of time. I should be out on the streets trying to find Patty.

Jack: Listen, Paul, I-I feel like I should get to Phyllis and warn her that she's back on the streets again. God, that someone I was once so close to is attacking and harming people I care so much about, all because of a crazy obsession with me.

Paul: Yeah, I don't-- I don't think you are her only target. She'd been plaguing Victor, as well.

Jack: You think there's a connection there?

Paul: I don't know if you're aware or not, but J.T. found a note in his pocket from Mary Jane Benson. It said, if you want to know about me, ask Victor.

Jack: I've been suspecting something like this for a long time now. It--it makes terrible, perfect sense.

Paul: You know, when I hit a dead end researching Patty's past-- Mary Jane's past-- Victor almost ordered me to stop digging. And you know what? It--it occurred to me that to create such a perfect false identity, you need a lot of money and a lot of connections.

Jack: Yeah, you would need both.

Paul: You think it's possible? That somehow Victor found Patty and-- and totally transformed her, brought her back to Genoa City as Mary Jane Benson so she could somehow get at you?

Jack: We both know what Victor Newman is capable of, only this time, the collateral damage is unacceptable.

Summer: Airplane.

Phyllis: Did you draw an airplane? Let me see. Let me see. Oh, look at that. That's an awesome airplane. Daddy'll love it. You know what? Pretty girls have to go to bed and stay in bed. We have to get up early, all right? Let's go. Let's go, prettiest girl in the world.

Summer: (Giggles)

Victor: Are you feeling better now?

Ashley: I just don't-- I don't understand why this keeps happening. Why won't Sabrina leave me alone?

Victor: Sweetheart, there's no Sabrina anymore. She doesn't exist anymore. She can't harass you anymore, okay? Sabrina is dead. Now you may be feeling her presence in this house, but that's all it is. It's a feeling.

Ashley: You know what? I really don't want to talk about this anymore.

Victor: Listen to me. Estella and Mary Jane Benson may have wanted you to think that Sabrina is alive. Sabrina is dead, okay? You've got to believe that. And they're gone. They can't get to you anymore.

Ashley: (Sniffles) Okay, I'm really tired, okay? I just kind of want to be alone.

Victor: But you must understand that Sabrina is dead, and she has been dead for a year and a half.

Ashley: Okay, fine.


Victor: Well, don't just say, "Okay, fine," because you want me to-- you want to appease me. Don't--don't do that. Sabrina is dead, Sweetheart. You've got to believe that. You have not been talking to her. You have not been seeing her.

Ashley: Look, I ha-- (Brush clatters) I have! I have! I've seen her. It is not just a figment of my imagination. I have seen Sabrina in this house in this room-- not Mary Jane, not Estella. She hates me. She hates me, and she hates our baby, and she wants you back, and she's not gonna rest until she has you back!

Victor: Ashley!

Ashley: And that's my truth. Now please just go.

Victor: Ashley, I'm not gonna leave you...

Ashley: Please just go.


Victor: In this darkened room with those irrational fears.

Ashley: (Sobbing)

Victor: Sabrina is dead. Now you're gonna come with me now.

Ashley: I don't want to go.

Victor: Please.

Ashley: No!

Victor: Don't argue with me. Let's go. Come on.

Ashley: Where are you taking me?

Victor: I am going to show you something. Let's go. Please, let's go

Nick: How could you do this? How could you not tell me that I am the father of that baby?

Sharon: I was going to.

Nick: When? How long were you gonna keep me in the dark? Things were finally starting to heal. Now they're gonna get ripped wide-open again. Does Jack know about this?

Sharon: Yes.

Nick: No wonder he's not with you anymore.

Sharon: Nick, I wanted to tell you every day.

Nick: Then why didn't you?

Sharon: I had my reasons.

Nick: No, look, you-- you're not gonna hide behind that. What possible reasons could you have for keeping this from all of us?

Sharon: I thought it was best, and I haven't changed my mind.

Jack: Anyway, I thought you would want to be kept apprised. God only knows where that woman is now.

Phyllis: (Sighs) Well, that's another reason I'm glad to be getting out of town. Believe me, I hope and pray that the police catch her so I can make that woman pay for what she did to my kid.

Jack: Listen, when I went back in wearing a wire, Mary Jane said something that kind of threw me.

Phyllis: What'd she say?

Jack: Well, she was talking about all of the, uh, all of the lengths she went to to keep you and Sharon away from me, and that's when she said that's why she had to kiss Summer.

[Phyllis remembering]

Phyllis: No, no, no. No, Summer. You--you--you can't just eat these, okay? You know that. Sweetie, they could have peanuts in them, and peanuts make you sick, so let's see. Yeah, look at that-- right there--"Peanuts." All right? Before you eat things, you have to ask a grown-up, all right, Sweetie?

Summer: All right.

Phyllis: All righty. I'm gonna throw these out. You don't want those. Those are bad.

Mary Jane: Hey, Summer, give your auntie Mary Jane a big kiss good-bye.

(Makes kissing sound)

Summer: (Giggles)

Mary Jane: Mm!

Phyllis: Oh, my God. That freak tried to murder my daughter right in front of me. She gave her the kiss of death right on the mouth. She--she kissed her on the mouth. She must have eaten the peanut butter cookies, and she kissed her on the mouth...

Jack: Oh, dear God.

Phyllis: And said good-bye. Oh, my God. She tried to murder my daughter right in front of me. You guys let her get away? You--wh-what, are you trying to protect her?

Jack: Whoa, whoa. There--there's more. She's Paul's sister, Patty Williams. "Mary Jane" is an alias.

Phyllis: Wh-- she's Patty Williams? She's really Patty Williams? That--that woman you were married to? The--the woman who shot you?

Ashley: Why are you making me come down here?

Victor: Because I want you to look at something.

Adam: Is everything okay?

Ashley: No. No, I want to go upstairs. Would you help me go upstairs, Adam?

Adam: Of course.

Victor: Adam, I want to be alone with Ashley. We don't need you, okay?

Adam: Well, she asked for my help.

Victor: I said I don't need you.

Adam: Ashley, if you need me--

Victor: I said she does not need you.

Victor: Okay, please sit down.

Ashley: Why do you always have to be so mean to him?

Victor: Sweetheart, please sit down. I'm gonna show you something, okay?

Ashley: What is it?

Victor: Please take it.

Ashley: Please tell me what it is first.

Victor: Something I should have shown you a long time ago. Please take it. Open it, please. I want you to take a look at this.

Ashley: I don't want to.

Victor: These are articles about Sabrina’s wreck and obituaries about her death.

Ashley: (Sighs) I don't want to look at it.

Victor: I want you to take a look at this.

Ashley: I'm afraid.

Victor: If I have to sit here till morning, you're going to take a look at this, because I want you to realize that you're wrong. Sabrina is dead. You have nothing to fear anymore. Don't you understand? Look at here-- clippings after clippings about her death. Please, take a look at this. I know this is hard to take a look at, but you must, all right? Sabrina is no longer with us.

Ashley: How do you know?

Victor: This-- well, Sweetheart, look. They're writing articles about her wreck and how she died in that wreck.

Ashley: People fake their-- their deaths. Look what Phillip Chancellor--

Victor: Will you stop this nonsense? Sabrina didn't fake her death.

Ashley: How can you be so sure about that? I mean, how do you really know for sure?

Victor: How do I really know? I was in the hospital after the wreck, do you understand? I was there when she miscarried. Who do you think told her that she had a miscarriage, that she had lost the baby? My baby. Who do you think told her that? I did. And then she died. I saw her grow weaker and weaker, and then she died. And I held her in my arms, and I felt how she grew cold. Do you understand that? And I saw how she was lowered into a casket, and, uh, the casket was lowered into the ground. I understand that you are haunted by her vision. After she died, I dreamt about her. I had visions of her. I did. I never wanted to tell you. So I understand what you're going through.

Ashley: (Sighs)

Victor: But you must realize I hope to prove this by these articles. She is dead. She is no longer a danger to you. She is gone forever. Am I getting through to you? I don't want you to suffer anymore. (Sighs) It is normal what you felt about Sabrina-- that you had visions. That you had--that you were haunted by her voice and her appearances. I understand that. But she is no longer there. She is dead.

Ashley: (Sniffles)

Phyllis: Wow. After Sheila masqueraded as me, I-I get--I get how Patty got away with this. (Sighs) But--but what's new to me is she came after me because of you.

Jack: In Patty's warped mind, we had a future. You were a threat to that. So was Sharon.

Phyllis: And because you treated a woman like dirt-- twice-- my bright, amazing, beautiful daughter may never have a future. Because you did that, my incredible daughter has to learn her alphabet again and her numbers again and learn how to speak again! Look at this. That's an airplane. She drew this. My daughter drew this. It looks like a 2-year-old drew it. Do you know what I'm going through? Do you know what I'm going through with this, Jack? My daughter has brain damage because you treated a woman like dirt, and she became a deranged bitch.

Jack: Look, I honestly thought she would get over it. I couldn't have been more wrong. Look at me. I'm paying the price now for callous behavior years ago, and not just me-- the people I love. And for that, I am truly, deeply sorry.

Phyllis: Oh. I was trying to put you two together. I'm such an idiot. I let her sit here alone with my daughter. I didn't even know. I let her sit here alone with my daughter.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait, wait. That--that you can't blame yourself for. Mary Jane came with impeccable credentials. Hell, Paul dug forever, couldn't find the truth. And we have a theory as to how she pulled it off.

Phyllis: What is the theory?

Jack: Paul and I think Victor is behind this-- that Victor sought her out, found how vulnerable she was and engineered, planned and financed her makeover. Cosmetic surgery, hair, makeup, wardrobe, a new life story, a résumé, I.D.s-- he did all that to get back at me.

Ashley: I'm so sorry you had to go through that-- dredge up all those painful memories.

Victor: If I've reached you, it'll have been worth it. Have I? What do you think about Sabrina now?

Ashley: Sabrina's dead.

Victor: (Sighs) Come here. Thank God.

Ashley: Will you stay with me tonight, please?

Victor: (Sighs) Yes. I'll be happy to stay with you, okay?

(Cell phone rings)

Victor: Excuse me. (Sighs) Who is this now? Yes? All right, thank you. Sweetheart?

Ashley: Yeah?

Victor: Come here. I'll be with you, okay? Why don't you go on upstairs, and I have some business to deal with, all right?

Ashley: Okay, yeah.

Victor: Okay. I'll be there shortly.

Ashley: (Sighs) Thank you.

Victor: Okay. I'm so glad.

Ashley: Thank you.

Victor: Okay.

Ashley: (Sniffles)

Victor: (Sighs)


Victor: (Sighs)

Woman: Recapping this hour's top story, Mary Jane Benson, wanted for crimes including attempted murder, has disappeared from St. Jude's church, where she's been in standoff with police since requesting sanctuary.

Nick: We need to make some plans.

Sharon: Nick, no.

Nick: Sharon, we're talking about our child.

Sharon: You have a child. You have a wife, and your life is with them.

Nick: No, I'm talking about this life, the one we made together. That's faith. That is the baby Cassie predicted we would have.

Sharon: Nick, don’t.

Nick: This changes everything, Sharon. You know that. I cannot walk away now that I know the truth.

Jeff: I knew we should have turned right.

Gloria: Would you just shut up and drive?

Patty: Go in there, Kitty. Go in there. How many times do I have to ask? Kitty is hungry and needs milk.

(Sirens wail)

Jeff: Detour!

Gloria: Oh, Jeffrey!

Patty: Aah!

Jeff: Can't risk our little friend getting caught.

Patty: (Breathing rapidly) How are we supposed to get milk out here? It's deserted. Turn back to the main road. Go back.

Jeff: Did you or did you not hear those sirens? If I go back, we'll all be arrested.

Patty: Okay, this is a tiny, little, helpless, small creature who is thirsty and scared to death.

Gloria: Honey, would you please just calm down, okay?

Jeff: Look, just be patient and we'll get you the damn milk.

Patty: My kitty needs food now. Go back! Go back!

Gloria: All right, stop it!

Patty: (Screaming indistinctly)

Jeff: Hey, hey, what are you doing?! No, no, no! No, hey, let go! Get her back there! Get her back there!

Gloria: (Yelling indistinctly)

Jeff: My God.

Patty: (Sobbing)

Gloria: Listen. L--please. Just calm down. I promise we'll get the kitty something. It--just please, just stop crying.


Patty: (Sobs)

Phyllis: So this supposed "Evidence" that ties Patty to Victor, that's just a theory, right?

Jack: Why would she plague his life the way she has if he didn't give her damn good reason?

Phyllis: Why do insane people do anything?

Jack: I'd say going after a man's dog is pretty damn personal, wouldn't you?

Phyllis: I don't even know what to think about this. If your rivalry with Victor cost me my daughter's childhood, Jack, I can't even tell you how I am going to act towards you...

Jack: Okay, look, the truth will come out.

Phyllis: And react to this.

Jack: But I'm telling you this right now-- I'm going to find Patty if it takes every last dime I have to do it.

Phyllis: (Sighs) Nick is gonna be here any second. Uh, he's talking to Sharon about Noah's school. Can you please not be here when he comes home, please?

Jack: Okay, I just want to say this. I--

Phyllis: Can you please go? Please leave.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Sharon: This is really-- it's messing you up, isn't it?

Nick: I knew that baby was mine. I just knew it. And then you told me I was wrong. I made decisions based on that, decisions that affected everyone.

Sharon: Well--

Nick: Do you know how hard it was for me to regain Phyllis' trust? I won't lie to her. I won't do that. She needs to hear about this from me before she goes on her trip. She and Summer are gonna be in Switzerland for weeks.

Sharon: All right, well, um, whoever you think should know, just go ahead. I mean, it's-- it's not a secret anymore.

Nick: This is gonna kill her. It shouldn't have been like this.

(Alarm sounding)

Nick: Hey, what's going on?

Man: Lockdown. No one gets in or out.

Paul: I-I was trying to protect my sister. She's been traumatized enough.

Chance: Paul, you've said enough.

Owen: Every effort is being made to apprehend this woman, who is still at large. The state police are setting up roadblocks throughout the area.

Victor: (Thinking) What the hell is the matter, Bardwell? I should have heard from you by now.

Woman: Mr. Abbott?

Jack: Yes, Sidney, go ahead.

Sidney: Victor Newman put up a $1 million reward for Ms. Benson's capture. Are you willing to match that?

Patty: Kitty Kitty loves his tuna. I'm so glad you remembered it was in your purse.

Gloria: Yeah, I'm really glad he's enjoying it.

Patty: Yeah. Yum, yum. (Giggles) Eat it all up, Sweetie.

Jeff: It's too damn dark out here in these woods.

Gloria: Why don't you just admit it? We're lost.

Jeff: (Chuckles) Well, lest we forget who gave me those so-called directions.

Gloria: Shh, shh! Shh!

Jack: That reward money Victor offered hasn't exactly been effective so far, has it?

Gloria: It's Jack.

Patty: Turn it up.

Jack: It's my personal hope that anyone encountering Ms. Benson will treat her with kid gloves.

Sidney: Your "Personal hope"?

Jack: Better safe than sorry, and, yes, to answer your original question, I'm not only matching Victor's reward, I'm doubling it-- $2 million.

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Sidney: $2 million?

Jack: That's right, Sidney-- cash-- for the safe return of Mary Jane Benson.

Gloria: 2 million big ones.

Jeff: (Chuckles) It could turn into a bidding war knowing those two.

Gloria: Yeah, just imagine what the reward could end up being.

Jeff: (Laughs)

Patty: For Jack to do this proves that he really loves me and wants me back.

Jeff: Oh, uh, I'm gonna pull off the road, lay low till sunup.

Patty: Are we gonna be able to hide? I-I-I don't want to get caught again. Promise me that the police won't get us. Promise.

Ashley: Come in.

Adam: Things seemed pretty tense between you and Victor. I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.

Ashley: Why would you want to make me think that Sabrina was alive?

Adam: Excuse me?

Ashley: I thought you were my friend, Adam. Why would you want to do that to me?

Adam: (Sighs) You--you seemed agitated, upset. I was just--

Ashley: You don't have an answer, do you?

Adam: No, I--

Ashley: I didn't think you would.

Adam: I-I-I-I have an answer. You just need to let me finish.

Ashley: I'd like you to go, Adam. Please? Go.

Adam: You know, Ash, this is all just a big mis--

Nick: So a-a patient tried to escape?

Man: Yeah, all patients and their guests are confined to quarters until he's caught.

Nick: How long's that gonna take?

Man: No telling. Could be all night.

Nick: (Sighs) I mean, this is not happening.

[Cell phone rings]

Phyllis: Nick?

Nick: Phyllis? I-it's me. I-I can barely hear you.

Phyllis: Uh, there's a lot of static.

Nick: Yeah, the reception's terrible in here.

Phyllis: Um, listen, um, Summer is really excited about the trip. She keeps on bouncing out of bed. I finally got her asleep on the sofa. So, um, how's it going? When you coming home?

Nick: I was just about to leave, and then I guess a patient tried to escape, so now there's a lockdown. I'm not sure how long it's gonna take, but hopefully, I'll be home tonight. Look, there's something I really need to tell you before you leave.

Phyllis: Uh, something I-I-- I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Um, I can't hear you, baby. You know, I-if you can-- if you can hear me, I-I'm gonna be at your dad's tomorrow, okay? Uh, meet us there or at the airport. I love you.

Nick: Phyllis? Lost the signal.

(Cell phone closes)

Nick: I'm not sure how much she actually heard--

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Gloria: Patty, we brought you here for your wedding.

Cane: Lily, you're burning up.

Nick: Phyllis needs to know I'm the father. She deserves that. She needs to hear it from me.

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