Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/27/09

Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/27/09 -- Canada; Friday 8/28/09 -- U.S.A.


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Phyllis: Well, I'm glad that, uh, you read Summer a story since you weren't here this morning when I woke her up.

Nick: Yeah, I had a teleconference with London so I had to leave early.

Phyllis: Mm.

Nick: I called a couple times throughout the day, but you never answered.

Phyllis: That's right. I was working hard with your daughter, and we were on a roll. I didn't want to screw up the flow.

Nick: Got ya.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Well, we're here now. And we need to talk. There's something I want to tell you. You and I agreed there's no more secrets between us. Last night, I went to see Sharon at her hospital.

Phyllis: I know. I was there. I saw you.

Dr. Braun: I'm-- I'm concerned about your attitude. You come to group therapy, and you don't participate.

Sharon: I have nothing to say. I don't relate to those people.

Dr. Braun: I know that you feel you don't belong here, Sharon. But if you give it a chance--

Sharon: I don't need therapy.

Dr. Braun: (Sighs)

Sharon: Okay? I-I didn't intentionally try to steal that ring. It was a complete misunderstanding.

Dr. Braun: How about the other times?

Sharon: Well, I-- you know, that was different.

Dr. Braun: How?

Sharon: I'm-- I'm not that way anymore.

Dr. Braun: You have an agreement with the court. You need to uphold your end.

Sharon: That's what I'm doing.

Dr. Braun: No, Sharon, you can't just sit here for 30 days marking time and expect this all to go away. If the judge knows that you've been defiant and refusing treatment, he can throw you in jail. This will all have been a waste.

Jack: Hey, how long have you known this?

Paul: What, that Mary Jane is really Patty? Since yesterday. She pulled a knife and then demanded that I help her escape.

Jack: That sweet kid sister of yours is pulling knives and poisoning people and tormenting Ashley?

Paul: Yeah, I know, Jack. It's hard to believe.

Jack: Hard? It's impossible to believe.

Paul: But it's true. She knew things about my family that no one else could.

Jack: She just looks so different.

Paul: Plastic surgery. I don't know. Lots of it.

Jack: Okay, well, that ex-- that explains half of it. What a--what about her behavior?

Paul: (Sighs)

Jack: Aside from the fact that she's lost her marbles.

Paul: I don't know, Jack, she's taken on a persona. She is playing a role. She--she is trying to get to you. You are the center of her world. She is still in love with you.

Jack: Wow, well, suddenly a lot of things make sense.

Owen: That doesn't change what she did.

Paul: Look, my sister is very fragile. She's like a child now. She can't hurt anybody at this point. Is that understood?

Owen: Well, we don't know that for sure.

Paul: Where's Heather?

Owen: She's acting as liaison between the press and the D.A.'s office.

Chance: Sir, we've got to put an end to this.

Jack: Look, I think I can get through to her if you'll let me. We can put an end to this whole thing in a peaceful way.

Chance: No. No. Stop. I don't want a civilian involved with this at all.

Jack: She's my ex-wife.

Chance: I understand that, but you just learned that five minutes ago. This could easily turn into a hostage situation. Sir, are you prepared for that?

Owen: (Sighs)

Jill: Come on, Jeff. Do you think I'm stupid? I know you're here for a reason.

Jeff: Nothing that concerns you. Now get lost.

Jill: Look, I overheard you talking to Jack. You're trying to bring Victor down somehow, outfox him.

Jeff: You misunderstood.

Jill: No. The hell I did. Come on. I hate Victor Newman as much as anyone. Maybe Jack won't help you, but I will.

Man: Anyone know the woman inside the church asking for sanctuary-- Mary Jane Benson?

Man: Step forward. We'll put you on the news later.

Jill: All right, so what's it gonna be, Jeff? Do I come forward and tell these reporters about that cozy little picture I took of Victor and Mary Jane outside her hotel room?

Jeff: Keep your voice down.

Jill: Oh, that's it, isn't it? You're gonna out Victor and his high-class hooker in front of all these nice people.

Jeff: Ha, you figured it out. Now can you please leave?

Jill: Oh, my Lord. It's much bigger than that, isn't it? You found out something really juicy between Victor and Mary Jane.

Jeff: Jill, I'm warning you. If you--

Jill: If Victor wasn't there for sex, why was he there? What is the real connection between those two?

Jeff: Beats me. Now go. Shoo.

Jill: No, you're lying. Fine, I'll just go to Victor. But I will warn him that you are up to something, 'cause believe me, I got nothin' to lose.

Jeff: Okay, what's it gonna cost for you to go away and leave me alone?

Jill: $100,000.

Jeff: Done. Go. (Scoffs) Oh, come on, it's not like I've got it in my pocket.

Jill: It's not like you've got it anywhere. You and Gloria are broker than I am.

Jeff: Look, we're about to score big as long as you don't hang around here and mess it up. Now get outta here. I will get you the money.

Jill: When pigs fly you'll get me the money. You're gonna tell me right now what is between Victor and Mary Jane...

Jeff: (Sighs)

Jill: Or so help me I'll hound you night and day until I figure it out by myself.

Gloria: (Sighs)

Patty: (Sighs) Oh, Kitty, Jack's coming. Isn't that wonderful? Then we won't have to pretend anymore. Oh, my sweet Kitty Kitty, you're gonna like him. I know you will.

Gloria: My dear child--

Patty: He's here.


Jack: Patty. Come over here.


Noah: (Sighs) That hospital she's in-- seriously depressing.

Eden: Hey, look. I could go with you. Or I could just hang out in the waiting room...

Noah: (Sighs)

Eden: Since I'm not exactly her favorite person.

Noah: She's trying, Eden. My mom feels bad about taking those books and letting you get in trouble for it.

Eden: She didn't realize she took them.

Noah: Yeah, all the same, she was really harsh towards you, and I still cringe whenever I think about it.

Eden: Look, you just gotta let it go, Noah. It was a long time ago, and she apologized for it. So if she's willing to forget about it, so am I.

Abby: (Sighs) Can I talk to you...

Eden: (Sighs)

Abby: In private?

Noah: What's up?

Abby: Have you gone to your dad yet?

Noah: Not yet.

Abby: Hello, deadline. What are you waiting for?

Eden: Gone to your dad about what?

Noah: (Sighs)

Abby: She doesn't know? I thought you guys were, like, Vulcan mind-meld.

Noah: Abby thinks I should enroll at Walnut Grove where people won't heckle me all the time because I'm a Newman.

Abby: Yeah, and you're the only thing stopping him from going to a school where he won't be miserable.

Eden: You know what?

Noah: (Sighs)

Eden: Abby is right. You should go. Get away from those losers who've been hassling you.

Lauren: Hi, Sweetie.

Michael: Oh, well, I was, uh, headed to the gym, but I will take you over a treadmill any day.

Lauren: (Chuckles) Very nice.

Michael: That is, if your meeting's over with.

Lauren: It is. We just wrapped up. And Fen is with Kevin and Jana, and Eden is with Noah. You know, big surprise there, but...

Michael: I want dinner and a movie. Or am I pressing my luck?

Lauren: Well, I will give you a movie if you promise to sit in the back row and make out with me.


Michael: You are a saucy wench. I like the way you think.

Lauren: (Laughs) What's all this?

Michael: Oh, uh, the front desk manager gave it to me. Apparently, they're still getting mail for Jeffrey and Gloria.

Lauren: Is it just me, or have they been awfully quiet lately?

Michael:  Woo when Gloria lays this low, she's usually up to something.

Lauren: (Sighs)

Patty: (Sighs) I knew you'd come. Jack, this is Kitty Kitty. And, Kitty Kitty, this is Jack. I found him here in the church. Isn't he neat? A little gift from the Holy Spirit. What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?


Jack: I-I'm sorry. I just--I just, um--

Patty: Jack, what are you sorry for?

Jack: I-I... I just feel like I should have known it was you. I can see it now with your pretty blonde hair.

Patty: It's okay. You're here now.

Jack: It's good to see you, Patty.

Patty: You, too, Jack.

Jack: Why didn't you tell me it was you from the very beginning?

Patty: I had to wait until the time was right, until you fell in love with me again.


Paul: (Sighs) I wish I could hear what's going on in there.

Chance: Yeah, well, I've been thinking the exact same thing.

Owen: Well, it's already headline news. I just hope this doesn't go south.

Chance: It's a legitimate concern. Mr. Abbott's inside there against my better judgment already.

Paul: Okay, Patty is not gonna hurt him.

Chance: My God. She's already shot him?

Paul: (Sighs)

Patty: Isn't he adorable?

Jack: Yeah, he is adorable.

Patty: (Laughs) I had another Kitty once. But I lost him, just like I lost you. But you're back, and everything is gonna be okay.

Jack: That's right, Patty. Everything's gonna be okay. I promise.

Patty: Good. Because I'm not gonna lose you again, Jack.

Nick: So there's one thing I don't get. I knew you were at the hospital because Sharon told me. But if you were there, and you saw me walking in, why didn't you say anything?

Phyllis: Because I overheard you tell the nurse you didn't want to sign in, so I figured you didn't want anyone to know you were there.

Nick: So you didn't think I wanted you to know. You thought I was doing something behind your back.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nick: That's fair. That's totally fair. I have give you enough reasons to be suspicious.

Phyllis: Yeah. But you told me it was because of security regarding Mary Jane, so I get it.

Nick: And as I was leaving, I bumped into Sharon. I asked her how she was doing. Then I took off.

Phyllis: You don't-- you don't need to justify your actions. It--it's all right.

Nick: Well, I want to.

Phyllis: But you don't need to.

Nick: I want to.

Phyllis: You don't need to.

Nick: It's the only way I can re-earn your trust.

Phyllis: I don't know. Maybe I could make an effort, too.

Nick: Look, when I told you and Summer that I was back for good, I meant that.

Phyllis: I know.

Nick: And you do realize if you had just spoken up about this, it would have saved you an entire day of stewing.

Phyllis: I didn't stew. I did not stew about this.

Nick: Okay, well...

Phyllis: I didn't stew.

Nick: I apologize for you stewing all day...

Phyllis: (Laughs)

Nick: Which I know you did.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. I can apologize, too. I'm sorry, because I should have talked to you. That's what I should have done, instead of, you know, letting my mind go to places.

Nick: Stewing.

Phyllis: (Laughs)

(Telephone rings)

Nick: You, uh, you want to get that so I can finish this sandwich that you made me?

Phyllis: Yeah, I'll get it. They have really bad timing, these people.

Nick: Mm-hmm.


Phyllis: Oh, Nick, it's an international call. Maybe from Switzerland. Hello? Yeah, this is Phyllis Newman. Oh, my gosh. That's amazing, amazing news. Okay. Oh--oh, wait a second. Do you--do you mind if I call you back? I just have to talk to my husband about this. Right. Thank you. (Sighs) That was a clinic in Zurich. That--that program, Dr. Gallatinís. That--that-- they have an opening.

Nick: Right, the one we were trying to get Summer into.

Phyllis: Yeah, I mean, his success rate is phenomenal for--for kids with the same problem as Summer. I-I just--I-I'm-- I'm out of my mind right now.

Nick: That's--this is great. This is great.

Phyllis: Yeah, there's only one catch. If we want to do it, we have to leave tomorrow.

Nick: Then call 'em back. Tell them we're in.

Phyllis: Yeah? I mean, there's so much going on. I just-- I-I-I'm not really sure.

Nick: No, no. Look, whatever we gotta do, we'll handle. There is nothing more important than our daughter.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Sharon: (Sighs)

Doris: You wouldn't be here, Honey, if you weren't having some serious problems.

Sharon: You know, Mom, I look back on my life, and it's like... (Sighs) No matter what I do, I screw things up. Bad things just keep happening to me, you know? They--they follow me around. I mess up everything I touch.

Doris: Now that's not true.

Sharon: Yes, it is. Don't forget who put you in that wheelchair.

Doris: You've got to stop blaming yourself, Sharon. I've told you that over and over.

Sharon: That's just because you want to protect me, but lately, I realize...

Doris: What?

Sharon: That it--it's me. You know, I get caught up in the drama, and then I make bad decisions. But it's not as though I was born under some unlucky star. You know, I'm responsible for the pain that I'm in, and I'm responsible for the pain that I cause other people. (Sighs) Which is one reason why I wanted to come here-- so I could get away from Jack and do the right thing for once.

Jack: When we spoke on the phone, you said you were pregnant. Is that true?

Patty: Yes. Yes, I am. I know I am. I can feel it. Isn't that incredible?

Jack: (Sighs)

Patty: It's the baby that we've always wanted, Jack. Everything is like it's supposed to be. I have been waiting my whole life for this. You, me and the baby. (Chuckles) Oh, Jack. Jack, we're gonna be so happy. You know, I prayed for you to come, and you did. And now we can get married.

Jack: W-wait. Married?

Patty: Yeah. I-I know it's the spur of the moment, but we're in such a beautiful church, and... oh, please. Please, let's do it. Please? We can go get Father Hoffman and--and--and-- and he knows Todd. He's been helping me and--and--and--and Paul, and he gave us sanctuary so I wouldn't go to jail.

Jack: (Stammers) I guess I'm just a little surprised at the speed of all this. Uh, y-you know what? I guess it all-- I guess it makes sense.

Patty: It does. (Sighs) It really, really does. We don't have to wait now. And, um... (Sighs) We'll get married before we have the baby.

Jack: Okay, so why don't you and I go find Father Hoffman right now, and we'll set things up?

Patty: I ca--I canít. I have to stay here. This is where I'm safe.

Jack: Patty, you're with me now. You're safe with me. I promise.

Patty: There's police officers out there. And it's too risky. Jack, I am about to have everything I've always wanted.


Jack: Okay. I will go out and talk to Father Hoffman. I'll make all the arrangements. I'll be right back.

Patty: No, no, no, no. I-I don't want you to leave. I-I-I don't want to be alone.


Jack: You're not alone, Patty. You have your friend with you there.

Patty: My Kitty Kitty?

Jack: Yeah.

Patty: Yeah.

Jack: Kitty Kitty will protect you.

Patty: He will, won't he? You'll be my brave little tiger, huh? Yeah.

Jack: Okay, I'm gonna go make the arrangements, and I'll come right back.

Patty: Promise me? Promise me.

Jack: I promise you I will come back. You okay?

Patty: (Sighs)

Owen: Good work, Detective, getting a hold of a suspect's file.

Chance: Well, once I found out the suspect's real name, I called down to the station to see if she had a record.

Owen: Which apparently she did.

Chance: Yes, she did, but it wasn't in the database. It had never been entered. I had to call an officer to go down to the archives just to pull it.

Owen: Why wasn't it in the computer?

Paul: My dad was a veteran officer on the force. He convinced his superiors to have the record sealed.

Chance: Your sister put three bullets into Jack Abbott, and you let him go inside there. Actually, encouraged him to go in there.

Paul: Listen, Phillip. That was 20 years ago. She was a, uh, a-a young, confused kid.

Owen: And now she's a dangerous, psychotic woman.

Chance: That's right, and you just sent the object of her obsession into a large, unsecured room with her.

Paul: She is unarmed. What's she gonna do? Throw a hymnal at him?

Owen: I have to agree with Detective Chancellor, particularly given Mr. Abbott's prominence in the community.

Chance: You know what? It's been long enough. Guys, we're gonna go in.

Paul: No, please. I--

Chance: Get the men.

Paul: Jack.

Owen: What's going on in there?

Paul: How's Patty?

Chance: What's going on? What are her demands? Did she ask for anything? Does she need anything?

Jack: Her demands are she wants to get married.

Paul: Now?

Jack: I'm supposed to be out here talking with Father Hoffman making arrangements. Here's the kicker. She claims to be pregnant.

Paul: We know that's not possible.

Jack: Don't I know. She had a miscarriage years ago. There were complications.

Paul: The doctor said she'd never have kids.

Jack: Well, she claims to be pregnant now, I'm the father, and she wants to get married before the baby is born.

Owen: Well, it sounds like she's pretty out of touch. I'll get the department psychiatrist down here.

Paul: No, there's no time for that. We can't leave her in there alone.

Chance: Well, Mr. Abbott, you're not going back inside there.

Jack: No, I promised her I was coming back. I'm coming back.

Chance: The answer is no. I said no.

Jack: No, you can't stop me.

Chance: Jack, I can stop you, and I will stop you.

Jack: Look here. I'm go--

Paul: Stop it. Listen. I have a plan, all right?

Lauren: Let's do the documentary so I can finish my tea and I don't have to rush.

Michael: All right. That's fine with me.

Lauren: "Final notice prior to disconnection"? This is Jeffrey's cell bill.

Michael: Mm. I hate when that happens.

Lauren: Look at this. "Past due." "Second notice." Didn't they realize they weren't getting some of their bills?

Michael: All right, I'll let her know that we have them.

Lauren: Yeah, and while you're at it, please?

Michael: Oh, yeah. I'll make sure "Mr. and Mrs. Reliable" are staying out of trouble.

Jeff: (Sighs) Have I ever not kept my word to you? I will get you the money. Now go.

Jill: Not until you tell me what you have on Victor.

(Cell phone rings)

Jill: Who is that?

Jeff: Nobody important.

Jill: Let me see.

Jeff: Hey! You know, I really don't need this right now.

Jill: Why are you being so stubborn? Why won't you let me in on this?

Jeff: See that reporter over there? Either you leave me alone, or it'll be all over the news.

Jill: What will?

Jeff: Your new career. Gloria told me all about it. Now there's a story-- from the top of a blue chip company to cutting toenails. From riches to rags. The public will eat it up.

Jill: You wouldnít.

Jeff: I would, and I'd enjoy it. Now take a hike.

Jill: (Scoffs)

Jeff: (Sighs)

Gloria: (Whispers) Mary Jane.

Patty: Mary Jane is gone, Sister.

Gloria: Oh, of course she is. I forgot. (Normal voice) Forgive me. And you are?

Patty: Patty.


Gloria: Patty. Patty, we don't have much time. But listen to me. I can help you.

Patty: Can you help my Kitty? 'Cause I don't have anything for him to eat.

Gloria: Sure. I can find something soon. But in the meantime--

Patty: Guess what. I'm getting married, Sister, to the most wonderful man in the world. His name is Jack, and he just went to go get the priest and-- to do the ceremony. But, you know, he should have been back by now. Jack?

Gloria: Shh, shh, shh, shh shh, shh.

Patty: No, it's okay. Jack? Jack? Where are you? Jack?

Jack: The mike's on?

Patty: Where are you?

Chance: Yeah, you're all set.

Owen: Yeah, we'll be able to hear everything.

Patty: Jack, come back. Please?

Chance: This is your last chance to bail.

Jack: No, I'm not bailing.

Patty: I need you!

Jack: I'm pretty sure I can talk her down.

Owen: You're "Pretty sure"?

Paul: Look, I will go with you.

Jack: No, no, I'm gonna handle this one-on-one.

Chance: Jack, listen to me. The first sign of any danger, if we hear anything, we're coming in.

Jack: That won't be necessary. I can handle this. (Sighs) Patty? Patty, it's me.

Jack: Where are you?

Patty: Here I am. Where's the priest? Oh, Jack, I can't wait to be your wife.

Lauren: Walnut Grove?

Michael: Eden, can't this wait? Lauren and I were trying to make it to a movie.

Eden: Okay, if I'm gonna transfer schools, I have to do it before the semester starts.

Lauren: You know what? Last year, you were completely adamant-- no private school. You didn't want to seem "Elitist."

Eden: Well, Walnut Grove has a way better curriculum. Plus they've got these tons of A.P. classes. G.C.H. has what, like, two? And they're get--having--

Michael: Honey, all right. Listen to me. We're not questioning that. It's a dynamite school.

Lauren: Yeah, we're just a little curious about your motives.

Michael: Oh. (Laughs) Where's Noah going this fall? He wouldn't just happen to be switching, too, would he?

Eden: (Scoffs) He might have mentioned it to his parents.

Michael: (Chuckles)

Lauren: Okay. Yeah, right.

Eden: They haven't made any decisions yet.

Lauren: And you know what, Sweetie? We're not going to either. At least not tonight.

Eden: Okay, look, you guys, I just-- I really would like to go.

Michael: We're not gonna decide this on a whim. We're gonna give it serious thought. Thank you.

Eden: (Sighs) Okay. All right. I will see you guys later.

Lauren: Yes, you will. Oh, good-bye.

Eden: Bye.

Michael: Good-bye.

Lauren: Okay.

Michael: Is it just me?

Lauren: No, no. I'm concerned, too. She and Noah are seeing way too much of each other.

Michael: Maybe it's best they go to different schools.

Phyllis: Uh, yes, I'll fax you the itinerary. Okay, I'll e-mail. Thank you. No, thank you so much. You have no idea. Okay, thanks. Bye. Okay. Oh, I'm freaking out.

Nick: Don't freak out.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Nick: Your flights are booked. The hotel is set. What else can I do for you?

Phyllis: Right, uh, make Nikki reappear.

(Laughs nervously)

Nick: Don't worry about the magazine. I can cover that.

Phyllis: What about Newman?

Nick: Uh, I'm gonna talk to Vick. She'll pick up the slack for me.

Phyllis: Okay, what time is our plane tomorrow?

Nick: First flight out.

Phyllis: First flight out. (Laughs) Great, that doesn't give us much time...

Nick: It's gonna be fine.

Phyllis: For anything.

Noah: Guys, can I talk to you for a sec? It's about school.

Phyllis: Yeah, come in.

Nick: Sure, dude.

Noah: Uh, huh. I want to go to Walnut Grove starting this fall.

Nick: You gotta be kidding me. What about that huge campaign you waged to go to public school?

Noah: I didn't realize what it would be like being me at a place like that.

Nick: (Chuckles)

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. Kind of a celebrity, aren't you?

Noah: Yeah. I mean, with all the stuff that's happened to our family lately, it's plastered all over the news. You know, I get heckled all the time. But, uh, at least at Walnut Grove...

Nick: Well, you will run into more kids with similar backgrounds.

Noah: And maybe they wouldn't treat me like I'm a freak.

Phyllis: (Gasps) Noah.

Noah: I mean, listen, the guys on the soccer team, they're okay, but-- but you're right, Dad. I don't fit in.

Nick: All right, well, I'll look into it. How's that?

Noah: There's not much time. School's about to start.

Nick: Well, this is too big a decision to make on my own. I really need to talk to your mother first.

Noah: No, Mom will be okay with it. I mean, she didn't want me to go to G.C. High in the first place.

Nick: Well, still, I need to speak to her about this. So why don't you come with me? We'll go.

Noah: Now?

Nick: Yeah, it's not very late. I'm sure she's up.

Noah: I, uh, I don't want to go back to that place, not tonight. It's creepy enough during the day.

Nick: Okay. (Sighs) That's--that's--that's fine. I'll go and talk to her and tell you what she says.

Noah: Thanks. I'll tell Abby I'm transferring.

Nick: No, not yet. Let me just talk to your mom first.

Noah: Thank you, Dad. Good night, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Uh, good night.

Nick: Good night, son.

Phyllis: That's the last thing you needed, right?

Nick: Yeah, really. Oh, well.

Phyllis: Why don't you, um, go to the psych hospital and talk to Sharon, and, um, and I'll just start packing. Pull the suitcases out and stuff.

Nick: You okay with me doing that tonight?

Phyllis: Oh, completely. No big deal. You know, with me out of town, you have a lot of, you know, balls you have to juggle. It's fine.

Nick: Has anybody told you lately that you are amazing?

Phyllis: No.

Nick: Well, you are.

Phyllis: Go get Sharon's blessing. Go talk to Sharon. Put your son out of his misery.

Doris: You keep saying you're fine. But you're not fine. You are obviously carrying some terrible burden, and when I see my daughter this despondent--

Sharon: Mom, I'm just tired, okay? Maybe you should go.

Doris: Not until you tell me what's really happening.

Sharon: I already did.

Doris: Oh, Sharon. I know you. This isn't just you feeling guilty for things in the past you can't change. You need help. You can't go on this way. (Sighs) You've got to pull it together for the baby's sake. And you won't be alone. Jack will help you. I know. I know you said you couldn't be together anymore, at least not romantically. But when the baby comes--

Sharon: Mom, you don't get it, okay? Jack is not the baby's father. Nick is.

Doris: What did you say?

Sharon: It's Nick's baby. The D.N.A. test revealed it, and Jack is the only one who knows.

Doris: But why, Sharon? Why would you say it was Jack's if it isn't?

Sharon: Because... (Sighs) Summer needed Nick, and Phyllis needed Nick, and God help me, I could never do to another human being what Phyllis did to me.

Doris: (Sighs)

Lauren: You got everything?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: All right.

Jill: Hold up, you two.

Michael: Oh, you know, Jill, not now. We're trying to make it to a movie, please.

Jill: Oh, you want entertainment? I have a fabulous story for you.

Lauren: You know, we just don't have the time. I'm so--

Jill: It's about a woman named Gloria and her nitwit boyfriend.

Michael: What about 'em?

Jill: The boom went bust, and as they say, desperate people do desperate things.

Michael: All right, what? What did they do?

Jill: No, on second thought, I'm gonna let your mother tell you that. I don't want to spoil the ending for you.

Michael: We should just shoot our own documentary and call it "The Life and Times of Gloria Bardwell-- a horror show."

Lauren: (Laughs) The only problem is no one would believe it was real.

Abby: Oh, my God, you are so gonna love Walnut Grove.

Noah: (Sighs)

Eden: Hope I will, too.

Noah: For real? You're transferring? Michael said yes?

Eden: It's more like a definite maybe, but he hasn't given me the green light.

Abby: Oh, what a shame.

Eden: Yet. Pretty sure he will, though.

Noah: Then we can still have a bunch of the same classes. This is awesome.

Eden: I know.

Noah: Mm.

Patty: You're so quiet.

Jack: I guess I can't believe how lovely you look.

Patty: It's-- it's all I could find.

Jack: Wouldn't you love to have a beautiful new wedding dress?

Patty: It's not important.

Jack: What about your family? Yeah, you'd want your family here for your wedding.

Paul: He's trying to stall her.

Patty: All I want is you, Jack. You're the man I'm marrying, and Paul's here. He can give me away. And you can be "Flower Kitty."


Jack: I just don't see why we need to rush.

Patty: It's because I want it, Jack. Don't you? I mean, we're bringing a baby into this world.

Jack: Have you talked to a doctor?

Patty: A doctor?

Jack: About the baby.

Patty: (Chuckles) No. Why?

Jack: Well, I just think you should be checked out. Make sure he's okay.

Patty: Or she. (Laughs) And I will. After the wedding, though.

Owen: Not having much luck, is he?

Chance: No.

Paul: Shh! Listen.

Jack: If we're gonna do this, I want to do it right. I don't want to rush. We don't have rings. We should have rings, don't you think?

Patty: Okay, stop it. You're just making excuses.

Jack: No, no, I'm not.

Patty: Yes, you are. Don't you think I realize what you're doing? (Sighs) You're just pretending you want to marry me. You're tricking me, just like everyone else.

Lauren: Hey!

Phyllis: Oh, I was so excited when security said you were at the gate. Come in.

Lauren: Thanks.

Michael: Yeah.

Lauren: Uh, what's all this?

Michael: Someone going somewhere?

Phyllis: Yes, Summer and me. We got her into that clinic.

Lauren: Oh, my God.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Lauren: The one in Switzerland?

Phyllis: Yes. Yes. Definite--there was a last-minute cancellation. We worked it out. Nick got everything worked out-- the plane, the hotel. We leave tomorrow.

Lauren: Oh.

Michael: That's great. That's great.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, I really--I really, really hope they can help her.

Lauren: Well, you know that we are--are hoping and praying for you as well.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah. I know that. I know.

Lauren: I know.


Phyllis: (Chuckles) So to what do I owe the honor?

Lauren: Actually, we came to see Nick.

Phyllis: Oh.

Michael: Yes, uh, Eden has a sudden burning desire to go to Walnut Grove.

Lauren: We're kind of thinking it's not a coincidence.

Phyllis: Ahh, no, it's not.

Lauren: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: Noah was here earlier working on Nick.

Michael: Yeah.

Lauren: Of course.

Phyllis: Nick is at the hospital right now talking to Sharon about it.

Michael: And you're all right with that? With Nick being alone with Sharon?

Phyllis: Yes, completely fine.

Michael: Oh.

Phyllis: Completely fine. (Clears throat) Yeah, the situation with Summer ha-ha-has brought us closer. It--it really has. I mean, it--it wasn't too long ago when there were three people in this marriage, and that's just-- that's not the case anymore.

Doris: Sharon, you can't go on living a lie. Nothing good will come of it.

Sharon: Mom, it's better this way.

Doris: (Sighs) Oh, my cab's probably waiting outside. I told him to come back in an hour. I'll--I'll have one of the nurses send him away.

Sharon: No, no, that's okay. No, uh, visiting hours are almost over, and you should go, 'cause I-I need to think. Mom, what I told you-- you cannot say that to anyone else. I need you to swear to me.

Doris: All right.

Sharon: I need people to go on thinking that this is Jack's baby. No one can know that Nick is the father.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Jeff: (Whispers) Amen.


Jeff: Uh... hmm.

Jack: Patty, I'm not trying to upset you...

Patty: Right. (Sniffles) Right.

Jack: Or trick you.

Paul: Come on, Jack.

Patty: And why should I believe you?

Owen: It's not working. We might have to go in.

Paul: Give him a chance. Let him turn things around.

Jack: I only want what is best for you.

Patty: But that's you. That's you, Jack. I only want you. God, I get so mad.

Jack: Wait, wait. Mad at what?

Patty: (Sniffles) At seeing you with those other women.

Jack: What women?

Patty: Phyllis and Sharon.

Jack: They're just friends, Patty.

Patty: (Chuckles) Like Diane was? She was just your friend?

Owen: Diane?

Paul: Diane Jenkins. She was a model at Jabot, the reason Patty shot him.

Jack: No, not like Diane.

Patty: How naive do you think I am, Jack? I've seen you together.

Jack: Wait, you've seen me with whom?

Patty: Phyllis and Sharon. (Sighs) I mean, the way they look at you. Oh, you know, they just-- they just... (Sighs) Okay, they just want to gobble you up, and I don't blame you, Jack. I donít. You know, you can't help the way they-- they throw themselves at you. But I had to keep them away from you, you see? Because--and--and--and-- I had to--I had--I had to do-- you know, take--

Jack: Wait, what things did you do to keep them away from me?

Patty: I had to give Summer a kiss.

Jack: Wh-what does that mean? You had to give Summer a kiss-- what does that mean?

Patty: (Sniffles)


Jack: Patty, what did you do to that child?

(Loud bang)

Chance: Go, go, go, go, go, go! Get in there. Go, go, go! Come on.

Paul: Patty!

Chance: Jack!

Paul: Patty! Jack!

Chance: Jack Abbott, where are you?

Paul: Patty!

Chance: Jack!

Paul: Patty, where are you?!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ashley: You don't have an answer, do you?

Adam: You just need to let me finish.

Ashley: I'd like you to go, Adam, please?

Nick: Am I the father?

Sharon: Of course not.

Nick: Don't lie to me, Sharon.

Chance: You have the right to remain silent.

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