Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/18/09

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/18/09 -- Canada; Wednesday 8/19/09 -- U.S.A.


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Michael: For God sakes. To confront him? What possessed you to take matters into your own hands when that's specifically what I warned you not to do?

Daniel: Because the guy's playing games, Michael.

Michael: Let me sort it out for you. If Detective Chancellor had not stepped in, you would be calling me from jail now.

Lauren: You know what? You have got to trust Michael. Do you have any idea how hard he's working for you?

Daniel: Yeah, and I appreciate that. But, you know, Deacon is gunning for me. You don't even know what's going on.

Michael: Tell me.

Daniel: Well, for starters, he's got a picture of the real Terroni on his flash drive.

Michael: How did you get your hands on Deacon Sharpe's flash drive?

Daniel: Come on, Michael. Does it really matter?

Michael: Jeez, Daniel! What are you doing? Of course he has a copy of the picture. He's trying to buy it. Victoria explained that all to us. All right, look, please, from now on, if you hear of anything that you think may have a bearing on this case, you come to me.

Daniel: No, no. I'm not backing down from this, Michael, not when I could wind up in prison, or I could lose everything in my life that matters to me. No.

Amber: I'm not marrying you. I'm going straight to the D.A.'s office, and I'm gonna tell them you know who the third guy was in the alley the night of the murder.

Deacon: Well, if you do that, I'm just gonna deny it. If you want to save Danny boy's name, you gotta take mine.

Amber: Like there's a chance in hell that's happening.

Deacon: Taking a big risk walking out that door.

Amber: Daniel is innocent. I'm gonna prove it.

Mac: We're late for our reservation.

Billy: Yeah, well, whose fault is that?

Mac: Yours.

Billy: I'm not the one that couldn't get dressed in time.

Mac: Someone kept hiding my clothes.

Billy: (Chuckles)

Mac: Mm.

Billy: Who would do such a thing like that, hmm?

Mac: Mm, I wonder.

Chloe: Oh, well, look who it is. Huh. Must be date night at the club.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Cane: Can't sleep, huh?

Lily: (Sighs) No, I just keep thinking about my first day of chemo tomorrow.

Cane: Come here.

Lily: (Sighs)

Cane: So did the doctors tell you what to expect?

Lily: Yeah, I've talked to a-a million doctors. I've read everything. I've gone into message boards. I've gone to chat rooms.

Cane: You're scared.

Lily: Terrified.


Cane: It's gonna be okay. You know that, don't you?

Billy: Are you crazy kids on a date?

Chance: Is that a problem?

Billy: No, not at all.

Man: Mr. Abbott, I'm very sorry, Sir, but we had to give your reservation away.

Billy: Um, okay. So when can you seat us next?

Man: Uh, we're booked solid. It'll be 45 minutes for a table. Sorry, Sir.

Mac: (Clears throat) Okay.

Billy: Awesome, uh, let's just go somewhere else.

Mac: We can.

Chance: You know, you're more than welcome to join us, if you like.

Billy: Oh, no, thank you.

Mac: Sure, why not?

Chloe: Yeah, no. No, no, no.

Chance: No, look. There's plenty of room. It's fine. I mean, we're all adults here, aren't we? Please, have a seat. Mac?

Mac: This could be a good thing.

Chloe: Yeah, it's debatable.

Mac: You and Chloe are always saying that you want to get along for Delia’s sake. Let's have fun together.

Billy: Hey, well, ladies and gentlemen, the captain has just turned on the "Fasten your seat belt" sign. We could be in for some turbulence up ahead. What do you think?

(Clears throat)

Ryder: You sure you want me to go through with this? What about the girl?

Deacon: Oh, listen. Don't worry about Amber. She'll come around. All you gotta do is sell your sob story to the "Chip-punk." (Chuckles) Fisher's our ticket to living large.

Ryder: I'm on it.

(Cell phone closes)

Ryder: Hey.

Kevin: I wasn't sure you would show.

Ryder: Am I walking into a trap?

Kevin: Have I called the cops? No, but maybe I should.

Ryder: Why?

Kevin: I'm trying to figure out if I can trust you. You know a guy named Deacon Sharpe?

Ryder: Deacon Sharpe?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. He's been pulling some crap on my wife and my best friend.

Ryder: What's that got to do with me?

Kevin: Well, somebody saw you leaving his hotel room. So before this goes any further, I need to know, are you working for Deacon? Look, you can either tell me, or you can make a murder confession to the cops.

Daniel: No disrespect, Michael, but every time I feel like the law is on my side, all of a sudden some new piece of evidence just magically appears, making me look guiltier than hell. You know, this Ryder kid, I see him over at Deacon's hotel room, right? And now he's getting all buddy-buddy with your brother. I mean, don't you think something's going on there?

Michael: Well, yeah. Well, this is what you need to tell me.

Daniel: Well, maybe I feel like I'm the only person I can rely on.

Michael: Look, if you think you know better than me how to handle this, why do you need me? You represent yourself.

Daniel: Michael, I didn't mean it like that.

(Doorbell rings)

Lauren: Do you have any idea he's up every night working on your case.

Michael: And you just keep doing something stupid.

Daniel: Look, you think it was personal? I was frustrated.

Michael: Oh, you think you're frustrated? If you can't resp—


Amber: Hi, Lauren. Um, I'm--I'm sorry. I-I really didn't mean to interrupt.

Lauren: Where's your suitcase?

Amber: Um, it's at Crimson Lights. I'll get it later.

Daniel: What, is she living here now?

Michael: Temporarily.

Daniel: She's living with my lawyer, the guy who's supposed to have my best interests at heart? Do you realize that this girl is the reason that my entire life is screwed up? That's just fantastic, Michael.

Cane: I know you're scared. I mean, who wouldn't be? But you have to understand that this chemo is gonna help you.

Lily: It's just if I knew for sure that this would work...

Cane: Sweetheart, you are gonna live a long and a very healthy life.

Lily: (Sighs) Maybe.

Cane: No, you are strong, okay? And you just have to keep focus on the end prize. I've done a lot of reading about this, and there have been people who've only had a few months to live, and they've gone on. They've beaten the odds. What did you read in the message boards?

Lily: Just that... (Sighs) The idea of chemo is scarier than the actual experience. But what freaks me out are the side effects, you know? Like lethargy and nausea and dry mouth, not to mention what could happen, like losing my fingernails or gaining and losing weight.

Cane: Hey. Come here.

Lily: (Sighs)

Cane: It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.

Lily: (Sighs heavily) It's just my hair-- I don't want to lose my hair. I'm afraid of what it's gonna look like. Will you still love me?

Cane: Of course I'll still love you.

Lily: (Sniffles)


Cane: Of course I'll love you.

Daniel: How can you let her move in here, Michael? She's the reason this happened to me in the first place.

Lauren: I asked her to stay. We're helping my friend.

Daniel: Oh, your friend. Well, I saw your friend a few hours ago with Deacon.

Michael: What?

Lauren: Amber?

Amber: I was trying to help Daniel.

Daniel: "Help." Yeah, that's what she calls it.

Michael: You went to see Deacon after you promised me that you wouldn't?

Daniel: Oh, Michael, come on. You expect her to keep her promises to you?

Michael: Is it too much to ask just one of my clients to do as I ask?! Just keep your damn mouths shut for a change!

Lauren: He is working on an ulcer. You two, you need to get your act together. You can't keep making messes and expecting him to clean it up.

Amber: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm gonna go, okay? It was a dumb idea for me to crash here.

Daniel: I agree. It was a dumb idea. You should go.

Lauren: No. No. She's staying with us. I mean, personally, I think she should be going home with you, because there is one thing I am sure of-- is everything she's doing is to help you.

Amber: I'm trying.

Daniel: (Scoffs)

Amber: I'm gonna go, and I'll get my stuff, and I'll be right back.

Lauren: Okay. I know you're not asking my opinion, but it's a mistake to push her away.

Daniel: Oh, really, you think so? Because I definitely do not think it's a bad idea.

Lauren: You understand, we go way back. I have seen her cause trouble. I have seen her do one scheme after another to better her own life. It was always all about Amber... until she met you. She puts you first, Daniel. That's what this whole Deacon thing has been about. She hated being with him. But she sacrificed herself for you. I just--I don't know how you let someone who loves you that much just walk out of your life.

Daniel: For the record, it's still always about Amber.

Amber: (Sighs)

Daniel: Hang on.


Ryder: Dude, don't call the cops. I barely know Deacon Sharpe.

Kevin: Fine. Explain yourself.

Ryder: Look, I heard a guy named Sharpe was trying to crate art. I needed a job, so I went to meet with him. He--he said I didn't have enough experience. That's the end of the story.

Kevin: Did you shoot the guy in the alley behind Jimmy's bar?

Ryder: Okay, that's random. Why--why would you ask me that?

Kevin: Because my best friend is being railroaded for that murder.

Ryder: Sorry. I don't know anything about it.

Kevin: Huh. Well, Deacon does. In fact, we're pretty sure he set the whole thing up.

Ryder: It's news to me.

Kevin: Is it?

Ryder: Look, I thought you were trying--

Kevin: The killer was wearing a ski mask, Ryder. Was that you?

Ryder: You know, this is a mistake. I thought you were trying to help me. You're trying to set me up.

Kevin: You're not going anywhere until I get some answers.

Ryder: Get your hands off of me.

Kevin: Did you shoot Thomas Balfour?

Ryder: Back off!

Kevin: Did you shoot him? Tell the truth, Ryder!

Ryder: Yeah, okay?

Kevin: (Sighs)

Ryder: I did. I killed that son of a bitch. But I didn't mean to. I just-- I couldn't take it anymore. You know, I thought you of all people would understand, but I swear, I didn't know that your friend was caught up in it. I just-- you of all people should know what it's like, what that guy Balfour-- what he did to me.

Kevin: What are you talking about?

Ryder: (Scoffs) You think you were abused? Dude, you have no idea. I killed him. But I'm not a bad guy. I swear I'm not.

Chloe: You, uh, you just missed all the excitement. Chance just stopped a fight.

Chance: (Sighs)

Mac: Here at the club?

Chloe: Yeah, yeah.

Chance: Yeah.

Chloe: He would have made an arrest if I had not asked him to back off.

Chance: Well, it was a friend of Chloe's, that's all.

Chloe: (Chuckles)

Billy: Oh, wow. You have friends now?

Chloe: It was very sweet of him. It was very sweet.

Billy: (Clears throat) Well, personally, I find it to be somewhat irresponsible, but, hey, who am I to judge, right?

Chance: The whole thing was handled very responsibly.

Mac: I'm sure it was.

Chance: Thank you.

Mac: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: Chance is-- he's unlike any guy I've ever dated. You know, he's--he's sweet, and he's loyal, and he's kind. It's just refreshing.

Billy: Hmm. Yeah. Kind of like me and Mac, huh?

Mac: So we haven't had much of a chance to talk back at the house.

Chance: No.

Mac: Um, how do you like being a detective?

Chance: Well, just kind of getting acclimated to it all, but, uh, I'm sorry to say, tonight was probably the most action I've seen thus far.

Billy: Come on. Don't be so modest. According to Chloe, you're just a regular superhero.

Chloe: I-I'm sorry. I just have to ask him. Are you jealous, Billy?

Lily: I know it's a silly question to ask if you'll love me without hair, but I just can't imagine myself that way.

Cane: I didn't fall in love with you because of your hair. I fell in love with you because of who you are. You could change your whole appearance, and you would always be beautiful to me.

Lily: I mean... (Sighs) It would be one thing if I decided to shave my head on my own, like Sinead O’Connor or Britney Spears, but to have it fall out in clumps? It's like I'm losing control over my life.

Cane: But you can control the way you react to it.

Lily: What if I just shave my head on my own? What if I just get rid of my hair before it falls out?

Cane: Are you sure that's what you want to do?

Lily: I mean, they recommend that you do it a few weeks into chemo anyways.

Cane: Okay. So you still have a few weeks.

Lily: Yeah, but I don't want to wait. I don't want to let the cancer take my hair. I want to take it myself.

Cane: Sweetheart, whatever's gonna make you feel better, that's all I care about.

Lily: Will you do it for me? Will you shave my head for me now?

Michael: I'm gonna put you on retainer.

Lauren: You already did the day you married me.

Michael: (Sighs) I still think it was a mistake to ask Amber to stay.

Lauren: The mistake was taking Daniel's case.

Michael: He's Phyllis' son. What was I supposed to do?

Lauren: You know, I have a radical new theory for you. I do. It's radical. See, the next time somebody asks you...

Michael: (Chuckles)

Lauren: You say no. No, it's very simple. It's not like you're hurting for work. You know, if--if a client isn't cooperating, there's no reason to represent them, and I'm not just talking about Daniel. You know, I'm-- I'm talking about your father, your mother, Jeff, Kevin. They all take advantage of you.

Michael: They're my family.

Lauren: There are limits.

Michael: Well, you married into a tribe of troublemakers.

Lauren: (Chuckles) Yes, who also know that if they get into trouble, that you're gonna bail them out.

Michael: Okay. From now on, after this case, I will set better boundaries.

Lauren: No more cases involving friends and family?

Michael: This is the last one.

Daniel: If you want to stay with Michael and Lauren, just go ahead.

Amber: You just said you didn't want me to.

Daniel: Just do whatever you want.

Amber: (Sighs) Are you okay?

Daniel: (Scoffs) (Chuckles) Yeah, I'm--I'm great, Amber. I've been accused of forgery, murder, and I broke up with the woman that I thought I was gonna marry and spend the rest of my life with. Yeah, I couldn't be better.

Amber: Everything I'm doing, I'm doing for you.

Daniel: Please don't say that again, okay? You know, I saw you in that room with Deacon, and--

Amber: (Sniffles) You were right not to trust him. And I wish I could just explain it all to you, but it just keeps getting more tangled and tangled every time I try. (Sighs)

Daniel: I don't know who's lying or who's telling the truth anymore. And I feel like I'm just always waiting for the other shoe to drop, always looking over my shoulder, thinking that the feds are just gonna haul my butt back to jail at any second. You know, I-I can't sleep. I can't eat. I can't think. I definitely can't paint. My money's running out, that's for sure. And the one person that I could always count on, the one person that I thought was gonna be there with me forever, my best friend in the entire world, well, that's gone, too.

Amber: I never stopped loving you, never. Everything I did, I did it for you. And I never dreamt-- I never dreamt the person who started out as my best friend would end up being the love of my life, but it happened. It's true that it's forever. (Cries) And I'm never gonna stop loving you.

Ryder: The guy in the alley, Balfour? His real name was Ray Elkins. He was a friend of my dad’s. He called me up one day and said I could make some serious bank if I helped him with a scam he was running. He was-- I mean, he was cool at first. Then he started losing it, you know, and he'd scream at me, smack me around a bit. He treated me just like my dad used to when I was a kid, and I felt like I was back in that cellar.

Kevin: What cellar?

Ryder: My dad used to lock me up in a cellar when I was a kid. He made me sleep on the floor, rats runnin' over me, bite me. I'd cry. (Scoffs) I'd beg him to let me out, and he'd just, uh, he'd just say, "Shut up. Shut up, you little cockroach. Nobody loves you except the rats."

Kevin: My dad used to call me a cockroach. Um, how did your dad know this Balfour, um, uh, Elkins guy?

Ryder: Prison. Dad probably told him how he used to use me as a punching bag 'cause, uh, Elkins started locking me in the tool shed. He'd wale on me, just like my dad used to when I was a kid. Brought me right back to that dark place, you know? I thought I was past it, but...

Kevin: It's hard to get past.

Ryder: I cou-- I couldn't take it anymore. I had to make the torture stop. And Elkins, he, you know, he forced me out in the alley that night. He made me put on the ski mask. I knew he was up to no good. And--and he pulled a gun on-- on your friend. I just lost it. I jumped in front of Ray to stop him. Everything happened so fast. You've gotta believe me. I'm--I'm not a killer. I wasn't in my right mind. It's just I-- I had to make the pain stop. And that's why I came to you. You were locked up as a kid, too.

Kevin: Yeah, I was.

Ryder: It's like you said on the radio. If you're put back in that dark place again, it's just like you're a helpless kid. When I think about the high that Tom used to get from torturing me...

Kevin: Wait, d-did you just say Tom?

Ryder: My dad.

Kevin: So where did you live with Tom?

Ryder: Green Bay.

Kevin: And your mother?

Ryder: She took off when I was little, left me with that bastard. (Scoffs) Nice, huh?

Kevin: Where is he now?

Ryder: I heard he's dead. I don't really know, don't care. I'm just glad he's gone. I bet you can relate. I-I've been so messed up since I killed Elkins. I keep thinking I'm gonna end up like my dad. S-so when I found the silver chipmunk, it was like I found a kindred spirit.

Kevin: What was Tom's last name?

Ryder: Callahan.

Kevin: Look, Ryder, um, keeping this inside is gonna eat you alive. You--you-- you have to come clean. You have to confess.

Ryder: Dude, no!

Kevin: Look, uh, my brother is-- is a great lawyer. He's always up for helping someone in trouble, especially if I ask.

Ryder: What, am I supposed to believe this isn't just about getting your friend off the hook? C-can I even trust you and-- and your hotshot lawyer brother? I won't make it in prison. It'd be like being locked up in that cellar again.

Kevin: Look, you can trust me.

Lauren: So how'd it go with Daniel?

Amber: He'll never forgive me. Could I bounce something off you?

Lauren: Of course.

Amber: I can get the charges dropped against Daniel. But what I would have to do, it's repulsive.

Lauren: Then don't do it. Don't do it. You--you listen to Michael, and you let the law handle this.

Amber: The way Deacon twists things, he can make Daniel look guilty, no matter what Michael does.

Lauren: Honey, just-- he has you scared. That's it.

Amber: You don't know him like I do. If you had seen Daniel just now-- it breaks my heart. He's in this mess because of me. Wouldn't you do anything you could do to help Michael at any cost? You would.

Lauren: Just think this through. Don't do anything rash, okay? Just don't do anything that you're gonna regret the rest of your life.

Amber: I won't, if it saves Daniel.

(Cell phone rings)

Michael: Hey, Kevin. Can't talk. Busy. But what's up?

Billy: So, uh, who's watching Delia while, uh, you're on your date?

Chloe: Oh, I left her in coat check.

Billy: (Clears throat) Should you really be out on a date when she had the sniffles just yesterday?

Chloe: Oh, well, I could ask you the same thing, Billy, 'cause if you were so concerned, then why aren't you home with her?

Billy: Okay.

(Clears throat)

Chance: Can we just go with the check, please?

Billy: Yeah.

Chance: Thanks.

Mac: We should go.

Billy: You know, guys, we should do this again sometime in the next millennium.

Chloe: Yeah.

Billy: Yeah.

Chance: Tell you what, it's my treat.

Billy: Chance, I appreciate it, but, uh, cops don't make a whole lot of money, so let me get it.

Chance: You know, stop. I-I insist. Next time, your treat.

Billy: Oh, you are an optimist.

Chloe: Huh, that was very generous of you.

Mac: Thank you.

Billy: Yeah, well, you sure? Last chance. Don't want it?

Chance: I'm positive. Put it away.

Billy: Well, I bet the waiter wants my money. Come on. Let's get out of here.

Mac: Okay.

Chance: Have a good night.

Mac: You, too.

Chance: Sure.

Chloe: (Sighs) I don't know what I ever saw in him.

Cane: Are you sure you want to do this now? We can go short and do it in stages.

Lily: No, no, no. I want to do it all at once. I want to shave it now.


Cane: You don't want to go to a salon and have a professional do it?

Lily: Cane, no. Please, I need this.

Cane: Okay. You want me to cut your ponytail first?

Lily: Um, I'll do it.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: (Exhales)

Lily: (Sighs)


Cane: (Laughs)

Lily: (Sighs) You think it's long enough to donate?

Cane: I'm sure it is.

 Lily: (Sighs)

Lily: You ready?

Cane: Yeah, I'm ready. Are you ready?

Lily: Yeah.

Cane: Yeah?

Lily: (Sighs)

Cane: You ready?

Lily: Yes.

(Clippers buzzing)

Lily: (Sighs)

Chloe: (Sighs) Billy is a pompous ass. You know, I feel bad. I feel really bad for Mac, because he's just gonna get bored of her, and he's gonna dump her really fast.

Chance: I think Billy just wants it all. I mean, he clearly likes Mac, but he doesn't want to see you with anyone else.

Chloe: You think so?

Chance: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: Whatever. He's a pig.

Chance: Chloe, you say that you're over Billy, but you keep talking about him. I think you need to figure out what you want.

Chloe: What I want is to have fun, which is what we were doing until we were very rudely interrupted. I hope it didn't ruin your evening.

Chance: No. It takes more than just bickering with an ex to bum me out.

Mac: What a disaster.

Billy: Yes, it was. So why did you tell them that we would join them anyway?

Mac: (Sighs) Because I thought it was an opportunity.

Billy: For what? For me to strangle Chloe in front of a witness?


Mac: No, for Delia’s parents to get along.

Billy: Mm.

Mac: I didn't realize how far apart you actually are.

Billy: Yeah, well, there is no way to bridge that abyss, so let's just drop it, okay?

Mac: Okay. Dropped. What are we gonna talk about?

Billy: You want to talk? Really? You want to talk?

Mac: (Giggles)

Billy: What's wrong with you? You want to talk? Mm.

Michael: He confessed to killing Balfour in the alley?

Kevin: Elkins.

Michael: Huh?

Kevin: Ray Elkins-- that's Thomas Balfour’s real name. And, yeah, Ryder admitted to shooting him. He's even willing to turn himself in.

Michael: Why would he confess to you? You don't even know him.

Kevin: I'm the chipmunk.

Michael: Whoa, whoa. This is the man Daniel mentioned. He's pals with Deacon.

Kevin: No, no, no. He's not. He explained everything.

Michael: Well, I think you're being naive. No, I mean, does this Ryder character have any proof that he was the third man in the alley?

Kevin: Well, he sure does seem to know a lot.

Ryder: Deacon, someone saw me come out of your room. We need to get our story straight. I came to you for a job. You turned me down.

Kevin: He said that, uh, Ray Elkins spent time in prison with--with his dad. Um, the D.A. would be able to verify that, right?

Michael: Yeah. Easy enough to find out.

Kevin: And if it's true, then Daniel walks away a free man, right? Just talk to Ryder.

Michael: All right, well, let's get the authorities over here before he changes his mind.

Kevin: There's just one last thing.

Michael: Hmm?

Kevin: I promised him that you would represent him...

Kevin: Pro bono.

(Clears throat)

(Knock on door)

Amber: Deacon, it's me.

Billy: All right, so, um, imagine this is a magic trailer.

Mac: Mm-hmm.

Billy: And we can teleport to anywhere in the world we want to go. Where would you like to be when they open up the door?

Mac: It doesn't matter, as long as I'm with you.

Billy: Okay, thank you, but where would you like to go?

Mac: I don't know.

Billy: Look, you're-- you're not really playing the game right, you know?


Mac: It sounds like someone wants to get out of Genoa City.

Billy: Well, you know, yeah. Why not? I mean, we could always come back, and I wouldn't leave Delia.

Mac: And I bet you wouldn't mind getting away from Chloe for a few days, either.

Billy: Mm, I could go without seeing her. Yes, that's true.

Mac: (Sighs) Billy, I'm not saying that you don't love me, because I know that you do, but there are some seriously unresolved issues between the two of you.

Billy: (Groans) Man, the only thing I feel for Chloe is pity-- actually, no, I take that back. The one I pity is Chance, man. He has no idea what he's getting himself into.

Chance: And please promise me that you will never, never overnight a pizza to Iraq. It does not work.

Chloe: Okay, I promise.

Chance: Hmm?

Chloe: (Giggles)

Chance: Chloe, I like you.

Chloe: Okay.

Chance: But I know that you're still hung up on Billy, so this can't happen. I'm not gonna be your rebound guy, okay?

Chloe: Okay.

Chance: Okay. Come on. (Sighs)

(Doorbell rings)

Lauren: Hey.

Daniel: Hey. Is, uh, Amber here?

Lauren: She just left. Do you want to come in?

Daniel: You know, I thought about what you said, and you're right. No matter how dumb the decisions she's made are, I know that she still loves me.

Lauren: I know she does.

Daniel: I think maybe she should just come back home.

Lauren: That's wonderful. I-- boy, I hope we're not too late.

Daniel: What are you talking about?

Lauren: Um, I-I think she's about to do something really stupid.

Amber: If you swear that you will get Daniel off free and clear, and you will never mess in his life again, I'll marry you.

Michael: You're asking me to represent the man who railroaded Daniel? Are you cr--?

Kevin: Well, I promise him you would help him in exchange for his confession.

Michael: How dare you offer my legal services free of charge? I am so sick of being taken for granted. What if I brought people over here and asked you for free coffee and food?

Kevin: Well, I-- I thought you would be happy to get Daniel off, and if money is the issue, I will pay for it as soon as this chipmunk stuff starts to--

Michael: No. No. No. Sorry, not this time.

Kevin: Michael. Michael, look, there is another reason I want you to handle this. It--it's personal, and I can't be positive, but, um, I think Ryder might be my brother.

Michael: (Sighs)

Cane: You know, you are as gorgeous as you've ever been. Are you ready? Do you want to see it?

Lily: (Sighs)

Cane: Go on.

Lily: I think so.

Cane: Go on.

Lily: But I warn you, I might burst into tears. But no matter what, this was right. I feel really good about what I've done.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: (Sighs) Okay. (Gasps)

Cane: (Chuckles)

Lily: Oh, my gosh. I did it... on my terms.

Cane: (Sighs)

Lily: I really did it.

Cane: Yeah, you did. (Chuckles)

Lily: (Laughs) Oh, my gosh.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ashley: Shame on you, Jack, for using the anniversary of our father's death to manipulate me.

Man: So what's this worth to you?

Daniel: You know, whatever deal you made with him, Amber, you don't have to do this. You could walk out of here with me right now.

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