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Amber: It's over. Daniel threw me out for good. I got--I got nowhere else to go. I need you, Deacon.

Deacon: (Sighs) Okay, um, we can talk. Just--

Amber: What's the matter? What's the matter, Deacon? You said you wanted me. Well, this is me now, huh? Thanks to you, all screwed up and messed up, and this is your fault. You did this to me.

Deacon: All right, calm down. We can talk. We can talk.

Amber: Oh, yeah, damn right we're gonna--

Deacon: Not right-- not right now. No.

Amber: Why not?

Deacon: Because I-I've gotta go out because I've got a client waiting for me.

Amber: Oh, well, so reschedule.

Deacon: Oh, wh--what am I gonna do? I'm gonna tell "Mr. Richer than God III" to just, uh, sit on ice?

Amber: Okay, fine. I'll just wait for you here.

Deacon: Hang-- hang on a second. Listen. The evidence that clears Daniel is not in my place if you're thinking of tossing it after I'm gone. Now I want you to go down to the bar and just wait for me. Go on.

Victoria: That wasn't room service, huh?

Deacon: Uh, it w-- no, it was. Uh, they-- they screwed up the order.

Victoria: Oh.

Deacon: Yeah.

Victoria: Um, you know, uh, Deacon... (Clears throat) I really--I really need to apologize to you.

Deacon: Th-there's no reason to apologize, you know? Heat of the moment, right? Moment's gone.

J.T.: No. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I-I can't do this.

(Clears throat)

Colleen: (Sighs)

J.T.: (Exhales)

Daniel: How sure are you that the picture on Deacon's flash drive is the original Terroni?

Jana: (Sighs) Okay, well, I'm not 100%, but I am willing to wager that this is the real deal.

Daniel: Does this make any sense? I mean, if he's got the original, then why have me paint a phony?

Jana: What if it was to get you in trouble, out of Amber's life?

Daniel: Well, he's already done that. I mean, I'm on the hook for murder here.

Jana: (Sighs)

Daniel: And what about Kevin? What does he want with Kevin? You know, that Ryder guy's been hanging around for weeks.

Jana: God, I wish you would have told him that you saw Deacon with Ryder.

Daniel: I didn't want Ryder to catch on and then put his guard up, you know? I was hoping that maybe he'd slip up and then we could figure out what his game is.

Jana: Well, we can't really count on that. They haven't really made any-- any mistakes yet, have they?

Daniel: No. No, they havenít. You know, it's like fighting someone blindfolded.

Jana: (Sighs) Like a maze, where every path you go down, it's just a dead end.

Daniel: No, every path leads to Deacon. If I want answers, that's where I gotta go.

Kevin: You killed someone?

Ryder: Yeah.

Kevin: Who?

Ryder: It doesn't matter. I mean, it doesn't matter to you. You said you weren't gonna call the cops.

Kevin: Look, I-I'm just trying to understand. That's all.

Ryder: You know what? This was a bad idea.

Kevin: Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. All right, are you being serious?

Ryder: What do you think?

Kevin: Sit down. Sit down. Have you ever told anybody that?

Ryder: No.

Kevin: Well, then why tell me?

Chloe: It's, uh, it's been a long time since someone's held out my chair.


Chance: Yeah, well, you know, dating's new for me again, too.

Chloe: (Sighs) Well, you know, even before, I, uh, I'd probably just, uh, go out clubbing and hit a diner, get some chili and a slice of cheesecake at 4:00 A.M.

Chance: Oh, uh, we can get you chili if you'd like. Do you want some?

Chloe: Oh, no, no, no. I'm not saying that I miss it or anything. So what was it like dating in Iraq?

Chance: (Chuckles) Um, well, it was online, mostly. Uh, e-mails back and forth.

Chloe: Yeah.

Chance: Nothing special.

Chloe: Yeah, diff-- different world.


Chance: It certainly was. Well, I guess, um, I guess we're both starting off new then, huh?

Chloe: Yeah, under a microscope, surrounded by a lot of people with their noses in our business, like your mom and my mom and my soon-to-be ex's lover.

Chance: Well, if you'll notice, none of those people are around tonight.

Chloe: Yes, and thank God for that.


Abby: So it still feels like someone's watching us.

Victor: Well, the cameras are all gone.

Ashley: How do we know that for sure?

Victor: Because J.T. did a very thorough job, I think.

Abby: Oh, well, in that case, yeah, he's pretty good at that stuff.

Ashley: So you still feel up to visiting with Colleen?

Abby: Yeah, now that I know you're gonna be safe here.

Victor: But, Sweetheart, we should have a family dinner. If you call her and tell her what your mother has been through, I think she'll understand.

Ashley: Would you please not use me to get what you want? I think it's important that Abby maintain ties with my family.

Victor: I wouldn't argue about that.

Abby: It's okay, really. I mean, I'm sure Colleen won't mind.

Ashley: Honey, go. Have fun. I'm not gonna be down for dinner anyway, all right? I'm tired.

Victor: You don't feel well?

Ashley: I feel fine. I feel just fine. I just need a little rest, okay?

Victor: I'll check on you later.

Ashley: Okay. I'm going to bed, actually, so don't worry about it.

Abby: Are you guys okay?

Victor: Yeah, don't worry.

Ryder: You know why I came to you?

Kevin: No, I don't know why you came to me.

Ryder: You're the first guy I ever met who has the stones to tell it like it really is.

Kevin: I try.

Ryder: Somebody's got a problem with you, then that's their problem. You're done pretending.

Kevin: And you're sick of pretending?

Ryder: Sick to death.

Kevin: You just-- you want to take a break from it, right? And just take the mask off?

Ryder: But I canít.

Kevin: Yeah, you can. I did. Nothing terrible happened.

Ryder: Don--don't you feel like it will, though? Like somebody's always waiting around the corner? I don't know. I mean, it's like, however good life gets, it just means it's gonna get worse down the road, right?

Kevin: Yeah, I feel like that sometimes.

Ryder: I feel like that all the time.

Kevin: So, uh, so what happened to you when you were a kid?

Ryder: Same as you.

Kevin: The same?

Ryder: My dad is long gone, but I can still hear him telling me what a worthless loser I am. I can't shut him up.

Kevin: You gotta take him on.

Ryder: What if he's right?

Kevin: He's not.

Ryder: You don't know me very well.

Kevin: I feel like I do.

Kevin: So why-- why--why did you-- why did you--

Ryder: Kill that guy? It was him or me.

Kevin: Self-defense?

Ryder: No judge is gonna see it that way. Nobody's gonna see it that way, except you. Look, are you gonna call the cops?

Kevin: No. No, no, no. No, you--you can trust me.

Ryder: I hope so.

Chloe: Amber. Hi.

Amber: Oh, hey.

Chloe: Come on over. Come here. Uh, Amber Moore, this is Phillip Chancellor IV, A.K.A. Chance.

Chance: Hi, nice to meet you.

Amber: Yeah, you, too.

Chance: Pleasure. Um, would you care to join us?

Amber: Oh, no, I-I-- I have, um--

Chloe: No, no, no. Please sit. I-I miss you. I haven't seen you in forever. Come on, it's been ages.

Chance: No, really. Please, have a seat.

Chloe: Sit.

Chance: Let me get that for you.

Amber: Um...

Chloe: No, you can wipe that look off your face. I--Billy and I are officially done. We're done.

Amber: Oh, Chloe, I'm so sorry.

Chloe: No, I-- surprisingly enough, I'm--I'm fine. I'm good. Um, are you meeting Daniel here? Daniel is her boyfriend. He's an amazing artist, and they're gonna have insanely creative children...

Chance: Oh.

Chloe: Togeth--what? No. No, no, no, no. Tell me you--twice? He's stupid. Twice?

Amber: Um, we broke up.

Chance: I'm sorry. That's kind of rough.

Amber: Mm.

Chloe: Is it because of the murder?

Chance: Uh, wait a minute. Murder? What murder?

Chloe: Remember I told you about the one that happened behind Mac's bar? That one.

Chance: Yeah.

Chloe: Daniel was the one who got arrested.

Amber: Yeah, but--but I mean, he's totally innocent.

Chloe: So what is he-- is he trying to protect you? Is he, like, totally afraid...

Amber: Um--

Chloe: That he's gonna get, you know, put into jail?

Amber: No. You know, this isn't really fun date conversation.

Chance: No, its-- its fine. It's--its okay.

Amber: Well, basically, um, he's in this mess because of me, and I tried to help, but, of course, I just made things, like, a thousand times worse, but I gotta keep trying because I really love him.

Jana: Hey, hey, hey. No, no, no, Daniel. You are not gonna go confront Deacon. Stop.

Daniel: Oh, the hell I'm not.

Jana: Listen, you got in trouble the last time. You didn't listen to me then. You need to listen to me now.

Daniel: Well, you said yourself that we can't just sit around here and do nothing.

Jana: Well, you're not gonna get anything out of Deacon, okay? You need to come at him from the side and talk to people who know him.

Daniel: Like who? Like Amber?

Jana: No, like Victoria Newman, okay? I know they're doing an art deal together. She is buying a painting for her family's art foundation. Maybe you can ask her about his past or any connections he might have. You know, it's really-- it's worth a try.

Deacon: Well, they're gone, again.

Victoria: (Sighs) You didn't send it back.

Deacon: Well, I was thinking if I had some of this on hand, maybe, uh, things would have ended a little differently.

Victoria: Yeah, then that way, at least, I could have-- I could have blamed my behavior on the alcohol.

Deacon: It is a full moon.

Victoria: No, uh, actually, it's a new moon.

Deacon: Huh. So demonic possession?

Victoria: Yeah.

Deacon: Yeah.

Victoria: Yeah, let's go with that.

Deacon: Okay.

Victoria: Okay.

Deacon: Listen, um, nobody's gonna hear about this, okay?

Victoria: Thank you.

Deacon: You want to take the bottle with you?

Victoria: Uh, no. You--you can hang onto that.

Deacon: Okay. Do you want me to hang onto the painting?

Victoria: No, no. I-I'll keep that.

Deacon: Okay.

Victoria: I've been waiting for that for a long time, so... uh, I'm really grateful to you, Deacon.

Deacon: It was my pleasure.

Victoria: Good night.

Deacon: (Sighs)

Victoria: (Sighs)

(Cell phone rings)

Victoria: Hello?

Daniel: Victoria, hey. It's, uh, Daniel.

Victoria: Oh, hey, Daniel. What's up?

Daniel: Look, I need to see you, and it's really important. It's, um, it's about Deacon Sharpe.

J.T.: What?

Colleen: Feeling guilty, okay? It was my fault. I jumped you.

J.T.: (Scoffs) You didn't jump me.

Colleen: And I would like to say that I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry... kind of.

J.T.: No, don't worry about it. I'm, uh, sorry enough for both of us.

Colleen: You're probably regretting being nice to me the last few months. But it-- it meant a lot, J.T., okay? Too much, I guess.

J.T.: Hey, listen, I'm always gonna care about you. I'm always gonna want to look out for you.

Colleen: (Sighs)

J.T.: But you understand, right?

Colleen: Not really.

J.T.: I... (Sighs) I don't know who I'd be if I wasn't Reed's daddy, you know? Or Victoria's husband. I don't want to be anybody else. I mean, yeah, the-- the woman drives me crazy sometimes, believe me. But I think that's just a sign of how deep it goes.

Colleen: You love her.

J.T.: I do. I do love her. And when she was lying in that hospital, I got a picture of what my life would be like without her, and I, uh, I don't ever want to go there.

Colleen: Well, I will try and be more respectful, okay?

J.T.: All right. I gotta go.

Colleen: Okay.

J.T.: (Sighs)

Colleen: (Sighs)

J.T.: Abby, hey.

Abby: Hey, J.T. I didn't know you'd be here. Hey, Colleen.

Colleen: Oh, my gosh.

Abby: You forgot, didn't you?

Colleen: Uh, no. Abby is spending the night. Come in. Uh, I-I got a flat, so J.T. took me home.

Abby: Oh, that's really nice of you.

J.T.: Yeah. Well, uh, see you both later.

Colleen: Thanks...

J.T.: Sure.

Colleen: Again.

Abby: So are you gonna tell me what he was really doing here?

Colleen: Uh...

Victoria: That's the stolen original. You got these from Deacon?

Daniel: How'd you know that?

Victoria: Well, he showed me a picture just like them, but I didn't get a chance to look at it this closely.

Daniel: So Deacon tried to sell you the Terroni?

Victoria: No. Someone tried to sell it to him. He didn't tell you that?

Daniel: (Scoffs) We haven't exactly been communicating so well, seeing as how he's trying to frame me for murder.

Victoria: What?

Daniel: Look, Deacon is in this thing up to his eyeballs.

Victoria: Wh-- why would you say that?

Daniel: All I know is that I-I'm trying to save my neck here, all right? I'm trying to piece together answers, and every rock that I turn over, I've got Deacon's ugly face just grinning back at me. I mean, that guy that got shot in the alley?

Victoria: Balfour.

Daniel: Yeah, Deacon has a video of him bragging about how he played me for a fool.

Victoria: And you know that how?

Daniel: Because Deacon gave a copy of it to the D.A.

Victoria: The D.A.? I mean, that sounds like he's trying to help you.

Daniel: He's not trying to help me, trust me.

Victoria: Well, then why would he--

Daniel: Look, the point is that he knew the guy, all right? They were working together.

Victoria: (Sighs) Deacon admits that?

Daniel: No, he says that he found the DVD in a parking lot, and he mailed it in to be a good citizen.

Victoria: Listen, Daniel, um, any dealings that I have had with him have been perfectly legitimate. The Koons that I bought, I-it wasn't a forgery. We had it checked.

Daniel: Well, that doesn't mean that he's not dealing in stolen artwork on the side.

Victoria: And murder, if that's what you're insinuating.

Daniel: (Sighs) No, he was in New York at the time of the shooting, but he's working with people. He has accomplices. I've been following one of them.

Victoria: Um...


Daniel: You know what? Forget it.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Daniel: I knew you wouldn't believe me.

Victoria: Listen, he hasn't said or done anything off, but if you want me ask him about it, I will ask him about it.

Daniel: No, I don't want you to do anything. I don't want you to do anything. You know, you almost got yourself killed once already. Just do me a favor and stay away from Deacon, because the guy can't be trusted.

(Door closes)

Ryder: So Kevin's my new best friend.

Deacon: That's good. Maybe it's time the third man makes himself known.

Ryder: Yeah, you might want to hold off on that.

Deacon: Uh, why would I want to do that? That's part of the plan.

Ryder: I just-- I thought I'd lay a bit more groundwork.

Deacon: Well, you've got Fisher eating out of the palm of your hand, right?

Ryder: All right. I know how anxious you are to ride off into the sunset with Amber.

Deacon: You are going back tonight?

Ryder: Yeah.

Deacon: I mean, do we need to go over the story again?

Ryder: Look, I know how to handle Kevin.

Deacon: Well, that's a good thing, because without Kevin, we got nothing.

Jana: So who do you think Daniel saw coming out of Deacon's hotel room? Hmm? Your new friend Ryder.

Kevin: Are you serious?

Jana: Yes.

Kevin: Why didn't Daniel say anything to me?

Jana: 'Cause he didn't want to tip Ryder off. Now you need to tell me. What was he after?

Kevin: I don't know.

Jana: Well, what did he say?

Kevin: He doesn't want anything from me. It was-- it was more of a confession.

Jana: A confession? What--what did he confess?

Kevin: (Sighs) Murder.

Jana: What?

Kevin: So if Ryder knows Deacon, could he be the third man from the alley?

Jana: Oh, God.

Kevin: The guy who killed Balfour?

Jana: I don't know. It's definitely a question for the police, isn't it?

Kevin: No, no, no.

Jana: Hello.

Kevin: I-I-I cannot let you do that. I'm sorry.

Jana: (Sighs)

Victor: Ashley? Ashley? Sweetheart, can you hear me? My darling, I know you're angry with me, but we've gotta talk. We have to talk about this. Ashley. Sweetheart, please listen to me. Ashley?

(Crystals tinkle)

Victor: I thought you had collapsed.

Ashley: Oh, my God. I was sleeping.

Victor: You didn't hear my voice?

Ashley: I didn't want to talk to you.

Victor: So you decided just to ignore me?

Ashley: I told you I was tired.

Victor: Sweetheart, you scared me half to death.

Ashley: I'm sorry.

Victor: What's the matter with you? You sleep alone. You lock yourself in your room. You don't even answer to my-- are you that angry with me?

Ashley: I need some time, Victor.

Victor: But, Sweetheart, I've given you all the time and space in the world. And yet, the gulf between us grows wider and wider. Don't you understand I love you and I want to hold you and the baby in my arms, make you feel safe? Please don't push me away. I'm trying to help you.

Chloe: So Chance just got back from Iraq.

Amber: Oh, yeah, right. I-I-I knew that.

(Cell phone rings)

Amber: Hold on.

Chance: Oh, please.

(Clears throat)

Amber: Is your meeting over? Okay. I'm coming up.

Chloe: Is this a date?

Amber: I'm doing reconnaissance.

Chloe: For Daniel. Be careful.

Amber: Yeah, wish me luck.

Chloe: Good luck.

Chance: Nice to meet you.

Amber: Yeah, you, too.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Chance: So what's with, um, Daniel? Who is he?

Chloe: He's great. He's adorable.

Chance: Not a murderer?

Chloe: No. No. No, no, no, no. He is like the soulful artist type.

Chance: Hmm. Okay. It's just I wouldn't have seen her with someone like that. That's all.

Chloe: Why not?

Chance: Because she's reckless.

Chloe: 30 seconds of meeting her, and you already picked up on that?

Chance: Chloe, it doesn't take long.

Chloe: Well, you are going to make a great detective, aren't you?

Chance: (Chuckles) Look, all I'm saying is that she seems like the type of female that would go after the bad boy.

Chloe: We all make mistakes. And then we grow out of them, and we move on.

Deacon: Come on in.

Amber: How was your meeting?

Deacon: I didn't have one.

Amber: What?

Deacon: I lied. I needed to tuck away the evidence that exonerates Daniel to make sure that you wouldn't find it. Some champagne?

Amber: No. Thanks.

Deacon: Are you sure? 'Cause you can-- you can look around if you want. If I were you, I'd start right over here beneath the sheets.

Amber: You-- you think I'm just pretending to need you so I can get my hands on this so-called evidence which probably doesn't even exist?

Deacon: No, actually, I think it's the other way around. I think you're pretending to yourself, pretending that you're doing all this for Daniel when in reality, you're here because you can't stop thinking about the other night.

Amber: Oh, you are unbelievably arrogant.

Deacon: No, I-I just know you really, really well, especially after the other night.

Amber: Oh, so you're just irresistible to me. Is that it?

Deacon: Well, the feeling is mutual.

Amber: Okay. Let's test your little theory.

Deacon: Ooh, letís.

Amber: You give me what you've got on the murder, and then we'll see.

Deacon: Yeah, I can't do that.

Amber: Why not?

Deacon: Well, I'm thinking about you, babe. I mean, with things the way they are, with me holding all the cards, see, you get to have the best of both worlds. You get to act like you're making this big noble sacrifice all in the name of love, and all the while, you get to have the best sex of your life.

Amber: (Laughs) You think you were the be-- you were the best?

Deacon: Uh-huh.

Amber: Okay. Okay, sure. Whatever. You know, maybe that was the best that you could do, but I was totally holding back.

Deacon: Is that a fact?

Amber: Oh, of course. I've been worried sick about Daniel.

Deacon: Uh-huh.

Amber: Yeah, I feel real guilty like this is all my fault.

Deacon: Right.

Amber: But if I knew that he was gonna be okay and he wasn't gonna go to prison, then I would be completely uninhibited with you.

Deacon: Well, what do you say you give me a little taste of that just, you know, so I know what we're talking about?

Amber: I canít. Mm. See, I'd just be thinking about Daniel the whole time.

Deacon: The hell you would.

(Pounding on door)

Daniel: Open the door, Sharpe.

(Pounding on door)

Ashley: I know it's hard on you, the way that I've been acting.

Victor: But I'm not worried about myself. I'm worried about you.

Ashley: Because you think I'm losing my mind. Sometimes I think maybe I am, too.

Victor: Sweetheart, no. I don't think that.

Ashley: Victor, you never-- you would never take the baby from me, right?

Victor: Why would you think that?

Ashley: Maybe you would think that I wasn't well enough to raise her...

Victor: I would--

Ashley: But I need her. You could never take her from me, right?

Victor: I never will take the baby from you. I'll protect you, I swear it.

Ashley: I-I really-- I really want to believe that.

Victor: But, Sweetheart, think of what a beautiful life we'll have with that sweet little girl, right here on the ranch. She can play with all the animals, and then she'll climb trees and roll down hills, and I'll build her a tree house.

Ashley: (Laughs) Really?

Victor: Yes.

Ashley: You'll build her her very own tree house?

Victor: Of course I will. You know I will, my baby.

Ashley: I just-- I just want her to be happy. I want our little girl to be loved.

Victor: Yes.

Ashley: That's what I want.

Victor: Okay.

Ashley: That's what I want.

Victor: Come here, my baby.

Ashley: (Sighs) That's all I really want.

Jana: You need to turn Ryder in.

Kevin: If I do that, he will either clam up or take off, and any chance we have of getting more information out of him will be gone.

Jana: You let the police get that information.

Kevin: I am the only one he trusts.

Jana: He is running around with this Deacon person. You can't believe a bloody word that comes out of his mouth.

Kevin: (Sighs) Some of the stuff he said, it just--it just rang true.

Jana: What do you mean, "Rang true"?

Kevin: It means I know that he was been a victim of really serious abuse.

Jana: Kevin, he knows your entire story. He is playing you.

Kevin: No, Jana, he's not, all right? You can't fake that.

Jana: So--

Kevin: And don't ask me to explain it, okay? I just know that this guy has been through hell.

Jana: Okay, even if it is true--

Kevin: It is true!

Jana: Well, then it's even worse, isn't it? Because if he's not lying, he's a bloody murderer.

Kevin: (Sighs) What if I had killed Clint?

Jana: Well, you didnít.

Kevin: What if I had? I would still be a victim, right? I'd still need help. I mean, even more.

Jana: (Sighs)

Kevin: And maybe that's what's happened to Ryder. We don't know. And you're constantly telling me I have to help people.

Jana: Not like this.

Kevin: Like what? Like me?

Jana: He is nothing like you.

Kevin: I just have a feeling about this guy. I-I-I can't turn my back on him.

Jana: (Sighs)

Chance: Would you excuse me for just a second?

Chloe: Mm-hmm.

Chance: Thank you. Gentlemen, excuse me. Hi, how you doing? I'm Detective Chancellor. Is there a, uh, problem here?

Man: I got a call that somebody's disturbing the peace upstairs.

Chance: Oh, I'd be more than happy to take a look at it for you.

Man: We'd appreciate that. Thank you.

Daniel: Open up the door, you son of a bitch.

Amber: No, donít. Donít. Let him-- let him think you're gone.

(Pounding on door)

Daniel: Come on, Sharpe. What are you afraid of?

Amber: (Sighs)

Daniel: I will kick down this door if you don't open it up!

Deacon: (Sighs) Well, gosh, Daniel. I wish you would have called. I'm, uh... (Sucks air through teeth) Kind of busy.

Daniel: Where's the Terroni?

Deacon: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Daniel: Cut the crap, Deacon. I know that you know where it is, and you're gonna tell me where it is, or I swear to God, I'll knock your teeth in.

Deacon: Yikes.

Colleen: What a really cute dress. Did they let you keep it? Abby, would you give it a rest?

Abby: No.

Colleen: Nothing happened between J.T. and me, okay?

Abby: Nothing-nothing, or nothing-something?

Colleen: (Sighs)

Abby: Because I saw the way you guys looked, not that way by keeping your hands to yourselves. Trust me, I'm not gonna say anything.

Colleen: Because I would seriously have to kill you if you did.

Abby: (Laughs) I swear.

Colleen: (Sighs) We kissed.

Abby: Oh, my God!

Colleen: And that's as far as it went.

Abby: Why?

Colleen: Because he's too good of a husband to cheat on his wife, no matter how difficult she is and how much trouble the marriage is in.

Abby: I didn't know their marriage was in trouble.

Colleen: Yeah, well, he says they'll work it out, but we'll see.

J.T.: Hey.

Victoria: Hey.

J.T.: (Sighs) I'm glad you called.

Victoria: I wasn't sure that you would be. That was a bad one, huh?

J.T.: Yeah.

Victoria: I really hate arguing with you.

J.T.: Me, too.

Victoria: Will you come home with me?

J.T.: Well, that's, uh, that's a little forward of you, but yeah.

Victoria: (Sighs)

J.T.: We have been a little out of synch lately.

Victoria: I know. I know.

J.T.: I don't know how to get back on track, but I want to.

Victoria: Yeah, so do I. I think that we just, you know, we need to work at it, and it's not gonna be easy, but that's normal, right?

Amber: No, Daniel, please.

Daniel: Stay out of it.

Amber: Just stop. No, no. I didn't tell you Deacon is a black belt, okay? This is not gonna help you.

Deacon: I don't know. Maybe your ex misses jail.

Daniel: You'll be the one that winds up in jail, my friend. Yeah, 'cause I'm not leaving here until you tell me what you know about that Terroni.

Deacon: Oh, that's it. That's that winning attitude you used in the alley--just not gonna leave till you get your painting, are you?

Daniel: How did you know that?

Amber: No, you know what?

Daniel: How did you know about that? The third guy in the alley, right?

Deacon: The third guy? What are you talking about?

Daniel: You know him, don't you?

Amber: This is not helping!

Daniel: You were working with him, weren't you?

Amber: You need to go!

Daniel: No, don't you get it, Amber? He doesn't just have my painting. He's got the original Terroni, too.

Deacon: No, I don't actually, but I'm gonna get it. You can guaran-damn-tee that. Get it a lot sooner than you. Hell, you couldn't find a clue if I lent you the money, could you?

Amber: No! Daniel! Stop it! No! This is him! This is Daniel.

Chance: Daniel? It's nice to meet you. You're under arrest.

Deacon: Shh. Stop. It's over.

Amber: Don't do this, please.

Deacon: Calm down. Guys, thanks for taking him. Please. Appreciate it.

Daniel: You know, the two of you deserve each other.

Chance: All right, come on. Let's go. Out.

Deacon: Stop. Stop. It's over. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Jana: This is not the anniversary I had in mind.

Kevin: You're gonna need to take my word for it, Jana. Ryder is in trouble.

Jana: Yeah, you're right. He will be the next time he comes in here again.

Kevin: What does that mean?

Jana: It means I am going to phone the police myself.

Kevin: Oh, great. That's g 'cause you are gonna make a liar out of me.

Jana: Okay.

Kevin: I promised him no cops.

Jana: All right, stop. I'm not going to argue with you about this anymore. I've had it.

Kevin: Where are you going?

Jana: I'm going to a movie, all right? Alone. See you at home later.

(Cell phone rings)

Ryder: Hello?

Kevin: Hey, it's Kevin. Um, we need to talk.

Ryder: What for?

Kevin: Just, uh, come on back to the coffeehouse. I'm gonna help you.

Ryder: Okay.

Man: We had a number of guests upset by this incident.

Chance: Yes, but there was no damage done, and we have an eyewitness who's gonna testify on his behalf.

Man: He could come back later and cause more trouble.

Chance: He won't come back tonight.

Daniel: No. No, Sir.

Man: You'll regret it if you do.

Chance: Thank you.

Daniel: (Sighs) No, thank you. That was really cool of you.

Chance: Look--

Chloe: Yeah, very, very cool. Did you do this because he's my friend, or...

Chance: Well, you heard why I did it.

Chloe: Don't make him look bad.

Daniel: I wonít.

Chloe: Well, what about Amber?

Daniel: I don't know. You'll have to ask her. She's not my problem anymore.

Deacon: Who are you calling?

Amber: Daniel's lawyer.

Deacon: No. Give me that.

Amber: Damn it, I-- give it to me. I am sick of your games!

Deacon: Amber, listen to me. I'm the only one that can help Daniel.

Amber: Oh, but you will only do it unless I have sex with you, but fine. Fine! You know what? You can have whatever you want.

Deacon: I wonder if you mean that.

Amber: You have to get Daniel off the hook for good.

Deacon: Done.

Amber: What do you mean, "Done"?

Deacon: Well, he was right about me knowing the guy who was the third person in the alley.

Amber: You--you know him?

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah. I could probably get him to confess, too, but... (Sucks air through teeth) I don't know. I would have to have a really, really good reason.

Amber: Well, I can give you a good reason.

Deacon: Honey, I'm not-- I'm not just talking about sex. I want more than that from you.

Amber: How much more?

Deacon: Marry me.

Victoria: I know my temper can be bad sometimes, so I promise to keep a handle on it. Can I ask you to do something for me?

J.T.: What's that?

Victoria: (Sighs) Right or wrong, my father is like a hot button for me.

J.T.: Look, this marriage isn't about your father. It's about us.

Victoria: Can we please, please just leave him out of it?

J.T.: (Laughs) Yeah. Yeah, I'd love to, all right? Let's go home. What do you say? Put this day behind us.

Victoria: Okay. That sounds like a great idea.

J.T.: (Chuckles)

(Cell phone rings)

Victor: What do you have for me?

Man: You're not going to like it.

Victor: All right. Come see me tomorrow.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kevin: Are you working for Deacon? Look, somebody saw you leaving his hotel room.

Lily: I don't want to let the cancer take my hair. I want to take it myself.

Daniel: I know that she still loves me.

Lauren: I think she's about to do something really stupid.

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