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Paul: (Sighs) Yeah, it's me, the jilted groom. Well, so much for, uh, reconnecting with my first love, huh? Anyway, um, I don't know what you're doing, but if--if, uh, you're in the mood for, uh, some depressing company in a-a dive, the drinks are on me. Um, seriously, uh, I could use a friend right now. Uh, excuse me, could I--

Jack: Wait, what makes you think our sister is losing it?

Billy: I just saw her, Jack, and she's wigging out big-time. Chloe was nuttier than usual when she was pregnant, but this goes far beyond whacked-out hormones. I asked her to leave. She refused to go with me.

Jack: Yeah, she wouldn't go with me, either, after she collapsed at her wedding. Victor, of course, promised to help.

Billy: Yeah, well, he didn't, okay? And our sister's in trouble, and this goes far beyond an hour a week on some shrink's sofa.

Jack: What are you suggesting?

Billy: Jack, I-- I think she needs to be committed.

Ashley: You can't be serious.

Adam: I--listen. After everything that you described, uh, hearing Sabrina's voice, not knowing if it was a dream or if it was real, uh, the--the dent in Victor's car, I mean, if you didn't kill her, you definitely hit her.

Ashley: Adam, Sabrina is dead.

Adam: No, no, no. Maybe not, okay? Can all those sightings really be just in your head? Think about it. I mean, the Chancellor guy-- he faked his own death with a car accident, no less. I mean, Sabrina could have done something like this, really. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where--where are you-- where are you going?

Ashley: I've gotta tell Victor.

Adam: No, no, no. We--we--we don't want to talk about this with anyone till we figure out what happened, okay? At least give me enough time to figure out if the dent was there before last night.

Ashley: Okay.

Adam: Okay.

Ashley: Thank you for everything.


Victor: Everything all right?

Ashley: Yeah. I had another bad dream. Adam was just reminding me that that's all it was a bad dream.


Chance: (Sighs)

Nina: Oh, hey, that was fast.

Chance: Yeah, well, first day is mostly spent filing papers, although I did get a chance to trail one of the detectives for the last hour.

Nina: And obviously enjoyed it.

Chance: Don't sound so disappointed.

Nina: No, no. I think you're gonna make a fantastic detective.

Chance: Thanks. So, um, is, uh, is Chloe around?

Nina: Um, I don't know. You know, you've been hanging around with Chloe a lot lately. If I didn't know you better, I'd think maybe you've got a crush on her. Aside from her being separated with a baby, she's trouble.

Chance: Mom, chill. Please. Look, even if there was something going on, which there isn't, what could we possibly do about it? Nothing. She's absolutely in love with Billy.

Nina: (Sighs)

Chloe: You and Billy are together...

Mac: Yes, we are.

Chloe: Even though you swore you were never going to get back with him. So do you think anyone just saw that big, shiny halo just turn to black and fall off your head?

Mac: I never pretended to be a saint.

Chloe: Why? Because you're a slut? He's still my husband.

Mac: But he doesn't want to be. Sorry, I know that hurts, but it's the truth, and you need to face it, Chloe. It's over. You lost.

Chloe: We are talking about Billy, and Billy doesn't do forever.

Mac: Maybe not with you.

Chloe: You know, if you guys are all about eternity, then why are you keeping it a secret?

Mac: Because he was scared that when you found out, you would freak out and start using Delia as a pull toy. He was waiting for the right time.

Chloe: Yeah, and you just couldn't wait, so you decided to call his bluff and then just drop the bomb yourself.

Mac: No, I dropped it because you wouldn't stop pushing. Setting me up with Chance was bad enough, but a "Restless Style" cover featuring the "Good guys of Genoa City" just to position us as a couple?

Chloe: Yeah, well, I can scratch that, because good guys-- they aren't home wreckers.

Mac: (Scoffs) You and I both know I had nothing to do with the crash and burn of your marriage.

Cordelia: (Cries)

Chloe: Are you happy now? Shh. Shh. Does anybody work here?

Gloria: Right here. (Clears throat) What can I get you?

Chloe: Um, I'm not even gonna ask. Can I just have your largest cup of coffee and a big piece of cake and just bring it to my table?

Gloria: Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Stop eating the profits in plain sight.

Jeff: Brilliant idea giving Kevin and Jana the day off. That burger palace dollar menu was beginning to depress me.

Gloria: No, no. "Brilliant" would be figuring out how to get Victor to give us the small fortune he owes us for the damaging video of Colleen.

Jeff: Yeah, well, ever since Billy gave it up to the Newman board that Victor secretly bought our Jabot stock, the old man hasn't returned our calls.

Gloria: Fine. Pull out the big guns. Time to show Ashley that photo of her loving husband and the Benson broad.

Jeff: I thought you wanted to save that for when we got really desperate.

Gloria: Oh, yeah, really desperate. Toilet overflowed in the ladies' room. You get to clean it up. Desperate enough for you?

Jeff: (Sighs)

Jack: Let's not get carried away here.

Billy: Jack, I hate thinking about putting my sister in a psych ward as much as you do, okay? But you didn't see her. She's crying at a drop of a hat about how horrible a mom she is to Abby, and she's eaten up with guilt about Colleen getting kicked off the board. And she even thinks she's responsible for Victor's dog dying.

Jack: Well, that's ridiculous.

Billy: Well, yeah, but it gets worse. She told me she's having nightmares about hitting Sabrina with her car, nightmares that she thinks could actually be real. I mean, she--she thinks she hit a dead woman with her car. She's holding on by a thread, Jack. What type of brothers are we if we don't help her?

Victor: Would it help to talk about your dream?

Ashley: No. No. I want to forget about that dream.

Victor: Sweetheart, what's the mat--

Ashley: (Gasps)

Victor: You're still upset about the incident with Colleen?

Victor: Why don't we forget about all this and get back to where we once were? I didn't realize how lucky we were until I talked to Nikki.

Ashley: You spoke to Nikki?

Victor: She came by before she left--left town, after she had told Paul that the wedding was off.

Ashley: (Sighs) Why did she call off the wedding? I didn't know anything about that.

Victor: Well, apparently, she didn't feel as strongly as she had hoped she would. But, you know, it made me realize how lucky I am to feel the way I feel about you. Why don't you just get away from all this for a while? Take a trip. Cheer up.

Ashley: Why? Do you want me gone?

Adam: You're making this too easy, Ashley.

Mac: May I sit?

Chloe: Why bother? You already-- you already told me how it is. You won, I lost.

Mac: I didn't mean to be such a bitch about it. It's not who I am.

Chloe: Hmm. Or you just don't want people to know who you really are, right? Oh, Chance, come on in. Perfect timing. Come in. Sit down. Why don't you listen to Mac here sugarcoat how she's sleeping with my husband? Mm-hmm.

Paul: Well, you know, the trouble is, when something like this happens, you usually, uh, talk to your best friend about it. She was mine.

Nina: Yeah. Well, I know it's not the same thing, but you and I have seen each other through a lot, so I'm here for you if you ever need to talk to anybody, okay?

Paul: (Chuckles) Thank you. You know, you might regret that when I call you at 3:00 A.M. just to chat.

Nina: (Laughs) No, no. I will leave my ringer on, I promise.

Paul: Well, that would be appreciated. I wish Nikki had, 'cause, uh, you know, I just called her to make sure she was okay. I-I went straight to voice mail, so...

Nina: Mm.

Paul: I mean, I assume she went to see her sister, but...

Nina: (Sighs) You know, the girl leaves you holding the bag, and you're worried about her. I mean, I don't know. What would make her walk away from, like, the greatest guy in the world?

Paul: (Scoffs)


Nina: Victor?


Nina: I'm sorry.

Victor: No one wants you gone. Why would you say that?

Ashley: You said that I should get away.

Victor: Yeah, but not alone-- you and I together.

Ashley: (Sighs) I can't go. Dr. Taylor said I shouldn't have any stress, remember?

Victor: But, Sweetheart, that's the purpose in going away somewhere-- just to relax. Why don't I call--

Ashley: No! I said no!

Abby: Okay, so this is really hard. Everywhere I look, something reminds me of Zapato. Here, I found this out by the pool.

Eden: Mr. Newman, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Victor: Thank you, Eden. Thank you.

Noah: Grandma always said Zapato was like family.

Victor: Yeah, she was right.

Abby: I'm sure you're pretty wrecked about what happened, huh?

Ashley: (Sniffles) Yeah, I feel horrible, Honey.

Abby: Noah, we should totally do it.

Noah: I only wish Grandma could be here, too.

Victor: We should totally do what?

Noah: We never really got a chance to say good-bye, so we wanted to have a memorial out where you buried Zapato.

Victor: Yeah, that's a good idea. Why don't we?

Mary Jane: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been almost six months since my last confession. Maybe if I would have come sooner I, uh, wouldn't have so much to repent.

Fr. Todd: Why don't you start at the beginning?

Mary Jane: I, um, I've done some pretty unforgiveable things.

Gloria: I got a problem.

Jeff: Yeah? Get in line.

Gloria: The recycling guy's here. There's nothing in the bins.

Jeff: Well, send him away. Listen, I could get $25... (Grunting) For all those bottles and cans we salvaged--

Gloria: No. No.

Jeff: No?

Gloria: No, we are not homeless yet.

Jeff: Well, we will be soon if you keep insisting we stay in that penthouse.

Gloria: All right, genius. Think of a way to get Victor to make good on his promises, and you can stop selling coffee and I can go back to the penthouse where I belong.

Chloe: Mom, yeah, I-I just can't talk about this right now. Okay, I'll call you back. Good-bye. (Sighs) Well, you're a hypocrite, preaching like a nun and living like a--

Chance: Okay, you know what? Let's--let's not go there. Chloe--

Chloe: You know, how do you live with yourself? How do you live with yourself when you know what you're doing to a man that you say that you're in love with?

Mac: What I'm doing to him?

Chloe: Well, aside from forcing Billy to choose between his daughter and his mistress, this is going to cost his career.

Mac: How do you figure?

Chloe: Well, his position at Jabot is already shaky off that whole Newman board meeting stunt. So once this whole affair goes public, believe me, it is going to cost him his career and his position.

Jack: Okay, slow down. Let's not get carried away, okay?

Billy: Jack... (Scoffs) Our sister is at a breaking point, okay?

Jack: Yeah, and without the involvement of the police or a doctor, we cannot have her hospitalized without her consent.

Billy: That's good. Fine. Call Olivia, or call Katherine. Maybe they can pull some strings.

Jack: Why--why are you pushing this so hard?

Billy: Well, why do you think? To help Ashley.

Jack: This has nothing to do with sticking it to Victor? Look, I am no fan of "The mustache," either, but for Ashley's sake, we cannot afford to make this about him. What we can do is get her sprung from that haunted house and into someplace safe. That, as far as I'm concerned, is the first step to getting her sanity back.

Noah: Who wants to start us off? Tell how you feel about Zapato or share a memory.

Abby: Zapato was my first friend here at the ranch. He was also my first dog. I used to only like those little purse puppies, but Zapato changed my mind. He showed me that big dogs could be really cool, too. And, yeah, I mean, I used to get annoyed when he'd jump up and get his paw prints all over my white princess coat, but I'd do anything for those paw prints now.

Mary Jane: You might think this is ridiculous. I mean, how horrible can a nice girl like me be, right?

Fr. Todd: You said you did unforgivable things. Like what?

Mary Jane: For starters, I haven't been very kind to animals.

Noah: Everyone who met Zapato loved him. They couldn't help it. He was a superhero. I mean, he could actually tell when Grandpa was gonna have a seizure. I think Zapato could see inside all of us. He always knew when I was down. He'd start licking me on the face. It doesn't matter how bad a day, he could always make it feel better. You couldn't help but smile watching that tail of his wag back and forth. He always wagged his tail, even until he-- that's what you told me, right, Grandpa? He wagged his tail till the end?

Victor: Yeah, he did. Yeah.

Noah: I'm gonna miss you, "Z-man," so much. I hope you're wagging your tail wherever you are now.

Noah: (Sniffles)


Eden: Um, I wasn't around Zapato that much.

Abby: If ever.

Eden: But I remember, um, how Noah used to tell me how he and Zapato played catch. (Chuckles) We used to joke that if the Brewers recruited him, he'd make it into the World Series every time.

Noah: (Chuckles)

Eden: It takes a really special dog to play catch with a kid.

Noah: (Sighs)

Noah: (Sighs)

Abby: Don't you want to say something, Mom?

Ashley: I loved how you'd take your big, old nose and poke it at my belly... (Sniffles) As if you were checking on the baby to make sure she was okay. You loved her already, and I know you loved me, too, Zapato. I'm so, so sorry I let you off the leash that day. I never meant to hurt you. (Sniffles) I loved you, Zapato. I would never hurt you. I would never, ever hurt you.

Victor: It's not your fault, my love.

Ashley: (Sobs)

Victor: It's not your fault, okay?

Mary Jane: I haven't just hurt animals. I've lied and stolen, and I guess you could say I committed adultery by sleeping with a married man. But-- but I've been, um... less than kind to, um, some people.

Fr. Todd: Did you actually hurt someone?

Mary Jane: Not on purpose. No. But, uh, sometimes, things happen that push you to your limit and-- and you wish you had a do-over.

Victor: Well, I remember when Summer used to pull Zapato's ears. (Chuckles) And Zapato would let her do it because he knew she was family. He loved our family. Victoria loved him. Nicholas loved him. Nikki loved him. And as you said, he, uh, saved my life more than once. I just wish I could have saved his.

Noah: (Sniffles) Let's give Grandpa a minute alone, guys.

Eden: Okay.

Victor: Good-bye, my boy. (Sighs) You were a good dog. I loved you.

(Cell phone rings)

Victor: Yes, Dr. Nuñez?

Victor: So it wasn't the poison that the gardeners use to spray for ticks? I appreciate that. Thank you.

Mary Jane: I have made a lot of mistakes. It's true. But my mother always said that confession will give you a fresh start, so all you have to do is just say the word, and my sins will be washed away.

Victor: The woman who did that to you will not go unpunished. I promise you that, Zapato. She will not go unpunished.

Victor: Where's Nikki?

Mac: Okay, fine. I'm sleeping with a married man. I'm not proud of it, and I also don't want to ruin Billy's career, not that I think I am, and even if that was the case, I doubt either one of us would give up what we have because of it. And in terms of time with Delia versus time with me, if anything, I've encouraged him to spend more time with her, not that he wouldn't want to. Of course he wants to. She's his daughter. It's because of Delia that I tried to stay away, but after a while, I just-- I couldn't anymore, and it's partly your fault. If I thought for one second that you and Billy had a chance at happiness, I would have forced myself to steer clear, but it was so obvious that you were both miserable, and now-- now Billy's happy, which proves that what my gut was trying to tell me, what I tried so hard to ignore was right-- that we belong together. We always have, and we always will. You know she was trying to set us up, right? Anything to keep me away from Billy. But as per usual, you pushed too hard and held on too tight, and your plans went bust. My advice? If you want to be the girl who's chased instead of the girl who does the chasing, stop being such a control freak and let it happen. You'd be surprised how many great guys would want to be with you if you did.

Chloe: I still think you're a slut. So, uh, I hope you and Billy are miserable with each other for the rest of your days. Bye.

Mac: Sorry you had to hear that.

Chance: She doesn't look too good. So if you'll excuse me, okay?

Mac: Yeah.

Victor: Look what I found.

Ashley: What is it?

Victor: It's Nikki's necklace. I saw it on her last night. I think she dropped it when she left the house.

Ashley: You should let her know that you have it.

Victor: Yeah, but I don't know where to find her.

Ashley: She must have told somebody where she was going.

Victor: Well, I think it can wait until she comes back.

Ashley: I'm sorry I yelled at you before.

Victor: Thanks for saying that. I just keep on wondering what you're so upset about. I mean, is it me, or is it something else? What is it?

(Doorbell rings)

Victor: What the hell are you doing here?

Billy: We're here to see our sister.

Victor: She's busy right now.

Jack: This won't take long.

Ashley: Please just let them in.

Ashley: So what's going on?

Billy: We came to get you out of here.

Victor: The hell you are.

Jack: You're not gonna stop us this time. Just stay out of the way. There won't be any trouble.

Victor: Get someone here right away.

Jack: Ash, come on. Let's go up. We'll pack your things.

Victor: Security is on its way. They'll escort you off the property.

Jack: We're not leaving here without or sister.

Ashley: Jack.

Billy: Come on. I'll help you pack.

Ashley: Billy, I told you when you were here before. I don't want to go with you.

Victor: What do you mean, "When he was here before"? Without my knowledge?

Billy: Now I've got to ask permission to see my own sister? Come on. Do you see how crazy this is?

Jack: We're here to help you, Ashley.

Ashley: By what, my kidnapping me?

Jack: She's not safe here, and you know it.

Victor: She is much safer here than she is with you.

Ashley: (Whimpers)

Victor: She'll leave over my dead body.

Billy: Well, if that's the way you want it...

Ashley: Oh, God, just stop it!

Victor: Show them out now!

Ashley: (Sobs)

Abby: What's going on?

Billy: You'd better move your hand. Let go of me! Did you hear what I said?

Noah: What's all the arguing about?

Ashley: (Sobs)

Victor: Want me to throw you out myself?

Billy: Well...

Abby: Dad, no.

Noah: Jack, you're-- you're really upsetting Abby.

Jack: Abby, we are here to help your mother.

Abby: They why is she so scared?

Victor: How dare you come here and upset my wife and my child?

Ashley: (Moaning)

Jack: You know what? We're out of here.

Billy: What?

Jack: No, this isn't over, Billy. One way or the other, my sister is leaving this house.

Victor: Get them out of here now.

Billy: We've got it.

Victor: Get out now!

Ashley: (Sighs)

Mary Jane: Because of all that's happened, I've cut myself off from my family. (Voice breaks) Today, I, um, I saw my brother, and he was really hurting, and I should have been there for him. A good sister would have been. But I was just caught up in my own drama.

Fr. Todd: Well, you definitely have some issues to work through. Besides turning to the Lord, it might be beneficial to speak with the priest who runs this parish. He--he could connect you with some--

Mary Jane: I don't need a shrink. I just needed to get this off my chest so that I didn't feel guilty anymore.

Fr. Todd: Af--after everything that you've told me?

Mary Jane: I'm not a bad person. I'm not. (Sniffles) It's just that life-- life throws you these unexpected curves, and you have to bend the rules. But that's, um, behind me now. (Sniffles) It's like my mom said, confessions wash your sins away.

Fr. Todd: You--you say your mother told you this?

Mary Jane: Mm-hmm. (Sniffles) Best catholic I know. (Sniffles) (Sniffles) All right, anyway, thank you for hearing me out. You've been great. (Sighs) I have a-a brother who's a priest in Detroit. I always wished I was more like him.

Fr. Todd: Did you say Detroit? Pat-- Patty, is that you?

(Baby bottle rattles)

Chloe: (Sniffles)

Chloe: (Cries)

Chloe: (Sighs) (Sniffles)

Chance: You okay?

Chloe: Yeah, great. Hey, why wouldn't I be great? I'm great. (Sniffles) It's not like I didn't think... but I did. (Sobs) I did, and I still had hope. (Sobs) And now it's all gone. (Sobs) It's all gone. (Sobbing)

Chance: Hey, come here.

Chloe: (Sighs) (Sniffles) (Sobs) (Sniffles) (Sniffles)

Jack: When? (Groans) Yeah.

Billy: Hey, I'll be right back.

Mac: I've been calling you.

Billy: I'm sorry. It's been family drama.

Mac: Not Delia, I hope.

Billy: No. No, it's Ashley. She's stuck in a mess, and Jack and I are working on an exit plan, so... look, are you gonna be around a little later?

Mac: No, actually, I was-- I was just leaving. Give me a call when you're done.

Billy: Well, actually... (Clears throat) Why were you calling me?

Mac: It can wait.

Billy: I can’t.

Mac: I told Chloe about us. Billy, she wouldn't let up. She was pitching a "Restless Style" cover featuring me and Chance as the "Dudley Do-Right couple" of Genoa City. And you're smiling.

Billy: Well, it's funny. I mean, that's definitely Chloe.


Mac: So you're not at all worried about the living hell she's gonna put us through?

Billy: After what I've seen today, Chloe's living hell is a piece of cake. Besides... being able to do that in public is worth it.

Mac: Okay.

Billy: Okay.

Mac: Okay.

Billy: Okay. Bye. See you later.

Jack: I want to know what my rights are as a sibling. Get back to me.

Billy: So can we get a court order?

Jack: As her husband, Victor can fight it and win.

Billy: Damn it. All right.

Jack: Well, we're not gonna stop there, particularly not with this lunatic on the loose right now.

Billy: Which lunatic are we talking about now?

Jack: (Sighs) You know how Ashley is convinced that she's responsible for Zapato's death? She wasn’t. Mary Jane Benson was.

Billy: How could anybody be so twisted?

Jack: Because she is obsessed with me, and she's going after anything and anyone that's near me. Right now, Ashley's at the top of that list.


Billy: Man, she really did turn out to be a head case, huh?

Jack: (Sighs)

(Cash register bell dings)

Paul: There you go.

Man: All right, thanks.

(Cell phone rings)

Paul: Hey, you made it back to Detroit already?

Fr. Todd: Not exactly. Paul, there's something you need to know.

Paul: That sounds serious.

Fr. Todd: It is. Unfortunately, because of my vows, I can't go into great detail. Suffice to say, I think our sister's back in Genoa City.

Paul: Did Patty call you?

Fr. Todd: No, no. Not directly, but from what I could gather, she's in real trouble.

Gloria: (Sighs) Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Mary Jane: (Gasps)

Gloria: What do you think you're doing? (Gasps) Oh, I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to scare you. You know, you look kind of hungry. Why don't you, uh, why don't you sit down? Go ahead, sit down. I'll get you something to eat. Come on. Sit. It's all right. Yeah, you stay right where you are, Mary Jane Benson.

(Knock on door)

Adam: Ashley?

Ashley: (Gasps)

Adam: Ashley, its Adam.

Ashley: Did you hear them?

Adam: Hear who?

Ashley: Jack and Billy tried to get me to leave with them, Adam.

Adam: Well, thank God, they didn't succeed.

Ashley: I don't know, Adam. Maybe I should go with them. Maybe--maybe I need to get out of here.

Adam: No, no, not-- not after what I found.

Ashley: What?

Adam: Well, listen--

Ashley: What?!

Adam: I-I-I-I went back to Victor's car, and I checked around where the dent was and--and-- and underneath the bumper, I-I found this sticking out. It--it feels like a piece of clothing.

Ashley: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, there's blood on it.

Adam: Oh, jeez.

Ashley: Oh, my God. Does that mean that I hit somebody, Adam?

Adam: Well--

Ashley: I mean, could it have been her?

Adam: You--you said you saw Sabrina's face before you-- you--you hit her.

Ashley: (Sighs) I have to go tell somebody about this, Adam.

Adam: No, say nothing. Do you understand that if you tell anyone what you saw, they will throw you in jail for suspicion of vehicular manslaughter? Do not say anything. You want to have your baby in prison?

Ashley: My God, of course not.

Adam: Listen, we're just-- we're just gonna keep this between us, okay? And--and--and I'll protect you. Do not worry. I'm the only one who can protect you now.

Ashley: Okay. (Sighs) Thank you so much, Adam.

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Chloe: I want you to have full custody of her, because then you can give her what I can’t.

Nina: There's something going on between you and Chloe.

Chance: There is nothing going on between Chloe and me, but I wish there were.

Mary Jane: You're inviting a stranger to stay with you?

Jeff: Well, yeah. Sure. Why not?

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