Y&R Transcript Friday 7/31/09

Y&R Transcript Friday 7/31/09 -- Canada; Monday 8/3/09 -- U.S.A.


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Jack: (Sighs)

Nikki: There you go, Sweetie.

Noah: Thanks. Wow. So while Dad and Phyllis were having their ceremony, doing the whole recommitment thing, Billy Abbott was over at Newman making a big stink at Grandpa's meeting.

Nikki: Yeah, well, it was a busy day.

Noah: Is any of this stuff in this paper true? I mean, did Grandpa screw over Colleen so he could take away her board seat and give it to Ashley?

Nikki: I don't know. I-I read the article, but... (Sighs) There's no way of knowing how much of it is accurate.

Noah: But still, if Billy's right, Grandpa's been messing with a lot of people's lives, including Ashley’s. Must be why the doctor came over to check on her last night. Ash was pretty upset. I didn't really catch why.

Nikki: Oh, really? Are she and the baby okay?

Noah: I think so. Billy sure won't be. He's gonna be on Grandpa's list for a long time.

Billy: Hey, Jack, wait.

Jack: I have nothing to say to you, Billy.

Billy: (Sighs) Look, okay? Someone had to confront Victor. He can't keep messing around with our family.

Jack: Our sister is not well. She barely leaves the house. The one day she does, you decide to confront her...

Billy: (Sighs)

Jack: With Victor's betrayal in front of the Newman board and the press.

Billy: I already admitted that I made a mistake. What do you want me to do? It's not like I can take it back.

Jack: Yeah, unfortunately for Ashley.

Billy: I'm worried about her, too, okay? I mean, she doesn't return my phone calls.

Jack: Yeah, she's not returning mine, either. Look, I will take care of Ashley. You do whatever it is you do, which usually doesn't include thinking about anybody but Billy.

Billy: This is my mess. Just let me go see how she's doing.

Jack: What, with Victor there? Bad idea.

Billy: Jack, you gotta let me try to make this right.

Jack: Fine. Don't you dare cause her any more stress.

Billy: (Groans)

Victor: Morning, Sweetheart. I didn't know when you would get up, so there's only coffee. Would you like some herb tea?

Ashley: I'm gonna take Zapato for a walk.

Victor: Don't you think you should eat something before?

Ashley: I'll eat later. I need some air.

Victor: Are you all right? I'm concerned.

Ashley: I'm concerned, too. I'm concerned that you used Jill to manipulate my brothers and me. I'm concerned that you took a young girl and humiliated her just so you could get her off of your board of directors, and then you twist it all around to make it look like you did it for my benefit. If you are truly concerned about me, then just give me some space. I think you owe me that much. Zapato? Zapato?

Mary Jane: Kitty? Kitty, are you here? Kitty, come out. Please? Please don't hide. (Sighs) Kitty? Kitty, I-I-I-I've lost Jack. I can't lose you. (Sighs) Kitty?

Nick: I was gonna dry.

Phyllis: Oh, you don't have to dry. We're on our honeymoon.

Nick: Mm-hmm. You're still working?

Phyllis: I'm not working. Kissing my husband is never "Work."

Nick: Mm.

Phyllis: So, uh, do you have the baby monitor? Okay, there it is.

Nick: Yes.

Phyllis: Right. Um...

Nick: It's hard to believe a girl Summer's age taking naps again.

Phyllis: That's temporary, right?

Nick: (Sighs) Yes, yes, it is. So what do you got planned today?

Phyllis: I am taking the morning off and baby-proofing the house.

Nick: Okay, I'll bring in the toolbox before I go.

Phyllis: All right. Where are you going?

Nick: I was gonna go to the club and see Sharon. I want her to know that we renewed our vows.

Phyllis: Okay. Hey, maybe Sharon and Jack will follow suit and get married again, too.

Nick: All right, I'll be back soon.

Phyllis: All right, bye.

(Door closes)

Sharon: I really wish you wouldn't worry. That obvious, huh? It's just seeing Nick and Phyllis saying their vows-- it was supposed to be Nick and me saying those things to each other. No, no one saw me. I'm gonna do the only thing I can do, what I should have done a long time ago, and that's just rely on myself. How's that for a change? Okay, I will. Take care, Mom.

(Cell phone hangs up)

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: Nicholas, hi.

Nick: I was just gonna call upstairs, but here you are. How's yoga going?

Sharon: Oh, it's just a-- it's a prenatal class. It's very gentle. Most of the women are further along than me.

Nick: Oh, cool.

Sharon: Um, well, I'd better go. I'm meeting Noah for lunch.

Nick: Ah, well, Noah will probably tell you this himself.

Nick: Yesterday, Phyllis and I renewed our vows in front of the justice of the peace. So our family's back together, for real this time.

Sharon: Well, congratulations. That's, uh, that's wonderful.

Nick: Well, I just-- I wanted to be the one to tell you.

Sharon: Uh, you know, when you were in the hospital room with Summer when she was really sick, there was no doubt in my mind that, um, that's where you belonged-- with your child, full-time, and, um, so I'm happy for you.

Nick: Well, thanks. Summer's very excited.

Sharon: (Chuckles)

Nick: We didn't just do this for her, you know? It makes sense for all of us for a lot of reasons.

Sharon: I couldn't agree more.

Nick: So what about you and Jack? You guys gonna make things official again?

Sharon: Um, no. I don't think that's in the cards for me and Jack.

Nick: What? What do you--what do you mean?

Sharon: Jack and I are over, um, romantically, at least.

Jack: Baby-proofing?

Phyllis: Um, yeah. Summer's making progress, and--and, uh, that's what Nick and I are holding on to.

Jack: Okay, what's going on here?

Phyllis: (Giggles)

Jack: You seem... I don't know.

Phyllis: Oh, you don't know? Sane? Is that the word you're looking for? I'm sure it's an aberration.

Jack: Oh, I don't think so. I hope not. It becomes you. So where did this new sense of serenity come from?

Phyllis: Um, my husband... and this.

Jack: Wow.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: What's the occasion?

Phyllis: We renewed our vows yesterday.

Jack: Oh, Red, that's great. That is terrific.

Phyllis: (Chuckles)

Jack: You must be walking on air.

Phyllis: I am.

Jack: So how did this happen?

Phyllis: Um, it was Nick. Nick just decided he wanted to do that. He asked me to marry him again, and--and I said yes, of course. We had a-a little ceremony, just the kids, and Nikki was there and a justice of the peace, just to make it official.

Jack: You know, I only want the best for the two of you.

Phyllis: Aw, thank you. Summer's really excited, too.

Jack: Oh, I'll bet she is. I'm sure Nick is, too. I'll tell you, I envy this sense of a fresh new start.

Phyllis: You "Envy" it? You don't have to envy it. Aren't you and Sharon back to where you were before the divorce? I mean, you're having a child together. That's huge.

[Jack remembering]

Sharon: I'm so, so sorry.

Jack: If it's not me, then--

Sharon: It's Nick. Nick's the father of the baby.

Phyllis: Listen, Jack, give it time. Just give it time. Having a child together, it's gonna bring you close.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, h-h-hold on. I know you think the world is an idyllic place right now, and you should. It is for you, but, uh, things aren't quite so wonderful for me. Sharon and I have ended it. It's over for good, and frankly, that suits me just fine.

(Doorbell rings)

Victor: How dare you show up here?

Billy: I'm here to see Ashley. I want to make sure my sister's okay.

Victor: You were very concerned yesterday about her, weren't you, when you barged into that board meeting? Don't you realize your sister's pregnant and very fragile?

Billy: Yes, I do, and that's why I want to see her with my own eyes and make sure that she is okay.

Victor: She's out, and she won't be back. You go home now and don't come back, all right? You go home now. J.T. is not here to save you, no one is. Do you like those odds?

Billy: Are you threatening me now?

Victor: You bet I'm threatening you. I don't want my wife disturbed.

Billy: Victor, you're the one who started this crap. If Ashley's not well, the only person to blame is her control freak husband.

Victor: Back off now. Otherwise, I will not be responsible for what will happen next.

Billy: (Sighs)

Mary Jane: Kitty, you can't be gone. You can't be.

Mary Jane: You're all I have. Who's gonna love me now? You again. (Sniffles) No, go away. You're gonna scare kitty. Go! No, no, no! No! That's kitty's tail! That's kitty's!

Ashley: Zapato, where'd you go? Zapato? There you are. Why are you so fascinated with that old potting shed, huh? Come on, boy. Zapato, this way. Come on.

Mary Jane: (Crying)

Mary Jane: (Sighs) Horrid beast. I hate you. I hate you. How could you do that to poor kitty? (Crying) How can you do that to my poor kitty? It's not fair. It's just not fair. It's not fair that he did that to you, kitty. (Sniffles)

Nikki: So have you been doing much riding?

Noah: Actually, I'm not at the ranch all that much.

Nikki: Mm. Spending time with Eden?

Noah: Yes, that, and Grandpa doesn't want Abby and me making a lot of noise, stressing out Ashley. You know, it-- it gets old having to tiptoe around the ranch all the time. Sorry. Should I shut up?

Nikki: No. Why?

Noah: You know, talking about the ranch and Grandpa. I know things are tense between you guys.

Nikki: We're in a better place right now, and as far as the ranch goes, that's a place I'll always love. In fact, I'm gonna go out there later, see the new yearling.

Noah: Things are really that cool between you guys?

Nikki: Let's just say that we have a lot of history.

Noah: What is it with all you supposed grown-ups, this back and forth and back and forth? It's like a tennis match. I need a scoreboard.

Nikki: (Chuckles) I can understand why you might be cynical.

Noah: Not about love, just my folks. E-Eden and I, we're fantastic, and look how long we've been together. We've been through some pretty bad stuff, and it only makes us stronger.

Nikki: I am very glad that you're happy, truly, and I hope you'll be happy for me when I marry Paul.

Noah: (Chuckles)

Nikki: Because that really is the smartest thing I can do. Take it from me, I have learned the hard way what happens when you don't use your head. I've got a lot of scars to prove it, you know?

Billy: "I predict great things for you." What a bunch of B.S. I knew that you were conning me then, but I didn't say anything out of respect for Ashley.

Victor: You don't know the meaning of the word "Respect."

Billy: Look who's talking.

Victor: What do you think you were doing to your sister yesterday when you barged into that board meeting, blindsided her in front of the whole press?

Billy: I told her the truth, the things you did to her. She deserved to know who was jerking her around.

Victor: Let me tell you something once and for all, your sister is where she wants to be, and that is with me, all right?

Billy: You may have conned her into believing this is true love, but Jack and I, we know better, and believe me, we're gonna get through to her.

Victor: Listen to me, Billy boy. I don't know who I respect less-- you or that spineless jellyfish of a brother of yours. Now get lost.

Phyllis: What about when the baby comes?

Jack: I'll be there for the baby.

Phyllis: But not Sharon? She's just gonna be out on her own?

Jack: When I walked into this house, you were practically beaming. Don't let this thing derail what you and Nick have. Nick's lucky to have you. Obviously, he sees that now. You bring joy and love and excitement and passion.

Phyllis: Yeah, but...

Jack: Hey, remember what you told me when I still had a chance to put things back together with Sharon? You said, "Get your head out of your you-know-what and focus on Sharon..."

Phyllis: I didn't say that.

Jack: "Or else the whole thing will fall apart." Well, you know what? I should have listened to you. Now you have a giant opportunity to heed your own advice. Focus on Nick, not on your own insecurities.

Phyllis: I am not insecure. (Laughs) I wish I knew where this was coming from.

Jack: I just think one of us should be happy, and it's not my turn right now, maybe be happy enough for both of us.

Nick: What happened? How could you and Jack be through?

Sharon: We just are.

Nick: Well, this doesn't make any sense. I mean, Jack's crazy about you. He's dying to be a father to your kid. I--there isn't one thing he won't do for you, Sharon.

Sharon: Jack does too much. I keep telling him that I don't want his help, but he forces it on me anyway. I mean... (Sighs) He--what he wants from me-- I mean, it just--it feels like a weight on my chest. I just--I don't have that to give him. (Slaps hands on lap)

Nick: What do you mean?

Sharon: (Sighs) I just don't love Jack the way that he deserves to be loved, and I can't give him this picture-perfect life that he wants with this baby.

Nick: (Sighs) Well, maybe you just need some time.

Sharon: No, Nick, stop it, okay? Stop it. I don't need you to solve my problems for me, all right? I told you how I feel, and I don't know how many times I'm gonna have to say it to you before you believe me. I can rely on myself.

Jack: My pleasure.

Phyllis: You okay?

Jack: No, but I'll live.

Phyllis: Yeah, you will. Listen, it's all gonna change when you see your baby. Honestly, that will help. I mean, you're so great with Summer. You're so sweet to her, and that's pretty incredible, given that whole paternity mess, right? That just goes to show you how big your heart is when a child is involved. But you know what, Jack? When you see your daughter and you see those big blue eyes looking up at you, just right into yours, your life will change. You will experience so much joy, more than you ever imagined.

Nick: I did not come here to make things worse for you, all right? I just wanted to let you know where things stand, because a little while back, it looked like things might turn out differently for us. So if I overstepped, I am sorry. It's just we're friends, okay? And--and we're Noah's parents, and I will always, always care about you.

Sharon: Yeah, I'm--I'm sorry, too. I-I'm just-- I've been a little u-u-upset today, and I shouldn't take it out on you.

Nick: Must be tough breaking things off.

Sharon: Yeah, Jack's a good man, and I know I hurt him, but he and I do not belong together, and it's just better off to admit that now before the baby comes. Having a baby is--is a blessing, and, um, it's really wonderful. I'm lucky, no matter what the circumstances are.

Nick: Well, I just hope you don't shut Jack out. You know, he's a great guy. He'll be an awesome dad.

Sharon: Well, you seem, um, very content, now that you're back with your family. That's all I could ever wish for you, Nick.

Nick: (Sighs) Okay, I'd better go. Bye.

Sharon: (Sniffles)

Ashley: What you-- what, you want to go, buddy? You want to go chase? Okay, buddy, go on. (Chuckles) Oh.

[Ashley remembering]

Ashley: (Crying) Please don't hurt me.

Victor: I'm not gonna hurt you.

Ashley: She said you would hurt me. She said you were gonna hurt me.

Victor: Who said that?

Ashley: Sabrina. Sabrina. Sabrina was sitting right there. She was sitting right there.

(Leaves rustle)

Ashley: (Gasps) Who's there?

Nikki: Oh, Ashley, I'm sorry. I-it's Nikki. I didn't mean to startle you.

Ashley: It's fine.

Nikki: How are you feeling?

Ashley: I'm good.

Nikki: Really?

Ashley: Yeah, really. You think I'm lying?

Nikki: No. Um, I-I read about what happened at that board meeting. That must have been very unnerving, I mean, having Billy come in and disrupt the proceedings like that.

Ashley: Well, you know what? You don't have to get involved in that, okay? It's not your concern.

Nikki: I don't mean to intrude. (Scoffs) Whatever Victor did, I'm sure he had his reasons.

Ashley: Yeah, I'm sure he did, but it's not any of your business, is it? It's only my business.

Nikki: I didn't mean to upset you, Ashley.

Ashley: I'm not upset, Nikki. Everything's fine.

Abby: Mom?

Ashley: Abby, hi. It's so good to see you out taking a walk.

Nikki: Hi. Um, I-I just came by to see the new yearling. He's beautiful. Have you named him yet?

Abby: No, not yet.

Nikki: Well, I know what a great horsewoman you are. You'll enjoy breaking him in.

Abby: Yeah, it'll be fun.

Nikki: Okay, well, I'll let you two enjoy the day. Bye-bye.

Ashley: Bye, Nikki.

Abby: Did she upset you?

Ashley: No. No, no.

Abby: Do you want to go back to the house? Or you could come watch me ride.

Ashley: Mm, would you mind if we just sat out here together and enjoyed the quiet?

Abby: Sure, that would be fine.

Ashley: Okay. It's so beautiful out here. Look at it.

Abby: (Laughs)

Billy: (Groans)

Jack: Figured I'd find you here.

Billy: Okay, before you start, I didn't go see Victor to rile him up.

Jack: Yet somehow, you still riled him up.

Billy: Well, the great man puffed up his chest, and we got into it, and yes, I feel like an ass, and no, I didn't see Ashley. So if you want to rip into me, just go ahead, but hurry up and go away afterwards, because I am very busy, as you can see.

Jack: Bartender, another scotch, and back up his beer.

Billy: No beat-down?

Jack: Shut up and drink your beer.

Billy: Oh, it looks like somebody's day sucks worse than mine.

Jack: Oh, I had a banner day. I finally realized the woman I love is not worthy of me, not by a long shot.

Billy: Okay, tell me how you really feel, Jack.

Jack: Oh, I feel like a total sap, chasing after Sharon like a lovesick puppy, offering her the sun and the moon, getting nothing back. She didn't want me or anything I offered. What was I thinking?

Billy: That you loved her.

Jack: Yeah, well, I'm awake now. Fantasy over. My days of playing a lovesick puppy and being a doormat are done.

(Sets glass down)


Phyllis: (Giggles)

Nick: What do you got here?

Phyllis: No, you don't even know what it is.

Nick: Let me--let me-- let me see it.

Phyllis: No!

Nick: Come here. Let me--oh--aha. You...

Phyllis: (Gasps) Oh, my.

Nick: Busted.

Phyllis: Where was that? Listen, this is the deal-- I was gonna challenge you to a play-off, and I'm a little rusty, and I just needed to, you know...

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Shine-- shine up my tools.

Nick: Mm-hmm, that's cheating. You're a cheater.

Phyllis: I'm not a cheater.

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah, I-I-I'm not, and all's fair in love and "Kar Kombat," my friend.

Nick: Fine, you know what? Fine, I haven't played at all lately, so...

Phyllis: (Giggles)

Nick: That's not gonna stop me from kicking your butt.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, you can try. Kicking my butt--please.

Nick: I can't believe you've been practicing.

Phyllis: It's embarrassing.

Sharon: Hey.

Noah: Hi.

Sharon: (Makes kissing sound) Good to see you.

Noah: It's good to see you, too. I got you an herbal tea.

Sharon: Oh, thank you so much. (Sighs) So it's been a few days. What have you been up to?

Noah: Uh, well, yesterday was pretty cool.

Sharon: Oh, yeah? What happened yesterday?

Noah: Dad and Phyllis got married.

Sharon: Mm.

Noah: I mean, they were already married still. They had a justice of peace come over to the house so they could say their vows again, you know, to make a statement to each other.

Sharon: Right. Um, you know, your--your father told me all about that a little while ago. Good for them.

Noah: I'm glad. I-I don't-- I don't want it to seem like some big secret or whatever.

Sharon: Well, you're a really good son, you know that?

(Cell phone rings)

Sharon: And I know that you are going to be a great big brother when the baby comes, just like I know you are to Summer.

Noah: Actually, I'm about to be a bad son.

Sharon: Oh?

Noah: Eden's at the pool. She wants to know if I can make it.

Sharon: Sure, go ahead. Go. Go have fun.

Noah: You're awesome. Thanks.

Sharon: Rad.

Noah: (Chuckles)

Sharon: Wear sunscreen.

Noah: I will. Bye.

Sharon: Bye.

[Sharon remembering]

Nick: (Sighs) Well, this is it. The place is all ours.

Sharon: Gosh, it's hard to believe, isn't it?

Nick: Yeah. And now for the challenging part-- turn it into a profitable business.

Sharon: You can do it, Nick. I know you can.

Abby: Can I ask you something?

Ashley: Sure, Honey. What?

Abby: Are you mad that Victor put Billy in charge of Jabot that time instead of you and Jack?

Ashley: How do you feel about it?

Abby: Well, it totally shocked me. You're, like, the best businesswoman ever. Why wouldn't he want you in charge of the company? It wasn't even his. (Scoffs) It made no sense, especially because he's so crazy about you. So I guess I just figured that he thought that it was what was best for you. Why? I don't know.

Ashley: You know, it wasn't that long ago that you were not too sure about Victor's motives.

Abby: Right after Daddy died...

Ashley: Yeah.

Abby: And Colleen was so furious.

Ashley: Yeah.

Abby: I felt like I-I had to choose sides, but the way that he waits on you and worries about how you feel all the time, it's really something. He even works from home because he doesn't want to leave you. I mean, talk about romantic. Other parents just aren't like that. Plus, who knows? Maybe if you'd stayed at Jabot working all those hours, there wouldn't be a baby on the way. So maybe the way everything happened, it's not all so bad.

Nikki: Quite a bloodline.

Victor: Yes.

Nikki: Have you thought about racing him?

Victor: No, I haven't-- I haven't thought about that.

Nikki: Well, that might be fun. I, uh, ran into Ashley when I was coming here from the stables.

Victor: Yeah, she's taking Zapato out for a walk.

Nikki: It's a beautiful day for it.

Victor: How'd she seem to you?

Nikki: You know, I have to say, she didn't seem herself. She seemed emotional, fragile, but like she was trying to keep it all in.

Victor: (Sighs)

Nikki: Hey, are things okay? I read the article about the board meeting. Ashley must be very upset about that.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Victor, you can talk to me. I won't breathe a word.

Victor: I appreciate the offer, but I don't-- don't want to talk about it.

(Sets glass down)

Phyllis: Take that, and that, and that, and that, and that...

Nick: (Groans)

Phyllis: And that, and that, and that!

Nick: Talk about a setup.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: You don't even need practice.

Phyllis: Oh, baby, you know what? Good for you. You almost won.

Nick: Unh, don't-- don't do that. Don't "Almost"--don’t.

Phyllis: (Laughs) How'd it go with Sharon?

Nick: Um, it went all right.

Phyllis: Uh-huh.

Nick: She sends her best.

Phyllis: Oh. Did she tell you about Jack and the breakup?

Nick: (Sighs) Yeah. The timing kind of blew me away.

Phyllis: Yeah?

Nick: Wait, how'd you know?

Phyllis: Because Jack came by, and he told me about it. I-I said that, uh, you know, it--it might-- it might change. Do you think this is really it for them?

Nick: Sharon said there's no chance they're gonna get back together.

Phyllis: Mm. Yeah, Jack, too.

Nick: She didn't even say why, just, uh, I guess it's not happening for 'em.

Phyllis: Hmm. Do you want to play another game?

Nick: (Scoffs) I thought you'd never ask.

Phyllis: (Laughs)

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: It's too bad with a baby on the way.

Nick: Well, they'll still raise it together.

Phyllis: No. Yeah, I told Jack that everything will change, you know, once the baby comes.


Nick: Into the wall.

Phyllis: Ah, you got me.

Nick: (Laughs) I sure do.

Phyllis: Well, you kind of do. (Chuckles)

Nick: Am I winning?

Phyllis: (Laughs)

Billy: So honest to God, this time, you and Sharon-- it's--it's--its over, right? There's no going back?

Jack: Not if my life depended on it.

Billy: Well, what about the kid? It is yours. You're still going to be involved?

Jack: I promised Sharon I wouldn't abandon them. This kid needs a father. I guess I'm it.

Billy: Okey-dokey. Uh, Chris, can we get another round-- beer for me, another scotch for my brother?

(Cell phone rings)

Jack: Oh. Jack. That's right.

Billy: (Clears throat)

Jack: Uh, I think that's next week, isn't it? No, the earliest we could do that would be Wednesday maybe. Do--do me a favor. Call my office. Run it by the calendar there. Yeah, I'm not sure. Okay. And let everyone else know. Done.

Nick: Come on.

(Summer stirring)

Phyllis: Wait a second. Hit "Pause."

Nick: (Groans) What?

Phyllis: Summer's awake.

Nick: You want me to go get her?

Phyllis: No, she hasn't called for us.

Nick: Well, that's a good sign.

Summer: (Humming "This I Promise You")

Phyllis: How cute is that?

Nick: Oh, man.

Phyllis: What song is that?

Nick: Well, that sounds like--

Phyllis: It's from our wedding video.

Nick: Yeah, and our ceremony yesterday.

Phyllis: She's singing our song.

Nikki: Victor, I can see how worried you are. We've talked about David and Sabrina, and I thought you and I were in a better place about that.

Victor: (Sighs)

Nikki: I give you my word nothing you say to me will go beyond these four walls, and if you think I'm gonna pass judgment on you, please don't think that.

Victor: (Sighs) I don't want to talk about Ashley to you, okay?

Ashley: Nikki, you're still here?

Nikki: Oh, well, I was just complimenting Victor on the new yearling, but, um, I'm off now, so bye-bye.

Ashley: Bye.

Victor: Bye. Thanks for coming by. Thank you.

Nikki: Uh-huh.

Victor: Where's Zapato?

Ashley: He's still outside. He's kind of rolling around in the grass.

Victor: It's the perfect day for it, isn't it?

Abby: Doesn't Mom look gorgeous with a little color in her cheeks?

Victor: She always looks gorgeous.

Ashley: Honey...

Victor: Did the walk do you any good?

Ashley: Yeah, I'm gonna go upstairs.

Billy: I know you were hoping to get back together.

Jack: Oh, yeah, tenth time's the charm. (Scoffs) What's wrong with that picture?

Billy: No one can say you didn't try.

Jack: Oh, I tried. I gave it my all.

Billy: Look, Jack, I don't want to pry, but--

Jack: No, there's nothing-- there's nothing more to tell. It's over between me and Sharon, over. We have no future. I don't know if we ever did.

Billy: Okey-dokey. Um, where-- where's the bartender? Is-- apparently, it's "Serve yourself" day.

Jack: (Groans)

Billy: (Coughs)

Jack: Oh, do I really want another drink?

Billy: Well, probably not, but, uh, always works for me. (Chuckles)

Jack: (Sighs) Oh, what the hell?

Billy: Ahh.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: (Groaning) Oh, Sharon.

Billy: I'm sure even in a recession, there's a lot of lonely old wealthy men just looking for some company.

Jill: Oh, my God. You really hate me, don't you?

Amber: I can't believe we're breaking up over this.

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