Y&R Transcript Friday 7/17/09

Y&R Transcript Friday 7/17/09 -- Canada; Monday 7/20/09 -- U.S.A.


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Lily: (Chuckles) I love it, and everything else you brought back for me.

Colleen: (Scoffs) Well, I figured if you couldn't come with me to Italy, then I would bring Italy to you. (Chuckles)

Lily: I wish I had gone. I went from happily ever after to... (Sighs) Wondering if I'll be alive next year.

Colleen: Could have knocked Cane out when you found out how much of a liar he was.

Lily: You know, it's funny. I actually get now why he didn't say anything to me. It's like he was scared of losing everything that mattered to him, which is exactly how I feel right now. I only wish that I could tell him.

Neil: You know, as soon as the results come back and Lily is in the clear, I'm gonna take my family on vacation. How's Hawaii sound, man?

Devon: Lily would love that.

Neil: Maybe she can finally put some distance between her and... ugh! I-I can't even say his name.

(Cell phone rings)

Olivia: Dr. Winters. Thank you. Her lab results are back in.

Chloe: Okay, let's help Daddy blow out the candle.

Billy: (Laughs) All right, you ready? You ready? One, two, three.

Chloe: Two, three. Yay!

Billy: Yay! Yay!

Chloe: Yay!

Billy: You guys didn't have to get me this. Thank you.

Chloe: Oh, of course we did. Even though we're not together, I think it's important for you to celebrate your daddy's birthday, right?

Jill: And I totally agree.

Billy: (Chuckles)

Chloe: So, uh, will you, uh, hand me that? Because that's your birthday present.

Billy: Oh, you guys-- you didn't have to get me a present, too. Really?

Chloe: Yeah. Well, Delia got it.

Billy: You did? You got it?

Chloe: Yes, I did.

Billy: Let's see what we got here.

Chloe: Ready?

Billy: (Laughs) Hey, I always wanted one of these. This is great.

Jill: What is it?

Billy: Well, it's a-- it's a video camera.

Chloe: Hit "Play."

Jill: Come on.

Billy: Play.

(Camera beeps)

Billy: (Imitates camera beep) Yeah?

Jill: Oh.

Chloe: Blow a kiss and say "I love you, Daddy."

Billy: Ah!

Jill: (Chuckles)

Billy: Look at you. You did good work.

Chloe: Delia, good job.

Billy: Look at you on there.

Chloe: (Makes kissing sound)

Billy: (Laughs) Well, uh, man, I've--I've gotta go. I've got a meeting. Um... ah. Keys... here we are.

Chloe: What do you mean? You didn't even eat your cake.

Billy: Well, I, you know, I can--I can take it with me.

Jill: What, do you have big birthday plans?

Billy: Well, Ashley and Jack said something about a birthday celebration. I don't know what's going on.

Mac: Someone's birthday?

Chloe: Well, at least some of us remembered, right?

Mac: I'm gonna go, so...

Chloe: Yeah, don't let us stop you.

Phillip: Hey.

Mac: Phillip, hi.

Phillip: I'm here to see Nina and Chance.

Mac: Grandma's sleeping, and she really needs her rest.

Phillip: Well, I promise I'm not gonna cause a scene.

Mac: Good luck with that.

Billy: (Makes kissing sound) Bye.

Jill: Aw.

Chloe: Say "Bye, Daddy."

Jill: So cute.

Chloe: Bye, Daddy.

Phillip: Oh, I wasn't expecting to see you.

Billy: Yeah, well, that makes both of us.

(Clears throat)

Phillip: Well, I won't interrupt.

Billy: Hey, no, no, no. You know, we haven't had a chance to talk since you made your grand entrance. It's time we did.

Michael: (Sighs)

Kevin: Well?

Michael: Uh, it-- it has a certain ring to it, uh, though I'm not sure a t-shirt's gonna turn much of a profit.

Kevin: Michael, this is so much bigger than t-shirts. Okay, you know how I first starting talking about the chipmunk to--to get past everything that had happened to me?

Michael: Yeah, yeah, well, I thought that helped.

Kevin: Well, it did. It has, and since then, every time I go to the coffeehouse, these kids are all wearing these homemade chipmunk t-shirts, right? And--and--and they're quoting me, and get this-- the other day, one of those morning drive shows broadcast one of my speeches.


Michael: (Chuckles) Yeah, Lauren heard it. She said you were very inspiring.

Kevin: That's great. That's great, because that tells me I could reach beyond my demographic.

Michael: You have a demographic?

Kevin: Well, if I'm gonna sell this, I have to. Not that I'm doing this for money, but since this whole chipmunk craze has gotten so big, right? And since all of the ideas connected to it started in my brain... (Scoffs) Why not copyright it and turn it into something even bigger?

Michael: You're really serious about this.

Kevin: I am, and if you can help me make this happen, I will make you a partner, 50/50. We'll split the profits. What do you say? Are you in?

Jill: Billy, come on, it's your birthday. Let's keep it a nice one.

Billy: I-I'm being nice. I'm not the one that crashed the party.

Phillip: Hey, I came to see Nina and Chance, okay? But go ahead, take your turn. Tell me what a piece of garbage I am for skipping town.

Billy: How could I do that when I did the same thing, man? Now, look, I-I'm not saying that you couldn't have thought of a better exit line. At least I didn't gut all the people who loved me the most, but, uh, I get why you ran. Let me guess. I bet you devised your grand escape plan right about the time they sent you off to boarding school, right? Yeah, nothing says "Unwanted" like a navy blazer and a one-way ticket east.

Chloe: Sure does.

Jill: Okay, it's official. I'm just a horrible mother.

Billy: Oh, Mom, relax. I'm just pointing out what Phil and I have in common, you know, that feeling that, uh, no matter what you do, you'll never measure up. You'll always disappoint, right? Hey, man, I-I escaped that head trip by hiding out in Hong Kong. You simply just ran off to the outback. Well, you left behind a little bit more than I did, and I could have really used you not sending that total jackass in your place. I'm saying, come on.

Jill: (Groans) Billy.

Billy: But you're still my brother, and even though, if you hurt my mom or Katherine again, I will kill you, I'm willing to keep an open mind, so welcome back.

Phillip: Thanks, man. Thanks, I appreciate that. I haven't gotten a lot of support, but I'm not here to hurt anybody, not anymore.

Colleen: Isn't it better to steer clear of him completely after what he did?

Lily: Well, maybe I'd agree if I wasn't about to hear the worst news of my life.

Colleen: Hey, listen to me. You don't know that.

Lily: (Sighs)

Colleen: You know what? If it's gonna make you feel better, then call him.

Lily: (Sighs) I canít.

Colleen: Why not?

Lily: Because I already pushed him away, and besides, my dad and Devon would never forgive me.

Colleen: Lily, this isn't about them.

Lily: It's too late anyway.

Colleen: You can't say that there's one thing that's gonna make you feel better and then find a dozen reasons why you can't go after it.

Lily: Maybe Cane doesn't want me to go after it.

Colleen: Why would you think that?

Lily: Well, when I saw him yesterday before I found out I wasn't pregnant, he--

Colleen: Did you say that you thought you were?

Lily: No. (Sighs) Before I could, he told me that he was glad that we never had children.

Colleen: Well, Lily, he probably hates that he hurt you, okay?

Lily: And he also said that he was glad that I was free to live my life with someone else, but I don't want to be free. I want him here with me, holding my hand, telling me that it's gonna be okay.

Colleen: Oh, Honey, it's okay.

Lily: I'm scared.

Colleen: Come here.

Lily: I don't want to die.


Devon: (Sighs)


Neil: She's gonna be okay. I can feel it.

Devon: I-I'm sorry, but if it's good news, what's taking Aunt Liv so long?

Michael: (Chuckles) "Let your true chipmunk shine."

Kevin: (Laughs)

Michael: (Chuckles) Wow. "Crack your inner nut." That...

Kevin: (Chuckles) Yeah.

Michael: Well, um, so these are--these are more slogans for t-shirts then?

Kevin: Well, and the hats and the coffee mugs and the calendars. You know what else? I think we can do, like, a novelty book of all the chipmunk quotes, and--and self-help CDs of all of my speeches, if we can get a copyright on intellectual property.

Michael: Mm, well, you've really done your research, haven't you?

Kevin: Yeah, I have Googled everything so that you would know I meant business.

Michael: (Chuckles)

Kevin: Go ahead, say it.

Michael: Say what?

Kevin: Oh, you're-- you're thinking that you shouldn't have worked so hard to get me out of the padded cell.

Michael: The truth is, I believe that you are-- are on to something.

Kevin: What? You do?

Michael: Yes. I-I will put up the capital for the copyright, and you go start shopping around for some top-notch designer to come up with a logo.

Kevin: (Scoffs) Already done. Amber is on board, and since she's a successful designer, you know, we could probably sell these at venues like, I don't know, Fenmore's.

Michael: Well, you know, I'm not sure that Lauren would like to turn an upscale boutique into, uh, some rodent-themed t-shirt shop, but, you know, it'll be fun asking.

Kevin: Yeah, it will. You know what? You are a great brother and partner.

Michael: Mm, yeah. I was just thinking the same thing.

Chance: So how's it going, Unc?

Billy: It's great.

Chance: Been a long time.

Billy: Tell me about it, man. I'm glad you're back in one piece.

Chance: That makes two of us. What's going on?

Billy: Yeah, well, you know, a little of this, that.

Nina: Oh, haven't you heard? Billy was partying all over Europe while you were fighting for freedom.

Jill: Oh, please.

Billy: Yeah, nothing like a proud mama.

Chloe: So this must be the soldier I've been hearing about.

Billy: Yeah, Chance, this is Chloe. She's my, um--

Chloe: Hi, I'm Deliaís mom.

Chance: Hi.

Chloe: Wow, you are packing some spark there, soldier. Ooh. Thank you.

Billy: Okay, uh, I'm--I'm outta here, and we should try to meet up later. Yeah, fine. Hey, we'll catch up, all right?

Chance: Of course.

Billy: Brother, you, too, and Nina. Good-bye, Mom.

Jill: I'll walk you out.

Billy: Okay.

Jill: Oh, mm, thank you.

Billy: For what?

Jill: For making an effort with your brother. I won't forget that.

Billy: Can I get that in writing?

Jill: (Chuckles)

Billy: Bye.

Colleen: I'm gonna go call him, okay?

Lily: No, donít.

Colleen: Lily, you just said to me--

Lily: No, I'm gonna find out if I have a serious or life-threatening illness right now. I shouldn't even be thinking about Cane.

Colleen: Well, that's exactly why you are thinking about him.

Lily: (Sighs) Any word?

Neil: Would you mind giving us a few minutes?

Colleen: Yeah. I'll be right outside.

Lily: (Scoffs) It's bad, isn't it? (Crying) Daddy.

Neil: Listen to me, okay? The biopsy results, they were positive.

Lily: (Breathing heavily) I have cancer?

Neil: (Sighs) You know, Olivia--Olivia's gonna schedule surgery as soon as possible.

Lily: (Crying) I have cancer.

Neil: Hey, Honey, they are gonna remove the tumor, all right?

Lily: But that doesn't mean that the cancer will be gone.

Neil: We'll have a better idea after surgery what, if any, further therapy is gonna be needed. Olivia's gonna be in to explain everything.

Lily: This can't be happening. This can't be happening. I came in here thinking I was bringing a life into the world, and now I'm losing mine.

Neil: It's okay. Sweetheart, it's okay.

Lily: (Sniffles)

Neil: You listen to me. Women beat this kind of cancer every day, and you will be one of them. I believe that, all right? And you have to believe that, too. All right, come here.

Lily: (Crying)

Jana: What? You know, I was--

Kevin: Come here, come here, come here.

Jana: What?

Kevin: Mm. Mm.

(Makes kissing sound)

Jana: Ooh, what was that for?

Kevin: Well, it's because I love you and because I have a surprise for you.

Jana: Oh, you got us a new espresso machine. Oh, thank God! I am losing my bloody mind.

Kevin: What? No, no, no. What? No, no, no. It has nothing to do with this place. It's--it's a new venture, Jana, and it is going to change our lives for the better.

Jana: Oh, well, I'm all for that.

Kevin: Yeah, I just came from meeting with Michael. He thinks it's a great idea, too. In fact, he's even gonna kick in some start-up money. I'm telling you, we are gonna make a killing on this chipmunk craze, which is insane when you think about how the whole thing got started.

Jana: Wait, "Chipmunk craze"?

Kevin: Basically, it's marketing the idea of embracing your inner chipmunk, you know, with--with, uh, t-shirts and--and hats and coffee mugs, huh?

Jana: Right, yeah. Yeah, I think I remember you mentioning this. I just didn't think you were serious.

Kevin: Well, I wasn't at the time, and then it hit me. Why not? You know, every time I see somebody come in here with one of these chipmunk t-shirts, I can't help but think, I started all that.

Jana: Yeah, after going through hell.

Kevin: Well, yeah, but after the copyright goes through, I will finally get the credit and the compensation that I deserve. Jana, I'm gonna go get the sketches. I promise, you're gonna love them.

Billy: Hello.

Mac: Hi. I thought for sure I had the wrong place until you answered the door.

Billy: Well... come here. Mm.

Mac: Hmm.

Billy: (Chuckles) Mm.

Mac: How did you find this place?

Billy: Well, it's Murphyís old trailer. I, uh, bought it as a birthday present to myself.

Mac: Because you've always wanted a trailer?

Billy: Well, I-I-I got it for us. It's our own private getaway.

Mac: Aw.

Billy: Yeah. Mm.

Mac: (Chuckles)

Billy: Mm. So I have lunch in the refrigerator.

Mac: Mm-hmm.

Billy: And for dinner, I have--

Mac: Dinner, too?

Billy: Well, yeah. This year, I have something to celebrate. Mm. Come on, I'm gonna show you around.

Mac: Okay.

Billy: 10-cent tour.

Mac: Okay.

Billy: Here we go.


Nina: Well, Billy seems like a devoted father.

Jill: Yes, he does love this little girl.

Phillip: That's great that you let him see her even though you guys aren't together.

Chloe: Well, yeah, you know, it wouldn't be fair--ooh-- if he just disappeared, right? (Chuckles) Oh, right. So I'm gonna let you guys get back to what you were all doing, right? And, uh, Delia and I-- we're gonna go enjoy this beautiful day, aren't we? Bye.

Jill: Bye.

Nina: Bye. You know, Chloe's right. It's a--it's a gorgeous day. Why don't the three of us go have some lunch alfresco?

Jill: Well, Nina, my grandson just got back from the war. Maybe he'd like to get his bearings a little bit.

Chance: You know, I'm actually still feeling a bit wiped...

Nina: Okay.

Chance: From all of this. Um, I've got a ton of unpacking to do, so I'm just gonna hang...

Nina: Okay.

Chance: Hang here.

Phillip: Another time.

Chance: Yes, Sir.

Nina: Okay. Uh, don't feel like you have to go to lunch just 'cause I asked. Itís...

Phillip: No, no, no. No, I-I would--I would love to. See you later, Mom.

Jill: Yeah, I'll see you later, son.

(Cell phone buttons clicking)

Jill: Yeah, uh, hi, this is Jill Abbott. I need to see you on an important family matter, and it can't wait.

Olivia: I know what it's like hearing news like this.

Lily: I know you do.

Olivia: Okay, right now, I'm gonna give you the basics. If you need to stop me at any time, you tell me.

Lily: Oh, no, I-I want to-- I want to know everything.

Olivia: You have what is called an epithelial ovarian cancer. It's the most common type.

Lily: How far along is it?

Olivia: Well, we're gonna know better after the surgery tomorrow.

Lily: What are they gonna do?

Neil: Sweetheart, do you really want to know everything about--

Lily: Dad, Dad, please.

Olivia: Well, the surgeon is going to perform a procedure called cytoreduction, which means he's gonna remove as much of the mass as he can.

Lily: And then what?

Olivia: Well, we won't know the extent of that until we know how far the cancer's spread.

Lily: Meaning they may have to remove more than just the tumor.

Olivia: Hopefully, we'll be lucky and the mass will be contained.

Lily: And what if it isn't? Tell me.

Olivia: Then the ovaries and the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and nearby lymph nodes would all have to be removed.

Neil: Yeah, but, um, we're--we're absolutely talking about the worst-case scenario there, right? Right?

Olivia: Exactly. You may not necessarily be facing any of that.

Lily: But you said earlier that if the biopsy was positive that I'd have to have chemo.

Olivia: The oncologist will probably recommend that, but you might be a candidate for the oral equivalent, which means you wouldn't have the intravenous treatment.

Lily: And what are my odds?

Neil: All right, Liv told you. They will know more--

Lily: Dad, Dad, stop it! Stop trying to protect me, and tell me what my chances are.

Olivia: It's an approximately 45% survival rate.

Lily: So I'm more likely to die than live. (Crying)

Olivia: The doctor will be in to discuss anything I didn't cover. Lily, we're gonna fight this together.

Devon: (Sighs)

Colleen: I'm gonna go get some coffee. Does anyone want some?

Neil: No, thanks.

Devon: I'm okay.

Colleen: Lily, anything else?

Devon: (Sighs)

Neil: Hey, come here, Devon.

Devon: (Sighs)

Neil: This is the Winters family. Let's not focus on statistics. Lily, we might have caught it early.

Devon: That's right, and you know what? It'd be a good thing, too, 'cause Neil here promised to take us all to Hawaii. (Chuckles) That's the truth, and you can't back out, okay?

Neil: I'm not backing out.

Lily: I couldn't do this without you guys.

Devon: You won't have to.

Lily: (Sniffles)

Neil: 'Cause, Lily, we're gonna be right here with you every step of the way.

Lily: (Sighs)

Mac: A skylight.

Billy: Oh, yeah.

Mac: You thought of everything.

Billy: Oh, it's even better at night. You can see the stars, count 'em, make a wish.

Mac: A birthday wish?

Billy: Oh, it's already come true. You're here, aren't you? Mm.

(Cell phone rings)

Billy: Mm, mm. (Grunts) It's Colleen. She's probably just wishing me a happy birthday. We can just--mm, mm.

Mac: Mm, but just-- just in case. I'm not-- I'm not gonna go anywhere.

Billy: You just--

Mac: Just...

Billy: Every time. Okay. Hey, girl, how are you?

Colleen: Hey, um, it's Lily. She's-- she's in the hospital.

Billy: Was she in an accident?

Colleen: Um, no. She...

Billy: CeeCee, just--just tell me. What's going on?

Colleen: She has cancer.

Billy: What?

Colleen: Yeah, they don't know how bad it is. Um, she's having surgery tomorrow.

Billy: Uh, can I see her?

Colleen: No, she's, uh, she's with her... (Sniffles) Her dad and her brother now.

Billy: How's Neil?

Colleen: He's scared, you know? He's trying to be strong for her, but... (Sniffles) Lily's his little girl.

Billy: Wow, okay. Um, I guess I'll just give the family time, and--and then I'll come by later. Is that okay?

Colleen: Okay. Um, Billy, do you-- do you know where Cane is?

Billy: Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Colleen: Actually, n-no, I'm not.

Billy: I don't know. Try the outback or something.

Colleen: (Scoffs) Thanks.

Billy: Ooh, I can't help you here, okay? I'm sorry.

Colleen: Um, I'm gonna go, okay?


Billy: (Scoffs) Cee, just--I don't know, take it easy.

Colleen: Okay. Bye.

Billy: Bye. Wow. Uh... Lily's got cancer.

Mac: My God.

Billy: Yeah, uh, I guess they're gonna operate on her tomorrow, and then, um, Colleen wants me to find Cane.

Mac: He--he'd want to know.

Billy: Oh, not you, too.

Mac: He loves her.

Billy: Oh, you know, he-- he is part of the reason why her life is such a mess. Forget him. He's already said his good-byes. No.

Mac: That's not gonna stop me from trying to find him.

Billy: (Groans)

Jill: So I assume you heard about Phillip's return.

Michael: I'd have to be living under a rock not to. You okay?

Jill: Boy, I thought I'd been through the worst with Katherine, but to find out that your son... (Sighs) Faked his own death to get away from you... oh, and then the ironic thing-- Cane nearly turned himself inside out so he could be my son. (Scoffs)

Michael: (Claps hands together) how can I help?

Jill: I want you to clean up the legal ramifications of all this, starting with my will. I want it changed, Michael, immediately.


Jana: (Hits espresso Machine)

Kevin: Hey, hey, come. Come, come, come, come, come.

Jana: This--no, Kev, really, I can't right now.

Kevin: Oh, come on. The customers can wait. I gotta show you these sketches.

Jana: (Sighs)

Kevin: All right, now I'm leaning towards this one that says "Nut," but there's this one, that one. Huh? What do you think? Well, don't you like any of 'em?

Jana: Yeah.

Kevin: There's--

Jana: Yeah, yeah, the sketches are fine. They're fine.

Kevin: Great, so then what's--what's going on?

Jana: Kev, you would be profiting off of other people's misfortune. Those people who make their chipmunk shirts and listen to you on the radio-- they do that because they need support, and for you to cash in on this-- well, it seems wrong.

Kevin: Well, I wasn't expecting that.

Jana: (Sighs) Well, you said be honest.

Kevin: Okay, well, short of bagging the idea completely, and because Michael's already on board, what can I do that would make you not totally hate this?

Jana: I don't know. I do know.

Kevin: Great.

Jana: Donate the profits to charity.

Kevin: All of them?

Jana: Well, yes, some. I mean, that way, you'd be helping other people, and you would be protecting yourself from being accused of cashing in on crimes. That's good.

Kevin: And that would make you feel better?

Jana: Much.

Kevin: Okay, fine. Then that's what I'll do.

Jana: Oh, good. Thanks, love.

Kevin: Mm.

Jana: (Makes kissing sound)

Chloe: Uh-oh. Don't tell me they're already driving you to drink.


Chance: (Chuckles) I'm having lemonade. May I, uh, fix you a glass?

Chloe: "May" you? Hmm, what a gentleman. Are you sure you're related to Billy? (Laughs) I-I-I shouldn't say that. He has his moments... sometimes, but he--he does. He has them.

Chance: Here.

Chloe: Thank you.

Chloe: So you're probably wondering what the deal is with us, right? You know, I throw him this birthday party. I give him these presents from his daughter, right?

Chance: No. It's not really my business.

Chloe: Oh. Okay. Well, I-I hear that your homecoming was, like, straight out of a reality show or something.

Chance: Mm. Well, it was really surprising.

Chloe: You know, we have that in common. I grew up without a dad, and I was kind of motherless, too, but you seem like you're really close with your mom, huh?

Chance: We are.

Chloe: So what do you think about your dad? I mean, I know that you were really little when he died, or... left, but do you have any memories of him or anything? Oh, I'm--I'm sorry. I'm just running at the mouth here. I know. You know, people tell me that I should just... (Makes cutting sound) Sorry.


Chance: (Chuckles) No, it--it's fine. You know what? It's--it's all right. The thing is, um, I just met the guy, so I don't really have an opinion either way.

Phillip: Chance hardly looks at me, so either he's hiding some deep anger, or I'm a stranger that he just has no interest in getting to know at all.

Nina: His head is spinning. Mine certainly was. He'll come around, and when he does, he'll listen to what you have to say.

Jill: Unfortunately, my liquid assets aren't what they once were.

Michael: (Chuckles) Whose are these days?

Jill: (Scoffs) Yeah. But I still do own half the Chancellor estate.

Michael: Okay, so I assume that you want Phillip to get the share of the inheritance currently designated for Cane.

Jill: Actually, no. No, I want it split three ways, equal shares going to each son, and, Michael, I haven't discussed this with anyone, because I'm not interested in anyone else's opinion, including yours.

Michael: Oh, I'll do whatever you want, but as your lawyer, I have to warn you. This could--this could turn into a probate nightmare.

Jill: How do you mean?

Michael: Billy could contest it, even Nina on behalf of her son. They might not take too kindly to Cane or Phillip getting anything that was yours after how they deceived you all these years.

Jill: Well, the legal fees on that alone could drain my estate, huh?

Michael: Exactly.

Jill: We'll just have to pray that doesn't happen, hmm?

Michael: Jill, you'll need more than prayer.

Jill: Not when I've got you. You are going to make it very clear that there is no question, in my right mind, that Cane Ashby is still my son. I may never see him again, but I will always love him as my own.

(Papers shuffling)

Mac: Cane, you have to call me. It's important. (Sighs) Damn it, why won't he pick up?

Billy: Look, you tried. You did your part. Now just let it go. I'm sorry, I don't see the point in making things worse.

Mac: Wouldn't you want to know if it were me?

Billy: Honey, that's not the same thing, and you know it. Now come on. L-- (Sighs) Wh-- (Chuckles) What are you doing?

Mac: You might think Lily doesn't need Cane, but you're wrong.

Billy: Mm, you just...

Chloe: (Clears throat) So is this freaky, or what?

Chance: Here.

Chloe: I mean, a few days ago, you were dodging suicide bombers, and now here you are lapping up lemonade in the Chancellor mansion, hmm?

Chance: Yeah, life is funny.

Chloe: Yeah, you know, I was in a few skirmishes myself this year. Well, nothing... (Scoffs) Okay, nothing like Iraq, obviously. Um, but, you know what? If you're gonna regroup, there's no place like the Chancellor digs to do it. Welcome home.

Chance: Thank you.

(Glasses clink)

Chloe: Cheers.

Chance: Cheers.

Chloe: Mm.

Billy: Hey.

Chloe: Hi. I-I thought you, uh, had a meeting.

Billy: Oh, it was canceled. I thought I'd use the time to spend hanging with my little girl.

Chloe: Oh, yeah.

Cordelia: (Cries)

Chloe: Oh, great. Well, perfect timing. Come on, let's go together.

Billy: Okay.

Chloe: Hmm?

Phillip: First, I abandon my kid, let him think I'm dead. Then I show up out of the blue. Wait till he finds out I'm gay.

Nina: He can handle it.

Phillip: You think?

Nina: You don't know him.

Phillip: I'm not sure he'll ever want me to.

Nina: You came back to help him. That's a good thing. Just knowing that he doesn't have a life-threatening disease-- that's huge for all of us. The rest will happen when the time is right.

Neil: (Sighs)

Olivia: How you holding up?

Neil: I miss Dru. Lily's got a hard battle ahead of her, and she needs her mother, you know?

Olivia: She's got all of us.

Neil: You know, Olivia, I-I didn't think I could survive losing Dru.

Olivia: But you did.

Neil: Maybe because I saw a part of Dru in our little girl.

Neil: (Crying)

Neil: The thought of losing-- the thought of losing Lily-- oh, God.


Olivia: (Sighs)

Neil: (Sniffles) Please, God, oh, don't take my girl.

Devon: So I was thinking, maybe when we go to Hawaii, we should take up surfing lessons, 'cause I know... I'm sorry. I know you're thinking about the surgery.

Colleen: It's not just the surgery, right?

Devon: Oh, no? Is it Cane?

Colleen: She wants him to know.

Devon: Right, so he can come and stress you out even more?

Colleen: Look, he's-- he's not the one stressing her, okay?

Lily: Colleen.

Colleen: I just think if you want him to know, we should support that, no matter what our personal feelings are, okay?

Devon: Well, you know how I feel about it, okay? I think it's a bad idea, but do whatever you want to do.

Cane: Leave a message at the beep.

Lily: I canít.

Lily: (Sighs)

Cane: (Sighs)

Mac: Cane, thank God. I've been calling you.

Cane: Yeah, I know. Lily just called me, as well.

Mac: Did you talk to her?

Cane: No, I didnít. Look, if you're trying to talk me out of leaving, it's just not gonna work.

Mac: No, this isn't up for debate. You have to stay. Lily needs you.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Amber: Deacon--you can't trust him, Daniel.

Daniel: Amber, you just met the guy. Why would you say that?

Cane: She's better off without me, 'cause all I do is bring the girl pain.

Mac: Cane, she has cancer.

Amber: Cut the bull what do you want?

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