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Y&R Transcript Thursday 7/16/09 -- Canada; Friday 7/17/09 -- U.S.A.


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Jill: Oh, Honey, I can't believe it's you.

Chance: It's really me, Grandma.

Jill: (Chuckles)

Kay: He's, uh, back from Iraq.

Jill: Oh!

Nina: I can't believe you didn't tell us you were coming home.

Chance: Well, I wanted to surprise you all.

Nina: Well... (Laughs)

Jill: Well, you certainly succeeded.

Nina: Oh, you are more handsome than I remember.

Chance: Oh.

Kay: Nina, stop that. You're embarrassing the boy.

Nina: Oh, I'm his mother. I'm allowed to. Oh! Um, listen, there's something kind of important that we need to talk about.

Chance: You.

Phillip: Yeah.

Amber: I only came because you made it sound like a huge deal.

Cane: I'm glad you came.

Amber: Look, if you want to apologize, it should be to Jill and to Mrs. Chancellor for making her believe she switched babies. I mean, how could you do something so terrible to the most wonderful woman who ever lived?

Cane: I regret that more than you will ever know.

Amber: Oh, and I suppose you have an excuse.

Cane: No, I don't have an excuse. There's no excuse for what I did.

Amber: Then what do you want?

Cane: I want to say good-bye.

Lily: Why didn't the doctor just explain what was going on? Why ask Aunt Liv to tell me?

Devon: Maybe 'cause you were so bummed after your first pregnancy, and Olivia's family.

Lily: Yeah, but I'm not some fragile flower that's gonna fall apart. I mean, I'm not pregnant. (Sighs) I'll get over it.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Lily: But the doctor mentioned something about running more tests.

(Door opens)

Olivia: Hi, Sweetheart.

Devon: Hey, how you doing?

Olivia: How are you feeling?

Lily: Well, I'll feel a lot better when you tell me what's going on.

Olivia: Well, as you know, your home pregnancy test recorded a false positive.

Lily: Yeah, I-I'm disappointed, but I'll--I'll be okay.

Olivia: Well, there was a reason that it recorded that.

Lily: What reason?

Olivia: Well, it seems that you have a mass on your ovary, and it gave us a confusing reading because your hormone levels are--are all over the place.

Lily: What, a-a mass?

Devon: Hey, Neil.

Neil: Hey, Sweetheart.

Lily: That's why you called my dad, isn't it, because something is really wrong with me?

[Victor remembering]

Dr. Taylor: Adam and your wife have formed a bond. She's been relying on him for support.

Victor: He has been very helpful to her, yeah.

Dr. Taylor: Yes, but my--my concern is that his problems-- his--his loss of sight, the house arrest-- could be causing additional stress for Mrs. Newman. I-I-I really think it's in her best interest to sever their ties. You should be the person that she depends on.

Adam: I haven't been able to reach Jack yet. Mary Jane? Mary Jane? Damn. That nut bag said she was gonna spill everything to Jack. If she goes through with this, I'm toast.

Mary Jane: Thank you.

Jack: (Sighs)

Mary Jane: (Sighs) I am so happy to see you.

Jack: I was intrigued by your phone call.

Mary Jane: Yeah? Wow, you look great, Jack. How are things?

Jack: If my life were going any better, I'd have to hire someone to help me enjoy it.

Mary Jane: Oh, you can't know how much it means to me that you, uh, dropped everything to meet me.

Jack: Well, yeah, it's been a long time.

Mary Jane: It has. I fell off the grid, but I am back, and I'm ready to take up where we left off.

Jack: (Sighs)

Jack: Yeah, we got a lot to catch up on.

Mary Jane: (Sighs) We do, indeed.

Jack: I'm sure you want to know about Phyllis and Summer.

Mary Jane: Well, I was, um, I was hoping we could talk about us.

Jack: Well, I know you and Phyllis got pretty close there, and I'm--I'm well aware of how fond you were of Summer.

Mary Jane: Of course. Please, give me an update.

Jack: Well, it appears that Phyllis is in the clear. (Sighs)

Mary Jane: Meaning what?

Jack: Meaning the D.A. is no longer investigating her for inducing Summer's allergic reaction.

Mary Jane: Well, that's great.

Jack: I guess they think the accuser made up the whole story, that the same person may be responsible for the poor kid getting sick.

Mary Jane: You know, absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Jack: I mean, what kind of person could make up lies like that about another person?

Mary Jane: I can't imagine.

Jack: And harming an innocent child, putting the parents through that kind of heartache.

Mary Jane: Yeah, it is terrible, and--and I wish we could do something about it, but we can't--

Jack: It just galls me, it really does, that someone could lie about Phyllis that way and put poor Summer in a coma and still be walking the streets, free as a bird.

Mary Jane: Wait a minute. You think that I had something to do with this, don't you?

Adam: Dr. Taylor left?

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: Everything okay?

Victor: No, not exactly.

Adam: What's wrong?

Victor: I'm concerned about Ashley and so is Dr. Taylor.

Adam: What happened at the wedding, um, thinking she saw Sabrina at the window?

Victor: Well, you and I know that was only the latest in a series of incidents that upset my wife.

Adam: Yeah, yeah, it's been difficult for her. If there's anything I can do to help, you know, I'll-- if she needs me to talk to her, anything.

Victor: I appreciate that, Adam. I think what Ashley needs more than anything is a less stressful environment.

Adam: Of course. Well, I mean, if I play my music too loud, I can always use my earphones. It doesn't matter. You name it.

Victor: Yeah, but, um, I think that your presence here is not beneficial to her or the baby.

Chance: So this is the news you wanted to wait to tell me until I got home.

Jill: Nina, what were you thinking? You let him go on thinking his father was dead?

Kay: I know. I know it's a lot to take in, Darling. I understand that.

Jill: You didn't prepare him? What the hell's the matter with you?

Nina: Jill, he was in Iraq in danger. I-I didn't want you to be distracted.

Chance: Well, all the guys I've see who have died have stayed that way. So what's the secret?

Kay: Well, it--it's very complicated, Phillip.

Chance: Chance. I go by Chance now.

Nina: For Chancellor.

Chance: Yeah. It was a nickname I picked up overseas.

Jill: (Sighs)

Kay: Well, as I was saying, it's--it's very complicated.

Jill: Yeah, um, we're just finding out the details now, I'm--all the reasons that your father has...

Kay: Now and I'm sure-- I'm sure one day the two of you can sit down and talk about it.

Jill: Yeah.

Kay: But right now, I think...

Chance: (Sighs) It's good to meet you, Sir.

Amber: Good-bye, ciao, sayonara, later, dude. Can I go now?

Cane: No, you can't go now. Will you just stay and listen to me, please?

Amber: Oh, I suppose you have some B.S. reason to justify impersonating Phillip Chancellor III?

Cane: Okay, let's just be real with each other for a moment, okay? The way I came to town, the way you sucked me in, the way I let you suck me in, okay? I don't really think that you and I are really the pillars of honesty here.

Amber: I can't believe I felt bad about tricking you into marriage. All along, you knew you weren't a Chancellor.

Cane: Okay, all right, listen, you and I both did some pretty underhanded things, all right? But it doesn't make it right that I lied to you.

Amber: No, it sure doesnít.

Cane: Okay, listen, I didn't come here to blame you for anything.

Amber: Okay, why are you here?

Cane: (Sighs)

Amber: (Scoffs) What, you want a hug?

Cane: No, I don't want a hug. I want you to look at me, okay? I am the perfect living example of how not to live your life, okay, and I care about you, and the last thing I want is for you to lose everything the way I did.

Neil: Olivia called me here because I'm your father, not because something is terribly wrong.

Olivia: I'm gonna explain everything in layman's terms, but, you know, sometimes medical jargon creeps up, and it's just great to have another set of ears in the room.

Lily: You said that I have a mass. Wh-what do we do about that?

Olivia: Well, the first step is to do a biopsy. Let's make sure it's nothing.

Lily: But I-it's just a precaution, right? Because, I mean, I feel fine. I mean, I'm--I'm a-- I'm a little tired, maybe, but...

Devon: Yeah, of course you're tired. I mean, after what happened with Cane, you probably haven't been sleeping.

Lily: Yeah, and not very well, but I'm--I'm only 22. It's not like the biopsy is gonna show anything horrible.

Olivia: Well, your white cell count is elevated.

Lily: What-- what does that mean?

Olivia: Well, that coupled with the, you know, false positive of the home pregnancy test has me a little concerned.

Lily: Why?

Olivia: Well, there's a-a possibility that the mass is malignant.

Neil: (Sighs)

Lily: Malignant.

Neil: You could very possibly be just fine.

Lily: But you had-- you had cancer. Are--are you saying...

Olivia: I'm--I'm not saying anything other than you should get tested.

Devon: Does that mean surgery or...

Olivia: Laparoscopic. It's minimally invasive, and it's a quick recovery.

Lily: And then it'll be over, right?

Olivia: Well, depending on what we find, we'll go from there.

Lily: Tell me the truth. You think I have cancer, don't you? I mean, it--it runs in the family.

Neil: Lily. Don't--don't start anticipating the worst, okay? Nothing bad has happened, and it probably wonít.

Lily: Aunt Liv, if you love me, just be honest with me.

Olivia: Yes, cancer is a possibility.

Lily: (Exhales deeply) Oh, my God.

Olivia: Lily, if it's malignant, we'll discuss the best course of action. Surgery is a given, combined with chemotherapy, radiation, holistic care...

Lily: (Sighs) I donít... (Sniffles) I never... (Crying)

Olivia: Honey, Honey, I know this is a lot to process. I know this, and you're overwhelmed, but I am proof that a positive biopsy is something you can overcome. Okay, I'm gonna book the laparoscopy for today.

Lily: Wow, you must really be worried.

Olivia: Sweetie, you're already checked in, and the sooner we get this test done, the sooner you can hopefully put this behind you, okay?

Neil: (Sighs)

Olivia: I'll be back soon.

Devon: Well, you really lucked out, huh, having an aunt on staff? We can get this thing all taken care of and you back to giving me grief in no time.

Neil: Lily, you're gonna be okay. I'm sure there's some paperwork. Um, I'll be right back.

Devon: (Clears throat) (Sighs)

Lily: (Sighs)

Lily: (Sniffles)

(Door closes)

Lily: He's gonna go talk to her in private.

Devon: Lily, don't get paranoid.

Lily: No, it's true. He doesn't think that I can handle the gritty details.

Devon: You want me to go to the gift shop and get you some--some snacks or magazines or something?

Lily: (Scoffs)

Devon: What is it?

Lily: Just now when you asked me what I wanted, you know what popped into my head?

Devon: What?

Lily: (Sighs) Cane. I want my husband. (Crying)

Cane: I miss Lily every second of every day. Losing her was my punishment, 'cause I hurt a lot of people, and I think I just got what I deserved.

Amber: Lily must be, um, devastated.

Cane: And that's why I want you to imagine Daniel living with that sort of pain.

Amber: Hey, I didn't go around town pretending to be the grandson of Genoa City's richest matriarch.

Cane: Amber, you and I are a lot alike.

Amber: No, we are not.

Cane: Yeah, we are. You know why? 'Cause we can both tell a lie and look at someone with a straight face, and they'll believe it. You know why?

Amber: Oh, I'm sure you're gonna tell me.

Cane: I'm gonna tell you, 'cause deep down inside, we've convinced ourselves it's true. That's why I can look at Jill and Katherine and call them Mom and Grandma, 'cause that's who they became to me.

Amber: You really love them.

Cane: Yeah, I really love them, more than anything else in this world, which is why I was so convincing, which is why they accepted me into their family.

Amber: Well, I do believe you love Lily.

Cane: Lily's the greatest thing that ever happened to me, which is why I could live with the deceit, 'cause I knew I would spend the rest of my life taking care of her and just making her happy.

Amber: And then it blew up in your face.

Cane: Yeah, it blew up in my face. And I bet you have some secrets, I know you have some lies, that you're convincing yourself don't matter anymore.

Amber: I never said they don't matter.

Cane: I just don't want you to make the same mistakes I made, okay? If you have something you need to tell Daniel, you tell him now, 'cause losing someone you love that much, it's just worse than dying.

Phillip: Obviously, I'm alive. As for the details, uh, now is not the time. It's a long story. It's an ugly story.

Chance: Yeah, well, I've seen ugly. Finding a guy alive instead of dead doesn't even come close.

Phillip: Right.

Chance: Kay, is my room empty?

Kay: Um, uh, yes. Um, oh, you came home sooner than we expected, so it's in a bit of a disarray, but...

Chance: That's okay. I've been sleeping in a tent on a cot with a bunch of other smelly guys, so having a bed is a nice change. I'll deal with it.

Kay: (Laughs) Well, as long as you put it that way, its fine.

Chance: You know what? Uh, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go, uh, clean up a little bit and perhaps even put on some civvies.

Nina: Okay.

Chance: Um, civilian clothing.

Nina: (Laughs)

Jill: (Laughs) All right. I'll show you to your room.

Nina: No, no, I'll do it.

Chance: No, really, it's--it's fine. You guys can stay here. I remember where it is. Besides I, uh, I kinda want to soak it all up again. I really miss bein' here.

Nina: (Sighs) I can breathe again. (Sighs)

Jill: What a wonderful surprise.

Nina: You see what you've missed all these years?

Kay: Nina.

Jill: He seems very mature.

Nina: Admit it. He's terrific.

Phillip: Yeah, he seems like a great guy, and he didn't kill me. He shook my hand.

Adam: Weren't you just thanking me for helping Ashley calm down last night?

Victor: As I said, I'm grateful, Adam.

Adam: And wasn't I one of those chosen few who was invited to your wedding?

Victor: What are you driving at?

Adam: Naturally, Ashley freaked out when she thought she saw Sabrina, but since when has my presence in this house suddenly become stressful for her?

Victor: Please don't take this personally, Adam.

Adam: Wait, you are kicking me out of this house, and you don't want me to take it personally?

Victor: Let me say it again. The less stressful the environment around here for Ashley, the better for her and our baby, all right?

Adam: You know, I don't know if you know this or not, but your wife talks to me when you're not around. I've become her confidant.

Victor: I'm sorry, but my mind has been made up.

Adam: Who put you up to this, Dr. Taylor, Victoria?

Victor: Adam, nobody puts me up to anything.

Adam: Am I really that expendable?

Victor: Now that's ridiculous, and you know it.

Adam: It's because I'm blind, isn't it? I'm not perfect like all your other children. I should just be sent back to prison, right back to those thugs who ruined my chances of ever seeing again.

Jack: I guess Summer stopped breathing at one point, and the lack of oxygen caused some brain damage.

Mary Jane: How bad?

Jack: Well, she's like a toddler now. She's all but lost her language skills.

Mary Jane: I'm so sorry to hear that.

Jack: Remember the night I came out to the tack house to see Phyllis, and you were there looking after Summer?

Mary Jane: Mm-hmm. What about it?

Jack: She was in little artistic mood, and she made me a butterfly.

Mary Jane: Right. You know what, Jack? You still haven't answered my question. Do you really think that I had anything to do with her allergic reaction?

Jack: I know you would never do anything to intentionally hurt a child, I know that. I also know that accidents happen. Mary Jane, you can tell me anything, I will not judge.

Mary Jane: There's nothing to tell.

Jack: I know you're not a bad person. I also know that things happen.

Mary Jane: I am so crazy about you, Jack, and I-I-I know that my having these intense feelings are--are not just one-sided.

Jack: Wait, what does that have to do with what we're talking about?

Mary Jane: Because, obviously, somebody's trashing me. I know that you would never say any hurtful things about me. You care too much.

Jack: (Sighs)

Olivia: I've scheduled the biopsy, and I'll be prepping her shortly.

Neil: Okay, hold on. Wait, wait, wait a minute. Wait. I need to know exactly what my daughter is facing here.

Olivia: I've been completely up front with all of you.

Neil: You need to be more up front with me. We are family here. I need to know what is the worst-case scenario?

Olivia: Okay, if the mass is malignant, the numbers aren't good.

Neil: Be specific.

Olivia: The tumor is already outside of the ovary, and statistics put survival at 45%.

Neil: What are you talking about?

Olivia: Look, Neil, Neil, why don't we wait for the test results before you panic?

Neil: So a white cell count that's elevated-- it--it always means cancer?

Neil: Oh, no.

Olivia: Neil, Neil, Lily is young and she's strong, and if she has cancer, we're gonna fight this aggressively. But her mental well-being-- that's--that's gonna be the difference now between life and dea-- what your daughter needs from all of us, all of us, Neil, is to be supportive and optimistic.

Neil: Okay. (Sighs)

Olivia: Okay.

Neil: Okay, all right. So, listen, I'm not-- I'm not gonna fall apart, all right?

Olivia: Look, I want to bring up a subject that's kind of touchy for you. Cane--are you gonna call him?

Neil: Why would I call Cane?

Olivia: Because she might need him to lean on.

Neil: No, how's this? Absolutely not, all right? He destroyed her life once. I'm not gonna allow him to do it again. No.

Olivia: (Sighs)

Neil: Hey.

Devon: Hey.

Neil: Good news. They're gonna be doing your procedure soon.

Lily: Aunt Liv wouldn't be rushing me into surgery if she didn't think that something was wrong.

Neil: It's a perk of being related to a hot-shot doctor. How do you like them apples?

Lily: (Scoffs)

Neil: So now all we gotta figure out is how to keep you occupied for the next couple of days.

Lily: (Scoffs) Occupied?

Neil: Yeah, entertainment, you know?

Lily: (Sighs)

Neil: Run home, grab you some stuff, some, uh, some movies, maybe, you know, some DVDs. Oh, wait a minute. I know. How about, uh, your favorite little teddy bear? (Laughs)

Lily: How about a machine to turn my brain off?

Devon: When I asked what she wanted, she said Cane.

Neil: Cane, huh?

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: How about this, baby? Let's forget about Cane. I know things are movin' at warp speed, and your first inclination is to call him, but...

Lily: Dad, he's still my husband.

Devon: But you know what? He's also still a con man, and the sooner he's gone, the sooner you can start to heal.

Kay: Well, shall I have Esther make us some tea?

Nina: Oh, um, maybe we should just wait for Phillip, uh, Chance. Hmm, that's gonna take some gettin' used to.

Jill: Yes, for all of us.

Nina: Hi.

Chance: Hey.

Nina: Are you hungry?

Chance: Always, but, uh, it can wait a little bit.

Nina: Okay.

Chance: Yeah. So how long have you been back in town?

Phillip: Uh, a few days.

Chance: Did any other family know you were alive?

Phillip: No. No, this, um, this was a total shock.

Kay: That's an understatement.

Chance: Okay, so if you are the real deal, then, uh, who's Cane?

Phillip: Uh, just a friend.

(Cell phone rings)

Phillip: Excuse me. Uh, it's the doctor's office. Hello, this-- yeah, this is Phillip Chancellor. Great, thanks for letting me know. I do not have the gene for Huntingtonís.

Nina: Oh!

Jill: Oh, thank God. Thank God.

Kay: Oh, our prayers were answered there.

Nina: All right, you're safe. No more worryin'.

Chance: Yeah.

Nina: Oh!

Chance: Yeah. He's home. There's no gene. Everything's good.

Victor: I got you out of prison. I brought you the best eye specialist in the country. For you to insinuate that I want to put you back in prison is insulting.

Adam: I just assumed that if I'm not in this house, then I must be in prison.

Victor: Son, what I'm talking about is a facility for the visually impaired. You'll have counselors there, people who'll teach you how to cope with your blindness.

Adam: Prison released me into your custody. If you toss me out, I'm back behind bars.

Victor: I've checked that out.

Adam: I see you've wasted no time.

Victor: They have dealt with situations like this before. It's a halfway house.

Adam: You know, this is just like you to jerk me around and push me away. Hey, I'm your black sheep son.

Victor: Adam, let's be fair about this. When I brought you into this family, when I brought you into Newman Enterprises, you weren't a black sheep. I gave you preferential treatment at the expense of my relationship with Nicholas and Victoria. You abused that preferential treatment, son.

Adam: I finally felt that I was starting to become a part of this family.

Victor: But you are a part of this family. What are you talking about?

Adam: No, to Ashley, but with you, I never know day to day when you're gonna turn on me.

Victor: Son, I'm not turning on you, but if you're as concerned about Ashley's welfare as you claim to be, then you will help me.

Adam: By staying away from her.

Victor: I'm surprised you wouldn't want a little freedom.

Adam: "Little" being the key word.

Victor: But you will be with people you can relate to.

Adam: Screw the "Coddle the blind" home. Why don't you send me back to prison? At least there's people there I know I can trust.

Victor: Now you listen to me. I've had enough of your histrionics, okay? You will do as I say. You got that?

Adam: Yes, Sir, but you're gonna be the one to tell Ashley about this. She's not gonna be too happy when she hears about it.

Jack: Do I remember? The best shower of my life.

Mary Jane: Mm, yes, it was mine, too.

Jack: Until I slipped on that bar of soap.

Mary Jane: Well, I kissed it and made it all better.

Jack: Yeah, that you did.

Mary Jane: Mm.

Jack: Listen, you remember the night that I, uh, I got that champagne and...

Jack: Is that cat dead?

Mary Jane: No, it's alive. Finish what you were saying.

Jack: Um... (Sighs) The night I got the champagne, you suggested it might taste a whole lot better up in your room.

Mary Jane: Yes, that was very forward of me.

Jack: Well, I like that.

Mary Jane: Yeah.

Jack: And, um, it's a nice trait. It's--it's actually a trait Phyllis has. She, uh, she does that kind of thing. (Scoffs) You know, kinda what you see is what you get.

Mary Jane: Right, you're gonna talk about her again, huh?

Jack: Well, I-I just--I'd just love to clear this whole Summer thing up, you know? And just put it behind us.

Mary Jane: Well, you are so determined to blow it with me, aren't you?

Jack: No, no, no.

Mary Jane: I was very patient the night you left my bed to console Phyllis. It would just be wonderful to have your undivided attention for once.

Jack: Oh, oh, you're absolutely right. Y-y-you're right. I'm wrong. I'm sorry. I-I--you know, I... I-I guess I just--I... (Sighs) I say stupid things because I can't think straight when I'm near you.

Mary Jane: That's nice. This communicating-- it's good for the relationship.

Jack: I couldn't agree more.

Mary Jane: Yeah. Jack, would you get me another iced tea, please?

Jack: Your wish is my command. (Sighs) Can I get another iced tea here, please?

Jack: (Sighs) Oh, God. Mary Jane?

Devon: (Sighs) Gosh.

Devon: Hey. How's she doin'?

(Door closes)

Neil: She's a little shaky. Thanks.

Devon: Can you blame her? She's only in her 20s. Man, she cannot--

Neil: Donít. Don't do that, okay? She--she's gonna be just fine. I refuse to believe anything else.

Devon: This whole thing is not fair. (Sighs)

Neil: Life's not fair. Sad case is that a lot of young people end up getting sick, Devon.

Devon: It just kills me to think about that she might have to go through radiation and chemotherapy and, you know...

Neil: Hopefully not, but if she does, we are going to be right by her side to help her get through it, 'cause we're gonna do what good families do when the chips are down-- we are going to fight together.

Devon: You know Cane's her family, too.

Neil: What are you saying?

Devon: (Sighs) I don't know what I'm saying. I... (Scoffs) As much as I can't stand the guy, is lettin' him leave the best thing for Lily? I mean, if she wants to be with him, if that's what she wants, who are we? Do we have the right to tell her no?

Neil: Cane Ashby is a closed subject. I don't not under any circumstances want him contacted. Do you understand me?

Devon: Yeah, I understand that, but--

Neil: No, I don't think you do. Our job here is to help keep that girl's spirits high. She has to be happy. If he walks through here, I guarantee she's gonna be upset.

Devon: Okay, so we let him go.

Neil: Right back where he came from. Good riddance.

Lily: (Sighs)

Amber: D-Daniel and I are solid. E-everything is--is great. Well, maybe not exactly, like, great. There's a tiny part of me that is just a little worried that my past might come back to haunt me. So if you're trying to scare me, great job.

Cane: All right, listen, I'm not trying to scare you, all right? I just realized that maybe if I'd been more honest with Jill and Katherine from the start, just maybe, maybe they would have forgiven me.

Amber: You really believe that?

Cane: Yeah, I really believe it, 'cause they're wonderful people. And if I had trusted them to tell them the truth, maybe we'd be different now. Maybe everything would be different.

Amber: But you didnít.

Cane: No, I didnít. If you had seen the look in their eyes when they realized I had lied to them... it just made me feel like scum.

Amber: I'll bet.

Cane: All right, listen, okay? Whatever it is, whatever you are afraid to tell Daniel, you need to tell him now, 'cause the last thing you want is for him to hear this from someone else.

Amber: Hmm. Are you really leaving town?

Cane: Yeah, I'm really leaving town.

Amber: Where are you gonna go?

Cane: I don't know, but the people I've hurt deserve to have some peace.

Amber: Take care of yourself.

Cane: You, too.

Amber: All right. (Sighs)

Jack: Yeah, I just talked to her, Heather, at the Crimson Lights. She is definitely back in town. Well... (Scoffs) She made false accusations against Phyllis. She may have harmed the child. I expect you to arrest her. What do you mean no judge would issue a warrant? I know its circumstantial evidence. What do they require, a video of her feeding peanut butter to the kid? You're frustrated? How the hell do you think I feel? Y-you know what? No, if the D.A.'s office is gonna sit on their butts, I will search her out myself. Thanks.

Mary Jane: Oh, don't worry, kitty. Jack doesn't really believe I'd do such awful things. He was just joking. You know Jack. He's just--he's such a kidder.


(Door squeaks open)

Adam: Where the hell have you been?

(Door slams shut)

Adam: Were you out looking for Jack? Is that where you disappeared to?

Mary Jane: What if I was?

Adam: What did you talk about?

Mary Jane: He had tears in his eyes he was so happy to see me.

Adam: So you didn't discuss me?

Mary Jane: No offense, Adam, but you're the last person on my mind.

Adam: Good. So Abbott was happy to see you, huh?

Mary Jane: (Giggles) Yeah, but I realize it's, uh, too soon to rush into anything serious. He's not ready, but I know he will be.

Adam: Well, of course he will. As a matter of fact, I can--I can take care of everything for you, but you're gonna have to trust me, Mary Jane. I will serve Jack Abbott to you on a frickin' platter.

Mary Jane: (Laughs) Did you hear that, kitty? (Whispering) Wouldn't that be wonderful? Hmm.

Victor: Is this the Beacon House? Yes, this is Victor Newman. I would like to make arrangements for my son Adam. That's right.

Chance: Well, you know what? I think I will grab some food, actually.

Kay: Uh, the kitchen is at your disposal.

Chance: Thank you.

Nina: I'll go with you.

Chance: Mom, I'm just going to the kitchen, okay?

Nina: (Sighs) No, don't go.

Chance: I'm not gonna disappear.

Nina: Right. (Giggles)

Kay: (Laughs)

Nina: We're gonna need to help him with the changes.

Jill: (Scoffs) I don't know. He seemed pretty calm to me.

Kay: Isn't that what the military teaches, uh, be cool under pressure?

Nina: Yeah, but he's gotta have a million questions.

Jill: Well, yeah, how could he not?

Kay: All right, why don't we all sit down, talk about it, get it out in the open.

Phillip: You need to back off.

Nina: Excuse me?

Phillip: Don't rush him. Don't fix him. Let the kid be. I mean it. I-I-I don't want you driving him away like--like you drove me away.

Nina: (Scoffs)

Olivia: I want you to close your eyes. When you wake up, it'll be all over.

Neil: It's gonna be okay, baby girl.

[Cane remembering]

Cane: Lily Winters, will you please-- will you please marry me?

Lily: Yes, Cane Ashby, I will marry you. (Laughs)

Cane: Good-bye, Lily.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Billy: You know, we haven't had a chance to talk since you made your grand entrance.

Lily: It's bad, isn't it? (Crying)

Mac: You've always wanted a trailer?

Billy: Well, I-I got it for us. It's our own private getaway.

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