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Jill: Honey, I can handle Katherine. We've been quarreling since before you were born.

Cane: And that's my point. Life is too short to have that aggravation.

Jill: That woman has caused me and my family so much misery. I cannot forget it.

Cane: No one has more reason to be angry at her than me. I'm one of the babies she switched, and you don't see me holding a grudge, so I need to ask you something. Are you able to forgive?

Jill: We have too much history, Cane.

Cane: Well, you overlooked that when you thought you were mother and daughter.

Jill: Yeah, barely.

Cane: All right, listen. If you hated Katherine, it wouldn't matter to you if you're related or not.

Jill: (Sighs) It's not that simple.

Cane: Yes, it is, because deep down inside, the two of you love each other, and if you want to, Mom, you can turn this relationship around.

Jill: Talk to Katherine about that.

Cane: If-- if these D.N.A. results don't come back the way we expect, will you turn on me the way you turned on her?

Jill: Honey, that's not gonna happen. You're my son. There is not a doubt in my mind.

Nina: Hi, Lily.

Lily: Um, do you have a minute?

Nina: Yeah, sure. What's up?

Lily: I wanted to apologize for my behavior the other day.

Nina: It takes two to have an argument.

Lily: Yeah, it was just-- it was disrespectful to Katherine, and I don't want to upset her any more, because her health is more important than whether you and I agree.

Nina: Well, we can agree on that.

Lily: I just can't imagine how difficult this situation must be for you.

Nina: It's not every day you find out your dead husband isn't in his grave where you thought you left him.

Lily: Well, all I know is that one of us isn't gonna be happy with the D.N.A. results. And no matter how it turns out, for Katherine's sake, truce?

Nina: Truce.

Lily: Okay.

(Cell phone rings)

Nina: Excuse me. Hello? Speaking. Okay, we'll be right there. Thank you. The D.N.A. results are in.

Jack: Mary Jane? You all right?

Mary Jane: Oh, um, yeah. I just zoned out for a minute. It's been a really difficult day.

Jack: Yeah, I understand.

Mary Jane: You do?

Jack: I can't seem to get my mind off of Summer either.

Mary Jane: Yeah, it's terrible.

Jack: That is what you meant, right?

Mary Jane: A-among other things. It's been a bad day altogether, and I could really use a friend.

Jack: I'm meeting with Sharon right now. I--

Mary Jane: You know what? Don't worry about me. I'm fine. You have your meeting with Sharon. You guys have a lot to talk about.

Jack: I'll call you as soon as I have some time.

Mary Jane: Sure.

Phyllis: Daddy's here.

Nick: Hey, baby.

Phyllis: Summer. Summer, open your eyes, please. Open your eyes.

Victor: E-mail all of Summer's records to the children's hospital of Philadelphia, all right? If they're short on staff, just have someone fill in. I'll pay for it.

Nikki: Will the doctor be able to fly in and consult?

Victor: When the time comes, I'll send a jet.

Paul: Hey. When did you get here?

Heather: Uh, just-- just a few minutes ago.

Paul: You want some coffee?

Heather: I'd love some. Thanks.

Paul: What a horrible accident, huh?

Heather: Yeah, well, it may not be an accident.

Paul: What? You think somebody did this to Summer on purpose?

Heather: According to an anonymous source.

Paul: Wh-why would anyone want to hurt that little girl?

Heather: Well, there's only one person who stands to gain from Nick rushing to her side.

Paul: Phyllis? Never. Who told you that?

[Mary Jane remembering]

Victor: I trust your trip to Genoa City was comfortable.

Mary Jane: Why did you bring me here?

Victor: Big plans for you.

Paul: I'm sorry, but this is driving me a little nuts. I'm sure we have met before.

Mary Jane: (Sighs)

Mary Jane: I'd like at least one pose of you in front of the portrait of John in the study.

Jack: Oh, sure. We could do-- wait a minute. How do you know about that?

Mary Jane: Excuse me?

Jack: You have never been shown this house. How do you know there's a portrait of my dad in the study?

Mary Jane: (Sighs)

Mary Jane: (Sighs) Happy anniversary, Jack.

Phyllis: Summer. Summer, your big brothers are coming to see you. They love you so much.

Nick: Gotta wake up, kiddo. It's almost time for fireworks. Remember how scared you were of them when you were just a baby?

Phyllis: Yeah. She put her head on my lap. Remember that? But you're not scared anymore, are you? You're a big, brave girl. You're not scared. Summer? You're a brave girl. Remember, um, last year when we took her to see the music-- uh, the fireworks, and hear the music?

Nick: Yeah, when it was over, she looked at us and said, "More."

Phyllis: Said, "More."

Nick: Like we could just make more happen, just for her.

Phyllis: We can't do that, can we? We're not very powerful, are we? (Sighs) Summer? Summer, hey, baby girl. Wake up. Wake up so you can see the fireworks. (Sighs) Summer, wake up, please.

Phyllis: (Sighs) Oh. (Sighs) (Whispers) She's supposed to be "Supergirl." She's supposed to be the Supergirl. This is my fault, isn't it? God is punishing me for everything I've done in my life.

Nick: No, no, no, no. No, no.

Phyllis: This is my fault, isn't it, Nick?

Nick: No. No, no. No.

Phyllis: Yeah, that's what God is doing to me, right?

Nick: No. No, he's-- this was an accident. It was a terrible accident. That's it. You're an amazing mother. Back when I didn't know what I was doing from one minute to the next, you were with our daughter every day, getting her ready for school, taking her to swim lessons. You say that Summer is the glue that keeps this family together. That is not true. You are. You put Summer first over everything. I could not have asked for a better mother for my daughter.

Mary Jane: (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

Mary Jane: Jack? You remembered.



Mary Jane: (Gasps)

Paul: Hi, Mary Jane. Sorry to bother you. I, uh...

Mary Jane: (Sighs)

Paul: Are you okay?

Mary Jane: You know, it hasn't been a very good day.

Paul: Well, I--

Mary Jane: I mean, no, it's an anniversary of sorts, and, uh, not very-- not a lot of pleasant ones.

Paul: Okay. I'm not gonna take much of your time, but, uh, I've heard some really nasty rumors about Phyllis Newman. I've been talking to some of the staff at "Restless Style," and I was wondering if you'd heard anything or--or seen any odd behavior that you might want to talk to me about.

Mary Jane: Okay, you know, this is not a good time. I'm sorry. You know what? I was really rude, and I-I'd like to start over, okay?

Paul: Well, um, I have to deal with this first, but if you want to grab a cup of coffee later--

Mary Jane: Okay, never mind.


Paul: Well, it's important that I get this information about Phyllis. And whatever you--

Mary Jane: Okay, I ca-- I can't help you!

(Door slams)

Mary Jane: (Sobs) Where are my pills? (Sobs) Oh, God, where'd you put my pills, Kitty? Where are they?

(Breathing heavily)


Mary Jane: (Sobbing)

Mary Jane: (Sobs)


(Breathing heavily)

Mary Jane: Kitty? Kitty?

(Bell jingles)

Mary Jane: Kitty. (Sobs) Make it stop. (Sobs) Make it stop.

Noah: Why is this happening again? I lost my big sister. I can't lose Summer, too.

Sharon: You haven't lost her.

Noah: (Sighs) What if she doesn't wake up?

Sharon: Okay, uh, Sweetheart, come here.

(Door closes)

Sharon: (Sighs) Listen, you know, sometimes, uh, your body has to shut down so that it can heal itself. Remember with Victoria how long she was in a coma? So--so don't lose hope.

Noah: All right. Thanks, Mom.

Sharon: Any time. Honey, you can always come to me, and I will help you any way I can.

Noah: (Sniffles) So, um, what about Dad and the house?

Sharon: Noah, there's something that you need to know.

Noah: What?

Sharon: Um, Jack is the father of the baby.

Noah: Whoa. Uh, so--so what does that mean? Are--are you and Dad--

Sharon: I-I-I don't know. I don't know. Um, we'll see. Right now, he just-- he has to focus on Summer.

Noah: I'm sorry, Mom.

Sharon: Thank you. It's okay. Jack is gonna be a great father.

Victor: Hey, my boy. (Sighs) Phyllis is looking for you.

Nick: It's so hard to sit in that room and watch Summer struggle for her life. All I can see is Cassie.

Victor: I know. Whatever you do, don't give up, because she hears you. She may not respond, but I bet you she hears you.

Nick: Yeah. Why is this happening again?

Victor: (Sighs)

Nick: (Sobs)

Nick: (Sighs)

Nick: (Sniffles) Sharon's baby is, uh, it's not mine. It's Jackís. (Sighs) And it's a girl.


Victor: I'm sorry to hear that, son. I really am.

Nick: (Sniffles)

Victor: I know how much you wanted that baby to be yours.

Nick: (Sighs) (sniffles)

Nick: (Sniffles) Can-- can you tell Phyllis I'll be back soon?

Nick: (Sniffles)

Victor: Everything will be all right.

Nick: (Sighs) Yeah.



Jack: How you doing?

Nick: I'm scared. (Sniffles) Summer could have brain damage. We could lose her.

Jack: D-donít. Donít. You'll drive yourself crazy.

Nick: (Sniffles) She's my little girl, Jack. What am I supposed to do?

Jack: Hey, I know how much you love her. Keep in mind, I love her, too. You remember, I was there the day she was born, stuck in that elevator with Phyllis in the middle of an ice storm. Your daughter was bound and determined to come out. Nothing was gonna stop her. She's a tough, strong-willed little girl, Nick...

Nick: (Sniffles)

Jack: Just like her mom.

Nick: God already took one of my daughters. He doesn't get this one. Do you hear me? I will not allow that to happen again.

Kay: Murphy, no, no, no, no.

Murphy: Okay, here. Look, make yourself comfy. Here's a blanket. I'm gonna get some more pillows.

Kay: Oh, come on. Please, it's just--it's fine. Everything's fine.

Nina: You're home. How are you feeling?

Kay: Um, tip-top.

Nina: What'd the doctor say?

Kay: It was nothing.

Murphy: Uh, you, uh, you won't get any more out of her.

Kay: (Sighs) I-I just don't want people hovering over me today. I want to enjoy myself.

Nina: Well, uh, you're home just in time.

Kay: Oh, my God. Is that, uh--?

Nina: Cane's D.N.A. results.

Kay: Well?

Nina: I don't have the courage to open it myself.

Murphy: (Sighs)

Cane: Don't worry. The D.N.A. test is gonna come back in my favor, and we will go on with our lives as usual.

Jill: Cane, of course you're my son. Please! Look at this bond we have between us. It's unmistakable.

Cane: You know, when I moved to Genoa City, I had no idea what to expect. And that you turned out to be my mom-- it's more than I ever could have hoped for.

Jill: I le that you feel that way.

Cane: And this is gonna sound crazy, but, uh, your war with Nina and Katherine, and Billyís need to one-up me, I-I even kind of like that, you know, because it makes me feel like its family.

Jill: Mm, we are a little crazier than most, aren't we?


Cane: (Laughs) Yeah. But crazy's better than having no family at all. This is more than I could have ever hoped for.

Lily: D.N.A. results. The lab called Nina, so I went over there with her, and they gave me a copy for you.

Jill: Go ahead. Let's get this whole thing over with.

Lily: Well?

Cane: I'm your son.

Jill: (Laughs) Well, of course you're my son. I knew it. There was never any doubt in my mind. Come here, son.


Lily: (Laughs)

Jill: Aw, Sweetie, Sweetie. Mm.

Cane: (Sighs)

Lily: Wow. We can finally put this behind us, once and for all.

Jill: (Sighs) Now I want you to give some more thought to what I suggested at the wedding-- taking the Chancellor name.

Cane: You really think that's a good thing right now? Maybe we should wait a while. You know, don't, you know, make it worse for Nina.

Jill: Oh, please. I can't wait to rub Nina's nose in it, and Katherine's, too.

Lily: (Laughs)

Cane: All right, Mom, just do me a favor. Just...


Jill: Anything.

Cane: Be nice to Katherine today. Just please. Today.

Jill: For you, my darling, I will try.

Cane: Okay.

Jill: I said I'd try. This is great news, isn't it?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Jill: I'll see you later.

Lily: Bye. (Sighs) Well, it's finally over.

Cane: Not quite. I need my celebratory kiss.

Lily: Aw.

Cane: (Sighs) So how do you feel about me taking the Chancellor name?

Lily: Whatever you want to do. So have you, uh, heard from Langley?

Cane: Yeah. Yeah. All that's already been taken care of.

Lily: Okay. Well, I have to buy dessert for the cookout.

Cane: Um, Katherine said don't worry about it. She's got dessert.

Lily: No, no, no. My mom taught me never to go to a barbecue empty-handed, so, okay?

Cane: Okay. All right, go. Go. I'll meet you in there. I gotta make a phone call.

Lily: Okay.

Cane: Langley, it's me. By the time you get this-- look, I don't know if you'll even get this. It's--it's not gonna matter anymore. I took care of your problem. Everything is exactly now the way you want it.

Nina: No. No! No, this is not right. That man is not Phillip. I don't believe this.

Kay: Well, two D.N.A. tests say otherwise.

Nina: Cane got to them somehow.

Kay: You were in the room when he took the blood test. He could not have faked that.

Nina: Well, then he got to someone at the lab.

Kay: Oh, come on. Every step of the way was triple-checked.

Nina: (Sighs) This isn't right.

Kay: Think about it. If Cane is really Phillip, who is that young man that we both came to love so much?

Murphy: Well, you'll probably never know.

Nina: Unless we find his body.

Murphy: Well, what are the chances?

Nina: Paul contacted everyone who came into contact with Phillip the night he died, and everyone's accounted for except for the policeman who rode in the ambulance with him. That guy? He just disappeared just after that.

Murphy: Well, do you think it was some kind of s--payoff?

Nina: Yes, why not?

Kay: Uh, the bigger question is, why?

Nina: I don't know, but I'm gonna find out. Excuse me.

[Mary Jane remembering]

(Cat meows)

Mary Jane: Oh, kitty, you're alive.


Young Patty: Where are you? There you are. Hey. Oh! Don't run away! Oh, kitty, come here. Don't run away.

(Bell jingles)

Young Patty: I saw you in your office having sex with that woman. (Sobs) My God. Jack, how could you? I was pregnant with your baby. (Sobs) Oh, I can't lose my baby. (Groans) Not my baby! (Sobs) No!

Noah: Mom told me Jack's the father.

Nick: Yeah, he is.

Noah: Dude, you guys can't catch a break.

Nick: Son, you and Summer are the most important people in the world to me, all right? The rest will sort itself out.

Noah: Dad, is she gonna be okay?

Nick: Yeah. She has to.

Noah: (Sighs) I wish there was something I could do.

Nick: You're here.

Nick: Come here. I love you.

Noah: I love you, too.

Phyllis: Uh, hey.

Nikki: (Sighs) Hi, Darling.

Noah: Hey.

Phyllis: Summer. Summer, it's your big brother. It's Noah. Here, Sweetie.

Noah: Hey, "Sum bum." It's your favorite brother. Eden says hi. Hi.

Nikki: Hey. Why is Heather hanging around?

Paul: Um, about that... there is, uh, there is no easy way to ask this, but do you think there is even a possibility... (Sighs) That Phyllis might have done something?

Nikki: What are you talking about?

Paul: Do you think there's a chance that this wasn't an accident?

Nikki: (Whispers) You think-- you think that Phyllis did something to Summer?

Mary Jane: Once upon a time, there was a little girl who fell in love with a handsome prince. She believed all her dreams were going to come true. Later, she found out he wasn't exactly faithful to her. That's when she lost their baby. She discovered the real reason he married her was so he could be president of Jabot.

[Mary Jane remembering]

Young patty: I loved you, Jack, but I meant nothing to you. I have nothing to live for.


Jack: Patty! D-don't! My God, don't! I'm to blame. This is my fault. If anyone deserves to be shot, it's me. Shoot me.

(Gunshot) (Gunshot) (Gunshot)

Mary Jane: (Sighs)

Nikki: You think Phyllis intentionally hurt Summer? How can you even say such a thing? That is insane.

Paul: No, no. I agree with you.

Nikki: My God, is that why Heather's hanging around?

Paul: Someone came forward anonymously.

Nikki: (Sighs) You know, Phyllis may have done some very shameful things in her past, but she would never hurt her own child.

Paul: Well, that's what I think, but...

(Cell phone beeps)

Paul: Okay, that's the lab about Cane's D.N.A. test. I have to go.

Nikki: All right. Please get back to me as soon as you can.

Paul: I will. I'll find out...

Nikki: Yes.

Paul: Who the anonymous accuser is.

Nikki: Yes, please do.

Jack: You're here.

Sharon: Yeah, I-I said I'd come.

Jack: Well, I-I can show you what I'm doing upstairs.

Sharon: Um, Jack, I told you I-I'm not really ready to move back in yet.

Jack: Hey, regardless of where you live, our daughter is gonna need a nursery in this house. I'm tearing down the wall between two of the guestrooms. That way, if you want, there's space for you to be near the baby here.

Sharon: Jack, I'm not ready for all of this togetherness.

Jack: Okay, I've been pretty understanding with your ambivalence. Maybe you could cut me a little slack on my enthusiasm. Look, I-- I missed out on being any part of my own children's lives. I lived with that for a long time. I've just been given another chance. I'm gonna be there for our daughter. Hey, I'm pretty good with other people's kids. Maybe I could actually be a good dad to my own.

Mary Jane: Jack?

[Mary Jane remembering]

Young Patty: Jack, where are you? (Sobs) Paul, help me! I need you. I need my big brother. Someone! (Sobs) Anyone! (Sobbing)

Victor: I can give you what you want, make you the kind of woman that Jack Abbott will fall in love with-- sophisticated, dynamic, professional, all the qualities that he'll find desirable.

Young Patty: Why would you help me?

Mary Jane: I will do whatever you want if I can have Jack.

Sharon: He'll never be yours. You're just a plaything to him. He doesn't want you. He wants me, and he's gonna help me raise this baby.

Mary Jane: No.

Victor: I hope history won't repeat itself.

Mary Jane: (Gasps) (Gasps) (Breathing heavily)

Mary Jane: Oh, kitty. (Sighs) You are gonna love me, Jack. This time, there won't be other women. You're gonna be all mine.

Phyllis: Hey, Sweetie, when you wake up, your mommy and daddy are gonna be right here. We're gonna be the first ones you see.

(Door opens)

Heather: Excuse me, Phyllis. I'm gonna have to ask you to step away from your daughter.

Phyllis: What?

Wallace: We can't allow you near your daughter until we determine whether or not you pose a threat.

Nikki: Don't do this, Heather. You're making a mistake.

Phyllis: What? Wait.

Victor: Excuse me, what is this about?

Phyllis: Uh, wait. Wait a second.

Nick: A threat?

Phyllis: What are you talking about? I would never do anything to hurt my daughter. What are you talking about?

Heather: Is it true, Nick, that you and Phyllis separated before Summer fell ill?

Phyllis: What does that have to do with anything?

Heather: It's possible that you fed your daughter peanuts to get your husband's attention.

Nikki: Oh, my God.

Victor: I beg your pardon.

Phyllis: That's beyond insane. That's insane. You know, what you're saying right now is insane.

Wallace: Either you cooperate, or you'll be arrested for obstruction of justice.

Phyllis: Please. Go to hell.

Wallace: Look, if I take you to jail, you'll be away from your daughter for a long time. Is that what you want?

Phyllis: No, I'm not going anywhere. This is crazy.

Heather: Let's go, Phyllis.

Phyllis: I'm not going anywhere!

Wallace: Now, Mrs. Newman. Let's go.

Victor: You take your hands off of her now!

Phyllis: Let go of me. I'm not going anywhere! No! No!

Nick: She'll go.

Victor: Phyllis, kindly take this outside. Ms. Stevens, you have questions to answer. How dare you walk in here like this?

Phyllis: I'm gonna go for a second. I love you very much. I'm gonna go for a second, okay? Mommy will be right back.

Wallace: Now, Mrs. Newman. Come on.

Victor: You haven't heard the end of this, Ms. Stevens.

Nick: It'll be okay. We'll work this out.

Nikki: Phyllis, it'll be all right.

Heather: Come on. Come on. Come on.

Nikki: It'll be okay.

Heather: Come on.

Nikki: Oh, my God.

Victor: Do you have any idea what this is about?

Heather: Okay, thank you.

Phyllis: This is insanity. They have a guard in front of the door like I'm a criminal or something. Where is this coming from?

Nick: We're gonna figure it out.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Victor: I will call Michael Baldwin, okay?

Phyllis: Thank you.

Victor: He will handle this.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Heather: Nikki, this isn't what I wanted. I didn't have a choice.

Nikki: There are always choices.

Phyllis: I didn't-- I didn't give Summer peanuts. Guys, I didn't give Summer peanuts.

Nick: We know you didnít.

Phyllis: I didn't do this.

Nick: We know.

Nikki: Phyllis, we know you would never hurt her. We know.

Wallace: All right, I think you all should go on home now.

Heather: We're going to want to question you, Phyllis, so I trust you'll make yourself available.

Phyllis: Hey, um, all right. Can you--can you please-- can you please be there with Summer? Please?

Victor: We will take care of her. We will take care of her.

Phyllis: Please make sure you're there when she wakes up, Nikki. Please make sure you're there, because she's gonna be scared if family isn't with her.

Nikki: We will be there.

Phyllis: Victor, please?


Nikki: Don't worry.

Nick: Come on. Let's go.

Phyllis: Okay, you'll be there? You promise?

Nikki: Yes, absolutely. Yes.

Phyllis: (Sobs)

Jack: What do you mean, "Itís only a nursery"? We can decorate it, hire a designer if you want.

Sharon: Jack, stop. It's just too much, okay?

Jack: Okay. I'll back off.

Sharon: It's not you. It's me. I just--I need to be self-reliant. I need to provide a stable home for my baby.

Jack: That's what I'm doing. That's what this is--

Sharon: Okay, but listen to me, Jack. I need to do this on my own.

Jack: I want to be part of our little girl's life.

Sharon: You will be. Just give me some time, okay? Let me--let me figure this out, please. Please.

Jack: Okay. Okay.

Murphy: Look, I'm not saying she's not a good egg, but tofu burgers at a cookout? I mean, she's gotta be kidding.

Kay: I will speak to Esther.

Jill: Well, they released you from the hospital, did they?

Kay: This morning, yes.

Jill: And what was the diagnosis?

Kay: I'm fine, no thanks to you.

Jill: Ahh. I see Nina beat me over here with this.

Kay: Go ahead. Scream it out, Jill. "I told you so." Get it over with. Yes, the D.N.A. test proves that Cane is your son.

Jill: I'm just glad you're all right, Katherine.

Murphy: Uh, you think I can leave you girls alone for a minute? I gotta go scrape the grill.

Kay: I'm not in the mood to argue with anyone today, thank you.

Murphy: Oh, you-- you need anything, you give me a holler.

Kay: Thanks, Darling.

Jill: So how'd Nina take this?

Kay: Well, just imagine not knowing who the father of your son really is.

Jill: And how do you feel about it?

Kay: I'm glad it's settled. Cane's a good man.

Jill: Yeah, you know, in a funny, kind of warped way, it means we're still family.

Kay: Family after what you did to me yesterday? You practically left me for dead. So who in the hell needs a family like that?

Lily: I thought you were meeting me inside.

Cane: Yeah, I'm sorry. I was just daydreaming.

Lily: Ahh. Anything interesting?

Cane: Our marriage, my family and this life. It is the greatest gift I could ever ask for.

Lily: (Laughs) You keep saying it's a gift, but it's not. It's yours. You are Phillip Chancellor, and after today, nobody can question it.

Nina: Back to square one. (Sighs) I can't even help my son find out if his father's got the gene for Huntingtonís disease. This is such a mess. (Sighs) And how stupid is this? I'm talking to you, and you're not even here. God knows where you are. (Sighs) I loved you so much. And now I'm never gonna get any answers. Who are you? Where'd you come from? Why can't I accept that this person Cane is Phillip? Why?

Paul: Because you're right. He may not be. I just talked to the tech at the lab, and you are right. There's something wrong with Cane's blood test.

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Michael: The county has temporary custody of Summer, and the court will appoint a guardian.

Nikki: Our hands are tied?

Billy: It's kind of exciting, isn't it?

Mac: What, meeting secretly?

Nina: Where'd the blood come from, Cane?

Cane: Excuse me?

Nina: The blood--

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