Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/23/09

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/23/09 -- Canada; Wednesday 6/24/09 -- U.S.A.


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George: (Muttering)

Ashley: Hi.

George: Oh, hey.

Ashley: Hi, I'm looking for my daughter Abby. She's doing a photo shoot today.

George: Oh, you must be Ashley. Wow, and might I say the mother of "Restless Style's" next cover girl is equally as gorgeous.

Ashley: You're so sweet. Thank you so much.

George: Hey, listen, as long as you're here-- I'm George, fashion editor.

Ashley: Hi.

George: Can you just kind of nudge things along? It's, like, really, we're behind already. Just, you know...

Ashley: Yeah, yeah. Okay, I'll do my best.

Abby: Mom.

George: (Chuckles)

Ashley: Sweetie. (Chuckles)

Abby: Do you love it?

Ashley: Yeah, I love it.

Abby: (Chuckles)

Ashley: You look gorgeous. I love you.

Abby: Oh, I love you, too.

Michael: The fact that bail was denied takes us to a whole new level.

Kevin: Hey, sorry I'm late.

Michael: Hey.

Jana: Oh, I told you he'd make it.

Michael: Well, the guard just gave us a 5-minute warning.

Kevin: Oh, I got held up at the high school.

Jana: Yeah? How--how was the assembly? Was the whole silver chipmunk thing a hit?

Kevin: Uh, well, when I first got up to speak, I thought I was going to get booed off the stage. And get this-- I got a standing ovation. I couldn't believe it.

Jana: Wow, that's fantastic.

Kevin: Yeah, who knew so many people could respond to my inner nut?

Michael: (Chuckles)

Kevin: Anyway, enough about me. What is the plan to get you out of here?

Michael: Well, Jana and I were just discussing that. The whole idea that she was denied bail because of a past and dropped murder charge is-- it's completely unjust, which is why I've set up a meeting with Judge Collins to explain to her exactly what happened.

Kevin: Great. Great. What can I do to help?

Michael: I want you to get some of your silver chipmunk followers to write letters to the judge on her behalf.

Kevin: You--you really think shining a light on my criminal past will sway the judge in our favor?

Michael: Using public opinion helped Jana before when she was in trouble.

Jana: Well, I might be in some state penitentiary now if it weren't for you rallying those people.

Kevin: Yeah, and I would do it again in a second. I-I just think the less we mention the silver chipmunk, the better your chances are of getting out of here.

Michael: All right. Uh, I will let you know what the judge says.

Kevin: Okay, I'll be out in a sec.

Michael: Okay.

Kevin: (Sighs)

(Door closes)

Jana: (Sighs) It's hard to believe I'm back here again. I mean, I look around, and, god, it's as if this last year didn't even happen.

Kevin: Well, it did, and don't you forget that.

Jana: (Sighs) It looks so empty, doesn't it? I thought I'd be wearing my ring for the rest of my life.

Kevin: You're gonna wear your ring again, I promise. We're gonna get you out of here.

Eden: (Scoffs) Okay, seriously, I need to get back in there, and you have that photo shoot.

Noah: (Sighs heavily) I wish you were doing it with me.

Eden: Yeah, like Abby would ever let someone like me take her place.

Noah: "Someone like you"?

Eden: A social misfit-- in her words, "Freak."

Noah: She doesn't mean that.

Eden: Yeah, I don't care if she does mean it. It's like Kevin said at the assembly today. Embracing your inner chipmunk is a good thing.

Noah: Hmm. I'd rather embrace you. Mm, maybe...

Eden: (Chuckles)

Noah: I can skip the photo shoot, and you and I could go--

Eden: No, we canít. I canít. There are caffeine-deprived people counting on me.

Noah: (Sighs) At least come by the magazine when you're done.

Eden: I don't know.

Noah: I'll make sure Abby behaves.

Eden: I'll try.

Noah: Mm.

Eden: All right.

Daniel: Kevin's right. Jana not making bail is my fault, which is why we gotta figure out who's trying to set me up. I mean, that's the only way we're gonna be able to clear both of our names.

Daniel: What's this?

Amber: We're gonna make a grudge list.

Daniel: We're gonna make a what?

Amber: All the people from your past who might want to see you crash and burn. What are you waiting for? Start writing.

Victor: Yes?

Heather: I assume Adam's upstairs?

Victor: Come in. Kindly make it a short visit. I'm expecting a doctor to come by. He's going to take a look at Adam's eyes.

Heather: I thought Adam had already seen a few doctors.

Victor: He's running a special experiment, this doctor. Hopefully, Adam will benefit from it, okay?

(Doorbell rings)

Victor: Dr. Donahue. Thank you. Come in.

Dr. Donahue: Thank you.

Heather: Hi.

Victor: I'm anxious to get this going.

Heather: Dr. Donahue, I'm Heather Stevens.

Dr. Donahue: Ms. Stevens.

Heather: Nice to meet you.

Victor: Would you kindly inform Adam that the doctor's here?

Heather: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Doc, I appreciate you coming by.

Dr. Donahue: How can I say no to the man who bought our company so we could continue our research?

Victor: Well, if my son regains his eyesight, then it was worth every penny.

Adam: The vial of Botulinum toxin that you gave me earlier shattered. No, I don't have any more. Why the hell do you think I'm calling you? Look, I don't care about your scheduled surgery, Taylor. Victor has a specialist coming, okay? If I don't inject my eyes, he's gonna know I'm not blind, and I'm gonna end up back in prison. So cancel your stupid surgery and get the hell over here now.

(Knock on door)

Heather: Hey, there.

Adam: I was-- I was just calling you.

Heather: Oh, really? Well, I just got here a couple minutes ago, um, and I actually met Dr. Donahue.

Adam: He's here already?

Heather: Yeah, he's here. Victor told me about his research and that there might be a way he can help you.

Adam: No, he canít.

Heather: What are you talking about?

Adam: He--Victor's already had me poked and prodded by two different specialists, and not one of them have done a damn bit of good.

Heather: Well, maybe this one can help.

Adam: Look, no. I-I can't-- I can't go through this. I can't go through this again. I wonít.

Heather: Look, I understand your frustration.

Adam: How can you? (Sighs) Zapato has more freedom in this house than I do. I might as well be a dog with this choke collar around my ankle.

Heather: Look, I know how frustrating it is having to wear that monitor.

Adam: You love me, right?

Heather: Yeah. You know that I do.

Adam: Then help me find a way to get this thing off so we can be together, and I can be free of this house and my father for good.

Amber: (Sighs) What have you got?

Daniel: You know, maybe I'm in denial, but I can't think of a single person that would be mad at me enough to set me up for murder.

Amber: Well, you know, maybe it's someone you don't know. Maybe it's some nut who saw you on the cover of "Restless Style" or-- or someone you met on tour is totally obsessed with you.

Daniel: Mm, well, I don't think--you know, this is a little too serious to be your run-of-the-mill stalker.

Amber: Maybe it's not even about you.

Daniel: What do you mean? Like, the wrong place, wrong time? That kind of thing?

Amber: Or whoever is setting you up is, um, really after me.

Daniel: You?

Amber: Yeah, someone could be trying to get you out of the way to get to me.

Daniel: Baby, no offense, but I really don't think that this has anything to do with you, okay? Alex. Alex--he could definitely have it in for me.

Amber: Who's Alex?

Kevin: (Sighs)

Michael: Uh, I'll go check on Eden.

Kevin: I'm gonna go with you.

Daniel: Hey, Kevin. Look, Dude, I am really sorry about what happened to Jana, okay? And if you want to blame me, you have every right to.

Kevin: Yeah, you're right. I do. But I know that you didn't ask for any of this, either.

Daniel: Look, Amber and I, we were trying to figure out who would be mad at me enough to do this.

Kevin: What, do you think you were set up?

Daniel: Yeah, it looks that way.

Kevin: Well, did you come up with any names?

Amber: We didnít.

Daniel: She didnít. I was thinking maybe Alex.

Kevin: Wow. I haven't heard that name in a long time. I don't think he's smart enough to come up with a plan this complicated. Besides, he knows my mom still has that security footage of him assaulting Jana.

Amber: Okay, who is Alex?

Daniel: He's just this guy that Kevin and I got mixed up with a long time ago.

Kevin: I don't think he's a threat.

Girl: Hey, you're that guy that spoke at our school earlier.

Kevin: Uh... (Chuckles) Yeah. Yeah, that's me.

Girl: You're so awesome.


Kevin: (Laughs)

Amber: (Chuckles)

Eden: (Laughs) Here you go.

Michael: Well, Kevin and Jana sure knew what they were doing when they were asking you to cover.

Eden: I wanted to help. They've been so great to me. How is Jana anyway?

Michael: Hanging tough.

Eden: She must be totally freaking out. I remember how I felt when I was charged with stealing those books, and I didn't even have to go to jail.

Michael: Well, thank god that's behind us.

Eden: Yeah. It's scary how normal things are now, isn't it?

Michael: Mm, speaking of which, I forgot to congratulate you on your grades. I'm extremely proud of you. I know it hasn't been easy, especially in the beginning.

Eden: I really miss Dad. I still do. But as much as I loved that life on the ashram, it's--it's kind of nice having a real home.

Michael: (Chuckles) Well, meeting Noah probably made the transition to Genoa City a bit smoother, huh? I assume you two are, um, still together... and proceeding with caution.

Eden: Tell me we're not gonna have this talk.

Michael: It's a little late for that, huh? Uh, listen, I know you've talked to Lauren, and, um, you're welcome to talk to her and only her...

Eden: (Chuckles)

Michael: A-as many times as you feel like it. But I just want to make sure that you--you know that as serious as things seem when you, uh... I-I really don't think you should be in a rush to-- to grow up. Serious happens soon enough. Lauren and I, we like having you around for as long as you want to be there.

Abby: Here, Mom, take a seat.

Ashley: Okay.

Abby: You shouldn't even be out of the house.

Ashley: Oh, Dr. Taylor said its fine once in a while.

Abby: Are you thirsty?

Ashley: No, thank you.

Abby: Do you want something to eat?

Ashley: (Laughs) Honey, you don't have to take care of me. I'm fine.

Abby: I just know that you've been stressed lately 'cause of all the strange things that have been happening.

Ashley: I know, but that's over with now. Estella was arrested.

Abby: Victor told me. I know you guys found evidence against her, but still, part of me can't believe that she could do those things. I still think it might be--

Ashley: Honey, I didn't come here to talk about Adam or Estella. I came here to look at my little girl in the spotlight. I'm so proud of you.

(Door opens)

Abby: Aw. (Whispers) Oh, look. (Chuckles) (Normal voice) Look at you!

Noah: Do you have to?

Ashley: (Chuckles)

Abby: You look totally hot.

Noah: I look like a dork.

Ashley: You both look fabulous. You really do, and it's gonna be the biggest-selling cover ever.

Abby: (Chuckles)

Ashley: (Chuckles)

George: Okay, yeah, there won't be any cover if we don't get a move on. Come on, you guys.

Ashley: Oh, okay. Good luck there.

Noah: All righty.

Abby: Mom, I didn't mean to upset you about Adam. It's just, please be careful. I know even if he didn't do those things and Estella did, the guy totally creeps me out.

Ashley: Okay. Have a good shoot, Honey.

Abby: Thanks.

Adam: We can use this.

Heather: For what?

Adam: To cut this stupid thing off.

Heather: Adam. Adam. Adam. Stop it. Stop it. Give this to me. You--

Adam: Okay.

Heather: You can't even see what you're doing.

Adam: Then you do it, so I can get the hell out of here.

Heather: Look. Okay, look, I know this has been hell for you, okay? But maybe this doctor can actually help.

Adam: Give me the knife.

Heather: No.

Adam: I'll do it myself.

Heather: No! Because as soon as you do, there will be cops swarming this place. Why would you want to leave now when you finally have reason to hope?

Adam: Okay, you're right. You're right. I guess, uh, I've just been so on edge lately, with Victor accusing me of terrorizing Ashley and now with this doctor coming in, it just feels like another way of telling me he doesn't trust me.

Heather: Okay. But even if that's the case, Victor will see how wrong he's been once the doctor examines you.

Adam: (Scoffs) Right.

Heather: (Sighs) Hey, look, I'm on your side. Okay? Remember that?

Adam: I do.

Heather: Okay. I wish I could be here for the exam, but I have to be at the courthouse.

Adam: Go. Go.

Heather: All right. Promise me that you're gonna give this a chance.

Adam: I'll try.

Heather: Okay. All right, I'll call you later to see how it went, okay?

Victor: I'm sure Heather told you the doctor was here.

Adam: (Sighs) Why do you hate me?

Victor: What are you talking about, son?

Adam: This is just another way of setting me up to fail.

Victor: I don't understand your way of thinking, but I think you owe it to your mother, I owe it to your mother, for you to take advantage of an opportunity she didn't have. This doctor that's waiting for you now is involved in an experiment that might help your eye condition, son. So pull yourself together, okay? Come on downstairs. We'll be waiting.


Amber: Um, l-let me get this straight. You heard Kevin speak--

Daniel: (Stammers) Correction. You heard the silver chipmunk speak.

Amber: Right. Right. And now you're starting a crazy chipmunk club in his honor?

Girl: We thought we were the only freaks, but he proved that we weren't alone.

Kevin: Uh, thanks, I think, and, um, and good luck, I guess.

Amber: Yeah, go for it.

Daniel: Yeah, nuts forever.


Amber: You're a total celeb.

Kevin: How weird is that?

Daniel: No, I'll tell you what's weird, is that you are a role model to 16-year-old misfits.

Amber: (Chuckles)

Michael: Well, I think it's great.

Eden: Okay, they want to book the silver chipmunk as a speaker for a peace and wellness retreat.

Kevin: What? Seriously?


Michael: This will prove to the judge that you're serious about your rehabilitation.

Daniel: Man, I don't believe this.

Michael: No, no. It might also help Jana's image that her husband is this role model to young people everywhere.

Kevin: (Groans) Come on. One motivational speech does not a motivational speaker make, or something.

Eden: Okay, you're the best speaker that I've ever heard who came to school, you know what? And I love the whole crazy chipmunk club idea.

Amber: Well, you definitely have a target audience.

Daniel: And apparently, you're making people happy, which is even better.

Kevin: Yeah, I guess. Who knew going off the deep end would turn out to be a good thing?

Victor: Is there any way, Doctor, that someone could fake the condition of retinitis pigmentosa?

Dr. Donahue: (Chuckles) That's an odd question.

Victor: Humor me.

Dr. Donahue: Well, I suppose under a typical physical exam, it's possible. But the equipment I use is highly sophisticated.

Victor: What about margin of error?

Dr. Donahue: None.

[Adam imagining]

I've just completed all the testing, and I'm sorry to say, it's been a huge waste of time.

Victor: I don't understand.

Dr. Donahue: Your son doesn't have retinitis pigmentosa or any other degenerative eye disease. In fact, his eyes are completely normal.

Victor: In other words, he has been faking it all along?

Dr. Donahue: There's no other explanation.

Victor: I knew it. I knew it. You've been faking it all along. You have been torturing Ashley and the unborn child, haven't you? Haven't you?! I should kill you for that. But instead, I'm going to let you rot in prison for the rest of your life.


Adam: (Gasps)

Victor: Son, where are you going? The doctor is waiting for you.

Amber: Hmm. You know, Murphyís a member. Maybe he set it up.

Kevin: Mm, somehow, I can't picture him telling his lodge members to embrace their inner nut.

Amber: Why not? You know, anyone who sits around playing bingo with antlers on their head has to be a little crazy, right?

Michael: No, listen, like I said. All these appearances can only help Jana's case. Well, I gotta see a judge about bail.

Kevin: Call me as soon as you hear anything.

Michael: You got it.

Daniel: Michael.

Michael: Huh? What?

Daniel: Can I talk to you for a second?

Michael: Yeah, make it quick.

Amber: I'm proud of you.

Kevin: What did I do?

Amber: You turned this whole chipmunk nightmare into something inspirational.

Kevin: Well, it was all your idea, you know, getting me on that radio show.

Amber: (Sighs) Now if I could just do something to turn things around for Daniel. You know, my grudge list idea was a total bust.

Kevin: Aw, must be tough being so well-liked.

Amber: (Scoffs) Yeah, tell me about it, right?


Kevin: You know, maybe limiting ourselves to Daniel's enemies isn't the best idea, right? I mean, this whole setup affected all of us. Maybe we should start to think about someone we know that might want to ruin our lives, huh?

Amber: Yeah, I just can't imagine who that would be.

Daniel: Okay, the feds, they, uh, connected me to this fake Aucker because I was in his cell phone, right?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: So what if there's information in that cell phone that we could use? You know, information about who this guy really was or who his accomplices are?

Michael: Well, that information will be released during the discovery phase of this trial. Until then, thereís nothing we can do.

Daniel: Are you sure?

Michael: Nothing within the confines of the law.

Daniel: Right. Right.

Michael: I appreciate your wanting to help, but there's been enough of people taking matters into their own hands. Now you make one false move, the judge is gonna revoke your bail, and you will find yourself in a cell opposite Jana.

Daniel: Hey, Michael, I'm just saying...

Michael: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: Baby, I was beginning to worry about you.

Ashley: Oh, you're so silly. I'm fine.

Victor: And the baby?

Ashley: Oh, feel that. Feel it?

Victor: I don't feel anything, unh-unh.

Ashley: No?

Victor: No, nothing right now.

Ashley: Really? Oh, well. Next time.

Victor: How was the photo shoot with Abby?

Ashley: She loves...

Victor: Really?

Ashley: The spotlight, yes.

Victor: Yes?

Ashley: I didn't want to make her feel self-conscious, though, so I left. What's going on?

Victor: Oh, this is Dr. Donahue. He's trying to determine whether Adam would be a good subject for his experimental trial.

Ashley: Ahh.

Dr. Donahue: You can relax now.

Victor: Dr. Donahue, this is Ashley Abbott.

Ashley: Hello.

Victor: So what'd you find?

Dr. Donahue: Unfortunately, this has been a waste of time.

Victor: What do you mean it's been "A waste of time"?

Dr. Donahue: I've discovered something quite disturbing that doesn't really make sense.

Adam: Just-- just say it already.

Dr. Donahue: There are puncture wounds in the cornea.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Dr. Donahue: It appears Adam's been injecting something into his eyes.

Ashley: What?

Noah: (Sighs)

George: My God, you guys were awesome. Mrs. C. better watch out 'cause you guys could double her circulation numbers, and you, man, you should think about this. This totally works on you.

Noah: Mm-hmm.

George: All right. Later, dudes.

Abby: He's totally right about the clothes, you know. They're very you.

Noah: Yeah, me from another planet.

Abby: Well, I love them, and I could definitely get used to somebody doing my hair and makeup every day.

Noah: You mean you don't already have that?

Abby: No.

Noah: Your dad gives you everything else.

Abby: Yeah, well, who got the new car for his birthday?

Noah: (Laughs) Okay, yeah, Grandpa's great. He's definitely been around more than my dad lately.

Abby: Victor said that Nick and your mom are back together.

Noah: For now.

Abby: He said they're looking for a house.

Noah: Huh. I'll never live in it.

Abby: You're just gonna crash at the ranch forever?

Noah: I'll get my own place.

Abby: You're 16. You can't even vote.

Noah: (Sighs) Can you keep a secret?

Abby: Yeah.

Noah: I'm thinking about divorcing my parents. Once that happens, I can do whatever I want.

Kevin: Uh-oh.

Amber: What?

Kevin: I know that look. Something's going on. Spill it.

Amber: You're nuts.

Kevin: Yeah, I know. Now tell me that I'm right.

Amber: No, you're not right. I promise. Nothing is up, okay?

Daniel: Hey, Kevin, you got a second?

Amber: You know what? I'm gonna go check my e-mail.

Kevin: Um, look, if you're gonna apologize again about Jana--

Daniel: No, no, no, no. I'm--I'm not. But I think that I have an idea that might help set her free.

Kevin: Okay. You gonna tell me?

Daniel: The key is we gotta find out who the third guy in that alley was. I mean, we figure that out, we got our murderer, right? And then Jana and I are off the hook.

Kevin: Cool. Any ideas how we do that?

Daniel: First, we gotta get the victim's cell phone.

Kevin: The one that the feds found your name and number in?

Daniel: That one.

Kevin: Mm, okay. So who are we gonna do that?

Daniel: Well, it would probably be in an evidence locker.

Kevin: So what do you think? That Michael is just gonna go in there and get it for us?

Daniel: No, I don't think that at all.

Kevin: Well, then how are we-- hell, no. No. Are you crazy? No. No.

Daniel: Kevin, do it for the woman you love.

Victor: What have you been doing?

Dr. Donahue: The puncture wounds I saw were undoubtedly the results of a hypodermic needle.

Victor: Is that what you've been doing? Hmm?

Adam: (Scoffs) No. I-I-I have no idea what he's talking about.

Victor: Is that why you didn't want to see the doctor? Because you were afraid that you were gonna be caught? Is that it?

Adam: N-no, it's not true.

Victor: What kind of a sick monster are you? You're the one who's been torturing Ashley, aren't you?

Adam: N-no. No.

Victor: Aren't you?!

Adam: No, it's not true!

Victor: Then what is true?

Dr. Donahue: I've seen addicts try to hide their addiction this way.

Adam: I'm not a drug addict.

Victor: Then what is it? What are you? You tell me the truth. Otherwise, I'm gonna have your ass hauled back to prison. You got that?

Adam: That's where it happened--in prison.

Victor: Don't you B.S. me.

Adam: No, that's where I started to lose focus. And--and--and I couldn't see things. Other people noticed it, too.

Victor: I said, don't you B.S. me!

Adam: Look--look, the sick animals I was forced to live with, they jumped me. I-I had no idea what was going on, but they were taunting me about my blindness, and then all of a sudden, I felt this incredibly sharp pain in my eyes. It was like-- it was like nothing I've ever felt before in my life. I-I thought I was gonna die.

Ashley: Are you saying they were stabbing you in the eyes with hypodermic needles?

Adam: Well, yeah, a-at the time, I had no idea what was going on, but, you know, with what Dr. Donahue just said, yeah, that's what they did. That's what they did.

Victor: Why didn't you mention this before?

Adam: Well, I didn't mention a lot of things before because, uh, you know, I was always too afraid you--I had to man up for you. You always told me I-I couldn't, uh, show any weakness.

Victor: Dr. Donahue, could he have injected something into his eyes to fool other doctors?

Dr. Donahue: My tests indicate that Adam's been suffering from the disease for some time now.


Heather: I'll save you a trip.

Michael: (Sighs) Excuse me?

Heather: Well, I assume you're going to see Judge Collins about granting Jana bail.

Michael: And what about that?

Heather: Well, the judge has just finished reviewing Jana's case history. And in light of her, um, recent criminal activity, she feels the medical condition that previously caused us to vacate charges against Jana is no longer a viable reason to dismiss her case.

Michael: That case was closed over a year ago.

Heather: Well, it's open now.

Michael: Why would you do that? There are no grounds.

Heather: Well, that's your opinion.

Michael: All right, you know, let's just get through this new case, and if Jana's found guilty, which she won't be, then let's talk about her history.

Abby: Why would you want to divorce your parents?

Noah: (Sighs) It's actually called being emancipated.

Abby: Whatever. Why do it?

Noah: Because I'm sick of all the back and forth. Today, they want me to move in with them so we can be a family again. Tomorrow, they'll decide they made a mistake, and I'll be back at the ranch.

Abby: I get how much it sucks to be bounced around when your parents are trying to get their acts together. I mean, I did it my whole life with Victor and my dad before he died.

Noah: And you'll probably go through it again. Not me.

Abby: I'd still rather be with my family than out on the street digging through garbage cans.

Noah: (Chuckles) I'm not gonna be homeless.

Abby: No, you'll live in a tacky 1-bedroom apartment eating those nasty ramen noodles every day.

Noah: I may like those noodles.

Abby: No way.

Noah: Look, I-I don't need a chef to make me meals or a driver to take me to school. I'll probably be better off without it.

(Elevator door opens)

Abby: This was all Eden's idea, wasn't it?

Eden: What was?

Abby: To be free. Isn't that what you hippies live for?

Noah: (Sighs)

Abby: And now you want Noah to leave his parents so he can go play house with you in some commune where everybody shares a bathroom and takes turns cooking mushrooms.

Noah: Oh, I-it wasn't Eden's idea. It was mine, okay?

Eden: What are you talking about?

Abby: If Noah should be emancipated from anyone, it's you.

Noah: Okay, time to go. Come on.

Abby: Do you really want to wear sandals all year long? Next, she's gonna be wanting you to live in a tepee.

Eden: (Mockingly) Oh, without electricity? Oh, my God, what would I do with my flatiron?

Abby: Can't you see that she's ruining your life? Noah, listen to me. This is a huge mistake, and you're gonna regret it.

Noah: (Sighs) Look, don't listen to her. I'm sorry.

Eden: (Normal voice) About Abby, or what you're wearing?

Noah: Hey, this is what all the emancipated kids are wearing this season.

Eden: Yeah, look. Um, I've been meaning to talk to you about that.

Noah: Later. Right now, I have to show you these plaid boxers they made me wear.

Eden: Okay.

Noah: Come on.

Eden: All right.

Noah: This way. Just...

Eden: (Laughs)

Victor: So there's no question that Adam has his mother's disease?

Dr. Donahue: None. Unfortunately, the injections damaged the muscles and nerves in his eyes, which means he can't participate in the trial, let alone benefit from the results.

Victor: Then there's nothing that can be done?

Dr. Donahue: The damage has been done. The disease will run its course.

Victor: And the outcome?

Dr. Donahue: Permanent blindness. I'm sorry.

Victor: (Sighs) (Sighs) So am I.

Amber: "Amber Moore."

(Computer dings)

Amber: Whoa. I had no idea I was such an internet celeb. Huh. Wow. Oh, "This girl is hot, hot, hot." "Give me more Amber Moore." "Give it up, b-I-t-c-h." Hmm. All from the same e-mail address.

Amber: (Sighs) "Hey, Ali, long time, no hear. I think I might have a cyber-stalker. Since we were on some of the web sites together, I was wondering if he targeted you, too. Text me."

Kevin: So tell me, why am I supposed to go and get the phone?

Daniel: 'Cause that's your thing, man. Remember the pawnshop? The receipt for Mrs. C.'s ring?

Kevin: Yeah. Look, you heard Michael. To help Jana's case, I'm supposed to show the judge how rehabilitated I am. Getting arrested and thrown in jail? Not gonna accomplish that.

Daniel: Now let me ask you a question. Do you have any idea what Jana went through while you were on the run? That girl didn't eat. She didn't sleep. She pushed herself even though she was exhausted and having those headaches. And then when you finally came back, she stood by you, even when you didn't recognize her. I mean, that girl-- that girl would have walked on hot coals for you. I just hope that she never has to find out that you couldn't do the same for her.

Jana: (Sighs) Well, that was fast. What'd the judge say? Did you convince her that I'm obviously not a menace to society?

Michael: Well, after reviewing your case history, Collins is, uh, leaning strongly toward reopening the murder case.

Jana: But that case is closed. I mean, the charges were dropped.

Michael: I know, I know. The way I see it, Heather Stevens is trying to connect these two cases together to ensure a conviction this time around.

Jana: (Sighs) My God, I should have known this would happen again. (Sighs heavily) I got off way too easy the last time.

Michael: What are you talking about? You spent months in jail.

Jana: I killed someone, Michael.

Michael: You were sick. You had a tumor.

Jana: (Sniffles) I took--I took someone's life. It--it doesn't matter what made me do that.

Michael: Oh, please. Oh, come on. Look, what about all the good things you-- (Whispering) What about all the good things you've done? That must count for something. You turned my brother's life around. He's always needed someone to believe in him, and you gave that to him unconditionally. And, uh, if you'll remember, I had my doubts about you some time past. But you proved me wrong. Jana, you're the real thing. So I've gotta believe that Buddha or god or whoever's in control of this whole karma thing has to know what you've got going on in--in there in your heart.

Jana: God, I'm so lucky to have you and Kevin in my life. I really am.


Michael: What, are you kidding? We're lucky, and we know it. So there is no way that I'm letting you slip through our fingers.

Jana: But what if Heather Stevens is really adamant about putting me away?

Michael: You let her try. I am gonna pull out every trick in the book to make sure she doesn't succeed, hmm?

Jana: (Chuckles)

Victor: He didn't want to see the doctor in the worst way. He was afraid he'd be let down again. (Sighs)

Ashley: Well, at least we know he's telling the truth. He didn't send the statue head, and he couldn't have done all those other things, either.

Victor: Mm. I should have seen to it that he got out of prison sooner. They were beating him up. I saw the evidence. And yet, I kept on thinking that he was playing me for a fool. So I guess my son is paying for my mistake. (Sighs)

Adam: (Grunts)

(Knock on door)

Ashley: Adam?

Adam: (Sighs)

Ashley: Adam...

Ashley: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry about everything. Victor is, too. He feels terrible about getting your hopes up. And he feels terrible about suspecting you of having anything to do with the things that have been going on here. You're gonna get through this, just like your mom did. We're gonna help you. I'm gonna help you. Adam, I never could have gotten through the last few months if it hadn't been for you. You've been there for me and my baby so many times. Thank you so much. Please let me be there for you now. Please? I'm so sorry, Adam. I'm so, so sorry.

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Jack: I thought you said this was an important Jabot matter.

Noah: You guys are too screwed up to run your own lives, let alone mine.

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