Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/16/09

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/16/09 -- Canada; Wednesday 6/17/09 -- U.S.A.


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Adam: No, no.

Sabrina: Is a recurring motif in these works.

Adam: Come on! Stop!

Sabrina: There is no escape.

Adam: Make it stop.

Sabrina: "Black as death"...

Victor: What are you doing?

Sabrina: Is a recurring motif in these works.

Adam: I-I don't know what's going on. It--it just started doing this.

Sabrina: There is no escape. "...As death" is a recurring motif in these works.

Ashley: That's Sabrina’s voice. That's the voice I heard on the phone, and it's coming from your computer?

Adam: I-I know. I don't know. I don't know what to do.

Sabrina: Is a recurring motif these works.

Victor: Are you tormenting Ashley? Is that what this is all about?

Sabrina: There is no escape.

Billy: Hey.

Raul: Took your sweet time.

Billy: What? Did you think I was gonna sit around and wait for your phone call, sweetheart? (Chuckles) I had work to do, man.

Raul: What, picking out $6,000 shower curtains for your office?

Billy: I don't have a shower in my office. I have assistants who give me sponge baths.

Raul: I swear, I am in the wrong field.

Billy: Yeah. So is Mac gonna be joining us?

Raul: No, she's working.

Billy: Mm. Well, um, I guess I'm just second choice then. I-I see how it is.

Raul: Who--who--whose face would you rather see across the table here?

Billy: Good point.

Raul: (Laughs)

Billy: You know, she probably could have got time off if she knew you were coming into town.

Raul: I didn't even know I was coming into town.

Billy: Well, you looked pretty worried about her last night.

Raul: Yeah, I-- after Chloe called me.

Billy: I'm sorry. After what?

Raul: She didn't tell you?

Mac: Chloe.

Chloe: (Sighs) Wow. Well, you're here. You're at home. There's just no escaping you, is there?

Mac: Is that what you're trying to do? Hide from me? 'Cause I looked for you all last night and this morning.

Chloe: Okay. So you found out that I was the one who called Raul and told him to pay a visit to you?

Mac: It's kind of a strange thing to do.

Chloe: Not really, no. It's just your typical mama bear instinct.

Mac: So this was about protecting your daughter?

Chloe: I do prefer my husband to, I don't know, spend time with his family than with you.

Mac: You're not wearing your ring. I guess that time together didn't really work out the way you hoped it would.

Chloe: Well, I see that you are wearing your ring, so it shouldn't really matter where things stand with Billy and me, right?

Cane: So what do you think?

Lily: I think putting the couch in the office was a brilliant idea.

Cane: Oh, but that's not what I meant. I meant... (Whispers) Do you think we just made a baby?

Lily: (Laughs) Um, I don't know. It's a little hard to tell.

Cane: (Sighs)

Lily: But do we have to name the baby Jimmy if it was conceived here?

Cane: (Normal voice) Mm... no, unless you want a million kids named Jimmy.

Lily: Uh, a million?

Cane: Oh, mm-hmm. Why? How many do you want?

Lily: I don't know. Maybe two?

Cane: Three? Four? Six?

Lily: Six?

Cane: Six. Well, it's not a million.

Lily: Well, it may as well be. What, you want to grow your own basketball team?

Cane: Well, what can I say? I grew up alone. It was lonely.

Lily: Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore, because with or without kids, we have your family and my family, and, yeah, they're a bit kooky, but--

Cane: Mm, you think? It doesn't matter. I'll take family any way I can get it.

Woman: This one's smudged.

Jill: Let me see. It's fine.

Woman: It's smudged. Redo it. You got somewhere else you gotta be?

Jill: No. No, I don’t.

Woman: Where was I?

Jill: Your daughter-in-law.


Woman: You've never met a piece of work like her.

Jill: Trust me. I bet I have.

Nina: My son deserves to know the truth about his father, which means we have to know the truth about Cane, as well.

Kay: We already know the truth, for heaven sakes.

Nina: Katherine, there were two D.N.A. tests with different results. You and Jill chose to believe the one that told you what you wanted to hear.

Kay: No, that's not it at all. No.

Nina: It must've seemed like God was giving you a second chance, a do-over. I've seen how you and Jill fawn over Cane. Nothing is too good for him.

Kay: Listen--

Nina: You know, if Phillip had gotten that kind of love and support, he might still be here.

Kay: We all-- all have to live with those regrets and guilt.

Nina: Which is why you accepted Cane so easily.

Kay: Oh, it wasn't easy. You weren't here. You have no idea what we went through. I mean, you don't even know Cane.

Nina: I don't want to know Cane. I don't give a damn about Cane.

Kay: It isn't just resentment about Cane, is it, Nina? There's a little more going on.

Nina: So much more than you can imagine.

Cane: So how many of those ones?

Lily: We have four. So now I know why you wanted to have so many kids-- so you can put them to work and make them take inventory.

Cane: There is a thought. But you know what? There are other things I'm thinking about right now.

Lily: (Chuckles)

Cane: That's not what I was gonna say, but if you insist...

Lily: Oh, okay. What were you gonna say?

Cane: Oh, I think I should take my mom out to lunch. She seems a little down lately.

Lily: Yeah, that's a really good idea.

Cane: You want to come?

Lily: Yeah, of course. I mean, I have a few errands to run, but I can meet up with you guys. I just--I don't know. I feel really bad for Jill.

Cane: Yeah, she's lost so much. Her relationship with Katherine's a mess. She hasn't got a job.

Lily: Well, imagine if she didn't have you in her life. It's like, even with everything that she's lost, she still has you.

Nina: A day hasn't gone by since Phillip died that I haven't thought about him.

Kay: Well, Darling, you've been raising his son.

Nina: Trying to make it up to him.

Kay: Make it up to him?

Nina: Phillip would still be alive if I hadn't been so stubborn, if I had just faced the fact that he was drinking. Its part of the reason he died.

Kay: Honey, you were just a child yourself. I mean, I would have thought you would have made peace with all of this.

Nina: Peace? With that image in my head of Phillip reaching out to his son from his deathbed?

Kay: But you have done everything that Phillip would have wanted for his son, and he's grown into a fine young man.

Nina: Who still needs his father?

Kay: No wonder meeting Cane and hearing his story is so upsetting to you.

Nina: That's not my issue with Cane.

Kay: And you see him living Phillip's life-- happy, loved.

Nina: You know, I would be happy for him if I thought he was for real. I'm not so bitter that I--

Jill: Oh, no, no, no. Of course not. No, you're not bitter at all, are you?

Nina: No, I'm not.

Jill: Well, then tell me something. Why are you trying to tear apart what is left of my family by attacking my son this way?

Nina: The irony here is fascinating.

Kay: Oh, here we go.

Nina: You are the world's leading expert on worming your way into families. You did it with the Chancellors. You did it with the Abbotts. If anyone should see a con coming a mile off, it would be you.

Jill: Well, I saw you coming.

Nina: You were just convinced that all I cared about was the Chancellor name and money.

Jill: And I was right.

Nina: (Scoffs) Okay, fine, but no one dare question Cane, right? I could drive a semi through the holes in this guy's story. How can you people trust him?

Adam: (Sighs) Ashley, this isn't what it looks like.

Victor: Son, you're dealing with me now.

Adam: I didn't do this. It wasn't me. I-I got an e-mail. I clicked on it, and then, uh, Sabrina's voice. I mean, it scared the hell out of me.

Victor: There are no recent e-mails.

Adam: (Sighs) I deleted it, but it--it wouldn't stop. Uh, you know, maybe I downloaded a virus or something. M-maybe the e-mail was a trigger for a virus.

Victor: Or, son, maybe this is what I have thought it would be all along. You're behind this-- the baby crying, the scrapbook, the phone calls.

Adam: Ashley, please, you have to know, I would never hurt you.

Ashley: I don't know what to believe right now. I-I want to go lay down.

Victor: I'm gonna get to the bottom of this, okay?

Ashley: Yeah.

Adam: Look, somebody is-- somebody is using me as a cover.

Victor: Are you playing me for a fool?

Adam: No, come on. Think--think about it. I'm the perfect victim. What, are you gonna beat a blind man?

Victor: Are you playing me for a fool? Hmm?

Adam: Dad, calm down, okay?

Victor: Hmm?

Adam: Just--

Victor: Don't you tell me to calm down! Have you been gas lighting Ashley?

Adam: Are--are you serious? You're serious? How stupid do you think I am?

Victor: You expect me to believe that someone was setting you up?

Adam: It's-- it's the only thing that makes any sense. Come on, Victor, think, okay? A blind man wearing an ankle bracelet that tracks his every move is roaming around your estate undetected? The--the--the tape recorder that had the crying baby on it, that was found out by the barn. Do you know how many alarms I'd be setting off?

Victor: Somebody could have put it there, someone who'd do anything for you.

Adam: (Scoffs) Who? What--what, uh, Heather? The assistant D.A.? Come on, you can-- you can't be serious. God, Victor, the mental contortions that you're putting yourself through to try and prove that this is me, when it can't possibly be. Estella-- e-Estella was here today. She snuck into the place, supposedly to--to drop off some old paperwork.

Victor: So Estella’s framing you? Is that what you're saying?

Adam: No, I-I don't-- I don't know who's doing it, but whoever it is, they--they obviously wouldn't have to work very hard now, would they? You suspected me from the beginning.

Victor: With good reason.

Adam: Ahh. (Chuckles) Oh, there-- there it is, right there. There's the--the hard truth. Y-you brought this doctor in here, carted him in here to examine me to prove that I wasn't blind. You want me to be guilty.

Victor: Listen very carefully. If you're behind this, if you're the one who's gas lighting the woman that I love, who's carrying my child, God help you.

(Door closes)

Adam: (Exhales)


Adam: (Sighs)

Mac: So now you're not avoiding me?

Chloe: (Clears throat) (Sighs) I don't get you.

Mac: What's to get?

Chloe: All I did-- all I did was call Raul and tell him that you needed him, and he hopped on the next flight, and he came out here. Now that's amazing. That is a great guy.

Mac: Yeah, I know.

Chloe: Well, I'm not sure you do, the way that you look at my husband.

Mac: We're not having this conversation.

Chloe: Look, I understand why you look at him. He's a great-looking guy. He is. But he's also irresponsible. He's--he's insensitive. He's infuriating. I mean, yeah, the sex is great, but--but the drama-- the drama is exhausting, and it is constant.

Mac: You may not get me, but I see right through you.

Chloe: Mac, I'm trying to be straight with you, okay? The fantasy-- the fantasy of Billy is one thing, but the reality is another, and I don't know if you can handle it. I mean, believe me, I can't handle it, and I eat dysfunction for breakfast.

Mac: Maybe he wants to be more than you can handle.

Chloe: Oh, okay. So we're playing that game. All right. So I am just not the right girl, but you are, and you can change him. And you can, I don't know, fix those little boy wounds?

Mac: I'm not saying that.

Chloe: He will not change for anyone, not even for his own daughter, who he loves a lot. He loves that little girl. So you just think about that. Think about that before you throw away a guy who worships you. He loves you. He believes in you. Because Billy will never change. He will never change for anyone. Think about that.

Billy: Thanks. So... (Clears throat) How'd that happen?

Raul: Mac and me?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Raul: Uh, I don't know. It--it was the last thing that either of us had expected, that's for sure. You know, it was just, it was good to have somebody to talk to from home.

Billy: Yeah?

Raul: Mm-hmm. Well, you know, and-- and you hear something funny, and--and you think, oh, I gotta tell Mac. She'll laugh at that, you know?

Billy: (Clicks tongue)

Raul: And then after a while, you--you start thinking of stuff to make her laugh, you know? Oh, and then-- then you hear her laugh at something some other guy said, and--and you go, "Oh, what? That just doesn't feel right," you know?

Billy: So you just fell into it, I guess, huh?

Raul: Yeah, I would say so. Is this weird at all for you?

Billy: What? What? What?

Raul: Talking about me, uh, me and Mac--

Billy: No, no, no. Come on, man, I asked you, right? I mean--

Raul: I know, it's just-- I unders--

Billy: It's-- look, you deserve to be happy.

Raul: Doesn't everybody?

Billy: No, actually, that's a myth, okay? That's a myth, because some people, they deserve every ounce of misery that's coming their way.

Raul: Wow. Damn, that is dark, bro.

Billy: Yeah, well, I mean, what do you want?

Raul: I know what's going on, Billy. It's pretty obvious.

Billy: (Clears throat) What do you mean, man?

Raul: You and Chloe.

Billy: Oh, yeah. (Chuckles) Chloe...

Raul: No, you've been-- you've been off ever since I mentioned her. Are you guys still separated?

Billy: Yeah. She gave me the ring back last night, actually...

Raul: (Groans)

Billy: So...

Raul: I'm sorry, man. I was hoping you guys would work things out.

Billy: Well, that's how it goes, so...

(Cell phone rings)

Raul: (Clears throat) Hey, gorgeous. I thought you were working. Uh, Billy and I were gonna go play some hoops, um, but he actually just bailed, and I'm free. Okay. I'll see you soon. Thanks, man.

Billy: No problem.

Jill: Are they paying screenwriters by the scandal these days? Isn't her life full of pain and misery enough? Why do you have to go digging for more? Why are you making this up?

Nina: Yeah, Cane is the one making things up.

Jill: That is ridiculous.

Kay: This is no way to go about this.

Nina: It doesn't matter what I say. She's not going to listen to me.

Jill: Well, you got that right.

Nina: You know what's pathetic? Is you finally start acting like a mother, and he's not even your son.

Jill: Oh. Oh.

Kay: Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill--

Jill: You listen to me. You try to sell this pack of lies, and I will sue you. I'll sue your director. I will sue the studio. I will take you for everything you have. And then, missy, I will sell your story. How would you like the world to know what a conniving little bitch you are?

Kay: All right, enough! That is enough.

Nina: And I'm...

Kay: Both--both of you.

Nina: Through arguing. I'm gonna do what I have to do for my son.

Jill: Really? And what is that?

Nina: I'm having Phillip's body exhumed.

[Cane walks into the room]

[Mac remembering]

Billy: (Sighs) Oh, wow. You are so beautiful. Oh, yeah.

(Knock on door)


Billy: Oh, man, somebody wants a Jimmy burger really bad.

Mac: They'll survive.

Billy: Okay.


Raul: Mac, are you in there?

Mac: It's Raul.

Raul: Bar's closed?

Mac: Uh, for inventory. I'd forgotten about it. That's why I wanted you to meet me here. It's a lot more private than the house.

Raul: I like the sound of that. There's something serious on your mind.

Mac: How could you tell?

Raul: Oh, you do this little thing when you're nervous.

Mac: What thing?

Raul: (Laughs) I'm not gonna tell you. That's how I always beat you at cards. You don't have to be nervous. You can tell me anything.

Mac: Okay, uh, I don't know how to say this, so I'm just-- I'm just gonna say it. I haven't been completely honest with you.

(Cell phone rings)

Chloe: Hello?

Billy: Third time I called.

Chloe: First time I answered. What do you want?

Billy: I want to talk to you.

Chloe: Okay, talk.

Billy: In person. I'd also like to see Delia.

Chloe: Well, Delia’s with my mom, and I am doing research for "Restless Style." I'm really busy. You, uh, want to meet later?

Billy: I'm at the club.

Chloe: All right, well, we'll get there when we can.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Cane: You want to exhume Phillip's body?

Jill: Listen, don't pay any attention to her, okay?

Nina: It shouldn't make any difference to you, Cane, if you are who you say you are.

Cane: Do you realize how much this family's gone through? Do you know how much pain you're causing?

Nina: Oh, please, don't give me the big speech about how much you love this family, okay? You just don't want me blowing your cover.

Jill: Oh, my God.

Kay: All right, calm down, everybody, please.

Cane: She's obsessed, and she's been like this since she came back to town.

Nina: Get used to it.

Cane: You're insane.

Jill: Look, let me handle it.

Cane: She's attacking me.

Jill: No, no, no, no. She's using you to get to me.

Nina: (Laughs)

Kay: Cane. Cane, I want you to go home. Now, um, there's--trust me. There's a lot of history going on here, and you don't need to be involved.

Cane: This affects me.

Kay: Trust me. It is the best way to handle it!

Cane: You call me if you need me.

Jill: Yes, I will, but don't you worry, all right? This isn't gonna be a problem, I promise you.

Nina: (Scoffs) Oh, good, now you're both lying to each other.

Cane: (Sighs)

Jill: Look, Nina, there are some things you don't know.

Nina: I'll have my answers soon enough.

Jill: We already have the answer. We already had Phillip's body exhumed, and we did testing to find out if I was his mother, and I wasn’t. So I don't want that poor boy's body disturbed again, just 'cause you're on a tear.

Nina: Look, I would not be doing this if it weren't absolutely necessary.

Jill: I already told you--

Nina: Yeah, well, there are things that you don't know! Before my son went to Iraq, he had a physical, and they told him-- look, I have to do this, okay? I have to. What we find out about his father could affect the rest of his life.


Victor: Ashley?

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: Sweetheart, I thought you were gonna lie down.

Ashley: I couldn’t. I tried. My heart was racing, and I-- I couldn't catch my breath.


Victor: I'm sorry, my sweetheart.

Ashley: I mean, just hearing Sabrina's voice-- there's more proof that somebody, I mean, maybe even Adam is trying to frighten me into losing this baby. How could somebody be so evil?

Victor: Whoever it is hasn't succeeded, and they won’t. It's over, okay?

Ashley: Are you sending Adam back to prison?

Victor: Do you want me to?

Ashley: God, I don't know.

Victor: Hmm?

Ashley: If we did that, we'd have to be sure that-- that he's the one who's doing this, and I'm not. I mean, two doctors have confirmed that he's blind.

Victor: Mm.

Ashley: He'd have to be able to find all of Sabrina's things and hide them all over the place. And what about the scrapbook? I mean, it--it's impossible.

Victor: He denies it strongly.

Ashley: Do you believe him?

Victor: Let me put it this way. If I find out that he's the one tormenting you, he'd be better off in prison, because there's nowhere on this earth that he can hide from me.

Billy: (Sighs)

Billy: Oh, great.

Cane: Bad day, huh?

Billy: Had better.

Cane: Yeah, mate, I know what you mean.

Billy: Look, I'm just blowing off steam, so...

Cane: That's not gonna work if the ground's your only competition, huh?

Billy: Come on.

Mac: There was, um, there was more that needed to be said last night.

Raul: About what?

Mac: About me and how messed up I am right now.

Raul: Oh, you don't look messed up to me. You look kind of hot, actually.

Mac: It would be so easy.

Raul: Easy's good. Easy's what we wished for in Darfur.

Mac: I know.

Raul: Listen, if coming home has been a little different than you expected--

Mac: A lot different. It's me that's different. I don't recognize myself half the time, and I'm so confused about what I want.

Raul: Last night, you told me you loved me. You confused about that?

Mac: No, I do love you. I'm just not sure if I--

Raul: You know, it's-- it's--its fine. It's all right. We don't have to rush into anything right now, make any major decisions. Honestly, right now, for me, it's--it's good enough that we love each other and that you're wearing my ring.

Raul: Don’t.

Mac: I'm so sorry. I can't marry you.

Raul: Don't do that.

Mac: It's not right, not when I'm so unsure.

Raul: If you're unsure, just keep it, okay? Until you've figured things out.

Mac: I can't ask you to wait for me.

Raul: I will, whether you ask me to or not.

Mac: You deserve better than this. You deserve to be happy.

Raul: That's why Chloe called me-- because she knew how you were feeling.

Mac: I don't confide in Chloe.

Raul: You guys live in the same house. She must have had some idea what was going on. Keep the ring.

Mac: How can I?

Raul: Because you're the woman I'm gonna marry, and I'm sure enough for the both of us, Mackenzie, and you will be, too, as soon as you-- you have time to think.

Mac: I can't promise you anything.

Raul: I'm not asking you to. (Sighs) I'm just-- I'm asking one thing-- wear the ring.

Billy: (Groans) (Laughs) Oh, that was pretty. That was so pretty. But I admit, you got some moves. You got some moves.

Cane: Yeah, uh-huh.

Billy: Good for me this thing here is a thinking man's game.

Cane: Which is why I'm gonna win this. Come on.

Billy: Do I look worried to you?

Cane: You got the same look you had the night of your wedding. Now let's go. Come on.

Billy: Really? We're gonna do that? We're gonna go there?

Cane: Uh-huh.

Billy: Well, that's okay, because Chloe's the reason why I'm gonna win this game.

Cane: Yeah? And why is that?

Billy: Well, she's the one that told me you're all talk and no action.

Cane: (Laughs)

Lily: Wow.

Cane: Hey, baby.

Lily: Hey.

Cane: Hey.

(Makes kissing sound)

Lily: So what's the score?

Billy: It's a tie game.

Lily: Well, a little intense, huh?

Cane: Yeah, it's a little intense.

(Cell phone buzzes)

Billy: Oh, hold on. That is the missus, and she is on her way.

Lily: Oh, well, thank you for the warning.

Billy: I'm gonna go change.

Cane: Oh, whoa. No, you can't go now. It's a tie game. What, are you afraid you're gonna lose?

Billy: Well, yeah, I'm afraid I'm gonna lose. You have a cheerleader now. There's no way I can win. I'll see you guys.


Lily: (Laughs)

Cane: (Sighs) What? I'm not saying I like the guy.

Lily: Well, it's not so terrible having a brother, is it?

Cane: (Sighs) All right, maybe I shouldn't have taken him for granted. (Sighs) Okay.

Kay: Here we go.

Nina: Thanks.

Jill: What did they say was wrong with Phillip?

Nina: I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to alarm you. It's possible that he's fine.

Kay: Possible he's not?

Nina: He told the military doctors about some symptoms that he's been having, and they weren't unusual, but the combination-- he asked if there was a family history of Huntington’s disease.

Jill: I don't know what that is.

Nina: It's a degenerative disease. It's hereditary. You can get it from either parent, and I don't have it. I've been tested.

Kay: Has Phillip?

Nina: No.

Jill: Why not?

Nina: 'Cause he's scared, Jill. It's fatal. There's no cure. The nerve cells of the brain waste away. I mean, you literally lose your mind over time.

Kay: Oh, dear God.

Jill: And he's been living with this fear ever since he's been in Iraq?

Nina: Yes. He's tried to put it out of his head and, like, just concentrate on his mission, but he's probably gonna come home this summer, and in his last e-mail, he said that he's ready to-- to know the truth. He can't make any real plans for the future until he knows.

Kay: So that's why you want his father's body exhumed?

Nina: If neither of his parents have the gene, then it's almost certain that he doesn't, either, and can you imagine what that would mean to him to know that? I mean, it would give him his life back.

Jill: All right, look. Look. Look. We don't need another exhumation. The lab kept all the records from the first tests we did.

Nina: Are you sure?

Jill: I'm positive. I asked specifically, in case we needed more information.

Kay: Which obviously, we do.

Jill: (Sighs)

Nina: What's the lab? I'll call them.

Adam: Genoa City, Wisconsin. U.S. Postal service. Connect me. Uh, hi, um, I have a package that needs to be delivered overnight. Can you tell me what the, uh, closest drop-off to Larkspur Trail off Highway B is? All right. Thank you.

Ashley: Mmm, that's so good.

Victor: I am so glad you got your appetite back. Hmm?

Ashley: Well, it was great. And I think I'm gonna go upstairs and try to get that nap in, okay?

Victor: Mm-hmm. I love you.

Ashley: I love you, too. I need a little time alone to regroup. Are you okay with that?

Victor: I understand that.

Ashley: Okay.

Billy: You know, if you keep growing like this, we're gonna have to teach you to play basketball, and I'll teach you how to run circles around your cousins, just like your daddy did to Uncle Cane. (Chuckles) Yes, I did.

Chloe: You were hanging out with Cane? That's weird.

Billy: Yeah, well, you never know with this family.

Chloe: I don't know. I think I've pretty much got you figured out.

Billy: Oh, yeah, you sure do. I mean, you played me real well last night, laying in wait in my house because you had Raul go occupy Mac. Good work.

Chloe: Yeah, well, I guess in the end, the, uh, joke was on me, right? 'Cause you didn't want to have anything to do with me. So, uh, if you called me here so you could chew me out, you can save your breath. I have learned my lesson. I'm done.

Billy: Am I supposed to take your word for that?

Chloe: I don't care what you do, Billy, except when it comes to Delia, so we need a set visitation schedule.

Billy: Well, that sounds formal.

Chloe: I'm not talking about getting lawyers involved or anything like that. But I do need to know that Delia can count on her father, so you can't just come in and out of her life on a whim.

Billy: Okay, fine. We'll set something up.

Chloe: Okay. Fabulous. Are we done? Anything else?

Billy: That's it.

Cordelia: (Fusses)

Billy: Hey, it's okay. It's okay. I got it. You don't have to go anywhere either. You hear that? Huh, Chickadee? Mommy says you get to visit. Oh, you like that, huh? Yeah, you like that? Well, it's not gonna be all fun and games. No, it's not, because there is no bouncing up and down on the bed after 3:00 A.M., and you have to finish all of your cold pizza for breakfast, and no taking off the veggies. Wait, what? Anchovies? All right, there's wiggle room.


Chloe: Don't listen to anything he says, Dee. He's crazy.

Billy: Oh, Mommy's just jealous. But if she's very, very, very, very, very nice, maybe we'll invite her to the party. What do you think?

Billy: (Clears throat)

Mac: Hi, guys.

Billy: Hey.

Chloe: Hi.

Billy: Raul with you?

Mac: No, he went back to D.C. for work.

Chloe: Oh, I'm sorry.

Mac: Yeah, but I'm glad I got to spend time with him while he was here. You really do look so happy when you're with her, Billy.

Mac: I'm gonna go get a workout in.

Billy: (Clears throat)

Mac: Okay.

Billy: Bye.

Chloe: Bye.

Lily: So you getting ready to coach your basketball team?

Cane: No, I am building up my endurance for those six kids I'm gonna be chasing around.

Lily: Oh. Well, let's just see how we do with one first.


Cane: I can't wait.

Lily: (Laughs) So what happened with your mom? Did she have lunch plans already?

Cane: (Sighs) Oh, I didn't ask her.

Lily: Why not?

Cane: When I got there, Katherine, Jill and Nina were having a big fight.


Lily: Oh, about the movie script? I do not understand why Nina is pushing so hard.

Cane: Yeah, well, Mom says she'll get her to back off, so...

Lily: Well, do you really think that she can?

Cane: I hope so.

Nina: Yeah, I'm still here. Yes, Phillip Chancellor III. The tests were run at the end of January 2007. Excuse me? No. Could you please check again? They're saying they have no record of Phillip, not even a file with his name on it.

Jill: No, that's impossible.

Nina: She's saying they've checked the computer and the hard copies.

Kay: Well, how could that be?

Nina: I don't know. I'm damn well gonna find out.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Cane: Things now are just so happy. I just don't want to lose it.

Lily: Why do you think that you would?

Nina: Somebody obviously doesn't want us to know who's really buried in Phillip's grave.

Nick: Sharon and I are gonna be looking for a new house today.

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