Y&R Transcript Monday 6/15/09

Y&R Transcript Monday 6/15/09 -- Canada; Tuesday 6/16/09 -- USA


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Nina: Hi, Paul.

Paul: Nina, hi. Listen, um, thanks for coming on such short notice.

Nina: Yeah. Sure. Your message sounded urgent.

Paul: I did some more digging into Violet Montgomery.

Nina: Yeah, the woman who supposedly took Jill's baby from Katherine all those years ago?

Paul: You're not gonna believe what I found out.

Lily: Hey, you sure I can't help?

Cane: No, not when you might be pregnant. And the way we've been trying... (Makes kissing sound) It wouldn't surprise me if you are.

Lily: Well, you never know. (Chuckles) Ooh, I should go. I have to go to a seminar.

Cane: Mm.

Lily: (Chuckles) Bye.

Cane: Bye.

Lily: Oh, um, that's right. Right after you left, a call came in from Nina. I guess, uh, that she had a few more questions that she wanted to ask you.

Cane: (Groans) All right.

Lily: I'm sorry. I know that was the last thing you wanted to hear.

Cane: Oh, it's okay. I've decided I won't let it get to me anymore.

Lily: Well, that's good.

Cane: Don't miss your seminar. Go.

Lily: Okay. Bye.

Cane: I love you.

Cane: (Sighs)

Jill: Damn!

Neil: Uh, next item on the agenda, I have someone in mind for the position-- director of research and development. Um, I'm not sure how you feel about it.

Kay: Mm, try me.

Neil: Jill-- I'm sure you'll agree that she's more than qualified.

Kay: True.

Jill: Well, I might be willing to consider it if the price is right. Of course, I would want a guarantee that she and I wouldn't have to be working together.

Kay: Yes, well, considering your latest stunt, I would sooner promote Allen, the night security guard.

Jill: Really, and what "Stunt" is that?

Kay: Oh, calling Mitchell and wanting to sell your half of the estate.

Jill: Oh, my God. Does that man have to tell you everything?

Kay: What are you trying to do to me? Uh, torture me by having some lowlife creature move in? Are you that desperate for money, Jill? Listen, I did-- I did hear that you took a big hit, and-- when that bank of yours in the Caymans folded.

Jill: Well, you heard wrong. I'm doing just fine.

Kay: Really? Because I'm willing to buy you out in cash.

Jill: Boy, you just can't wait to get rid of me, can you? Well, forget it, Katherine. I'm not going anywhere.

Mary Jane: Oh, I haven't had the restraining order against Paul lifted yet, but I will. Don't worry.

Victor: I'm not worried in the least, all right?

Mary Jane: Okay.

Nick: Hey, Dad. Come in.

Victor: Son.

Victor: (Sighs) I assume you being here means you found out that you're the father of Sharon’s baby.

Nick: Well, we won't find that out for another week.

Victor: I see.

Nick: Look, Dad, baby or not, Sharon and I belong together.

Victor: Son, less than 24 hours ago, you were with Phyllis and the baby. Have you thought this through?

Ashley: Thanks so much for stopping by, Liv.

Olivia: Thanks for letting me.

Ashley: Oh, stop it. Are you kidding? I'm just so happy that you're not offended I got another doctor.

Olivia: Not when it's Doctor Taylor. You couldn't get a better ob-gyn.

Ashley: Oh, you know what? The best thing about him--oh, my God--he makes house calls, so I never have to go to a hospital or an office if I don't want to.

Olivia: And if he's not around, you've got my number.

Ashley: That's right.

Olivia: You take care of yourself, okay?

Ashley: Oh, yeah.

Olivia: You, too, little one.

Ashley: Ooh! I think she heard you.

Olivia: "She"?

Ashley: Give me your hand. Hope, meet your Aunt Liv.

Olivia: "Hope"?

Ashley: Yeah, if it's a boy, we're gonna have to rethink that.

Adam: Ashley swears that she feels her kid moving.

Dr. Taylor: (Scoffs) That's impossible. She had a miscarriage.

Adam: Well, could you be wrong?

Dr. Taylor: I examined her. She lost the baby.

Adam: All right, well, then how do you--

Dr. Taylor: Most likely, she's having a hysterical pregnancy.

Adam: She thinks she's--

Dr. Taylor: (Sighs) Her mind has convinced her she's still pregnant, and now her body is helping to support that delusion by giving her signs of life.

Ashley: Oh, I guess she's tired of kicking.

Olivia: (Chuckles) You know what? That's okay. I have to go anyway.

Ashley: Okay.

Olivia: We'll talk soon?

Ashley: Yes, we will. Thanks again for coming all the way out here.

Olivia: Aw.

Ashley: It's always good to see your smiling face.

Olivia: Next time, we'll go out.

Ashley: Okay.

Olivia: Okay?

Ashley: Okay. I love you.

Olivia: I love you, Honey.

Ashley: Oh, Sweetie, it's okay. Mommy's tired, too. Why don't we go upstairs and take a nap?

Estella: Hello? Anyone home?

Estella: (Sighs)

Ashley: What the hell are you doing here?

Tyra: Nice. (Claps hands) Okay, look. I think that shot right there just earned you a drink of water, yes? And a break, maybe?

Devon: No, thank you.

Tyra: Come on. Okay, well, hey. You spoke, okay? You spoke. That's good. I was starting to wonder about you. Come on, Devon, can you talk to me, please? What part are you punishing me for, huh? Is it because I broke up your dad's marriage, or is it because I lied to you about not being related? Well, if--if it's the-- the related part, Devon, I already told you, the only reason I did it was because I couldn't risk losing Ana. I told you that.

Devon: And you couldn't trust me not to rat you out, right?

Tyra: No, I tru-- I totally trust you. Look, I-I did not want you responsible for that information, Devon.

Devon: That's right. Right, right, right. Responsible.

Tyra: Look, Devon, please. I was looking out for you.

Devon: Tyra, what are you doing here?

Tyra: (Sighs) Your dad invited me, okay? He thought that maybe after you guys finished shooting hoops that we could all go get breakfast.

Devon: Oh, for real? Like one big happy family? Yeah, no. How about you, uh, how about you tell Neil that I lost my appetite? That way, you can have him all to yourself, okay?

Tyra: (Sighs) Devon.

(Basketball bouncing)

(Backboard rattles)

[Adam listening to his laptop]

Sabrina: This is Sabrina Costelana...

Adam: God.

Sabrina: Curator of contemporary studies at the Pompidou.

Adam: (Sighs)

Sabrina: We can see death is coming, encroaching, as the figure of a beautiful woman is alone in the background. The figure is desolate, hopeless, powerless as the end is near, and it is a cruel death, a terrifying one, as we see reflected in her black eyes. "Black as death" is a recurring motif in these works.

(Knock on door)

Sabrina: There is no escape.

Heather: Are you alone?

Adam: Do you see anyone else in here? God knows I can’t.

(Door closes)

Heather: I thought I heard a woman's voice.

Adam: Oh. Ah, that must have been my Braille lesson.

Heather: Oh.

Adam: I've missed you.

Heather: I missed you, too.

Adam: Come here.

Heather: Hi.

Adam: Mm.

Heather: I mean, even if it is a bit of a drag having to visit you here at your father's house.  

Adam: Um, well, you know what? At least he lets you visit now.

Heather: Yeah, but we wouldn't have to ask his permission if we had our own place.

Adam: I think you're forgetting about the little piece of jewelry I have around my ankle.

Heather: No, no, no. I don't--I don't think I've forgotten about that.

Adam: Okay, well, you know, you might want to talk to the judge about having it removed.

Heather: Victor made that pretty clear that he'd never let that happen.

Adam: Right. (Sighs) You know what? Just--just do it. Get it over with.

Heather: Do what?

Adam: Break up with me.

Heather: What?

Adam: Yeah, I mean, it's obviously what you want.

Heather: (Scoffs)

Adam: You hate the situation. I can't blame you. The fact that you won't talk to the judge makes it pretty clear, Heather.

Heather: No. No. I mean, I-I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. I can--I can ask the judge. It doesn't matter what Victor has to say. There's probably some loophole in here.

Adam: Ahh, oops. See, loophole. That's--that's what you're good at finding--loopholes. No one can do better than that.

Heather: Mm.

Estella: Please, you don't have to call anyone. I was just leaving.

Ashley: I'm calling security. I want to know how you got on the property.

Rafe: I brought her. I told the guard I was here to see Adam.

Ashley: Oh, now you're lying, too?

Rafe: My aunt has a box of Victor's papers that he's gonna need, especially now with the baby coming-- medical records, insurance policies. God forbid, anything should happen.

Ashley: Nothing's gonna happen to my baby.

Estella: Then you're feeling okay.

Ashley: Well, I was, until you showed up.

Estella: (Scoffs) Let's go.

Rafe: My aunt never did anything to hurt you. If you would just listen to her--

Ashley: I'm not interested in anything she has to say.

Rafe: (Scoffs) You and Victor.

Ashley: Can you blame him after everything she's done to us?

Estella: I didn't do anything. All I ever wanted was to do a good job for Mr. Newman and his family. That you could think I'm capable of such cruelty, it--it--

Rafe: Would you please just hear her out?

Estella: (Sighs)

Rafe: If you do, not only will you see that she's clearly innocent, but you'll do the right thing and ask her to come back.

Olivia: Are you sure you don't want something?

Lily: Well, I-I can't have caffeine if I'm pregnant, right? (Sighs) I guess that answers my first question.

Olivia: You said yourself that the home test was negative.

Lily: I know, I just-- I made the appointment because I hoped it was wrong.

Olivia: Sweetie, I'm sorry. But believe me, you're not the first woman who thought she was pregnant and she wasn’t.

Lily: Yeah. (Sighs) Well, if I'm not, then what did you have to tell me about the exam?

Olivia: There was an abnormality in your pap smear.

Lily: What?

Olivia: It might be nothing more than a lab error.

Lily: But it-- it could be the reason why I'm not pregnant?

Olivia: I'd rather not speculate. What I'd like to do is have you come in, take more tests, so that way, I can determine what, if anything, is going on. I'll have my nurse call you, okay? Make an appointment? Are you okay?

Lily: Um, I just thought that I would be giving Cane good news today.

Olivia: At your age, it's hardly like you're in a time crunch.

Lily: No, I know. It's just that, you know, ever since he's lost Delia, it's like he's been on this mission to create a new family.

Olivia: Well, it's not like he's alone. He has a family-- he's got you, he's got your family, Jill, Katherine and everyone back in Australia.

Lily: Yeah, well, I have a feeling that whoever was a part of his life back then, he would just rather forget.

Neil: Uh, Katherine, forgive me about before. Um, I knew you and Jill had been at odds, but I just assumed things--

Kay: Assumed that we had gotten past it. Well, no such luck. (Chuckles) No, I-I thought she'd be right for the spot. Believe me, if she could've gotten past that, uh, impossible pride of hers, um, I think we would have been unstoppable together at Chancellor.

Neil: Well, Katherine, the job is still open if you change your mind.

Kay: Well, I'll give it some thought. Now your transition seems to be seamless. I hope you're as happy here as we are to have you.

Neil: Trust me. Couldn't be happier.

Cane: I need to see Nina.

Kay: Well, hello to you, too.

Cane: (Sighs) I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Neil: Hey, Cane. Anything I can do to help?

Cane: Uh, I wish. But, uh, don't worry. Everything's good with Lily, everything's great. Thanks.

Neil: Okay, glad to hear it. Uh, Katherine.

Kay: Mm.

Neil: Call you in the morning?

Kay: So would you care to tell me why you seem to be so on edge?

Cane: I just married the love of my life, and I'm about to start a family. I should be looking forward to the future now more than I ever have.

Kay: Well, so what's the problem?

Cane: It's Nina. She keeps dragging me into the past, she refuses to accept that I am who I say I am, and she won't stop digging until she proves that she's right.

Kay: Well, uh, she has a hard time coming to terms with Phillip not being who she thought he was. So let her dig. You have nothing to hide.

Cane: (Sighs heavily) Maybe I do.

Kay: What?

Cane: Listen, I was a day old when the baby switch happened. And I was 2 weeks old when the woman who was supposed to be my mom died.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Cane: All I know is what my uncle told me. And I just-- it never occurred to me he may not be telling me the truth. I mean, I don't understand why-- why would the man lie to me?

Kay: Well, who said he did?

Cane: Nina, and-- and every time she implies these--this-- she questions me about my past.

Kay: I'm sorry about that.

Cane: (Sighs) I mean, you know more than anyone how hard it is to convince someone who doesn't want to be convinced. I mean, look what you just went through with my mom.

Kay: But I had the truth on my side, and in the end, it would win out, and it will for you, too. Now you let me talk to Nina. After all, I'm the one who gave her carte blanche to write that screenplay. It's only right that I protect the people involved. As for accepting who you are, it's a little late for that.

Nina: So Violet Montgomery wasn't even in Genoa City at the time?

Paul: No, she was in a hospital in Arizona being treated for pneumonia the night the babies were switched. Now the reason I didn't pick up on it right away is because she was registered under her married name.

Nina: So if this is true, then Cane's story about being born here to Jill is a lie.

Paul: Well, yeah, it sure looks like it.

Nina: (Scoffs) Oh, I knew something didn't strike 12:00 here.

(Cell phone beeps)

Nina: It's a text from my son.

Victor: (Clears throat)

Nick: I know this seems like it came out of nowhere.

Victor: (Sighs) Have you thought about what this is going to do to Noah, and not to mention Summer, when she's old enough to understand?

Nick: Would living a lie be so much easier? For years, I tried to convince myself that I was over Sharon. Dad, I was kidding myself.

Victor: But, son, this isn't just about you and Sharon and Phyllis. It's going to affect a lot of lives. Children need stability.

Nick: Sharon and I both agree this hasn't been easy on Noah, which is why we're looking for a new house, someplace where we can all be together. And I won't ask Phyllis to take Summer out of the only home she's ever known, so... (Sighs) Look, I know-- I know this-- I know this is fast.

Victor: Yeah. I just want to make sure that you have looked at this from all angles.

Nick: Look, Dad, if there was any way that I thought I could stay with Phyllis-- I can't, not anymore.

Victor: It's just hard watching my son do what I've done, knowing what pain it causes.

Nick: Do you regret being with Ashley?

Victor: No, I don't, son. But that was a different situation. You must remember, your mother left me to become involved with this no-good S.O.B., whatever his name was.

Nick: Yeah, David Chow.

Victor: Right. Don't forget that. I didn't leave her. You know?

Nick: You don't have anything against Sharon, right?

Victor: No, of course not. I like Sharon. I always have liked Sharon. That's not the point. The point is that this is not just about you grown-ups. You know, kids are affected by this. It's painful for kids. You know. You remember. I mean, I just want to make sure that you have thought this through and are not doing it just for nostalgia's sake.

Nick: That's not what this is, Dad. Sharon and I belong together. I wouldn't let myself see that before. Now that is all I can see.

Estella: It's no use. She won't hear the truth.

Rafe: You're telling me that after all these years of loyal service, my aunt doesn't have the right to be heard? Let's go.

Ashley: Go ahead. Say what you need to say.

Estella: I wish you would have listened to me when this whole nightmare started. Then maybe Mr. Newman wouldn't have fired me.

Ashley: Estella, we found a tape recorder of a baby crying in your jacket.

Rafe: That was an obvious plant.

Ashley: Oh, she couldn't have done that, even though she's made it obvious from the moment that I stepped into this house that she resented me?

Estella: It's true. I didn't have the same relationship with you that I did with Mr. Newman's other wives. But that doesn't mean I would ever hurt you.

Rafe: I've known this woman my whole life. She practically raised me. She isn't capable of the things that you're accusing her of.

Estella: And Mr. Newman knows me, too. Deep down, he knows I'm not guilty.

Ashley: So what are you saying? That I made all these things up?

Estella: No, please don't--

Ashley: Don't touch me.

Estella: I would never hurt you.

Ashley: I don't believe that.

Rafe: Would you believe this?

Ashley: What is it?

Rafe: Proof that my aunt is not a liar.

Adam: What's going on here?

Ashley: Rafe and Estella are here, Adam.

Adam: What do they want?

Rafe: To set the record straight. Look, Ashley, someone is playing sadistic tricks on you, making you doubt yourself and everyone else around you.

Adam: No, hold on. The only one she doubts is Estella.

Rafe: Well, this should remedy that.

Adam: What are you talking about?

Rafe: Aunt Estella took a polygraph test. These are the results.

Ashley: I thought you came by to drop off some of Victor's things.

Rafe: If you'd just take a look at it--

Adam: Let me-- let me have it.

Rafe: My aunt passed with flying colors because she's telling the truth, and it's all right there in black and white. She's had nothing to do with whatever craziness is going on in this home.

Heather: Look, do you want me to take a look at it?

Adam: No, not now. Listen, you guys, you did what you came to do. You need to leave.

Jill: What do you mean, "That’s it"? Your firm specializes in filling upper management positions. I have a résumé with nothing but top-level experience in it. You're telling me you have nothing for me?

Man: Given the current climate, hiring managers are being very cautious, avoiding candidates associated with even the slightest whiff of scandal.

Jill: No, no, no. My ousting from Chancellor had nothing to do with me. It had everything to do with Katherine Chancellor coming back from the grave, and she's a notorious control freak.

Man: Regardless, your involvement has left you a little... overexposed.

Jill: Great. That's just great. That witch comes out of this thing smelling like a rose, and I am blackballed. Okay. Since representing me is such a black mark on your firm's reputation, I'll conduct my own search, okay? Just don't be surprised if when I land something, your firm never represents anybody over a daily worker again. You'll understand if I don't pick up the tab.

Kay: Mm. All right, I will take care of business on this end, and you take care of starting that family.

Cane: Thank you, Grandma. I'm sorry. I just can't get used to calling you Katherine.

Kay: Stop, stop, stop. I told you. Blood or not, I'm always gonna be your grandmother.

Cane: I love you. Come here.

Kay: (Sighs)

Kay: "Jill, director of research and development." I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you spit in my face again. No!

(Footsteps approaching)

Nina: Was that Cane I just saw pulling out of the driveway?

Kay: Uh, actually, he was looking for you, Nina.

Nina: Oh. Finally ready to answer my questions, is he?

Kay: Well, he would prefer you not ask him any more questions, and I have to, uh, second that.

Nina: Excuse me?

Kay: Whatever you're doing in research, Nina, just please, leave Cane out of it.

Neil: Guess who? (Chuckles) Thought you were gonna meet me at the basketball court, watch me, uh, whup Devon's butt.

Tyra: (Chuckles) Yeah, I was. That was before he whupped mine.

Neil: Really? What happened?

Tyra: You and I happened, Neil. Look, Devon's still not happy about it.

Neil: Just give him some time. You know, he'll, uh, he'll--he'll come around.

Tyra: Yeah, he might, but he might not. Look, he has completely cut me off. I don't know. I just--I do not want him to do the same thing to you.

Neil: Okay. So what exactly are you saying to me?

Tyra: I don't think we should see each other anymore.

Jill: (Sighs)

Jill: (Gasps)

Woman: You're not from around these parts, are you?

Jill: (Sighs)

Woman: So what'll it be? Mani-pedi?

Jill: (Sighs)

Estella: You'll make sure Mr. Newman gets the things I left in the box over there?

Adam: I will. Now please.

Rafe: Tía, wait for me in the car.

Rafe: Adam--

Adam: I'm not changing my mind, Rafe.

Rafe: Someone set up my aunt, and you'd better believe I'm not gonna rest until I find out who.

Adam: All right, go on.

(Cell phone rings)

Heather: Oh, excuse me. Heather Stevens. You're kidding me. No, did--did she say why? I-I'll tell him. Okay. Um, I gotta go. Do you want me to try and reach Victor?

Adam: Mnh-mnh, no. We'll be fine.

Heather: Okay. All right. I'll call you later.

Adam: All right, Hon.

Heather: Bye.

Adam: (Sighs) You okay?

Ashley: Maybe I've made a horrible mistake.

Adam: What do you mean?

Ashley: Estella's right. All these years, she's been nothing but loyal to Victor and his entire family. It just doesn't make any sense that she would turn on him now.

(Footsteps approaching)

Victor: Ashley?

Ashley: (Sighs) What are you doing...

Tyra: Neil, I cost you your marriage. You know, I will not be responsible for you losing your son. I won’t.

Neil: Okay, listen to me. You are not responsible for my marriage ending, all right? As for Devon, I'm not sure why he still has an issue with us.

Tyra: He doesn't have an issue with us. He has an issue with me. I... (Sighs) I just--I should have never lied to him about being his aunt.

Neil: Well, he knows you did that because of Ana.

Tyra: Yeah, but still, it doesn't make any difference now, right? I-I just-- I should have told him the truth from the beginning, and that's it, but I didn't, and now he hates me, and he won't talk to me.

Neil: Oh, look, Tyra, Tyra, Tyra--

Tyra: We used to be so close, you know?

Neil: Tyra, Tyra. You will be close again. I have no doubt. And I guarantee you, as much as you miss Devon, he misses you even more.

Devon: Jeez.

Roxanne: It's that bad, huh?

Devon: What?

Roxanne: Whatever's got you so wigged out.

Devon: Nothing. Nothing's got me wigged out. I'm fine. I am, especially seeing you here. What did I do to deserve this surprise?

Roxanne: Well, uh, I remembered you saying that you were gonna play some one-on-one with your dad, so I thought we could grab a bite after.

Devon: Oh, yeah? Really?

Roxanne: Mm-hmm.

Devon: That sounds good. I just have to change. I'm really glad that you came.

Roxanne: What's wrong?

Devon: Nothing. Nothing's wrong. I'm fine. I am.

Roxanne: Okay.

Devon: (Chuckles)

Cane: (Sighs) This is such a nice surprise. It must have been a short seminar.

Lily: Um, there was no seminar. I lied.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: I took a home pregnancy test, and it came out negative...

Cane: (Sighs)

Lily: And I didn't believe it, so I called my Aunt Olivia, and I thought the reason why she wanted to meet me for coffee was to tell me that I was pregnant, but I was wrong, and... (Sighs) I'm sorry.

Cane: Why are you sorry?

Lily: Because I-I-I know how much you want a family.

Cane: Sweetheart, Sweetheart. We have plenty of time, okay? I don't want you stressing over this, and its okay.

Lily: Really?

Cane: Really. And the good thing is, look, I might be a little older, but you're young. You're young. We have plenty of time. We--okay?

Lily: I love you so much.

Cane: I love you. You know, what'd Olivia say? Why'd she want to see you?

Lily: Um, she just-- she knew that I would be disappointed, so she wanted to make sure I was okay.

Cane: (Sighs) Look, it's gonna happen. But you know what the good thing about you not being pregnant is? Hmm?

Lily: Hmm?

Cane: We get to keep trying. Mm.

Lily: (Chuckles)

Nina: There's no way I can leave Cane out of this, not after what Paul just told me. It certainly explains why Cane keeps dodging my questions.

Kay: But there's no way in god's green earth he could have known what was going on, Nina. He was just a baby for heaven's sake.

Nina: Yeah, but he doesn't want to talk about any part of his life before finding out he was the Chancellor heir.

Kay: Well, can you blame him for wanting to put a miserable childhood behind him?

Nina: Look, Katherine, you can justify this all you want. But as far as I'm concerned, it just proves what I've felt in my gut since the moment I met the guy-- that he's a liar, and he's been playing you and Jill, and he's probably not even the real Phillip.

Kay: Don’t. Now don't say another word. Don't.

Heather: This is your lucky day.

Paul: Hey, hi, there.

Heather: Hi.

Paul: Well, I knew those lottery numbers were gonna pay off someday.

Heather: I just got word that Mary Jane Benson dropped the restraining order.

Paul: I wonder why she would do that?

Heather: That's not the response that I was expecting.

Paul: I just don't get the sudden turnaround.

Heather: Right. Look, just be happy that you're off the hook, and please, whatever you do, steer clear of her. Paul, are you listening?

Paul: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course. Steer clear of her. I got it.

Woman: You're gonna love this new girl. She's a real class act. Hey, Hon, got a customer.

Jill: (Sighs)

Jill: Pick your color.

Jill: (Sighs)

Kay: The idea that Cane has spent all of this time pretending to be someone he is not is totally absurd.

Nina: But not impossible.

Kay: Well, I don't believe it. He's too decent, too honest. Now if there's a hole in his story, it certainly didn't come from him. He simply repeated what he was told.

Nina: I don't care what he's been told or what he told you. The bottom line is, this isn't about you and Cane and Jill anymore. This is about me and my son, and there's no way in hell I'm letting this go.

Mary Jane: What do you think, kitty? Hmm? Have we seen the last of Paul?

[Mary Jane imagining]

(Knock on door)

(Bell jingles)

Mary Jane: (Sighs)

Paul: Why didn't you tell me?

Mary Jane: (Gasps)

Paul: Why didn't you tell me?

Mary Jane: Oh, I wanted to. I wanted to. It's been so hard keeping this a secret, e-especially to someone I was once so close to.

Paul: I-- (Stammers) I-I didn't know what to think. I--the whole thing is a shock to me.

Mary Jane: Paul, you can't tell anyone. It'll ruin everything.

Paul: I know the kind of life you've had. I really do. The last thing that I want for you is heartache. How long do you think you could fool me?

Mary Jane: Paul, no!

Paul: That's what I want to know.

Mary Jane: No, no, no! You can't tell anyone. You have to promise me. I mean it.

Paul: You listen to me. You've gotta come clean, you understand that?

Mary Jane: Paul, but you know better than anyone what I went through.

Paul: Look, if you don't tell the world who you really are, you can bet I will.

Mary Jane: Okay, stop ordering me around!

Paul: I will!

Mary Jane: Just stop it! I always hated it when you did that.

Mary Jane: (Sighs)

(Bell jingles)

Mary Jane: (Sighs)

Mary Jane: Oh, hey. I understand, uh, congratulations are in order-- you and your ex getting together after all these years. I remember my first love. I never really did get over him. I never will.

[Adam remembering]

Adam: There's so much blood. What have-- what have I done? Come here. I'm so sorry, Ashley.

[Adam drops his laptop]


Adam: (Sighs)

Adam: Oh, no!

Sabrina: We can see death is coming, encroaching...

Adam: Stop! No, no, no, no, no, no!

Sabrina: As the figure of a beautiful woman is alone in the background.

Adam: Oh, come on.

Sabrina: The figure is desolate, hopeless, powerless as the end is near.

Adam: Stop! Make it stop!

(Bangs laptop on floor)

Sabrina: And it is a cruel death.

Adam: Come on!

Ashley: Adam got Rafe and Estella out of here, but you know, she seemed genuinely upset, and I almost believed that she had nothing to do with the things that have been going on here, but--

Sabrina: Black as death is a recurring motif in these works.

Ashley: That's the voice I heard on the phone. It's Sabrina.

Sabrina: There is no escape. This is Sabrina, curator of contemporary studies at the Pompidou.

Adam: No, no, no, no, no. Come on, damn it. Off! Off!

Sabrina: Please move your cursor as I take you from one work to the next.

Adam: What do I do? What do I do?

Sabrina: Click on the first painting, and let's begin. This avant-garde work, "Bella Morte" by Jann Woxx...

Victor: What the hell are you doing?

Sabrina: Symbolizes death. We can see death is coming.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Mac: I haven't been completely honest with you.

Victor: If you're the one who is gas lighting the woman that I love, God help you.

Nina: I'm having Phillip’s body exhumed.

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