Y&R Transcript Friday 5/29/09

Y&R Transcript Friday 5/29/09 -- Canada; Monday 6/1/09 -- U.S.A.


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Victor: After this latest incident with the scrapbook, I realized how serious the situation was.

Dr. Braun: Well, I'm glad Dr. Winters paged me so we could start addressing this situation tonight.

Victor: Well, now do you think then she may need professional help?

Dr. Braun: Not having seen Miss Abbott myself...

Victor: Uh-huh. Well, both her emotional state and her pregnancy, I think, are rather fragile right now, so whatever we do, we need to proceed with caution.

Dr. Braun: Do you think she'd be upset your consulting a psychiatrist?

Victor: Yes, I think she would be.

Adam: Keeping secrets. (Sighs) Good job, Victor.

Victor: And it upsets me a great deal to think that she may be doing this to herself. Any mention of that, um, seems to agitate her even more.

Dr. Braun: Because of the implication she's ill again? Having dissociative episodes?

Victor: Exactly.

Dr. Braun: Based on the behavior you've observed, do you think Ashley could be a danger to herself or to others?

Victor: No, I think-- I think she's endangering her pregnancy.

Dr. Braun: That doesn't leave us very many options. You can't force her to seek treatment, and it's unlikely that she would check herself into treatment.

Victor: No, she would not.

Dr. Braun: That doesn't give me any way to evaluate her mental state. I'd have no grounds to petition the court for involuntary commitment.

Victor: Well, given her history, that would be almost impossible to do. Um, we used to have a housekeeper called Estella, and she caused quite a bit of stress to Ashley, but she has left the premises, so I think you should probably come here to observe her, and then whatever your diagnosis is, we proceed from there. What do you think?

(Knock on door)

Ashley: Oh, hey, Adam. You startled me.

Adam: (Chuckles) I'm sorry.

Ashley: That's okay.

Adam: I, uh, I just wanted to welcome you back, make sure you're okay.

Ashley: Yeah, I was just trying to rest a little bit. Not too easy after the night I had.

Adam: Yeah, uh, I can hear that you're upset still. I hope everything's okay with my little brother or sister.

Ashley: Yeah, we're fine. I mean, it was a little scary.

Adam: I'll bet.

Ashley: There was another Sabrina incident.

Adam: No. Wh-wh-what happened?

Ashley: It was at the hospital.

Adam: Are you serious?

Ashley: Yeah, I-I, uh, oh... (Sighs) There was a scrapbook filled with Sabrina's clippings, and the scrapbook had my name embossed on the cover of it, and somebody had-- had slipped it into my purse. I mean, they must have when I was sleeping.

Adam: Oh, my-- well, that's--that's awful. Whoever's doing this is a serious freak.

Ashley: Well, I know its Estella. I mean, I know its Estella, but I can't prove it. I don't have any proof.

Adam: Hey, you know what? Uh, you don't need proof. I-I believe you. I completely believe you.

Ashley: You don't know how grateful I am to you to hear you say that. I mean, everybody else thinks I'm going crazy. I just know it. I can feel it.

Adam: Well, wait a minute. Uh, y-you're kidding me, right? What about Olivia?

Ashley: Oh, I think Olivia's too busy walking on eggshells to do anything in the way of reassurance.

Adam: Huh. Well, tha-that surprises me. I mean, I-I thought you two were really good friends.

Ashley: Yeah, we have been for a long time.

Adam: I can tell that you-- you sound like you're feeling really alone.

Ashley: Well...

Adam: I-I'm sorry to hear that. I know how that feels.

Ashley: I just-- I'm not sure.

Adam: What?

Ashley: Well, you know, I didn't want to stay at the hospital for obvious reasons. I mean, but I'm not sure I should, I don't know. I'm not sure I should be here, either.

Adam: It's a little hard to relax when you're under constant scrutiny. Trust me, I, uh, I know how that feels.

Ashley: I bet you do. Thank you so much, Adam.

Adam: For what?

Ashley: For being a friend.

Adam: Uh, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Jana: Okay, I know why you're doing this.

Kevin: (Exhales) Huh? Doing what?

Jana: Racing around and being really busy and pretending like you don't have a care in the world.

Kevin: Uh, because I don’t.

Jana: You're still really upset over these letters, aren't you?

Kevin: Oh, oh, you're talking about the e-mails, the ones cursing me for robbing banks and, you know, ever being born?

Jana: I thought we said we weren't gonna let them bother us.

Kevin: We're not.

Jana: Look at you. My God, I can tell you are an absolute wreck inside. Why don't you just admit it? (Sighs) I-I think we made a mistake holding on to these, honestly.

Kevin: Well, you know what? It's too late, because I have already read them, and you know what else? They are the truth, Jana. I did some terrible things, and now I have to live with that.

Jana: Kevin, you are a victim, okay? You're not responsible for those things that you did. You have to-- you have to accept that before you can move past it, okay?

Kevin: Yeah, I have. I have.

Jana: (Sighs)

[Daniel remembering]

Howard: It's coming along quite nicely.

Daniel: Yeah, thank you. Um, you also could've found that out by calling me.

Howard: I came 'cause I know Jana Fisher was here.

Daniel: What do you mean, "You know J--" are you spying on me now?

Howard: You need to keep your distance. Miss Fisher’s knowledge of the art world could jeopardize the investigation.

Daniel: With all due respect, the feds are not gonna tell me who I can and cannot be friends with.

Amber: Hmm.

Daniel: Hey, what are you working on?

Amber: Oh, just something for a friend.

Daniel: Really? Should I be worried about this friend?

Amber: (Chuckles)

Daniel: (Chuckles)

(Telephone rings)

(Telephone beeps)

Daniel: Hello?

Howard: Howard Aucker here. Where's my painting? Keeping up your end of the deal?

Daniel: Um, yes, Sir. Um, I should have it for you real soon.

Howard: "Soon" isn't good enough.

Daniel: Uh, well, I'm an artist, and these things take time.

Howard: Listen, kid, I gave you a boatload of money for this fake Terroni. You know how critical it is to my investigation.

Daniel: (Whispering) Um, yeah, and you also asked me for a perfect copy. You know, I'd like to take another pass at it and make sure that I've got everything right.

Howard: You have until noon tomorrow, and if you aren't finished by then, we're gonna have some big problems, you understand me? I'll make life very difficult for those criminals you call "Friends."

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Just hold on--

Howard: No, tomorrow, Daniel. Noon.

(Telephone hangs up)

(Telephone button beeps)

Amber: Who was that?

Daniel: Um, that was, uh, the art dealer.

Amber: Everything okay?

Daniel: Yeah, everything's fine.

Amber: Okay.

(Typing on laptop keyboard)

Jack: You don't seem terribly reassured.

Phyllis: Well, do you blame me?

Jack: Listen to me. You have nothing to worry about. Sharon and I are going to raise this baby together.

Phyllis: Until she finds out that the baby's Nick's, and then all bets are off. Please. Please, can you keep her away from my husband?

Jack: I will do my best.

Phyllis: Do you want this to work, or not?

Jack: But you should know, Sharon just left a short while ago. She was on her way to tell you both.

Phyllis: So she's there right now talking to my husband, right?

Sharon: You can't leave Phyllis for me.

Nick: I have to.

Sharon: Mm. No, Nick. (Sighs) No. Nick, stop. I can't let you do this.

Nick: What do you mean? Sharon, I-I finally woke up. You're the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Sharon: You have a family. Nick, I'm not gonna let you destroy that.

Nick: Look, I-I want it back. I want us back. It's the way it's supposed to be. Don't you want that, too?

Sharon: No, Nick.

Nick: Sharon?

Sharon: Nick, I-- I am not gonna let you do this. (Sighs) No matter who is the father of the baby I'm carrying, I'm not gonna let you leave Phyllis for me. There is no more you and me.

Jack: Sharon wanted to tell you and Nick so that you both had the ground rules. She is no longer a threat.

Phyllis: Oh, are you crazy? (Sighs) Of course she is, and you know why? Because I was a doormat. Because I was trying to be mature and reasonable and okay with everything. Look where that got me. I'm so stupid.

Jack: I know this all sounds dangerous.

Phyllis: Do you really?

Jack: Like no one you know. I am telling you. Sharon and I are together. That's not going to change.

Phyllis: Pardon me if I don't seem reassured.

Jack: If she's still at the office when you get there, I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised.

Phyllis: I won't hold my breath. Thanks.

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: (Sighs) Hey, Olivia.

Olivia: Oh.

Phyllis: Good to see you.

Olivia: Hi.

Jack: Hey, Liv. What a surprise.

Olivia: Okay, something's happened, and you should know about it.

Jack: Is this about Ashley?

Olivia: Look, she's-- she's fine. She's fine. It's just there was another scare, and we had to rush her to the hospital.

Jack: Why wasn't I told about this?

Olivia: Jack, she's at the house, and--and Victor's with her. Uh, please, can I fill you in on this in the car?

Jack: Yeah, let's go.

Jana: So he goes around pretending like it's not bothering him when I know it's tearing him up inside.

Amber: When I read those letters on Memorial Day, I knew I had to do something. You know, give me a few minutes. I can cheer up your hubby.

Kevin: Cheer me up? I-I didn't know I needed any cheering up.

Daniel: Uh, she's just talking about your fan mail, dude. You know, from all those losers who don't have lives.

Kevin: Ahh.

Jana: Yeah, I mean, it-- it's okay to ups--to admit that their vicious rants are upsetting you, right? It's okay.

Amber: I mean, why listen to a bunch of jerks? Just because they wrote letters to the police doesn't mean they're right.

Daniel: She's got a point.

Kevin: Mm.

Jana: Yeah.

Amber: You know, I bet you a week of free cappuccinos, I can find a bunch of people online who feel just the opposite.

Kevin: Well, they would have to be off in woo-woo land to not think we're scum after what we did.

Amber: Oh, well, that just means you're too chicken to take my bet.

Kevin: (Scoffs) Oh. Oh yeah?

Amber: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: All right.


Amber: (Spits)

Kevin: You're on.

Amber: Mm.

Jana: Well, now, what do you suppose she's up to?

Daniel: (Sighs) Beats me. What?

Jana: Why do you look so shaken up?

Daniel: (Chuckles) Uh... (Laughs) What are you talking about?

Jana: Well, come on. You can't snow me. What's wrong?

Daniel: Okay, um, is there any chance that we could just change the subject?

Jana: Yeah, okay, fine. Um, let's talk about something that's bothering me. That Terroni that you're copying...

Daniel: Yeah, what about it?

Jana: You said that you're using that as "Inspiration." You know, I found that a bit odd. So I looked it up, and do you know that that painting was stolen out of a museum ten years ago? Daniel, you want to tell me what's going on? Why are you forging a stolen masterpiece?

Victor: I will speak with Ashley when she's calmer, and maybe then she'll be amenable to seeing you here, all right?

Dr. Braun: Good. Very good. Dr. Winters.

Olivia: Oh, I'm sorry. Are--are we interrupting?

Victor: No, no. We just finished.

Dr. Braun: I'll be on my way. Good night. Good night.

Victor: Thank you, Doctor. Thank you for coming by.

Dr. Braun: Good night.

Victor: Please come in.

Olivia: Is--

Jack: Who was that?

Olivia: Is Ashley okay? Victor, is she okay?

Victor: Ashley's upstairs resting, all right?

Olivia: That's Laura Braun. She's a psychiatrist that I recommended to Victor, um, because we were concerned about Ashley.

Jack: Wait, we're bringing in psychiatrists now? Has it gotten that bad?

Olivia: Well, we're hoping at this point its just preventative.

Victor: Ashley had a very rough night. If you want to talk to her, come back tomorrow, all right?

Jack: So first, you neglect to tell me she's in the hospital. Now you're preventing me from seeing her? I don't think so.

Ashley: Hello, Jack.

Jack: Hey, Sis. How you doing? Shouldn't you be in bed?

Ashley: I'm fine.

Jack: Yeah?

Victor: I didn't realize you had come downstairs.

Ashley: I went down the back staircase to the kitchen. I got a little hungry.

Olivia: That's good. It's good that you're eating.

Ashley: Yeah, I kind of lost my appetite after that whole "Sabrina incident." Did you hear about that?

Jack: Yeah, Olivia told me about that. I-I'm sure that was unnerving.

Ashley: What was unnerving is how Estella figured out that I was in the hospital when nobody else knew.

Jack: Look, with everything that's gone on lately, it's no wonder that you're rattled. Why don't you come home with me? I can look out for you there.

Victor: This is my home, Jack.

Jack: I think she needs to get away from this garbage.

Ashley: (Sighs) Jack, I--

Jack: Look--

Ashley: I appreciate your concern, but I-I just need to stay here, okay?

Jack: Ashley, I still say--

Victor: Enough!

Olivia: Look--

Ashley: The two of you, please, you can't argue, all right? Stop.

Olivia: All right, look. Look, why--why don't we go upstairs? Come on, Ashley.

Ashley: I'll call you tomorrow, okay?

Jack: Yeah. I-I-- what kind of madhouse is this? She's pregnant. She's supposed to be in a calm, stress-free environment, that is, if we don't want to repeat the last episode.

Victor: This home is calm and stress-free... unless you're in it.

Ashley: Olivia, you don't have to babysit me.

Olivia: Actually, I came up here to apologize. I know how upset you got when I suggested you speak to someone.

Ashley: Not "Someone." Come on. A psychiatrist.

Olivia: It's only because I care about you, Ashley. I mean, when I see you stressed to the point that you're being rushed to the hospital again--

Ashley: Okay. Thank you for your concern.

Olivia: I'm sorry you feel you don't-- like you can't trust me. I want to believe that you had nothing to do with any of these strange occurrences.

Ashley: So what's stopping you? And we both know the answer to that one, don't we?

Olivia: What can I do to help you relax?

Ashley: Nothing. I just feel like I'm trapped in this house.

Olivia: You're just not used to all this inactivity. You know what? It's a beautiful night. You should go outside. Take Zapato for a walk. But promise me that you'll come back and get a good night's sleep. Doctor's orders.

Nick: Sharon, we aren't just some chapter in each other's lives. We'll always be tied together. It's fate.

Sharon: I used to-- I used to believe that. But not anymore.

Nick: Really? Why do you think you and Doris moved to Genoa City just as I came back from boarding school? You could have moved anywhere in the world, but you moved here. And I could've just as easy stayed in Europe, but that didn't happen. We got together. There must be some reason for that. And now that I have finally come to my senses, we can be together, the way it was always meant to be.

Sharon: I've thought this through, Nick. I have thought this through, and I-I am reconciling with Jack.

Nick: That's not what's best for you. You don't love him the way you love me. We both know that. Stop trying to push me away. I am telling you, I can make things right with us.

Sharon: Nick, n-no, okay? You need to-- you need to be happy with the family that you have. And if you can't be, then I'm--I'm sorry. But it is not gonna change my decision. I am going back to Jack.

Nick: Sharon, please, reconsider for your own sake.

Phyllis: Reconsider what?

Sharon: Right, uh, yeah, and I'm-- I already went over it with Nick, but now that you're here, I'll--I'll just tell both of you. Um, I'm reconciling with Jack, and this time, permanently. So Nick and I have agreed to keep our distance, and if the baby I'm carrying turns out to be his, then we'll share custody, but Jack and I will raise the baby together. And, um, just so that's clear, um, there's nothing going on between Nick and me, nor will there be, and I really want what's best for you two and for Summer. So, um, yeah, that--that's everything. Thanks for listening. I'm gonna go. Good night.

Phyllis: Is that the whole story?

Jana: (Whispering) So Aucker--I mean... (Scoffs) He's-- he said he's from where now?

Daniel: (Whispering) From the department of justice.

Jana: What, and you just believed him?

Daniel: I don't even know if I should be telling you any of this, all right?

Jana: (Sighs)

Daniel: I mean, he sounded a little weird on the phone, al--almost belligerent.

Jana: Oh, my God. I am just seeing red flags everywhere, Daniel.

Daniel: I did, too. I did, too, at first, okay? But then I went and checked out this guy's credentials. I mean, he's a bona fide agent working on the stolen Terroni case.

Jana: The leads went cold years ago.

Daniel: Maybe that's why they're so desperate that they're going this route.

Jana: (Sighs) Well, how's it gonna work?

Daniel: Since my style is so close to Terroni’s, they want me to make a copy of the missing painting, you know, and then the guys from the D.O.J., they're gonna use it to lure out the thieves from underground.

Jana: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Daniel. I do not like hearing any of this. I don't like hearing that you're being mixed up in something like this. I mean, even if it's legit, it's so bloody dangerous. You can't play games. These people do not play games, you know.

Daniel: Yeah, I know. Aucker's pitch was really persuasive, and I guess I just got caught up in it, but now it--

Jana: (Sighs) It just--this just sounds really, really bad to me.

Daniel: Things are definitely not what they seem, that's for sure, okay? I mean, this guys knows everything about me. He knows everything about all of our friends.

Jana: (Sighs)

Daniel: How much trouble do you think I could be in? I mean, the--the government, they can't force you to work for them, can they?

Kevin: Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. I just gotta show you this one thing.

Amber: Kevin.

Kevin: Oh, no, no, no. Go to the search engine, and type in "ihatethatloserkevinfisher.com."

Amber: That is not a real web site.

Kevin: Oh, you want to bet? I found it yesterday. Wait till you see it. It's so funny.

Amber: (Sighs) Yeah, well, you know what? Whoever created that domain name is a total loser, you know? So what? They obviously don't know squat about you and me-- oh, my God, you weren't kidding.

Kevin: No joke. It's the mother lode, an entire web site dedicated to our misdeeds in "The gopher state."

Amber: Unbelievable.

Kevin: Oh, no way. Someone started a new post.

Amber: Oh, "Fry 'em both."

Kevin: Hmm. Nice. Well, let's see what our adoring public has to say. Click on it.

Amber: Uh, do you enjoy being trashed or something?

Kevin: I find it validating. Okay, so... "Once our idiot governor comes to his senses, we shouldn't have to pay to keep them in prison. Wisconsin needs the death penalty so Fisher and that bimbo--" nice. "Go bye-bye for good." Great. Great. All right, you read the next one.

Amber: "Which bimbo do you mean? Amber Moore or Fisher's mom? She totally deserves to sit in 'Old sparky' for putting cleaning solvent in that face cream."

Kevin: Cheerful lot, aren't they?

Amber: This is worse than those e-mails and letters Detective Wallace sent us.

Kevin: Here, click on the next one.

Amber: Excuse me. The bet was that I could find something positive on the web about you and-- and what we went through.

Kevin: Oh, come on. Just one more. Then we get back to our bet. Come on, we gotta get the full flavor. And when I win the bet, by the way, what do I get? It's not like I need any more free cappuccino.

Amber: Hmm. Um, "I was talking about that skinny blonde bitch who claims she was just along for the ride. Someone ought to point a gun in her face and sh--see how she likes it. I volunteer. Anyone know her address in Genoa City?"

Kevin: Yikes. That one is a little over-the-top.

Amber: You think?

Kevin: Okay, enough wallowing. Your turn. See if you can find anyone online that doesn't think that I am Satan.

Amber: Okay. I am going to search "Silver chipmunk" instead of our names.

Kevin: Fine. Knock yourself out.

Amber: Hmm. You know, I mean, those people are obviously wack jobs, and they don't know the entire story. You know, you were forced into robbing those places.

Kevin: Well, so were you-- by me. I still feel really terrible about that, by the way.

Amber: (Sighs) Well, I would do it again if it meant I could get you back.

Kevin: Well, still, I did traumatize a lot of people, and it's not like I can just turn a switch and shut it all off.

Amber: Kevin, I'm not asking you to just forget about it. I'm just asking you to, you know, kind of cut yourself some slack here, you know? And then-- oh, oh, look. See? Right here. This is exactly what I was looking for. Hmm. Look. Look, it's a web site. It's dedicated to the silver chipmunk. "The silver chipmunk is my hero."

Kevin: (Laughs) No way.

Amber: Yeah, it's a web site that's dedicated to, um, adult children of--of child abuse and neglect.

Kevin: Well, what's it say? Read it.

Amber: Um... (Sighs) Let's see. Most of it is just about your history, about, um, Clint, how he pretended to be "Terrible Tom," um, to break--break you down. "Thanks to the love and support of his family and friends and the fair-minded governor, Kevin has returned to his community whole and intact. I salute him for surviving this terrible ordeal, one that could have destroyed a weaker, less-principled man. Those who haven't descended into the dark abyss that is child abuse and risen from its horrors to become productive members of society have no right to judge Kevin or his actions while under the spell of his merciless kidnapper."

Kevin: Wow, that's, um...

Amber: The absolute truth.

Kevin: I mean, this person doesn't even know me.

Amber: Well, I mean, neither do the crazies, but the difference is, these people can relate to you, you know? And what you've been through. And look at all the posts. Look at all the posts at the end, all the comments. Look. "I wish him all the best. "What an amazing revelation this story is." "Walk tall, Kevin. Don't let the turkeys get you down." "My dad was Tom and Clint rolled into one. Kevin endured that torment twice? I don't think I would have been that strong." Pretty cool, huh?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Amber: So do you think maybe that there's another way to look at this? That maybe you're not totally to blame, hmm?

Kevin: (Sighs)

Kevin: Fine. So do you want a cappuccino now?

Amber: Yes.

Jack: How many more times is my pregnant sister gonna be terrorized under your roof or on your grounds or across town in the emergency room?

Victor: What are you implying?

Jack: Isn't it funny? All these Sabrina episodes seem to be happening while you're here.

Adam: (Laughs) You're accusing Victor?

Victor: You be careful, Jack.

Jack: I am not leaving my sister in this haunted house one more day.

Adam: "Haunted house." Jack, you have a way with words.

Victor: I will not tolerate this disrespect.

Jack: And I will not tolerate you isolating my sister from her family.

Victor: The only reason I haven't thrown you out on your ass is because of my love for your sister, you got that?

Jack: No, what you call love is control.

Olivia: Excuse me.

Victor: How's Ashley?

Olivia: She's calmer, but she won't be if you guys keep this up. Jack, let's go.

Jack: No, I've got a better idea. Let's pack her bags and get her the hell out of this house.

Victor: I said you leave now. Your sister doesn't want you here. You got that? If you come back, make sure I'm not here. Now leave.

Olivia: (Whispers) Jack, please.

Ashley: Oh, Zapato, doesn't it feel so good to be out here? Oh, outside where we can finally breathe.

Ashley: I hope you're at peace, Sabrina. I hope your soul can rest. Victor will always have a place in his heart for you, but now, please, you just have to let him go. Please, let me be.

Sabrina: Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you.

Ashley: Then why have you been haunting me? Why is this happening? Am I losing my mind again?

Sabrina: Ashley, you're fine, completely sane. You can relax now. There's nothing to worry about.

Ashley: Then why are you here?

Sabrina: My only wish is that Victor be happy. It's your wish, too. Anyone can see that.

Ashley: Yes.

Sabrina: Then you shouldn't fear me. My baby and I are at peace knowing Victor is loved. I want you and your baby to be at peace, too. Ashley, you're giving Victor the gift that I'd hoped to... until I was called away.

Ashley: It's just a dream.

Daniel: (Whispering) What I don't get is I don't understand why Aucker is playing hardball right now, you know? Up until now, he's been really businesslike.

Jana: (Whispering) Then it's pressure from the higher-ups, whoever they may be.

Daniel: Look, I'm sorry for telling you this stuff and dragging you into it. Can you just do me a favor and not tell anyone? Not tell a soul, I swear.

Jana: No, listen, Daniel, I'm actually really glad that you told me in case something were to happen to you. But I promise that I will keep my mouth shut, okay?

Daniel: Thank you. Thank you.

Jana: Does Amber know?

Daniel: No. No, no. No, no, no. We're not gonna tell her, either.

Jana: Oh, God.

Daniel: That's the last thing I need is her coming up with one of her crazy schemes.

Jana: Daniel, I do not like this. I don't like any of this.

Daniel: I don't like it, either. You know, I've got a good mind to go home, get that canvas, set it on fire, call Aucker, tell him he's getting back his money and he can go straight to hell.

Jana: Shh. Shh, shh, shh.

Daniel: (Normal voice) Hey.

Amber: Hi.

Kevin: (Clears throat) So I, you know, people think I'm a hero.

Jana: (Normal voice) Really? Besides me?

Kevin: Yeah, check this out. Amber found this blogger who says I ought to be proud surviving this the way I have.

Amber: Yeah, he's right. You should be.

Jana: Aw.

Daniel: Yeah, that's great.

Kevin: (Sighs) Yeah, yeah. Somebody finally understands what it's been like for me. I feel like a weight's been lifted.

Jana: My darling, I'm so glad that you feel better.

Kevin: Oh, man, you have no idea.

Daniel: Well, you know what, dude? You deserve this.

Kevin: Thanks.

Daniel: Um, listen, I gotta, uh, go home, so, uh--

Amber: Oh, fine with me. My work here is done. Bye, guys.

Jana: Bye.

Kevin: Bye.

Daniel: Bye.

Jana: Let me see that.

Kevin: Look. Check out all of these comments after the post.

Jana: Well, who are they all from?

Kevin: I guess people who browse the site or subscribe to this blog. Oh, wait, that's interesting. Oh, I hope this doesn't mean what I think it means.

Jana: So you think that Amber wrote all this.

Kevin: Well, look. The blogger and all the comment writers have the same e-mail address-- Amber’s.

Jana: Huh.

Kevin: Oh, well, she did have me going for a while.

Jana: You mean you're not upset it's a fake?

Kevin: No. No. I mean, I suppose I should be, but I'm not. I feel better, and Amber clearly went through a lot of trouble cooking this up so I'd stop being so hard on myself. And that has got to be the nicest lie anybody has ever told me.

Jana: Oh, Darling.

Kevin: Mm.

(Lock rattling)

Amber: What's up with this lock?

Daniel: What? Oh--

Amber: Oh, my God, we've been robbed.

Daniel: Oh, this is great. This is just fantastic. This is exactly what we need right now.

Amber: Oh, my God, I know who did this.

Daniel: Who? Who? Who could have done this?

Amber: One of those wack jobs who hates me and Kevin.

Daniel: You think?

Amber: Yeah, yeah. There was this guy on the internet who said he wanted to know where I live so he could stick a gun in my face. I mean, that has to be it. (Whimpers) Just look at this mess!


[Daniel reads a note]

Howard: You have until noon tomorrow, and if you aren't finished by then, we're gonna have some big problems, you understand me?

Daniel: (Whispers) Aucker.

Amber: I can't believe it. These people are crazy. This is bad, Daniel. This is really, really bad.

Daniel: (Normal voice) This--this could be a disaster.

Amber: (Sighs)

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: Why aren't you asleep?

Ashley: Well, I was, and then I woke up. I feel really good.


Victor: You do?

Ashley: Yes.

Victor: You look good.

Ashley: Thank you.

Victor: Sweetheart. What brought about the change?

Ashley: Oh, you know, it doesn't really matter, does it?

Victor: No.

Ashley: The point is I just feel-- I just feel really good.

Victor: You do?

Ashley: (Chuckles) Yeah.

Victor: I'm so happy to hear that.

Ashley: You know what I realized? I realized that all these things that have been happening...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: You know, all these weird things concerning Sabrina?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: That--well, maybe, I mean, just maybe I've been overreacting a little bit.

Adam: Damn it! I had you on the edge. What--what went wrong?

Victor: But overreacting in what way? What do you mean?

Ashley: I can't prove that anybody's actually been trying to drive me out of here, and it doesn't really matter anyway, because the only thing that truly matters is that I know in my heart that I belong here with you.

Adam: (Sighs)

Ashley: And nothing and no one's gonna drive me out of here.

Victor: I'm so happy to hear you say that. And I'm so happy to know that you're rid of this damned anxiety, hmm?

Ashley: I know. I know. I feel--

Victor: Oh, Sweetheart, I'm so happy for you.

Ashley: I feel peaceful. I really do.

Victor: I'm so happy to hear that. I really am.

Ashley: I love you.

(Door closes)

Jack: Hey.

(Keys jingle)

Jack: Hey, are you all right?

Sharon: Jack, have I told you how much you mean to me? (Sighs) I have given you every reason to walk away, and here you are, still by my side.

Jack: No, no, no. I'm the one who messed things up for us, and I promise you, that will never happen again.

Sharon: You're so good to me. I love you so much.

Jack: (Sighs)

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: So I left earlier so we both had time to, you know, to think.

Nick: Yeah, I've done that.

Phyllis: Good. Okay. Well, I heard what Sharon wants, and, um, what matters to me is what you want. This is not about the three of us. It's about you and me. And I told you, um, what it's gonna take for me to stay in this marriage. I told you that earlier. So... are you willing to let Sharon go and live her own life while you, Summer and I live ours?

Nick: Yeah, I've made a decision.

(Cell phone rings)

Phyllis: Hello? Yeah, I thought that was you, Leslie. Um, are you okay? All right, I'll be right home.

Nick: Summer--is she--

Phyllis: Um, uh, yeah. Summer is fine. It's Leslie. Leslie is really sick, and she needs me to come home so she can leave. Um, so, I ha-- I have to go. I have to go... (Voice breaks) Get Leslie.

Nick: I'll meet you there.

Phyllis: Yeah, we'll talk when we're home.

(Door closes)

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Paul: I'm investigating one of your business associates, Mary Jane Benson.

Mary Jane: I need you. I can't do this without you.

Jill: To the downfall of Victor Newman.

Gloria and Jeff: Hear, hear.

(Glasses clink)

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