Y&R Transcript Monday 5/18/09

Y&R Transcript Monday 5/18/09 -- Canada; Tuesday 5/19/09 -- USA


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Daniel: Okay.

(Camera shutter clicks)

Daniel: All right, you know what? It is feeding time. Why don't we get some pictures of you guys smushing that cake?

Jana: No way. Cane, don't do it.

Daniel: Yes!

Kevin: Come on. It's tradition. Come on.

Daniel: Smush the cake.


Cane: Oh, I can't do it. She's too pretty. Come here, babe.

All: (Groan)

Kay: Yeah.

Woman: Eat that, Lily.

Lily: (Giggles)

Daniel: All right, Lily, if he's not gonna do it, then you do it. It's your turn. Get some cake. A big piece. Come on.

Lily: Okay, you ready?

Mac: That's not a very big piece.

Amber: (Laughs)

Devon: Yeah, don't be so stingy.

Lily: Okay, here. Here. Is this better?



Cane: Uh, Mom, I think I need some napkins. You got some napkins? All right. Okay. All right, let's go. Come on.

Jill: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm ready. I'm ready.

Roxanne: You can handle it.

Amber: Come on, Lily. Do it!

All: (Cheering)

Lily: (Laughs)

Daniel: There we go.

Kay: Very good.

Jill: Here, Sweetie, you want one? Here.

Cane: Mm-hmm.

Murphy: All right, hey, guys, everybody got a glass? I, uh, I would like to make a toast. Lily, Cane, I know you both have traveled a long road to get to this place, and you-- you probably thought you'd never make it.

Lily: (Laughs)

Murphy: But now that you have, I want to wish you all the best. And you guys are living proof that love conquers all.

Jill: To Lily and Cane.

Nina: Hear, hear.

All: (Cheering)

(Glasses clink)

Cane: Thank you. Cheers.

Lily: Thank you.

Jill: Cheers.

Cane: (Laughs)

Lily: (Laughs)

Devon: Um, why don't you take Ana and go get some cake?

Roxanne: Sure.

Devon: You need some cake?

Ana: Cake I can do.

Devon: Yeah? (Clears throat) Hey.

Virginia: Hey.

Devon: Aunt Virginia, you said something earlier, and I'm a little bit confused about it.

Virginia: About what, Baby?

Devon: Well, you made it sound like Tyra's not related to me.

Virginia: You didn't know? Tyra didn't tell you?

Devon: She didn't tell me what?

Virginia: Well, she's not our blood, Honey. Your grandmamma took her in after her own Mama died when she was just a little girl.

Devon: Okay, so she was adopted. That's cool.

Virginia: Not legally. We loved her, and we raised her like she was our own, but technically, Tyra's not family and never has been.

Devon: Wow. Um, you asked if Tyra had told me, which means that she knows.

Virginia: Since she was a teenager.

Devon: Okay. So she-- she's known all along that she's not related to me or Ana.

Kay: Well, now. Where's that charming smile of yours?

Billy: Right there.


Kay: Well, you know what they say-- you can fool some people...

Billy: But you ain't one of them.

Kay: No, I ainít. Is it Mackenzie?

Billy: Yeah. Seems like every time she's around, the wrong thing keeps flying out of my mouth.

Kay: (Chuckles) Oh, Billy, I know it must be difficult, you know, finding out too late that there's no reason the two of you can't be together.

Billy: Yeah, well, she thinks that ship sailed, so...

Kay: Yet, here you are, still chasing it, with an anchor named Chloe around your neck.

Billy: Yeah.

(Cell phone buttons beeping)

Lauren: Okay, he can stay up and watch the rest of the movie, but then he has to go to sleep. (Chuckles) I know. I know. Thanks, Honey. All right, I'll see you later. Bye. It is official. Eden and Fen are having a blast.

Michael: Well, at least we know what they're up to.

Lauren: Still haven't heard from Gloria?

Michael: She's ignoring my messages. I just sent her a text.

Lauren: Well, what did the front desk say?

Michael: That she had left here a couple of days ago with a suitcase.

Lauren: (Sighs) Alone?

Michael: With Jeffrey. Neither of them mentioned leaving town.

Lauren: Hmm. Well, as odd as it is to have your mother out of sight, what is it exactly that's worrying you?

Michael: Whenever Jeffrey and Gloria are out of sight, generally, that means they're getting into some kind of trouble.

Lauren: Well, there you go. If they were in trouble, you would have heard from them.

Michael: True.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. Gimme.

Michael: What?

Lauren: The phone. Hand it over. If anything cataclysmic happens, they will call. Baby, tonight's about us. We're on an actual date. How long has it been since that's happened?

Michael: Mm... um...

Lauren: Exactly.

Michael: Mm.

Lauren: And as much as I love your crazy family, this year has been one crisis after another. It's time to concentrate on us for a change.


Michael: (Sighs)

Mac: Billy was so out of line earlier. He had no right to talk to you that way.

Jana: God, you know, I just wanted to give him a knee, right in his nether region, you know?

Kevin: Well, the guy's a jerk. He's always been a jerk.

Jana: (Sighs)

Kevin: I don't know what you ever saw in him.

Jana: Kevin's right.

Kay: (Laughing)

Nina: (Laughing)

Murphy: No, I'm--I'm more partial to pie, but this cake's pretty darn good.

Kay: Why, of course, it's lemon.

Jill: Katherine? Katherine, you cannot be serious about this movie idea, for God sake.

Kay: Well, yes, uh, very serious.

Jill: (Scoffs)

Amber: Mm, Mrs. C.'s book's a best seller.

Nina: Several studios are already interested.

Jill: This is a terrible idea.

Murphy: Why? Because you didn't think of it?

Jill: No, Murphy, not that.

Nina: If you would stop being so self-obsessed, you'd realize it's a fantastic idea.

Murphy: Yeah.

Nina: I'm gonna dig deeper, add some material that's not in the book.

Amber: Yeah, and talk about a Hollywood ending, where Mrs. C. comes back to life for real. Ka-ching!

Murphy: (Chuckles)

Jill: Have you really thought about this, putting all our private business out on the street? It's one thing to do it for the few people who still read.

Amber: (Scoffs)

Jill: But, please, for anybody who has the price of a movie ticket?

Kay: I think Sean Connery should play your part...

Murphy: Ooh.

Kay: Although, you know, Darling, you're more handsome than he is, but, you know?

Amber: Yeah.

Nina: Very good idea.

Jill: Well, I'm gonna stop you. You can count on that.

Murphy: (Sighs)

Nina: Well, you can certainly try. But I have no idea on what grounds. It's based on a true story.

Murphy: Yeah, it's like a documentary, only more entertaining.

Amber: Hey, Jill, maybe we could get Glenn Close to play your part. She was so convincing as Cruella de Vil.

Murphy: (Chuckles)

Nina: (Laughs)

Kay: Amber.


Jill: Funny. Just when I start to trust you all over again, I'm reminded of what a bad idea that is.

Kay: (Laughs) What? What? What are you doing?

Neil: Wow, should have been a dance instructor.

Tyra: Who, you?

Neil: You know damn well I'm talking about you, pretty lady.

Tyra: (Laughs) Well, Mr. Neil, that's just another one of my very many hidden talents.

Neil: Mm, I like that.

Tyra: (Chuckles)

Neil: So much about you I don't know. But I'm sure gonna enjoy finding out.

Tyra: Yeah.

Neil: Um, still some tension between you and Devon?

Tyra: Yeah, you know, he hasn't forgiven me yet for what he saw in Indigo that night. And, you know, you and Karen were still--

Neil: Tyra, we're adults. We make mistakes. I think maybe it's time that I remind Devon that, right?

Tyra: Uh, mm, no. I just think it's better if we just leave it alone.

Neil: I am a grown man, and I do not need my son's permission to tell me who to date, where to date, when to date, especially someone as beautiful and fascinating as you.

(Camera shutter clicks)

Daniel: Oh, this mirror is unbelievable. Is it a real antique?

Lily: Um, yeah, that's what they tell me.

Daniel: Where'd you find all this stuff?

Lily: Eh, you know, here and there.


Daniel: Secrets of the trade, huh?

Lily: Yeah. You know, I've gotten so many compliments on my decorating, I'm thinking I should try my hand at interior designing.

Daniel: Well, maybe you should. You'd be great at it.

Lily: Really? You think so?

Daniel: Well, let's see. Um, you've got to be creative, right?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: So check.

Lily: (Chuckles)

Daniel: And you've got to have good taste. Definitely check.

Lily: (Laughs)

Daniel: And you got to be good with people. Check, check, check.

Lily: Well, gee, if I'm so wonderful, why'd you let me get away?

Daniel: 'Cause I am a moron.

Lily: (Laughs) No, you're not.

Daniel: No, um, I don't know. I'd say things turned out pretty good for the both of us, wouldn't you?

Lily: Yeah, I think so. Lucky us, right?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, I really wish you and Cane all the best. I mean that.

Lily: I know you do. And I feel the exact same way about you and Amber.


Daniel: (Chuckles) Mm.

Amber: Lily really has it all, doesn't she? You know, good for her.

Chloe: How magnanimous of you.

Amber: Oh, she's totally welcome to Cane, thank you.

Chloe: Yeah, ditto.

(Glasses clink)

Amber: But, uh, I just wish for once that it was me. You know, with the ring, and the big white fluffy dress and the fairy-tale ending.

Chloe: You've been there. You've done that.

Amber: Yeah, whatever. It's just...

Chloe: Well, what about Daniel? Is--is something missing?

Amber: Oh, you know, just the future, that's all. I mean, maybe there still could be one. But at the rate we're going, I'll be Mrs. C.'s age before he ever gets around to marrying me.

Chloe: So you just-- you gotta make it happen, right? Come on. You can do that. It's not like it wouldn't be the first time, right?

Jill: So they were all joking about...

Billy: (Sighs)

Jill: Who was gonna star in this stupid movie. Have--have you ever heard anything so harebrained?

Billy: Mom, hey. You are not upset about some silly movie. This is about that trouble that Jack was talking about, and judging by the way that you're acting, I'm pretty sure that it's something serious. Hey, come on. Get it off your chest. Tell me what's going on.

Jill: All right, but you gotta promise that you will keep quiet about this.

Billy: Scout's honor.

Jill: (Sighs) (Whispers) I'm broke, Billy. (Normal voice) I lost everything, every dime.

Billy: What? (Stammers) H-how?

Jill: It was all offshore in a bank in the Caymans. It collapsed. I got there too late to get my money out.


Billy: Oh, my God, Mom, I, uh...

Jill: I know. I mean, you hear about it happening to other people. You never imagine it's gonna happen to you.

Billy: I'm not even gonna ask if you're okay. I know damn sure I wouldn't be okay.

Jill: No, remember, you promised that you wouldn't tell anybody about this, especially not Cane, and not today.

Billy: Okay, relax. Re--I--you can trust me, okay? Now look, Dad left me a sizeable trust, all right? If you need anything, I've got it covered. I don't want you to worry about anything, okay?

Jill: Oh, Honey, what a sweet offer. Don't you worry about that? I will figure it out. It's gonna be fine.

Billy: (Sighs)

Jill: (Sighs)

Michael: What is this?

Lauren: You'll see.

Michael: Hmm. Oh, the anniversary present I gave you?

Lauren: That's right-- a trip for two to Monte Carlo. I'm cashing it in.

Michael: Oh, a vacation.

Lauren: Just us. We'll take the kids somewhere this summer.

Michael: Oh, I love the way you think. Mm-hmm. Do you want dessert?

Lauren: I was thinking about my homemade marble brownies.

Michael: That is my second favorite thing in the whole world, if Eden and Fenmore haven't gotten to them first.

Lauren: Not a chance. They're in a very, very safe place. If you look in the envelope, you may find something that interests you.

Michael: Hmm. A room key...

Lauren: Uh-huh.

Michael: From here.


Lauren: Yes. You see, that's where your brownies are, my baby. I thought maybe you'd like to eat them in bed.

Michael: Check, please!

Tyra: (Chuckles)

Neil: Hey, do you want to get a drink at the bar?

Tyra: Sure.

Neil: Come on.

Devon: Hey, you know what? I need to talk to, uh, Tyra real quick, all right?

Roxanne: Okay. Okay.

Ana: Devon, wait. We have to go.

Devon: Well, just give me one second, all right?

Ana: No, it's not gonna-- it--we gotta go if we're gonna do this.

Cane: So is everything okay with Mom? I mean, she looks a little off.

Chloe: (Scoffs) Doesn't she always?

Billy: Hey.

Chloe: What?

Billy: I think, you know, she's just a little emotional over everything that's going on.

Lily: Well, if you find out anything, let us know, okay?

Billy: Sure.

Cane: So I just want to say, uh, thanks for showing up.

Billy: Yeah, well, you know us. If there's a good party, Chloe and I, we're there.

Chloe: Yep.

Cane: Yeah, so I'm thinking this might be a new beginning for all of us, huh?

Chloe: Yeah.

Billy: Yeah, we should give it a whirl. I mean, we are stuck together, right?

Cane: Right.

Billy: Right.

Cane: Right.

Chloe: Right.

Cane: Uh-huh.

Chloe: Well, I must say, it was a-- it was a beautiful wedding, which probably should have happened a year ago, if it weren't for me. Um, I-I'm really sorry. You know that. And, uh, I wish the best for both of you, really. I'm--I was sort of just, you know, being typical Chloe, all about herself. Okay, I'll shut up now.


Billy: Yeah.

(Glasses clink)

Billy: Yeah.

Chloe: Sorry.

Cane: That's all right.

Lily: Well, at least things turned out the way they did, right?

Cane: That's right. Where there's a will, there's a way, hmm?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Cane: Hmm?

Lily: (Laughs)

Cane: So how about we take this somewhere a little more private, hmm?

Lily: Oh, yeah.

Cane: Oh, yeah?

Lily: Yes.


Cane: All right. Let's do this.

Lily: My bouquet. Ooh! Oh!

Cane: (Sighs)

Lily: (Laughs)

Cane: All right, everybody. We are officially out of here. Thank you for coming.


Cane: Thank you.

Lily: Enjoy the party.

Cane: All right.

All: (Cheering)

Lily: Oh, oh, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Ready?

Jill: Oh, that's right.

Murphy: Get a picture.

Amber: Whoo-hoo!

Chloe: You go, girlfriend! That's my girl. Yeah! Whoo! Whoo-hoo-hoo! You go get 'em.

Michael: (Chuckles) (Sets down plate) Long overdue, if you ask me.

(Sets down plate)

Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Michael: (Sighs) Who knew brownies were an aphrodisiac?

Lauren: (Sighs) You're so lucky that I did.

Michael: Oh, okay.

Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Michael: All right.


Kevin: Well, somebody should call the Cubs. They could use a new center fielder.

Amber: Ha ha. That's just a lucky catch.

Jana: Well, you know what that means-- you're the next to get married.

Daniel: Hey, you got some guy on the side I don't know about?

Amber: Daniel.

Daniel: What? Come on. It's not like we're getting hitched anytime soon.

Kevin: Yeah, why mess with a good thing, right?

Daniel: Yeah. Come on. If it's not broken, you don't fix it, right?

Amber: Right.

Ana: Lily and Cane will be so surprised.

Devon: Yeah, they sure will. This place looks great.

Ana: Should we decorate Humphrey? Like, put a big white bow around his tail?

Devon: (Chuckles) Well, actually, we're gonna bring him home with us so the newlyweds can sleep in.

Ana: Cool, can I get him?

Roxanne: I saw him in the kitchen last.

Ana: Okay.

Devon: Yeah, grab his carrier. It's in the mudroom, all right?

Ana: Mm-hmm.

Roxanne: We should write them a note so they don't think he got out or something. Devon, you okay?

Devon: Yeah, I'm fine. Why?

Roxanne: Well, I can tell that there's something on your mind.

Devon: It's just, uh, Neil and Tyra.

Roxanne: What about them?

Devon: Well, for starters, they were at the reception acting like they were together, when Neil just signed divorce papers not that long ago. You know, it kind of bugged me.

Roxanne: Baby, they were just dancing. I don't see why you're so freaked out about it.

Neil: Sorry, I had to talk to Mrs. Chancellor for a minute.

Tyra: Oh.

Neil: So you ready to go?

Tyra: Yeah.

Neil: Yeah?

Tyra: Yeah.

Neil: Who you calling?

Tyra: Um, you know what? The kids took my car, so I said I'd call a cab.

Neil: Your driver is standing right in front of you, Ma'am.

Tyra: Oh.

Neil: I'm taking you home.

Tyra: (Laughs) All righty.

Neil: (Sighs)

Mac: Bye.

Billy: Um, uh, I'll be right back.

Chloe: Okay, okay.

Billy: Hey, Mac. Are you, uh, you taking off?

Kay: We'll meet you at the elevator.

Mac: Yes.

Billy: Look, um, I'm sorry. I know Kevin's your friend, and I shouldn't have hassled him like that. It's just... oh, come on, you know me. I'm a jerk, right? I mess up. So, um, do you forgive me?

Mac: Too many weddings, too much history. Good night, Billy.

Billy: Oh, Mac, come on. Mac, wait. Don't justó


(Elevator door closes)

Chloe: Concrete floor. No more shoes. No more shoes. Home.

Billy: Yeah, you know what? I, uh, I-I'll be right there. This is the valet coupon. Go ahead.

Chloe: Oh, great. Meet you there.

Kevin: (Chuckles)

Billy: Kevin. (Clears throat) I apologize for what I said. I, uh, I--

Jana: Yeah, you're damn right you apologize. You don't know a thing about him, do you? You don't know that he's a decent, compassionate man, which is a hell of a lot more than you'll ever be.

Billy: Okay, I-I--

Jana: Why don't you just go? Why don't you just go? Get out. Leave us alone.

Kevin: Drive safe, Willy.

Billy: Yeah, you guys, have fun.

Jana: Miserable sod.

Billy: Yeah, yeah.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Jana: Who does he think he is?

Kevin: Jana, I...

Jana: (Sighs)

Kevin: I love you, and I love that you take my side, but I don't need you defending me. I can fight my own battles.

Jana: I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I stepped on your toes just there. You're getting stronger every day. I'm so proud of you.

Kevin: Thanks.

Jana: It just felt so bloody marvelous giving that pompous ass a piece of my mind, you know?


Nina: Nah, to me, comedy is a lot harder to write, because there's only one rule-- if they laugh, it works, and if they don't, it doesnít.

Kay: (Chuckles) Oh, boy, if only life were that cut-and-dried.

Murphy: (Chuckles)

Mac: Oh, please, you'd be so bored.

Kay: You're right, I probably would be.


Jill: Well, well, well, I was hoping for some peace and quiet. I should have known better.

Murphy: Oh, well, I know a nice trailer you could rent. It's cheap, it's quiet, out in the woods.

Kay: (Whispering indistinctly)

Jill: Ooh, you'd like that, wouldn't you, Murphy? For me to be living in squalor, while you have the run of my estate.

Kay: (Normal voice) Our estate.

Mac: Jill, you're the one that keeps reminding us how much happier you've been since you moved out.

Kay: And if, uh, that is the case, then perhaps you'd be far more comfortable back at the Athletic Club.

Jill: Oh, give it up, you old fool. I'm not going anywhere. Nobody is taking anything else from me.

Murphy: Oh, now there goes an unhappy soul.

Mac: I kind of can't help but feel sorry for her.

Nina: I can help it. (Chuckles) As long as I've known that woman, sh-- her life has been a mess. If she's unhappy, it's her own fault.

Kay: Obviously, she feels very much alone. I've tried my best to make her see it doesn't have to be that way, but I don't know. It's so sad. It's like I'm wasting my breath.

Amber: Daniel, can we talk?

Daniel: Yep.

Amber: It's important.

Daniel: Well, Baby, so is this. I gotta get these pictures online tonight.

Amber: You know, up until now, my life has been pretty screwed up.

Daniel: Yeah. You told me some stuff.

Amber: I lost two children, and I'm still not over that. And I'm not sure if that's something that you ever really get over.

Daniel: I don't imagine that it is.

Amber: (Sighs) I want kids someday. I do. My bio clock is-- is just ticking, and there's so many couples around that have been, you know, getting married lately.

Daniel: Oh. Um, Amber...

(Computer closes)

Daniel: We talked about this, and I'm just not ready for that kind of commitment.

Amber: To me.

Daniel: No. No, to anyone. I mean, how old was I when I got married to Lily, and look how that turned out.

Amber: So you're saying we're just another mistake that you'd rather avoid making?

Daniel: No. No, that's not what I'm saying. Please, don't put words in my mouth.

Amber: Daniel, listen. I am crazy about you. You're it for me. I want to be your wife. I want to have your kids. I want to have kids while I am still young enough to be the kind of mom I want to be. I mean, can you understand that?

Daniel: Yeah, I mean, you know, the way I see it is we've got so much time. We just started our careers. Why--why do we want to tie ourselves down?

Amber: So if we're just spinning our wheels, just let me know so I don't waste my time on something that's not going anywhere.

Daniel: (Sighs) Okay, look, if that's some kind of ultimatum, fine. You do whatever it is that you feel like you need to do, but you're not changing my mind. I'm not ready to get married.

Lily: Aah! Don't! Wait, watch your step.

Cane: (Laughing)

Lily: (Laughs) Oh!

Cane: What, are you afraid I'll drop you again?

Lily: No, I know that you'll never let go of me.

Cane: Mm.

Lily: Mm.


Cane: Wow.

Lily: Oh, my gosh.

Cane: Who did all this?

Lily: I would say Devon with a few helpers.

Cane: Now that explains why he left the reception early.

Lily: Oh. Hey, where's Humphrey?

Cane: Okay, Devon took him home for the night. And Humphrey says, "Get a good night's sleep while I am gone... not."

Lily: (Laughs) Oh, they thought of everything.

Cane: Today's been perfect, from start to finish. You know that?

Lily: Mm. It's our wedding night.

Cane: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Can you believe it?

Cane: Mm-hmm.

Lily: After everything that we have been through.

Cane: (Sighs) Let's not waste another second. Come here.

Lily: (Chuckles)

Cane: Mm.

Kevin: So you know there's no music, right?

Jana: I hear music.

Kevin: Uh-oh. Well, as long as you're not hearing voices.

Jana: (Laughs)

Kevin: Look, I know you didn't sign up for this, the whole crazy husband thing.

Jana: Shh. You stop that, okay? I most certainly did. "In sickness and in health," remember?

Kevin: Thank you.

Jana: For what?

Kevin: For being patient with me. I've missed you so much.

Devon: So is your room okay? You have everything you need, yeah?

Virginia: It is wonderful, and it's so fancy, and that bed...

Devon: (Chuckles)

Virginia: My poor old back can hardly wait.

Devon: Well, I'm glad that you're comfortable.

Virginia: And it's nice that you stopped by to check on me.

Devon: Of course.

Virginia: And Ana is puppy-sitting, huh?

Devon: Yeah, that's right. It's, uh, it's Lily and Cane's dog. Just for tonight.

Virginia: That child has grown up so fast.

Devon: (Chuckles)

Virginia: I would not have recognized her. And you, I am so happy to see you again.

Devon: Same here, Aunt Virginia.

Virginia: It broke my heart when we lost touch, but Yolanda--that pour soul-- those horrible drugs just grabbed her by the throat and wouldn't let her go. But, Honey, your mother was not always that way.

Devon: You mean, before she had me?

Virginia: Yolanda was a lovely woman. She had hopes and dreams like anyone and a beautiful singing voice. I always thought she'd go places until she got mixed up with the wrong people.

Devon: Well, let me tell you something-- you should hear Ana's voice. That's a voice.

Virginia: And you, too.

Devon: Yeah, well, uh...


Virginia: Now don't be modest. I've heard that you've got quite a gift yourself. You got it from your mama.

Devon: Mm. Well, if that's the truth, it's the only thing she gave me.

Virginia: Um, I brought this. I've kept it for a long time. I thought maybe you might like to have it.

Devon: What is it?

Virginia: It's a letter Yolanda wrote long ago. I found it all crumpled up and on the floor by her wastebasket in her room. I kept it because-- because I thought it might be important someday. It's to your father.

Tyra: Well, when you said that you would drive me home, I thought you meant to my place.

Neil: Well, Ana is in very good hands with Devon and Roxy. No need to hurry home, is there?

Tyra: No, and when you put it that way...

Tyra: So what are we toasting to?

Neil: We are toasting to the second most beautiful woman...

(Glasses clink)

Neil: At the reception tonight, after the bride, of course.

Tyra: Oh, but, of course.


(Glasses clink)

Neil: Cheers.

Tyra: Cheers.

Mac: So what's it like being back after having been gone for so long? You think it's true you can't go home again?

Nina: Uh, it's a little weird, especially with all the memories of Phillip around here. I've walked out to his grave site a couple times and still can't really grasp that's he's--he's gone. But he is, and we move on, and now Cane's part of the landscape. It's very strange. Things change.

Mac: They do, and we have no control over it.

Nina: All right, I'm heading to bed.

Mac: Me, too. I have to get my book out of the car.

Nina: All right.

Mac: It's been really nice spending time with you and getting to know you.

Nina: Likewise. (Chuckles) Good night.

Mac: Sleep well.

Nina: You, too.

Billy: Uh... (Clears throat)

Michael: Oh, that's what I call a date night.

Lauren: Well, that's just a preview of Monte Carlo.

Michael: Oh, tomorrow, I will book our tickets... or tonight. I can go online. Or right now. I could do it on my P.D.A.

Lauren: (Laughs) Honey. Honey, I am sure they'll have seats left in the morning, okay?

Michael: (Sighs)

Lauren: You get the car, I'll return the room key.

Michael: It's a deal. I love you. Have I told you that you make me feel like a teenager?

Lauren: You mean we aren't? Shoot!


Michael: You drop off the key, I'll get the car.

Lauren: Good plan.

Michael: All right.

Lauren: Bye.

Michael: Love you.

Lauren: Love you.

Michael: Love you.

Devon: "My darling, I know you have big plans and warned me from the beginning that you were just passing through, but I fell in love with you anyway. When you moved on, you took a piece of my heart with you, but you left behind more than you know. I just gave birth to our son."

Devon: Yolanda never mailed this?

Virginia: No.

Devon: Then my father-- he never knew about me?

Virginia: No, Baby.

Cane: Wow. You're just beautiful.

Lily: I feel beautiful.

Lily: (Chuckles)

Cane: To you, Mrs. Ashby.

Lily: Oh, my two favorite words.

Cane: (Sighs)

(Glasses clink)

Lily: (Chuckles)

Cane: I thought I'd lost you forever.

Lily: Well, now we will never be apart again, not ever.

Cane: I meant what I said at the ceremony about feeling rich beyond compare, 'cause I don't want a dollar from the Chancellors or anyone else. All I want is you, sweetheart. So are you in, or did you think you married the Chancellor heir?


Lily: Oh, my goodness. Cane, I did not marry you for the money. I married you because I knew that you would never let me down. And even when I thought you did, you really didnít.

Cane: Listen... (Sets down glass) (Sets down glass) I'm not perfect. I'm far from it. From this moment forth, I promise you, I will never disappoint you again.

Lily: Well, then I am in for the rest of our lives together.

Cane: I love you.

Lily: I love you.

Cordelia: (Cries)

Mac: What are you doing here?

Billy: I had to see you.

Mac: Stay the hell away from me.

Billy: Look, I know you're mad, okay? I know Kevin's your friend, but it's a little hard for me to forget that he almost killed my niece, you know?

Mac: This is about so much more than that. Just leave. Get out!

Kay: You heard her, Billy. Go home now.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Chloe: (Squeals)

Billy: (Screams) Ooh, hi.

Howard: I came 'cause I know Jana Fisher was here.

Daniel: Are you spying on me now?

Mary Jane: Jack?

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