Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/6/09

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/6/09 -- Canada; Thursday 5/7/09 -- U.S.A.


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Gloria: (Laughs)

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Gloria: I know. I know. I know.


Michael: You seem awfully chipper for a woman who's about to be sued for millions.

Gloria: Well, I do have the best lawyer in the state. And it's only a civil trial.

Michael: "Only"?

Gloria: Yeah, well, if it were up to him, I'd probably still be rotting in prison.

Jeff: It was an exciting time, though, wasn't it, Sweet Cheeks? Or not.

Gloria: Mm. Hmm.

Michael: Even if this isn't a criminal case, if either of you think this is in the bag, you're sorely mistaken.

Victor: Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?

Ashley: Oh, Honey, thank you. I think it's better if I just focus on the case.

Adam: Good luck.

Ashley: Thanks, Adam.

Nick: Hey, guys.

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: Son, nice of you to show up.

Adam: Nick, perfect timing. I was just going upstairs.

Nick: Well, don't let me stop you.

Ashley: Anyway, I guess, uh, it's time for me to go to court.

Nick: Oh, yeah, that's today. Good luck. I hope it works out for you.

Ashley: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Victor: You call me as soon as it's over, okay?

Ashley: Mm-hmm, I will. Mm.

Victor: I love you. Bye.

Victor: What's happening, son? Do you got good news for me?

Nick: Yes, I have... (Puts folder on table) Decided to accept your offer to be C.O.O. at Newman.

Victor: That makes me very happy. Come here.

Jack: See you then.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: I know its crunch time, Ladies, but Mary Jane has to make Jabot her top priority.

Mary Jane: Don't worry, Jack. I won't neglect you.

Jack: Okay, as much as I'd like to stick around, I told Ash and Billy I'd meet them at the courthouse.

Mary Jane: Well, I'll wrap it up with Phyllis, and I'll see you over there.

Jack: All right.

Mary Jane: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Okay, let's dive in. Now that I don't have Nick to help me with this issue, I really need your coordination with promotion.

Mary Jane: Uh, obviously, we need to run ads in the top papers of our major markets. Uh, we--we could do a press party. Um...

Phyllis: Ooh.

Mary Jane: What do-- what do you think?

Phyllis: (Clicks tongue) Mm, a press party. Do you think a lavish affair in this economic climate, do you think that it's really in good taste?

Mary Jane: Well, uh, we do need to make a splash.

Phyllis: Yeah, a splash. A splash, a splash. (Sighs) How about we both pose nude on the cover?

Mary Jane: (Chuckles)

Phyllis: (Laughs)

Mary Jane: I said a "Splash," not a tidal wave.

Phyllis: Right, right, right. Yeah, yikes. Hmm. I don't even think I'm up for that. Um...

Mary Jane: (Laughs)

Phyllis: Uh, hey, you know what? You're the P.R. guru. Go for it.

Mary Jane: Uh, how about I book you on the national talk circuit, hmm? You could chat up, uh, the "Happily ever after" issue.

Phyllis: Oh, wait. Wait--wait a second. Mary Jane, it's too late for that. I mean, you know this is coming out next week, right?

Mary Jane: Well, yeah. I-I-I have some fabulous contacts.

Phyllis: Oh.

Mary Jane: You know. It's probably a bit ambitious, though.

Phyllis: Oh.

Mary Jane: Yeah. Um, Phyllis, you-- you and Jack, um, have remained close.

Phyllis: You're talking after our divorce?

Mary Jane: Um, what about Sharon? I mean, can you-- what's up with her?

(Pencils tapping)

Billy: I mean, you're actually pregnant?

Sharon: Don't look at me like that. I didn't do this on purpose.

Billy: I cannot believe this is happening to me again.

Sharon: You know, you're not necessarily the father, and this isn't all about you.

Billy: Oh, I know that. It's also about Jack. You realize he's going to find out about us now, right?

Victor: As corny as it sounds, son, I think Newman is your destiny.

Nick: I don't think that sounds corny at all.

Victor: And I know you're gonna make me proud.

(Glasses clink)

Nick: I'm gonna try. So I stopped by for another reason, Dad. I'm concerned about an investment you have in an offshore bank.

Victor: Which one?

Nick: The Caribbean bank of Corozal. I think you should pull your resources out of it. That bank's in trouble.

Victor: How do you know that?

Nick: I got a tip a while back... (Sets drink down) So I hired a forensic accountant to evaluate their assets.

Victor: Well, son, I have absolute confidence in you. Why don't you handle it, okay?

Nick: Done.

Victor: All right. Thanks for coming by.

Nick: Yeah, no problem. (Sighs) I'm sure Adam enjoyed seeing me, too.

Victor: He's understandably upset because he's under house arrest.

Nick: If it weren't for you, he'd still be in jail.

Victor: Oh, I think he knows that.

Nick: Look, I know he's family, Dad, and, uh, I really respect the fact that you haven't turned your back on him.

Victor: But?

Nick: This is the same guy who wrote that diary and accused you of murder and let you rot in jail. Just watch your back, all right?

Victor: Oh, yeah, son. I am.

Mary Jane: I'm sorry. I-I shouldn't have brought that up.

Phyllis: Oh, don't worry about it. Listen, it's no secret that you and Jack are seeing each other.

Mary Jane: (Sighs) It's just their relationship is supposed to be over, but she keeps trying to get his attention.

Phyllis: Oh, oh, plea-- say no more. That is-- I understand. Isn't that annoying?

Mary Jane: Yeah.

Phyllis: Just--please.

Mary Jane: Very. No, I-I--today, they-- there was this affectionate moment between them and evidently, Jack was concerned, and--

Phyllis: Yeah, I-I-- I'm sure. He was concerned, and she was all sweet. Listen, what you're going through here, I've experienced it, like, a thousand times. The thing with Sharon is she's a master-- a master manipulator and she's really good at playing the sympathy card.

Mary Jane: Has she always been a klepto?

Phyllis: I don't know about trinkets, but she loves to steal other women's men.

Sharon: Well, Jack won't know about us unless we tell him. And then what would be the point of that? I-I mean, you know, he already has his heart set on being a father to this baby.

Billy: That doesn't change the fact that that baby could be mine.

Sharon: I'm--I'm not asking you for anything, Billy.

Billy: You know, as much as it would just kill me to hurt Jack, if that baby's mine, I have to, you know--

Sharon: You gotta what?

Billy: Keeping a secret this big, it never works. You know, eventually, the truth comes out, and when it does-- I mean, just look at the destruction that Chloe’s lies caused. Look at mine.

Sharon: No, I know what you mean. I've been hurt by lies, too.

Billy: You know, you start off-- you think you're gonna save someone pain, but when they find out later, it's even worse, because, uh, well, then they're betrayed, right?

(Tapping table)

Sharon: I-I think that I need some time by myself. Would you mind?

Billy: Yeah. Hey, um, I'm not mad at you. We all make mistakes.

Sharon: Yeah, some of us more than others.

Billy: Yeah.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Jack: Hey. You ready to duke it out?

Ashley: Oh, I'm ready, ready as I'll ever be.

Jack: I think we got a good case.

Ashley: Mm, I don't know. Gloria tends to be the "Teflon woman." I think we should be prepared. We could lose.

Jack: If you want to, we can always back out of this.

Ashley: Jackie, Gloria has to pay for what she's done.

Jack: Look, I want to see her burn every bit as much as you do. I don't want this whole thing to backfire, though.

Ashley: Whatever happens, we'll deal. If Gloria goes down, it'll all be worth it.

Gloria: They don't have to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt?

Michael: Only with a preponderance of evidence.

Gloria: English, Michael.

Michael: (Clears throat) If the judge believes it's more true than not that you tampered with the cream, she will award the Abbotts the damages they are asking for.

Gloria: Yeah, and when her honor finds out why I did it, that I was victimized by those sanctimonious brats--

Jeff: That's right, Tiger, you tell her your sob story.

Gloria: Yeah.

Jeff: Show the judge some tears.

Michael: You ignore what he says. When you get on that stand, you maintain your innocence at all cost. Whatever evidence they throw at you, whatever they say to you, you stay calm. You set your emotions aside, and you stick to the testimony the way we practiced it. Can you do that?

Jeff: (Sighs)

Gloria: Of course I can. You got nothing to worry about, Michael.

Jeff: (Exhales)

Michael: (Sighs)

Heather: No. No, he didn’t. Hey, what's going on? You sounded kind of upset on the phone.

Adam: (Sighs) I'm busting my ass here, Heather. I mean, I'm-- I'm learning Braille, adjusting to this blindness, but nobody in this house wants me here. I mean, I got Victor breathing down my neck every day, and, uh, and now with all this weirdness going on with Ashley...

Heather: (Stomps foot) Are you talking about how she claimed to hear a baby crying?

Adam: (Chuckles) That was just the beginning.

Heather: There's more?

Adam: Get this-- Victor's waiting downstairs for her to take her out to dinner for her birthday or something. Ashley comes down wearing a replica of the same dress that Sabrina wore the night of her accident.

Heather: What?

Adam: Yeah. And even today, Victor caught her with Sabrina’s art catalogs and the--and the Koons egg.

Heather: Well, what do you think's going on?

Adam: I-I don't know. I think that the baby maybe was just in her head. This other stuff... may--maybe she's doing it unconsciously. I don't know. But all I know is that it's freaking everyone out.

Heather: Yeah, including you.

Adam: Well, you know, I try to stay in my room, not get involved, but I feel like I'm back in prison again. I have absolutely no freedom. I can't even go outside unless Victor calls the D.A. to get permission. I mean, Zapato has more freedom than I do.

Heather: Yeah. I don't know what I can do, except visit you as often as I can.

Adam: Well, um, you can get a medical discharge.

Heather: Uh, Adam, I mean, medical discharges are very, very, very difficult to get. Normally, they're reserved for people who are terminal.

Adam: Well, you know, you think maybe you can get my sentence reduced to time served? I mean, I have an irreversible eye disease. I can barely see. I know that you can't do this yourself because you prosecuted my case, but can you at least look into it? Please, baby?

(Knock on door)

Victor: Adam, can I have a word with you?

Michael: (Speaking indistinctly)

Gloria: You know, it really is a pity to drag me through court like this. Your father would be very ashamed of you.

Ashley: He'd be ashamed of you, Gloria, for nearly destroying the company that he loved, for all the havoc that you've caused.

Jack: You can't get yourself worked up like this, okay?

Gloria: Oh, yeah, poor Ashley. Delicate little flower. God forbid she should get upset.

Michael: All right, excuse me.

Jack: Back off, Gloria.

Michael: You come with me.

Gloria: (Sighs)

Jack: Hey.

Billy: Hey.

Jack: Where have you been?

Billy: Excuse me. (Inhales deeply) I had a meeting.

Man: All rise. The court is now in session. The Honorable Robyn Green presiding.

Ashley: My family's company, Jabot Cosmetics, lost millions in revenue. My reputation, my brothers' reputation were both irreparably tarnished, and all because Ms. Bardwell took it upon herself to tamper with one of our products.

Michael: Objection, your honor. Assumes facts not in evidence.

Judge Green: Sustained. Ms. Abbott, uh, please refrain from giving your opinion unless asked to do so.

Man: Ms. Abbott, what was your psychological state at that time?

Ashley: I was reeling. I had developed that product myself. I had manufactured it in my own lab. Then to find out that it had been tampered with? Uh, I was devastated. Actually, your honor, I felt like I'd been violated. And then the headlines began, denouncing me and my department. At the office, my brother Jack and I-- he was C.E.O. -- we just argued all the time. It was very tense. We couldn't see eye to eye on anything. Finally, it went from bad to worse. I ended up moving to Hong Kong, and it took Jack and me years to reconcile. But I think the worst thing-- I know the worst thing that happened was what happened to my little girl Abby. She put some of the cream on her body, and she was burned, and I will never forget the sound of her screaming.

Man: Mrs. Bardwell, I'm going to play a tape that was recorded by the Genoa City police department, a tape where you admit to hav--

Michael: Objection!

Man: Your honor, the tape will reveal that Mrs. Bardwell knowingly and willfully put a corrosive material in that face cream.

Gloria: But that's inadmissible. The judge in the criminal case said so.

Judge Green: Uh, there's a different standard here, Mrs. Bardwell.

Michael: Even so, your honor, Mrs. Bardwell was not aware she was being recorded.

Judge Green: Overruled. Play the tape.

Gloria: Stop. Don’t. Please. I did it. I am the one responsible for tainting that face cream. I put a tiny amount of solvent into one jar. The plan was for me to discover it, and I'd be a hero.

Man: Thank you, Mrs. Bardwell. No further questions.

Gloria: But they were the ones who pushed me into it-- my husband John Abbott's children and their superior attitude. They couldn't stand the idea that their father loved somebody from a less fortunate background-- me. To them, I was dirt, and that's the way they treated me. They did everything they could to discredit me, even tried to get me out of the family business against my husband's wishes. And I felt trapped. So I fought back the only way I knew how. But I never meant to hurt that child, or anybody. You gotta believe me, your honor.

Nick: So all the funds have been transferred out of the Caribbean bank of Corozal? Yeah, every dime. Okay, thanks. Whee!

Sharon: Uh, your assistant told me you were here, but I-I didn't know that you were with Summer.

Nick: What's wrong?

Sharon: Nick, I--

Nick: I'll be right back, Summer. What is it? You can tell me. So just say it.

Sharon: Um, okay. Um, I'm trying to. I-- it's just...

Nick: Okay, uh, I'm supposed to drop Summer off at the sitter. Do you want to talk then?

Sharon: No. No, it's important that I tell you right now. I-I have to tell you that I'm--

Summer: (Screams)

Nick: Summer! Summer! Here. You okay? Let Daddy see it. Is it right here?

Sharon: Is it broken?

Nick: No, I don't think so, but let's take her to the E.R. anyway.

Sharon: Okay. Okay.

Nick: I'd better call Phyllis. I'll be right back, Sweetie.

Sharon: Okay.

Victor: I have some good news for you. The eye specialist is gonna come see you tomorrow.

Adam: (Sighs) Uh, I-I've been examined already and diagnosed. Why do you want to waste your money?

Victor: Son, you let me worry about that, okay?

Adam: (Sighs) Why are you putting me through this?

Victor: What are you saying? I thought you were enthusiastic about it when I suggested it the other day. What happened? What changed?

Adam: Well, maybe, uh, maybe I finally figured out what all of this concern for me is really about.

Victor: What are you talking about now?

Adam: You know, I'll always be the outsider, okay? You're never gonna accept me. You're never gonna trust me.

Victor: Where does this come from?

Adam: (Sighs)

Victor: Tell me.

Adam: Victoria was here earlier today snooping around. She thinks I'm behind all of this Ashley nonsense.

Victor: So she accused you of the business with Sabrina’s dress and the art catalog?

Adam: I could hear the suspicion in her voice, all right? She may as well have.

Victor: Really?

Adam: You know, you all treat me like I'm out to ruin you. Well, let me tell you something, I got a lot bigger troubles then messing around with you, okay?

Victor: I am perfectly aware of that, Adam. But we're talking about improving the quality of your life.

Adam: I don't want some doctor experimenting on me, doing all sorts of weird tests.

Victor: Now you and I know that you're being disingenuous when you claim that you are reconciled to your condition. You know that's not true. So the doctor will be here tomorrow to examine your eyes, all right? And maybe by applying that surgical procedure, he can improve your lot substantially. He'll be here tomorrow. End of story.

Heather: (Whispers) Adam?

Adam: (Whispers) Heather?

Heather: Hey. Hey, it's me.

Adam: (Normal voice) Can you believe him?

Heather: (Normal voice) Yes, yes. And I totally agree with him. You need to see that guy.

Michael: You couldn't keep your mouth shut.

Gloria: I stopped them from playing the tape, didn't I?

Jeff: Yeah, if Judge Green heard my baby cakes practically bragging about spiking that cream, she wouldn't have stood a chance.

Gloria: Yeah. But now I stand a chance, right, Mikey? Because you proved that I wasn't responsible for Emma Gibson’s death.

Jeff: And that Jabot is riding high again. No harm, no foul.

Gloria: No verdict for the plaintiffs.

Billy: You okay?

Ashley: Yeah, I'm fine. I just have an upset stomach.

Billy: Well, I can drive you home. Jack can stick around for the verdict.

Ashley: Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh.

Billy: You sure?

Man: Please be seated.

Judge Green: After reviewing the evidence, I find that the plaintiffs have met their burden of proof. The court therefore rules in favor of the plaintiffs, awarding them double the damages they were seeking. Now as for you, Mrs. Bardwell, you clearly can't begin to comprehend the ramifications of your intentional recklessness. You're lucky I wasn't behind the bench at your criminal case, or you'd be going away for a very long time. Court is adjourned.

Jack: Well, you were right, Ash. It was worth it just to see the look on Gloria's face.

Gloria: I'm gonna lose everything.

Nick: At least this ice pack matches your outfit, huh? That's pretty cool, right?

Phyllis: Hey, Mommy's here. Let me see your owie. Oh, my gosh, you hurt your wrist. What happened?

Nick: Uh, she-- she just fell. She--she's okay.

Phyllis: Oh. What--what is Sharon doing here?

Sharon: Um, I was there when it happened, so I drove so that Nick could be in the back with Summer.

Phyllis: Oh, okay.

Sharon: I'll just give you guys some privacy then.

Phyllis: Look at you. Should Mommy kiss that for you?

(Makes kissing sound)

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: A little kiss right there.

Nick: Okay, my turn. M-m-m-m-m-m-mwah! Like, seven. There's, like, seven. So good right there.

Phyllis: Seven kisses?

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: Oh, she's feeling better already. Look at her.

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: You are feeling better. Oh, look at your knees!

Nick: We are getting-- yeah, it's a little ouchy, a little ouchy.

Phyllis: Whoa! That's great, though. You're gonna have lots of things to talk about at school.

Nick: She's very tough. She's very tough.

Phyllis: She is a tough kid.

Heather: He's trying to help you, Adam.

Adam: It's an act. I heard him talking to Nicholas earlier today. Nick told him not to trust me. Victor assured him that he wouldn’t.

Heather: Maybe you misunderstood.

Adam: No, no, and if you think that he's flying this doctor out here because he actually cares about me, you're being completely naive.

Heather: What difference does it make why he's doing it? I mean, as long as he's doing it, and you maybe have a chance to regain some of your eyesight, why would you fight this?

Adam: I don't want to get my hopes up.

Heather: Look, if you're not gonna do it for Victor, please, just do it for me.

Adam: It means that much to you?

Heather: You. You mean that much to me.

Adam: (Sighs) You're all I have in this world, you know that? If you hadn't come back, I--

Heather: Hey. Let's not think about that because I'm here, okay? And I'm not going anywhere.

Mary Jane: So I kept the focus off the amount of the judgment, and put it on Gloria's behavior instead.

Jack: You have a very eloquent way of skewering people. I'm glad I'm on your good side.

Mary Jane: Mm, of course you are. You'd never do anything to disappoint me.

Billy: Can you believe that? Double the judgment we asked for?

Ashley: The important thing is that justice was done.

Gloria: Justice? That's not justice. That was spite.

Michael: All right, let's go.

Gloria: No. Jack was ready to drop the entire case, but you just had to see me penniless, didn't you?

Ashley: Don't you dare act like you didn't do anything to deserve it, Gloria.

Gloria: Oh, still so high and mighty, looking down your nose at everybody. You blame me for all the problems at Jabot, and everything that went wrong with your father.

Michael: All right, Gloria. Gloria--

Billy: That's enough!

Gloria: You've made a few mistakes yourself, Ashley. Like the way you handled Tom Fisher. You gotta know in your heart you're partly to blame for your father's death.

Ashley: You are nothing but a gold-digging, narcissistic, delusional bitch...

Billy: Okay, calm down.

Ashley: Who manages to kill every man you've ever been married to?

Billy: Calm down. Calm down.

Ashley: You know, you'd better watch yourself, Jeffrey. You could be next.

Gloria: Oh, you've got your nerve, talking to me about relationships. We all know your track record, Ashley.

Billy: That's it. Get her out of here before I do.

Michael: Uh, yeah, maybe--

Gloria: No, I am not finished.

Michael: Yes, you are.

Gloria: We know all the stories, Ashley, how you pine away for the great Victor Newman when you're apart, and then you kind of lose your grip on reality...

Ashley: Just shut up. You just shut your mouth.

Gloria: When it goes south. Oh, yeah?

Ashley: Yeah. You just shut your mouth.

Gloria: Scared you're gonna go off the deep end this time when he finally dumps you and goes back to Nikki--

Michael: Gloria, come on!

Ashley: (Wailing)

Michael: Let's go.

Billy: Jack, get a-- get an ambulance.

Gloria: Oh, an ambulance for the great Ashley Abbott.

Billy: She's pregnant, you moron. Shut up!

Jack: I need an ambulance. I'm at the courthouse at Euclid.

Ashley: (Moans)

Jack: I need it fast. There's a pregnant woman. Please.

Phyllis: You should-- don't knock that into anything. Be careful. Get your stickers. Hey, Sharon. I thought you'd left.

Sharon: Uh, yeah, I-I was, and then, um, and then Jack and Billy brought Ashley in, and then your dad showed up.

Nick: What's wrong with Ashley?

Sharon: All I know is she was experiencing some pain. Um, how's Summer?

Nick: Oh, she's-- she's good. Just a sprain.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Sharon: Oh, good.

Phyllis: Yeah, um, I'm going to help her pick out a "Good patient" sticker.

Nick: (Sighs) Well, I hope Ashley's okay.

Sharon: Yeah, well, I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Nick: You were gonna tell me something before Summer had her accident. What was it?

Sharon: Um, it had to do with Noah, but it can wait.

Nick: It seemed like it was important.

Sharon: Well, your daughter needs you right now.

Nick: Up we go. Ooh, I love you!

Jack: The sonogram said the baby's gonna be okay.

Billy: Oh, way to give me a heart attack, Sis.

Victor: Would you leave us alone for a while, please? Thank you.

Ashley: Just for a minute.

Victor: Now Jack said that you were having problems with Gloria after the verdict was read?

Ashley: That was so stupid. I should know better.

Victor: Sweetheart, you've had problems before, haven't you?

Ashley: So you think I should take a leave of absence from Jabot and maybe go on bed rest?

Victor: Of course, you should. You know what the doctor said-- the less stress, the better.

Ashley: Okay.

Victor: Okay?

Ashley: Yeah. I want to give this baby every chance I can.

Victor: I think that's the right decision.

Ashley: I know. I'm just not looking forward to spending so much time in the house. (Grunts)

(Toy rattles)

Ashley: This is Sabrina’s.

Victor: I will take care of things, all right?

Ashley: Okay. (Clicks tongue) Oh.

Gloria: How the hell was I supposed to know she was pregnant?

Jeff: Try sipping.

Gloria: Why? Tell me why. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to survive? It's like that nightmare you had, Michael. I lost everything and ended up as the cleaning lady at Jabot.

Jeff: I'll bet you're glad I divorced you now, aren't you, Honey bunch? Told you it was the best way to protect our assets.

Gloria: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry I didn't trust you, Honey.

Jeff: Well, chin up. I have more than enough to take care of us.

Gloria: (Chuckles) My hero.

Jeff: Mm.


Michael: (Scoffs)

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Jack: Ashley's gonna be okay, no thanks to Gloria.

Phyllis: I can't believe this. You know, pregnancy's already nerve-racking without all this drama.

Nick: (Sighs) Yeah, well, we'd better get "Supergirl" home here.

Phyllis: Yeah. You know what? I promised her we'd get her ice cream, so we have to do that.

Jack: Ooh, somebody's feeling better.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, that's for sure.

Nick: Hey, let my dad know I'll call him later.

Phyllis: Come on, Sweetie. Ice cream! Chocolate chip?

Nick: I scream...

Phyllis: (Laughs) We all scream for ice cream.

Sharon: Um... (Clears throat) Would anyone like something from the commissary?

Billy: Nope. No. I mean, you don't have to stay. We got it.

Jack: You know what? I think I would like a soda.

Sharon: Okay. I'll be right back.

Jack: I guarantee you, "The Mustache" is in there insisting she stop working.

Billy: Well, Jack, she probably should.

Jack: No, she definitely should. I just hate the idea of "Mr. Mumbles" calling the shots.

Billy: Yeah, well, we can run Jabot.

Jack: I-I want to talk to you about that. I know I haven't been including you on a lot of important decisions lately. That's about to change. I want you to be my full partner. We share the C.E.O. position.

Billy: Wow, talk about 180s.

Jack: You up to it?

Billy: Well, hell, yeah, I'm up to it.

Jack: Look, I know we clash from time to time, but you're one of the few people that I trust.

Billy: I'm gonna check on Ash.

(Clears throat)

Victor: Your sister will not be working at Jabot, at least not for the duration of the pregnancy.

Jack: Finally came up with a good excuse to get her out of there, did you?

Victor: I'm doing this out of concern for your sister and for the baby. Don't you imply otherwise, all right?

Michael: Well, I have another case that requires my attention.

(Clears throat)

Jeff: Duty calls, Counselor.

Michael: (Sighs) Oh, you know, do me a favor, Gloria. Try and look at this as the beginning of a whole new life, one where you don't commit any crimes.

Gloria: I'll do my best, Hon-- ney.

(Cell phone rings)

Jeff: Jeffrey Bardwell. What? When? Oh, my God, yeah, I'll-- I'll move on it immediately.

Gloria: What? What news?

Jeff: We gotta get to the Cayman Islands now.

Gloria: Why?

Jeff: The Caribbean bank of Corozal’s about to go under. Every nickel I've got is in that bank.

Adam: I meant what I said, Heather. I'd be lost without you. (Sighs) You're the only thing that keeps me going.

Heather: I can't make any promises, but I'll look into getting a medical discharge for you, okay?

Adam: (Sighs) Oh, whatever did I do to deserve you?

Heather: (Whispers) I'm not exactly sure.

Adam: (Chuckles)

Billy: You know, Jack and I talked already, and, uh, we'll take care of Jabot while you're gone.

Ashley: I bet you will.

Billy: Ahh, come on.

Ashley: I hate not being in the middle of all the action.

Billy: Well, you just concentrate on having a healthy baby.

Ashley: Yeah.

Billy: And in the meantime, if you want takeout from that Thai place, or if you'd like a stack of those trashy novels that you pretend not to read...

Ashley: (Laughs)

Billy: I'm your man. I got it.

Ashley: Thanks, Billy. I appreciate that.

Billy: Hey, um, did Victor say something to upset you?

Ashley: No. No, he's been wonderful. I'm just, well, I'm not really looking forward to spending so much time being confined in the house, you know? I mean, as much as I love the ranch...

Billy: It's just not home, right?

Ashley: It's not really home, no.

Billy: Well, why don't you and Abby come back to the house for a while?

Ashley: Um, I don't think Victor would like that so much, and I don't really want to uproot Abby again.

Billy: Well, then I guess I just have to come visit you every chance I get.

Ashley: Okay.

Billy: Won't Victor be so happy about that?

Ashley: Oh...

Billy: (Laughs)

Ashley: He won't mind.

Victor: Thank you. (Sighs) Well, well. As much as your sister will miss working at Jabot, she didn't say anything against bed rest.

Jack: Well, it's the baby's welfare that's important.

Victor: Yeah. She might be gone for months, you know.

Jack: Then plan on seeing plenty of me. I'm not gonna let you isolate my sister from her family.

Victor: You can see your sister as often as you want. Make sure you stay away from me.

Jack: Works for me.

Nick: Looks like Summer's pretty pumped about running into her preschool teacher.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah. She is showing off her bandage.

Nick: It was a big day. Both Summer and Ashley in the hospital.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know. Hey, um, you never told me. How did this happen? Where were you?

Nick: We were at the park.

Phyllis: Yeah?

Nick: I was pushing Summer on the swing. Sharon showed up. I guess she had tracked me down. She wanted to talk, and, uh, I looked away for one second--

Phyllis: Um, oh, just one second. Sharon tracked you down? So this is Sharon's fault?

Nick: No, it's nobody's fault. This was an accident. Things happen.

Phyllis: Uh-huh. So what did Sharon want?

Nick: To talk about Noah.

Phyllis: Hmm. Does she not have a phone?

Nick: (Sighs) Come on, don't-- don't do this.

Phyllis: Don't? Oh, okay, I won't do this. I really don't want to talk about Sharon, Nick. It doesn't matter to me. All that matters to me is our daughter is okay.

Sharon: Jack, did you mean what you said before when I told you--

Jack: As far as I'm concerned, this is our baby, if that's what you want.

Sharon: Yeah. It is.

Jack: Come here.

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