Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/23/09

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/23/09 -- Canada; Friday 4/24/09 -- U.S.A.


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Jana: Look, Kev, I brought your favorite, bangers and mash. The nurse bent the rules so I could bring 'em in.

Lauren: It's really good. You should try it.

Jana: Yeah. Mmm. Look. Smell that? Nice and creamy and buttery, just the way you like it. Not even a bite for me?

Lauren: It's okay. Um, you know what? We'll just have them put it in the refrigerator and you can have it later.

Kevin: Later. Later, Gator. Later, Gator. Later, Gator.

Jana: Oh, Lauren, he hears us. I know he does.

Kevin: Later, Gator.

Jana: You're still in there, aren't you, my darling?

Kevin: (Whispers) Later, Gator. Later, Gator.

Lauren: (Whispers) We can never stop trying. Jana, come here for a second.

Lauren: I know it's really frustrating for you.

Jana: God, as long as we're just reaching to him somehow, just even--even if-- if just a little bit...

Jana: Lauren, I'm so afraid I'm gonna lose him.

Lauren: That's why we're never gonna give up.

Jana: (Sighs)

Michael: The autopsy report states that Clint Radisson died of a massive coronary. Kevin had nothing to do with it.

Heather: It doesn't reduce the felonies that he's already been charged with. Now if you don't mind, I have to get going.

Michael: Actually, I do mind. You spouted off during the arraignment about possible murder charges against Kevin, giving him zero chance at bail. And now he's locked up in a padded cell.

Heather: The perfect place for him.

Michael: No, the-- the point being, he was supposed to get enough help so he could participate in his own defense. Well, he's not getting help there. He's getting worse.

Heather: (Sighs) Oh, God.

Michael: His claustrophobia--

Heather: Yep, here we go again.

Michael: Listen to me. You spend your childhood locked up in a closet wondering when your next beating was gonna take place, and then you tell me you've walked a mile in my brother's shoes. But don't say a word until then.

Heather: Not every child who comes from a violent home grows up to rob banks and to kidnap people.

Michael: Bottom line, we need some relief. I want my brother transferred to an open ward, not locked up days at a time in solitary. His doctors agree that's what he needs. And I'm sure if the D.A.'s office okayed it, they would--

Heather: Our position is that your brother is being held appropriately.

Michael: It is punitive.

Heather: And jail isn't? I mean, come on, Michael. You were the one who requested a treatment facility. What's next? A bed-and-breakfast?

Michael: You know what? You are always telling me that you are on the side of right. And you know what? Prove it.

Lily: (Gasps)

Cane: Whoa. Oh, what the--

Lily: Oh, Humphrey, boo-boo, what did you do?

Cane: (Chuckles) I leave him alone for two minutes. Look at the mess.

Lily: Oh, how could something so little and so cute make such a mess?

Cane: Anyway, I better put, uh, koala here in a safe place, or you're gonna be next.

Lily: Um, are those, uh--

Cane: Cordelia's things? Yeah. Yeah. I just packed up the nursery. I'll call Chloe later, ask her what she, uh, wants to do with the stuff. But, you know, now we can turn the room into a den, guest room, whatever you want.

Lily: Yeah, I, um, yeah, I guess we could do that.

Cane: Well, it's not going to be a nursery for a while, so we might as well just use the room.

J.T.: Can I get a couple coffees? Thanks.

Colleen: Oh, hey. I didn't see you come in.

J.T.: Yeah, well, you were all engrossed in your, uh, sweetener there.

Colleen: Right.

J.T.: How's it going?

Colleen: Hanging in.

J.T.: Yeah? All right.

Colleen: Mm.

J.T.: Hey.

Victoria: Hi.

Colleen: Hi.

Victoria: Hi, Colleen.

J.T.: Yeah, we're just getting some coffee so we can make it through the day, you know?

Victoria: Oh, listen, did you get the proposals for the proposed fragrance line expansion? We'll be discussing it at the next board meeting.

Colleen: You mean, the report the size of the Manhattan phone book? Yeah, I got it. (Laughs)

Victoria: Well, if you need any help understanding it--

Colleen: Uh, I got it covered.

J.T.: I didn't know you art history types liked numbers.

Colleen: Well, I think it's a little more interesting in real life than it is in the textbook, right, Victoria?

Victoria: Well, I'll just have to take your word for it. I learned on the job.

Colleen: Oh, right. You didn't go to college, right. But, I mean, who needs that when, uh, you have business in your blood like we do, right?

(Cell phone rings)

Victoria: Oh, I'm gonna take this, and then we need to go.

J.T.: Okay. All right. I'll meet you out there.

Victoria: We'll be late. Okay.

Colleen: Bye. Big plans tonight?

J.T.: Oh, yeah. Yeah, Victor is throwing a birthday party for Adam at the ranch. It's, uh, it's gonna be great.

Ashley: You're not letting Hope down.

Victor: Mm.

Ashley: You're taking care of Adam just the way she would have wanted.

Victor: And now I have another child to worry about.

Ashley: (Gasps) Don't worry too much.

Victor: Mm?

Ashley: We're gonna be just fine.

Victor: Mm.

Adam: Cook's making all my favorites.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Well, your birthday comes around once a year, boy.

Adam: Well, listen, Victor, I'm--I'm grateful. I gotta tell you that. I mean, if I was in prison, I wouldn't even be celebrating, so this is a lot more than I expected.

Victor: Well, I'm glad you're around people for a change.

Estella: Everything's ready, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Thank you, Estella.

Estella: Happy birthday, Adam. And please let me know if there's anything I can do to make your evening more special.

Adam: Thank you, Estella. I will.

Ashley: I guess we'll have dinner first, Estella, and then we'll have cake and open presents after that, okay?

Estella: Yes, Ma'am.

Adam: (Clears throat) Well, listen, uh, again, thank you to both of you. Um, I'm gonna go upstairs and get ready now, so, uh, I'll see you in a little bit.

Ashley: Okay.

Victor: All right.

Ashley: I'm so glad you decided to do this. This dinner's gonna be good for all of us. You watch.

Victor: I'm gonna make sure it is.

Cane: (Sighs)

Cane: Hey, Chloe, it's me. Um, listen, I just packed up all Cordelia's stuff, so, uh, give me a call. Let me know when I can drop it off, okay? Thank you.

Cane: (Sighs)

Colleen: Hi!

Lily: Hi.

Colleen: About time you show up. You call and say that you have a surprise. Then you leave me hanging, missus.

Lily: Okay. Okay. Are you ready? You're an aunt.

Colleen: Oh, my God. You're pregnant. What?!

Lily: No! (Laughs) No, not yet. But Auntie Colleen...

Colleen: What?

Lily: Meet our new little baby!

Colleen: (Gasps) (Squeals) Oh, hello! He's so cute.

Lily: His name's Humphrey...

Colleen: Hi, Humphrey.

Lily: After Bogart.

Colleen: Hi.

Lily: And he's a surprise for Cane, and I got him from a rescue center.

Colleen: Aw. Are you, uh, thinking about really having a baby now that you and Cane are finally getting married?

Lily: (Laughs) Uh, well, I told Cane that we should hold off a little while before we start a family.

Colleen: And how did he react?

Lily: Um, he said okay. You know? So we didn't discuss it, but honestly, I don't really know what he was thinking.

Colleen: Are you sure you really want to wait, Lily? I mean, I know how disappointed you were last year when it didn't work out, you know?

Lily: I know. I mean, yeah, I want to have a baby with Cane, but it's just not the right time right now. We went through that whole thing with Cordelia, and I know how hard it was for him to lose her.

Colleen: Okay, well, I know it's your decision, but I think you should talk to him, you know? Maybe he feels the same way you do and doesn't want to wait.

Lily: Yeah, well, we should probably first get married, though, right?


Colleen: You set a date?

Lily: As long as my maid of honor's available.

Colleen: When?

Lily: May 15th.

Colleen: (Gasps) Well, you guys really believe in long engagements, right?

Lily: Oh, please. We'd be married long before now if it weren't for Chloe.

Colleen: You know what? I would not miss it for the world.

Lily: Aw.

J.T.: Hey.

Colleen: Hi.

Lily: Hey.

J.T.: How you doing?

Lily: Good. Bye, guys.

Colleen: They seem really happy, don't they?

Lily: Yeah, they do.

Colleen: (Sighs) You know, there was a time that I thought J.T. and I... (Sighs) But now they're married, and they've got a baby, and you're getting married, and...

Lily: Hey, you're gonna find someone. You have to just get back out there. I thought you were gonna go on that, um, that dating site.

Colleen: (Scoffs) Yeah, I have.

Lily: And? What do you think so far?

Colleen: Eh.

Lily: (Whispering) Hey, do you remember the lawyer that helped Ana?

Colleen: (Whispering) Yes, I remember. He's cute.

Lily: (Normal voice) Hey, Rafe.

Rafe: Well, hey.

Lily: How are you?

Rafe: Good. How's it going?

Lily: It's good. You remember, uh, Colleen, right?

Rafe: I sure do.

Colleen: (Normal voice) Hi.

Rafe: Hi.

Colleen: (Chuckles)

Rafe: So how's Ana doing?

Lily: Um, she's great. She's really happy to be back with Tyra.

Rafe: Well, I gotta say that, uh, I really feel for your dad and Karen, but I'm relieved that the adoption issue was resolved well.

Lily: Yeah. Thank you. Um, so, what's a, uh, a good-looking guy like you doing all alone on a Friday night?

Rafe: Um, I'm heading to a, uh, friend's birthday party.

Lily: Uh, are you going with anyone?

Colleen: (Clears throat)

Rafe: Actually, no.

Lily: Oh. Oh, hey, you guys remember Jimmy's bar, right? Well, Cane just bought it.

Colleen: You're kidding.

Lily: No, he's going back to his roots, so you guys should come and check it out sometime. But anyways-- oh, so I have to go. Uh, I have to go walk this little guy and then go and meet Cane at the bar. So I'll see you guys soon, okay?

Colleen: Bye.

Lily: Bye.

Rafe: Good seeing you.

Colleen: (Chuckles) She's subtle, isn't she?

Rafe: Obviously, she doesn't know I'm gay.

Colleen: Well, matchmaker Lily strikes again.

Rafe: Hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

Colleen: Right. But, you know, we should still check out that bar. We could look for guys together.


Rafe: (Laughs) Definitely. It's a date.

Lauren: I have seen you through some of the worst moments of your life, and you made it through it, and you're gonna make it through this.

Jana: Kevin, my darling, please look at me. (Sighs) You know who I am, don't you? I can see it in your eyes. And I know who you are. You're the man who pulled me out of the brink. (Sighs) The whole world gave up on me, except for you. And it was a really long and hard struggle, but we did it together. And now I am here for you, and I'm not going to give up on you, either.

Lauren: Fen wants his favorite uncle to play "Barrel of monkeys." Michael is working really hard to get you out of here. We all know how hard this is, but don't you give up. Michael isnít... ever.

Heather: Our position is still that Kevin poses a threat to society.

Michael: Look, I'm not telling you to let him roam the streets. I'm just asking that you alter the order so--so that he's not alone so much.

Heather: (Whispers) Look. Look at, Michael. I know that this can't be easy for you. It's your brother we're talking about. I get it, okay? (Normal voice) But look, you yourself can't even argue that-- that he doesn't pose a threat to himself and to other people. He shot at guards. He terrorized people with a gun.

Michael: You--you have no proof that he shot at anyone. A weapon has never been found.

Heather: Minnesota authorities are still looking. I'm pretty sure they'll find it.

Michael: And as for terro-- as for terrorizing people, Kevin did what he did under duress. His mind snapped. It is not his responsibility.

Heather: Yeah, maybe. Maybe it did. But compos mentis or non, it's not my decision, and it's for a judge to decide.

Michael: All right, all I'm asking for... (Whispering) All I'm asking for is a word change. If the order read, "With all due precaution" rather than "Strict confinement"...

Heather: I believe Kevin is where he needs to be.

Michael: (Normal voice) Fine. I'll go to your boss directly.

Heather: Be my guest. (Sighs) But I promise you, he won't budge, either.

Lily: You look so hot behind that bar.


Cane: Shh. Don't let my fiancťe hear you say that.

Lily: Oh, really?

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Is she the jealous type?

Cane: Not only is she jealous, she has this ferocious dog that she likes to sic on any woman who just looks at me, so...

Lily: Ferocious, huh? Maybe we should have called you "Killer" instead of "Humphrey."

Cane: Yeah. That looks like it totally fits.

Lily: Yeah. So how's it feel back there?

Cane: (Sighs) It's like riding a bike, and I am so grateful to Jimmy for letting me try it on for size.

Lily: Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to bring any cute stuff in here.

Cane: Mm, especially when they are underage.

Lily: (Chuckles) That's not what I meant.


Cane: Mm. Oh, look at that. You like that, don't you? You love it when I scratch you like that.

Lily: (Chuckles) Um, so you know our talk before about the nursery?

Cane: Mm. Yeah. What about it?

Lily: Well, I was thinking that maybe we shouldn't convert it after all.

Cane: Okay. So, uh, are you saying what I think you're saying?

Victoria: Abby's where?

Ashley: At a wrestling meet at Noahís school. She decided to go with him.

J.T.: That's great.

Victoria: Great.

Adam: Hey, all.

J.T.: Hey, Adam.

Victoria: Happy birthday.

Adam: Oh, wow. No way. You both made it. Who else is here?

Victor: Ashley and I and Victoria and J.T.

Adam: What? No Nick and Phyllis?

Victoria: Well, Nick wanted me to tell you that he's sorry he couldn't make it and to wish you a happy birthday.

Adam: Well, what he really meant to say... oh, never mind.

(Doorbell rings)

Victor: I'll get it.

Victor: What are you doing here?

Heather: I'm invited.

Victor: By whom?

Adam: Uh, me, Victor.

Victor: How dare you invite her into this house when you know damn well that I am not particularly fond of this lady?

Adam: Well, uh, look, she called to acknowledge my birthday, and, uh, I thought since the dinner was in my honor that it would be okay. Did I overstep?

Ashley: I think we can all get along for one evening, don't you?

Heather: Thank you. Hi.

Adam: Hi. Thanks for coming.

Heather: Yeah.

Ashley: I will go ahead and tell Estella.

Adam: Uh, don't worry about it. I already took care of it.

(Doorbell rings)

Ashley: Would anybody like a drink?

J.T.: I could, uh, play bartender.

Victoria: That's a good idea.

Victor: Uh, it's Rafe, right?

Rafe: Yes.

Victor: Yes. Everyone is in the living room.

Rafe: Thank you, Sir.

Victor: Go ahead. Yep.

Rafe: Oh, hey, there. Adam.

Adam: The reinforcements are here.

Heather: Not a moment too soon.

Rafe: Heather.

Adam: Rafe, what's up, buddy? How are you?

Rafe: Oh, great, man. I hope you don't mind, I invited a friend.

Adam: Yeah, not at all. Are you kidding? I told you to bring a date.

Colleen: And here she is. (Chuckles)

Adam: Is that--

Victoria: Oh, our newest board member.

Colleen: Happy birthday, Adam.

Adam: Thank you, Colleen.

Victor: Any more surprise guests?

Adam: No, I think this is, uh, this is about it. Let's get this party started, huh?

(Voices murmuring indistinctly)

Michael: No change, huh?

Lauren: At least he isn't worse.

Jana: Michael, did you speak to Heather?

Michael: She won't budge.

Lauren: What?

Jana: Oh, God, no.

Lauren: That is outrageous.

Michael: I know. You know what, Kevin? I'm doing everything I can to get you cleared. I'm gonna show the court that you were the victim, and none of this is your fault. Paul's in Canada tracking down Annie and Roger.

Kevin: No. No! No!

Michael: Listen, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. See? It's okay. They're not here. And they're gonna help you. Annie and Roger are gonna tell the judge what happened with Clint so he'll let you go, and then he'll lock them up. And--and no one will ever hurt you again.

Jana: No. It can't be time to go already.

Lauren: No, no, no. We--we need more time. He's so upset.

Jana: I don't want to leave until I know he's gonna be all right.

Michael: Five minutes? Just five minutes?

Man: Sorry, folks. Regulations. I'll keep an eye on him for you.

Lauren: Good-bye, Kevin. Love you.

Michael: We'll be back.

Jana: See you tomorrow, my darling. I love you so much.

Kevin: Get away from me. Why are you doing this? Why don't you leave me alone?

Man: Get me a straitjacket. He's getting agitated.

Kevin: No! No! Get away from me! Get away!

Lauren: It's just so cruel. I mean, Kevin does not need to be so isolated.

Michael: I'm pleading my case to the district attorney, but according to Heather, uh, his mind's made up.

Jana: It's just not fair. I mean, can't they see what they're bloody doing to him? (Sighs) I just-- I just want my husband back. I want him to look at me, and I want him to know who I am, and I want him to know that I love him.

Lauren: He knows that, Jana, and he loves you so much.

Jana: Well, then why did he ask for Amber? (Sighs) God. How horrible am I? Jealous over something like that. I should be thrilled that he had a breakthrough.

Lauren: Sweetie, you're not horrible at all. Of course you would want it to be you.

Jana: (Sniffles) I just wanted to love him enough to be able to get through to him somehow.

Michael: Hey. Hey. There's still hope. Kevin's in there.

Lauren: Yeah, and maybe tomorrow, there'll be a breakthrough.

Kevin: Aah! (Grunting) (Breathing heavily) No! (Grunts) Please! Just let me go! I-- oh, I just want to die. (Grunting) (Breathing heavily) (Moans)

Adam: I gotta tell you, these-- these are fantastic presents. I-I don't know how to thank you guys.

Victor: Ashley's and my gift will be here soon. It's a Braille laptop with a printer.

Adam: Are you serious?

Victor: I hope it'll be useful.

Adam: Well, yeah, I mean, well, I gotta learn Braille first.

Ashley: Actually, Adam, I hired somebody to come to the house and teach you.

Adam: (Sighs) I-it's the perfect gift. Uh, I don't-- I don't know what to say. I--you know, th--this is really gonna come in handy when I start writing my book.

Colleen: What book is that?

Adam: Uh, I decided to write my life story.

Victoria: Is that supposed to be funny?

Adam: I didn't mean it to be.

Rafe: That's pretty ambitious, Adam.

Heather: I think it sounds like a wonderful idea.

Victor: Now, you, Miss Stevens, should know that it is illegal to make a profit off a felony.

Adam: Now, wait, I-- I wasn't gonna write about that. I was thinking more of, like, a personal memoire.

J.T.: Personal?

Adam: Yeah. What it was like growing up on a farm in Kansas with a blind single mother and then finding out who my father was as an adult, now dealing with blindness myself. You know, I thought I might get a lot out of writing it.

Victor: You've a lot of nerve, son, don't you?

Cane: Are you really serious about this? You want to have a baby now?

Lily: Yeah, if it's what you want.

Cane: Are you kidding me? Yeah, but why...

Lily: Why did I change my mind?

Cane: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I thought you were pretty, you know, definite about holding off.

Lily: Well, I just-- I didn't want to pressure you, you know? After everything that happened with Cordelia, I just wanted to give you some time.

Cane: What about going back to modeling?

Lily: I can model before and after.

Cane: Okay. Well, if you don't want to wait, and if I don't want to wait, then what the heck are we still doing here, hmm?

Lily: (Laughs)

Rafe: So you could have been born blind?

Adam: Uh, yeah. Uh, my parents were taking a gamble.

Rafe: Hmm.

Heather: Well, I'm glad that they did.

Colleen: Your book sounds fascinating, and I will definitely buy it.

Adam: Thank you.

Heather: (Chuckles)

Victoria: (Whispers) Wow, talk about poor taste.

J.T.: Well, it sounds like a ton of work. Of course he'll have plenty of time on his hands.

Ashley: (Whispering) I think it's good for Adam to have a project to work on. Frankly, it's probably not gonna go anywhere.

Victor: Damn right it won't, not after what he did with my diary. No one in the publishing world is gonna touch him with a 10-foot pole.

Estella: The staff has set up birthday cake in the dining room.

Victor: Gracias, Estella. All right. Everyone, adjourn to the dining room.

J.T.: Hey.

Colleen: Hi.

J.T.: So how did you end up at this shindig? When I said I was coming earlier, you didn't say a word.

Victor: I was interested in that myself.

Colleen: Well, I ran into Rafe, and we decided to hang out, and since you reminded me that I am your Godchild and you'd like to get to know me better, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

Victor: I'm glad you could come.

Colleen: Me, too.

Victor: You see to it that you find evidence to get this young lady off the board of directors, all right? I'm sick and tired of this farce.

Michael: Keep in touch. Yeah, bye.

Lauren: We will always, always be there for you. You know that, right? Any word on Roger and Annie?

Michael: (Clears throat) Well, Paul has alerted the media. He is plastering fliers all over the Canadian border towns offering a reward for any information leading up to their capture.

Jana: Wow. Mrs. Chancellor's a real angel putting up all that cash.


Michael: Well, hopefully, there will be some leads soon. You know, if--if Roger and Annie are still on the lam together, they're gonna have to eat, buy gas.

Lauren: Could you believe Kevin's reaction when he heard their names?

Jana : God, they must've been there when Clint... (Sighs) And they were torturing my poor Kevin.

Michael: Well, look, what has to happen is we have to find them. We have to take them into custody, and then we have to convince them to talk about what triggered this. Look, I know it's a long shot, but it's the only shot Kevin has. We can't help Kevin fight his demons until we know what those demons are.

Man: Patient has contusions and possible head trauma. He's totally unresponsive, in a catatonic state. E.T.A. nine minutes. Over and out.

Chipmunk voice: Smash up that pretty face-- what'd you have to go and do that for? You nuts or something?

(Laughs mockingly)

Lily: Okay, Boo-Boo, out you go. You're free!

Cane: So...

Lily: (Chuckles)

Cane: How long till this wedding?

Lily: (Laughs)

Cane: Huh?

Lily: Uh, three whole weeks-- an eternity.

Cane: Oh, yeah. Well, it would be if we hadn't figured out exactly how we're gonna spend 'em.

Lily: Um, making a baby?

Cane: Yeah, or, uh, at least getting a really, really good head start. Come here.

Lily: (Sighs) Are you as happy as I am?

Cane: I'm happier, because I thought I'd lost you forever.

Lily: You know, sometimes I just worry this is all a dream.

Cane: Mm. What would you like me to do to prove to you it's real, hmm?

Lily: Um...

Cane: Maybe I could do this...

Lily: (Giggles)

Cane: Hmm? Or maybe I could do this...

Lily: Mm.

Cane: Or maybe I could do this.

Lily: (Laughs) Yep, that's definitely real. (Giggles) Oh. (Giggles) Wait, no. Not in front of the doggy. Not in front of little-- aah! (Laughs) Hi, Boo-Boo!

Cane: Bye. Bye, Boo-Boo.

Lily: (Laughs)

Estella: Oh, I wish we had more time for a visit.

Rafe: Well, I'll come back when you have a little time off. I can't let my favorite aunt feel neglected, right?

Estella: Aw. (Chuckles) Come on, Zapato, let's go for our walk.

Colleen: Well, I hope you had a good birthday, and I'm very glad I could be here.

Adam: Thank you. Me, too. Listen, uh, give your uncle a message for me, will you? Tell him, "Itís not over."

Colleen: What's not over?

Adam: He'll know.

Ashley: Honey?

Victor: Yes, my darling?

Ashley: I've already said good-bye to everybody, and it's such a beautiful night. I want to go take a walk in the woods. Can you come, hmm?

Victor: You do it yourself, okay? Because I need to stay here. I need to talk to someone, all right? Bye.

Ashley: Okay. Mm-hmm. I'll be back soon.

Colleen: So you want to check Jimmy's out? Yeah?

Rafe: Quick beer?

Colleen: Yeah.

Rafe: Yeah, sure. I'd be up for it.

J.T.: Yeah, sounds like fun. You want to go?

Victoria: Um, why don't you go ahead, and I'll go and check with the babysitter and see if the baby's sleeping yet? If not, I'll join you.

J.T.: All right.

Victoria: Let's go say good-bye to Dad first.

J.T.: Okay.

Victoria: Bye, guys.

Colleen: Okay, bye.

Heather: Bye.

Colleen: Bye.

Rafe: See you later, Adam. See you, Heather.

Heather: Bye. (Clears throat) Well, that was a coincidence.

Adam: What's that?

Heather: That your birthday dinner just "Happened" to be our favorite meal...

Adam: (Chuckles)

Heather: From when we lived here together.

Adam: The lady remembers.

Heather: Of course I remember. That was really sweet, Adam.

Adam: (Clears throat) Uh, well, I-I'm glad you came by tonight.

Heather: Me, too. Why don't I help you upstairs to your room?

Adam: Um, I-I can manage.

Heather: Of course you can. Of course you can.

Adam: I'll call you.

Heather: I'd like that. All right, um, well, good night.

Adam: Good night.

Victor: I didn't think you would leave without saying good-bye.

Lauren: Hey.

Michael: Time to go?

Lauren: Yeah. Fen's been with the sitter all evening.

Michael: All right.

Lauren: Okay?

Jana: (Sighs) (Dishes clatter)

Jana: Damn it! Oh, I can't keep a hold of a bloody thing!

Lauren: Jana, are you all right?

Jana: No, I'm not all right. (Sighs) I'm a mess.

Michael: You go on. I'm gonna give her a hand.

Lauren: Kevin would be very grateful.

Michael: Mm-hmm. Mm.

Chipmunk voice: Why are you going along with this?

Kevin: I hurt myself. I need help.

Chipmunk voice: Yeah. They're gonna help you, all right. You think things were bad before? Wait till they get you in a real hospital. Roll you in the door-- it's all over, kid.

Kevin: H-how do you mean?

Chipmunk voice: They'll stick you with needles, poke around in your brain, and then lock you up good and tight. That straitjacket's nothing compared to being put in an iron lung.

Kevin: What?

Chipmunk voice: You need to find a way out of here, 'cause trust me, if you get to where you're headed, you'll never come back.

Lily: So did you know that puppies snore? Little Humphrey was all curled up in his crate with his little blanket and squeaky toy.

Cane: Oh, that is good.

Lily: Mm.

Cane: 'Cause that means... (Grunts) That you and I...

Lily: Uh-huh.

Cane: Can go back to concentrating on making that baby.

Lily: Oh.

Cane: Oh, yeah.

Lily: (Giggles)

Cane: Mm.

Lily: Ooh, careful.

Cane: Mm-hmm.

J.T.: That Rafe seems like a pretty cool dude.

Colleen: Yeah, he is.

J.T.: It's good to see you dating again.

Colleen: (Chuckles) We are just friends.

J.T.: Oh, give it some time. I'm sure he won't be able to resist you.

Colleen: Oh, I'm sure he will. You, on the other hand...

J.T.: What about me?

Colleen: Much more his type.

J.T.: Uh... oh. Oh. (Chuckles) Hey, you taking off?

Rafe: Mm. I got court tomorrow.

J.T.: All right.

Rafe: It was good seeing you, J.T.

J.T.: Yeah, you, too, man.

Rafe: Good night.

Colleen: Bye.

Rafe: Bye.

Colleen: This was fun.

Rafe: We'll come back soon, go trolling together.

Colleen: (Clicks tongue) It's a date.

Rafe: All right. See you guys.

Colleen: (Laughs)

J.T.: Bye. Well, I should probably be taking off, too, since it looks like Victoria's not gonna make it.

Colleen: J.T., thanks for coming.

J.T.: Yeah, sure thing.

Colleen: It's, uh, it's been really hard since my dad died. It's just nice to be out and having a beer and feel normal for a while.

J.T.: Yeah. Well, I am, uh, glad I could help take your mind off things for a while.

Colleen: Thanks.

J.T.: Sure.

Victoria: Hi.

Colleen: Hi.

J.T.: Hey.

Colleen: Hi.

Victoria: Hi. Made it.

J.T.: Yeah, we were just about to give up on you.

Victoria: Where's your date?

Colleen: Uh, he wasn't really my date. Um, have a good night, guys. See you later.

J.T.: Yeah, see you.

Victoria: What was that?

J.T.: (Clears throat) What was what?

Victoria: That hug that I walked in on.

J.T.: Oh, well, Colleen was talking about her dad. Things have been really rough on her, you know? I think people should give her a break.

Victor: Well, I will have to get back to you on that next week, all right? All right, thank you.

Heather: You wanted to speak to me?

Victor: Listen carefully. I know Adam invited you here, but you're not welcome in this house, and you damn well know that. I hope this is the last time you and I will have this conversation.

Heather: Adam is my friend, and I care about him.

Victor: I don't give a damn about your feelings about Adam, as you didn't give a damn about me when you prosecuted me.

Heather: I was doing my job.

Victor: Really? If you're so zealous about doing your job, then why don't you pursue Jack Abbott who set up Adam Wilson in order to get to me? Why you didn't? I'll tell you why you didnít. Because you're utterly incompetent, that's why. Now you and I will have no further conversation about this, all right?

Heather: If you're through insulting me, yes, I agree.

Victor: I'm through with you, period.

Heather: Look, Victor, I apologize to you if my presence disturbs you. I meant no disrespect. But Adam needs me now, and I refuse to abandon him.

Victor: I'm warning you, Miss Stevens. Don't you come back here?

Chipmunk voice: Come on. What are you waitin' for? You're runnin' out of time.

Kevin: What should I do?

Chipmunk voice: Why don't we run away together?

Kevin: What? How?

Chipmunk voice: It's easy. We just hop out of the back of this ambulance.

Kevin: I-it's moving!

Chipmunk voice: What are you, chicken? What's the worst that could happen? You said you wanted to die.

Kevin: (Breathing heavily) Aah!

Jana: Well, that's everything.

Michael: All set?

Jana: (Sighs) Thank you, Michael. And I don't just mean for helping me close tonight.

Michael: Listen, sister-in-law, it's gonna be okay.

Jana: (Sighs)

Michael: You just gotta have faith.

Jana: (Whispers) Yeah.

Michael: (Chuckles)

Jana: (Chuckles)

(Cell phone rings)

Michael: Oh, that could be Paul. Hold on. Yes. Hey. Oh, my God. When?

(Baby cries)

Ashley: Hello?

(Baby crying)

Ashley: Hello? Who's there?

(Baby crying)

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Michael: It's about Kevin. Something's happened.

Jack: How do you know there's a portrait of my dad in the study?

Victor: How can there be a baby? This is private property.

Ashley: I don't know, Victor. I heard a baby, and we have to find it. Please help me.

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