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Murphy: Hi.

Kay: Did you make the call?

Murphy: Yeah.

Kay: Mitchell, you tracked me down here?

Mitchell: Yes. Yes. It's important. I have some news regarding your estate.

Amber: Oh.

Jana: (Whispers) Kevin?

Man: No contact with the prisoner.

Michael: Thank you, officer. Thank you.

Daniel: (Whispers) Just hang in there, okay?

Man: All rise. This court is now in session. The honorable Judge Henry Aldridge presiding.

Judge Aldridge: Be seated.

Judge Aldridge: Mr. Baldwin, you'll represent both these defendants?

Michael: Yes, if it pleases the court.

Judge Aldridge: Nothing pleases the court at this hour but brevity. Ms. Stevens, Fisher case first. Read the charges.

Heather: Your honor, ahem, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, two counts of extortion, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, possession of illegal firearms, the making of terrorist threats, and last-- pending autopsy report on Clint Radisson-- the state reserves the right to add a charge of murder one.

Judge Aldridge: Noted. Bail?

Heather: We ask that the defendant be held without bond until the conclusion of his trial. Mr. Fisher has an extensive rap sheet and has proven to be a serious danger to the public. The sooner this man returns to his cell, the safer we will all be.

Judge Aldridge: Mr. Baldwin, convince me otherwise.

Michael: That's why I'm here, your honor.

Lauren: All right, you know what? I can't wait around for your parents any longer. It's Kevin's arraignment tonight, and I've got to get to the courthouse.

Noah: I can drop off Eden on my way home.

Lauren: Oh, right. Oh, right, after all the lies and sneaking around, I'm supposed to trust you?

Noah: (Sighs)

Eden: Why do you think we decided to come back from the cabin ourselves?

Noah: That's the point. We realized what we did was wrong. Can't you see that we get it?

Lauren: (Sighs) Oh, I don't think Michael would want you to see Kevin in this condition anyway, but...

Eden: Lauren, if we wanted to do something stupid, we would've stayed at the cabin.

Noah: Just give us a chance, Lauren. We promise we won't mess up.

Lauren: Okay, don't make me regret this. And--and you take her right home.

Eden: Go be with Michael. I'll be fine.

Lauren: Okay.

Noah: Wow. That could've gone a whole lot worse.

Eden: No kidding.

Noah: Are you ready?

Eden: I'm ready to go back to your house.

Noah: What?

Eden: You talked to Lauren. The least I can do is help explain it to your folks.

Noah: No. We just promised Lauren that I was gonna take you--

Eden: Being mature is what it's all about, Noah. They have to respect us for stepping up. And if we're gonna... you know, make it official between us...

Noah: Okay, then. Dad's place, it is. Let's go.

MacDowell: Ranger station, MacDowell speaking.

Phyllis: Uh, yeah, um... uh, my--my--my husband-- he--he--he drove up there a bit ago, um, to the Abbott cabin? And--and he hasn't been home. I'm--I'm--I'm starting to get worried.

MacDowell: I saw a car heading up that way not long ago. No one's come down yet. If you'd like, I'll deliver a message.

Phyllis: No. No message. Thank you.


Phyllis: Oh, God. Nick... this is my message to you. Please donít... oh, please don't do this again. Please donít. Please donít. Not again with Sharon, please.

Sharon: So... Noah and Eden are home now?

Nick: Yeah, Laurenís dealing with them.

Sharon: So how come we're not moving?

Nick: Maybe we don't wanna leave. Because the last time we were here...

Sharon: Go on.

Nick: It was amazing. We both wanna hold onto how it felt. But we're afraid.

Sharon: Afraid?

Nick: Neither one of us wants to let it go.

Phyllis: Why don't you answer? Why can't I get to you?


Phyllis: Because you're not on your way home yet. 'Cause you're still up at the cabin with her. And, conveniently, my calls don't get through. Oh, God! Oh, you planned this, didn't you? You planned this, Sharon. Oh, damn it. This is gonna happen again. This is gonna happen again. I can feel it.

Nick: I'm sorry.

Sharon: For what? You just said how you feel. It was nice hearing it. We had a really beautiful moment here. But that's all it was, just a moment. It came and went.

Nick: Moments pass. But sometimes, the feelings donít.

Sharon: Do you think if Cassie hadn't died... that we would still be together?

Nick: Yes.

Sharon: I do, too.

Sharon: Ever since Paris... watching that carousel... all I could think about was Cassie and the dreams that were lost. And when I think about it. It feels like it just happened. My heart starts pounding. I can't breathe.

Nick: I know. I miss her, too. But Noah's okay. You know, he's back home.

Sharon: I'm not okay, though, Nick. I'm not--I'm not okay.

Nick: You got a lot going on right now, Sharon, I know, but you're coping.

Sharon: I'm really not. Things are happening to me that I don't understand. Nick, I... I make love to other men and I pretend they're you. I'm doing things that... I don't even remember doing. I... I feel completely out of control. I can't stop myself. And I'm falling apart.

Mitchell: Well, it's official. Your death certificate and your will have been legally invalidated.

Kay: Oh, God.

Mitchell: And... all the monies and all the properties are to be returned at once to a Ms. Katherine Chancellor.

Kay: Oh, Mitch!

Mitchell: If I'm not mistaken, that's you. Welcome back, my friend.

Kay: Oh, Lord, after all these months, Murphy, I can't believe it!

Murphy: Believe it.

Mitchell: Oh, there's one other matter. Marge Catrooke.

Kay: What about her?

Mitchell: Well, they've issued a new death certificate in her name. Now why she was riding with you on the night of that accident is still a mystery. It's liable to remain one, but her family and friends are entitled to some sort of closure. Now they have it. I'll be in touch, Katherine. Again, good to have you back.

Kay: Thank you, Mitchell.

Murphy: Ah, poor old Margie. Now she can rest in peace. So what do you say? Um, should we head in--?

[Kay remembering]

Kay: Talk about a blast from your past.

Marge: Oh, well, hell, there she is. My swanky, long lost friend. Sit down! I'm weak. I mean, this drinkin' just got me by-- by the throat. I'm--I'm telling you right now, I can't do this.

Kay: Yes, you can. We're just going to have to take more drastic measures. This is your last hurrah. Because I'm taking you to the finest rehab in the country, my dear, and they're going to help you get sober, and hopefully, stay sober.

Marge: But I didn't leave Murph a note or anything.

Kay: You can call him from the facility, Dear.

(Tires squealing)


Kay: Dear God in heaven.

Murphy: What's wrong?

Kay: I-I remember what happened the night Marge died.

Michael: Kevin Fisher is not a danger to anyone. Look at him. I have extensive therapeutic and psychiatric documentation proving that my client has deep psychological scars from years of horrific emotional and physical abuse as a child. He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.

Heather: Which does not cause a man to rob banks or to shoot at a policeman.

Michael: He was tortured and brainwashed by his captors. He exhibits all the earmarks of Stockholm syndrome.

Heather: You have no evidence of that. He's speculating, your honor. The state deals in facts. And we have security cam footage of this man and his girlfriend robbing a bank, loaded guns in their waistbands--

Amber: Are you kidding me? You call that a fact? Really?

Judge Aldridge: Order. Baldwin, your client?

Amber: No, you know what? I am not his girlfriend.

Michael: Sit down. Sit down.

Amber: Kevin is married, so try and your so-called facts straight, Lady.

Michael: Sit.

Daniel: (Whispers) Sit down and shut up before you get yourself in more trouble.

Judge Aldridge: If it happens again, Counselor...

Michael: Trust me, your honor, it wonít. And as for Ms. Stevens' uninformed grandstanding, I will not let that deter me from defending an innocent and emotionally fragile man. Mr. Fisher attempted to help Katherine Chancellor and Esther Valentine escape from their kidnappers. And in the process was abducted himself from these same vicious criminals. From what we found in the motel room, we have reason to believe that Mr. Fisher was then locked up in a closet. His--his captors deliberately sought to recreate the trauma he suffered as a child, which was so vividly reported in an interview with his mother, widely telecast, both here and Minnesota. And once Clint Radisson and his crew had broken Kevin, he was ordered to do all the things that he was charged with. And he did them, in fear for his life. He did them. But that does not make him a danger to anyone but himself. And incarceration is the last thing that my client needs. What Mr. Fisher needs is prolonged psychiatric therapy. He needs treatment, and I'm afraid if we do not find a way to help him now, that he may never--he... he... won't be the same.

Murphy: You know, first thing tomorrow, I'm going down to the diner and tell everybody what you remembered.

Kay: You know, her friends never had a real chance to say good-bye to her. She deserves a decent farewell.

Murphy: Like a memorial service?

Kay: Yeah. Let's give her a great sendoff. What do you say?

Murphy: I say, that's a beautiful thought from a beautiful soul.

Kay: (Chuckles) Well, right now, let's get our beautiful souls inside that courtroom.

Heather: The defendant has already proven himself to be dangerous, volatile, aggressive--

Michael: Happily married. He owns his own business, a business you regularly patronize yourself, Counselor. And dangerous? I don't know, we'll have to ask the people who come here to support him-- his--his wife, his mother, relatives, friends. And the aforementioned Katherine Chancellor, who is eager to testify in his character's defense, if the court will indulge us.

Heather: Is Ms. Chancellor aware that Kevin most likely killed a man in that motel room and also made a makeshift coffin?

Amber: Kevin wouldn't kill anyone.

Judge Aldridge: Baldwin, two strikes.

Michael: Amber, be quiet, please.

Heather: Kevin was nobody's victim. His actions were all calculated. In fact, Ms. Moore herself was so terrified of Kevin that she wrote a plea for help inside that same closet.

Amber: Okay, I-I can explain that.

Michael: Amber--

Amber: Okay, no, I was scared at first, but then I found out what Clint did to Kevin and how messed up he was by it.

Heather: And how much money you could make robbing banks with him.

Amber: Please. You know what? I had all the money I needed from Mrs. C.'s will.

Michael: Amber. Amber.

Amber: And you are clueless about what went on in that room.

Michael: Just sit down or you're gonna wind up in jail. Please.

Heather: Your case is next, Ms. Moore, and I'm ready for you.

Amber: Oh, bring it on!

Michael: All right, all right--

Judge Aldridge: Baldwin?

Michael: Yes!

Judge Aldridge: I'm all out of patience.

Michael: Your honor-- sit down.

Judge Aldridge: Bailiff, if she won't sit down, sit her down. Now.

Michael: You have to sit down.

Man: The judge said sit down and be quiet.

Kevin: Hey! Hey! Get your hands off her! Nobody touches her!

(Gavel banging)

Judge Aldridge: Guard! Somebody!

Michael: Kevin, please.

Noah: Hello? Dad? Phyllis?

Eden: Huh. Guess not, huh?

Noah: Huh. Well, one of 'ems gotta be back soon. Hey, you hungry?

Eden: Starved.

Noah: I'll get something from the kitchen.

Eden: How's that class going?

Noah: What class?

Eden: English Lit? Tales of the terrible shoplifting teenager? I still have no idea how those extra books ended up in my bag.

Noah: Things just happen to us, I guess. Getting in fights in graveyards, the whole falling through the ice thing, Dad finding out we had alcohol that night, and then you, getting arrested at Trumble's. I don't know, I guess it, uh, brought us closer together, right?

Eden: It's like I'm a magnet for bad luck or something. You still sure it's a good idea to be hanging out with me?

Noah: It's the best idea I ever had. What about you? You still cool hanging out with me? Eden? Are you okay? Wh--what's wrong?

Eden: It's nothing.

Noah: Come on, tell me. Please?

Eden: It's just that back at the cabin... you said that you were fine about waiting, but... I think you're way disappointed in me. Are you?

Sharon: No, you know what? I can't do this. I, um... every time I see you, I dump on you, and it--it's not right. It is not your problem.

Nick: Well, the hell it's not. I should be the one to apologize. We never should've made love.

Sharon: No, don't-- don't say that, Nick. I... what we did-- it was wrong, but I will never regret it. Just being with you again and being that close to you... it meant more to me than-- than you'll ever know.

Phyllis: All tidy. All folded and all... neat and tidy. Outside. It's all neat and tidy on the outside, right, Sharon? Neat and tidy on the outside. Neat and tide on the outside. You won't show anybody what a mess you are. What a mess you are!

Noah: How could I ever be disappointed in you?

Eden: 'Cause... I said I was ready and... we drove all the way up there. And... I wasnít. I just couldnít.

Noah: I mean... you were honest with me. You figured out how you felt, and you told me before it was too late. How--how could you not think I would be cool with that?

Eden: You sure you aren't mad?

Noah: I'm sure.

Eden: You know, I was surprised at myself. I mean, I grew up on an ashram in Malibu. It was all about free love and no biggie. And everyone was doing it.

Noah: You're not everyone.

Eden: I always thought when I found the right guy, it would be simple. And we were so close, it was happening, and then...

Noah: Eden... its okay. Really. Like you said, the first time, you want it to be perfect. So do I.

Eden: I love you so much.

Judge Aldridge: Order!

Kevin: Don't touch her! Don't you touch her! Get off me!

Amber: Please! He's trying to protect me!

Kevin: No! No!

Judge Aldridge: Order! This court is still in session. Sit down, now!

Kevin: Get off! Get off!

Michael: Your honor-- your honor, I am so sorry! I am so sorry. My--my client does not know what he's doing. This--this is what post traumatic stress looks like. It's Clint Radisson torture of him, and his subsequent bizarre behavior--

Heather: Mr. Fisher continued his spree after Radisson died.

Michael: Your honor, I am begging you, release Kevin Fisher to his family. We have found a private facility. He can get the treatment he needs.

Heather: No! Not a chance! No sooner does counsel say that his brother needs help, that the man starts raving. This entire exhibition was planned.

Michael: This is insane!

Heather: So it runs in the family?

Judge Aldridge: Order. Enough. I'll observe Mr. Fisher's behavior in chambers, myself. Then I'll make my decision. This court is in recess.

Man: All rise.

Phyllis: (Crying)

Phyllis: (Sobbing)

Phyllis: Oh, God! Aah! No! No!

Phyllis: Oh, my God.

Amber: She lied about Kevin and me. You heard what she said.

Michael: Amber... what she says doesn't matter. What I say does. So close your mouth and let me do my job. All right? Talk to her. Gag her. Do whatever it takes.

Daniel: He's trying to help you.

Amber: Yeah, and I'm trying to help Kevin. How do you expect me to stand here and--

Daniel: You wanna help Kevin? You wanna help Kevin, then sit down and shut up. You can't be jumping out of your seat and arguing with the assistant D.A. okay, you're not doing yourself, you're not doing Kevin any favors. Michael is in charge here. And you're making him look bad, so get a grip.

Amber: You know, you don't have to be so mean, Daniel.

Daniel: Yes, I do. Apparently, I do, to get through to you. I am worried about Kevin, too, but I'm a little more concerned about you right now. So do me a favor and listen to Michael. Let him do his job. Do not make me go home alone tonight.

Gloria: It's all my fault. I didn't protect him from all the terrible things that Tom did to him. I didn't stop it, and now look at him.

Kay: Stop it. That's enough. Now Kevin needs you. Try and think about somebody besides yourself. I'm going for air.

Michael: Fingers crossed, Kevin losing it that way could help swing things for us. It shows he isn't rational.

Lauren: Then why can't Heather just see that?

Michael: She's only doing her job. All that matters is scoring enough points to help Kevin. I can't let him down again, Lauren. I just canít.

Nick: I guess we should be leaving.

Sharon: Mm. I wish we could stay here forever.

Nick: Me, too.

Sharon: I'll get dressed.

Nick: I'm right behind you.

Nick: (Sighs) Oh, Phyllis.

Phyllis: I hate you, too. I hate you, too.

Phyllis: Um, hello, is this the police? Thank you, um... uh, I work in housekeeping at the Genoa City Athletic Club, and I was, um... working in, um, Room 542, and it is... just... incredible what I found. Um, I can't even explain it on the phone. Please, can you get someone over here right away? It's--it's just... it's just terrible. Thank you.

Judge Aldridge: I observed the defendant in chambers, Ms. Stevens. However, I am not a psychologist. I couldn't say for sure if Mr. Fisher suffers from post traumatic stress or from some other mental disorder or imbalance. But I also can't be certain that what Mr. Baldwin is claiming is wrong. So I am ordering Kevin Fisher to be taken to a psychiatric facility where he will be held and evaluated, pending trial.

Michael: Thank you very much, your honor.

Heather: Your honor, forgive me, but there still is the matter of Mr. Fisher's co-conspirator, Amber Moore.

Michael: But, your honor, if the court believes it's possible that my brother's actions were not taken of his own free will, then Ms. Amber Moore could not be a conspirator. She was forced by a man not in control of his actions to participate in his crimes. We have bank security footage that shows Ms. Moore silently, but unmistakably mouthing the word "Help." We therefore ask that ms. Moore be released with prejudice.

Heather: That's outrageous. The charges against her should stand, those being aiding and abetting, conspiracy to commit robbery, armed robbery--

Judge Aldridge: Yes, I've read all the materials. And I agree with you. Unlike your brother, there is no indication Ms. Moore suffers any mental impairment. The charges stand. That said, I see no reason to deny bail. Let's say, $1 million. That should satisfy you, Ms. Stevens. Court is adjourned.

Man: All rise.

Amber: A million dollar bail?

Michael: I can't say I'm surprised.

Daniel: Hey, my mom said that she'd cover it.

Amber: No, no, Daniel. I canít. It's way too much.

Man: Back to the cell, Blondie.

Kay: Uh, do not speak to my friend in that manner, please. I, um, will take care of Ms. Moore's bail.

Amber: Its a million dollars.

Kay: Well, it's no more than 10% of that, Darling, to get you out of here, right, Michael?

Michael: That is correct.

Kay: And now that my affairs are back in order officially, the first check I'm going to write is to take care of these two young people.

Daniel: Thank you. We're not gonna forget that.

Amber: Thank you so much. I don't know how we're ever gonna repay you.

Kay: Already have.

Noah: Can I ask you a question?

Eden: Sure. Anything.

Noah: Tonight... what we did... have you been that far with a guy before?

Eden: (Scoffs) No way. Are you kidding me?

Noah: Me, neither. With a girl, I mean. All my friends thing I'm...

Eden: Experienced?

Noah: Yeah.

Eden: Well... guys are supposed to be like that. From birth, right?

Noah: Totally. Totally.

Eden: It's not like I wanted to stop. I don't know, it just didn't feel right, doing it there.

Noah: Yeah. I guess it was, uh... the wrong place, the wrong time.

Nick: Have you seen Noah?

Woman: Yeah, but he took off a while ago. Lauren was with him. And Michael's kid sister.

Nick: Okay, thanks. I guess he went home.

Sharon: You want me to come with you?

Nick: (Chuckles) I, uh... I'm not sure that's a--

Sharon: Oh, yeah, sorry. Dumb idea. Why don't you just tell Noah to call me so I can talk to him?

Nick: Sharon? I just want you to know... I'm not sorry about what happened tonight.

Sharon: Good. 'Cause neither am I. What are you gonna tell Phyllis?

Nick: Honestly, I have no idea. I wish I did know what to tell her.

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: So what did I miss? Regarding Noah. What did I miss? You talked to him, right?

Nick: You know, actually, I think, uh, I think you and I should talk.

Phyllis: Really? What do we need to talk about?

Nick: Let's go inside.

Noah: Dad!

Eden: Oh, God!

Noah: Dad! Uh, just--just stay where you are for a second. Just don't--don't move, please.

Eden: We--we--we were waiting for--for both of you here.

Phyllis: It doesn't really look like waiting was going on.

Noah: Uh, you don't understand what happened.

Nick: Uh, I-I-I understand. Um... wow. Okay, Eden, I need you to get dressed. And I'm gonna take you home.

Eden: Mr. Newman, please, I just--

Nick: Just save it for Michael and Lauren. Get dressed.

Sharon: This is my room.

Woman: You're Sharon Abbott?

Sharon: Yeah. What--what's going on?

Woman: We're investigating a report on stolen merchandise and personal belongings. Can you tell me where this came from? What about the rest of this? With the tags still on? Are they yours?

Daniel: Bail's been paid. You're free.

Amber: Oh! Oh! Oh, Mrs. C.. thank you so much! Oh, my God! I don't know what I'd do without you. I will pay you back every single penny, I swear.

Kay: No, no, my dear, you already have.

Amber: What about Kevin? Isn't there some way to help him?

Daniel: Kevin-- Kevin is fine. He's in a much better place than he's been in the past few weeks. He's getting some help. Come on.

Amber: Okay.

Jana: Oh, thank God you got Kevin into a real hospital, Michael.

Michael: Thereís... this seems so familiar. All right, uh, what's the room number?

Jana: Um, I think it's this one, number two.

Michael: Oh.

Jana: Michael, why is it locked?

Michael: I... I know this place. I... I know it. It's--it's a padded cell. It's a padded cell. It doesn't have a window.

Jana: What?

Michael: The only window is this. This small... I remember-- I... I rem--

Kevin: You promised! You said I would be safe! You lied to me, Michael!

Jana: Kevin! I'm here! Kevin, I'm here! I'm here!

Kevin: Stop! You're all just a bunch of liars! Liars! Ugh!

Jana: I'm here, Kevin! I'm here.

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Gloria: I'm never gonna leave you.

Kevin: Stay away!

Nick: We both know what I'm about to say to you, and I really don't wanna say it.

Phyllis: Then donít.

Sharon: These are not my things. I-I don't understand why I am being interrogated.

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