Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/9/09

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/9/09 -- Canada; Friday 4/10/09 -- U.S.A.


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Estella: Do you need help, Adam?

Adam: No. Thank you, Estella. I've got it.

Estella: Victoria's here.

Adam: Victoria? I didn't see you there.

Victoria: Hello, Adam. Yeah, well, it's been a while since, uh... we've seen each other. Not since you've moved in here.

Adam: Since I was put on house arrest?

Victoria: I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry about your eyes.

Adam: Come on, no, you're not. You couldn't care less.

Victoria: You know, I would feel for you if you were a complete stranger, Adam.

Adam: You treat me worse than a stranger. This stupid thing.

Victoria: I forgot how self-pitying you are.

Adam: Don't you have a husband to go cook dinner for or something?

Victoria: Can we just call a truce? 'Cause you're never gonna forgive me for not welcoming you with open arms when you first came to town. And I'm never gonna forgive you for forging my father's diary. We're never gonna be friends. But whether you like it or not, we're family.

Adam: Yes, a family that keeps growing whether you like it or not. Hopefully, you'll be nicer to Ashley and her baby, then you were to Sabrina and hers.

Jack: Hey, Sis. Thanks for meeting me on such short notice.

Ashley: Sure.

Jack: Uh, three, please.

Ashley: What's going on? Is someone joining us?

Jack: As a matter of fact, someone is.

Ashley: Well, aren't you mysterious?

Jack: Come on. We'll be right there. Hello, Sharon.

Sharon: Jack.

Ashley: Hi.

Jack: Hi, Doris, nice to see you.

Doris: You, too. I'm sorry it couldn't be under happier circumstances. Sharon tells me you've signed the divorce papers.

Jack: Merely a piece of paper. Sharon knows I'll always be there for her.

Ashley: It was nice to see you both. Bye.

Doris: Are you all right? Should we leave?

Sharon: I'm fine. I'm fine. Jack and I--we're bound to run into each other, Mom.

Doris: You've barely touched your salad.

Sharon: I'm just not hungry.

Doris: This is your mother you're talking to. I know how difficult it's been for you. No job, no house. Your son living with Nick.

Sharon: Well, it's not as bad as you make it seem.

Doris: You can't stay in a hotel forever, feeling sorry for yourself.

Sharon: I-I'm not. I wonít.

Doris: Why don't you move back to your old house?

Sharon: I canít. J.T. and Victoria are living there now.

Doris: It's your home.

Sharon: That wouldn't be a good idea, trust me.

Doris: Come live with me then. I'd love to have you.

Sharon: Mom, you know what? I-I really am--I'm looking for a new place right now. Noah needs a stable home. And he's been being bounced from place to place. He's angry with me about that.

Doris: I'm sorry to hear that.

Sharon: We're also clashing over that girl he's seeing.

Noah: I really wanna be alone with you.

Eden: I do, too.

Noah: Remember what I said about getting out of this place?

Eden: Where could we go?

Noah: My stepdad's cabin.

Eden: Are you sure no one's there?

Noah: I'm positive. I even know where he hides the key.

Eden: Let's go.

Phyllis: You know, any other night that your mom was babysitting Summer, we would be playing video strip poker.

Nick: This isn't a game.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm aware of that. You walked out on me. I'm just not sure when you're gonna do it again.

Nick: We're not gonna make it if...

Phyllis: If?

Nick: Things can't go on like this.

Phyllis: You know, I, um, I don't wanna have any more relationship talks. They don't work.

Nick: Okay. Should we see a therapist?

Phyllis: Wow. The death knell.

(Knock on door)

Phyllis: Hey, Honey.

Daniel: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey.

Daniel: I'm sorry it's late. It kinda couldn't wait.

Phyllis: It's all right.

Daniel: Hey, Nick.

Nick: Hey, what's going on, man?

Daniel: Um, Amber's being arraigned tonight.

Phyllis: Tonight?

Daniel: Yeah.

Phyllis: I didn't realize.

Daniel: Yeah, it's kind of a mess.

Nick: Is there anything we can do?

Daniel: Her bail. If--if it's high, uh, could you--

Phyllis: Yeah, don't worry about it. We'll--we'll take care of it. Right?

Nick: Yeah, sure.

Kay: Thank you. Darling, I have been so worried about you.

Amber: Mrs. Chancellor! They said I couldn't see anyone before the arraignment.

Kay: Oh, Sweetheart. Well, I, uh, pulled in a favor with the district attorney. Sort of a welcome back gift.

Amber: Oh, welcome back? Like...

Kay: So much has happened to me since I saw you last. Oh, my darling, I can't thank you for giving me my life back.

Amber: Really? Oh, my--that is fantastic! I am so happy for you!

Kay: Thank you for believing in me. Thank you. And I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you, but... I am here now.

Amber: You know, it's been pretty scary, but, um, I'm really more worried about Kevin.

Michael: Kevin? Amber told me that she saved your leg from infection by pouring whiskey on it. How's it feel? Kevin, you remember what happened in the boxcar? You showed Tom that he could never hurt you again. You took control. You remember that? You punished Tom for putting you in that closet. Told him that he'd never do that again.

Michael: Kevin, um... you're going to go before a judge for your arraignment. And I'm going to explain to him how Clint triggered this response in you by locking you up. And... how he forced you to steal for him. I'm gonna need you to do exactly what I tell you.

Kevin: Please get me out of here. I'll be a good boy. I promise, I'll never do anything bad again. I promise.

Ashley: Why didn't you tell me the divorce was final?

Jack: I was hoping maybe we could work things out, but it wasn't meant to be.

Ashley: I'm sorry, Jackie.

Jack: Hey, I'm all right. Besides, that isn't why I asked you here today.

Mary Jane: Is that my cue?

Jack: That's your cue. Ashley Abbott, Mary Jane Benson.

Ashley: Mary-- oh, you're the P.R. director that Billy hired.

Mary Jane: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Well, it's nice to meet you.

Mary Jane: You, too.

Ashley: So hired and fired all in the same week, huh? I'm sorry you got stuck in the middle of company politics. Um, I thought you decided to leave?

Mary Jane: Well... I made other arrangements.

Jack: Yeah, uh, Katherine isn't the only one who is back. The Abbotts are back at Jabot.

Ashley: We don't know that for sure yet, Jack.

Jack: We do know that now. Mary Jane and I met with Katherine today, and she agreed it is what is best for the company.

Mary Jane: Because it is.

Jack: Jabot has always thrived under Abbott leadership.

Ashley: Abbott leadership? Or Jack Abbott?

Jack: You are back. Billy's back. And I am back. And I'd love to get started right away.

Ashley: Wow. That is great news. I mean, it's amazing. But don't you think we should slow down a little bit? Katherine is just reclaiming her life. There's legal steps--

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, why do you have to be such a downer? The Abbotts just got Jabot back.

Mary Jane: Congratulations.

Jack: There is one item we need to address, though, right away.

Ashley: What?

Jack: The civil suit against Gloria. Mary Jane agrees with me. We need to drop it.

Ashley: Jackie, no. We have got to see this--

Mary Jane: Pursuing a suit against your stepmother will only keep the face cream debacle front page. We need to focus on positive.

Ashley: Excuse me one second. Have you forgotten what that woman did to our father's company and to our reputations? She has to pay for what she's done, Jack.

Jack: I think she is paying.

Gloria: The thought of Kevin being all alone in that cell-- I don't know why they won't let me see my son.

Jana: I tried. No visitors at night. Only his lawyer's allowed to see him.

Jeff: Hey, what's the difference between a lawyer and a mosquito?

Gloria: Shut up.

Jana: They don't even let me talk to him. They just... dragged him away just like that.

Lauren: Sweetie, we'll see him at the arraignment.

Jeff: Well, I said I'd find him. I did my job. Let's hope Michael does his half, as well.

Lauren: Michael will do everything for Kevin and for Amber.

Amber: Wait, so Brock did a D.N.A. test?

Kay: Which proved that I was his mother.

Amber: Wait, so Jill isn't--

Kay: Is not my daughter.

Amber: Wow. Oh, my--that is so unreal. Wait, so that means that-- that Billy and Cane aren't--

Kay: Let's talk about that later, please. Let's just focus on helping you.

Amber: Mrs. C., is this what I think it is?

Kay: Murphy proposed.

Amber: Oh, my gosh! That is so awesome! Oh, you guys are so cute together. It's beautiful.

Kay: Well, I'm beginning to think it's the most beautiful ring I've ever worn.

Amber: Yeah? Compared to that big old emerald of yours?

Kay: Well, it's not because of the stone. It's because of the man's heart who gave it to me.

Amber: Oh. Well, maybe that's a sign, you know? Even if things look really bad, maybe they have a way of working themselves out.

Kay: All right, all right, don't you dare give up. You and Kevin are gonna-- you and Kevin are gonna be at that wedding.

Amber: You're such a good friend.

Kay: Well... you believed in me. You never gave up. You and Kevin are such good kids. You really are, Darling. We're gonna make this court see that. Just promise me--promise me, you won't worry.

Michael: (Sniffs)

Michael: Uh, Kevin? Can you... remember what happened?

Michael: Um... how did you end up with Clint?

Kevin: I did-- I did horrible things.

Michael: You left a message on Amber's machine saying that you were going to go back to the Hidden Valley Motel.

Kevin: Don't let them lock me up again, Mikey.

Michael: No, I'm gonna do everything I can. But I-I need you to remember. Why did you go back there? What--what happened when you saw Clint?

Kevin: Don't-- don't leave me alone. Please, don't leave me alone.

Michael: I'm not. I'm not.

Kevin: Don't leave me alone.

Michael: I'm not gonna leave you alone. Look, I'm right here. See? Look at me.

Man: The courtroom's closed.

Daniel: Uh, can--can I just talk to her for a minute?

Kay: It's all right, Officer. He's with me.

Man: All right.

Daniel: Thanks.

Amber: Hi!

Daniel: Are you okay?

Amber: I just wanna go home.

Daniel: Well, hopefully, they'll, uh, set your bail and you can be outta here by tonight.

Amber: You know I didn't rob that bank.

Daniel: I saw you mouth the words "Help me" to the camera. It proves you're not a criminal.

Kay: See?

Lauren: Hi. How's Kevin?

Jana: Have you-- have you spoken to him? What's going on?

Gloria: Take me in to see him, Michael.

Michael: They'll be bringing Kevin out for his arraignment as soon as the judge returns. You'll see him then.

Jana: Well, he could actually be out tonight?

Michael: The judge will not grant him bail. That would take a miracle.

Gloria: You know what happened to him the last time he was in jail.

Lauren: Oh, God, don't remind me. Getting attacked and ending up in the hospital and, then...

Jeff: Uh, somebody wanna fill me in here?

Jana: He set himself on fire so he wouldn't have to go back.

Jeff: Ah.

Gloria: Could his psychiatrist talk to the judge?

Michael: This is not a trial. It's an arraignment. There are no witnesses.

Gloria: Michael, if he stays locked up...

Michael: You don't need to remind me of that, Gloria.

Lauren: Come here, Sweetie. Come here, just... just breathe. Just focus on what it is you have to do.

Michael: I just wish I knew what that was. The man I talked to in that jail cell earlier... he's almost checked out. And, um... I'm scared this time he won't come back. What can I do?

Lauren: Just give all that you can. That's about as much as anyone can ask of you right now.

Michael: That might not be enough.

Heather: The judge is in chambers.

Michael: Oh, that means we can go in. Uh...

Lauren: Okay.

Michael: I'll be there in a minute.

Lauren: All right.

Michael: Counselor? A word?

Heather: Yes?

Michael: I'd like to tell you a few things about my brother Kevin. I'd like to explain--

Heather: There's-- there's nothing to explain. We have surveillance footage showing Kevin and Amber robbing a bank. His fingerprints are at one of the crime scenes. We're running D.N.A. on the mascot head. There's one dead man in a closet, two people missing. Not to mention, a photograph of Kevin planting a bomb. Kevin Fisher is a very dangerous criminal.

Michael: Kevin Fisher is my brother. And my brother needs help.

Noah: It's, uh, just up the hill.

Eden: Okay.

Noah: Are you sure you're ready for this?

Eden: I love you.

Noah: I love you, too.

Eden: Noah, wait. Wait up. I... I don't think we're ready for this. I don't think we should. I-I'm not ready for this.

Noah: Really? I mean, I don't wanna do anything you're not okay with. When we--when we do this, I want it to be because we... we both want to.

Eden: I just... I want the first time to be perfect.

Noah: So do I.

(Pounding on window)

Man: You two okay?

Noah: Uh, yeah, yeah. We're--we're good. We're just heading up the hill on the right.

Man: Okay, I just wanna make sure you kids know where you're going.

Noah: Just to the-- to the Abbott cabin. It's like right up there.

Man: You got permission to be there?

Noah: Yeah, yeah, it's my stepdad's cabin.

Man: Okay. Be safe.

Noah: Look, we don't have to stay.

Eden: I want to. I just don't know if we should.

Ashley: I'm sorry to duck out early, guys. It's been a long day and I'm tired.

Jack: Ashley is pregnant.

Mary Jane: Congratulations.

Ashley: Thank you. It was nice meeting you.

Mary Jane: Oh, I look forward to working with you.

Ashley: Me, too. Okay, bye, Jackie.

Jack: See ya, Sis. So, would you, uh, like an after dinner drink?

Mary Jane: Cognac.

Jack: I'll see if we can find us a waiter. So, Mary Jane?

Mary Jane: Mm-hmm?

Jack: You told me you're married. You have any kids?

(Cell phone ringing)

Jack: Oh, sorry. Hello?

Man: Mr. Abbott, this is Ranger Manos from the parks department.

Jack: Yes, how can I help you?

Manos: I found two teenagers outside your cabin. The young man said he was your stepson.

Jack: Uh, 5'8", about 16 years old, sandy blond hair?

Manos: Yeah, and he had a girl with him.

Jack: Yeah, I'll bet he did.

Manos: Do you want us to do anything?

Jack: Uh, no. Thank you very much for this call. I'll handle it on my end. Oh, boy, will you excuse me?

Mary Jane: Oh, problem?

Jack: I hope not.

Jack: Sharon.

Sharon: Jack, look, I'm not in the mood.

Jack: Wait, I just spoke to a park ranger. Apparently, Noah is up at the cabin with Eden.

Sharon: What?! Oh! You know what? He promised me!

Jack: Don't--don't-- there's no phone reception up there.

Sharon: Right.

Jack: You want me to drive you up? I'm happy to.

Sharon: No. You're busy. I'll handle this on my own. Don't worry.

Nick: Wow. I mean, that really sucks for Amber.

Phyllis: Thank you. Yeah, she's not one of my favorite people, as you know, but for Danielís sake, I hope it works out.

Nick: You know how much you and Summer mean to me, right?

Phyllis: Mnh-mnh. Because you keep on leaving us to go save Sharon.

Nick: Okay, just try and imagine what it would be like if it was the other way around.

Phyllis: Okay, all right. I will. See, the only problem is I don't keep on going to Jack. I don't call Jack when I have a problem. How would that make you feel?

Nick: Point taken.

Phyllis: Sharon needs to rely on somebody else, Nick. And you need to step away from her.

Nick: Okay.

(Telephone ringing)

Phyllis: Sharon. Right on cue. Please don't answer it. Please don't answer it.

Nick: I...

Phyllis: Please don't answer it.

Nick: I have to.

Phyllis: Please--

Nick: I have to.


Nick: Hey, Sharon.

Sharon: Noah took Eden up to Jack's cabin. We have to get up there right now.

Nick: Uh... okay, I'll--I'll pick you up.

Sharon: Hurry.

Nick: Okay.


Nick: Noah and Eden are up at the Abbott cabin together.

Phyllis: All right, so, uh, you need to drive with her? She can't go alone?

Nick: What's the matter with you? We were just there for your son. Now I need to be there for mine. What is wrong with that?

Phyllis: Well, I guess I have a problem with you going back up to the cabin. You know, the place that you had sex with Sharon?

Nick: This isn't about us.

Phyllis: Good. Then I'll come with you.

Nick: No. No, you're not-- there's enough tension between you and Sharon already. I don't need you two going off on each other.

Phyllis: You--you are not-- you're not going up to that cabin with her. You're not going up to that cabin with that slut.

Nick: Look, I'm not gonna argue about this with you.

Ashley: Oh, hi, Victoria.

Victoria: Hello.

Ashley: Is Victor here?

Victoria: No. I just stopped by to grab Reed's blanket.

Ashley: Oh.

Victoria: But, you know, I was hoping that I would run into you.

Ashley: Really? Why?

Victoria: How are you feeling?

Ashley: I feel fine. Do you really care?

Victoria: I guess I deserved that, huh? I haven't exactly been very supportive.

Ashley: Not--not so much.

Victoria: Well, you know, your pregnancy--it, um... kinda threw me.

Ashley: Yeah. Well, Victor and I are happy about it anyway.

Victoria: Well, I'm glad. And I'm--I'm really grateful. Because after Sabrina died, I didn't think my dad was ever gonna be happy again.

Ashley: Well, thankfully, that's not the case.

Victoria: Did I ever tell you that Sabrina and I were roommates in Italy?

Ashley: You didn't, but she did, at her wedding.

Victoria: I treated her horribly when she moved in here with my dad. She was gonna be reed's Godmother. And she was still nice to me even after I changed my mind. She still reached out to me.

Ashley: She seemed like she was a very sweet person.

Victoria: She bought me this antique rattle for Reed in one of my favorite stores in Italy. She was-- she was very thoughtful. Sometimes, I still feel her presence, you know? I still feel like she's here.

Jana: Amber, how did this happen to Kevin?

Gloria: What did you do to him?

Daniel: She didn't do anything to him.

Amber: It was Clint.

Gloria: If you hadn't dragged him into this mess, he wouldn't be--

Kay: Oh, shut up, Gloria, just shut up.

(Cell phone ringing)

Lauren: Hello? Oh, Sharon, look, I can't-- where are they? (Sighs) All right, I am on my way. Thank you. Jana, do me a favor. Tell Michael I went to go pick up Eden, and I'll be back as soon as I possibly can. All right?

Jana: Okay. Yeah.

Michael: My brother suffers from psychological problems. He was abused by his father.

Heather: He should've gotten help.

Michael: He did. Something happened. Radisson broke him. My brother is not responsible for his actions.

Heather: You know, there really should be a rule against lawyers handling their own family members. You know, like doctors? It's hard to stay objective.

Michael: Hmm. I turned my own father in when I realized he was guilty. You prosecuted Adam. I'm assuming you thought you could keep your professional life separate from the personal.

Heather: Your brother robbed an armored car. He shot at a guard.

Michael: My brother suffers from Stockholm syndrome.

Heather: Your brother robbed that bank after Clint Radisson was already dead. No one was forcing him to do anything.

Michael: My brother's mind-- in my brother's mind, Clint was still alive. Look, at least agree to a psychological evaluation.

Heather: I'm going to ask the judge to deny bail. And I'll object to a psych evaluation.

Michael: You have no idea what that will do to him.

Heather: Your brother's putting on an act. This isn't his first time in trouble with the law. He belongs behind bars until the trial.

Michael: Listen to me, it will kill him.

Kevin: It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. Mikey says he's gonna help. He's gonna get me outta here. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. It's gonna be all right. It's gonna be okay.

Mary Jane: You still would like to work it out with her, wouldn't you?

Jack: Am I that easy to read? You know what? Sometimes, you don't get what you want.

Mary Jane: I have a feeling you do, more often than not. A man who knows what he wants-- doesn't let anything stand in his way. That's who you want in charge of your company.

Jack: Well, I've never been accused of backing off.

Mary Jane: Do I need to be prepared for any of your ex-wives trashing you in the tabloid?

Jack: I assume you've already read the, uh, editorial in "Restless Style"?

Mary Jane: Is Phyllis going to come after you again?

Jack: No, I think the score with my ex-wives is settled.

Mary Jane: Good. I don't like to get caught off guard.

Jack: Well, there's another thing we have in common.

Phyllis: Hey, uh, Nick, I just want to, um, make sure everything was okay with Noah. Um... yeah. Uh, listen... I'm sorry for the way I reacted earlier. I'm just so confused. And, um... of course, you should be with your son. Of course, you should, so... I just hope everything's okay and, uh... uh, I'll wait up. And we can... you know... finish talking. Pick up where we left off. The making up part, not the fighting part, of course. Anyway... okay.


Nick: There's no sign the kids were even here.

Sharon: Noah's car wasn't out front.

Nick: Maybe the ranger spooked 'em off.

Sharon: Maybe they decided to go home and thought better of things. Or is that just wishful thinking?

Nick: Well, anything's possible. Well, I'll climb the hill and see if I can get reception. Maybe Phyllis has heard from Noah.

Sharon: Good idea.

Victoria: Thank you. I'm so glad you found it. You know, he can't sleep without it.

Adam: Victoria? Are you still here?

Victoria: I was just leaving.

Estella: Would you like to stay for dinner?

Victoria: Uh, I have to get going, but thank you, Estella.

Estella: Adam?

Adam: Oh, I'm not hungry.

Victoria: Okay, well, good night, Ashley. Bye, Adam.

Adam: Don't be a stranger.

Ashley: Hey, Victoria? Before you go, do you remember that red egg that Victor gave Sabrina?

Victoria: The Koons egg? Yeah, of course.

Ashley: Have you seen it?

Victoria: The last time I saw it, it was right there.

Ashley: Hmm. That's weird. It's missing.

Victoria: Well, that's not good. I wonder what happened to it.

Ashley: Estella, did you ever ask the staff if they knew anything about it?

Estella: Why would I? No one here would ever think of taking it.

Ashley: I didn't say they took it, I thought maybe it was broken or misplaced, that's all.

Victoria: I should hope not. Because it means an awful lot to my father. All right, night, everyone.

Ashley: You know, I'd really like it if you would speak to everybody about that, because Mr. Newman wants it found, okay?

Estella: Yes, Ma'am.

Adam: Well, I certainly haven't seen it. Um... good night, Ashley. I'm gonna go to my room now.

Ashley: Good night, Adam. Bye.

Estella: I'll help you.

Adam: Thank you. Where are you?

Adam: Estella, you don't like her very much, do you?

Estella: I was closer to the other mistresses of the house.

Eden: I think so, too.

Noah: I can't imagine if we were up there right now.

Lauren: I thought that was your car outside.

Eden: Oh, it's late. We should've called. I'm sorry, we didn't realize the time.

Lauren: Yeah, well, I don't wanna hear it, Eden.

Noah: Look, it's my fault. I told--

Lauren: Yeah, and from you, either. Do you have any idea where your parents are?

Noah: Well, my dad's at home, and my mom's--

Lauren: In Jack's cabin with your father, looking for you.

Eden: I told you the ranger would rat us out.

Lauren: I don't know what the two of you thought you were doing. Oh, wait a minute, let's rewind that. I know exactly what you two were doing.

Eden: We just wanted to be alone for a while, okay? Chill together.

Lauren: And after what happened before? I can't believe this!

Noah: Okay, we knew we shouldn't have taken off without telling anyone.

Eden: That's why we came back. Honest, we weren't trying to sneak away.

Noah: And we're really, really sorry if we scared anyone.

Lauren: Well, at least you had the presence of mind to come back. But you--you should've called.

Eden: Is Michael mad?

Lauren: Luckily, he doesn't know anything. You know, Honey, he's got his hands full with Kevin. There's only so much the man can take.

Michael: Excuse me. I have to talk to them for a minute. I'll be right back. Don't worry.

Kay: Uh, listen, I'll put up the bail money. Whatever Kevin and Amber need. Just tell me.

Gloria: That's very generous of you, Katherine.

Michael: Yes, there is a possibility that Amber will get bail.

Kay: And Kevin?

Michael: Not a chance.

Kay: Kevin had nothing to do with my kidnapping, for heaven's sakes. It was Clint Radisson and those other two.

Michael: Apparently, Esther told the police that she saw Kevin conspiring with Clint.

Kay: Oh, stop it. She was mistaken. I'll talk to the police.

Michael: With all due respect, Katherine, it's, uh, well documented that you've had memory loss. You've been confused. You would make a very bad witness.

Jana: Kevin will never make it behind bars.

Michael: Well, Paul is looking for, um, for Annie and Roger Wilkes. If we find them, we can get them to testify that Kevin wasn't involved.

Jeff: I'll hire Amos. He'll help me find 'em.

Michael: You stay out of this. I do not want a repeat of what happened in the boxcar. Amber had talked Kevin down, you moron. He was gonna turn himself in. And then you burst in and retraumatized him all over again.

Jeff: You were the one egging him on. Look at this face.

Michael: Yeah, you got off light!

Jana: Okay, stop, stop. Stop arguing. I cannot take it. The only thing that matters is Kevin. Now tell me, what is going to happen to him?

Michael: I'm changing my strategy. I am going to ask the judge to, uh, commit Kevin for psychological evaluation.

Gloria: What? Commit him?

Jana: Do--do you mean?

Michael: Yes, in a hospital, yes.

Jana: A psychiatric hospital?

Michael: Kevin will be safer than prison, and, uh, he will get the help he needs. And it breaks my heart, but it's the best thing that I can do for him right now.

Jack: Thank you. So now that you're staying on at Jabot, will your husband be moving to town?

Mary Jane: Well, nothing's been decided. Either way, it won't affect my work, if you're worried about that.

Jack: No, no, I was just thinking in terms of availability. Will you have to get away every weekend to see him?

Mary Jane: I'll be here if you need me.

Jack: Next time he's in town, maybe we could have dinner.

Mary Jane: We'll see.

Ashley: Sabrina!

Estella: Did you call, Senora?

Ashley: Um... no. I was dreaming.

Estella: If Mr. Newman is hungry, the cook has fixed a plate for him. It just needs to be warmed.

Ashley: Okay, thank you.


(Telephone ringing)

Phyllis: Hello?

Lauren: Phyllis, its Lauren. I just want you to know that Noah and Eden are safe.

Phyllis: Oh! Thank God.

Lauren: I know. They're with me now.

Phyllis: They're with you? But Nick went up to the cabin.

Lauren: Yeah, he and Sharon must've passed the kids on the way up.

Phyllis: Oh. Well--well, he must be out of his mind worrying.

Lauren: Well, he knows. I told him.

Phyllis: Oh, he knows? Oh, okay, good, so he must be on his way home.

Nick: Hey, so it's okay. My phone rang while I was climbing the hill.

Sharon: Noah?

Nick: Yeah, it was Lauren. She said the kids are with her and they're safe.

Sharon: Oh, thank God.

Nick: Yeah. So I guess we can go.

Sharon: Yeah, I guess we can.

Man: The judge is on his way.

Jana: Michael? Michael? Where's Kevin?

Michael: They're bringing him.

Gloria: How do you think he'll behave after being locked up all day?

Michael: We'll hope for the best. Listen to me, all of you, promise me, not a word. And, Gloria, especially you. Let me do my job. Do not try and help me. I need to keep things calm. I don't want Kevin any more upset than he already is.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: We had a really beautiful moment here.

Nick: Moments pass, but sometimes the feelings donít.


Noah: Dad!

Eden: Oh, God!

Noah: Dad! Dad! Dad! Uh... just--just stay where you are!

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