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[Sharon leaving a message for Noah]

Sharon: Noah, the deal was that you were supposed to call me when you're in for the night, which should have been hours ago. So... call me when you get back to your dadís. And that better be right away.

(Cell phone vibrating)

Eden: Ohh. Your cell phone's vibrating.

Noah: I don't care. I don't care anything but you.

(Telephone rings)

Phyllis: Hello?

Sharon: Phyllis, uh, Sharon. Listen, can I--

Phyllis: (Groans) Sharon, please, you're calling me in the middle of the night, waking up my daughter?

Sharon: Well, I-I'm sorry about Summer, okay? Um, can you just put Nick on?

Phyllis: No, I canít. Find someone else.


Phyllis: (Whispering) When is it gonna end? When is this gonna end? When is this gonna end? When is this gonna end? (Sighs) (Normal voice) We had a fight, Sharon. Again... because of you. Again. At least he didn't go to you this time. Or maybe he did, and that call was just to throw me off.

Murphy: Can't sleep, can you?

Kay: (Grunts) Oh, being me, being home, I thought that would solve everything. Instead, it's--it is chaos. When have I become so ineffectual? I can't even let you sleep.

Murphy: Eh, sleep's overrated. You need to talk? Talk.

Kay: (Chuckles) Oh, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy. You are my rock.

Chloe: What is with Daddy bolting on wedding night and not saying a word? But you know what? It's no biggie. It's not, because Daddy put a ring on Mommy's finger, and he said "I do." And then Mommy and Daddy did the wedding night cha-cha-- don't ask. (Lowers voice) I'll tell you about that when you're older. (Normal voice) But you have nothing to worry about. Don't worry that he's not here, because Mommy... Mommy's not worried the least bit. (Whispers) She's not.

Mac: Once again, what are you doing here? It's the middle of the night.

Billy: What, are you kidding? It's early. All right, maybe it's late. It's late. You're right. It's about the same time that I used to leave the clubs, same time I used to do the moon thing. You know, the moon thing, where you look up in the moon, and I wonder if it's the same moon that you would see in Darfur. I'm aware of the time difference. Just bear with me here. But I gotta know. Is it the same moon?

Mac: Yeah... and it's the same moon that your wife looks at, too.

Billy: Mm.

Murphy: Oh, hey, do you want me to sneak down and get some wedding leftovers?

Kay: There's probably some left on my dress.


Murphy: Would you cut yourself a break? The fight was not your fault.

Kay: Oh, I shouldn't have let things get that far with Jill, for heaven sakes. I mean, things we said, the way we acted...

Murphy: I know it was rough.

Kay: It was... quite easy, actually.

Murphy: Yeah?

Kay: The way you talk about fly-fishing-- the--the rhythm? That vicious anger that Jill and I have, that's our rhythm.

Murphy: Hmm.

Kay: Oh, easiest thing in the world to get back into. Now with Nikki, I've never had...

Murphy: What?

Kay: See, stop right there. Stop right there. Comparing Jill with-- with--with Nikki, I, um, I don't wonder there's a problem with my d... I have so botched this relationship in so many ways.

Murphy: You're a champ. There's no better friend or mother. I mean, look how happy everyone is to have you back-- Brock, Ashley, Victor, Esther, Nikki...

Kay: Kevin, Amber.

Murphy: (Grunts)

Kay: You purposefully left those out so... you thought it would upset me.

Murphy: Hmm. Gin.

Kay: You're coddling me.

Murphy: Oh, bull. I just whomped you. That's not coddling. Look, I just want you to concentrate on the good things like, uh, Mac, back in the nest. Okay? See? That's one chick you don't have to worry about.

Chloe: Okay, so Daddy isn't home yet, and it doesn't matter, because your folks are T.L.A.-- true love always. There was never a chance that we wouldn't be together.

[Chloe remembering]

Shiva Rose: We're 30 blocks from the photo shoot. Why are we here?

Chloe: Billy Abbott.

Shiva Rose: You know him?

Chloe: No, I've never met him, but page six apparently has a huge crush on him, so I want to find out why.

Shiva Rose: Total player. Never seen with the same girl twice.

Chloe: Well, that's how I feel about shoes, so we have lots in common. Go on.

Shiva Rose: Very cute, major pedigree. Jabot Cosmetics on one side, Chancellor Industries on the other.

Chloe: Well, I love Jabot. The other one sounds kind of businessy. But I'm gonna have to find out for myself, huh? You know, like accidentally on purpose show up at his favorite coffee shop every day of the week.

Shiva Rose: (Laughs) Check it out.

Billy: Shh. Come on, man. Homey, not so loud. Oh, yeah. I know that building. Lenny Kravitz's old place. Tonight it is. Sounds good.

Chloe: (Whispers) Tonight it is.

Chloe: So that night I just happened to be at the party, and then I just happened to be at Daddy's favorite newsstand. But in the movies, they call it "Meet-cute." You know what Mommy calls it? She calls it fate.

Billy: Oh, I-I'm sorry. Do you want a coat? Or I can get a blanket or tea. I make great--I'll make you--

Mac: Stop. Stop. It's okay. If I need a coat or tea, I can handle it. What... are... you... doing... here?

Billy: I don't know. Um, I needed to get some air.

Mac: Because there's no air at your place.

Billy: There's no you at my place. I mean, come on, I... who else would know how crazy it is that Katherine and my mom aren't related, you know? It--it's not every day you lose a cousin, right?

Mac: And gain a wife.

Billy: Would you give me a break now? Okay? I mean, it's been six years since we've seen each other. We didn't really get a chance to catch up with the whole cake fighting and all that, but now, now we can. So I'll start. Uh, since we both left, I've been a very busy boy. I've been surfing and gambling and working and playing and... you know, it's a lot like you-- earth-shattering stuff, like all your work in, uh, Darfur.

Mac: What, you think I judge you because you lived your life instead of running away to the Sudan?

Billy: Maybe I must be rusty. I was just trying to be funny.

Mac: No, you were cutting yourself down before I could.

Billy: Well, I'm a screw-up. Things got really rough here more than once, and I ran more than once, and I wouldn't blame you if you thought I was an ass.

Mac: If you're ass, what does that make me? I ran, too.

Chloe: So Daddy would call it "Stalking," and I would call it fate. But that is because Daddy is a boy. Smart girls know that you just can't wait for fate to happen. You have to read the signs, and you have to follow through. Like when I was born, I was Kate Valentine to your grandma Esther, who was a Chancellor maid. So Mommy was an eensy-weensy bit jealous and resentful that she wasn't a real Chancellor... and a little fixated on becoming a real Chancellor or become a real Chancellor wife. Which is why I wanted to meet Daddy and make him like me. But you know what the crazy thing is? The crazy thing is... is that Daddy isn't even a Chancellor. He isn't, which fate probably knew. But fate also knew that Daddy was the only guy for me. Now the walk of shame happens the morning after you and some really cute boy... hang out.

[Chloe remembering]

Billy: (Imitating airplane)

Chloe: Don't ask. But Mommy wasn't ashamed at all, because your dad and I had hung out twice by then. That meant Daddy was falling for me, too.

[Chloe remembering]

Billy: You ever been here?

Chloe: Diner virgin. Enlighten me.

Billy: Well... my favorite is the Benedict.

Chloe: I mentioned hard to get, right? Daddy loves that.

[Chloe remembering]

Oh, we're not gonna do that, are we? Your favorite, my favorite, our middle names-- if we ever tell each other our middle names, then we have gone too far, and I am out.

Billy: Most girls beg for that junk.

Chloe: Mm, well, I am not most girls.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: And your inner, deepest romance secrets? (Whispers) I don't want to know those either.

Billy: You've been to my house. Didn't see a wife or any kids locked up in the back room, did you?

Chloe: (Normal voice) Great. So then you're untainted by love, and no heartbreak scars.

Billy: Well, I was married once for six hours to a superhero princess who went off to save the world. Does that count as tainted?

Chloe: (Chuckles) You're a funny boy.

Billy: Yeah.

Chloe: I need some caffeine.

Billy: Mm.

Chloe: So Daddy did tell me about Mac. But I just didn't think she was real.

Billy: You admit you ran away, but what was the reason?

Mac: I'm tired, I'm cold, and I'm jet-lagged.

Billy: Oh, come on, Mac. Come on. Here... here was the last time that I was really happy-- in this house on our wedding. And then my mom comes in my hotel room and said Katherine's her mother, and then that makes us cousins.

Mac: I was there, Billy.

Billy: Then why aren't you pissed? We had our whole lives planned out together, and then... six years I was supposed to wake up to your beautiful face, and instead I got six years of me screwing up my life.

Mac: So that's it? You stopped being responsible for your own life that day?

Billy: We got robbed of our lives that day.

Mac: We came back to Genoa City because we'd moved on.

Billy: Yeah, we both-- we both moved on, yeah, but we never came back at the same time. Why is that? Huh?

Mac: What?

Billy: We both moved on, but we never came back at the same time. What's the reason for that?

Mac: What do you want me to say--the pull was too great, we couldn't risk it?

Billy: Yes, that's exactly what I want you to say.

Mac: No. I'm sorry, Billy. I meant it. I moved on. And so have you. Your wife and daughter are proof of that.

Billy: Okay.

Sharon: Oh, Noah's not up there, is he? Just like I said.

Phyllis: He's a good kid. He'll be home soon.

Sharon: Well, did you even tell Nick that I'm here? I mean, do I have to call for him myself?

Phyllis: Please. Please don't do that. Sharon, please don't wake up my daughter.

Sharon: Then would you please let him know?

Phyllis: Nick is not here. He left.

Sharon: To look for Noah?

Phyllis: No, he left.

Sharon: Oh.

Phyllis: Yeah. I know what you're thinkin'. I thought the same thing-- that he didn't go straight to you. I know, I was shocked as well.

Sharon: Why would I-- I wouldn't expect him to do that.

Phyllis: Oh, Sharon, please. Yes, you would. Of course you expect him to do that. Because he always goes to poor, needy Sharon... just like he did earlier. Yeah, I saw him, and he saw me. We pretty much had it out. Why are you trying to hurt him?

Sharon: I'm not trying to-- I would--why would I hurt Nick?

Phyllis: Yes, you are. Yes, you are. You're trying to hurt him. You're trying to take him away from Summer and me. That's what you're trying to do. Sharon, that would destroy him.

Jack: I signed the divorce papers tonight. That's why I'm here in semi-isolation pondering the latest personal failure. Your turn.

Nick: Just here to drink.

Jack: Yeah, I'll bet. Let me guess-- our favorite redhead is on a tear about something or other.

Nick: Look, I genuinely feel sorry about your divorce. That does not give you a right to use me or Phyllis as target practice.

Jack: No, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. No, I didn't mean to take shots at you two--

Nick: Oh, like hell you didnít.

Jack: I was being a smart-ass. I'm sorry.

Jack: I know how punishing it can be seeing someone you care about suffering.

Nick: Why do you assume Phyllis is suffering?

Jack: Because it's so obvious you are. Phyllis loves you, Nick. I know that woman very well. I don't think I had a clue just how much she could love you. Sharon--I had an inkling, but that, too, I underestimated.

Nick: Your divorce is not about me.

Jack: I know that. I do know that. Sharon loves you, Nick.

Nick: Why are you telling me this?

Jack: I don't know. I guess I imagine you were maybe a little bit like me. Sometimes you kick yourself real hard for screwing up, and you can't imagine why anyone would care about you. I just want you to know the two women I hold in pretty damn high regard... think you're a good guy.

Nick: You sure about that?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure about that.

Nick: You were married to those two women, Jack. You don't have any hard feelings towards me?

Jack: Do I resent the fact that both of them love you? I don't know. I guess I'm just not focused on that right now. Right now... I see a kid I helped raise living in a personal hell. I know you, Nick. Chances are, one of those women is gonna get hurt pretty badly. I know you. I know it's tearing you up.

Noah: (Sighs)

Eden: What's wrong?

Noah: (Sighs) This... here, a car, late at night. It's so clichť. I mean, we shouldn't have to sneak around together.

Eden: It won't always be this way.

Noah: (Scoffs) When's it gonna change? A week? A month?

Eden: College.

Noah: College?

Eden: Well, there's coed dorm rooms, and some kids even get apartments.

Noah: I mean, we could get a-a-a 2-bedroom, one for an office and the other one...

Eden: For us.

Noah: We should apply someplace warm.

Eden: Florida.

Noah: You're amazing.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Eden: You're vibrating again.

Noah: Yeah.

Eden: We should just head home.

Noah: Where? To our apartment? 'Cause the only place I want to be is with you. The rest of it sucks.

Eden: We can go home to the places we live now, and... we can get through this.

Noah: How? Every time I think about not being with you...

Eden: Hey, look, one day we're always gonna be together.

Sharon: I'm sorry Nick left. But Noah is the issue right now, and as soon as I see for myself that he is safe, I will go back to my room and you can get on with your life.

Phyllis: You love him, don't you?

Sharon: Of course I do.

Phyllis: I'm not talking about Noah. I'm talking about Nick. You love him. But it's odd, because you insist on hurting him anyway.

Sharon: I am not the reason why Nick walked out on you.

Phyllis: You may be able to hide this from, you know, the guy at the supermarket or the man on the street, but not from us. We know you're losing it. Nick thinks he broke you, so he thinks he has to fix you, and he canít. And honestly--honestly, I think that your problems run a lot deeper than just clinging on to your teenage love. Nick wants to solve your problems, and he can't do it, so he fights with me instead and he walks out.

Sharon: You know, for a minute there, it sounded like you might actually be concerned about someone else, but really, this is about you blaming me for your problems.

Phyllis: (Sighs) (Whispers) Please get some help. Please get some help... from a professional, not from my husband. (Normal voice) You're drowning, and you're trying to pull him down with you.

Sharon: Oh, like Brad. Is that what you're talking about?

Phyllis: No. Why would you even go there?

Sharon: Because what happened to Brad--Brad was a hero, and what happened to him was a tragedy. It was nobody's fault.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know that. What I was talking about-- it was a metaphor. Get a grip, Sharon.

Sharon: Nick's not drowning because of me. He's not. Y--and I'm fine. I'm completely fine.

Jack: She needs you, Nick.

Nick: No, Sharon's just going through a rough time right now.

Jack: I meant Phyllis.

Jack: Easy to forget how vulnerable she can be, particularly when she's being belligerent. And, boy, can she fight dirty. Sharon.... (Chuckles) Poor Sharon. The more stoic she tries to be, the more she wears her heart on her sleeve.

Nick: Sounds to me like you're the one that's fixated on both of them. I just came here to drink.

Jack: Bull. I say that's bull. I say you sat down next to me because I'm the only person that has any idea what you're going through. I know both of these woman. I loved both of these women. Suppose we be brutally honest here. You up to it? Tomorrow you can say this conversation never happened-- well, nothing important ever got talked about-- but don't try to con me tonight.

Nick: How'd I con you?

Jack: Pretending you're not here trying to decide which one you love.

Nick: I'm not.

Jack: Meaning you love them both equally. Wow. You poor fool.

Jack: Where you going?

Nick: I have no idea.

Chloe: When Mommy was your age, we didn't have things like the internet, where you can look up all sorts of things, like Daddy and his old friend Mac. Huh. Glow by Jabot kids. F.Y.I., your daddy was adorable. The others... (Clicks tongue) Not so much. "Mackenzie Browning and William Foster Abbott to wed." Jeez Louise. Okay, no, this is not news. Your grandmother told me. But Daddy apparently didn't need any nudging to marry her. Okay, there is no way that we are staying here.

Mac: You think we can make up for lost time--

Billy: Only because we can.

Mac: We can't, because we didn't lose time. It kept going, just not the way we expected it to.

Billy: The second that you heard the results of the D.N.A. test from-- about Katherine and my mom, what did you think about? No, who-- who did you think about?

Mac: You did this already. Way back when, you tried to get me to admit that I had feelings for you.

Billy: And you did.

Mac: Whatever magical moment you think is gonna happen--

Billy: I don't need magic. I don't need magic. I just you and me here, talking.

Mac: You want to talk?

Billy: Yeah, I want to talk. I want to know everything that happened-- everything, all six years.

Mac: I'll tell you everything you need to know about Darfur. Where should I start? Famine, genocide, disease, rape? I can make even you cry if I talk long enough. That's why I'm going back.

Billy: W-whoa. What?

Mac: I only came back for Grandma. This was never meant to be permanent.

Billy: (Scoffs) So y-you walk back into my life, and now you're gonna walk right back out of it?

Mac: Yes. So, please, Billy, nor more "What ifs" or "If only." We only have right now, and then I'm gone.

Mary Jane: Hello, Jack, and good night.

Jack: Well, it looks like there's more than one night owl in this town.

Mary Jane: (Sighs) I like coming down here when it's late. Quiet. No stranger trying to make conversation.

Jack: Oh, well, we've already met, so I'll assume you're not talking about me. How was your evening?

Mary Jane: Busy. Making arrangements to go back to New York.

Jack: What?

Mary Jane: Yeah, I came here to work. Now it's time for me to go back.

Jack: W-w-wait. The power struggle at Jabot has only just begun. Trust me. I'm gonna need you more than ever once I take charge.

Mary Jane: Maybe.

Jack: Maybe you'll stay?

Mary Jane: Maybe you'll take over Jabot. And if you do, I can recommend another person to polish your image.

Jack: Oh, yes, my torn and tattered image. I need the best. I think you are the best. (Cell phone buzzes)

Mary Jane: Excuse me.


Jack: What, a funny picture of a cat with a clever caption?

Mary Jane: Uh, no. A text from my husband.

Jack: Oh. Well, that's something you don't see often-- someone's face lighting up at a text from their mate.

Mary Jane: Well, you must know some pretty unlucky people.

Sharon: You're calling me crazy?

Phyllis: No. No, definitely not. It's not crazy to need help after what you've been through the last few months.

Sharon: Oh, so now you're all warm and understanding, just so long as it gets me out of the way.

Phyllis: Nick can't fix you.

Sharon: Well, obviously, he couldn't fix you either. Oh, thank God.

Noah: (Sighs) Great. Nice. You waited to double-team me?

Phyllis: Oh, I am not. No, I'm not a part of this. I'm gonna go check on my daughter.

Noah: I'm home. I'm in one piece. Can I go to bed now?

Sharon: Do you really seriously think its okay for you to go out this late, not tell anyone where you are? This constant disobedience has got to stop.

Noah: What, am I like a dog to you?

Sharon: No, you are a minor, and your dad and I make the rules, and you follow them, and that's how that goes.

Noah: Not when the rule is to stay away from Eden.

Sharon: I was worried about you, Noah. I didn't know where you were, when you were coming home or if.

Noah: Here it comes.

Sharon: It was only a few months ago--

Noah: I almost died, but I didnít. This is my life, and--and Eden is a part of it. It doesn't matter how many punishments or rules you give me. I'm still gonna find a way to be with her.

Sharon: Listen to the disrespect in your voice. We--we did not raise you this way.

Noah: You don't want me and Eden to be together because you're alone and miserable, and you want everyone else to be miserable, too.

Billy: So that's it? You're out of here? You're running again?

Mac: What happens in Darfur matters?

Billy: What happens here doesn't?

Mac: I didn't say that.

Billy: Then stay.

Mac: I canít.

Billy: Why not?

Mac: Stop it.

Billy: Come on. You want to save the world, then fine, come here. Start here. Save me, because this life-- the wedding and a kid and a family--I could do it. I could love it. Just not with...

Chloe: See, Delia? I told you we would find Daddy.

Kay: You know, realizing Mac was family, it--that was a bonus. She's a wonderful girl, a joy to be around.

Murphy: Kind of like Amber. The personality, uh, not the personality, but the joy.

Kay: Now this time you brought her up. You brought her up.

Murphy: Yeah.

Kay: Well, does that mean that--that we can talk about her?

Murphy: You can talk about anything. You won the last hand.

Kay: Does that mean you're worried, too? About Kevin and Amber?

Murphy: Nah.

Kay: Don't "Nah" me.

Murphy: Okay. Okay. Ah, they were... they were bound and determined to give you back your life. Uh, it was, like, kinda like a team, the four of us.

Kay: Like a family.

Murphy: They're good kids. No matter what the police think they've done.

Kay: Do you mean to say this has been running around in your head all this time, and you didn't tell me?

Murphy: Well, why are you getting mad at me?

Kay: Well, because, for heaven sakes, you're catering to me, but you've been worried, too. Here I've come back from the dead. Is there--is there any way I can make this garbage go away?

Murphy: Boy, you are one tough, scary broad.

Kay: Yeah, and don't you forget it.

Murphy: (Chuckles) Look, Mac and Brock-- they want to save the world. They get that from you. Katherine, you gotta give yourself a break. You can't fix it all, no matter how badly you want to.

Chloe: So the baby was getting really fussy, and I thought we would just go for a drive. I mean, you know how she gets at night.

Billy: Yeah, I know it's late. I just--

Chloe: So we were driving, and little Dee said, "Hey, you know what? Daddy got some really crazy news today. So maybe he's just hashing it out with his old friend Mac." And... huh. Look at you guys here. She's such a smart kid.

Mac: She's adorable.

Chloe: Yeah, she's got a fabulous gene pool. Not Chancellor genes, but Abbott genes.

Billy: Chloe--

Chloe: Crazy. I mean, you guys didn't know that you were related, but then you found out that you were. And now you know for sure that you're not. So I mean, that's just gotta be, like, crazy, mind-blowing whiplash, huh?

Billy: You know, it's late. You and the baby should go home.

Chloe: You know what? I am exhausted. But you--you look wide awake. So Deliaís actually due for her next feeding. But you guys are done here, right?

Mac: We are.

Billy: No, not really.

Mac: Congratulations again. You have a beautiful family.

Chloe: Thank you.

Sharon: You think that you're in love, and that means you can insult me?

Noah: (Sighs) I don't "Think" anything. I know exactly what I feel. You--you refuse to admit Eden and I are real.

Sharon: Sweetheart, look, of course you have strong feelings. Listen, this is not the end for you. You are going to fall in love again one day. And you know what? You're gonna look back and you're gonna see these risks and these mistakes that you've made, and you're gonna feel like a fool, and I don't want that for you.

Noah: This isn't about Eden and me. This is about you and Dad.

Sharon: Okay, well, you can change the subject, but it's not getting you off the hook.

Noah: You--you got married. You--you had a family. It's not like you were sick of each other and you fell out of love. If it weren't for Cassie, you and Dad would still be together. You know, what Eden and I have is just as real as what you and Dad had. I mean, if--if you could have it all back with Dad, wouldn't you take it? But don't bother answering that. We both know you would. I'm going to my room.

Billy: (Sighs)

Chloe: So if I were a fluttery Stepford wife, I probably would have been really upset about our atypical wedding. You know, with the cake fight, D.N.A. tests, guests showing up in combat boots, not to mention you bolting on wedding night.

Billy: If you're gonna freak out on me, could you just do it now and get it out of the way?

Chloe: Mm. Next feeding is yours. Good night.

Billy: Mm.

Chloe: Mm.

Kay: Mac?

Mac: Please don't turn on the lights.

Kay: (Chuckles) Oh, you're home. Lights, no lights-- anything you want.

Mac: Really?

Kay: Well, I'll try my damnedest, as long as you don't leave home again any time soon. (Chuckles)

Jack: So how about this for a next career move-- Newman Enterprises?

Mary Jane: Work for Victor Newman, your arch nemesis? That's a thought.

Jack: He gets arrested about every four months. He's overdue. You could polish him up before he stumbles again. At least that would keep you in town.

Mary Jane: Tempting. But it's time for me to get back.

Jack: You miss your husband?

Mary Jane: He's used to my job keeping us apart. It makes the coming together that much better.

Jack: Wh--wait. Y-you haven't finished your drink.

Mary Jane: I need to return the text. Next time you're in New York, give me a call.

Nick: Noah can't keep screwing up and dumping it all on you.

Sharon: Well, tell him that.

Nick: Well, I intend to. Is he up in his room?

Sharon: As far as I know.

Nick: I'm really sorry he spoke to you like that. I'll deal with it.

Sharon: Well, you're gonna have to, because, Nick, he was so defiant with me. I mean, nothing that I said to him sunk in.

Phyllis: Oh, look at this. Another eventful evening.

Nick: (Sniffles)

Sharon: So this thing with Eden...

Nick: It's not going away and it's not getting better.

Phyllis: Okay, listen, everybody should get some rest, put things in perspective. Mistakes are made and things are said when, uh, when everything's heated.

Sharon: Well, Noah's safe. That's the main thing. So hopefully you can... get somewhere with him on that, and, um, we'll talk later. Have a good night.

Nick: Okay. You, too. Good night.

Phyllis: So you're back.

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