Y&R Transcript Monday 3/30/09

Y&R Transcript Monday 3/30/09 -- Canada; Tuesday 3/31/09 -- USA


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Michael: Hello, Detective.

Sloan: Ah, it's the, uh, lawyer and his trusty assistant. Any, uh, word from your client, Kevin Fisher?

Michael: Not a thing. Uh, is that the bank security video?

Sloan: Yeah, I can't get the stupid thing to work. It's, uh--my tech's out sick with the flu.

Daniel: Uh, I could probably help you with that.

Michael: Yeah, we'd like to help any way we can.

Sloan: You mean you'd like to, uh, work on Fisher's defense?

Michael: We all want the same thing here, right? To make sure no one gets hurt?

Sloan: Okay.

(Keyboard keys clicking)

Daniel: Yep. Okay. There you go. That should do it.

Sloan: Oh, I know what it looks like.

Sloan: Yeah, it looks like, uh, Moore and Fisher are robbing a bank.

Michael: All right, don't be so quick to judge. Kevin is not a violent-- he's not a violent person. He suffers from psychological issues.

Sloan: I don't give a damn what his problem is. We got him dead to right. Yeah. Our own little Bonnie and Clyde.

(Cell phone ringing)

Gloria: Hello?

Jeff: Hi, it's me.

Gloria: Did you find Kevin?

Jana: Is that Michael?

Gloria: No, no, no, it's Jeffrey. It's Jeffrey.

Jeff: It looks like the reports are true about Amber being Kevin's partner in crime.

Jana: She would never do that, neither would he.

Gloria: Jeffrey, you've gotta find them.

Jeff: Look, Amos is the best bounty hunter in the Great Lakes area. He'll follow the scent of Kevin's blood. We'll find him.

Gloria: Wait, what blood? Blood? What blood?!

Man: You don't belong here, Sir.

Jeff: Um, I gotta go.

Gloria: Jeffrey, wait!

Jana: Oh, my God, he's bleeding. Oh, God!

Kevin: I did good, didn't I? Finding this place?

Amber: You can't go on much longer like this.

Kevin: What do you mean?

Amber: I mean, your leg. I mean, look at this. The bleeding has stopped, but it's all, like, gross and infected. You need a doctor.

Kevin: No, no, no, no, no doctor. No doctor. My dad said no doctor.

Amber: Can't we at least just go somewhere warmer? I mean, it's freezing out here. And you--you don't need--

Kevin: No, no, we're safe here. We're safe here. We have to wait for my dad.

Amber: He's not coming.

Kevin: Yes, he is. My dad would never leave me.

Amber: Well, since we're waiting, can I at least go and get some supplies. I mean, you need to clean out that wound and put some real bandages on it.

Kevin: You gonna run off? Or are you gonna turn me in?

Amber: I wouldnít. I swear.

Kevin: No. No. You're not going anywhere.

Amber: You have a fever. And you need to do something about your leg. If you don't, you know what? You could lose. Or worse, you could die.

Nick: You know, I really can't say enough good things about her. Uh, I always depended on Sharon. She always came through. Sharon is absolutely the best. Yeah, she's fun and outgoing and reliable. You're right, I never should've let her go.

Phyllis: What?

Nick: (Chuckles) Yeah. Okay, well, uh... good luck. Call me if you need anything else. Bye.

Phyllis: Who were you talking to?

Nick: That was a job recommendation. She used to work for me, remember?

Phyllis: Oh, well, you should call that person back and tell 'em that, um, Sharon is a thief.

Nick: Okay, enough with the Sharon bashing. Change the subject.

Phyllis: Oh, no. No. Really. Sharon stole from us.

Jack: Jill is out of her mind firing all the Abbotts.

Sharon: Well, Billy should've never been C.E.O. in the first place.

Jack: Well, that was Jill's dumb move. What's her excuse for getting rid of Ashley and me?

Sharon: Just drop it.

Jack: Drop it? The Abbotts are Jabot.

Sharon: Can we just have a peaceful breakfast?

Jack: Okay, sorry. It does make you wonder if Jill is acting alone, though. It does have the stench of Victor Newman all over it.

Sharon: He would fire Ashley?

Jack: In a heartbeat if it served his purpose. She thinks she's had the last word on this? Believe me, I'm not giving up without a fight.

Sharon: Please-- please don't tell me that it involves more lies and manipulating, because I can't-- I can't be around that right now. Not with everything else that's going on.

Jack: Okay, okay, don't-- there's--you have nothing to worry about, I promise.

Colleen: Hello, Uncle Jack!

Jack: In the dining room.

Colleen: You eating in there all alone? Hey, Sharon.

Sharon: Hi.

Colleen: Hi.

Jack: Hey, kiddo.

Colleen: Are you ready to go to work?

Sharon: Oh, I didn't know you two were working on a project together. You didn't tell me. What's it all about?

Esther: Billy said he wanted to marry you as soon as possible?

Chloe: I know. I know. I can't believe that he actually formed the words out of his mouth.

Esther: Well, Honey, I-I'm so excited for you.

Chloe: Thank you. Me, too. I am.

Esther: Gosh, we--we have so much to plan, like where, when, your dress.

Chloe: No, no, no, no, we're just gonna have a civil ceremony at the courthouse.

Esther: To the man you love? No, no, I don't think so. You have to have a proper ceremony. You can get married at the Chancellor mansion. I'll throw you a big party.

Chloe: Mom--Mom--

Esther: No, don't you worry, Honey. I will take care of everything.

Billy: (Imitating fanfare) Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new world record holder--2 minutes, 7 seconds.

(Imitating crowd cheering)

Chloe: Whoo-hoo! Go, Dad.

Billy: That's right. I broke my own record for diaper changing. Now that I don't have a job, I think could probably shave a few more seconds off. Can we make money doing this?

Esther: Why don't you have a job? Oh, you had a fight with Jill?

Billy: You could say that. Yeah.

Esther: She fired you?

Chloe: No. No. She didn't fire him. He quit.

Billy: Mom made Cane C.E.O.

Esther: What is wrong with that woman?

Billy: You know her better than I do. You tell me.

Esther: No. I don't wanna talk about Jill. I wanna talk about this wedding of yours!

Chloe: Mom's more excited about the wedding than we are.

Esther: Oh, this is wonderful. You two are made for each other. So I'm gonna throw you a big fancy wedding at the mansion. How's Friday sound?


Michael: Well, you know, a grainy surveillance video doesn't tell the whole story.

Sloan: It's all right here.

Daniel: Amber is terrified of guns.

Sloan: And you're an expert on Amber because...

Daniel: Because I live with her.

Michael: Daniel!

Sloan: Oh, so I'm supposed to take the word of her boyfriend?

Daniel: Look, all I'm saying is--is that something is wrong here, all right? She would never do anything to hurt anyone.

Michael: Neither would Kevin.

Sloan: That video doesn't lie.

Michael: Listen, Kevin was traumatized as a child. He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. Obviously, something triggered it. And that is the only reason-- the only reason he would do anything like this.

Sloan: Mm-hmm. And I'm sure we'll hear all about it when you-- you present your case.

Michael: Can you rewind that?

Sloan: Hey, yeah, it's me. Any word? All right, we gotta expand the search. Uh, deputize the Jaworski brothers. I don't know, as many as you can get. Yeah, whatever. That's right. Okay, bye.

Michael: We'd like to help you search.

Sloan: No.

Michael: You're obviously short-handed. We can help prevent violence.

Sloan: Oh, I thought you said your client wasn't violent.

Daniel: Amber's not.

Sloan: Oh, she just-- no, she just robs a bank.

Daniel: Kevin probably forced her to do it.

Sloan: Oh, yeah, like that, uh, like that Clint Radisson forced him? Oh, it's too bad that we can't, uh, you know, get the truth out of Clint Radisson. By the way, he's dead.

Michael: We heard.

Sloan: Kevin Fisher left him in a closet.

Michael: There's no evidence that Kevin killed him.

Sloan: Radisson had two accomplices, uh, Annie and Roger Wilkes. They've disappeared, too. You know, it's not going that well for your boy.

Michael: No, no, no, no, he didn't kill them.

Sloan: No, he just took a shot. He shot at the, uh, the armored car.

Michael: I'm telling you, he didn't do this. That's not Kevin!

Sloan: Okay, right. It's his evil twin.

Michael: All right, listen, Detective Sloan, just let me help you find him.

Sloan: No, I'm not taking any chances. This Fisher is too dangerous.

Kevin: Where's my dad? He should've been here by now.

Amber: Your dad's not coming.

Kevin: He isn't?

Amber: No.

Kevin: But... but he said that... why wouldn't he... oh. Oh, I-I remember. We... we're supposed to meet him across the border. Come on, we gotta go.

Amber: No, you know what? You can't--you can't even walk anymore, okay? We're gonna have to stay here for now.

Kevin: You're working with the police.

Amber: No, I am helping you. You're hurt.

Kevin: You try anything funny, and you're going back in the closet.

Amber: We're in a boxcar. There are no closets, and your dad is not coming.

Kevin: We're meeting him! We're meeting him!

Amber: Try and remember, Kevin. You and I saved our friend Katherine Chancellor. And Clint Radisson was holding her prisoner.

Kevin: Who?

Amber: Clint. Clint. He's a very, very bad man. And he did something to you.

Kevin: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, that was my dad, Tom Fisher.

Amber: No.

Kevin: Yes. Yes. And my dad loves me. He's coming back for me.

Amber: No, Kevin.

Kevin: Yes! Just shut up, okay?! Shut up. If I don't do what he says, he's gonna put me back in the closet. And the closet is hell. Okay, okay, we gotta go. We gotta go. My dad is waiting for me. We're meeting him. We have to meet him across the border in Canada. Aah! Okay! Where--where's my money? Where's my money? Where's my money?

Amber: It's right here.

Kevin: Okay, okay, great, good. Kevin's a good boy. He's a good boy. Aah! He's a good boy. And he brings his dad money. Don't touch me! Don't touch me! Don't touch me!

Sharon: So you never told me what, um, you two are working on.

Colleen: Oh, uh--

Jack: Colleen wanted to talk about the Fresh Face of Jabot campaign.

Sharon: Oh, so you haven't told her yet?

Colleen: Told me what?

Jack: Jill fired me.

Colleen: What? No--no way! Why?

Sharon: I'm gonna go and get some more juice.

Colleen: Did Sharon move back in for good?

Jack: I'm hoping.

Colleen: Wait, so... what happened at Jabot?

Jack: Don't worry about that. I have a feeling my luck's about to change here. More importantly, how's it going with Newman Enterprises' newest board member?

Colleen: It's fine. I mean, Victor's being civil to me, but you can tell that it bugs the hell out of him that I'm there.

Jack: Perfect.

Colleen: Oh, did you have time to look over the Beauty of Nature proposal?

Jack: The new fragrance?

Colleen: Yeah, it's coming up at our next board meeting.

Jack: Yeah, Victor's ready to spend a boatload of money on that. It will not get off the ground without board approval.

Colleen: Okay. So I'll vote against it.

Jack: Better still, why don't you get some other board members to vote with you? That way, he will have wasted years of research and investment.

Colleen: How do I do that?

[Sharon is in next room and overhears their conversation]

Jack: Well, I'll give you everything you need. All the documentation to support your position. Believe me, people are skittish about spending money in this particular economy. Victor won't know what hit him.

Chloe: You know what, Mom? The more you say it, the more I like your idea. I do.

Billy: Chloe, just--

Chloe: What, you know, I already did the city hall wedding. I've been there, done that.

Esther: Exactly. So why not celebrate at the Chancellor mansion?

Billy: Because I don't want to.

Chloe: Come on. Come on. I'll wear something super sexy, now that I have my figure back.

Esther: And you'll have some beautiful pictures to show your daughter.

Billy: Just forget it, okay? I'm not getting married at the mansion.

Chloe: Don't be rude to my mother.

Billy: And don't you push me or there will be no wedding.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Jack: I'm sorry you heard that.

Sharon: Jack... I can't believe that you are using Colleen to get to Victor. He will crush her, Jack. You're throwing your own niece under the bus. And what's worse is you're-- you're lying to me about it. You have no idea what the word honesty even means. You know what? I'm the last person who should be judging anyone.

Jack: Now wait, that's not--

Sharon: No, you know what? I should not--I shouldn't be doing this to you. I'm holding you up to standards that I myself do not keep.

Nick: Sharon's not a thief.

Phyllis: Those, uh, "Hear no evil, see no evil" monkeys.

Nick: Yeah?

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, uh, when she was over, she knocked 'em over. And when she left, they were gone.

Nick: Sharon was here.

Phyllis: Yeah. The day you went to China.

Nick: And you never brought that up to me? Why? What was she doing here?

[Phyllis remembering]

Sharon: Please, Phyllis, itís never gonna happen with Billy again. I called it off. Please don't-- don't hurt Billy and Jack just because you're angry with me.

Phyllis: I don't know why she came over. To steal from us, I guess.

Nick: So is this like, uh, when she stole that picture frame from my dad's house?

Phyllis: Are you saying you don't believe me? Is that what you're saying?

Nick: Did you actually see Sharon take it?

Phyllis: No, I didn't, but they're gone.

Nick: Okay, then I think you're kinda being ridiculous.

Phyllis: Oh, my... okay. Why do you insist on defending your ex-wife? Why does Sharon get the benefit of the doubt?

Nick: Look, I know how you can go overboard sometimes. Okay, and--and Sharon... is my son's mother. Why wouldn't I protect her?

Phyllis: (Sighs) From me? You told me you were committed to this relationship. That's what you said. Nick, you have to start proving it.

Amber: You can trust me.

Kevin: No. Trust no one. Only my dad.

Amber: Okay. Once you can walk again, I'm--I'm gonna find you a safe place. You know, your family is out of their mind with worry about you.

Kevin: No. No. My family is glad to be rid of me. And if they're not, they should be.

Amber: Why do you say that?

Kevin: Because... because I'm bad. My mom used to say, "Youíre bad, just like your dad."

Amber: Please don't give up on me.

Kevin: There's no hope. Not for me.

Amber: You know, I-I know what you're going through. There's plenty of times I just wanted to give up. I wouldn't have made it without friends like you who helped me.

Kevin: I am not your friend.

Amber: Yes, you are. Yes, you are. And I am your friend. Didn't I help you at the bank, huh? Didn't I help you find this-- this safe hide out? Let me help you. Kevin... I have to go to a pharmacy and get some stuff for your leg. I have to.

Kevin: Please don't leave me. Don't leave me.

Amber: I will come back. I will come back.

Kevin: You promise?

Amber: I promise. You just-- okay, Baby. You just get some sleep, okay?

Jana: They are just saying the most terrible things about Kevin.

Gloria: It's my fault. I should've protected him against that bastard father of his. Your headache?

Jana: Oh, they just keep getting worse. Kevin's in trouble. I can't--I can't bloody sit here anymore. I can't do it. I need to go to Minnesota and I need to help him.

Gloria: You are in no condition to drive anyplace. Now Michael and Daniel are there. Jeffrey and that bounty hunter are also there. Leave it to them. They'll find Kevin.

[Kevin starts hallucinating]

Kevin: Dad. I knew you wouldn't leave me. I told Amber she was wrong. She said you were dead.

Tom: I'm here, Son.

Kevin: You really do love me.

Tom: Of course, I do. We're a team.

Kevin: I got something for you. Huh?

Tom: Oh. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Kevin: I can get more if you want. Lots more. I'm really good at this robbery thing.

Tom: I'm proud of you, Boy. You know, your mama tried to make you weak and sniveling, but I taught you how to be a real man. You grew up to be just like me.

Sloan: Kevin Fisher and Amber Moore are armed and dangerous. All right, I don't want you guys out there playing hot shot. Okay, you know, and I really mean it. Especially, you, Kathy, all right? Look, there's-- one person is dead. Two people are missing.

Michael: Uh, excuse me, Kevin is not actually dangerous. And I will tell you why.

Sloan: If this is any more-- if this is more of that psycho--

Michael: It is not. It is real, and it is causing Kevin to do this!

Sloan: Okay, you keep this up, I'm gonna arrest you for getting in front of this investigation, all right?

Daniel: Hey, hey, why don't--

Michael: No! No! Listen--listen to me, Kevin is not a criminal. If you'd just get that through your thick skull!

Sloan: What did I just tell you?

Michael: Listen! Listen to me, you might actually learn something, you buffoon!

Sloan: I'm listening.

Michael: This is a serious disorder. He's just out there being crazy.

Man: Got a light?

Daniel: No, I'm sorry. I don't smoke.

Sloan: You're pushing this. You're really pushing this.

Michael: Listen, listen, I'm just asking you to be reasonable. If you would just-- this is not made up. This is a serious disorder. You've got to trust me on this one.

Sloan: No.

Michael: If anything happens to Kevin, if anything happens to my brother, I'll hold you responsible. I will sue you. I will sue everybody in this town.

Sloan: That's it. That's it. That's it. I warned you, right?

Michael: I'm just--I'm just trying to get you to understand! He did not do this! Detective, listen, I'm only trying to help. Please!

Daniel: Detective, Detective, all he's asking is that you don't send your people after Kevin and Amber with your guns blazing. I mean, is that so hard to do?

Sloan: Open your mouth one more time and you'll join your friend. You got your assignments, right? Yeah, you all got your assignments, right, okay? You know where your area assignments are?

Man: This is a crime scene, Miss. You need to move on.

Sloan: If you see anything suspicious, call it. Hey, Kid.

Daniel: What? Yeah?

Sloan: Where do you think you're going?

Daniel: Uh, I was--

Sloan: No, you know what? You're gonna stay here with your friend. Because I don't want either one of you interfering.

Billy: Hey, CeeCee.

Colleen: Hey.

Billy: Have you seen Jack?

Colleen: Not for a little while. So how's life in the pool house these days?

Billy: Oh, well, Chloe and I are gonna make it official.

Colleen: Because you love her so much, right?

Billy: Oh, come on, we have fun together. You should've seen us in New York. Those were good times.

Colleen: Billy, you can be Deliaís father without marrying her.

Billy: It'll be fine. We have, um, an understanding.

Colleen: A-a what? She--she'd marry you and let you sleep with other women?

Billy: Does that mean you're not gonna come to the wedding? Esther, uh... she wants to have it at the Chancellor mansion.

Colleen: Where you and Mac got married? You know, I've never seen two people so in love as you and Mackenzie. I mean, Billy, that's what a marriage should be. Two people crazy about each other.

Billy: Yeah, well, Chloe and I are two crazy people. Close enough. So are you gonna come or what?

Colleen: Yes, I'll come. Because you are my favorite uncle. Don't tell Uncle Jack.

Billy: No way. Bye, have fun.

Colleen: Bye.

Jack: Colleen leave?

Billy: Yeah, a few seconds ago. You got a minute?

Jack: Uh, yeah, sure. What's up?

Billy: The little guy who lives in my head, he's screaming for me to bail, just get outta Genoa City and never come back.

Jack: What brought this on?

Billy: Esther wants to have the wedding celebration at the Chancellorís.

Jack: History repeating itself. So what are your alternatives?

Billy: City hall. No fuss, no muss.

Jack: Oh, Billy, that's no way to begin a marriage. You wanna make your family a success, show the world how much it means to you. If it'll help, I'll have the rehearsal dinner here. Yeah, that's a good idea. Take some of the onus off. Let's not give Jill all the credit here.

Billy: Oh, hey now, you're talking about my loving mother. The woman who couldn't wait to can me as C.E.O.

Jack: That woman is capable of anything. Marry Chloe. Make that child an Abbott.

Phyllis: Stop defending your ex-wife.

Nick: I am not defending her. I am fighting for our relationship.

Phyllis: What does that mean? What does that mean?

Nick: It means you are obsessed with Sharon. Every problem we have, you try and blame her for.

Phyllis: With good reason!

Nick: You have got to stop trying to build this case against her. I-it's ridiculous.

Phyllis: Wait, do you blame me after what you did?

Nick: Look, I know that I hurt you.

Phyllis: You slept with your ex-wife! You slept with her! You're trying to make me believe that it-- that it's not a big deal. And--and that I should be okay with it and it didn't really happen.

Nick: No, no, I am not! I am not trying to do that! I would just like us to move forward at some point. Look at me, I made my choice. I made it. It's you. I am with you. And Sharon is with Jack.

Phyllis: Oh. Oh, really? Right, yeah, Sharon's with Jack. For now, she's with Jack. For now.

Nick: Okay, even if it's for one day, why should that matter? I love you. I'm with you. And I feel very lucky about that.

Phyllis: Oh, God. I donít... I wanna believe you so bad. I really wanna believe you.

Phyllis: I wanna believe you.

Sharon: So we slipped right back into our old patterns again.

Jack: That old pattern wasn't so bad, was it?

Sharon: Why are you so nice to me?

Jack: I thought I'd made my feelings very clear.

Gloria: No more refills. Go on, get outta here. Get out! Now! Lord, I can't believe how rude some people are. How's your headache?

Jana: Oh! Gloria, I should've gone to Minnesota. I can help Kevin. I know I can. I'm--I know him better than anyone else.

Gloria: And how are you gonna help him in your condition?

Jana: Will you please run the place for me? If I go, please? Kevin needs me. Please? Please promise me you will. I have to go. Gloria, please?

Gloria: All right! Go. You take care of yourself, Jana. And you take care of my Kevin.

Jana: Thank you.

[Kevin still hallucinating]

Kevin: Jana?

Jana: It's time to come home, Kevin.

Tom: Don't listen to her, Boy. She doesn't know what's good for you. She'll only hold you back.

Jana: I need you so much. I love you. We love each other. Please come back to me.

Tom: Get up! If you don't get yourself out that door now, I'm gonna have to give it to you.

Jana: Don't do it.

Kevin: I have to. He's my dad.

Jana: He hurt you when you were just a little boy.

Kevin: If I don't do what he says, he's gonna put me back in the closet.

Jana: Terrible Tom doesn't have that power over you. Not anymore.

Tom: You'll do what I say, Boy. Or you'll pay the price. You hear me?

Jana: Come back to the people who care about you.

Tom: Nobody cares about you. Why would they? You're nothing but a worthless little piece of--

Kevin: Ow! Aah! Jana! (Panting) Jana, don't go!


Tom: If you're not across the border with my money by nightfall, you know what I'll do.

Kevin: Jana... help me.

Tom: Don't make me hurt you, Boy.  

Sharon: Um... I hear you're gonna... make good on your proposal to Chloe.

Billy: Uh-huh. I am.

Sharon: You're doing the right thing, for your daughter.

Billy: Yeah, I just-- it seems so permanent.

Sharon: Well, don't knock it. Because I've been floating from day to day, just using whatever to get me through it. And, um... sometimes I can take you places that--that you don't wanna go.

Colleen: So you finally roped Billy into it, huh?

Chloe: I'm busy. Uh, you should try calling next time you just drop by.

Colleen: You know what, Chloe? He'll never love you. I mean, he might say he does, or that he'll grow to love you, but that's a lie. Because I've seen him in real love, and like, real love. Did--did he tell you about--

Chloe: About his past? Yeah, we all have skeletons, Colleen, but I'm actually really busy right now. See, I'm planning a wedding. But I will definitely save you a front row seat, okay?

Colleen: He'll never love you.

Chloe: Yeah.

Man: Oh, this is a crime scene.

Sloan: No, you can let her in. The bank's about to reopen.

Jana: Daniel, why is Michael handcuffed?

Daniel: It's a long story. What are you doing here?

Jana: I was going crazy waiting around. Is that the security video?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, it is. And it's pretty incriminating.

Michael: As soon as you find Kevin, I want access to him. Please.

Sloan: Fair enough.

Michael: Thank you.

Sloan: Don't interfere with my deputies.

Michael: What?

Daniel: Did you see Amber outside?

Michael: What?

Jana: Amber's here? Did--did she say she knows where Kevin is?

Daniel: The cops scared her away before I could talk to her.

Michael: That means she's still in the area.

Jana: Wait, hang on. Do you--what's--what's Amber saying to the camera?

Daniel: I don't know. I was too busy watching Kevin waving his gun around.

Jana: Hang--hang on. Roll it back.

(Keyboard keys clicking)

Jeff: Any news?

Michael: What are you doing here?

Jeff: I came in last night. With Amos Slaughter.

Michael: The bounty hunter?

Jeff: You better hope he finds Kevin before the police do.

Daniel: Michael, Michael, look at this. I can't believe that I missed this. Look, right--right here. Amber mouths "Help me" to the camera. I told you, Kevin did this. Kevin set her up. Kevin made her rob this bank.

Jack: Hey. Listen, I was thinking. Maybe we should grab Noah, the three of us could go out to dinner.

Sharon: Not tonight.

Jack: Okay, how about tomorrow?

Sharon: Not any night.

Jack: What's wrong?

Sharon: I'm not being fair to you.

Jack: Suppose you let me be the judge of that?

Sharon: My life is a mess, and I'm pretending that it's not. And I'm using you so that I don't have to face it.

Jack: You moved back to this house so that I could help you.

Sharon: You shouldn't have to!

Jack: Is this about Colleen?

Sharon: No, this is about me. It really is. I'm sorry, Jack. Forgive me. But I am moving back to the club.

Jack: Okay, wait. Why don't we go back to the old arrangement-- separate bedrooms, strictly platonic, okay?

Sharon: This is for the best, Jack. Out of respect for you and myself, I have to do this.

Chloe: You know, it's not like I didn't know that Daddy didn't have commitment issues. Even if it's just city hall, we're still gonna get married, and that's all that matters. 'Cause we're gonna be a family. No one's gonna tear us apart.

Billy: Hey. Where's Ess?

Chloe: Uh, she left.

Billy: Look, I've been thinking. If we're gonna be successful as a family, we... might as well start by showing the world we mean it.

Chloe: Yeah? Well, how we gonna do that?

Billy: By having a real wedding.

Chloe: You mean it?

Billy: Yeah. Tell Ess it's on.

Chloe: Really?

Billy: Uh-huh.

Chloe: Thank you.

Billy: Uh-huh.

Chloe: Mwah! Yes! Wait till you see your handsome daddy in a monkey suit. Oh, yes, he's gonna be so cute.

Gloria: One mochachino, one chocolate shake, two hot chocolates, no whip cream, one ginger latte and one red eye. Thank you very much and excuse me.

(Cell phone ringing)

Gloria: Hello?

Jeff: Amos located the car that Kevin and Amber were using. They ditched it. Uh, they can't be far.

Gloria: Do the police know?

Jeff: Not yet. We're a couple of steps ahead of them.

Gloria: Bring my son home safely, Jeffrey.

Jeff: That's the plan.

Gloria: And I will be grateful to you.

Daniel: Right there. Right there, Kevin points his gun at Amber.

Jana: No, he's not!

Michael: I can't be sure.

Daniel: Oh, come on, are you blind? I mean, she is lucky that he didn't see her mouth the words "Help me" to the camera.

Jana: Well--well, then why did she kick the guard's gun away and--and help Kevin if he was forcing her? No, I disagree with you. Kevin would never hurt Amber, and you know that, Daniel.

Daniel: Are you kidding me? Look at his past. I mean, he burned down Ginaís.

Michael: He was never charged.

Daniel: And do you forget that he tried to kill you?

Michael: Look, let's just... not argue about this. It's clear that Kevin's not in his right mind.

Daniel: Yeah, clearly.

Jana: I'm just really glad that Amber's with him right now.

Daniel: Why don't you tell that to her if she winds up in the hospital or in jail or even worse? Kevin's my friend, too. But if I gotta choose one of 'em, I'm picking Amber.

Amber: I couldn't get to the pharmacy. There was too many cops. But, um, I did get some stuff from the gas station.

Kevin: Go away, Jana.

Amber: I'm not Jana. I'm Amber.

Kevin: You came back.

Amber: Don't sound so surprised.

Kevin: Were you followed?

Amber: Um, I didn't see anyone after I left the ba--

Kevin: The what?

Amber: Gas station.

Kevin: Okay. We gotta go. We gotta get across the border.

Amber: Okay, well, that's not happening any time soon.

Kevin: My dad says that--

Amber: No, you know what? You wanna see your dad again, huh? You wanna go to Canada? Then--then take these. Here. Come on. Drink. Go. Good boy. Good boy.

Kevin: Ugh.

Amber: Okay. This is gonna...

Kevin: Aah!

Amber: I know! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry. I know. I know, I know, I'm so sorry. Listen, I'm gonna fix this right up for you, okay? Okay? It's gonna be okay. Don't worry about it. Look, okay? I'm gonna make-- I'm gonna make a bandage for you, okay? Don't worry about it. Uh, okay. Just lift your leg over here. Close your eyes.

Kevin: Thank you for coming back for me.

Amber: I told you I would.

(Sirens wailing in distance)

Kevin: They're coming for us. We're outlaws. There's no way they're gonna take us alive.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: You don't even know where you're gonna be sleeping two nights in a row.

Sharon: When did you become so judgmental?

Jill: If the tests show that you and that woman are blood, that means I'm not Katherine's daughter.

Amber: I know who you are deep down inside, okay? I know who you are!

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