Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/26/09

Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/26/09 -- Canada; Friday 3/29/09 -- U.S.A.


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Nikki: So, are you ready for your close-up?

Kay: Well, I have to shampoo my hair first, then it's ready to go.

Nikki: With a smile like that, you're gonna light up the pages of "Restless Style" on fire.

Kay: Well, I have every reason, uh, to be, uh, smiling.

Nikki: Yes! It's a very exciting photo shoot.

Kay: And the reason I'm excited is that Murphy asked me to be his wife.

Nikki: (Gasps)

Kay: (Chuckles)

Nikki: Oh, my God, Katherine!

Kay: Yes!

Nikki: That is so wonderful.

Kay: Yeah. Well, it's, I don't know, it's rather like feeling 18 again.

Nikki: And you were worried he didn't want to be a part of your world.

Kay: A new husband. Get my old life back. Well, if it wasn't for Kevin and Amber, everything would be so perfect.

Nikki: Oh, whatever is going on with them certainly isn't your fault.

Kay: Oh, of course it is. The trouble all started when Kevin and Amber risked their life to rescue Esther and me.

Nikki: Come on! You didn't ask them to go on a crime spree.

Kay: Well, I know that looks like-- it looks bad. But I'm sure there's an explanation for it, for heaven sakes. Once I've proven who I am, and I'm going to use all of Chancellor resources to find them, and I'm going to straighten it out.

Nikki: And that won't be much longer. The lab has promised me that Marge’s D.N.A. test will be ready today.

Kay: Ah.

Nikki: Oh, everybody's gonna be so thrilled that you're back.

Kay: Not Jill. Oh, listen, she came to the diner last night filled with venom.

Nikki: That's just because she still thinks you're an impostor. When she learns the truth, she'll be deliriously happy.

Kay: No, no, Nikki, I'm not so sure of that. She's gotten so comfortable with the way things are. I think if she had her way, I'd stay dead.

Nikki: Oh, well, then she's in for a rude awakening.

Jill: What's your schedule?

Billy: Well, I-I have a meeting at the club, and then I'll be in my office. Why?

Jill: I have some important business to discuss with you.

Billy: Well, I have a moment now.

Jill: Not on the phone.

Billy: Hell-- bye to you, too, Mom. Wow. Hey, good morning there, gorgeous.

Chloe: Oh, you're not looking too bad yourself.

Billy: Well, what can I say? I'm a rock star.

Chloe: Where you going?

Billy: I have a meeting with Rafe to touch base, now that your marriage to my brother is annulled.

Chloe: Um...

Billy: And before you ask, yes, I'll marry you. But, no, I can't give you a date now, okay?

Chloe: I know that you're gonna make a very honest woman out of me.

Billy: Oh, I don't think that's possible.

Chloe: Well, at least life with you won't be boring, right?

Billy: Take it easy, Woman. Just because we had a couple of decent nights...

Chloe: Excuse me?! I think that we practically scorched each other's skin off of each other.

Billy: I was just being polite.

Chloe: I'll show you polite.

Billy: Hey, knock it off. Come on, I gotta go. All right?

Chloe: You're nuts about me, Billy Abbott. Don't lie.

Billy: Okay. Bye, Baby D. take care of your crazy mom.

Chloe: Oh, Baby, Baby, did you see that? Your daddy's nuts about me. I think Billy and I are gonna be just fine.

Cane: Hey. I'm, um, I'm gonna visit Cordelia.

Lily: Oh, Chloe finally called you back?

Cane: No, and I'm not gonna wait for an invitation to go and see my daughter. I'd ask you to come, but after what you said the other night...

Lily: Yeah, I know that disappointed you.

Cane: Sweetheart, you didn't disappoint me. I understand how you feel. I'm just hoping that maybe you'll change your mind, and, uh, you'll decided to be a mother to Cordelia and you'll put that engagement ring on your finger. So, um... we'll talk about this another time, okay?

Lily: Okay.

Cane: Hey, don't worry. We'll find a way to figure it out.

Mary Jane: Your schedule.

Jack: Wow. You've been busy.

Mary Jane: Just doing my job.

Jack: A magazine piece aimed at the business community, an article in the "Times" about my strong leadership of the Jabot foundation, a syndicated talk show geared toward women-- wow, it's amazing you didn't set me up for a sound bite with President Obama.

Mary Jane: I'm working on it.

Jack: When do you sleep?

Mary Jane: There's no time to waste restoring your public image. Lucky for you, I work miracles.

Jack: And she's cocky, too. I like that.

Mary Jane: We're not getting any support from Jill. I'm afraid I pissed her off a couple nights ago.

Jack: Oh, that's not too difficult to do. She does like calling the shots.

Mary Jane: You think she'll be a problem?

Jack: No, making me look good only helps Jabot.

Mary Jane: What?

Jack: When the scandal broke at Jabot, when I was in politics, I looked everywhere for somebody like you.

Mary Jane: Well, you didn't look hard enough.

Jack: I never even heard of you till my brother introduced us. And someone with your credentials doesn't just magically appear like a fairy Godmother. Where have you been hiding?

Victor: Oh, whoa, whoa, easy, son.

Adam: I can do it, okay?

Victor: I was trying to help.

Adam: I-I thought your motto was, uh, "Suck it up and be a man."

Victor: Don't confuse pride with strength, son.

Adam: Pride? Okay, well, you know what? I haven't got a whole lot of pride left, so why don't you let me hang onto what remaining bit I do have by not reminding me of my flaws.

Victor: You have a handicap, you're not flawed. You have a handicap.

Adam: What do you want me to do? You want me to get a white cane and a seeing-eye dog?

Victor: Let me ask you something. Why do you talk to me in that tone?

Adam: You know what? Just leave me alone, okay? Please?

Victor: Do I need to remind you I got you out of prison? Invited you into my home? And you assume this tone with me? Are you kidding or what?

Jack: So you have a place in New York, and you worked abroad?

Mary Jane: That's right.

Jack: Where abroad?

Mary Jane: In-house boutique companies mostly.

Jack: Getting info out of you is like pulling teeth with pliers.

Mary Jane: Ouch.

Jack: It doesn't have to be that painful, just sprinkle in a few details.

Mary Jane: Fine, ask me something else.

Jack: Okay, uh, why'd you stay away so long?

Mary Jane: I was hanging with fabulous people, living in exotic countries, and the parties weren't half bad either.

Jack: So, wait, wait, wait, what are you doing now?

Mary Jane: I need to get back to work.

Jack: I have more questions.

Mary Jane: You'll have to wait for my memoirs.

Jack: God, you really are a woman of mystery.

Mary Jane: You have no idea.

Ashley: Why don't you try seeing things through each other's point of view for a change?

Adam: See? No pun intended.

Victor: Are you making fun of her?

Adam: No. I'm just trying to keep my sense of humor. Is that okay with you?

Victor: It is not if it's at Ashley’s expense. You got that?

Ashley: Okay, please, please. I mean, what is the point if you're not even gonna try to get along?

Victor: Sweetheart, I don't want you to get upset. It's not good for you or the baby, all right?

Ashley: Well, I can't help it. Really, could you just talk to each other without attacking each other?

Victor: Did you hear that, Adam? We, from now on, try to get along with each other? Won't we?

Adam: Yes, Sir.

Billy: Hey, Rafe. Why'd you need to see me?

Rafael: Well, in view of your brother's annulment, I thought we should discuss our game plan.

Billy: What's to discuss? Chloe and I are living together. We plan on raising our child together.

Rafael: Well, that's all well and good, Billy, but you know as well as I do--

Billy: If this is about the "M" word, there's no rush there. I mean, right? You are gonna have this custody case dismissed, correct?

Rafael: Wrong.

Chloe: Whatever you want, you can forget it.

Cane: I'm here to see Cordelia.

Chloe: Uh, no, sorry, that's not happening.

Cane: You can't keep me from seeing my daughter.

Chloe: She is not your daughter. She never has, and she never will be, okay?

Cane: You really are a heartless bitch, aren't you? You manipulate me to believe that little girl is my daughter. You let me fall in love with her, and now you think you have the nerve to keep her out of my life.

Chloe: Okay, you know what? I'm calling the cops. I'm gonna call them, and I'm gonna have you arrested for trespassing and harassment. Okay. All right, it's your jail cell. All right, fine. 9... 1...

Cane: You are gonna be sorry that you fought me on this when the court awards me sole custody, okay?

Chloe: You know what? Forget calling the cops, I'm gonna call the men in white coats. Because honestly, you are certifiable.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Billy: So now you're telling me that Cane has a case?

Rafael: I'm afraid so.

Billy: Well, how the hell is that possible, Rafe?

Rafael: He was the putative father for months. He has proof that you and Chloe knowingly withheld the truth about your child's paternity while he grew increasingly attached to your baby, and his name is on the birth certificate.

Billy: Just listen, that sanctimonious jerk's not gonna raise my kid, do you understand me?  

Rafael: Then you need to marry your kid's mother. Now.

Nikki: Katherine, I want you to meet our fashion editor George.

George: Hello.

Kay: Oh. Oh. You're the genius that Nikki's been talking about.

George: Well, you know, I pay her to say that. Have you told your friend the concept of our shoot yet?

Nikki: Um, no, I was saving it as a surprise. George has a magnificent idea.

George: All hail the empress.

Kay: I beg your pardon?

Nikki: Well, we got to talking about you have always been a leader of the community and you're about to resume that, so George had a vision of you as the empress of Genoa City.

Kay: I like your thinking, George.

Nikki: So we're going to shoot you as famous royal figures throughout history.

Murphy: That sounds about right for my queen of hearts.

Kay: Oh, Murph, Murph, Murph!

Murphy: For you.

Kay: Oh, you old romantic, you.

George: Excuse me.

Nikki: I understand congratulations are in order.

Murphy: Oh. The cat's outta the bag, huh?

Kay: Well, I'd never hold that kind of news from my dearest friend.

Murphy: You know, I realize that, uh, I'm not the kind of guy she--she usually goes for.

Nikki: And thank God for that. No, you're not. Instead, you're sincere and warm and you've made her happier than she's been in years.

Adam: Something wrong?

Estella: I hope not. I was wondering why you didn't--

Ashley: Hi, may I come in?

Adam: Uh, yeah, sure.

Estella: The cook says that Adam sent his tray back untouched.

Ashley: Oh. Well, maybe he's not hungry.

Estella: I was about to ask him.

Adam: Uh, I'm not.

Ashley: Okay. Do you mind if I talk to Adam alone for a second?

Estella: Yes, Ma'am.

Ashley: Thank you.

Ashley: So I just wanted to say I'm sorry about everything that happened earlier.

Adam: Well, what did you expect, Ashley? You really think Victor's gonna be all warm and fuzzy to me?

Ashley: Well, it's just... overwhelming, and I would really love it if the two of you could play nice.

Adam: Uh, listen, I appreciate everything you're doing to try and help.

Ashley: And I appreciate what you're going through. I haven't forgotten what you did to Victor, but having said that, I'm a firm believer in second chances, so...

Adam: Well, I guess that's obvious, considering you're... giving him a second chance, having another one of his children.

Ashley: So did you mean what you said, that you're gonna try to get along with Victor?

Adam: Yeah, of course.

Ashley: Okay. Because we are a family now, right?

Adam: Sure.

Lily: Cane's not home.

Chloe: I know. I'm here to talk to you.

Lily: Well, I don't think--

Chloe: I'll do all the talking, okay? Look, Cane is being totally unreasonable, and I am praying that you have some common sense, because, well, that is your thing, isn't it?

Lily: What?

Chloe: Lily Winters-- the nice one, the--the logical one, little miss perfect.

Lily: Okay, I never said I was perfect.

Chloe: I know, but Cane did. And he thinks that you walk on water, so you need to prove it. Because Cane needs to back of where Delia’s concerned.

Lily: I'm sorry, I have no control over that.

Chloe: So you're okay with the fact that there is an innocent child in the middle of a nasty custody battle? You support the idea that a little girl is just gonna be ripped out of her mother's arms?

Lily: No.

Chloe: What?

Lily: You heard me.

Chloe: Okay, I'm so confused. Because normally, Cane is the bad cop, and you are the good cop.

Lily: No, I think that you should be a part of your daughter's life.

Chloe: But you still plan on marrying him?

Lily: And what do you care?

Chloe: Because he's trying to make the two of you look like-- like Ward and June Cleaver, so the two of you can gain full custody.

Lily: Well, isn't that what you guys are doing?

Chloe: Well, I think there's a difference because we are her parents. Besides, you actually want to, I don't know, raise a mini me?

Lily: Okay, Chloe, what do you want from me?

Chloe: You obviously think what Cane is doing is wrong. So stop being such a coward and tell him that you will not marry him unless he stops trying to take Delia.

Billy: Oh! Waiting for me in my office? This really must be important, Mom.

Jill: I'm gonna skip the build up and get right to it.

Billy: Okay.

Jill: I'm gonna be making some changes around here.

Billy: Well, Mom, we can discuss any changes you'd like to make.

Jill: There won't be any discussions, Son. As of now, you are no longer the C.E.O. of Jabot.

George: Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce, her majesty, Queen Isabella I of Spain.

George: Jason, take it away.

Estella: Mr. Wilson's expecting you.

Rafael: Thanks, Aunt Estella.

Adam: Wait, wait, wait, Aunt Estella? You never mentioned that before.

Rafael: At what point during your arrest and subsequent imprisonment would you have cared?

Adam: All right, you got a point.

Rafael: Oh, is, uh, Victor home?

Esther: I'll get him. And don't be a stranger.

Adam: Estella.

Rafael: Sorry I couldn't be there in court for you the other day.

Adam: Yeah, don't worry about it. Uh, Victor's guy took care of it.

Rafael: And did an excellent job from what I understand.

Adam: Listen, Rafe, I wanna--I wanna talk to you about something. All right, I know that I've been, uh, obnoxious at times, but... I owe you, man. You really helped me out. I wanna thank you.

Rafael: Well, looks like your father's finally stepping up to the plate.

Adam: Yeah, well, imagine if I'd have gone deaf, too. I'd probably get a parade.

Rafael: Hey, now, now, come on. Seriously, though, uh, you know, if any good thing can come out of this, at least we're not estranged.

Victor: You wanted to see me, Rafe?

Rafael: Two things, Sir. Adam will be having regular meetings with the house arrest officer, which I will supervise. And then, there is also the issue of the money in the Swiss bank account.

Victor: Oh, you're talking about the money that Adam received from "Sophisticate" for the diary?

Rafael: That's right.

Victor: I have already compensated the magazine. That was part of the deal to get Adam released.

Adam: So my accounts aren't frozen anymore?

Victor: How much of the $2 million is left?

Adam: Uh, I spent less than $100,000.

Victor: Well, you send the rest of the funds to my account, and I'll find a way for you to work it off, all right? Is that all, Rafe?

Rafael: That's it for now.

Victor: Thank you.

Billy: You're firing me?

Jill: No. I'm putting you in charge of our international sales division.

Billy: Why did you make me C.E.O. of my father's company if you were just gonna turn around and demote me?

Jill: Billy, I gave you a chance, even after you betrayed me at the stockholders' meeting.

Billy: Fine. What changed? Huh? What changed? What did you tell me, that I had the--the talent and the brains to run the company?

Jill: You do, Sweetheart, you just don't have the maturity yet.

Billy: Well, I guess we all know who's gonna take my place.

Jill: Cane is the right man for the job.

Billy: Yeah, of course he is. Because he can be your puppet.

Jill: That is not true.

Billy: I knew that you would pull something like this.

Jill: Oh, for God's sake, what is that supposed to mean?

Billy: Whenever you don't want to deal with me, you shove me off somewhere. Just like when I was a kid and you sent me to boarding school. And then when I came back, you generously offered me the closet office here. Thank you, Mom.

Jill: See? This is what I'm talking about. I have made a professional decision, and you're making it personal.

Billy: Come off of it. It is personal, and you know it.

Jill: Billy, I'm offering you a job that most young men your age would kill for.

Billy: You're offering me crumbs, and you know it. Thanks, Mom, but no thanks. I quit.

Jill: Billy, don't do that. Don't do that. You have a great future in the company.

Billy: With Cane as my boss? Yeah, well, keep it.

Jill: And what about Delia? You do have responsibilities now, you know.

Billy: Yeah, I am really glad that you mentioned that, because after what you just pulled here, Delia has had her last visit from her grandma. Move.

Cane: Hey. You wanted to talk to me?

Jill: I'm gonna be making some changes.

Lily: You have no right telling me how to handle things with Cane.

Chloe: Oh, get over yourself. This has nothing to do with you. It has to do with Delia.

Lily: And where do you get off calling me a coward? If you had the guts to tell Billy that he was the father in the first place, we wouldn't be going through this mess. And you have the nerve to blame Cane and me for the situation that you're in? You know what? Thank you. Thank you for reminding me what a delusional freak you are. Now get out!

Chloe: You know what? You know what? You're the one who's deluding yourself, because you know full well that that child belongs to me!

Lily: Whatever. Whatever.

Victor: Careful.

Adam: Thanks for, uh, helping me maneuver up the stairs.

Victor: Okay. Um... I'm going to take Blue Smoke for a ride, so I'll be out for a while.

Adam: Listen, uh, I understand why you want me to pay you back.

Victor: You know I think that that is a matter of principle, Adam.

Adam: Right. But the problem is, um... I can't leave here until my sentence is over, and, uh... you know, every day I lose more and more of my sight. I don't know how I'm gonna get a thousand dollars, much less $100,000.

Victor: But I'm not expecting you to pay it back all at once, you know? But for me to let it slide would make you weak, I think.

Adam: Well, I think being blind has pretty much got that covered.

Victor: Son, I want you to remember how courageously your mother faced life-- with enormous dignity, with a kind of stoic courage. I want you to do the same. Learn from your mother's example. She never expected hand outs. All right? Anyway, I-I'm off now.

Adam: All right.

Heather's voice: This is Heather Stevens. Please leave a message and I will return your call.

Adam: Hi, Heather, it's me. Uh... I really need to talk to you.

Cane: So, uh, you wanna reinstate me as the C.E.O.?

Jill: Yes. I know how upset you were when I gave the job to Billy.

Cane: Okay, I thought you said the silent partner forced your hand, so what's different now?

Jill: Well, we came to an arrangement, giving me complete control, so the job's yours if you want it.

Cane: Hell, yeah, I want it.

Jill: Working at Chancellor was so horrible?

Cane: No, I just... felt like Jabot was where I belong. Thank you. Thank you for having the faith in me.

Jill: I've always had faith in you, Darling.

Cane: Hey... what's up? You look beat.

Jill: I have to tell you something. I have agreed to having your grandmother's body exhumed.

Cane: Why?

Jill: To prove once and for all that Katherine is gone and that other woman is a fraud.

Cane: Oh. That's why you're so upset.

Jill: Well, the good news is, that once the results come in, we can just put an end to this painful chapter in our lives. And my mother can finally rest in peace.

Joe: Wow. All that work for a couple of measly pictures.

Pearl: Oh, you looked right at home in front of that camera.

Kay: Thank you, my dear.

Nikki: What'd you think, Murphy? I bet you saw a side of your fiancée you've never seen before.

Murphy: Oh, I'll say. But she always looks great to me. Even in those old sweatpants you used to wear around the trailer.

Kay: Well, now there's a memory that I'm glad I-I don't have.

Nikki: Ha ha.

Kay: Oh! Murph!

Murphy: Oh, what's that for?

Kay: I don't know. So many things, I wouldn't know where to begin.

Murphy: Hey, now, don't go sappy on me.

Kay: Well, I just feel lucky.

Murphy: No. No, I'm the lucky one. That you would even give a guy like me a second glance.

Kay: Murphy, you do not realize what a treasure you are, do you? I can hardly wait to... take you to my home. And we start a new life together. Start a new life together, Sweetheart.

Victor: Estella?

Estella: Yes, Mr. Newman?

Victor: I'm going to the stables for a while. Ashley's off to work, so if Adam needs anything, kindly let me know.

Estella: I'll keep an eye on him for you.

Victor: All right. You know that Ashley is pregnant?

Estella: Yes.

Victor: You know it's a very high risk pregnancy.

Estella: I didn't realize.

Victor: I'm gonna watch very carefully to make sure that everything is all right. If you see anything of concern, kindly let me know.

Estella: I will.

Victor: I'm gonna make sure that this time... nothing happens to the child. I'll see you.

Ashley: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Ashley: Would you check this over for me before my meeting?

Jack: Sure. Yeah, I don't see any problem. You sure you're not overdoing it?

Ashley: I'm fine.

Jack: Any morning sickness?

Ashley: Ooh, not yet.

Jack: Well, that's good, huh?

Ashley: I think this is the most we've talked about my pregnancy since... you know, Victor made the announcement.

Jack: That's because I didn't wanna fight with you.

Ashley: Oh, just go ahead. I know you're dying to say it. I can take it.

Jack: I don't know why you would wanna go down that path again.

Ashley: You mean, with Victor?

Jack: You know how I feel about that man.

Ashley: I think I know how you feel. I think I do.

Jack: If history is any indication, I have good reason to worry.

Ashley: So, Jackie, it doesn't make any difference at all to you that I'm the happiest I've been in a long time?

Jack: Of course, it matters.

Ashley: Really?

Jack: Ash, I have only wanted for you to be happy—

(Telephone ringing)

Jack: Hello, Jill. Can’t. We both have meetings. Okay. Don't bust an artery in the meantime. Jill has taken it upon herself to clear both our schedules.

Ashley: What?

Jack: She says she wants to see us pronto. That it's urgent.

Lily: Hey. How'd your visit with Cordelia go?

Cane: It didn’t.

Lily: Then why are you smiling?

Cane: My mom reinstated me as C.E.O. of Jabot.

Lily: What?!

Cane: Mm-hmm.

Lily: You're kidding me!

Cane: Now, all I need is for you to say the wedding's back on, and for us to get custody of Cordelia.

Lily: Cane, about that, I...

Cane: Okay, I'm sorry. I don't mean to push you. I know you need time.

Lily: Actually, I don’t.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: I've made my decision.

Chloe: Whoa. You look like you got hit by a bus.

Billy: That would be an improvement.

Chloe: By the way, Cane came by here before and, uh... well, he went all crazy on me when he couldn't see Delia.

Billy: I'm sure he's over it by now.

Chloe: Why, what happened?

Billy: Well... he's got my old job now. He's C.E.O. of Jabot.

Chloe: Jill fired you?

Billy: Mm-hmm. Two seconds before I quit.

Chloe: Good for you.

Billy: You think so?

Chloe: Yeah. Because if your mother doesn't appreciate how valuable you are, she doesn't deserve you.

Jill: Your services are no longer needed.

Jack: You're firing us?

Jill: Well, I should've let you go right after I regained control of Jabot, but I wanted to give you a chance to prove that you were team players.

Jack: Now you listen to me, you pompous, arrogant--

Jill: I cannot have employees undermining my decisions and fighting for their own agendas.

Ashley: Our own agenda was to bring Jabot back to the basics of what made it great.

Jill: That is part of the problem. You see, both of you are living in the past. You're unwilling to embrace new ideas.

Jack: Oh, that is absurd.

Jill: No, no, no, with you and Ashley, it's all about emotion and sentiment and your father's legacy.

Jack: Why don't admit what this is really about? You are threatened by us.

Ashley: And you're dying to reinstate Cane.

Jill: Oh, well, that's already done, starting tomorrow.

Ashley: Wow, so you fired Billy?

Jill: No, no, I offered him another position, he declined.

Jack: Smart boy.

Ashley: Getting rid of the Abbotts is a huge mistake. Our presence brought stability to the company, Jill. And the shareholders-- they approved of our return.

Jack: Save your breath. You want war between the Chancellors and the Abbotts? You're gonna get it, Sweetheart. We will drag you into court so fast. Expose your self-serving--

Jill: Taking your beloved Jabot down with you? Proving what I said-- that you care more about yourselves than the company?

Jack: Katherine is not gonna let you do this. When she comes back--

Jill: Back?! Katherine is dead, okay? Two D.N.A. tests have already proved it. And when this third one comes in, it will end all speculation for good.

Jack: I'm counting on that.

Jill: Give it up, Jack. Katherine's gone, and you and your family are out. Deal with it.

Kay: Thank you.

Nikki: You were so amazing today.

Kay: Well, uh, perhaps I was a queen in another life.

Nikki: When I was watching you, so proud and strong... it just brought back to me how much I missed you.

Kay: Oh, God, I missed you, too. I really did.

(Knock on door)

Kay: Pardon me.

Man: Delivery for Katherine Chancellor from Oakmont Labs.

Kay: Ah, yes.

Kay: Just a moment, please. There we go.

Nikki: Is that what I think it is?

Kay: The D.N.A. results.

Nikki: (Sighs)

Mary Jane: Thank you.

Jack: Hey, what's up?

Mary Jane: I just got word from the office I was let go.

Jack: You, too?

Mary Jane: You've been fired?

Jack: And Billy, and Ashley. I guess Jill's on a real tear.

Mary Jane: Wow. I mean, talk about cleaning house.

Jack: Relax. I'm gonna fight her with everything in me.

(Cell phone ringing)

Jack: And that is my attorney.

Mary Jane: Okay, we'll talk later.

Jack: Hello?

(Telephone ringing)

Victor: Hello?

Mary Jane: It's me. Jill fired Jack.

Victor: Yes, so I've heard.

Mary Jane: But everything I've gone through... I mean, it's all falling apart.

Victor: You just sit tight. Everything will be fine. I'll be in touch.

Ashley: I still can't believe what Jill did. I just loathe her.

Victor: I do not blame you. But all is not lost, I promise you, okay?

Adam: Look, I've traded one prison for another.

Heather: Adam, this mansion is hardly a prison.

Adam: Okay, look, I'm broke. I can't, uh, I can't even leave this place because of this ankle bracelet. Victor's got me confined to the premises.

Heather: I'm really sorry that you're unhappy, Adam. I just... I don't know what more I could do to help.

Adam: Can't you talk to your boss? Maybe call the governor? I don't know, get 'em to commute my sentence.

Heather: Are you out of your mind?

Adam: Heather, please, if you ever loved me...

Heather: No, Adam, there is no way that they will let you off on this, okay? You committed a serious felony.

Adam: I should've known better than to ask you for anything. Just get out. Get out. Don't come back.

Cane: That's great. Well, send the fax to me at Chancellor. Now you're gonna tell me that that is a good sign?

Lily: Um... I've done a lot of thinking.

Cane: And?

Lily: And... I understand why you want sole custody of Cordelia. But... I'm never gonna be okay with it. Because I can't be a part of taking that child away from her mother.

Cane: You told me that I would never have to choose.

Lily: You don’t.

Chloe: I think she wants her daddy.

Billy: Oh, yeah? Come here, Squirt. There we go. How was your day today, huh? I think she likes me.

Chloe: I think you have that effect on women, even itty little bitty ones.

Billy: I'm not gonna lose her, too. Let's get married as soon as we can.

Jill: I thought I'd find you in this dump.

Kay: Jill, I-I know how difficult this is for you.

Jill: You don't know anything about me. You don't know what I've had to endure because of you. But when this third D.N.A. test proves what a lying piece of trash you are, you will leave me and everybody else in Genoa City alone, or so help me, I will have you thrown back in jail.

Kay: I have the D.N.A. results.

Jill: Well, I'm surprised you had the nerve to bring them here in person.

Kay: Well, take a look. You do not match the woman who was buried in my grave, and you do not match me.

Jill: That's not possible.

Kay: You refuse to see what's been staring you in the face all along. Tests don't lie, Jill. Three tests all telling you the same thing. Deny it if you want for the rest of your life, but you are not my daughter.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Lily: Please, Cane, just take it.

Cane: Please don't do this.

Nikki: Without her, you're just some nobody's daughter.

Jill: You get outta here, or I'll call security. Get out.

Amber: Kevin! Don't you dare die on me! Get up!

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