Y&R Transcript Friday 3/20/09

Y&R Transcript Friday 3/20/09 -- Canada; Monday 3/23/09 -- U.S.A.


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Victor: Well, hello.

Adam: (Gasps) I thought you moved out when I moved in. I haven't heard you all day.

Victor: I was at work.

Adam: I hear, uh, congratulations are in order. Ashley tells me you're gonna have another child.

Victor: Yes, we are.

Adam: Hopefully, this one will make up for the huge disappointment I've been to you.

Paul: Sorry I was out of touch all day.

Nikki: Oh, that's all right. You were traveling. I understand.

Paul: Well, I figured you would be busy with Katherine, catching up yesterday and today. Anyway... so where is she?

Nikki: She's gone.

Paul: What do you mean? What happened?

Nikki: It wasn't Katherine.

Paul: You were certain.

Nikki: Yes, I know. She took Katherine's ring back and left town.

Paul: But you told me she knew things that were private between you.

Nikki: That's why I was so sure. But according to Jill, I had it all wrong. And I'm the fool again.

Kay: This is it? I was happy here?

Murphy: But you know, I-I like coming home now.

Kay: Hm?

Murphy: To you.

Kay: Oh.


Murphy: Can I help you?

Kay: Oh, Murph! Oh, Murph, Murph.

Gloria: How long's she been gone?

Daniel: It's been over 24 hours.

Jana: Now you know what I've been going through.

(Cell phone ringing)

Daniel: It's her. Hey, where the hell have you been? I've been worried sick about you.

Amber: I-I'm sorry. I am. But I had to find Kevin.

Daniel: I'm gonna put you on speakerphone. I got Michael, Gloria and Jana here.

Amber: Hi, guys.

Gloria: Amber, thank you so much for looking for Kevin.

Michael: Where are you?

Amber: I'm in Minnesota at the site of the last robbery.

Daniel: You're at a crime scene?

Michael: Wonderful. Wonderful.

Jana: Amber, have you found Kevin yet?

Amber: No, um, not yet, but you know what? I'm on the trail. Um, I, um, just hanging out outside the bank, you know? Kinda making myself conspicuous and all. So Kevin can spot me.

Michael: How's that working for you?

Amber: Okay. Um, I admit, it's not the most genius plan.

Daniel: This is a terrible idea, Amber, all right? Look, the cops are after Kevin. You are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Amber: Well, so is he, but how else am I gonna find him?

Daniel: You're scaring the hell outta me here, okay?

Amber: I'm--I'm okay. I promise.

Daniel: Amber, can you just stop this now and come home, all right? I cannot lose you.

Amber: You won't, Baby. I love you, too.

(Gunshot fires)

Daniel: Amber?! Amber?! Amber?!

Amber: Hey, hey! Wait, wait, wait! Hey, hey, what-- oh, wait, wait, wait, please! Please, wait! Please, tell me, was it the chipmunk bandit?

Woman: He hit an armored car!

Amber: No!

Woman: Oh, yeah! The cops came out of the bank and saw him. He started shooting.

Amber: The chipmunk shot at people?!

Amber: Kevin! Kevin, it is me! What are you doing?!

Jana: The police wouldn't shoot Amber.

Daniel: I'm telling you, I heard a gun.

Jana: They'd be shooting Kevin. Oh, God! No!

Gloria: God owes that boy one. Honey, don't you panic.

Michael: Okay, okay, I have the location of that last robbery.

Daniel: Michael, do they jam cell phone signals at crime scenes?

Michael: Maybe. Look, I'm gonna go see if the police have us under surveillance.

Kevin: Amber, you shouldn't be here.

Amber: Neither should you. Kevin, come here.

Daniel: Are you okay?

Jana: My head just wants to explode.

Gloria: Ah, Honey, its stress. But you know something? Let's call the doctor just in case.

Jana: No, no, I can't leave now. I just want my husband home and safe. That's all.

Michael: Okay, there's no one out back or in the alley.

Daniel: Do you know how to check for tails? Because I don't believe that for one second Detective Wallace just picked up his tent and left.

Michael: We're gonna sneak out the back. The bushes will cover us and Laurenís car is parked right there.

Jana: Let's go.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, whoa, no, no, no, not you. You're not going anywhere.

Jana: But I have to be there.

Daniel: You can't even stand up. Besides, we need someone to stay here, make everybody think that, you know, everything's normal. Okay?

Gloria: Yeah, that's right. That's right. Daniel's right. I'll stay with Jana. Honey, Kevin would never forgive me if anything happened to you.

Jana: Okay, stay in touch.

Daniel: We'll find them, all right?

Amber: We gotta get outta here, okay? Are you-- oh, my God! Kevin, you've been shot.

Paul: Nikki, from everything you've said, this woman has to be Katherine.

Nikki: You'd think so, wouldn't you?

Paul: What do your instincts tell you?

Nikki: I can't pay attention to those anymore. Obviously, my instincts are useless. All I know is, I gave Katherine back her ring and she left town. That's a fact. And her D.N.A. did not match Jillís. That's a fact.

Paul: Well... something just doesn't feel right.

Nikki: Oh, talk to Jill. She'd be happy to have a long conversation with you about what's right, and how not to be taken in by a con artist again.

Paul: You don't think this woman's a fraud, do you?

Nikki: Truthfully, I came back here tonight to wait, hoping that Katherine would walk through the door and tell me it was all a mistake, but that hasn't happened. So the longer I sit here, every minute, I just keep telling myself it was a hoax, and I've gotta toughen up.

Paul: Yeah, well, you can't lose that part of you that believes in people.

Nikki: Perhaps it would be for the best, Paul.

Paul: Well... I would like to sit here and argue that point with you, too, but I got a few things I need to wrap up. Would you like me to take you home?

Nikki: Oh, no. That's the last thing I need is to sit home alone obsessing about this. I think I'll just order some takeout. Will you be home in time to eat together?

Paul: I'll be home before its cold. Hang in there, Nikk. I like your instincts.

Murphy: Well, do you remember the trailer?

Kay: Not really.

Murphy: What about the diner?

Kay: No.

Murphy: Do you remember anything about being here, the game show that came on TV, uh, we used to, you know, 7:00? We used to watch it and eat TV dinners?

Kay: Sounds like fun.

Murphy: I mean, you're smiling to beat the band, but you don't remember anything?

Kay: I remember you. I remember you kissed me. Murphy, I had no idea how much I missed you.

Murphy: Why didn't you call me? I would've picked you up at that club.

Kay: Well, I wasn't there. I've been wandering for the last day or so, trying to figure things out. I left Genoa City, Murph.

Murphy: Well, what on earth for? That's your home.

Kay: Not anymore. It's not my home. No. The D.N.A. test came back. And it shows I'm not Katherine Chancellor.

Adam: You know, I can feel you, even though I can't see you.

Victor: Can you see the shapes of the furniture?

Adam: Uh... some.

Victor: Any details?

Adam: That's a frame.

Victor: What's inside that frame?

Adam: Uh... it's a... landscape? No, no, there's a figure there. Uh, is it... Zapata?

Victor: That's a sketch of Sabrina.

Adam: I can't believe I just said that.

Victor: I didn't realize your condition was that bad.

Adam: Look, you know what? I don't want anymore of your games, okay? I'm not here for your amusement.

Victor: Well, I do not find any of this enjoyable, for your information.

Adam: All right, got it. Loud and clear. It's obvious I'm just another roadblock on your next do-over in life. I mean, jeez, first Sabrina, now Ashley. How many second chances does a guy get?

Victor: You see me now? Now you listen to me carefully. This is your second chance. You'll get no other. When I brought you into my family, I gave you every opportunity to succeed. I went above and beyond to the disadvantage of my other two children. And what did you do? You abused my trust. You conspired with Jack Abbott to accuse me of murder. I went to prison. I'd be rotting in that prison if it were up to you. Now I got you out of prison. I brought you back here to this ranch, to live with me. You'll have the best care possible. I'll bring in all specialists to deal with your condition. But I want you to do one thing. You be a man. Pick yourself up.

Adam: Hmm. Maybe this is, uh, just another chance for you to watch me fail. Is that what this is, huh? Some kind of payback? I mean, you literally get to watch me stumble through a new life in prison.

Victor: You wallow in self-pity. Leave me out of it, all right? You do that on your own.

Kay: Jill always thought I was a fraud. Now with these test results, even Nikki doesn't believe anymore.

Murphy: Well, something must've been wrong with that D.N.A. test. Some, uh, contamination?

Kay: No, no, it went straight to Olivia Winters.

Murphy: You trust her?

Kay: Implicitly. And--and so did Nikki. But there's no denying the results, for heaven's sakes. My D.N.A. does not match my daughter.

Murphy: Well, that's impossible. This is crazy.

Kay: I-I know that. That's why I had to get out of there. Amber said I would be happier here. And so I just came back, hoping something would spark a... and it did. You did.

Murphy: Give me your hand. I'm glad you came. Look, Katherine, if there's anything we can do to convince those people that you are--

Kay: No, no, Murph, I do not want to go there. I cannot believe I didn't remember you.

Murphy: Well, I mean, you--you just came through an explosion, not to mention you being held hostage. I mean, you deserve some slack.

Kay: You are such a good man. You know, you saved my life after the car accident. Amber told me.

Murphy: Best day's fishing I've had in my whole life.

Kay: Here we are again. I'm at my lowest and all I have to do is look at your face, and it just makes me so happy.

Murphy: So, uh, all you remember is that I kissed you?

Kay: Well... some of it... is coming back rather quickly.

Murphy: Hmm. Well, let's see, uh... if we can help it along.

Victor: You should've worn that. A beautiful ring? Why lock it in the safe? Katherine wore it fearlessly why wouldn't you?

Nikki: You're gonna hear about this soon enough anyway. I gave it back to who I thought its rightful owner was.

Victor: You gave it to an impostor? A ring worth half a million dollars?

Nikki: And then after a second D.N.A. test proved that it couldn't be Katherine, she left town.

Victor: You can't be serious. You got conned again, didn't you? All someone needs to do is fawn over you a little, and you give yourself away, won't you? Last time... you fell for a con artist, his name was David Chow.

Nikki: Oh, Victor.

Victor: It costs the lives of my wife and my child.

Jeff: Hello, Sweet Cheeks. You didn't really think divorce papers would, uh, get rid of me, did you?

Gloria: Not now, Jeffrey.

Jeff: So you keep saying. You ignore my calls, you return the flowers, and then you kick me where it hurts. Which is, uh, what gave me the idea. Jewels. I was supposed to give you this when you got out of jail, remember?

Gloria: I don't want anything from you.

Jeff: Ah, holding out for matching earrings, eh?

Gloria: Anything new, Jana?

Jana: No, nothing yet.

Jeff: So, um... why don't we negotiate your alimony? Champagne, oysters, your place?

Gloria: You got nothing I want. Leave.

Jeff: Is something wrong?

Gloria: Get out!

Jeff: I came for coffee. I'll leave when I'm ready.

Jana: Okay, Amber said that she was near the last site of the silver chipmunk robbery, which is here. Which means that Kevin should be near there.

Amber: I think the bullet went clear through.

Kevin: Aah! I wanna go home.

Amber: Genoa City?

Kevin: No. Here.

Amber: You have a place here? Well, is--is it safe?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, it's a good place.

Amber: Okay. Okay. Come on, let's--let's go there. And we'll regroup, and then we'll find a way to get you some help from there, okay?

Man: Hey! I saw everything!

Gloria: Oh, Jana's searching. We know there was gunfire, but no police or civilians were hurt.

Michael: Well, there's a blessing. Did Jana check the local paper?

Gloria: Jana, where are you searching?

Jana: Local crime blogs, wire services, police calls.

Gloria: Everything, Michael. We're trying everything.

Jana: Look at this!

Gloria: What? What? Hold on! Hold on, hold on, Jana's found something.

Jana: Wait, it's--it's-- it's a crime junkie from Minnesota. He must have a police scanner. These are all the-- the radio texts.

Gloria: Oh!

Michael: What? What?!

Jana: Oh, my God!

Jana: A-a-a chipmunk head was found at the scene splattered with blood.

Michael: Oh.

Gloria: Wait a minute, how could that be? How can that be? I mean, they said that nobody was hurt! Oh, dear God.

Jana: Here. Um, it's, um, it's, uh, 2700 block of Mackenzie Drive and Broadway in Fillmore.

Michael: On our way.

Gloria: Michael! Michael! You find your brother. You bring him home.

Jana: Oh!

Gloria: Jana... Michael always brings Kevin back.

Jana: Oh, God. Oh, God. I need more aspirin.

Jeff: You really think Kevin is the silver chipmunk everybody's been talking about?

Gloria: Heís... he's gone.

Jeff: What does that mean?

Gloria: He's gone... someplace... very dark.

Amber: You saw?

Man: Oh, yeah. I saw it all.

Amber: Be cool, Kevin.

Amber: What, are you like some kind of peeping tom? Some perv or something?

Man: No!

Amber: My man and I-- we're consenting adults. We can do whatever we want.

Man: What are you doing?

Kevin: I wanna go home.

Amber: My man's ready to go home.

Man: Hey!

Nikki: You know, it's a miracle that someone with as little compassion as you is the father of Nicholas and Victoria.

Victor: What the hell are you babbling about?

Nikki: I'm simply saying maybe they are so kind spirited because you're so judgmental and vindictive.

Victor: Don't you change the subject, all right? You were taken in by a con artist. It cost everyone around you dearly. And you were not a victim.

Nikki: You're no sterling judge of character yourself, you know?

Victor: What the hell does that mean?

Nikki: Adam.

Victor: What about Adam?

Nikki: You shoved your other children aside. You almost lost them. And then, the guy tries to frame you for murder? I'd say you got taken in pretty well yourself.

Victor: You keep Adam out of it, all right?

Nikki: And then, you sent him to prison.

Victor: Well, he's no longer in prison. He's staying at the ranch with me now.

Nikki: Oh, my God. What a sucker.

Victor: For your information, he is there because he inherited his mother's proclivity to blindness. He's going blind.

Nikki: Oh, my God. I'm sorry. How did that happen?

Victor: Before you get so uppity, just remember... that your association with that con artist David Chow has cost you and us dearly. You have a good day.

Jeff: Its times like these, you don't wanna be single, Gloria.

Gloria: My son could be bleeding to death in a jail cell. You think I care about company at dinner time?

Jeff: How about somebody who cares? Somebody who will wait with you?

Gloria: And when have you ever been that man?

Jeff: When have you ever asked me to be? I'm here, no matter what.

Gloria: That's very sweet and very sad. 'Cause I can't trust you as far as I can throw you.

Jana: Gloria, he's free!

Gloria: What?

Jana: Yeah, it--it says that there are no reports of him being taken into custody or being at the hospital. He could be okay!

Gloria: Yes, Jana! He could be!

Jana: Yeah.

Gloria: You keep looking.

Jana: I will.

Jeff: Come on, Kevin's tough.

Gloria: He's a fragile little boy, and something's happened. And it's tearing him up inside. He could break.

Jeff: Then you--we... we just have to put him back together.

Gloria: Not me. Certainly not you. If anyone can help Kevin, it's Michael.

Daniel: Michael, there's blood all over the sidewalk.

Michael: Hey, uh, Officer? Um, is this related to the chipmunk thing? We saw some more police tape down the street.

Man: Yep.

Michael: Is that his blood?

Man: What's it to you?

Michael: Well, the reports said that no civilians or cops were hurt, so I saw blood, I just figured.

Man: Are you a reporter?

Michael: Me? No, no, Officer...

Sloan: Detective Sloan.

Michael: You know, uh, I heard about the robbery on the radio, and I was in the area. Uh, so, you know, it's not every day you get to be a part of history.

Sloan: Sir, I'm gonna need you to step away from the area.

Michael: Uh... you couldn't tell me if you got the guy, did you?

Sloan: No, I'm afraid he's still on the loose.

Michael: Ah. Doesn't look like he could've gotten very far.

Sloan: Not on his own, anyway.

Daniel: Nice. We gotta try and get a hold of Amber.

Michael: Dial her again.

(Cell phone ringing faintly)

[Detective Sloan picks up Amberís phone on the ground]

Sloan: Hey, guys, over here! Tell forensics there's more blood. Looks like, uh, chipmunk has a lady friend.

Michael: (Sighs)

Daniel: Well, I guess Amber found Kevin.

Amber: Are you sure this is safe, Kev?

Kevin: Its home.

Amber: Okay, sit down. I'm gonna look at that wound. Oh! Okay.

Kevin: Ow!

Amber: Let me get this. Ew! Wow! Yeah, um... we gotta-- we gotta clean this up for now. Then we need to get you some serious medical help, okay? Oh, my God! I'm so glad I got here when I did. You know how I knew it was you, huh? I knew it was you because of that scarf-- the scarf that I made you, you know? And I knew--

Kevin: Aah! Aah!

Amber: Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, my God! Listen... I knew it was you, and I knew it wasn't you. Okay, like, this is something that you would--you would never, ever, ever do in your entire life. You know? And... we can explain it to people. You know, Kevin, they're gonna-- they're gonna understand.

Kevin: I want my coat.

Amber: That this is...

Kevin: Get my coat.

Amber: Okay. Okay, here. Here's your coat. They'll understand that this was all... just really bad.

Kevin: Ow!

Amber: I'm trying. I'm trying to help. Whoa. I guess it's a good thing we got away when we did, huh? I didn't know you had, um... well, its okay. You know, it's--its okay, because don't worry about it. We'll just give the money back, and then--

Kevin: No.

Amber: Just like with Mrs. C. It's gonna be okay.

Kevin: No, no, no, he's not gonna like that.

Amber: Kevin, you don't have to listen to what Clint says anymore, okay? It's over!

Kevin: No! No! This is for him, okay? It's what he wants! I'm not giving it back! And you can't make me.

Daniel: What if Kevin took Amber hostage?

Michael: He wouldnít.

Daniel: You don't know that.

Michael: Amber wanted to help Kevin. That's probably what she's doing.

Daniel: Look, what if Kevin didn't want her help? I mean, he shot at people.

Michael: He wouldn't shoot at Amber.

Daniel: You don't know that. You don't know that for a fact, all right? We're not talking about the same kid who runs the coffeehouse and plays with computers back home. Okay, we don't know what he'd do right now. We need to find them.

Michael: Agreed. But we need all the information we can get. And sticking here, trailing the police is our best bet for now.

Amber: What are you doing?

Kevin: I'm making Dad happy. This is gonna make him real happy.

Amber: Kevin, your dad is dead.

Kevin: No, no, no, no, he came back. He's never dead. He can always, always find me. He came back and he's gonna come back again.

Amber: You know, um... I think maybe Clint gave you some drugs, you know, maybe some medicine, and it's just--it's making you a little confused.

Kevin: Dad's happy. No, he's not. He's happy.

Amber: Kevin, I know for a fact that your father is dead.

Kevin: Now he's not. Dad's happy. No, he's not.

Amber: Kevin?

Kevin: He's happy.

Amber: We gotta get outta here, okay? We need to get you some serious help!

Kevin: He's happy.

Amber: Some seri--Kevin!

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why did you do that?

Amber: Listen to me!

Kevin: Ugh! I lost count, and now Dad is not gonna like that!

Amber: Okay, okay, fine, then--then let's--let's leave before Dad comes back, okay? Let's just go.

Kevin: No! No! No! I can't! I can't! Haven't you been listening to me? I can never leave! He's here!

Amber: Clint? Clint? Dad's here? Well, where--where is he, Kevin? Huh?

Kevin: Stop. Stop.

Amber: Where is he? Is he invisible?

Kevin: Stop talking!

Amber: Is he gone?

Kevin: Stop talking!

Amber: I will, okay? I will, as long as we can leave right now. Let's just go!

Kevin: No! No! No!

Amber: Come on!

Kevin: No, it is too late. It's too late.

[Kevin holds up his gun at Amber]

Murphy: So, Katherine...

Kay: I'm not even sure you can call me that anymore.

Murphy: Oh, stop that. I know who you are.

Kay: You're the only one who does.

Murphy: Oh?

Kay: No, that second D.N.A. test was my last chance.

Murphy: What about those kids? Look, Katherine, what do you think happens now?

Kay: Oh, Murphy, I have no idea.

Murphy: Well, I'll tell you one thing that's not gonna happen.

Kay: What?

Murphy: I am not gonna go away from you again. I mean, I thought I was doing you a favor going away. And I-I figured that going back to your old life would be easier with me not around.

Kay: You will never be any problem in any life of mine.

Murphy: Yeah, well, it seemed that, but... I know better now. No more Mr. Nice guy.

Kay: Bravo!

Murphy: You make me so happy. I am sticking around.

Kay: Well, I'm glad! Good, I'm glad!

Murphy: What's that look?

Kay: I'm just grateful that I make you happy. I've just... seen too much disappointment on the faces of everybody I care about.

Paul: I decided to poke around.

Nikki: Where?

Paul: The diner. No sign of her. None of the people there had seen her since the hospital. So, I decided to check out Murphy's place.

Nikki: Katherine doesn't remember Murphy. At least, that's what she says.

Paul: Yeah, I know.

Nikki: What? What is it?

Paul: Okay. She was there. I saw her through the window with Murphy. The two of them seemed pretty cozy.

Nikki: Okay. So that's it. That's it, then. She is Marge. She's Marge.

Paul: Yeah. I'm afraid it looks that way, yeah.

Nikki: Okay, well... it's best to know for sure. I just wish my heart would catch up with my mind, you know, and just face the fact that Katherine is gone.

Adam: Hello? Victor? Look, I'm sorry, I was just trying to figure out the, uh, you know, the--whoa!

Victor: Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow. Okay, steady.

Adam: Damn it! I'm so weak. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Just, uh... I'm sorry to be such a huge inconvenience.

Nikki: Let's plan on having a cozy evening, so we can focus on--

Man: Mrs. Newman, there's a message for you.

Nikki: Oh, who's it from?

Man: Marge Catrooke. She left it in her room yesterday. I'm sorry for the delay in delivering it.

Nikki: Well, thank you.

Paul: Do you want me to look first?

Nikki: No, no, no.

Nikki: Oh, my God. "Nikki, Dear, this belongs with you."

[Nikki holds up Katherineís ring]

Murphy: Uh, did you set the timer on the TV dinners?

Kay: Yes, I set the timer.

Murphy: Because, you know, you burned a few of them.

Kay: I highly doubt that.

Murphy: You are not much of a cook.

Kay: But I am very methodical. You think you can lay claim to anything since I don't remember.

Murphy: Looks like. No, honestly, I... I hope it all comes back to you.

Kay: I don't remember a lot of the moments, but... I remember this place, you. I just recognize the feeling. You know what?

Murphy: Mm?

Kay: Oh, Murphy, it is wonderful, just wonderful.

Daniel: Michael, this is a waste of our time.

Michael: It's better than driving in circles.

Daniel: Well, not for me, so why don't you stay here, and I'm gonna go--

Sloan: That's right, Lieutenant. Yeah, we got a positive I.D. uh, Amber, like the color, Moore. M-o-o-r-e. Yeah, she was seen leaving the location with the suspect.

Daniel: Hey, she could be a hostage, right? I mean, it's possible.

Sloan: A witness said she was all over the guy. She gave him a big kiss. Definitely not a hostage. Uh, no, I already put out an A.P.B. on both of 'em.

Jana: Kevin Fisher and Amber Moore, wanted for armed robbery. Oh! Oh, God!

Gloria: I should've known Kevin was still vulnerable.

Jeff: Well, the kid seemed fine. He handled life.

Gloria: Yeah, he seemed to. It sure was easier thinking that way. A little therapy, no more worries, no more guilt. With everything he's been through, it was pure fantasy on my part.

Jeff: So... we'll get him help.

Jana: Oh! Ow! Oh, God!

Jeff: Jana, what--

Gloria: What? Jana! Jana!

Amber: Kevin? Look, I'm--I'm sorry about the money, okay? I'll help you pick it up. I will. Just, uh... you gotta put the gun away.

Amber: Is Dad listening?

Kevin: All the time. You have to do what he says.

Amber: Got it. Okay. Don't worry. We'll get Dad off your back.

Kevin: Don't say that. Don't--don't say that. I love my dad. You--you can't hurt him.

Amber: No, I wouldn't--

Kevin: You know, that's why you came here, right? You just wanna ruin everything. You wanna make Dad mad!

Amber: No, I didn't mean to upset him!

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Amber: What is happening?

Kevin: Okay, you know what? You want something to cry about? I'll give you something to cry about!

Amber: Kevin!

Kevin: You need a time out.

Amber: Kevin!

Kevin: You get a time out. You get a time out. Go!

Amber: Kevin! Kevin!

(Pounding on door)

Amber: No! Kevin!

Kevin: You were a bad girl.

Amber: Kevin!

[Amber turns around and sees Clint laying on the floor]

Amber: Aah! Aah! Kevin! Kevin! Aah! Oh, God!

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