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Kay: Mm.

Nikki: And Olivia watched over every aspect of the test. She says it's impossible for it to be tainted with.

Kay: What, like the last time?

Nikki: Yeah, well, Jill is just going to have to accept the truth. You're going home soon.

Kay: Oh, God, home. Home.

Nikki: I've been thinking about your beautiful ring. I-I know you said you wanted me to have it.

Kay: Darling, I left it to you.

Nikki: No, Katherine, it--it really-- I don't feel comfortable wearing it. It needs to be on your finger.

Kay: I want you to have it. I do. Please.

Nikki: Please, I-I hope that there are many years before this comes back to me.

Kay: I'm so blessed to have such a dear and thoughtful friend.

Gloria: Katherine! How nice to see you looking so well. Nikki. Didn't think you were a believer.

Nikki: Hello, Gloria. Katherine and I have been talking, and she remembers things that only she could know.

Gloria: Didn't I tell you? And don't you forget, I was the first to believe. Before anyone.

Kay: When was that?

Gloria: When we were in jail together. You remember.

Kay: I do know that you were married to John, but I... I don't remember that we were ever friends.

Amber: Car's all gassed up. Got money out of the bank. Let's go find Kevin.

Daniel: We're not going anywhere without Michael.

Amber: Where is he?

Jana: He's at a hearing.

Amber: He could be there all day. I can't wait.

Daniel: 5-0.

Wallace: Nice try, guys.

Jana: Detective Wallace, do you have any news about Kevin?

Wallace: His fingerprints turned up at an armed robbery in Minnesota. Now you guys knew that, didn't you? So besides the fact that Kevin's the silver chipmunk, what else are you hiding?

(Cell phone ringing)

Billy: Uh, I have to take this. This is the office. Do you mind? Oh, there he is. Hey, Jack.

Jack: Good morning.

Billy: Glad you could make it.

Jack: Yeah, I was on my way into the office when you called. What's up?

Billy: Mary Jane Benson, I would like you to meet my notorious brother, Jack Abbott.

Jack: How do you do?

Mary Jane: Nice to meet you, finally. I know so much about you.

Billy: Ms. Benson is the new head of P.R. for Jabot.

Jack: I didn't get that memo.

Billy: I didn't issue one. Look, I have gotta field this text. So, uh, you're in good hands with Jack, I promise. Have fun.

Chloe: Mom, I'm moving out.

Jill: Moving out? You just moved back in.

Chloe: Why would I let Delia anywhere near Cane when he's filing for a custody suit?

Esther: Where will you live?

Jill: Oh, please don't tell me. You're moving back into the Abbotts'?

Chloe: This isn't a tug-of-war between you and Jack over Delia. I'm doing what's best for her, Jill.

Jill: And you think that that is moving in with Billy? Are you serious?

Chloe: We talked about it last night. And we're-- we're working it out.

Billy: Hi.

Sharon: No, Billy. Stay away from me, okay? Stay away from me.

Billy: Oh, come on, you've said that before. You don't really mean it.

Victor: Adam will never make it in prison with his failing eyesight. I hope the judge agrees.

Ashley: I wish I could stay, but please call me after the hearing, would you?

Victor: Oh, Sweetheart, you have to go?

Ashley: I do. Love you.

Victor: I love you, too.

Ashley: Call me.

Victor: I will.

Michael: Lock her in the ladies' lounge and handcuff her to the chair. Do not let her go, Daniel. I'll be there as soon as I can. All right, bye.

Victor: Who the hell are you talking to?

Michael: You don't wanna know. Must be nice to have a judge clear her schedule.

Victor: I hope you're prepared for this case.

Michael: As long as you don't throw me any curve balls.

Victor: You've got to convince the judge that Adam will never make it in prison considering his eyesight, you got that?

Heather: I got an emergency call to meet the judge this morning about Adam.

Victor: I called the judge and the D.A.'s office to make a deal.

Heather: Well, you should've called me first.

Victor: It would've been a total waste of time.

Chloe: Hey, Mom? You're not too upset that I'm leaving, are you?

Esther: Of course not, Sweetheart. You have to follow your heart.

Jill: Ah, good advice, Esther. Look where it's gotten you. Could I say good-bye to my granddaughter, please?

Esther: There you go.

Jill: Hello, Sweetheart. Hello, my precious. Don't you listen to one single word your mother says about me, okay?

Chloe: Jill, I'm not booting you out of her life.

Jill: Look, Chloe, I know you think you're doing the right thing, okay? But please be careful of Billy. He's a consummate charmer.

Chloe: He really loves Delia.

Jill: I know he does. And I know his intentions are good. But is that enough? I mean, what are you gonna say to your daughter when her father just disappears? And he will. There is nothing worse than watching your child's heart break.

Chloe: He might end up surprising you.

Jill: Maybe. But he hasn't yet. Honey, you are good-bye, my little darling. Oh.

Chloe: Come here. Hello.

Chloe: Shh.

Esther: Jill's such a pessimist. Don't listen to her.

Chloe: No, no, she's right. I had a brain freeze, again.

Esther: I get that sometimes from ice cream.

Chloe: Billy played me again last night.

Esther: Honey, I don't understand.

Chloe: No, no, you wouldn't, 'cause you're just way too innocent.

Esther: Does that mean that you're still moving out?

Chloe: Yes. Yes, I am. Because my hormones have finally evened out. And I am not chasing any more unavailable men. Mom, I am back. And I am going to bring my a-game. Billy doesn't know it yet, but he has finally met his match.

Sharon: Billy.

Billy: Mm-hmm?

Sharon: Don't-- don't make this difficult. Please, donít.

Billy: Oh, come on.

Billy: You look stressed.

Sharon: More than you can imagine.

Billy: Well, I know a great stress reliever.

Sharon: No. Stop it! Okay, Phyllis knows about us. She's got a big mouth.

Billy: Who cares? I don't care.

Sharon: I should've never, ever, ever started this from the get-go. What am I gonna tell my son if he finds out? How am I even gonna look at him? Imagine if Deliaís grown up and she's a teenager, and she finds out you're sleeping around town. What are you gonna tell her?

Jack: I'm sorry, Ms. Benson. My brother gave you the wrong impression.

Mary Jane: Mary Jane. And I assure you, he didn't give the wrong impression.

Jack: Jabot is a family business. We make all our major decisions together.

Mary Jane: I wouldn't accept the job unless I was certain you were on board.

Jack: And why is that?

Mary Jane: I do my homework. As far as I can tell, you are Jabot.

Jack: I also have two sisters. They're part of the company. It's a family company.

Mary Jane: You're still the driving force. My plan isn't just to raise Jabot's profile. I intend to focus on you. Raise your public persona.

Jack: I'm flattered.

Mary Jane: Don't be. Your public image is tarnished. People think of you as someone without scruples. If they can't trust the man, why would they trust the product?

Jack: I was vindicated in the face cream scandal.

Mary Jane: That is only part of your problem. You were opening a casino while you served in the state senate. No conflict of interest there. You resigned your seat in disgrace. You cheated your stepmother out of her inheritance. Scandal sticks to you. Bottom line, your image is holding the company back.

Michael: Your honor, this is the medical affidavit attesting to Mr. Wilson's sight impairment.

Judge: Are you able to see at all, Mr. Wilson?

Adam: Uh, a little bit. Shapes.

Michael: His mother suffered from retinitis pigmentosa, an hereditary degenerative eye disease. And this will show that Mr. Wilson has inherited the genetic marker indicative of that disease. Uh, the result of which is blindness.

Heather: Regardless of Adam Wilsonís physical limitations, he is no less guilty of the crime that he confessed to.

Victor: May I speak, your honor?

Judge: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Mr. Newman was the primarily wounded party.

Heather: However, there were other victims involved. They might oppose commuting Mr. Wilson's sentence.

Victor: Your honor, I'm willing to pay any outstanding fines.

Judge: Did you make this offer at Mr. Wilson's sentencing?

Victor: I did not. I want you to know that, uh, I am aware that my son committed a crime. He was sentenced. And he deserves to pay for his crime. However, the circumstances have changed. His eyesight is failing. If he were to be put back in prison, it would be tantamount to a death sentence.

Judge: So you're asking me to mitigate his sentence?

Victor: No, your honor, I'm simply asking you to change his location of imprisonment.

Gloria: You don't remember our being behind bars together?

Kay: What were you doing in prison?

Gloria: I can't believe you don't remember.

Kay: I-I recall that you worked for me, but... no, we were never friends.

Gloria: Do you remember putting me in your will?

Kay: I did?

Nikki: You and Katherine were never friends, Gloria. She only gave you that stock in John's memory.

Kay: I left you stock?

Gloria: Yes. And that's not true, Nikki. Katherine and I became very close. In part, because she relied on my son. Do you know why Kevin went after you?

Nikki: So have you heard anything from him lately?

Gloria: No. He's still missing.

Kay: I know Amber is very worried about him. I, uh... I really pray you find him.

Gloria: He saved your life. We saved it. And it'd be nice if you could help him.

Kay: Gloria, I-I wish-- I wish I could, but I don't see how.

Nikki: It was really nice to see you, Gloria. Would you excuse us?

Gloria: I hope you get your memories back.

Kay: Thank you.

Nikki: Wow.

Kay: It's ironic, isn't it? I mean, Gloria wants to be my friend. And my own daughter doesn't even want to have anything to do with me. No, I... I know our battles, but... oh, God, I miss her.

Nikki: If only Jill would let her guard down enough to see clearly. You know... maybe I can do something about that.

Kay: Hmm?

Nikki: Jill, its Nikki. Could you meet me at the club? It's important.

Jana: Here you go, Detective.

Wallace: Thanks. Now you ready to answer some of my questions?

Jana: What, about the silver chipmunk something or other?

Wallace: Oh, please. Don't play naive, Mrs. Fisher.

Daniel: Look, we know as much or as little about Kevin as you do, Detective.

Amber: Yeah, so if you're looking for answers here, you're not gonna find 'em.

Wallace: Just in case you suddenly have a revelation, it is in his best interest to let me know. You call me anytime.

Jana: (Sighs)

Amber: Great. The cops know about the robbery.

Daniel: They know about one of the robberies.

Amber: Well, then we really can't wait for Michael, can we?

Daniel: Hey, what if we're being watched?

Amber: You think?

Daniel: Yeah, I mean, if I was Detective Wallace, I'd put a stakeout at the coffeehouse and tail us, wouldn't you?

Jana: Oh, no! Oh, no! No, no, no, not again.

Daniel: Not the silver chipmunk.

Jana: Oh, my God. He's robbed a bank in Fillmore, Minnesota. Oh, my poor Kevin. I need to know what is happening. What is this hold that Clint has over him?

Daniel: Hey, hey, Jana, look, I know you don't wanna believe that Kevin would do--

Jana: No. No. This is not Kevin acting on his own. He is in serious trouble and he needs some help. And he... he can't even go to the police, because they wanna hurt him. He's got nowhere to go, and no one to turn to. It's gonna be a matter of time until--

Amber: No, no, no. You know what? It's not gonna happen. He's gonna get through this and he's gonna come right home. Okay?

Jana: I hope so, Amber. God, I don't know what I would do if--

Amber: You know what? Let's go get some fresh air. Come on.

Jana: Oh, God.

Amber: Sit here. Just take a couple of deep breaths. I'm gonna get you a glass of tea, okay?

Jana: Okay.

Amber: All right. Um... Jana is in no place to take care of things around here. Could you help her out a little bit?

Daniel: Why don't you do it? You used to work here.

Amber: Well, yeah, but you kinda got this way about you of kinda making everything seem like it's gonna be okay. She could really use that right now.

Daniel: Okay. Then she'll have it.

Amber: Okay.

Clint: Where the hell you been? You took your sweet old time.

Kevin: Sorry.

Clint: Gimme the bag. Whoa! Hello! Jackpot!

Kevin: I did good?

Clint: Oh, yeah, yeah, you did great, son. You did great. Earned yourself a couple days out of that closet.

Clint: You know, the first thing I'm gonna do? I'm gonna buy us a slammin' ride. We need to celebrate. Grab that bottle for me, will you, son?

Clint: Oh, man!


Kevin: You okay, Dad?

Clint: Yeah, yeah. It's nothing. All this adrenaline. Thinking about how I'm gonna spend all this green--green. Ow.

Kevin: I think you need a doctor.

Clint: No. No doctor.

Kevin: But-- but you're having--

Clint: I said, no doctor, you little pissant. There's no way--no way I'm gonna lose all this money now.

[Clint collapses]

Kevin: Daddy! Dad, I don't know what to do! I don't know what to do! Tell me--tell me what to do! No! No! No! No! Uh... uh... doctor, you need a doctor! I'm calling a doctor! Wait, wait, but you said donít. Are you gonna put me back in the closet? 'Cause I don't wanna go back there! I'm not gonna! Dad? Dad? Dad! Dad! Uh... uh...

Jill: What are you doing here?

Kay: I was hoping to see you.

Jill: Haven't you done enough damage to me and my family?

Kay: Did you ever get your Christmas present?

Jill: What present?

Kay: The lingerie. It should've come by mail.

Jill: Where did you get that ring?

Kay: This? Oh, Nikki wanted me to have it.

Jill: So you've convinced Nikki. Now you have Nikki and Esther coaching you.

Nikki: I didn't have to coach her at all. I gave the ring back to its rightful owner.

Jill: I thought you had your head on straight.

Kay: Well, we'll, uh, see when we get the results back of the new D.N.A. test.

Jill: What new D.N.A. test?

Kay: We're having another one done.

Jill: The hell you are.

Nikki: It's already in the works, Jill.

Jill: How?

Nikki: Why my ring got caught in your hair yesterday, I used some of the strands.

Jill: You what? Nikki, Katherine's dead.

Nikki: She's right in front of you.

Kay: You'll see in a few minutes. I will have all the proof I need.

Esther: Chloe, Billy's here.

Chloe: Yeah, tell him I don't wanna see him.

Billy: What? Hey, come on, I'm here to take you home.

Chloe: I am home.

Esther: Uh, tea anyone? Okay. Well, I'd love a cup. Excuse me.

Billy: Look, Chloe, I don't have time for this. I have a very busy day.

Chloe: I know, I know. You're a very busy man, so get going. Go do your business.

Billy: Will you do me a favor, huh? Talk some sense into your mom.

Chloe: Now, Billy, you were the one that told me I have two grandmothers here to help me with the baby. So why would I leave?

Billy: What about last night?

Chloe: What about it?

Billy: It was hot and you know it.

Chloe: Am I supposed to just melt into a puddle?

Billy: Better living through chemistry.

Chloe: We never did lack chemistry, now did we?

Billy: No, we didnít. You know, you'll have a lot more fun in the pool house with me.

Chloe: Yeah, but won't I be crowding you? You know, there's only one bed and all.

Billy: I'll manage.

Chloe: Mm. Yeah, you know what? I got lots of space here.

Billy: What about Cane?

Chloe: What about Cane? I'll handle him.

Billy: Come on, as long as you live here, he's got access to Delia. Look, I'm begging you, for her sake, will you please move back to the pool house?

Jack: I gotta say, you have an interesting approach. Most P.R. people aren't quite so forthcoming.

Mary Jane: I'm not saying anything you don't already know.

Jack: Thank you very much, Ms. Benson. We won't be needing your services.

Mary Jane: I wasn't insulting you. I take what I do seriously. My job is to reforge your image.

Jack: The public doesn't easily forget.

Mary Jane: But they do forgive. Everybody loves a repentant sinner. And I'd like to turn Jack Abbott into an honest leader of a cutting edge cosmetics company. Let's face it, you're the brand. You shouldn't be hiding out. You should be front and center.

Jack: Funny, I've always thought that myself. Will you excuse me, please?

Mary Jane: Call me. We'll get started.

Jack: Hey there.

Sharon: Hi. Uh, I'm checking out of the hotel.

Jack: Does that mean what I think it means?

Sharon: I'm moving back to the house. I mean, if that's okay?

Jack: It's more than okay.

Gloria: Any word from Kevin?

Amber: Not a thing.

Gloria: What about Michael? Why isn't he doing something to find him?

Daniel: Michael's at a hearing. He'll be here as soon as he's finished.

Gloria: That's not soon enough.

Daniel: Yeah, tell me about it. Especially with Kevin running around pulling all these robberies with a silver chipmunk head on.

Gloria: I don't find that funny, Daniel.

Amber: Michael didn't tell you?

Gloria: Tell me what? What does the silver chipmunk fool have to do with Kevin?

Jana: He is the silver chipmunk.

Gloria: Oh, don't be ridiculous, Jana.

Daniel: No, no, see, Detective Wallace was here earlier, and Kevin's fingerprints were found all over the crime scene.

Jana: Do not blame Kevin. Clint Radisson is the one behind this.

Daniel: There's no proof of that. And Kevin is the one with the gun.

Jana: Kevin would never, ever shoot an innocent person for money. Okay, not my husband!

Gloria: Shh. Shh.

Amber: Okay, you know what? I think I'm going nuts staying here. Um, I'm gonna go to the club and check on Mrs. Chancellor. She's there all by herself.

Daniel: Okay. Just don't do anything stupid, all right?

Amber: You know me.

Kevin: Dad, please? Please, get up! Please get up! I don't know what to do! Mom! Mom?! I don't know what to do! What should I do?

Kevin: I didn't mean it. I didn't mean to be bad. I did good. I got you the money like you wanted it. And you said I didn't have to come back in the closet.

Kevin: Wake up. Wake up!

Kevin: You are a bad, bad father. And now you have to stay in the closet. And if you're good, maybe I'll let you out.

Judge: Adam Wilson, I'm signing an order to release you into the custody of your father, Victor Newman. You will serve the remaining time of your sentence under home detention. You will wear an ankle monitor and be confined to the house and grounds. You will be permitted prearranged breaks, but only for medical appointments.

Heather: Your honor, I would like to have a state appointed physician examine and substantiate Mr. Wilson's diagnosis.

Judge: So ordered. If you violate the terms of your detention, you'll return to prison and serve the remainder of your 18-month sentence.

Adam: Understood. Thank you, your honor.

Victor: I will rest easier, your honor. Thank you.

Judge: Good luck, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Thank you.

Judge: I don't envy you being your son's jailer.

Michael: Well... one step off the property and he's back in jail. I hope Adam takes this seriously.

Heather: I'm glad you're out of prison.

Adam: Is that right? Why'd you send me there?

Heather: As an officer of the court, I had no choice. But personally, I really wish things had worked out differently.

Adam: Victor?

Victor: I'm right here, son. The authorities will take you to the ranch, all right?

Adam: Thank you for your help.

Victor: Son, you can show your gratitude by acting like Victor Newmanís son.

Nikki: Yes, I'll hold.

Amber: I thought you'd be alone. What are Jill and Nikki doing here?

Kay: Nikki knows I'm Katherine.

Amber: Are you kidding me? Oh, my gosh! Well, when did this happen? Why didn't you call me?

Kay: Well, I was busy. I-I took another D.N.A. test.

Amber: So it's all gonna be cleared up. Soon you're gonna be you again.

Nikki: Right. Okay, Olivia. I-I will tell her. Um... according to the D.N.A. test, there's no way you could be Katherine Chancellor.

Amber: No!

Kay: Something's wrong. No, something's wrong.

Jill: Now will you drop it?

Nikki: I don't understand this. Olivia swears that it wasn't tampered with. That you guys are not a match.

Jill: Would you please leave our family alone, once and for all?!

Nikki: Don't you worry about this. We're gonna get this figured out.

Kay: Excuse me. I think I wanna go upstairs.

Amber: Okay, I don't know why that D.N.A. test isn't right, but that is Mrs. Chancellor, okay? I know it, and Nikki does, too. Mrs. C.! Mrs. C.! Mrs. C.! Mrs. C., I am so sorry.

Kay: I just don't understand, Amber.

Amber: I know. I-I'm gonna--I'm gonna help you figure this all out, okay? As soon as I get back.

Kay: Where are you going?

Amber: I-I have to go help Kevin. He's in terrible trouble. I just--I hate leaving you, though.

Kay: No, no, no, darling, you--you go. I'm gonna be fine.

Amber: Okay. Hold--hold on. Here.

Kay: What--what's this?

Amber: It's some money to tide you over.

Kay: Oh, you precious, precious girl. Ah. Now go. I know you're gonna find Kevin. Go.

Amber: Okay.

Sharon: I'm not sure that this is right, Jack.

Jack: Hey, hey, we talked about this last night.

Sharon: I just don't want you to think that this is something or it means something that it--

Jack: I donít. I donít. It is what it is. Let's not for one second pretend it's anything more.

Sharon: It's good to be home.

Ashley: Be careful. Right there. There you go. There's another one. Okay.

Adam: Is Victor home?

Ashley: Um, no, he had to go to the office. And then you're gonna go right around here.

Man: I'll need to attach the monitor now.

Ashley: Oh, I'm so sorry. Uh, okay, why don't you have a seat?

Man: This will answer your questions and explain the limitations of your home detention.

Ashley: I'll take it.

Ashley: Is there anything else, Officer?

Man: No, Ma'am. I'll see myself out.

Ashley: Okay. Thank you so much. Oh, I see. Um, so they install a receiver to the telephone line, and you can't be more than 200 feet from it.

Adam: Can I go outside?

Ashley: Uh, not too far. If you remove the monitor, tamper with it, or leave the perimeter without court permission, the police will be instantly notified. And you'll be in violation and returned to prison.

Adam: Welcome home.

Ashley: So I had Estella fix you up a nice room.

Adam: Listen, I wanna thank you. I know that I wouldn't even be here if you hadn't convinced Victor to help.

Ashley: You know your father. He doesn't do anything he doesn't wanna do.

Adam: Well, still, I haven't seen anyone handle Victor quite like that, so thank you.

Ashley: Yeah, okay, well, sure. We've known each other a long time. I guess we have kind of a special connection.

Adam: Oh, Abby, of course, of course.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, definitely Abby. And, um, something else you probably don't know. We're having a baby.

Jill: I wish with all my heart that my mother was still alive. But she isnít. She's gone. And nothing's gonna bring her back. Please, please, let her rest in peace.

Nikki: The woman you call Marge is Katherine, and I'm gonna prove it to you. Excuse me, Sir?

Jill: Oh, God.

Nikki: Um, I need the room number of a woman who was registered here by the name of Marge Catrooke. She looks like Katherine Chancellor.

Man: She just checked out.

Nikki: She did? Did she say where she was going?

Man: Paid in cash and left.

Jill: What did I just tell you? (Cell phone ringing) Yes, this is Jill.

Adam: So, uh... wow, a baby? Congratulations.

Ashley: Thank you.

Adam: I'm gonna have another half-brother or sister. That's weird to think about. But wouldn't it be nice if, uh, if I had a good relationship with at least one sibling?

Ashley: (Laughs) Yeah, I'd like that.

Adam: I-I don't wanna be underfoot. I know you probably have a lot already on your plate, so if there's anything I can do, just let me know.

Ashley: I appreciate that.

Ashley: Well, um, I gotta take off. But Estellaís here. If you need anything else, just holler, okay?

Adam: You're very kind. Thank you.

Ashley: You know, your dad is doing whatever he can to get you the best doctors possible. It would be great if you could try to get along with him. I would love it if, uh, if our baby could be born into a peaceful household.

Adam: I'll do everything I can.

Ashley: Thank you. I'll talk to you later.

Victor: So how did it go?

Mary Jane: I followed your instructions. Everything went according to plan.

Victor: You know, Jack Abbott only wants what he can't have.

Mary Jane: It was fun to watch him squirm. He was quite irritated.

Victor: Was he intrigued?

Mary Jane: Very. It was thrilling to watch him take the bait.

Victor: You follow my directions, and you'll have many more thrills to come.

Sharon: What a relief to be out of that club. Everybody knows everybody else's business there.

Jack: I'll take your bag upstairs.

Sharon: Thank you.

Chloe: Oh, your daddy's just so silly.

Jack: Hey, look who's home!

Chloe: He convinced me.

Jack: Well, that's great. Sharon just moved back in.

Chloe: Oh!

Jack: We'll be like one big happy family.

Chloe: Great.

Gloria: Why didn't you tell me about Kevin?

Michael: It wasn't confirmed.

Gloria: It's my fault this happened, you know?

Michael: Let's not play the blame and shame game, shall we?

Gloria: The way tom treated him as a little boy, I allowed that to happen. And children imitate their parents, unless they're able to break the cycle.

Jana: But Kevin went to therapy. He got help. He's--he's nothing like that Terrible Tom.

Gloria: Yeah, well...

Michael: Gloria, why don't you take Jana home? So she can get some rest.

Jana: No, I can't-- I can't leave.

Daniel: I could cover for you.

Gloria: Yes, Jana. Michael's right. Come on. Come on, let's go.

Daniel: Amber went to find Kevin.

Michael: All right. Let's just hope she comes up empty. Amber on her own is usually disastrous.

(Cell phone ringing)

Amber: Daniel.

Amber: Uh, excuse me. Have they caught the bank robber yet?

(Television turns on)

Man: The silver chipmunk has struck again. Shortly after 9:00 A.M. This morning, the Merchant Bank of Fillmore was robbed.

Kevin: No way! That's me!

Man: The man was wearing the same mascot head from the University of St. Paul.

Kevin: Are you still proud of me, Dad? I did exactly what you wanted. I got you all this money. So what's next? What should I do now?

Nikki: I just don't believe it.

Jill: Marge couldn't pull it off, because D.N.A. test don't lie, Nikki. She took my mother's ring and she hightailed it out of here. Nice chunk of change you handed her. You're a sucker.

Kay: Well, maybe... maybe this is the way it was meant to be. You survived that car accident. You cheated death and fate. You just don't belong here anymore, Katherine.

You donít. Taxi! Taxi! Genoa City... good-bye.

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