Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/11/09

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/11/09 -- Canada; Thursday 3/12/09 -- U.S.A.


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Adam: What do you want?

Victor: I came to see how you're doing.

Adam: Uh... why would you do that? What the hell do you care? You put me here in the first place.

Victor: So I see you still don't accept that you are responsible for this?

Adam: Admit it. You came here to gloat.

Victor: You don't know nearly as much as you think you knew. Around here, that could be dangerous.

Clint: How you doing in there, Son? You learned your lesson? You ready to be good?

Kevin: Please let me out. Let me out. Please let me out. Let me out. Let me out.

Neil: Hi.

Karen: Hi.

Neil: Hi. Um... what would you think about a dinner, you know, someplace nice, uh, just the two of us, one on one. You know, get everything out on the table, out in the open. Talk, you know, past the tension.

Karen: Well, Honey, I wanna get past the tension, too, but I-I don't think that a restaurant is the answer.

Neil: Karen... this kiss--this damn kiss-- this happened some weeks ago, right? Ever since you found out about it, it's like the elephant in the room. I mean, I-I really think that we should talk about it.

Karen: No, no, I know. I know. I know. And I agree. This--this has gotta be dealt with. And you know, I've really been-- I've been thinking really hard about this, Neil. Just trying to figure out what's gonna make everything okay.

Neil: Good. Great. Great. What have you come up with?

Karen: Well, it's not that easy, I mean... you know, walking in on you and Tyra together in our living room was-- it was--it was tough. And...

Neil: Yeah.

Karen: And I can only imagine what I would've seen if I'd walked in a few minutes later.

Neil: I swear on my children, absolutely nothing else happened.

Karen: No, no, Honey, that's not-- that's not the point. And I just--I just want you to hear me out, okay?

Neil: Okay.

Karen: I hate where my thoughts go when you're at Indigo late at night with Tyra. Knowing how she feels about you and knowing that she has trouble respecting boundaries.

Neil: So what are you getting at?

Karen: Honey, I'm... I'm asking you, for the sake of our marriage, to let her go. You have to fire her.

Nikki: Oh, Jill? How is Esther doing?

Jill: Oh, Esther's fine. She's got a few cuts and bruises, and she's a little shaken up, but fine.

Nikki: Well, that's good. What a horrible ordeal.

Jill: You know, the worst part of it, as far as I'm concerned is Esther was absolutely convinced she was being held with Katherine. And it wasn't until this morning that the old hag finally admitted that she's actually Marge.

Nikki: She actually said that?

Jill: Yes, I heard her. Esther, of course, was crushed. See, it was all a hoax to get Katherine’s money.

Nikki: Oh, um, over here.

Man: Nikki Newman?

Nikki: Yes. Yes. Um, thank you for-- for coming here. I-I wasn't at home to accept delivery.

Man: Not at all. Uh, may I see some I.D., please?

Nikki: Of course. I-I do appreciate this. Thank you.

Man: Signature right here.

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: That's for you. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Nikki: Oh!

Jill: That's mother's ring. How did--

Nikki: I happen to see it in an auction catalogue. I asked Victor to intervene. Apparently, he did. Katherine loved this ring. Oh, I can just see it on her finger right now.

Amber: You're all set. Room 207.

Kay: Oh, Amber, Amber, Amber, how am I ever going to thank you, Darling?

Amber: I'm just glad you're back. Remembering more stuff about yourself.

Kay: From a while ago, at least. Having these past few months-- total blank, oh, God.

Amber: Well, it's from the concussion. But it'll come back. So will everything else.

Kay: I so desperately want my life back. And the first step is to prove that I am Katherine Chancellor.

Nikki: Katherine's jewelry. It's all I have left to remember her.

Jill: Well, I'm so glad the mystery's been solved. Particularly since you accused me of hiding it from you.

Nikki: Oh, Jill, I'm sorry. I-I had no idea it was in this package, or I-I certainly wouldn't have opened it in front of you.

Jill: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. I gotta be going. Have a nice rest of the day.

Amber: Have you heard anything more about Kevin? Well, Daniel, people don't just disappear. Mrs. C.'s all settled in. I'll be on my way in a little bit. Yeah, I mean it. Uh-huh. Okay, bye.

Kay: What's wrong?

Amber: Nothing. Daniel just thinks I'm obsessed with something, and I call it being focused.

Kay: Like what?

Amber: You.

Kay: What?

Amber: When you were missing. And now Kevin has gone missing, and I'm totally freaked out. I know he did not set off that bomb in the motel room. So why has he been gone since it--it blew up?

Kay: I wish I could tell you. I knew.

Amber: Anyway, Daniel's ticked at me because I went after Clint, even though we knew he was dangerous.

Kay: Amber, that was a terrible risk you took, coming to that motel.

Amber: Well, I'd do it all over again if it meant saving you.

Kay: I don't know what I did to deserve you and your kindness.

Amber: Stop it. Stop it. Because if you start crying, then I'm gonna start crying. And we're both gonna be a mess. And we got way too much stuff to do, like prove to the world that you're Katherine Chancellor.

Kay: I know. The most important thing for me is to make sure that Jill believes it. And Nikki. I know it's going to be a long road back, but, my God, it's gonna be worth it. Well, I'm famished. Need food in my stomach so I can think.

Amber: Cool, I'll get us a table.

Kay: No, no, no, I'm capable of taking care of that. You go--you go, uh, see your wonderful young man. Set things straight.

Clint: Gave you a scare there, huh? I bet you're hungry. It's been a while since you've had anything.

Kevin: I'm thirsty. I'm thirsty.

Clint: Plenty of water, soda pop. Whatever you want, Kevin, on one condition. I'll let you out but only if you do as daddy says. Are you gonna do as daddy says?

Kevin: Where's my mom? Where's my mom? I want my mom.

Clint: She's not here and she's not coming back. Now are you gonna behave and do what I tell you?

Kevin: Where's my mom? You get my mom! You get my mom! You bring her to me!

Clint: Get back in there.

Kevin: Ow! Get my mother!

Clint: You're bad! You hear me? Kevin's been a bad, bad boy! And another thing, you better not make a mess in here, you hear me? Because if you do, I'm gonna let you lie in it and you're never gonna get out. So don't even think about it.

Victor: I promised your mother I would watch out for you.

Adam: (Scoffs) Uh, great job, Victor.

Victor: Shh. Keep it down. Okay?

Adam: Yeah, great job. Um, mission accomplished. Listen, why don't you do us both a favor and abandon me again, except this time, you don't have to give a damn and I won't end up with a big bull's-eye on me afterwards.

Victor: Why would that happen?

Adam: Look, I'm trying to keep my head down, okay? Not draw a lot of attention to myself. And then you show up, and you remind all the tough guys in here whose kid I am.

Victor: Heather tells me that you're having trouble with your eyesight.

Adam: She's wrong. I'm fine.

Victor: Why would she make up something like that?

Adam: Look, do you think if I was having trouble seeing, I could hide it? Now I'm trying to forget about both of you, but how can I if you won't leave me alone?

Victor: What do you want from me?

Adam: Nothing. Nothing.

Victor: All right, well, I'm, uh... very glad that Heather was wrong about you.

Nikki: Oh, Connie told me you'd be in here.

Victor: What can I do for you?

Nikki: Well, I just wanted you to know that I received the package that you arranged to have sent to me.

Victor: Oh, yeah. It's a remarkable piece, wasn't it? Katherine wore it often.

Nikki: Well, it means a lot for me to have it back.

Victor: She wanted you to have that piece. Those were her final wishes. So out of respect for her, I made a few phone calls.

Nikki: Well, whoever you talked to, you must've been quite persuasive.

Victor: The lady was a friend of mine.

Nikki: I know it would've meant a lot to Katherine.

Victor: Anything else?

Nikki: Well... ahem. I hear that Ashley's pregnant, so congratulations. I'm sure you're both very excited.

Victor: Listen, if you don't mind, I have a lot of work to do, so...

Nikki: No. I don't mind.

Victor: All right. Bye-bye.

Nikki: Bye.

Karen: This probably is not the place to be discussing this.

Neil: Okay, all right, great. So what do you wanna do? You wanna go to my office? What do you wanna do?

Karen: No, what I want is for you to give Tyra her notice, but instead, you keep coming up with these ridiculous excuses.

Neil: This really isn't about our marriage at all. Or maybe this is because we're getting close to finalizing Ana’s adoption. Is that right?

Karen: Excuse me?! What?!

Neil: You're reluctant to let Tyra play too big a role in Ana’s life.

Karen: Don't you even turn this around, Neil Winters! This has nothing to do with Ana. This is about trust!

Neil: It's about trust?!

Karen: Yes!

Neil: No, you know what this is about? You're trying to take a woman's job away. Yeah, that's what you're doing. She actually does a very good job there.

Karen: Oh, wow!

Neil: And why, Karen, why?

Karen: Why?!

Neil: Because you're trying to punish her.

Karen: No.

Neil: Because of my indiscretion!

Karen: Why are you so busy protecting her? That is the question! Now you answer me this question, Neil Winters, what is more important, her job or our marriage?

Neil: Are you really-- are you seriously asking me that question?

Karen: Yes! Yes, I am! Yes!

Neil: Our marriage! Listen to me, Karen, Tyra raised a child that you and I are about to adopt. The two are--they're totally different issues.

Karen: You made them the same issue the minute you kissed her.

(Knock on door)

Victor: Excuse me for interrupting. Uh, Neil, would you have a moment?

Neil: Of course, Victor.

Victor: Great. Excuse me.

Tyra: Hey, Karen, how you doing? Um, I have a couple checks that I need Neil to sign for the club. Do you know where I can find him?

[Kevin hallucinating/remembering]

Gloria's voice: Kevin? Angel! Tom, have you seen Kevin? I can't find him anyplace.

Clint's voice: Where do you think he is?

Gloria's voice: Oh, no. No, no, no!

Clint's voice: Stay away from that closet, Gloria!

Gloria's voice: Oh, come on, Tom! You know how much that scares him.

Clint's voice: Sure, I do. That's why I put him in there. Only way to get through to the little pissant. He's a rotten kid, Gloria. He doesn't do what I tell him.

Gloria's voice: He's 7 years old. He's a little boy. You can't expect him to be perfect all the time.

Clint's voice: Are you gonna get in my face now, too?

Kevin: No! Stop! You leave her alone! She didn't do anything! I'm the bad one.

Clint: Hey! Shut up in there!

Kevin: Don't hurt my mom. Please don't hurt her.

Clint: Freakin' kid's nuts.

Gloria's voice: Tom, he's our son! I can't stand it when you treat him this way!

Kevin: Mom, get me outta here.

Clint: The boy needs to learn some respect and do what he's told.

Gloria: What has he done that is so disrespectful?

Clint: I'm the boss here, Gloria. If you don't like it, there's the door.

Gloria: Tom, please!

Clint: And while you're at it, get me some smokes, will ya?

Gloria: All right, fine, I'll go! But I'm taking my little boy with me!

Clint: No, you're not!

Gloria: Aah!

Clint: You got work to do.

Gloria: Work? I already worked.

Clint: Come on! Get out! Get out! I'm sick of your moaning! He's my kid, too. I'll do what I want with him!

Gloria: Oh, please!

(Pounding on door)

Kevin: Mom? Mom, don't leave me! Mom, stay with me!

Kevin: Mom? Mom? Why did you do that? Answer me! Why won't you answer me? Dad? Dad, are you there? Why won't you answer me?

Clint: I'm here, son. Daddy's right here. Now if you're a good boy, I'll let you out today. But only if you promise not to make more trouble. You think you can do that?

Victor: Have a seat, Neil.

Neil: Thank you, Sir.

Victor: So I assume you understand what I want in the revised contracts?

Neil: Absolutely understand. I'll make sure that's taken care of right away.

Victor: All right.

Neil: Listen, uh, Victor, about earlier. Um, I know--I understand I shouldn't be bringing my personal business into the workplace. And it usually doesn't happen. And I guarantee that it won't happen again.

Victor: Neil, I understand. Uh, by the way, I, too, am going to be very preoccupied in the next eight months.

Neil: Eight months? What do you mean?

Victor: Ashley is pregnant.

Neil: Ashley is-- that is fantastic. Congratulations, Victor.

Victor: Thank you.

Neil: That's nice.

Victor: But between the two of us, um... it's gonna be a complicated pregnancy. So I'll be relying on your help more than usual, all right?

Neil: Yeah, Victor, how long have we known each other? I--my--my answer is always yes, you know, to any request that you have. Um, but the truth is, Karen and I-- we're in the final stages of adopting Ana, and I'm gonna be spending much more of my time devoted to my family outside of here. I mean, I always put in the time that you asked me to.

Tyra: Even though checks aren't really due until the 15th, I know, but I like to be on top of things. So I wasn't really sure if Neil was gonna come by the club tonight or not, so I decided I'd come by here, and maybe, you know, catch him.

Karen: Do you really think that's appropriate, Tyra? Showing up at our office here for something that could obviously wait?

Tyra: You know what? I'll--I'll just come back by later.

Karen: How dare you? After everything that we have done for you, given you a job, helped you with your legal problems, helped you with your housing problems, fought hard to give Ana a permanent home. And this is how you thank us? By trying to break up our marriage?

Tyra: Look, Karen, it's--it wasn't Neil's fault, okay? It was mine.

Karen: No. Believe me, Honey, I know exactly whose fault it is.

Tyra: Neil has been like a hero to Ana, okay? And to me. And I'm sorry, I guess I just repaid my gratitude the wrong way.

Karen: Oh, you guess?

Tyra: Look, I've been very vulnerable the last couple of months, okay? And--and I don't--I don't know, I just... there was a line, and I guess I just crossed it. Okay? And I am sorry, but believe me when I tell you, Karen, I do not-- do not want your husband.

Karen: You know what? You can spin this any way you want, but let me tell you something. I know what I saw. And now the only decent thing for you to do is to stay the hell away from my husband, do you understand me?!

Amber: So she had that doctor convinced she was Marge. It was the only way she wasn't gonna end up in the loony bin. God, I was so proud of her.

Daniel: Yeah, you know, I'm really happy for you, and I hope that the lady does turn out to be Mrs. C. But I'm a little more worried about Kevin right now.

Amber: So what are we doing just sitting here, huh? Why don't we go out there and--and try to, like, find him?

Daniel: Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, before we even get into that, I think me and you need to have a little talk.

Amber: I'm sorry I lied to you about following Clint. You were really upset, and, um, I didn't want you worrying, so I just..

Daniel: So you just did it anyway?

Amber: Mrs. C. was missing. And the police--they wouldn't give us the time of day. I know what it's like to be in trouble and have no one give a damn about if you live or die. And you know what? I had the chance to find her and I took it. I wasn't gonna turn my back.

Daniel: Okay. So I guess what you're telling me is that helping this woman who might be Mrs. Chancellor is more important than being straight with me?

Jill: You again.

Kay: Jill.

Jill: This is a private club, okay? They don't allow crooks like you in here.

Kay: I am not a crook. Uh, nor am I here to upset you. I need you to listen to me--

Jill: Oh, please, dream on.

Kay: I... I'm your mother, and you will listen to me.

Jill: Where do you get your nerve? Continuing this scam when I heard with my own ears you admit that you were Marge.

Kay: Where did you hear--?

Jill: I was standing outside your door and it was open.

Kay: Well, had you bothered to come in, I would've told you it was a ruse to convince a hospital psychiatrist that I was not crazy. She assumes I am dead. Now, it was either lie or be committed.

Jill: I wish to God she committed you. Then you wouldn't be here trying another scam. I should call the police and have you run out of town.

Kay: Oh, stop the histrionics, for heaven's sakes! I've done nothing wrong.

Jill: Nothing wrong?

Kay: Please, please, please, I'm talking.

Jill: Do you have any idea what your doing here does to us who loved Katherine? It hurts. It hurts very, very deeply, having that face in front of us when we're still grieving for her. It's cruel.

Kay: It bothers me to see you in so much pain over losing your mother. Especially since I am here. Right here.

Jill: Don't you do that! Don't you say that you're my mother! You're not my mother!

Kay: Jill, stop it.

Jill: Stay the hell away from me!

Victor: You’re adopting Ana? Well, then my congratulations are in order.

Neil: Thank you, Sir, appreciate that.

Victor: Uh, we'll worry about the extra work. And as long as we keep our families uppermost in our minds, all right?

Neil: You're always very understanding about it all.

Victor: Go back to your wife, finish your conversation.

Neil: Thanks.

Victor: Thank you, Neil.

Neil: Have a good day.

Victor: Yep.

Neil: All right.

[Victor writes a letter]

Victor: (Thinking) Dear Adam, it breaks my heart to think of you in that place. Feeling abandoned by everyone. Alone and unloved. There have been times in my life when I felt that way. Those experiences made me the man that I am-- strong and determined and self-reliant, and sometimes ruthless. This experience you're having will help you grow in positive ways if you let it. That may sound like tough love, but it is love just the same. You are my son, and you always will be. If you take away only one thought from this letter, let it be that.

Amber: I understand you feel betrayed.

Daniel: No, no, no, no, I was betrayed. You looked me in the eye and you told me you were gonna drop the whole Mrs. C. thing.

Amber: Well, Mrs. C.'s life was at stake.

Daniel: So was yours. You knew that that Clint guy was violent. You knew that he'd done time for kidnapping, and you still went after him. I mean, how stupid do you have to be?

Amber: I'm so sick of everyone calling me stupid all the time.

Daniel: Oh, okay. How about reckless? Does that work for you? What about dead? Would that work? Do you know what went through my head when I thought that you were in that explosion? I mean, all that had to happen was a flying brick or a piece of glass or something hit you and--

Amber: Okay, well, all I could do was think about Mrs. C., okay? Okay, you're right. I may be a little crazy. I should've listened to Gina. That guy Clint is a real monster.

Daniel: Yeah. You know, I think that he's gotta be the one setting Kevin up.

Amber: I guess if I were to ask you if we could try to find him, you would probably go ballistic on me, right?

Daniel: No. No, I wouldn’t. See, I'm all about helping Kevin. I just--just not on our own. Okay, not on our own.

Amber: Okay.

Kevin: Dad? Let me out. I promise I'll be good. Please.

Clint: You ready to come out for a while?

Kevin: Yes, please.

Clint: Come on. Come on, let me help you up. Kinda cramped in there, huh?

Kevin: It's cold. It's cold and it's dark. I don't like the dark.

Clint: I know. I know, son. And when you're bad and I have to put you in there, it makes me feel terrible. But if you do better, I can let you out a whole lot more. Huh? Maybe the two of us can have some fun. What do you say?

Kevin: That sounds good.

Clint: Let's start by playing a little game.

Kevin: With Mom's cards?

Clint: No, no, something a whole lot better. Now look, if you play your part just as I tell you, you can have dinner at the table tonight.

Victor: I'm back.

Adam: After months of silence, now I have the pleasure of twice-a-day visits?

Victor: I want you to have this. You may not understand it now, but in time, it'll make sense to you.

Adam: Is that it?

Victor: Good-bye, Adam.

Karen: No, I apologize, it should've been marked "For immediate release." No, no, no, thanks for calling and bringing that to my attention. Okay. Bye.

Neil: Karen.

Karen: What's up?

Neil: Well, I, uh... I've been thinking about our--our discussion.

Karen: Wait, before you go any further, Tyra dropped this off for you to sign.

Neil: Tyra was here?

Karen: Yeah. She walked in right after you left.

Neil: Yeah. All right, so... here it goes, uh... I've been accused of taking on too much. Looking out for everyone all at once. Um... and at the end of the day, my first priority is to you, Mrs. Winters. And if I ever made you doubt that for a second, I... I truly apologize.

Karen: Okay.

Neil: I've come to realize that you are absolutely right, and I am wrong. And for me to continue seeing Tyra on a constant basis, it's bound to cause friction. I know that. And that's the last thing-- the very last thing that you and I need.

Karen: So what are you saying?

Neil: I'm gonna let Tyra go. I'm gonna tell her that we can't continue working together.

Karen: Thank you, Honey.

Karen: Thank you.

Daniel: You see that picture Gil has-- of Kevin and the bomb?

Amber: Total fake.

Daniel: Michael showed it to an expert. He said it wasn’t.

Amber: Well, that expert is not an expert in Kevin Fisher like we are. You know, I need to tell the cops the truth. I need to tell them that Kevin was trying to save Mrs. C. and if I hadn't been asleep, I would've gone with him, instead of following him there later.

Daniel: Well, since there's no eyewitnesses--

Amber: Look, there's Jill. You know what? If I could just get her and her mother in a room together, then she would be totally convinced.

Daniel: Okay, why don't you just take a breath and stop trying to save the world, okay? Amber? Amber?

Amber: Just... Jill? Look, I know you don't wanna listen to a word I say, but your mother's a totally different person now.

Jill: Yeah, she's Marge.

Amber: No! No! No! She just said that to get out of the hospital. She really is Katherine Chancellor. And you know what? She's starting to remember everything now. Well, almost everything. I mean, it's--it's all starting to come back to her, you know? She's getting back to her old self again. And she misses you. She wants to see you. She misses you so desperately.

Jill: Amber, stop, stop. I've already seen her, okay? Now you can run around for the rest of your life crying wolf. I have ceased to care.

Kay: Nikki, Darling?

Nikki: (Gasps)

Kay: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.

Nikki: Oh! Where did you come form? What are you even doing here?

Kay: I have accommodations upstairs.

Nikki: You should be in jail.

Kay: Nikki, I-I don't mean to cause a scene, but I-- could you spare just a few minutes? I'd like you to hear what I have to say. And I know you don't believe that I'm Katherine, but if you just open your heart just a little, look at me just a little, you may recognize me.

Nikki: No. I lost that part of my heart the day my best friend died. Do you see how perverse this is? Going around haunting all of Katherine’s favorite places?

Kay: I am Katherine.

Nikki: You are not.

Kay: Nikki, believe me. Please, believe me.

Nikki: You are breaking my heart. Will you stop this? Stop playing this sick game!

Tyra: See ya, Babe.

Neil: Tyra.

Tyra: Hey, Neil. Look, I am almost done with the inventory for the day, but I've noticed that we're selling a lot more tequila and not so much rum, so we might wanna check on the brands that we have left, you know?

Neil: Uh, right now, though, there's something else that we need to talk about.

Adam: Sorry.

Victor: Let me help you with that.

Adam: What am I gonna do?

Victor: We'll figure it out, okay?

Amber: Daniel, no one is ever gonna believe that it's Mrs. C. ever again. What am I gonna do?

Daniel: Well, I think maybe you should start by taking a couple deep breaths.

Amber: How am I supposed to do that with Kevin missing? I mean, there's just so much to do, I don't even know where we're supposed to start.

Daniel: I know. I know. Look, I'm worried about him, too.

Amber: But why aren't we out there? Why aren't we doing something? We should be looking for clues! We should be trying to find Kevin, you know? And Mrs. C. -- we need to help her, too. We have to get her life back. But first, we have to find Kevin. I-I just--I don't know. I don't know. I mean, Clint Radisson is just such an evil person. And Kevin just must be in such a terrible place right now. I'm so sorry. I know--I know I should've trusted you. I know I should've listened to you, and now you're really pissed off at me and--

Daniel: It's okay. No, it's okay. It's okay.

Amber: No, it's not okay. It's not okay, because I didn't listen to you. And it's not okay because I almost messed up the best thing that ever happened to me. And I don't know why I do that. I don't know why. I just don't know. I'm sorry.

Nikki: If you have a shred of decency, you'll leave town and not come back.

Kay: That ring?

Nikki: This was Katherine’s ring.

Kay: Yes, I know. I left it to you in my will. Along with the rest of my jewelry. Now here you are, you're wearing it.

Nikki: I'm wearing it in her memory.

Kay: Oh, come on, Nikki, there's no memory. I'm here. I'm still here. You know it to be true. Please... please let go of the fear and...

Kay: And believe me.

Nikki: Please stop. Stop it.

[Kevin robbing a man]

Man: (Scoffs) What? Oh. Oh, hey, man. Don't hurt me. I have kids. What? "Give me all your cash." You want money? Hey, you got it. I don't care. Okay, you can have all of it. Every--every cent.

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