Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/5/09

Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/5/09 -- Canada; Friday 3/6/09 -- U.S.A.


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Jana: No, I'm serious. I mean, you were brilliant. You really nailed that bugger.

Gloria: Right in the family jewels. A little something to remember me by, huh?

Jana: Well, good riddance is all I have to say.

Gloria: Yeah. You think I did the right thing signing those divorce papers, Jana?

Jana: Gloria, are you joking? You would be a fool to go back to him after all the misery he put you through.

Gloria: Yeah. Ha. No offense, Amber, but you look like you slept in those clothes.

Amber: I did. Um, I closed my eyes for a second and I just conked right out. Um, is Kevin here?

Jana: No, not at the moment.

Amber: Oh. He left me a message, something about Mrs. C., but I tried to call him back and got no answers.

Jana: Oh. Well, he's just popped round to the store.

Gloria: You know, he has been gone an awfully long time.

Jana: Well, after the talk I had with him about helping, that's where he'd better be.

Kevin: (Panting) (Whimpering) Help! Help! Help! Help! Somebody! Let me out of here! Help!

Esther: (Muffled screaming)

Kay: (Muffled screaming)

Annie: Clint, is a bomb really necessary?

Clint: Yes. Now shut up and let me concentrate.

Annie: It's just that it's--

Clint: Damn it, Annie! Your fingerprints are all over this room, too. And they can identify all of us.

Annie: But it's murder.

Clint: Hey, we all gotta go sometime.

Esther: (Muffled) No!

Clint: You got our little buddy stashed away?

Roger: Yeah, he's in the trunk of the car. He's not going anywhere.

Clint: Good. Good. I got big plans for that kid.

Kay: (Muffled screaming)

Clint: Let's get this show on the road. And shut those broads up! Their grunting and squealing are giving me a migraine.

Annie: What about the rooms on either side of us?

Roger: Yeah. You know, a lot of innocent people could get hurt when that bomb goes off.

Clint: They're empty. I checked already.

Roger: This motel sure is dead.

Clint: And soon our annoying guests will be, too.

Esther: (Muffled) No!

Sharon: Okay, why don't we go over here. Mom, do you, uh, do you want some tea? I'll get you some tea. Noah, do you want a smoothie?

Noah: Uh, no thanks. I'm meeting a friend here, giving her a ride in my new car.

Doris: I can't believe the boy who sat on my lap is driving.

Sharon: Well, I hope the friend you're giving a ride to is--

Noah: Don't worry. It's not Eden. I met someone else.

Sharon: The girl by the door?

Noah: Mia Cooper. Cute, huh?

Sharon: Uh, well, I hope there's more to her than that.

Noah: Mom, honor society, chemistry club, yearbook staff, peer support leader.

Doris: Oh.

Noah: Yeah.

Sharon: Oh, okay. No, I'm--that's fine. Just--I thought that you had to study for a midterm.

Noah: We will. Once around the block, then Mia and I hit the books.

Sharon: Okay, well, don't be long.

Noah: We wonít. Bye, Grandma.

Doris: Oh.

Noah: Thank you.

Doris: You're still not feeling well, are you?

Sharon: Oh, no, Mom, I've just been really worried about Noah and Eden and...

Doris: Love at that age can be pretty intense.

Sharon: You know, it shouldn't be. Love should be a happy, wonderful thing. It shouldn't be something that causes trouble and pain. For anyone.

J.T.: Oh, get a room.

Nick: If only we could.

Phyllis: Yeah, if only we could.

J.T.: So, uh... you think you can hack it? Playing happy family with Ashley?

Victoria: Well, you know, I gotta say, she handled herself with a lot of class during Brad's death.

J.T.: Well, you still don't think she and your old man are some great love story.

Victoria: No. No. And when it ends, it's gonna be ugly.

J.T.: Why do you think it's gonna end?

Victoria: I mean, they've been down this road before. They can never make it stick.

Nikki: Hi, you two.

Victoria: Hi.

J.T.: Hey.

Nikki: I saw your brother and Phyllis arrive here, too. What's going on? Ah, let me guess. You're celebrating your father's birthday.

Victoria: You could join us. Or not.

Nikki: Or not works for me. I thought you'd be celebrating that at the ranch.

Victoria: Well, um, you know, Mom, I don't think that Dad has seen you yet, so if you wanted to sneak out--

Nikki: No. No, no, no, no, no. It's perfectly all right. I'm gonna be meeting Paul here. I don't wanna disrupt his plans. I got this auction catalog in the mail. I'll go over it while I'm waiting. See ya.

Heather: Thanks.

Paul: So speaking to Victor on Adam's behalf-- what exactly were you thinking?

Heather: Victor is his father. I don't know, I thought maybe he could help.

Paul: Oh, come on, Heather. After the way he used you and deceived you? I can't imagine you wanting to help him at all.

Heather: You know, I resent your attitude right now.

Paul: So what am I supposed to say? I'm worried about you.

Heather: (Sighs) What's the big deal?

Paul: The big deal? Everything you've done for Adam, everything you're doing for him, it just--it just shows me what a giant hold he has over you.

Heather: I'm not in love with him anymore, if that's what you think. But if you saw him, I mean, being in jail is difficult enough, but he has no one.

Paul: So whose fault is that?

Heather: Okay, Adam did some terrible things, yes, but he wouldn't have done any of them if Victor hadn't tried to ruin his life.

Paul: So now you're defending him?

Heather: No. It's called compassion.

Paul: Adam doesn't deserve compassion. Especially from you.

Heather: I never should've told you.

Ashley: I hope you're hungry. The chef has all sorts of surprises for you tonight.

Victor: You went to such trouble arranging this wonderful dinner.

Ashley: Well, I want this to be a night that you always remember.

Victor: Well, I'm surrounded by my favorite people, so how could it not be a night to remember.

Victoria: Oh, speaking of your favorite people, where's Abby?

Ashley: Chuck is taking her over to Crimson Lights.

Victor: Oh, I understand that she had something special designed for me, a cake?

Ashley: Yes, she did.

Phyllis: Oh, good. It better be chocolate, or we have some talking to do.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Nick: I'm sorry Noah couldn't be here, Dad.

Victor: The best present he could give me is to tell me that he did well on his exams.

Nick: Well, you know, his mind hasn't exactly been on school these days.

Phyllis: No, it hasnít. But, um, he's doing okay.

Victor: Mm-hmm. You're sure?

Nick: Fairly.

Victor: Well, as you all know, last year was one of the... worst for me and one of the best. But I'm happier now than I have been in a long, long time. And I think this year is gonna be better than ever before.

Sharon: So now that you're out of the hospital, I'm going to spend every second that I can with you.

Doris: That's very thoughtful, but--

Sharon: Mama, you know what I thought I'd do? I'd buy those puzzles, you know, the ones that you used you like with the-- with the landscapes on them and the millions of little pieces. And we can do them together.

Doris: Sharon, you have your own life, a son. I don't expect you to take care of me.

Sharon: Well, what kind of daughter would I be if I didn't take care of you?

Doris: I should be looking after you.

Sharon: I'm fine. I really am. Oh, you know what? I was thinking of maybe even job hunting. Noah's busy with school and his friends.

Doris: Are you sure you're up to it?

Sharon: Well, why wouldn't I be?

Doris: You don't have to pretend with me, Honey.

Sharon: You know, if you're talking about... the other day, I was just... feeling sorry for myself.

Doris: Don't downplay it, Sharon. You admitted to being forgetful, losing time. And no wonder. All the changes in your life. The guilt I know you feel about Brad Carltonís death, no one should have to deal with that kind of pain all alone.

Sharon: Mom, what are you saying? Are you saying that I'm weak? Are you saying that I can't take care of myself? Gosh, I just--

Doris: Oh!

Sharon: Oh, my gosh, Mom! I'm so sorry. Did I burn you? I burned you, didn't I? Oh! Oh, my gosh, I'm all thumbs lately. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Doris: Honey, leave it alone. Someone will come and clean it up.

Sharon: Okay, here. Well, let me just-- I'll get you some more tea.

Doris: Sharon, I don't need--

Sharon: Oh, can I have another pot of green tea, please? Thank you. Hey, Mom, what are you doing?

Doris: (Mouths words)

Sharon: Mom, I have no idea how that phone got in my purse.

Doris: You put it in there. Honey, now will you accept that you need a doctor?

Sharon: No, I do not need a doctor.

Doris: No one would begrudge you asking for help.

Sharon: Will you stop nagging me about that?

Doris: I'm only trying to help.

Sharon: I know what you're trying to do. But I'm telling you, I don't need any help right now. Thank you. You know what? I'm gonna take you home.

Gloria: What if this woman really is Katherine?

Jana: Oh, come on, Gloria, you can't really believe that Katherine Chancellor is alive, can you? I mean, the D.N.A. test was--

Gloria: I know what I said before. But labs aren't foolproof. I mean, I knew this woman when she was in jail, remember? And I believed she was Katherine before anybody.

Jana: Yes, but you need to--

Gloria: And if she is Katherine, my friend, she'll be grateful to anybody who believes in her. Kevin's convinced it's her. It's gotta mean something.

Amber: Uh, hey, I went by your place and, um, I-I figured maybe Kevin just crashed out instead of going to the store.

Jana: Was he there?

Amber: No.

Jana: Did you say that he left a message about Mrs., uh, Chancellor? What's wrong?

Amber: Um, like, uh, when I played the message earlier I was so groggy. I just--I didn't listen to the whole thing.

Jana: Where is he?

Gloria: Does he know where Katherine is?

Jana: Will you stop calling her that? The lady is an impostor.

Gloria: Yeah, but if it is Katherine, I want her to know I'm not a Doubting Thomas. Not like her daughter, not like Nikki, not like you.

Amber: Um, Jana, when I was here the other day, I think I may have left my sunglasses.

Jana: Okay, we can check the lost and found.

Amber: Will you help me?

Jana: Yeah.

Amber: Yeah. Listen, um, don't say anything to Gloria, okay? She might just mess this whole thing up.

Jana: Mess what up?

Amber: I'm gonna go see if I can find Kevin.

Jana: So you do know where he is?

Amber: Well, maybe. If he's still there.

Jana: I'm so sick of this whole Marge business. It's a waste of time and it's dangerous.

Amber: Don't worry. Kevin can take care of himself.

Jana: Listen, that's not the point. He told me he was through with all of this insanity. Now when you find him, you tell him to bring his buns right back here, okay?

Amber: I'm sure Kevin will be back any minute. In the meantime, um... ooh, I'm gonna go back home and--and go to sleep. (Yawns) My bed-- it--it sounds so good right now.

Clint: We need to split. I wanna be long gone when this place blows.

Roger: Annie, you ready?

Clint: Look, Sweetheart, if you wanna stay here and join the ladies' book club and get blown to bits, be my guest.

Roger: How about you and me-- we take a road trip to the Grand Canyon when this is all over, just you and me. What do you think about that, sweet cheeks?

Annie: Make it Graceland, I'm there.

Clint: Come on, come on, we need to go. I wanna make sure the kid in the trunk is behaving himself. I don't need him to get us busted.

Annie: Be right there! I forgot my knife. Now you can say your good-byes. It's the best I can do.

Kay: Annie! Annie, please, don't leave us here like this! Annie, please, listen to me! Please!

Esther: Oh, God! It's over.

Kay: Just try-- try and get yourself free.

Esther: We're really gonna die.

Kay: No, no.

Kevin: (Whimpering) I can handle this. I can handle this. I can handle this. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. Don't freak out. I gotta find a way outta here. I gotta find a way outta here. Okay, just breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. This is no worse-- no worse than being trapped in a closet, right? Right? And you survived that. Oh! Oh, my God. Oh, God, please, no.

[Kevin remembering]

Young Kevin: No! Don't close the door! It's too dark! Mom, help me! Mom!

Kevin: Let me outta here! Please, please, let me out! Please! You gotta let me out! Please! Let me out! Please! Please!

Kay: There has to be a way out of here.

Esther: This is all my fault.

Kay: We need something sharp to rub up against--

Esther: Everyone kept saying you were Marge!

Kay: Help! Anybody out there?!

Esther: Now that I've seen you myself, I know.

Kay: Can anybody help us, please? Damn it, Esther, will you please pull yourself together, for heaven's sake!

Esther: I didn't know.

Kay: We are going to get through this.

Esther: No, we're not.

Kay: Stop it! Stop it! You listen to me, Esther Valentine, you listen to me! I'm not nearly finished living yet. And don't you dare give up. Do you understand me? Don't you dare give up hope! Help! Help! Help!

Esther: Help!

Noah: Abby, hey. What are you doing here? I thought you'd be at Grandpa's party.

Abby: Yeah, I'm on my way. I just got him the most awesome cake. It's completely organic with chocolate imported from Belgium.

Mia: Oh, I wish I was going to the party.

Noah: Uh, Mia, this is my... you know, this is Abby Carlton. Mia and I are hanging out these days.

Abby: Yeah, right.

Mia: Well, I'm gonna get us a table before someone takes it.

Noah: Okay.

Mia: Okay. Nice meeting you, Abby.

Abby: So... where are you hiding Eden?

Noah: I'm not. Mia and I are totally together now.

Abby: Since when, yesterday? Do you really think I'm that stupid?

Noah: Whoa, what do you--?

Abby: I know that you're using Mia as a cover so that you can sneak around with your little girlfriend.

Noah: What do you expect me to do? I just can't stop liking her 'cause my folks think she's a bad influence. Which is so not true.

Abby: Lie to them. But it upsets me that you'd lie to me, too.

Noah: I wouldn't have to if you weren't constantly putting Eden down.

Abby: I still don't get what you see in her.

Noah: Maybe if you took the time to get to know her, you would.

Abby: I've gotta go.

Noah: Abby, wait. You're not gonna tell anyone, are you?

Abby: Dude, it's me.

Noah: Thanks, Ab.

Noah: Eden, hey. Um, so far, so good.

Ashley: It's good to see you guys again.

Victor: So then you, um...

Ashley: Hey.

Victoria: Oh, is that the sitter?

J.T.: No, it's Colleen. I'm helping her move into her dad's place.

Ashley: You've been so amazing since he died, I have to tell you.

J.T.: I better take this. Hello?

Victoria: Um, well, I'm just gonna check up with the sitter.

Ashley: Okay.

Phyllis: Ahem. Have you seen the floral arrangement in the lobby?

Nick: No, but I really would like to get a look at that floral arrangement right now.

Phyllis: Okay, let's go. Excuse us.

Nick: Excuse us.

Nikki: Yes, I realize the auction house is closed, but this is urgent. Could you please-- all right, fine, I will call back in the morning.

Nikki: Victor?

Victor: Excuse me. What are you doing here?

Nikki: I'm, uh, waiting for Paul. Happy birthday.

Victor: Thank you. All right, if you don't mind, I need to get back to the--

Nikki: Oh, wait, um... I'm sure Ashley can live for two more minutes without you. I have a favor to ask of you.

Victor: What do you need?

Nikki: Well, um... do you recognize this?

Victor: No.

Nikki: Well, it was Katherineís. And if you recall, she left all of her jewelry to me in her will. But this ring was missing. And when it finally turned up, that was enough to make a judge order a D.N.A. test.

Victor: Oh, yeah, I've heard. Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Well, it's about to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Victor: So you want me to buy it for you?

Nikki: No, no, no, Victor, no. I could buy it myself if I wanted to, but I shouldn't have to. It's already mine.

Victor: So then, what are you asking of me?

Nikki: I-I just don't think its right for something that was so important to Katherine to be pawed over by strangers.

Victor: Anthony's auction house, huh?

Nikki: Are you familiar with it?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Well, I'm sure Sabrina did a lot of work with them. I'm sorry, I only bring that up because I know the two of you made a lot of contacts together. You are definitely the person who has the clout to get this done.

Victor: All right, I'll see what I can do, okay?

Nikki: Thanks a lot.

Man: Wilson, you got a visitor!

(Keys jingling)

Heather: Adam?

Adam: Heather? What are you doing here?

Heather: Um... I requested an emergency meeting with you. And the warden's allowed us to meet here instead of the visiting room.

Man: I'll be outside.

Adam: Uh, emergency meeting? What's--what's the emergency? You got new charges?

Heather: Why would you say that?

Adam: I don't know what to expect out of anybody or anything anymore.

Heather: Well, I pulled some strings. I got you that dermatologist meeting, didn't I?

Adam: Yeah, well, like that's gonna solve all my problems.

Heather: I want you to have this. Take it.

Adam: What is it?

Heather: It's the name of a public defender that I think could help you.

Adam: I have Torres already.

Heather: Yeah, I know, I know. Rafe is good, but... I mean, I just--I know you two have had some issues and I think it's important for you to have someone who works with you, not against you.

Adam: I don't want your hand outs, Heather.

Heather: Why are you being so difficult?

Adam: You turned me in! You made sure I got locked up for God knows how long. And now you just suddenly wanna be my best friend? What's wrong with this picture, Heather? Guard! Escort Ms. Stevens out, please. We're done.

Heather: Damn it, Adam! Oh, shoot! You know what? You really are a piece of work, aren't you?

Phyllis: Wait, wait. You have lipstick.

Nick: Here?

Phyllis: No. Mnh-mnh.

Nick: Here?

Phyllis: Here. Here.

Nick: All right. Is it gone?

Phyllis: Yeah, it's gone.

Nick: All right. Gone, but not forgotten.

Phyllis: That's right. Do you think anybody missed us?

Nick: Who cares? It was so worth it.

Phyllis: Your dad isn't even there anymore.

Nick: Yeah. Its nobody else's birthday, so screw 'em.

Phyllis: I'm glad we're doing better.

Nick: Look... I know I made some mistakes. I got off track. But I love you. And this marriage is everything to me. And nothing is ever gonna come between us again.

Phyllis: Nothing? Not even Sharon?

Nick: No more.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nick: Never again.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nick: Can we leave yet?

Phyllis: I'm gonna go fix my face.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: I'll see you.

Nick: Good idea, get rid of the evidence. I like that.

Nick: Sharon.

Sharon: That's it? Never again?

Victoria: Paul's still not here?

Nikki: Oh, he's on his way. He called.

Victoria: I hate to see you torturing yourself.

Nikki: What do you mean? I'm not torturing myself.

Victoria: Mom, you're watching the family celebrate without you. It's gotta hurt.

Nikki: Honey, at this moment, I am not hurt. I'm not sad. Actually, I'm feeling more hopeful than I have in a long time.

Victoria: Oh?

Nikki: You father just, um, did something nice for me. It made him seem almost human.

Victoria: Well, this I gotta hear.

Nikki: I'll have to tell you later. It's rude for me to keep you from the party.

Victoria: Okay, but I'm gonna call you as soon as I'm outta here. Bye.

Nikki: Bye.

Paul: Sorry, I'm late.

Nikki: Hi!

Paul: How are you, uh, surviving the party?

Nikki: Very well, actually, thanks to a nice gesture on Victor's part, believe it or not. Uh-oh. I know that look. Did something happen with Heather earlier?

Paul: Well, first of all, why don't you tell me what Victor did that was so nice. And... are you sure it wasn't a trick?

Nikki: Yes, I'm sure. Despite his disclaimer that he wasn't doing it for me, it seemed genuine. So that means Victor has a heart after all. Who knew?

Victor: Let me have a double shot of tequila, please.

Ashley: Hi, handsome.

Victor: Hi.

Ashley: Things looked a little intense with Nikki. Is everything okay?

Victor: Yes. And I'm not going to allow my ex-wife to ruin our dinner party.

Ashley: Well, dinner is just the beginning.

Victor: Now... what do you have for me in the form of a gift?

Ashley: Oh, I didn't get you a gift. I was too busy planning a party to even think about getting you a gift.

Victor: You're a liar.

Ashley: I'm not lying. I'm not lying.

Victor: I know you too well.

Ashley: If you think you got a gift, you're gonna be so disappointed when you realize you did not get a gift.

Victor: Well, if you didn't buy me one, then perhaps you made me one?

Ashley: (Chuckles)

Victor: What?

Ashley: Well, I was gonna-- I was gonna do this later when we were alone.

Victor: You were gonna do what later?

Ashley: Um... you're right. I did make you a gift. Well, actually, um... we kinda made it together.

Victor: Wait a minute. Are you saying what I think you're saying?

Ashley: We're pregnant.

Ashley: What?

Victor: I love you.

Kay: If I could get closer, maybe--maybe we could-- maybe we can untie each other.

Esther: That's good. That's a good idea.

Kay: Okay.

Esther: Keep going. Keep going. A little closer. Keep going. That's good. Closer. A little closer. Closer, closer. Mrs. C.! Aah! Mrs. C., are you hurt?

Kay: Oh, Esther, a few bruises at my age are not a problem.

(Knock on door)

Esther: We're in here!

Kay: Hurry! Hurry, we're all tied up!

Amber: Wait, Mrs. C., is that you?

Kay: Amber?!

Esther: We need help, Amber! We can't move!

Amber: Hold on! Hang on!

Kay: Keep kicking! Don't give up! Keep kicking! Please, God, keep kicking!

Amber: Okay, hang on, hang on! Wait, wait, I think I have an idea! Hang on!

Kay: God bless Amber.

Esther: Oh, my God, Mrs. C.

Amber: Ugh! Oh, my God! Mrs. C., are you all right?

Kay: Hurry, hurry, hurry, there's a bomb.

Amber: A bomb?!

Kay: Untie us.

Esther: How did you know we were here?

Amber: Oh, um, Kevin-- Kevin left me a cell phone message.

Kay: Thank God, Kevin. Thank God for Kevin.

Amber: Where is he? Where's Kevin?

Kay: Never--never-- never mind. Hurry up and get us out of this room before that thing over there blows up!

Amber: I am. I am. I am.

Kay: Hurry! Hurry! My feet! Get my feet. Help Esther.

Esther: Oh, my gosh!

Kay: Hurry. Hurry.

Annie: What's the deal with the tools?

Roger: Don't worry about them. I had to make room for the kid in the trunk. There's a fast food joint about a mile up the road at the intersection.

Roger: You're going to stop to eat?

Clint: Blowing up people makes me hungry.

Annie: You're one sick puppy, you know that, Clint?

Kevin: (Muffled) Please!

Clint: Yeah, sick of your bitching, Annie.

Kevin: Please let me out! Please let me out!

Clint: The kid in the trunk's bad enough.

Kevin: Please!

Clint: Shut the hell up, damn it!

Annie: What do we need him for? Why don't you let him go?

Kevin: Please!!

Clint: You ask the dumbest questions, Woman.

Annie: We're gonna dope him into taking the blame?

Kevin: Please let me out!

Roger: There's no need. We already have a picture of him planting the bomb.

Kevin: Please let me out!

Annie: Then why can't we cut him loose?

Clint: We might need him if we get into a tight spot. Or if we need a human shield.

Kevin: Please let me-- let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Please. Please. Let me out! Please!

[Kevin remembering]

Young Kevin: (Cries)

Victor: A baby? How is that even possible?

Ashley: I don't know. I mean, I didn't think it was possible either, but I guess somebody up there had a different idea, I guess. I don't know.

Victor: Are you sure?

Ashley: Yes.

Victor: Yeah?

Ashley: I did that test, like, 15 times. And even before that, I knew. I had all the classic symptoms.

Victor: This is the best birthday present ever. That makes me so happy. Let's tell the others.

Ashley: No!

Victor: Why?

Ashley: No. No. Not tonight. No, no, no.

Paul: You know, just because you caught Victor in a weak moment, doesn't mean that he won't turn around and treat you like crap tomorrow.

Nikki: My, aren't we optimistic tonight?

Paul: Not without reason. And it could be just that over the years, I have seen Victor break your heart so many times that I look at Heather and I wonder, is this what she has to look forward to?

Nikki: You think she's still in love with Adam?

Paul: Despite her adamant denials.

Paul: Trust me, one of these days, she's gonna see him for what he is. It might not be today or tomorrow. But eventually, her love for him will be just a distant memory. And he won't have the power to hurt her anymore.

(Cell phone ringing)

Paul: Well, you know what? I hope you're right. I gotta take this. Hold on a second. Uh, yeah, could you hold on for a minute? Why don't you give me a few minutes? I'll meet you out front.

Nikki: Sure.

Paul: And we can get outta here.

Nikki: Okay.

Paul: All right, see you later. Yeah, I'm sorry.

Abby: And this one is from Victoria and J.T.

Victor: Aha.

Phyllis: Are you okay, Baby?

Nick: Yeah. Of course.

Victoria: Since you burned a hole through the last one.

Victor: Oh, my God, that is so nice. That's beautiful. Thank you, Sweetheart.

Victoria: You're welcome.

Victor: Thank you, J.T.

J.T.: You're welcome. This is also for you.

Victoria: It's from him.

Victor: I'll be damned.

J.T.: Yeah. Just from me.

Victor: (Chuckles)

Ashley: Uh-oh.

Victor: A gift certificate for the boxing club.

J.T.: If you're ever in the mood to try to kick my butt, just give me a call.

Victor: Well... it may just happen one day.

J.T.: Yeah.

Victor: All right, J.T. that's so nice. Thank you.

Nick: Uh, will you all excuse me for one second?

Victoria: So, you really didn't get him anything?

Ashley: No, I really didnít.

Abby: Not even a tie?

Victor: She has given me the most wonderful gift of all.

Ashley: No! No!

Victor: Yes.

Ashley: No. No.

Victor: Yes!

Ashley: No.

Victor: This is not something I'm gonna keep a secret. My beautiful Ashley is pregnant.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh! Wow! A baby!

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Victor! Ashley, congratulations! Gosh, all--all Nick and I got you was a shaving kit.

Victor: Who would've thought? After all the joy that Ashley has brought to my life, this is most unexpected joy... and present.

Abby: I'll bet this baby will knock Suri and Shiloh right out of the tabloids.

Phyllis: Right.

Ashley: Let's hope not. I'd prefer if this child has a much more low key debut.

Phyllis: (Laughs)

J.T.: Well, um, congratulations to both of you.

Victor: I think this calls for a toast.

Ashley: Thank you.

Victor: May this tiny miracle be strong and healthy and smart and caring. And always, always know how cherished he or she will be.

Man: Hurry up.

Phyllis: Yay!

J.T.: You took the words right out of my mouth, Victor.

Abby: I cannot believe I'm gonna have a little brother or sister. Isn't that so cool, Victoria? Oh! We should text Noah!

Phyllis: Yeah. Oh, definitely do that. Listen, I'm gonna find my husband. Tell him this great news.

Clint: Stand back. Once I open this trunk, the kid may come at us or make a run for it.

Kevin: Can I come out now? Please?

Roger: Oh, look at the kid. He's scared to death.

Annie: Well, it's being cooped up like that. Hell, I get claustrophobic if my clothes are too tight.

Roger: Maybe he's faking it. You better give him another hit of that happy juice, Annie.

Kevin: No.

Roger: What time is it, Clint?

Clint: Almost boom time.

Amber: Okay. Okay. You're free, Mrs. C. come on. Okay. Good. Good.

Kay: Oh, Esther.

Amber: Come here!

Esther: No, go on! Get outta here!

Gloria: Katherine!! Katherine!

Amber: Gloria, what the hell are you doing here?!

Gloria: I followed you from Crimson Lights to help. What's that?

Amber: You're free, Mrs. C. come on. Okay, good.

Kay: Oh, Esther.

Gloria: What is that thing?

Kay: It's a bomb, set to go off any second!

Gloria: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Come on, let's get outta here!

Amber: Go! Go! Go!

Kay: I am not leaving you here!

Amber: Quickly! Go! Go! Come on, Mrs. C.! Come on! Run! Run!


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Chloe: What happened?

Jill: Some kind of explosion.

Billy: Whoa, wait, what?

Chloe: What do you --

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