Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/4/09

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/4/09 -- Canada; Thursday 3/5/09 -- U.S.A.


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Jill: Come on in. Oh, let me have your coat, Sweetie.

Lily: Oh, thank you.

Cane: Ahem.

Jill: Oh! Now that necklace looks familiar.

Cane: Well, it should be. It belonged to you once.

Jill: Does this mean...

Cane: Lily and I are back together, yes.

Jill: Congratulations!

Cane: Well, there's gonna be complications, obviously, but... we are full steam ahead.

Jill: Oh, well, I'm very, very pleased.

Lily: Oh, thank you. We are, too.

Cane: Uh, we were hoping to see Cordelia. Is she up and at 'em?

Jill: Oh, Darling, I hate to tell you this. Chloe moved out. She and the baby went to be with Billy.

Jack: Did our little opera singer ever get any shut-eye?

Chloe: Once, for about, uh, half an hour. Yeah.

Jack: Well, you know, the pool house is all new.

Chloe: I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to keep you up all night, too, Jack. Sorry.

Jack: You needed a hand, I was happy to help. However, first order of business today is hiring a baby nurse.

Chloe: No, first order of business is finding Billy. He never showed up last night.

Jack: He will walk through that door any minute now.

Chloe: Yeah, well, he better. Because I'm about this close to packing up Delia and heading back over to my momís.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, there's no need to do that. We're gonna hire you some help.

Chloe: I called his cell a hundred times last night. It went straight to voice mail. I'm telling you, he's avoiding me.

Jack: He will turn up, I promise you.

(Door opens)

Jack: Oh, there he is right now.

Ashley: Chloe, hi. Oh, and the baby! What a nice surprise. Oh!

Billy: 11 messages? Really? Come on.

Jack's voice: Hey, you. Chloe and the baby are just getting settled. Need a hand with any of your stuff?

Chloe's voice: Billy, hi. We're here. Call me. Me again. Planning to grace us with your presence anytime soon? Billy, where are you?

Ashley: Look how she scrunches up her nose when she yawns.

Jack: Don't all babies do that?

Ashley: No. Oh! She looks just like Billy.

Jack: Well, we haven't had a baby in this house for a long time. Dad would have loved her.

Ashley: She's so gorgeous.

Chloe: Thank you.

Ashley: I understand that your situation is, um, is a little murky.

Chloe: Yeah. Well, I really hit the daddy mother lode, didn't I?

Ashley: I've sort of been in your shoes, Honey.

Chloe: Really?

Ashley: Yeah. And if you can get things sorted out while Deliaís still a baby, it'll be better for everyone.

Chloe: Yeah, I know. I figured out my end. Um, once I get an annulment from Cane, I'm going to marry Billy. And we're going to live in the pool house together.

Jack: See all the stuff you miss, holed up with the mustache?

Ashley: I've spoken to Billy, and he loves her so much. He adores her. Um, I got the impression that he wasn't quite... ready to settle down. I'm afraid you might be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Cordelia: (Cries)

Chloe: Oh!

Ashley: Oh!

Chloe: Hi, Baby. Shh.

Jana: Oh, Gloria, hello! Come in! Don't be shy!

Gloria: Shh! You recognized me?

Jana: What, should-- should I pretend like I didn't?

Gloria: Might not be a bad idea the way the press is hounding me. I feel like my name's "Dillinger."

Jana: Oh, don't worry about that. That'll die down soon. It's just so good to see you getting out finally.

Kevin: Hey, hey, Baby. Hey, Mom.

Gloria: Shut up. You'll blow my cover.

Kevin: That's a disguise?

Gloria: Oh, please.

Jana: So you've been at it all night then, yeah?

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Gloria: At what all night?

Kevin: Amber met this guy Clint, who she thinks kidnapped Mrs. Chancellor.

Gloria: Kidnapped?

Jana: The woman that Kevin insists on believing is Katherine Chancellor-- she isn't--has gone missing.

Gloria: Boy, am I out of the loop.

Kevin: Anyway, we got this lead to check out this list of motels, but they're scattered all over town, each one has, like, a bazillion rooms.

Gloria: And Katherineís not in any of 'em?

Kevin: No.

Jana: So you were out searching 12 hours with nothing to show for it.

Kevin: More like 15. Amber went home to crash. I hate that we came up empty-handed. I don't know what to do next.

Jana: How about work? Did you forget that we both own this coffeehouse? And you've left me with a huge load for days and days?

Kevin: Jana, I know. Baby, I know. I'm sorry. But I had to at least try. I'm so bummed. I thought for sure Mrs. C. was out there.

Esther: Oh. I was hoping it was a nightmare.

Clint: It is a nightmare, Sweetheart. Nothing is going the way it was supposed to.

Kay: Well, Esther told you Jill wouldn't pay the ransom.

Esther: But you wouldn't listen to me.

Clint: Then that nosey blonde Amber shows up-- waving around your picture, giving out my description. How the hell did she track me here?

Annie: But I got rid of her and her friend. And they didn't suspect a thing. See? I told you I'm on your side.

Esther: I thought you were on our side.

Annie: I'm on Roger's side. Why would I wanna help you?

Clint: Will you people shut up? We got real problems here. I don't like those kids running around looking for Katherine. Especially when no one's gonna pay any money to get you back.

Kay: Maybe if you went about it the right way.

Esther: Yeah, yeah, we--we could work it out. We--we really can. If you would just give us a little more time. Please?

Clint: Forget it. This thing is getting too hot. Time to pull the plug.

Roger: Sounds good to me. Just one question-- what do we do with these two?

Ashley: So you tuck that in right there.

Jack: She really likes being wrapped that tightly?

Ashley: Oh, yeah. It makes her feel like she's back in her mommy's tummy all safe and warm.

Chloe: Where were you at 3:00 A.M.? When I was about to hallucinate from lack of sleep?

Ashley: Oh, Sweetie, I know it can be so hard in the beginning. You're gonna get it, though. If you want, I can come back any time and give you tips on what worked with Abby.

Chloe: Thank you. That's if we're still here.

Jack: Oh, come on. You'll be here.

Ashley: Doesn't that kinda depend on Billy, Jack?

Jack: Ash, Billy is totally committed.

Ashley: What time exactly was he supposed to be here?

Jack: Would you guys give him a break? I'm sure he's just taking time packing his duds.

Chloe: You know, I'm, uh, I'm gonna take a shower. Uh, would you mind keeping an eye on her for me?

Jack: No, I'd love to.

Chloe: Okay, shh. Okay, thank you.

Ashley: What exactly are you trying to sell that poor girl?

Jack: Ash, don't start.

Ashley: I spoke with Billy. He's not ready for a wife and a child.

Jack: Our little brother has had a genuine change of heart. And, yes, I helped make him see the light.

Ashley: All I see is you making promises that Billy won't be able to keep.

(Cell phone ringing)

Billy: Chloe. Yay.

Esther: They're gonna kill us, aren't they, Mrs. C.? It's all my fault because I couldn't get the money!

Kay: Stop it! Stop it! Esther, you are not to blame.

Esther: Clint, please, let me try again. I-I know I can get all the money that you want. Just--just please don't hurt Mrs. C. and if Jill won't help us, then I'll just-- I'll find someone who will. Oh, I know! I know! I'll go to Nikki Newman. She's Mrs. C.'s best friend and she's loaded!

Clint: I said forget it. There's no way I'm gonna risk letting you out again.

Esther: But I came back before. I did exactly--

Clint: No! Now stop it! You had your chance, Girlie, and you blew it.

Esther: How can you be so cruel? Now I'm never gonna see my little Kate and my little Delia ever again. I'm so sorry, Mrs. C.

Kay: Esther, we have never been quitters, and now is not the time to start. Amber was here, looking for us. People believe I am still alive. Good things are happening out there. The most important thing now is to have faith. Faith.

Kevin: It is her, Mom. The woman everybody thinks is an impostor is actually Mrs. Chancellor.

Gloria: Yeah, when I was in jail with her I believed it, too. But Michael said they did a D.N.A. test and it proves she isn't Mrs. Chancellor. Maybe it's just time we both accept that we were fooled.

Jana: That's what I keep telling him. It's not Katherine. You need to let it go.

Kevin: I don't care what that damn test said. I'm not letting it go. It is Mrs. Chancellor. I'm gonna prove it.

Gloria: Oh, come on. Maybe Janaís right. I mean, the woman lived in a trailer and she probably wears polyester.

[Kevin remembering]

Kevin: You are looking very Chancellor-esque, Mrs. C.

Kevin: Are--are you with anyone who--who might've seen something?

Annie: Nope, all alone.

Kevin: Mom, you're a genius.

Gloria: I am?

Kevin: I have to make a phone call.

Jack: You want another hit?

Ashley: No, I'm good, thanks. Back to Gloria, what is up with that judge? How could he vacate the charges?

Jack: I know. It's a travesty. I couldn't believe it when I heard it myself.

Ashley: Well, maybe Michael won the first round, but he's not gonna beat us in civil court. What's the status of that suit you filed? Because if she's not going to prison, Gloria is going to pay monetarily.

Jack: Ash, you know I think the word "Vengeance" is one of the sweetest words in the English language. In this case though, I think we need to drop it.

Ashley: Drop it? Have you lost your mind?

Gloria: I wonder what I said that got Kevin all fired up. What? You got a headache?

Jana: Oh, nothing that having a husband and business partner around full-time wouldn't cure.

Woman: It is her. The one that killed that poor woman. Just saw her picture in the paper.

Woman: Pulled a great judge, didn't you, Lady? A little scolding, you're out on murder.

Jana: Excuse you! Why don't you get your bloody facts straight first? Do you know that there's medical evidence proving that no one was actually killed from that face cream. And secondly, it was manslaughter, not murder. There's a big difference. Not that I'd expect you bloody tarts to know that.

Gloria: And there's no proof that I tainted that cream.

Woman: Doesn't mean you didn't do it.

Woman: Andrew Gibsonís right. We need capital punishment in this state.

Woman: Or better judges, obviously.

Jana: Justice was done. The case is closed. So why don't you take you bloody puny, little ignorant comments over to another table. Unless you'd like me to throw you out myself.

Woman: (Scoffs)

Jana: Yeah, okay.

Kevin: Amber, hey, I know you're sleeping, but I just figured out where Mrs. Chancellor is. So I'm gonna go back to that motel where we woke up that woman. All right, um, call me as soon as you get this. Talk to you soon. Bye.

Kevin: Hi, uh, Genoa City. The number of the Hidden View Motel.

Annie: We stopped by the office to ask about clean towels, 'cause we're not letting the maid in. The guy'll call when they're ready.

Clint: Whoopee.

Roger: Got your favorite from the Chinese place.

Esther: For breakfast?

Roger: What? Egg foo young, breakfast.

Annie: She doesn't appreciate you, Roger.

(Telephone ringing)

Clint: Yeah? Hello? Is anybody there? Is this housekeeping? Are you calling about the towels?

[Kevin remembering]

Kevin: Are--are you with anyone who--who might've seen something?

Annie: Nope, all alone.

Clint: Damn it, is anybody there? Who is this?

Kay: Who was it?

Clint: Didn't say anything. I don't like this.

Roger: I think you're right. I think somebody's on to us.

Kay: Then run. Run! I mean it. All three of you. You'll be long gone by the time anyone finds Esther--

Clint: Shut up! Shut up. I need to get outta here. I need to think.

Jana: Wait, Kev? Kevin! I-I need you-- where are you going?

Kevin: To the store. We're running low on milk. I'll be back.

Jana: No, but the WiFi's down and I need to create the schedules! (Sighs) How are you at grinding coffee beans?

(Knock on door)

Billy: Mm. Go away.

(Knock on door)

Billy: Oh, jeez, come on! I'm coming!

(Pounding on door)

Billy: I said I'm coming!

Billy: Oh, what are you doing here? Come on! Oh, no!

Chloe: I'm here to help you pack.

Billy: Pack?

Chloe: Yeah, you were supposed to move in, remember? Last night? Ring any bells?

Billy: Okay, look, listen, Chloe, I know I was supposed to--

Chloe: And actually, I brought over some, um, boxes. The doorman just brought 'em up. They're out in the hallway, so let's get going. What are we gonna do?

Billy: Chloe, I said I'd be there, okay?

Chloe: When?

Billy: I have things to take care of first. I can't just pick up and move in one day.

Chloe: Like hell you canít. I cannot handle taking care of her alone another night. You promised me--

Billy: Will you stop nagging me? Stop nagging me! Leave me alone!

Chloe: Shh! Stop it! Please, she's sleeping.

Billy: (Whispering) I am not your flunky.

Chloe: You say the word, Billy, and I will call off our deal so fast.

Billy: Hey, you hear that?

(Knock on door)

Billy: She's threatening me now. That's--who the hell could that be?

Chloe: It's probably the doorman, just bringing up more boxes.

Billy: Oh!

Cane: So I've come to visit my daughter, but I had to track her down since her mother failed to notify me that she was moving.

Chloe: Oh, yeah? Well, now you know.

Lily: You could've told him, Chloe.

Chloe: Oh, look at you, you guys are attached at the hip. Didn't waste any time, did we?

Cane: That's 'cause enough time's been wasted already.

Chloe: Well, um, actually, Deliaís sleeping. She didn't sleep at all last night, so we really don't need any visitors, so you can go.

Billy: Elevator's that way, Mate.

Cane: Well, since you saw fit to, uh, take her without notifying me, I'm now taking steps to make sure it won't happen again.

Chloe: Oh, really? What steps?

Cane: Well, I called my attorney on the way over in the car, and now I'm gonna sue for full custody. I warned you, Chloe, what would happen if you tried to keep Delia out of my life.

Billy: Well, knock yourself out, Buddy. 'Cause Chloe and I are getting married and we're gonna raise our baby together, right?

Chloe: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Come on, Jack, "More harm than good"? What the hell are you talking about?

Jack: We have been totally vindicated, Ash. The evidence that Michael produced means Jabot is completely off the hook for Emma Gibsonís wrongful death. She did not die. It is a legal fact. She did not die from Jabot products.

Ashley: And as wonderful as I think that is, and I do think it's wonderful--

Jack: Listen to me, the finger is no longer pointed at us. Andrew Gibson is a liar. Now the whole world knows that. Why keep the Abbott name tarnished by dragging on this lawsuit? I don't see the upside.

Ashley: So we know she's guilty, but Gloria walks?

Jack: Yes. For the good of the company. Keeping this lawsuit alive is only gonna prolong the scandal. It's gonna generate more and more interest. Keep the words "Jabot" and "Product Tampering" together in the headlines for months to come. I say it's not worth it.

Ashley: That bitch needs to pay for what she's done to us.

Jack: Karma will get to Gloria.

Ashley: Karma?! Karma?! What the hell are you up to, Jack, 'cause you're up to something?

Jack: Wait a minute, I'm not up to anything. I am looking out for the best interest of the Abbott family.

Ashley: Really? Well, I think the family includes Billy and Traci. So until we hear what they have to say, the lawsuit stands.

Jeff: Ignore my calls, you get me in the flesh.

Jill: Yeah, well, you're right. I have been avoiding you.

Jeff: Mm. Do I get to know why?

Jill: Because I knew this would not be a fun conversation. However, since you're already here, we might as well get it over with, huh?

Jeff: Look, I love my wife--

Jill: This is not really gonna work out.

Jeff: What?

Jill: Uh, we had fun, but that's all there is to this.

Jeff: Really? I mean--

Jill: You just told me that you loved your wife, so I think we're agreed. I mean, we had some laughs, and now it's time to move on. Well, isn't that what you wanted?

Jeff: Yeah, but...

Jill: But now you know that it's what I want, you're not sure?

Jeff: Well, no, I wouldn't say that. You're right about the fun part, though. Good to scratch that itch, huh?

Jill: Jeffrey, you belong with Gloria. I have never known two people who were more right for each other.

Gloria: Coming here was a big mistake. I mean, anyplace I go there's gonna be a scene. I should just go back to Michaelís and never come out.

Jana: No, God, no, don't let those fools get to you, Gloria. But you know, when it was happening to me, Kevin always told me to just keep my head up high and ignore all the rude comments. And sure enough, the--the stares and the-- and the remarks, they stopped.

Gloria: Yeah.

Jana: They just stopped. It just--it takes time.

Gloria: You know who's responsible for all this, don't you? Jeffrey. The man who vowed to love and cherish me, same man who turned me in to the police. He's the reason I went to jail. He's the reason I can never show my face again.

Jana: You sound so bitter. God, what happened? I-I thought you two wanted to work it out.

Gloria: No, I did. I went looking for him and found him romping with Jill.

Jana: Oh! No! Really? That's what--oh, my God! Well, that is horrible. What a bloody lying cheat!

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Jana: You deserve so much better than that. You know what I say? I say ditch him, Gloria. Ditch him once and for all.

Gloria: Yeah. You know something? You're right, Jana. You know what I got in my purse right here, I've been carrying around all this time?

Jana: Are those...

Gloria: Mm-hmm. Divorce papers Jeffrey gave me in jail. Not the best day of my life. You got a pen?

Jana: Right here.

Gloria: You know, he wanted my signature, he's got my signature. Jeffrey Bardwell, consider yourself dumped.

Jana: Dumped!

Billy: Make yourselves at home.

Cane: So... you're gonna marry Billy? Well, see, that's a really neat trick considering that still legally you're my wife.

Chloe: Not for long. You told me that you were filing for a divorce. So I just went ahead and made your life a lot easier. I'm filing for an annulment

Cane: Uh, and when did you make that decision?

Chloe: What does it matter? Now you get to spend time with Lily much sooner.

Cane: Well, you see, that's the way it would've been all along if it wasn't for your lies and your manipulations.

Cordelia: (Cries)

Cane: I'm gonna get her.

Billy: No, you're not. She's my kid and this is my place. Come here, Baby. Oh! Now get out, both of you.

Cane: How long do you think that he's gonna wanna hang around for before he gets bored of playing house and wants to go back to his parties?

Chloe: We're not playing any games. We are Deliaís parents.

Lily: Yeah, because it was an accident.

Cane: The both of you are too selfish and too immature to even understand what the word parent even means.

Billy: What part of "Get out" went over your head, huh?

Cane: Well, see, this is really the last place I wanna be, but I will come back. And next time, I'll have the court behind me.

Billy: Go ahead. You don't have any connection here. You have no claim whatsoever.

Cane: Yeah, says the man who denied her.

Billy: You're lucky I'm holding this kid.

Cane: Yeah, you got that right. But you're not gonna be holding her for long.

Clint: Can I help you?

Esther: Yeah, right. I can't eat this stuff.

Kay: It's greasy.

Esther: Just the smell of it is making me ill.

Kay: Esther, please.

Annie: Fine! Stay hungry. You can starve for all I care.


Roger: It's Clint. He gave me the sign.

Annie: Damn it!

Esther: What happened?

Roger: Okay, all of you, back into the bathroom.

Kay: Oh, come on!  What's going on?

Annie: Come on, come on.

Roger: Come on. Come on. Shut up and just do as you're told.

Kay: For heaven's sakes!

Annie: Get!

Esther: Okay! Be careful with that!

Kay: Esther, stop. Put the knife down. Put it down.

Kevin: You're Clint Radisson. Don't deny it. Amber described you perfectly.

Clint: When did I deny it?

Kevin: I think you know a lot more about Katherine Chancellor than you're admitting.

Clint: Katherine who?

Kevin: I was here yesterday. I saw her jacket inside. I know she's in there.

Clint: Are you sure you've got the right room? The only woman in there is my sister.

Kevin: Your sister.

Clint: Here. Take the key. Go ahead, you're welcome to go in there and look around.

Kevin: Are you trying to pull some kind of trick?

Clint: No trick. I'm cool. I got nothing to hide. Let me get the door for you.

Clint: Take a look.

Gloria: This goes to Michael Baldwinís office. That's the address.

Jana: And be sure to deliver it straight away. (Gasps) Be strong.

Jeff: Gloria. Darling.

Gloria: Jeffrey. What do you want?

Jeff: I couldn't bear to be away from you one more minute. I just came from Jillís. She and I are history. My heart is with you, and only you.

Jana: I don't know where you get your nerve.

Gloria: It's all right, Jana. Thank you for your support. You can leave me alone with him for one minute.

Jana: Okay. I'll be over there. Don't you trust a word that comes out of his dirty mouth.

Jeff: Some welcoming committee. When all I wanted, all I've dreamed of, is to be alone with my little angel kitten. Do you have any idea how much I've missed you? I worship the ground you walk on.

Gloria: Turning me in to the police, that was your way of showing it, huh?

Jeff: You do realize that if it weren't for me, we wouldn't be celebrating your release from jail. Yeah, that's right. No more charges hanging over your head, because of good old Jeffrey. If I hadn't dropped a dime on you, they never would've found out that that face cream didn't kill that woman. You would've had to live with all that guilt and the fear of being caught for the rest of your life.

Gloria: What about Jill? I'm just dying to hear the spin you put on that one.

Jeff: It didn't mean a thing. I was aching with loneliness. Being separated from you was... incredibly painful.

Gloria: I show you painful.

Jeff: Oh!

Jack: The judge ruled that Jabot is not responsible for Emma Gibsonís death. Ergo, there is no legal grounds for keeping yours truly from working at Jabot. Once the settlement is voided, I'm available to return as C.E.O. Billy's in over his head, and with the new baby to contend with--

Jill: Boy, just when I thought you couldn't get any more shameless...

Jack: What is shameless about wanting what is best for the company?

Jill: And what about your little brother, Jack? With one hand, you help him reclaim his newborn, with the other, you stab him in his back, trying to steal his job. No, no, no, what would Billy say if he knew you were here right now, huh?

Jack: He would say I am the best man for the position.

Jill: Oh, my God, you said that with a straight face.

Jack: Because it's true, and you know it is. At the height of Jabot's success--

Jill: Save it, Jack.

(Doorbell rings)

Jill: Ah, it's my day for visitors.

Jill: (Gasps) What a surprise! Come on in! Look who's here.

Jack: Ash.

Ashley: What are you doing here?

Jill: What a lovely impromptu family reunion. Should I be expecting Traci?

Roger: How the hell did he find us, Clint?

Annie: He was here yesterday. The kid with the blonde girl. I knew he was trouble.

Roger: Well, what are we gonna do with him? We don't need another hostage.

Clint: Enough! I have a plan.

Annie: A bomb? That's your plan?

Roger: Oh, no, Sir, no way! I did not sign up for this!

Clint: Relax, Roger. It's not even armed yet.

Roger: You swore-- you swore to us nobody was gonna get hurt!

Clint: What about me, Roger, huh? What about me? I spent 15 years rotting in that prison! 15 years, man! And there is no way in hell I'm going back! No evidence. No witnesses. That's the plan now, got it?! Move! Get the camera! Once we split this joint, I'm gonna have the cops looking at someone else besides us.

Annie: Who?

Clint: How'd you like to spend the time in the bathroom with the other two broads?

Roger: So what's with the camera?

Clint: We're going to take some pictures.

Roger: Of what? Who's gonna buy 'em?

Clint: Just do it!! You! Help me with him. Come on, help me get him up. Come on. Come on, get up.

Annie: There we go.

Clint: Stretch his arm out a little. Good. Good. Now stand back. Let Roger do his work.

(Camera beeps)

(Shutter clicks)

Clint: That'll work.

(Camera beeps)

(Shutter clicks)

Clint: Not bad. Yeah! That's perfect!

Annie: Oh, I get it! It'll look like he's planting the bomb!

(Shutter clicks)

Clint: You have an incredible grasp of the obvious, Annie.

(Camera beeps)

Roger: Hey, uh, what do we do with the snoop?

Clint: Take him outside. Throw him in the trunk of the car.

(Shutter clicks)

Jill: Jack is here because he wants to be C.E.O. of Jabot. What do you want, Ashley?

Jack: She wants to continue the bad publicity, ad nauseum.

Ashley: Jack wants to drop the civil case, and I don't wanna see Gloria get away with sabotage.

Jack: Ash, this is--

Jill: Oh, so you wanna keep the lawsuit going?

Ashley: Jill, I read the transcript from Gloria's hearing. The judge personally believes that Gloria is responsible for product tampering, but that the state couldn't prove it. He is handing us a civil case out a silver platter, Jack!

Jack: It's a needless waste of company resources.

Jill: No, no, no, no, okay, okay! Now I'm in charge. I will take both of your requests under consideration. Now I have an extremely busy day, so if you'll excuse me. And you know the way out.

Ashley: It shouldn't come as any surprise, finding you here, behind my back.

Jack: Oh, and what are you doing here, behind my back?

Ashley: So much for family unity.

Billy: You believe Cane? Comes in here, says he's gonna take our kid? Screw him.

Chloe: Do you think he could?

Billy: This is our child. And we're gonna fight for her. Okay? Together. Now I have packing to do.

Lily: Thanks. I swear, it was so hard to keep my mouth shut.

Cane: I'm just glad you were there to save me from throwing my imbecile brother off the balcony.

Lily: I swear, Billy can be so infuriating! He and Chloe deserve each other.

Cane: Those two shouldn't be allowed to raise a pet canary, let alone a baby.

Lily: And I don't believe for a second this is about Billy wanting to be a father.

Cane: Of course it's not. It's about him beating me. He's not above--not above using that sweet little baby to do it.

Lily: You know, Cane, I know that I didn't say anything when you asked me if I'd be willing to... raise Cordelia with you. But after what I saw, my answer is yes.

Cane: Oh, Sweetheart! You don't know how much that means to me.

Lily: I mean, it's not like I changed my mind or anything. I always knew the baby would be much better off with you. Because Billy and Chloe would just screw her up. And you will be much more of a father to that little girl than Billy will ever be.

Cane: Thank you.

Jeff: Ow! So much for a romantic reunion anytime soon.

Gloria: That was our reunion. And now we're through.

Jana: You filed for divorce and then you cheated on her. What did you expect?

Jeff: Divorce--ow-- was strictly to protect my little bird's nest egg.

Gloria: Uh-huh. But you said the plan had changed, remember? And that you had to protect your own needs.

Jeff: Yeah, well... oh, man! Now that you're out of jail, we can forget all that rubbish. Start fresh. Tear up the divorce papers.

Gloria: Oh, gee, it's too late. I signed 'em. Sent 'em to Michael. As soon as he files 'em, you get your wish. We're history. Done. Poof.

Jeff: I don't understand.

Gloria: Then I'll spell it. "D-I-v-o-r-c-e"

Jeff: Oh, come on! You can't mean this. Look, can we get out of here? Go someplace private. Talk things through.

Gloria: Talk to the knee, Jeffrey.

Jeff: Oh, Honey-bunny...

Gloria: Get outta here.

Jeff: Angel lips--

Jana: Ahem. Excuse me, do you know that there's a sign on the wall over there that says that I have the right to refuse service to anyone. And I refuse to serve you. So will you kindly remove yourself, or do I have to phone the police, hm?

Jeff: This is not over.

Gloria: Yeah, it is.

Jana: You did it, Gloria! You were so great! Kevin is gonna be so proud!

Gloria: Yeah, I did it, all right.

Kay: For the last time, what is going on here?

Esther: We couldn't hear anything in that bathroom.

Clint: I decided to follow Katherineís advice and take off. But first... I have a lovely parting gift for the two of you.

Esther: (Gasps) No! No!!

(Muffled screaming)

Annie: Was that a thank you?

Roger: Must've been.

Clint: We're gonna blow this place up, with the two of you in it, our only witnesses! There is no way anyone's gonna trace this back to us. Soon... soon, that little green light is gonna stop blinking, then the countdown's gonna start. And when the numbers hit zero... kaboom! Adios. Sayonara. Good-bye.

Kay: (Muffled screaming)

Esther: (Muffled) Oh, don't!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: I have no idea how that phone got in my purse.

Doris: You put it in there. Accept that you need a doctor.

Nikki: I'm sure Ashley can live for two more minutes without you. I have a favor to ask of you.

Kay: Annie! Annie! Please don't leave us here like this!

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