Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/3/09

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/3/09 -- Canada; Wednesday 3/4/09 -- U.S.A.


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Clint: How are you gonna prove you're Katherine Chancellor? You're stalling, Margie.

Kay: No! No! I... I just... when you kidnapped me before, I had an appendicitis attack. I had my appendix out. I still have the scar.

Clint: That doesn't prove a thing. Marge had her appendix out, too. Remember? Because of it?

Roger: So the scars would match up. That's clever.

Clint: Thank you. Now if you're through wasting my time--

Kay: There has to be a way. Just... please let me think!

Annie: Careful, Toots, don't pop a vessel.

Esther: What? I thought you believed her. You said that you--

Clint: Quiet! I'm sick of your yammering. (Speaking gibberish) Jeez! This whole thing's a bust. I gotta come up with a new plan.

Kay: Rex! Rex! Your old cellmate! He hated you being around his daughter Gina. Yes, he even offered you money to stay away from her and leave town-- and leave town forever.

Gina: Clint Radisson is a psychopath. He knows how desperately you want to believe that Katherine’s alive and he's gonna play on that for all it's worth. And once he knows that you're a worthy mark, believe me, he is gonna take you for everything he can get. Amber, you gotta promise me something. You're not gonna go near him. You're gonna save yourself a world of trouble. Please?

Amber: Thank you for the warning.

Daniel: Yeah. Thank you.

Gina: All right. Bye, Sweetheart.

Daniel: Okay, tell me, please, that you heard her?

Amber: I heard her. But if this Clint guy has Mrs. C. again--

Daniel: Or maybe he just saw one of your posters, you know, and he's gonna try and rip you off somehow.

Amber: Only one way to know for sure. And that's to track the sleazeball down.

Nick: 16. I mean, how did that happen?

Phyllis: Thanks. He--he has his own car. It's crazy.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, you know, I know Dad was trying to do the cool thing and get Noah a car, but he did it without asking us if we were okay with it.

Phyllis: Yeah. That was some party. It was full of surprises, wasn't it?

Nick: Like Noah showing up with Eden after we told him no more. I'm just glad Sharon didn't blow up. Although, I know she's not too happy about it.

Phyllis: Yeah. Did she seem a little off to you?

Nick: Uh... well, she's kinda got a lot going on these days.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know that. I know. But, um... I saw her do something sort of strange.

Nick: "Strange," as in...

Phyllis: Um, as in, I saw her swipe a silver picture frame from the table on her way out the door.

Nick: She did what?

Phyllis: I-I just saw her do it. She sort of looked around, and then she put it in her purse and... I just didn't know what to make of it.

Kevin: Hey, Sharon, I threw in some biscotti for you.

Sharon: Oh, yummy. Thank you, that's so--so nice of you.

Kevin: You're welcome. It's, uh, $3.40.

Sharon: Oh. Okay.

Sharon: Um... okay. Okay. Keep the change.

Kevin: Thanks. I will.

Sharon: Okay.

Sharon: What the...

[Sharon sees the frame in her purse]

Jill: I have to admit, I am very disappointed. Jack just told me that you're marrying Billy after all and moving to his place?

Chloe: Not Billy's place, the Abbott house.

Jill: That's what I meant, the Abbott place. But you're living under the same roof.

Chloe: Delia and I will be living in the pool house. And Billy will be in his penthouse. He assured me that it is the best choice. A modern marriage in a modern world. I don't know.

Jill: Then why did Jack say that--

Chloe: Because it's just wishful thinking. He's determined to get us under the same roof as Billy.

Jill: Is he?

Chloe: He's being supportive. He's just trying to help us.

Jill: Oh, Chloe... ask yourself this question, okay? Am I always willing to come in last, because that's how it'll be at Jack's place. I don't care what promises the two of them make you, you're never gonna get what you want.

Chloe: Is it because I'm so unlovable?

Jill: No, it has nothing to do with you. All Jack and Billy care about is making sure that your daughter is raised an Abbott.

Jack: So when will the future Mrs. Billy Abbott and daughter be moving into the pool house?

Billy: First, answer a question, how did you get Chloe to change her mind about marrying me?

Jack: By telling her what she needed to hear.

Billy: And what was that?

Jack: That you have feelings for her. That you'll not only be a great father to Delia, but you'll be the kind of husband that Chloe wants.

Billy: Damn it, Jack, why are you lying to Chloe like that?

Jack: You weren't really planning on treating the mother of your child like an occasional fling?

Billy: I was keeping my place. We had an arrangement.

Jack: What kind of family is that, Billy?

Billy: It was gonna be an open relationship! It's a good relationship for me.

Jack: How would a judge look at that? Billy, if you're gonna give Delia a sense of family, you have to give this a real try. Come on, your brother did that much and there was nothing between her and Cane.

Billy: You do not put-- you do not throw Cane in my face.

Jack: Okay, then get a clue. Billy, you've got a beautiful daughter, a woman who is crazy about you. Come on, it isn't like you've never been attracted to her before. It could work out.

Billy: Why are you pushing this? Okay, Chloe is not the one for me.

Jack: Have you ever given her a chance to be the one?

Billy: You, of all people, should know this. You know this. I can't be pinned down right now, okay?

Jack: Fine, you know what? Don't take my advice. But I guarantee you, you will lose any connection with your daughter, and Cane will be the one raising her. If that's what you want, knock yourself out. But I'm telling you, you are in for a lifetime of regret. And don't say I didn't warn you.

Jill: Chloe, you know, you can always change your mind. You can always stay here with us, where you're loved and supported.

Chloe: I have to give this a try.

Jill: Do you really think that you're ever gonna have the kind of relationship with Billy that you want?

Chloe: It’s... it's possible. Jack said that if we just...

Jill: Jack! Forget Jack, okay? Did Billy say he loved you? Did Billy say he wanted the three of you to live happily ever after?

Chloe: If there is a tiny chance that I could actually have a family, then yes--

Jill: Oh, my God, you are being played by masters. Don't you understand? If you really want what's best for Cordelia... I'm sorry. Look, you just think about it, okay, and we'll talk about it later tonight, 'cause right now, I've got a meeting. I've gotta go.

Chloe: Okay.

Jill: Okay.

Chloe: Billy, it's me. I need to see you.

Nick: Noah is showing off his new wheels to Sam. He said he would meet up with us later.

Phyllis: Mm. Okay, well, what I was saying about Sharon before, anyway, it just--I-I thought it was weird that she would take something from Victor's house without him saying anything. That's all.

Nick: You know, maybe he said she could have it?

Phyllis: Yep, maybe he did. But she was just sneaky about it, so...

Nick: Right. You know what? You told me that I should stop worrying about Sharon. I think maybe you should do the same thing.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nick: Okay. I'm gonna go to the gym.

Kevin: What is that, an antique?

Sharon: (Gasps)

Kevin: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was, uh, I was just admiring your frame.

Sharon: Oh, uh, I just-- it's okay. Too much caffeine.

Kevin: All right, well, then no warm up for you.

Sharon: Yeah, I better not.

Kevin: Okay.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Hello.

Amber: How quick can you get to Jimmy's? I think I have a real lead on Mrs. C...

Kevin: Oh, man, are you serious? I'll be right there.

Amber: Kevin is on his way.

Daniel: Wow, that's-- that's great. You know, I don't know why you have to drag him into this. See, I knew telling you to stop wasn't gonna do any good.

Amber: Our friend is out there in trouble. And I'm gonna find her and I'm gonna bring her home, with or without your help.

Kay: Gina was trying so hard to straighten her life out, and Rex didn't want you dragging her down again.

Roger: Who the hell are Rex and Gina?

Esther: Mr. Sterling-- he was a wonderful man.

Annie: Katherine's husband at the time. And Gina's his daughter. What? It's in the book.

Clint: Yeah. This book has all sorts of stories.

Kay: Oh, but-- but not the kidnapping one. No.

Clint: That bribe from Rex-- for me to get lost? How much was it?

Kay: It was a considerable amount.

Clint: Gee, really?

Kay: Only you didn't take it. You didn't take it. You turned it down. That surprised Rex, until he realized it was just another one of your ploys. Now... how about that?

Clint: I'm still not convinced.

Esther: But it's the truth.

Clint: And half the town knew it, dimwit!

Kay: You say I'm not worth anything unless I am Katherine Chancellor, and yet you reject everything I offer!

Clint: It's very simple, Lady. Tell me one thing that Katherine would know that Marge wouldn’t.

Esther: Come on, Mrs. C., show him. You can do it.

Annie: Yeah, show him!

Esther: Please.

Kay: Earrings. Yes, there were earrings-- diamond earrings. You gave Gina diamond earrings for her birthday. You said you had to make payments. Come to think of it, I thought they were fake at the time. Marge couldn't have known anything about that, could she? I mean, it's impossible that she would've been a guest at that particular soirée, would it?

Clint: I'll be damned. It is you.

Billy: Well, your phone call surprised me. I thought we pretty much wrapped everything up earlier.

Chloe: Yeah. Yeah, we did. Except now I'm wondering if marrying you would be a huge mistake.

Billy: Ah.

Kevin: So--so you think this guy Clint looked you up because he has Mrs. Chancellor?

Amber: Well, it's the name on the note that she left, uh, Murphy.

Daniel: I-I don't care. You heard Aunt Gina. She said this guy is dangerous.

Kevin: And he's out on parole, right?

Daniel: Yes. Yes, Kevin. Tell her how this is a bad idea.

Amber: Dangerous or not, Mrs. C. would do the same for any of us.

Daniel: Okay, so go to the cops. Let them take care of it.

Amber: Oh, yeah, right. They're gonna investigate a kidnapping of a person who's officially dead. Come on.

Kevin: Well, besides, he hasn't done anything wrong.

Amber: Well, maybe not, but we won't know until we find him. We gotta do this ourselves. It's the only way.

Kevin: Okay. I'm game.

Daniel: The two of you are ridiculous.

Kevin: Okay, I want you to think. Tell me everything this guy said.

Amber: Okay, he said he saw her at the bus station, and then right after that, he saw our poster.

Kevin: What was she doing there?

Amber: Getting on a bus, supposedly. But he described her perfectly. I mean, almost too perfectly.

Kevin: Huh. Like he knew her better than he was letting on?

Amber: Yeah.

Kevin: Okay, what else?

Amber: I told him that Mrs. Chancellor was alive, and he just didn't seem too convinced.

Daniel: Yeah, no, and--and then, he took off and Aunt Gina almost freaked.

Kevin: Hmm. But he didn't say anything that could, like, lead us to him?

Amber: Not really.

Kevin: Did he say anything, like, while you guys were talking? Anything that stood out?

Amber: No. Well, you know, maybe-- well, this is probably nothing, but, um, he popped a mint that he had in his pocket and he left the wrapper on the bar.

Kevin: Show me.

Amber: Okay. Here.

Kevin: That's it?

Amber: Yeah.

Kevin: Well... well, there's no name brand, but there is a distributor-- Tastee-host.

Daniel: So what?

Amber: So it's a clue.

Kevin: Yeah, it means we call them and we find out everywhere they deliver their mints.

Amber: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Oh, okay. So you're just gonna go start knocking on every single door of every place this vendor services and hope that you run into this ex-con?

Kevin: It's called legwork, Bro.

Daniel: No, it's called stupidity, Bro.

Amber: Well, when we find Clint and it leads to Mrs. C., I will remind you of that.

Jill: Ah, Gina? Are my clients here yet?

Gina: Uh, no. Jill, I was just getting ready to call you. I need to let you know that, um, my ex-husband's back in town.

Jill: Clint Radisson? Where?

Gina: At a bar across town. He had a meeting with Amber. Apparently, he got her number off a poster. And worse yet, he's convinced her he met someone that looks like Katherine.

Jill: Oh, Amber and that stupid campaign. Did she even realize who she was talking to?

Gina: No, not until I clued her in. But I'm just telling you this to warn you, because I have no idea what this idiot is up to.

Jill: Well, I do. That impostor who showed up after Katherine’s funeral? That was Marge. Apparently, she and Clint are working together again.

Kay: Clint, what are you writing?

Clint: Untie the maid. I got a job for her to do.

Esther: What job?

Annie: How come she gets to be untied first?

Roger: Because you like things kinky.

Annie: And don't you forget it, Mister.

Clint: No one else is getting untied.

Kay: What is going on?

Clint: Change of plans, Sweetheart.

Kay: What do you mean, change of plans? No, I demand to know. What is going on?

Clint: You demand? Trussed up like an old turkey in that chair? That's very funny-- you demand. I should've known you were old lady Chancellor on account of what a royal pain you are!

Roger: Is that note what I think it is?

Clint: It's time history repeats itself. Only this time, I'm gonna do it right.

Clint: You're gonna go to Jill and tell her that Mommy is still alive. Get her to pony up a nice big ransom.

Esther: But what if I can't convince her?

Kay: You can. You can and you must. Now, Esther, Esther, the worst thing you can do right now is panic.

Roger: How do you want me to play this?

Clint: I don’t. She's going alone.

Kay: Alone?

Roger: Isn't that taking a big risk? I really think I should be there, Clint.

Clint: Explain to me, Genius, how you can come off as a friendly party when Esther hands over that ransom note?

Roger: I figured I'd hang back, make sure she doesn't do anything stupid.

Clint: Oh, she won’t. Will you, Esther?

Esther: No.

Clint: You're gonna do exactly as I say. Because if you spill our location to anyone, mess around at all, call the cops, try and run off, she's dead. And then Annie's dead. And then, I will hunt you down and finish you off myself, you got me?!

Esther: (Cries)

Clint: Here's the ransom note. Take it! Here are your keys. You'll find your car parked three blocks west of here behind the old cannery.

Roger: Better hurry.

Annie: And don't screw it up.

Kay: Esther? Listen to me. You do your best-- your very, very best. And I know everything is going to work out. Everything.

Kevin: Okay, well, you have been a huge help. Thank you so much.

Amber: So?

Kevin: Okay, so Tastee-host is a snack supplier. And a few of the motels they cover aren't far from here.

Amber: This could be our big break!

Daniel: I don't believe the two of you. Now you're gonna run around to a bunch of seedy motels, hoping you flush this loser out. And why? Because he picked up a mint someplace?

Amber: Well, we have to try.

Daniel: No. No, you don't have to try.

Amber: But, Daniel--

Daniel: No, don't-- don't but me. You know what? You keep blowing me off. You didn't listen to Gina when she told you this guy was dangerous. I don't want you anywhere around him, all right? You could get hurt. And I don't really think that it's worth it. Okay, so just drop it. Can you drop it?

Amber: Okay, I hear you.

Daniel: You do? So it's over?

Amber: Yeah. Yes, it's over.

(Cell phone ringing)

Daniel: Hello? Yes, this is Daniel Romalotti. Oh, hi. No, what did you think? Sure, sure, I-I can... be there real soon. Okay. Um... that was the conservator for the art installation company. He wants to talk to me about the 3-d model that I e-mailed him.

Amber: Go. It's fine.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can--I can drive Amber home.

Daniel: Okay. Okay, cool, thank you. Um... look, this might take a little while. You know, I might be there for a little bit, 'cause we've gotta work out the whole show and everything. But... why don't we have some Daniel and Amber time tonight, all right? Nice, quiet, relaxing, romantic?

Amber: I would love that.

Daniel: Look, I know this is hard on you. Trust me, I'm gonna feel a lot better knowing you're safe, all right? Okay.

Amber: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Bye.

Kevin: Did you mean what you said?

Amber: You know, I hate lying to him, but I have to find Mrs. C.

Kevin: Let's do it.

Chloe: She's just making noises in her sleep. I guess our little princess knows that we have things to talk about.

Billy: What things do we have to talk about? Did you change your mind again?

Chloe: Actually, yeah, I did. I don't think I made the best decision.

Billy: What's the problem?

Chloe: Well, for starters, the penthouse thing. It's not gonna work for me. So if you want Delia and I to live in your family's house, then you need to live in the house, as well.

Billy: Oh, come on! I said I would visit.

Chloe: You'll visit?

Billy: Yeah.

Chloe: That's great. I might as well just take care of her on my own, Billy.

Billy: Well, is that what you want now?

Chloe: Well, I'm thinking that if this is what being a family means to you, then yes, this is our best option.

Billy: It's not an option. Not at all, unless you wanna go revisit your sorry childhood. Is that what you want?

Chloe: You cannot have it both ways, okay? If you wanna be Delia’s father, then I am part of the package, which means that there are strings attached. So either you decide to grow up and deal with it, or you turn around and you say good-bye now.

Jack: Well, this can't be good.

Phyllis: Listen, um, I'm worried. Something is wrong with Sharon.

Jack: Well, I'll consider the source.

Phyllis: No, she seems fragile. I mean, really fragile. Listen, um... I was watching her at Noah's party, and she was acting like nothing was wrong, but I... I think something is-- is very wrong.

Jack: Okay, what's your angle?

Phyllis: What do you mean, what's my angle?

Jack: You trying to get Sharon in trouble?

Phyllis: No, actually, I'm concerned.

Jack: About Sharon? Come on, if you're worried about anything, it's that Nick will come riding to the rescue.

Nick: Sharon? Hey. Didn't think I'd see you after Noah's party.

Sharon: Um, yeah. Well, he--he just called me. He said he was leaving Sam’s and he's on his way to the coffeehouse. Hopefully, Eden won't be there. I mean, he promised me that she wouldn't be, but you know, with the way he's been defying us lately...

Nick: Well, I just heard from him, too. And I don't think you have to worry about Eden right now, 'cause all our son cares about is that shiny new car he got for his birthday.

Sharon: Yeah. It's just... it's hard. You know, one minute, I was rocking a little baby in my arms, and the next... there's this grown young man standing in front me, you know, taller than me, driving!

Nick: Yeah. I had a lot of those same thoughts today.

Sharon: Um... well...

Nick: Uh... before you go, um...

Sharon: What?

Nick: Did--did you, uh...

Sharon: Did I what?

Nick: I don't know, it just sounds lame, saying it.

Sharon: Well, no, I mean, if you have something to ask me, just ask me.

Nick: Did you take a picture frame from my dad's house before you left Noah's party?

Phyllis: Is it wrong of me? I mean, if Sharon's about to crack up in a million pieces, then...

Jack: Have you run any of this by your noble husband?

Phyllis: Yes, I did. He told me to stop worrying about her, just like I told him to stop worrying about her.

Jack: Deny, deny, deny. Well, just a few days ago, your husband was standing right where you are, telling me to mind my own business. When he's the one that is prolonging this agony. When he's the one that's messing with Sharon's head. Sorry. Is that too much honesty for one sitting?

Phyllis: All right, you're honest with me. Can I be honest with you?

Jack: Okay, here we go.

Phyllis: I think you should reach out to her. That's what I think. Okay? Listen, if she's on a downhill slide, she's gonna need somebody who loves her. She's gonna need that. And I know you still do, Jack. I know you do. If she's gonna crack up, it's not good for Noah, and I know you wanna protect him. Am I wrong?

Jack: No so far.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, then I'm just asking you to do what you already wanna do. Right?

Sharon: Um... you know, if you are trying to take my mind off of Noah out there driving by himself, you're not doing a good job of it.

Nick: I'm--I'm not accusing you of anything.

Sharon: Okay, yes, yeah, I took the picture.

Nick: Okay. Why?

Sharon: Because... it is a picture of Noah, and I thought about having the frame engraved for Victor's birthday.

Nick: Well, there you go. I'm sure my dad will love that.

Sharon: Yeah, I probably just should've mentioned it before that you didn't think, you know, whatever you thought when you saw me take it.

Nick: Well, I actually didn't see you take it. Phyllis did, and then she told me about it afterwards.

Sharon: Oh, okay, right, and she thought I was doing something devious, of course.

Nick: No, no, she just found it curious and that's all. She's concerned about you, Sharon, so am I.

Sharon: Yeah, she's very concerned. Well, now you know that there's nothing to worry about.

Nick: Okay. Well, I'm--I'm glad we talked.

Sharon: Yeah, me, too. Um, uh, take care then.

Nick: You, too.

Chloe: So is this my answer? Dead silence?

Billy: I already told you that I can't change, okay?

Chloe: Well, I need more than a piece of paper that says that we're married when we're really not.

Billy: Come on, it's not like we're not gonna have fun. I-I just can't be pinned down. Okay?

Chloe: Okay, well, then, you're not ready for the rest of it, either.

Billy: Don't I get some sort of credit-- some points for-- for being straightforward with you?

Chloe: Unless you're willing to get rid of the girls and the penthouse and... make a real effort... Billy, I know that you don't love me. I'm not asking you to love me. But Delia and I-- I think that we deserve a little respect, you know?

Billy: Well, I, uh... I guess nothing's impossible.

Chloe: So does that mean...

Billy: I'll move in with you, okay? I'll move into Jack’s. And we'll see how it goes.

Jill: So what happened to your honeymoon? Did that charlatan dump you when I wouldn't buy half your house so he could take all your money?

Esther: You were right, Jill! Roger is the worst kind of crook! If I'd only listened to you in the first place, now everything is a disaster. It's all my fault!

Jill: Esther, Esther, Esther! Shh, get a hold of yourself. Now what are you talking about?

Esther: Mrs. Chancellor is alive. She's being held by Roger and Clint Radisson. And they gave me this-- this ransom note to give you. If you don't pay, they'll kill her.

Kevin: All right, it's your turn to knock. My knuckles are killing me.

Amber: Kevin, it's only our third motel.

Kevin: Only?

(Cell phone buzzing)

Amber: Hang on, I'm buzzing. It's Daniel. "Meeting over, need caffeine. See you at Crimson Lights?" Damn it!

Kevin: What are you gonna do?

Amber: Well, sometimes my cell phone is off and I don't even know.

Kevin: Are you sure?

Amber: No. But I'm not giving up on Mrs. C.

Kevin: Okay.

Annie: How long is that slowpoke gonna take?

Roger: She just left.

Annie: Don't you defend your wife to me.

Roger: I was just stating a fact.

Annie: Yeah? Well, here's another fact. If Esther blows this, I die. Not that you care.

Roger: I care. And that's not gonna happen.

Kay: Well, there's only one way to prove it, Roger. Let Annie and me go.

Clint: What am I, invisible?

Kay: Untie us. It'll be three against one. I'll tell the police you rescued me. And you will be rewarded handsomely. Roger, there's not that much time! You know who I am! Now don't pass it up!

Clint: Lady, you've got brass, I'll give you that.

Roger: We're holding you hostage and you want to reward us?

Kay: Yes. I let Marge go all those years ago, didn't I? Same deal-- no police, no trouble. And you'll have a bundle of cash to disappear with. Roger, when people are good to me, I never forget it.

Annie: You must think we're chumps. Like we'd trust one word out of your mouth?

Kay: Annie, you are all tied up. Where's the love? He doesn't treat you any better. And I'll tell you something, once he gets his hands on that ransom money, do you think for one minute he's going to share it? Uh, presuming that he doesn't get rid of you first.

Clint: Where's that gag?

(Knock on door)

Clint: It's that twit I met at the bar, Amber, and she's got a guy with her. How the hell did she find us?

Daniel: Hey, Baby, it's me. Um, look, the guy that I met with, he had a lot of really great ideas for me to incorporate, so, um, yeah, just gonna be a late one. Um, sorry, just give me a call when you get this and let me know what's going on. All right, love you.

Amber: Hello! Could you please answer the door? We need to talk to you!

Annie: Coming! Oh, sorry, I was sleeping.

Amber: Oh, uh, sorry, we didn't mean to wake you.

Kevin: We're, uh, we're looking for someone. Well, two someones, actually.

Amber: Have you seen this woman? Her name's Katherine Chancellor.

Kevin: We think she might be with a guy named Clint Radisson.

Amber: Yeah, he's about mid-50s, 6-foot tall, grey hair, kinda wiry.

Annie: Doesn't ring a bell.

Kevin: Are--are you with anyone who--who might've seen something?

Annie: Nope. All alone. Oh, I hope nothing's wrong.

Amber: Well, a lot's wrong. Um, here's my cell number. If you happen to see either of them, could you give me a call?

Annie: Sure will. And good luck to you folks.

Amber: Thanks.

Kevin: Thank you.

Amber: Sorry to disturb you.

Annie: That's okay .

Clint: You'd better pray Esther comes through. Because time is up!

Esther: They want it in cash. Unmarked bills. We have to get to the bank before it closes!

Jill: Esther, this is a hoax.

Esther: No, it is--

Jill: No, Gina told me Clint was in town. Now apparently, he and that prince you married are in cahoots with Marge. They weren't about to get your money, so now they're after mine.

Esther: No, no, no, you have to believe me. I swear on Delia’s life! If you don't cooperate, Clint will kill her.

Jill: You are a wreck, okay? I know this is not a game to you, but it is to them, okay? Clint isn't gonna kill anybody. You've been duped!

Esther: Jill, please, I'm begging you. You're the last place I have to turn. Please, please.

Jill: Stop, stop. You tell those con men to find themselves another patsy. Because I'm not handing over one cent.

Esther: Oh!

Phyllis: So I hope you don't mind that I went to Jack. I mean, he... he wanted to help, and I-I knew he would, but he seemed to think that Sharon was a bit wobbly lately, too.

Nick: Well, maybe I can put your mind at ease. I ran into Sharon at the club and I asked her about that picture.

Phyllis: Oh, really?

Nick: Yeah, turns out, the frame has Noah's photo in it, and Sharon took it so she could get it engraved for my father.

Phyllis: Oh, okay.

Nick: So it was cool of you to be concerned about Sharon, but you don't need to be. I think she's fine.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: I hope you're here to move in.

Chloe: If it's still okay with you.

Jack: It's more than okay. Welcome home.

Chloe: Great. Thanks. Is Billy around?

Jack: I haven't seen him.

Chloe: Okay, well, then he's probably just packing up his stuff. Yes, it's a miracle. Your brother is ready to give it a real shot.

Jack: I could not be any happier. You know your way to the pool house?

Chloe: It's through the kitchen, right?

Jack: There you go. I'll bring your bags in from the car, okay?

Chloe: Okay. Hey, Jack? Thanks. For everything. Ready, D.? These are our new digs. It's pretty sweet, huh?

Jack: Sharon, it's me. Uh, if you're free, I'd like to stop by. Give me a call when you get a chance.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kevin: I just figured out where Mrs. Chancellor is.

Kay: Who was it?

Clint: I don't like this.

Roger: I think somebody's on to us.

Cane: I warned you, Chloe, what would happen if you tried to keep Delia out of my life. Now I'm gonna sue for full custody.

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