Y&R Transcript Monday 2/23/09

Y&R Transcript Monday 2/23/09 -- Canada; Tuesday 2/24/09 -- USA


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Amber: Oh, that one is perfect! Um, hey, did you put a missing persons post on the crimson lights web site?

Kevin: Yes, and the university bulletin board.

Amber: You know what? We might want to buy space on the newspaper web site.

Kevin: You know, I think we should just go grass roots for now. You know, I think we'll get more traction that way.

Amber: You think?

Kevin: Yeah.

Amber: Daniel, what do you think?

Daniel: Huh? About what?

Amber: What will give us more traction on the campaign to find Mrs. Chancellor? Do we go traditional and just, like, buy ad space, or do we let it go viral?

Daniel: (Sighs) I don't think it really matters.

Amber: Daniel.

Daniel: What? I-I just mean that either one would be fine, right?

Jana: Yeah, yeah, sure. Do both, yeah. Um, so listen, I spoke to my friend Errol yesterday, and I sent him jpegs of your new work, and if he likes them, he would put a blurb in the "Metro Art Quarterly."

Daniel: You have a frien-- she has a friend at "Metro Art Quarterly." You have a friend at "Metro Art Quarterly"?

Jana: Yeah, I do.

Amber: (Sighs) You know what? Do you think we should use more colors?

Kevin: No, I think we should stick with black and white, you know, build brand recognition.

Amber: Really?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Amber.

Amber: Yeah, yeah, that is so awesome, Baby. It really is great. You know, I think we should use red, not just black and white.

Kevin: No, no, no. That's gonna cost more.

Amber: Yeah, but red is red. We need red. You know, I can't think. I can't think without coffee. I need more caffeine. Anyone want--want more caffeine, huh? Huh? Yeah? Yeah? Okay, you know what? I'll--I will be right back, and when I come back, we will find a way to put one of those on every person in town, huh?

Kevin: Yeah.

Jana: I suppose.

Amber: Okay.

Kevin: Huh? Huh?

Kay: Surely I could have had some privacy in the bathroom at least. Do you think I was going to s-scurry through one of those heating ducts to escape?

Clint: Nope, nothing in the entire paper, Margie. You disappeared, and nobody cares.

Kay: They didn't put it in the papers. It's not the same.

Clint: That D.N.A. test was a big mistake. Now everybody knows you're a con artist who obviously skipped town before she could get busted.

Roger: Hallelujah.

Clint: Oh, please tell me that means--

Roger: Yes, finally, Esther and I got married.

Clint: Ha ha! All right!

Esther: (Sighs)

Jill: Esther.

Esther: Oh.

Jill: Esther, where have you been? Why haven't you returned my phone calls?

Esther: Oh, Roger made it worth while to leave everything on vibrate.

Jill: (Sighs) You are gonna regret every moment you've spent with that con man.

Esther: Nothing you say will make me doubt my husband.

Jill: Your husb-- you did it? You married him?

Esther: Yes, and it was so romantic.

Jill: Oh, my God. Well, I don't doubt it. He's had a lot of practice.

Esther: Oh, God. What does that mean?

Jill: It means that Roger says "I do" for a living, Esther. He's a bigamist.

(Cell phone rings)

Michael: Michael Baldwin. Paul, are you back in town? No, they--they just gave us a court date for Gloria's trial, so it's crunch time. What did you find out? Really? All right, that changes everything. You got a copy of your notes? Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, hold tight. I'll be right there.

Gloria: So I go to court this week. I have to face the husband of the woman who died. He's gonna be screamin' for my head on a stick.

Imogene: Uh, that's not a legal punishment in this state.

Gloria: I just don't understand how it all got this far.

Imogene: What's to understand? Your cream killed someone.

Gloria: It wasn't supposed to happen. It's a terrible tragedy. That cream was just supposed to get me some respect.

Imogene: You get respect here inside.

Gloria: 'Cause I got hair spray and chocolate.

Man: Bardwell, you got a visitor.

Gloria: (Sighs) Well, if it isn't my long-lost husband. I was startin' to think I'd never see you again.

Jeff: You wonít. This is good-bye.

Gloria: So what do you mean good-bye?

Imogene: Not to tough to figure out.

Gloria: You want any more hair spray, you better beat it now.

Imogene: I get out in six months, Doll.

Gloria: What's all this about?

Jeff: It's over, Gloria. I'm done waiting for you to sign the papers. I contacted the lawyer to push through our divorce.

Gloria: Ah, yeah, that.


Jeff: (Chuckles) I don't think you understand.

Gloria: No, I understand all right. You said it was a divorce in name only to protect our assets.

Jeff: Yeah, that was the plan.

Gloria: Was?

Jeff: Until you decided to protect yourself instead and sold the stock Katherine left you to somebody else.

Gloria: I got a better offer. You should be proud of me.

Jeff: Proud that my own wife screwed me over?

Gloria: Lover man, that's what we do, you know, our little game of cat and mouse.

Jeff: Oh. Well, guess what. Game's over. I won.

Gloria: You're leavin' me?

Jeff: Karma's a bitch, ain't it? And I gotta look after my own interests here.

Gloria: So I'm left to rot in this place? And I suppose you're going back to your little tramp Crayon?

Jeff: Kyon. What can I tell ya? A man has needs. I just wanted to make sure things were clear between us. I'm a decent kind of guy that way.

Gloria: You're the worst kind of human waste there is. I hope I never see your beady-eyed, pig face again.

Amber: Make it strong, no milk, no sugar. Thanks. I wanted to give you fair warning.


Nikki: Well, hello, Amber.

Amber: I am looking for Katherine Chancellor, and it's an all-out search, because we know she didn't just disappear.

Victoria: Unless she's a fraud.

Amber: She's not, and once I find her, I'll prove it.

Nikki: Um, why are you telling us this?

Amber: So you can take your shot at me. Jill already ripped at me for what I'm doing, so if you want to take your shot, let's just, uh, get it over with.

Victoria: Amber, would you please just leave my mother alone?

Amber: I'm not giving up, and I'm not going away, so...

Victoria: Mom, do you want to leave? Let's leave.

Nikki: Victoria, no, Honey, it's fine. (Sighs) You're a very determined young woman. Probably learned that from helping Katherine write her memoirs.

Amber: Well, Mrs. C. never gave up on what she cared about, so...

Nikki: That is true. She was quite determined, tough as nails when she had to be, but also very kind, very compassionate. I must ask myself a hundred times a day, "What would Katherine do right now?"

Amber: Me, too.

Nikki: Well, then that was her gift to you, as it was to me for half my life.

Amber: So you get it.

Nikki: Amber, if you want to hold out hope that Katherine is still somewhere out there, I'm not gonna stop you. I mean, I wish for all of our sakes that she were still with us.

Roger: Esther was still dithering...

Clint: Mm.

Roger: So I went for...

Clint: Thank you.

Roger: The full-court press.

Clint: (Scoffs)

Roger: I decorated the hospital room, had the justice of the peace there, swept her off her feet.

Annie: I'm sure you did.

Clint: Ah, the power of love and a good line.

Roger: (Scoffs) Now it's off to the honeymoon.

Annie: Honeymoon?

Roger: Well, Esther's not a total loser. She's gonna expect the whole package.

[Kay remembering]

Esther: What did Mrs. Newman say?

Kay: Well, she told me to take care of myself... (Chuckles) To stay strong and healthy.

Esther: She loves you, and so do other people. Will you please to go the specialist?

Kay: But, Esther, what if he tells me the worst, that my mind is turning to dust? What then?

Esther: No matter what he says, I'll look after you. You're stuck with me forever.

Kay: Dear, dear friend.

Clint: What's that?

Kay: Esther Valentine is a wonderful woman, and you are a revolting, pathetic piece of scum who tricked her into marrying you.

Jill: It took Paul Williams awhile to track it all down, because Roger uses an alias sometimes. Now... (Scoffs) He's never been convicted of anything, because all of the women refused to press charges, but you can put a stop to it, Esther.

Esther: What?

Jill: You can be the woman who puts an end to his little crime spree. Chances are he's married to someone right now.

Esther: Yeah, me. He's my husband.

Jill: I mean, he's married to somebody else, Esther. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know this must hurt.

Esther: You hired an investigator?

Jill: Well, it was clear that Roger had an agenda from the moment I saw him, but you were so smitten you couldn't see it. I was worried about you.

Esther: Oh, thank you for your concern.

Jill: Well, you were grieving over Katherine. I mean, naturally, your guard was down.

Esther: That's what you think happened?

Jill: Oh, Esther. Your bad taste in men is legendary, but I'm sure at any other time, you would have seen a scam this big.

Esther: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Jill: Esther, it's all right. We'll fix this mess. We'll put Roger Wilkes in his place. Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going?

Esther: On my honeymoon with my husband.

Jill: Did you not just hear everything I told you in there?

Esther: Every single word. I'm sorry that my love life is so threatening to you, Jill.

Jill: Oh, Lord. Roger's a danger to you, not to me.

Esther: You hired an investigator to try to prove that, but he couldn't even find a crime, and instead, here you are still stomping on my happiness.

Jill: Oh, good Lord, you're brainwashed.

Esther: No, I'm in love.

Jill: Listen to me, Esther. I could see that he had an agenda the first time you brought him here, but you were so smitten you couldn't see it. I was worried about you.

Esther: You know what? He was. He was admiring the house.

Jill: And then he kept pushing and pushing to have you marry him even when your daughter was in the hospital? Why couldn't he just wait?

Esther: He's crazy about me.

Jill: He is a man who moves in for the kill with lonely and desperate women.

Esther: Enough, Jill. You're talking about my husband.

Jill: He is using you. Even you can't be this delusional.

Esther: You're a desperate, bitter woman. I'm sorry you have no love life.

Jill: What, you think that's the problem?

Esther: You should have taken a hint from Mrs. Chancellor when she gave you that negligee as a Christmas present...

Jill: Oh.

Esther: And told you to get a man, but instead, you attack me because I am so much more fulfilled!

Jill: Katherine would be the first one to tell you that you don't require a man to be fulfilled, Esther.

Esther: It's not about having a man! It's about going after what you want in life, Jill.

Jill: (Sighs)

Esther: But you're afraid of being happy, and that's a tragedy. Your mother was right about you.

Jill: (Sighs)

Kay: Esther is one of the most decent, loving people I have ever known, and you take advantage of that? And for what, for a little money?

Clint: A lot of money, Margie. Now Katherine took care of Esther in her will, and Esther is gonna take care of all of us.

Kay: How could you possibly live with yourselves? My God, you are Tiny....

Clint: Hey!

Kay: Tiny men. Small. You're small. You think small!

Clint: Annie, what happened to this lovely lady's gag?

Kay: You cannot shut me up.

Clint: Have you happened to notice that we're armed?

Kay: Preying on a decent human being who never did anything to you.

Roger: I'm nice to Esther. She's havin' the time of her life.

Clint: Oh, shut up, Roger.

Kay: The time of your life? You rob her blind. You dump her, leave her brokenhearted.

Clint: Yeah, you pipe down, too.

Kay: If you want your hands on the Chancellor fortune, you go through me, through me. You leave that poor woman alone.

Clint: Don't waste your breath tryin' to act like you're Katherine. I know better. You're Marge. You're an old drunk with no new tricks. So keep your big mouth shut, unless, of course, you'd like to join us in toasting Roger's wedding.

Kevin: Look, Daniel, I know you're not totally on board with this whole "Find Katherine" thing, but can you figure out a way to make this printer feed straight?

Daniel: That would take an act of God.

Kevin: Or tech support or a new printer maybe.

Daniel: Mm, yeah, neither of which I have.

(Cell phone rings)

Jana: Hello? Oh, Errol, how are you? Yeah, so what do you think of Genoa City's hottest you-- new artist?

Kevin: Where's the reset button on this dinosaur?

Daniel: It's on the end-- the back left panel.

Jana: Oh, well, uh, we can-- we can send some more. Yeah, I will, yeah. Sure. Okay, take care, Errol. Bye.

Daniel: That didn't sound too good.

Jana: Oh, um... well, they, uh, they decided to pass on the write-up, but it's--I-I think it's just 'cause, um, it's really brutal out there in the magazine world, you know? And, uh, he said that they've got a mandate. They can only focus on certain artists.

Daniel: So in other words, he didn't like my work.

Jana: No, that's not what he said exactly.

Daniel: So what did he say exactly?

Jana: Nothing that matters, just--

Daniel: It--it does matter. What did he say?

Jana: Well, Errol found your work derivative of '80s graffiti art.

Daniel: Oh.

Jana: Look, that's just one person, Daniel.

Kevin: That sucks, Dude. Publicity in the free press would have meant some, like, major bucks. But you know what? Jana has other hookups. We'll find another way to get the money rollin' in.

Jana: (Sighs) It's not always about the money, Kevin.

Amber: You're the best, Nikki. There are so many ways that you can help.

Victoria: Amber, I don't think you understand.

Amber: Look, see, the cops-- they won't believe Kevin and me that Mrs. C. was kidnapped, but they will believe you.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Nikki: Look, Amber, I admire your ability to hope, but that doesn't mean I agree with you.

Amber: But it's her, Nikki. I swear, that woman who showed up is Katherine Chancellor.

Nikki: Look, I understand that you believe what you're saying. In spite of what Jill says, I-I think you're very sincere.

Amber: But you won't help.

Nikki: I've put my trust in the wrong people before. (Sighs) One time it was a deadly mistake, and I will regret it the rest of my life.

Victoria: (Whispering) Mom, you're not responsible for what David did.

Nikki: Honey, its okay. I just hope that you learn your lesson in a less painful way. I would hate to see you lose faith in life.

Amber: Well, it won't happen, and you prepare yourself for a miracle, because I am gonna find Mrs. C. I'm gonna bring her home, and you're gonna get your best friend back.

Nikki: (Sighs)

Victoria: (Normal voice) You're my hero, you know?

Nikki: Oh, good grief, why?

Victoria: I don't think I know anyone who's handled everything that fate's thrown at her with so much grace.

Gloria: Hey, Imogene, got some of those chocolates you like, the one with the cherries--

Imogene: Yeah, I don't want a damn thing from you.

Gloria: What's wrong with you?

Imogene: This. I wrote what you told me, and my man's dumped me.

Gloria: Oh, come on. It's just a mistake.

Imogene: My mistake was trusting you in the first place.

Woman: Well, get in line. Look what you did to me. When you said your conditioner would make my hair look like a movie star, I was thinking Megan Fox, not bride of Frankenstein.

Gloria: Sorry. Just give me a break.

Woman: Hey, what's the big idea tellin' the warden I have a drug problem?

Gloria: Drug problem? Rug problem. Rug problem. I said that ratty mat you got in your cell--it's an eyesore. It ruins the ambiance of this joint.

Woman: You want to talk ruin? They cancelled my parole hearing thanks to you. You're gonna pay for this.

Woman: Oh, that's not all she's gonna pay for. That law firm you set me up with took my money and ran.

Gloria: What? What?

Imogene: Yeah, she's broke now.

Gloria: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. They came highly recommended. I'll tell you what. I'll tell you what. I'll have my son check into it, because he's a lawyer.

Woman: Is he a scam artist like you, huh?

Gloria: All right, hey, you watch it. I was trying to help.

Imogene: Yeah, well, your help's gotten us all fried one way or another.

Woman: Just like you fried that woman's face with your cream.

Gloria: Stop it. That was an accident. Come on, Ladies, I can fix this. I can fix this.

Imogene: Yeah, how about we fix you instead? My new name is karma. You're gonna get what's coming to you.

Gloria: Oh, no!

Man: Yo, Gloria, another visitor.

Gloria: Oh, Michael, I've never been so happy to see a friendly face in my life.

Michael: I've got some news about your case. You'd better sit down.

Gloria: I know about the court date. I got the letter.

Michael: Yeah, well, I'm aware of that, but as of today, it's a whole new ball game.

Gloria: Oh, we got a hangin' judge?

Michael: No, will you just listen to me for a--

Gloria: No, no, Michael, you listen to me. The walls are closin' in on me here.

Michael: Well, I understand that. You--

Gloria: No, you don't understand.

Michael: (Sighs)

Gloria: I can't hear anything from anybody else. It's my turn to talk. It's time to confess.

Michael: (Sighs)

Amber: Art critic is full of it. You know, someday, people will cough up some serious bank for an original Daniel Romalotti, and that little weasel boy-- he won't even get an interview.

Daniel: (Sighs)

Amber: Hey, you know, money talks, and people listen. It will be okay, baby.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, it will.

Jana: It takes time to get established.

Amber: Hey, you know, why don't you go back to sketches for a little while?

Daniel: 'Cause if I'm sketching, then I'm not painting, and if I'm not painting, then I'm not getting better.

Amber: Yeah, but you can sell your sketches. Look, people like my jacket, but I don't say, "Sorry, no jacket. I decided to make shoes instead," right?

Daniel: Yeah, sure.

Amber: So if you want to be a success, you gotta give people what they want.

Daniel: (Sighs) Well, the problem with that, Amber, is my art isn't shoes.

Kevin: This printer is freaking out again.

Amber: Sometimes you just gotta give it a good thump.


Nikki: So I went up to the lake where Brad died.


Victoria: What? Well, I wish you would have told me. Were you alone?

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Mom.

Nikki: It was fine. I just wanted to have my own service, shall we say, pray for him and thank him for saving Noahís life.

Victoria: You shouldn't have gone by yourself.

Nikki: I just felt terrible that I wasn't here for the funeral.

Victoria: That's okay. Aunt Casey needed you, and, honestly, uh, what happened that day was a-a little awkward.

Nikki: Oh, the scene with your father?

Victoria: Oh, you know Dad. He just showed up at the wrong time, and Colleen was already upset, and then she saw him, and she just sort of... what's the word? Erupted, I guess.

Nikki: Look, trust me, your father was not some random, innocent victim. He had been trying to remove Brad from the Newman board.

Victoria: Well, don't worry, because Colleen paid him back in full when she claimed Brad's seat on the board.

Nikki: Whew. That is quite a coming-out party for a young girl.

Victoria: Mm.

Nikki: Wish I could have seen the look on Victor's face for that.

Victoria: (Scoffs) No, you donít.


Colleen: Well, it was memorable.

Nikki: Oh, Colleen. So is this true? I hear you're taking on Victor.

Colleen: Yes, and I am scared to death. You have the secret recipe?

Nikki: Victor can be very intimidating, but it doesn't seem like you've backed down yet.

Colleen: Well, it was very hard for me afterwards. When he had me alone trying to work on me, he did everything he could to make me cave in, but I didnít.

Victoria: Um... (Clears throat) Is this how you want to spend your time from now on?

Colleen: (Scoffs) Playing chicken with your father? N-no, that's not how I saw my life a month ago.

Victoria: Well, you--you're the new Fresh Face of Jabot, aren't you?

Colleen: And I have school.

Nikki: Well, that sounds like a lovely life for a young lady. Why add an unnecessary burden to it?

Colleen: You know, my father never walked away from a challenge or a responsibility. That's how he lived, and, um, that's how he died. That's what he taught me. You know, he believed that I could do anything, and growing up, I believed it, too. He gave me everything you could ever ask from a father, and, uh, I'm gonna make him proud.

Nikki: There are other ways.

Colleen: (Scoffs) Victor went after my father so he could give his girlfriend a seat on the board. Nikki, that--that was wrong. Okay, I-I deserve more than that and so does he.

Nikki: I understand, but if you're looking for validation from Victor, you're never gonna get it.

Victoria: Unfortunately, it is a very rare thing in business when a woman truly gets to call the shots.

Nikki: Mm-hmm, Katherine Chancellor is one of the few examples I know... knew.

Clint: Where's the honeymoon?

Roger: The Caribbean.

Clint: Make sure you get Esther to pony up those bank account numbers.

Roger: One night on the beach. That's all it'll take.

Clint: Good. You need some chair time to cool down, Margie. Hey, tie her up tight. Come on, Annie, stop moonin' after lover boy.

Annie: I'm not mooning.

Clint: Just do what I tell ya.

Annie: (Mutters indistinctly)

Clint: You know, pretty soon, I'm not gonna have any use for you at all, Margie. Think about that the next time you decide to lip off. You, Annie, keep her in that chair until I get back.

Kay: He treats you like a piece of furniture. I know what that's like. I've had to be twice as tough, twice as smart as a man to succeed, and when you win, you know, they're too embarrassed to give you any acknowledgment. (Sighs) You know what they say about Ginger Rogers? She did everything that Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in heels.

Kay: Probably why you like reading those memoirs. You know, there's a woman who no one could push around.

Annie: A woman? You claim it's you.

Kay: It could be you, Annie. Yes. That's who you are inside.

Jill: This isn't a good time.

Jeff: Well, then it's a good thing I'm here.

Jill: Not really.

Jeff: I came to pay my respects.

Jill: (Scoffs) I'm not dead.

Jeff: Of course not. You are one live firecracker of a woman.

Jill: What do you want, Jeffrey?

Jeff: I came to offer congratulations for taking over Jabot again. Genius move.

Jill: Why are you here?

Jeff: Can we... (Sighs) Maybe talk for a while, um, have a drink before we get down to it?

Jill: To it?

Jeff: I'm here to light your firecracker.

Jill: (Laughing) Oh, my God. You didn't just say that.

Jeff: Mm.

Jill: I have insulted you. I have rejected you.

Jeff: Foreplay.

Jill: You must really be after something if you're willing to risk another smackdown by me.

Jeff: Ooh, I like that part.

Jill: What a sick puppy you are.

Jeff: Or maybe you're just so hot you're worth the risk, hmm?

Gloria: I know I've made an awful lot of noise about who put me in here, but the truth is I'm the only one to blame...

Michael: (Sighs)

Gloria: Not Jeffrey, not even Jack. I did a stupid, reckless thing. All of the Abbotts, except John, just wanted me to shut up and know my place, but as John's wife, I just wanted to help. I wanted to save the day. So I tainted that cream, and it felt great to knock Ashley off her pedestal... (Sighs) Until I found out that Jack had sent out free samples. That cream was never supposed to leave the lab.

Michael: Look, I know you want to get this off your chest, but there's--

Gloria: It's no excuse, I know, and I'm done makin' excuses.

Gloria: I'm no better than your father.

Michael: No, no, you're not--

Gloria: Lowell wanted money, and he ended up taking a life. I wanted respect, and I took a life. And we both expected you to get us off the hook, Michael. Next to Emma Gibson dying, that's the thing I hate most, and I am so sorry for putting you through this again.

Michael: You mean that?

Gloria: Because I know when the whole story comes out what this is going to do to you.

Michael: No, you have no idea what. It's time you had all the facts.

Victoria: He'll have the last word.

Nikki: Oh, yes, Victor will insist on that. Let him. Just remember that that doesn't mean he's won.

Colleen: (Chuckles) Well, thank you for the help. I-I didn't think I'd have any friends on the board before now.

Victoria: Listen, I am more than happy to show you the ropes, but I love my father, too, and I'm not gonna join in some alliance against him.

Colleen: You vote with Victor.

Victoria: No, I vote for the best interest of Newman Enterprises, and if you do, too, I'm sure we'll be on the same side a lot.

Colleen: Well, I've appreciated the tips.

Victoria: Well, you just call my office if you have any questions.

Colleen: I will, thank you.

Victoria: Okay.

Colleen: And thank you.

Nikki: Bye-bye, Colleen. Good luck.

Nikki: That's a brave girl.

Victoria: Or a very foolish one.

Nikki: You know who she reminds me of? You used to have that fire when you'd go toe-to-toe with your father, and he would punish you for not going along with his choices. He was wrong. You realize that.

Victoria: Eh, well, he's Dad.

Nikki: He punished you for being a brilliant businesswoman instead of a businessman.

Victoria: Mm. It's true. It seems that no matter what I've done for the company, I guess I always have been a little less than in his eyes.


Nikki: You know, maybe it's a good thing that Colleen is on the board.

Victoria: You mean instead of Ashley, right?

Nikki: Oh, please. She would have sat there echoing everything Victor said.

Victoria: Most of the board members do that, Mom.


Nikki: Well, now there's a woman there that won't, and if I were in your shoes, I would give some thought to lining up with Colleen. She's gonna need all the help she can get.

Jill: Your timing is uncanny.

Jeff: Yeah, I hear that a lot.

Jill: (Chuckles) Believe it or not, I was just getting romantic advice from Esther of all people.

Jeff: (Scoffs)

Jill: And here you stand, exhibit a-- everything a woman could do wrong...

Jeff: Ah.

Jill: Everything you don't want in a man.

Jeff: Hey, you need a moving target, go ahead. I can take it.

Jill: Are you sure?

Jeff: Yeah, bring it on.

Gloria: I just don't want you to try to make it better for me.

Michael: I'm n--I'm not. I'm not. Would you just-- just listen to me for a minute?

Gloria: Okay.

Michael: Now Paul has been investigating the Gibsons for weeks. He found out that Emma had a son from a previous marriage. He's in an institution, and not a very good one at that. Andrew Gibson hasn't spent one dime of the Jabot settlement on that child, and he hasn't been to visit since Emma died.

Gloria: How'd he end up in a place like that?

Michael: Anaphylactic shock because of a severe food allergy. The child suffered brain damage.

Gloria: Because of me, he doesn't even have a mother.

Michael: No, no, no, no. Let me finish. Let me finish. Now Paulís gut reaction is that there had to be a connection between the boy's condition and what happened to Emma. We knew she had a reaction to her meal the last night, but the autopsy was inconclusive. So once Paul located the son, he had medical experts go over the boy's case and compare it to the findings, the postmortem findings on Emma. There were six points of correlation on the standard--

Gloria: Michael, stop. English.

Michael: Gloria, you are not like Lowell. You didn't take a life.

Jana: Okay, so Kev says that the, uh, printer threw in some posters with the flyer order. They should be here any minute.

Daniel: Awesome.


Jana: What do you see?

Daniel: The black lines. I think it's the, uh, sharp black lines. That's why your friend Errol said that it reminded him of '80s graffiti art.

Jana: Maybe. You don't know what's in his head, and you can't paint by numbers. Daniel, you've got to-- you've got to paint with your soul, your heart and your senses. If--if money's your goal, then, yeah, do your sketches.

Daniel: (Sighs)

Jana: But if you do not create with your vision, then you'll never be a successful artist. Have I offended you?

Daniel: No. No, you actually made me want to paint right now.


Amber: We got a great deal on top of the posters. All we had to do was give the guy a t-shirt.

Kevin: You know what I think? I think that we should sell these at the coffeehouse. There's no reason why a good cause can't make money, too, right?

Amber: Absolutely.

Kevin: Yeah, what's up, girl?

Amber: Yeah.

Kevin: Check it out.

Amber: Yeah, I know, look.

Kay: Annie, I'm thirsty. I, uh, yelled so much at Clint. I didn't realize.

Annie: You really gave it to him, and Roger, too, for marrying that woman.

Kay: Well, they deserved worse.

Annie: You weren't just yankin' his chain?

Kay: Annie, any man who would use a woman that way is a miserable excuse for a human being.

Annie: Here. Go ahead, drink.

Kay: (Grunts) Oh. Oh, thank you. You're very kind.

Annie: Well, you're a good judge of character, something I had to learn.

Kay: And I'm sure you're a very, very wise woman.

Annie: Well, you may not be as smart as you think. I was the first Mrs. Roger Wilkes.

Annie: (Sighs)

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Jill: Ooh.

Jeff: Jill... (Laughs) This is so sudden.

Jill: That's the way it is with us firecrackers.

Jeff: Well, not that I don't love a really loud bang. I'm just not sure I'm ready.

Jill: What, are you afraid I won't respect you in the morning?

Jeff: (Laughs) You don't respect me now.

Jill: Then you got nothin' to lose.

Jeff: Mm.

Jill: You know what? This is your lucky day, because I have one Christmas present that I haven't opened yet.

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Jill: (Laughs) Wait till you see it.

Michael: I had Paul go over the medical evidence a hundred times before I decided to tell you. We have affidavits from four experts in forensics in internal medicine who are willing to testify. Listen to me. Emma Gibson died from a food allergy. Her husband went after Jabot because it had deeper pockets.

Gloria: Tell me.

Michael: Well, we're gonna have the involuntary manslaughter charges dropped. We have a shot at getting the product tampering charges reduced. You may even go free.

Gloria: J-j-j--no, no.

Michael: Well...

Gloria: Say it again.

Michael: You could go free if we find a ju--

Gloria: No, Michael. Tell me. (Sniffles)

Michael: Gloria, you didn't kill anybody.

Gloria: I didn't do it. I didn't kill anybody. Oh, God.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

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Colleen: Well, I couldn't have pulled it off without your help. Victor's done everything you said he would.

Rafael: What do you want to get out of this, Billy--custody, shared custody, visitation?

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