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Esther: Oh, she's beautiful. Hi, Honey.

Lily: Milk, no sugar. Cane, yours is right here.

Cane: Thank you.

Billy: Any word yet?

Esther: Nothing.

Cane: You know, I can't thank the two of you enough for what you did last night. My little girl wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you two.

Lily: Well, Aunt Olivia deserves all the credit, 'cause she talked us through it.

Billy: Yeah, I guess it's good that you showed up. If we hadn't gotten Chloe to the ambulance, then, uh...

Cane: Let's just hope we got her here in time.

Neil: So do you have good news?

Rafael: Better than good.

Neil: Yeah?

Rafael: The judge has terminated Yolanda’s parental rights over Ana.

Karen: Thank God!

Neil: You have no idea. Yolanda can't cause any more trouble for Ana.

Karen: Okay, uh, Rafe, I wanna go ahead and start the proceedings for Ana’s adoption right away.

Rafael: I'll draw up a petition for the court. We'll need to put together a list of--

Neil: Hold it, wait, wait, hold on, hold on a minute. No one's gonna draw up any petition. All right, we just need to relax and slow down.

Dr. Okamura: Chloe has septicemia-- bacteria in her bloodstream. Her body temperature and blood pressure are dangerously low. She's on I.V. fluids and antibiotics to combat the infection.

Cane: Will she be all right?

Dr. Okamura: Well, it's trial and error with septicemia. The antibiotics haven't started to work yet. We'll monitor, and if we have to, we'll try another one.

Esther: Well, what happens if--if none of--of the...

Dr. Okamura: If it doesn't work, then she goes into septic shock.

Jill: Which means?

Dr. Okamura: The organs begin to fail.

Esther: Oh, my God!

Dr. Okamura: That is the worst case scenario. Now let's just take it one step at a time.

Jack: Morning, Ash.

Ashley: Hey.

Jack: Have you seen Billy?

Ashley: No. Could you come here a second?

Jack: Sure, what's up?

Ashley: I wanted you to hear something. Victor was kind enough to offer me Brad's vacant seat on the Newman board.

Jack: Of course he was. I hope you told him what he could do with his offer.

[Victor remembering]

Victor: You're dancing. Isn't it wonderful?

Hope: Yes. It is. I'm dancing.

Victor: Did you enjoy that?

Hope: Oh, yes. It was wonderful. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Adam: I would sit on the bench every game and just stew. Coach wouldn't play me. I hated it. I wanted to quit that team so bad. I remember I went home and I told my mom I was gonna quit. She said, "Absolutely not. Absolutely not, Vic. You made a commitment. You better stick with it."

Chaplain: (Laughs) You know, she sounds like an extraordinary woman.

Adam: Oh, she was. She was. Tough as nails. But she had a kind of... a kind of gentle, soft spoken quality all the time. Like... velvet over steel or something, you know? I guess if I hadn't listened to her... I never would've got to experience that. I used to think that day that she died was the worst day of my life. As it turns out, every day thereafter is just getting worse and worse. I had my whole life ahead of me. Now look at me.

Jack: Victor is making his move to undermine the Abbott family. Surely, you're not seriously considering taking a seat on the Newman board?

Ashley: I am. I am. Only because it has its advantages.

Jack: And disadvantages. Not the least of which is it's clearly a conflict of interest.

Ashley: Brad worked at Jabot and he also sat on the Newman board.

Jack: Oh, jeez, there's a sterling example. Brad was an employee.

Ashley: I know.

Jack: You are a member of the Abbott family. You can't do this, Ash.

Ashley: Really? Well, the Jabot bylaws clearly state that its directors must be fair and impartial. You don't think I can be fair and impartial, Jack?

Jack: Ash... the mustache is using your feelings for him to drive a wedge into this family.

Ashley: Okay, I hear you.

Jack: This is how he works.

Ashley: I know. I know. You always think that Victor's making a move in some bigger than life game. Maybe it is what it is, Jack. Maybe it's not about your rivalry. Maybe it is a chance to rise above it. What a concept.

Adam: You see, when Mom died, Victor invited me to come and stay in Genoa City. He insisted, actually. And yeah, he welcomed me with open arms. He offered me a job. But his other children were a totally different story. They criticized my opinions. They resented my presence. The marginalized my contributions to the company. They eventually turned Victor against me and... I haven't heard a word from anyone since any of this happened.

Chaplain: You haven't only lost a mother, Adam, you lost a father. You need to grieve that loss.

Adam: This is anger, okay? This isn't grief. That's all he's left me with.

[Victor remembering]

Hope: I need you both to know... I have loved you with all that I am, body and soul. You have been...the two greatest joys of my life. And after I'm gone, I won't be here in body, but I will be with you in spirit. My love will always be with you. You are written on my heart. Please... make peace with each other. Love each other. Tak-take care of each other. Please.

Chloe: Hi, Munchkin. Hi. It's Mommy.

Cane: And we are so proud of Mommy, aren't we? For being so strong? What's that? She says she wants you to try real hard to get well soon, so you can come home to me and Daddy.

Esther: Oh, she's the prettiest little girl I've ever seen, next to you.

Jill: There goes the leaky faucet again. Your mother blubbers about everything. Hey, let's get a muffin to sop up all that coffee.

Esther: I love you, Baby.

Lily: I just wish that there was something more we could've done.

Dr. Okamura: What you and Billy did was remarkable. Turning the baby, helping Chloe give birth under those non-sterile conditions? You saved their lives.

Billy: And we're not gonna let your forget it either.

Chloe: Oh, yay. Oh, Doc, I am really tired.

Dr. Okamura: Yeah, well, I gave you a sedative. You should be asleep in a few minutes. Now we're gonna intubate you to get your more oxygen in those lungs, okay?

Chloe: Okay.

Dr. Okamura: I'll come back and check on you.

Cane: Thank you, Doctor. Thank you so much.

Chloe: I owe... my life... and my baby's life to you.

Billy: You damn well get better, okay? You hear me?

Chloe: Come here. Can I see her?

Cane: Sure.

Baby: (Fusses)

Chloe: Oh, shh. Hi. Hello, my little boog. I have so much that I wanna teach you. That I wanna show you. I promise you I'm gonna get better, okay? I promise. Hey... I'm too tired. Can you take her? I'm sorry. You should take her. Got her?

Cane: Yeah, I've got her.

Chloe: Take care of my little heart, okay?

Cane: She's my heart, too.

Rafael: Let me know how you want me proceed.

Neil: We will. Thanks.

Karen: Thanks, Rafe.

Rafael: My pleasure.

Karen: See ya.

Rafael: Gotta fly.

Neil: All right. Bye-bye.

Karen: Look, Honey, I'm sorry that I asked Rafe to proceed with the adoption for Ana without confirming it with you first. I-I just--

Neil: No, Honey, Honey, its okay, listen to me. You know, what I don't understand is, um, you know, what's the hurry here? Seriously, what's the rush? You have gone from 0 to 100 just like that.

Karen: I- know.

Neil: We've only been foster parents for how long? What, two months?

Karen: Yes, exactly. And that's my point. I mean, we have nothing to fall back on. There's no record that we're even capable of raising Ana.

Neil: Okay, then we'll build one.

Karen: Yeah. But while we're building one, what is something should happen? I mean, God forbid if Ana should get hurt or it could be something simple like her grades start to drop. You know child services could come in, take her away and place her with a couple that has a track record.

Neil: I certainly don't want that to happen.

Karen: No one does, Honey, including Tyra.

Neil: No, you're right. But I wanna hear it from Tyra herself. Okay, we promised her a say in this, and before anything else happens, she should have her say, okay?

Olivia: I can't believe that they managed to drag Chloe on that toboggan through a snow storm.

Tyra: Oh, my God, imagine, Lily saving Cane and Chloe's baby? It's crazy.

Olivia: I am so proud of my niece, I could just bust.

Tyra: Oh!

Olivia: I just--I just wish it worked out differently.

Tyra: Yeah, you mean between Lily and Cane, right?

Olivia: Those two belong together.

Tyra: Mm. Yeah.

Tyra: You know... I should've said something to Neil before he got married. Olivia, you were right, okay? I have to hand it to you, you were right and... Neil's the best man I've ever known.

Olivia: You're just gonna have to find someone else.

Tyra: Oh, yeah, that's really easy.

Olivia: I know, I know, it's not gonna be easy, but there's no point in thinking about what might've been.

Tyra: I don't know, what if it still could be?

Olivia: Tyra?

Tyra: Look, Olivia, I remember you saying to me, you encouraged me, you said, don't give up. That's what you said.

Olivia: Yeah, I said that before he got married. Now he's married. He's off limits. No. No matter how right you think you two are together, no. No.

Lily: Billy?

Billy: I am not gonna stand around and watch that.

Lily: So what are you gonna do, just run? What's worse, the mother of your child near death, or your baby in your brother's arms? You really had me fooled. I thought you were better that that.

Billy: I kept my mouth shut because I truly believe that kid has a better chance with Cane as a father than me.

Lily: You are such a liar! You didn't step up 'cause you didn't wanna take responsibility. Is life just one big 24-hour party to you?

Billy: No, it's not.

Lily: Well, if you had manned up when you found out about Chloe's baby, none of this would've happened. I can't believe I was ever attracted to you.

Billy: Okay, you have every right to be upset right no--

Lily: Listen, tell Cane the truth, because obviously, Chloe can’t. And I am not gonna be the one to break his heart.

Billy: You need to give me time to think.

Lily: Billy, there is no time to think. Every minute that Cane cares for that baby, he is getting in deeper. Tell him. Please. Or I will have to.

Cane: You know, this is the quietest I've ever seen your mommy. But you already knew that, didn't you, 'cause you live with her. You are so strong to have made it through such a rough start. One day, when you are older, I'm gonna take you to Australia so you can see the outback. 'Cause that's where your daddy's from. But right now, I just wanna know what your mommy was doing at that cabin. What were you doing at the cabin, Chloe? You know what? If she was awake, she'd probably ask me the same thing. What was I doing there?

Tyra: Hey. You wanted to see me?

Neil: Tyra. You've been avoiding me.

Tyra: Look... I'm really sorry about what happened, okay? I betrayed our friendship and I've betrayed Karen.

Neil: It's a long, long way from one kiss to betrayal.

Tyra: I bet Karen wouldn't necessarily feel that way if she knew.

Neil: It was just a kiss. The kiss was a mistake. It's not gonna happen again.

Tyra: Why are you so nice? I've never met a man like you. Ever. You know what? Maybe... I don't know, maybe I should go.

(Knock on door)

Victor: Yeah?

Ashley: Hi. Do you got a sec?

Victor: Come in.

Ashley: I've been thinking about your offer. And checking the Jabot bylaws to make sure that it wouldn't be a conflict if I sit on the Newman board.

Victor: Good.

Ashley: Whatcha doing? What's that?

Victor: I am-- this is Hope's bible.

Ashley: Oh.

Victor: She passed away a year ago, you know?

Ashley: I'm sorry, I didn't know that.

Victor: Oh.

Victor: On her deathbed, she asked me to take care of Adam. To watch over him. I've tried... maybe things would've turned out differently if, um... she hadn't asked me to stay out of his life as he was growing up. In other words, he grew up without my influence.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Victor: He grew up weak.

Ashley: Well, he's definitely made some bad mistakes. I think the jury's still out, though, on who he really is.

Victor: Well...

Ashley: Because all those things he did, he did because he thought the only family he had had rejected him.

Victor: I think it's more complicated than that, Sweetheart.

Ashley: I don't know.

Victor: We are responsible for our own actions.

Ashley: I agree with that. I agree that we are responsible. But all I'm saying is that he's carrying the burden of the decisions that Hope made throughout his life. Today's gonna be a lot harder on him than it is on you. And he needs his family. And you're all he's got.

Ashley: You're all he's got.

Cane: My daughter wouldn't be alive if you hadn't held her close to you to keep her warm in that snowstorm. I'll never forget that, Lily.

Lily: We lost our baby here in this hospital.

Carter: You don't have to stay.

Lily: Well, I'm here because of what you told me last night in the woods. You said that you loved me and that you wanted to be with me. Did you mean that?

Cane: I love you, Lily, but I can't talk about this right now with the baby and Chloe in the hospital like this.

Lily: So that means no.

Cane: Listen, um... there is something that I need to know. Why was-- why was Chloe up at the cabin? You know the answer to that, don't you? Look, I was there to see you. Was... was Chloe there to see Billy? Is there something going on between those two?

Lily: (Sighs) That's a question that you should ask Billy and Chloe.

Billy: Jimmy. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.

Jimmy: What's the occasion?

Billy: To the new baby.

Jimmy: Oh, congratulations.

Billy: To the mother.

Jimmy: Well, everybody needs one of those.

Billy: Yeah.

Billy: Ah. And to the two fathers-- two daddies-- to two daddies. Cheers, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Two dads? Nothing shocks me anymore.

[Billy dreaming]

Chloe: Hey, Billy.

Billy: What are you doing here? You're in the hospital. It's all my fault you're in the hospital.

Chloe: So why do you hate me so much? Is it because I fell in love with you?

Billy: Who says I hate you? I don't hate you.

Jack: Talkin' to yourself?

Billy: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Not exactly where I expected to find the new C.E.O. of Jabot Cosmetics in the middle of the day.

Billy: Thanks for coming.

Jack: You called me. What's up?

Billy: Chloe had her baby.

Jack: Ah.

Billy: Don't you "Ah" me yet, man. Guess who caught the little booger out of the chute? Yours truly. I did that. It's a big cosmic joke, Jack. And I'm not laughing.

Adam: I didn't expect to see you here.

Victor: Your mother wouldn't want this day to go by without my checking up on you.

Adam: I'm fine.

Victor: Do you recognize this?

Adam: It's Mom's bible.

Victor: I went through it a little earlier. I found some, uh, pictures of you when you were growing up. And then I remember one of your mother's favorite passages from the bible, so... I wrote it down on the back of one of these photos.

Adam: Why are you here? You just trying to make a bad day worse? You know what? I never expected much outta you, but you're the only family I've got. And you chose to let me rot in prison. Okay, Pop? The choice has been made. Have you called? Have you come by? Visited? Written a letter? Anything? So you show up here on the anniversary of my mother's death and you think that, uh... that this gesture is going to assuage your guilt. Nice touch with the bible, by the way, but I see through it. And so did Mom, and that's why she didn't want you to have anything to do with me. If she were alive today, she wouldn't want me to have anything to do with you. So why don't you just take the bible and get out!

Victor: Well done. Didn't think you had it in you.

Baby: (Crying)

Esther: Oh, it's okay, Honey. Your mommy loves you. Your daddy loves you. I love you. And Grandma Jill loves you.

Jill: You know what? Maybe she's hungry. Um, I'll go see if it's time for her feeding. Okay?

Esther: Oh, let me do it, okay?

Jill: Sure, go ahead.

Esther: Okay. Oh, no, it's okay, don't cry.

Cane: Hey.

Esther: I'm going to get her a bottle.

Cane: Oh, thank you, Esther. Thank you.

Esther: Okay, Honey.

Cane: Mom, have you seen Billy?

Jill: Uh, not for a while.

Cane: You know, Mum, 24 hours ago, I was ready to leave Chloe for Lily.

Jill: You were?

Cane: Yeah. I knew I was losing Lily for good and I just, uh...

Jill: You were willing to do anything to keep that from happening?

Cane: Including breaking up a family-- my daughter's family. What was I thinking?

Jill: Darling, Darling, the first time you hold your baby in your arms, everything changes. Everything you've ever wanted for yourself, every dream you've ever had for yourself, you're not focused on that anymore.

Cane: Now I have to put those dreams aside. You know, I've paid that lip service, but I never really got it until I saw my daughter's little face. That girl needs a commitment, mom, a real commitment, and I'm gonna give her that. It doesn't matter how strong my feelings are for Lily, Mom.

Jack: So Lily knows the baby's yours, but Cane doesn’t.

Billy: Jack, I, uh... I sat in that hospital today and I watched the mother of my kid--my kid fighting for her life. And then in comes "Cane the magnificent" big super daddy Cane. He's holding my kid. It's my kid, Jack. We all know I'm a screw-up, right? Just--I didn't know I was this guy.

Jack: Okay, so... what do you think your next move's gonna be?

Billy: Ooh! Carnival. You wanna go to carnival, Jack? We can go to-- the Abbott brothers and carnival.

Jack: Have you maybe given any thought to facing the music?

Billy: There's music in carnival, Jack.

Jack: You're really not going to tell Cane the truth?

Billy: Hell no, I'm not gonna tell Cane. Look, I just need to go back to being Liam. I was good at being Liam, just soulless hook-ups, faceless women. It was so much easier.

Jack: And so much more fulfilling, right?

Billy: Who needs fulfilling?

Jack: Billy, if you don't do the right thing now, this guilt you're feeling is gonna eat you alive. You might as well have your name engraved on one of those bar stools, 'cause you'll be coming here every day to drown that sense of self-loathing.

Billy: Well, I feel a lot better now, thank you.

Jack: You wanted the truth, there it is. You don't want another man raising your child. That little girl is an Abbott.

Billy: Abbott.

Tyra: The judge signed the order?

Neil: He sure did. Yolanda's parental rights have been terminated.

Tyra: Oh, Neil, after all of these years, Yolanda will never be able to bother us again. So have you told Ana yet?

Neil: No. No, not yet.

Tyra: All right, so, I mean, what's the next step? What do we do now? Do we just keep things the way they are?

Neil: Okay, well, now that's a possibility. It's not the best one. It leaves Ana vulnerable to the whims of child services.

Tyra: Yeah, child services. Look, I know that they really try to do their best by children, but... the day that they took Ana away from me... look, I never wanna feel that way again. And God knows, I don't want Ana to either.

Neil: Okay, so there's a way to guarantee that won't happen.

Tyra: Adoption.

Neil: Here's what we do. You, Karen and I-- we put everything out on the table and we discuss it.

Tyra: Wait, no, what is there to discuss, okay? Karen's already said the way she feels.

Neil: Yeah, but you and I-- we--we get a vote.

Tyra: Oh, do we? Great. Well, then I vote that I adopt Ana.

Abby: So then Nessa called Jordan to tell him that she didn't wanna see him anymore, but called Lee by mistake, and then he asked her out.

Ashley: Oh, my God.

Ana: You gonna eat that?

Ashley: No, it's all yours.

Abby: The muffins here are wicked good.

Ashley: What's going on with you at school? Is there anybody you have a crush on?

Abby: Would I really tell you if I were?

Ashley: Well, you better.

Abby: What about you and Victor? Is it a crush or are you in love?

Ashley: Well, I certainly wouldn't have moved us both into the ranch if it was just a crush. Are you okay with that?

Abby: Yeah, I guess.

Ashley: You miss your dad. I do, too.

Abby: It hurts so much. I think about him every day.

Ashley: Of course you do, Sweetie. I still think about my dad every day.

Abby: Really? You never talk about it.

Ashley: Well, I do. I think about him all the time. I mean, when I'm sad and... when I'm happy and I wanna share something with him, you know? And I can’t. My dad was always in my corner 100%. Just like I am for you. And just like Victor is for you, too.

Abby: He's not my father.

Ashley: Abby, I know he's not your father the same way that Brad's your father, but he does love you. He loves all his children.

Victor: I guess I was right about you spending time in prison. You're developing a backbone. I like that. Now this your mother's gift to you, all right? Um... don't ever talk to me like that again.

Neil: Here you go.

Tyra: Thanks.

Neil: Yeah, um... listen, Tyra, about you adopting Ana...

Tyra: Look, Neil, okay, I know that I said that I wouldn't stand a chance, but who knows? Maybe I do. You know, maybe they know that I have a-a steady job and a nice home... and I don't know, maybe even someone to share it with.

Neil: Yeah, um... listen, I'm not trying to put a damper on things, but you know, realistically, I'm not quite sure if that's--

Tyra: Neil, you don't even have to say it. I know, okay? They--they wouldn't even let you adopt Ana unless you were married to Karen, so... I get it.

Neil: Hey, check it out. If Karen and I do adopt Ana, she'll have a great life. Right? And--and you'll always be close by.

Tyra: Promise me that you won't let her put her singing before her schooling.

Neil: Oh, hey, education always comes first. And I promise... she will not quit the church choir.

Tyra: You know what? When Ana and I first came to Genoa City, we just... I had so many hopes for us.

Neil: Yeah? What kinda hopes?

Tyra: Well, I had hoped that Yolanda would never able to come around again and... I hoped that we could really put our roots down somewhere and that we could really get to know Devon. And... I don't know, I hoped that... maybe you would fall in love with me... the way that I've fallen in love with you.

Neil: Say what?

Tyra: I have been attracted to you since we first met. And... I see the way you look at me. And sometimes, I think you feel the same way. I wanted to say something to you at your wedding, and if I had said something to you, would you have still married Karen? Look, I mean, can't you feel the chemistry between us? When I do this...

Victor: Well! Hello, ladies.

Ashley: Hi.

Abby: Hi.

Victor: Hi, Sweetheart.

Ashley: Hello. Did you go see Adam?

Victor: I did, indeed. I gave him Hope's Bible. He is very angry.

Abby: Angry about what?

Victor: About a year ago, Adam's mother died.

Ashley: And instead of, you know, being sad, some people get angry.

Abby: Poor Adam. You should've asked us to go with you. We would've gone to see him, right, Mom?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Victor: That's very sweet of you.

Abby: Well, you were married to his mother, weren't you?

Victor: Yes, I was, indeed.

Abby: Then you must be feeling really bad, too. I'm so sorry.

Adam: "You have heard that it was said, 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' But I say to you, do not resist an evildoer. If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other cheek also." Yeah, I prefer an eye for an eye.

Frank: Hm? Did you say something?

Adam: Listen, Frank, I can't take it in here anymore, okay? I need you to get that stuff that we talked about.

Lily: Uh, where's Cane?

Jill: Oh, he's talking to one of the nurses. Here, would you like to hold her?

Lily: Oh, uh, no, thank you.

Cane: Hey. Can I have her?

Jill: Oh, yeah. I'll give you a hand.

Cane: So the nurse wanted a name for the baby's certificate. And I was thinking about something that Chloe said earlier about how this baby is the heart of our family.

Esther: Yes, she is.

Cane: So I went online and I think I found a name that Chloe would like.

Jill: What?

Cane: Cordelia. It means "Heart."

Jill: Oh, that's beautiful. Cordelia. I like it.

Cane: And I also picked Katherine, to honor Grandma. And Valentine to honor you, Esther.

Esther: Really?

Cane: Really.

Cane: So, Chloe, if you can hear me, I would like to introduce you to our daughter... Cordelia Katherine Valentine Ashby.

Billy: Hey, Jimmy! Jack! That's--get your own, Jack!

Jack: You've had enough.

Billy: You can go now.

Jack: Billy, you're scared. I understand that. Who wouldn't be?

Billy: I'm not scared, Jack. I'm terrified, man. And being an Abbott doesn't guarantee crap. Look at you! Right, look at you! Your life's a mess. You're all messed up.

Jack: You think you're telling me something I don't know? I have two kids I never see. On the rare occasion we speak on the phone, we never get past being polite. I don't know either one of them. Don't know anything about their dreams.

Billy: Yeah, but... being responsible for somebody's life? I can't do that, Jack. I shouldn't do that.

Jack: Do you really want that little girl growing up thinking that Cane Ashby, Aussie bartender, is her father? I think we both know the answer to that question. Billy, she's your daughter. Stake your claim.

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Cane: You're not going anywhere near my daughter.

Billy: Your daughter? You're telling me to back away from your daughter?

Nick: For what I'm really thinking about doing right now, we're kinda overdressed.

Cane: Chloe? Chloe? Mom? Get a--

Jill: We need a doctor here!

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