Y&R Transcript Friday 2/13/09

Y&R Transcript Friday 2/13/09 -- Canada; Monday 2/16/09 -- U.S.A.


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Lily: How can you even stand yourselves? Or are you just that soulless that you don't care that you ruined two peoples' lives?

Chloe: Honestly, that's not what I was trying to do.

Billy: It was never about hurting anyone, okay?

Lily: Not about hurting anyone? You never once thought about Cane or what losing him did to me! And did you ever think, Chloe, that maybe Cane actually loves that baby like it's his now? And you are gonna break his heart when he finds out the truth! What kind of evil person does that? You just tell him he has a child and just take it away? How sick and twisted can you be?

Chloe: Oh! Ah. Um... uh... my water-- yeah, I just think it broke.

Lily: Oh, my God, you will say anything to get out of this!

Chloe: Uh, if you haven't noticed, this is not something that you can really fake, okay?

Billy: It's true. You should look.

Chloe: Oh, God.

Lily: You're-- you're not even due yet.

Chloe: Well, will you tell that to her? I...

Billy: We gotta get you to the hospital.

Chloe: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you do, because I have this whole plan all--oh, God. Ah.

Lily: Um, okay, I'm gonna start the car.

Chloe: Um... no, there's a problem.

Billy: What now?

Chloe: Well, I-I ran into a park ranger on the way up and they closed the roads down due to the storm.

Lily: So why didn't you turn back?

Chloe: Because I was not thinking clearly!

Billy: I'm starting to detect a pattern here.

Lily: Okay, well, we'll just have to find some other way to get you to the hospital.

Chloe: Yeah, how is that?

Lily: I don't know, Chloe. We'll call an ambulance.

Billy: Not if the roads are blocked.

Lily: Okay, then we'll call one of those medical helicopters.

Chloe: I don't have a signal. I don't have a signal.

Billy: Just--I will hike until I get reception, okay?

Chloe: Great, well, you wanna tell them to hurry. Because I did not plan on having a baby in the love nest where her daddy is actually trying to get luck.

Billy: Are you gonna be okay here?

Lily: Yeah, we'll be fine.

Chloe: Stop making goo-goo eyes at her and go already! I'm about to have a baby!

Chloe: Oh, my God.

Man: You weather guys have the life. You sit on your butts staying warm while we're out there in the storm telling people to stay home so we don't have to send the dogs out after 'em.

Cane: Excuse me.

Man: Yeah?

Cane: I left my car at the roadblock.

Man: So what's the latest?

Cane: I have to-- listen, I have a 4-wheel drive.

Man: Uh, the, uh, the drifts are getting pretty high, so we're gonna hunker down here for the night.

Cane: Listen, I have to get through. There's a woman up there I have to get to.

Man: Yeah, okay, yeah.

Amber: You're lying. There is no way that D.N.A. test could say she's not Katherine Chancellor.

Jill: There is a very big way. It's called fraud.

Jana: But she looks and sounds just like her.

Jill: You were conned.

Amber: That is not possible.

Kevin: No, no, something's wrong.

Jill: This test proves, without a doubt, that what I've been saying all along is true. The woman's a phony.

Amber: No, that woman truly is Katherine Chancellor. I don't care what your stupid test says.

Jill: My mother is dead! Okay? Your loyalty is to a piece of trash!

Kay: Get your hands off me!

Roger: You got a lot of spunk for an old dame.

Clint: Marge was always a big pain in the ass.

Kay: How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not Marge. Now if it's money you want, for heaven's sakes, I have plenty. Let me make a call.

Clint: Shut up! Look, Red, you may have conned a couple of people along the way, but I knew from the second I saw you. You're Marge Catrooke, my old, loyal partner. The one who turned me in 20 years ago when I kidnapped Katherine Chancellor.

Roger: You sure we got the waitress and not the rich old lady?

Clint: She doesn't have enough up here to be Katherine Chancellor. Damn it!

Roger: Oh, no, you donít. Get back there.

Clint: You behave yourself, or you're not gonna last long. You got me?

Billy: Ugh. Come on. Come on. Come on. Oh, here we go. Okay.

Man: Sorry, Sir, the weather's not letting up. No one's getting through.

Cane: Okay, listen, I understand that. But I am prepared to take full responsibility for this.

(Telephone ringing)

Man: Ranger station.

Billy: Hello, my name is Billy Abbott. And I'm staying in one of the cabins near the lake and I'm with a pregnant woman who just went into labor. Can you tell me when the roads are gonna open?

Man: Not tonight. Weather service says that the snow won't let up till morning. That's the earliest.

Billy: Oh, come on! Can you get an ambulance or a medical helicopter up here or something?

Man: Uh, no chopper, not in this wind. How far into labor is she?

Billy: Her water just broke.

Man: Is this her first time?

Billy: Yeah, it's her first. And the woman's freaking out. What can I do? Man, what do I do?

Man: All right, look, if she just started labor, there's time. Now my advice to you is to make the mother warm and comfortable. You got that, dad? Check in with me tomorrow morning.

Billy: Listen to me, okay? My phone doesn't work in the cabin. I will pay whatever it costs to get a MedEvac up there. I'm at 276 Brier Lane, Twin Lakes, you got me?

Man: Yeah, got it. Okay. Woman out by the lake just went into labor.

Cane: Wow. Talk about bad timing, huh?

Man: Nothing to do for her.

Cane: Okay, okay.

Man: Same goes for you. All the roads are closed.

Cane: Okay, all right, listen to me, listen, I am sure you've made some mistakes in your life, but I have just made a huge one. My girl is out there with the wrong guy and this is my fault. And I'm gonna get there, even if I have to walk, okay?

Man: Hold on, Romeo, okay? It's not a wise idea.

(Telephone ringing)

Man: One second. Ranger station. Yeah.

Chloe: Okay. Oh. Oh.

Lily: Are you okay?

Chloe: Hurts less than my back does. Okay.

Lily: Well, that's two now, 20 minutes apart.

Chloe: Thank you. I can count.

Lily: You know, you should probably get your wet clothes off.

Chloe: Well, I didn't bring anything else to wear.

Lily: Okay, well, here, at least put this around you and sit by the fire.

Chloe: You know what? I read that if I just keep on moving, it'll make the birth a lot easier. Okay. Just keep moving.

Lily: You know what, tell me, Chloe, how long were gonna keep lying to everyone? Manipulating all of us so that you could get what you wanted?

Chloe: Do you think that we could talk about this later? I'm about to drop a bowling ball here.

Lily: (Sighs)

Chloe: You know, Billy--he really put one on you. Huh? You just thought that he was the perfect catch. Oh, gosh, he was lying to you the whole time. You are just so desperate. It's hysterical.

Lily: Oh, God. Desperate? You wanna see desperation? Try looking in the mirror, Kate Valentine. Housekeeper's daughter scheming to get knocked up by a Chancellor. And then you decide you want my Chancellor because Billy won't marry you. You know what? It all makes sense now. The reason why Cane could never remember having sex with you was because it never happened! You just stormed into our lives and destroyed everything! We were supposed to get married and you just ruined that for no reason!

Chloe: You love Cane so much you went out and got a dot com boyfriend. You almost just jumped into bed with his brother! Please. That's true love?

Ashley: So what's going on with you this Valentineís Day? Do you have a hot date tonight?

Olivia: Mm, yeah, if you call, uh, visiting my 81-year-old pastor in the hospital a hot date.

Ashley: Mm.

Olivia: How about you? Plans with Victor?

Ashley: Um, yeah. We're gonna have dinner at the Athletic Club. Not the most romantic place, but we wanted to keep it low-key. You know, Victor has really gone out of his way to be sweet to Abby since Brad's passing.

Olivia: Honey, you don't have to convince me. As long as you're happy.

Ashley: I'm happy. I'm happy, personally. Business wise, there's some issues at Jabot.

Olivia: I heard you lost your position. Your C.E.O. position.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. At least the company's still being run by an Abbott.

Olivia: Well, how do you feel about Billy taking your job?

Ashley: Awful. I mean, I'm not thrilled about it. I can understand why Jill put him there. I mean, he's an Abbott and a Chancellor, so he can bridge the gap between both families. It's extremely unsettling not knowing who owns controlling interest in Jabot. Believe me.

Neil: So, Victor, have you heard anything about who bought those shares from Gloria?

Victor: Jill isn't saying, you know.

Neil: Right, and Gloria is being uncharacteristically quiet.

Victor: Yeah. Wish I'd seen Jack's expression when he got the news.

Neil: How does Ashley feel about stepping out of the C.E.O. position?

Victor: Oh, it was a shock, I'm sure. But she has a lot of things to occupy her.

Neil: So are you still planning on giving her Brad's board seat?

Victor: Yeah. Why not?

Neil: Well, quite a change-up, that's all. Ashley in the Newman board? Billy, C.E.O. of Jabot?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Neil: You know, I gotta ask you, um, are you a spectator in this event, or one of the team owners?

Victor: I have no intentions of getting involved with Jabot, Neil. My family comes first.

Neil: Less conflict of interest. I understand that. Listen, I should take off.

Victor: You have a good night.

Neil: You, too. Talk to you.

(Cell phone ringing)

Ashley: Excuse me. Hey.

Victor: Happy Valentineís Day.

Ashley: Yeah, same to you. Um, I was just about to call you. What time are our reservations?

Victor: Uh, Sweetheart, um, I cannot meet you at the club. Something came up.

Ashley: Oh. Okay. Well, no worries. Um, we could celebrate another night.

Victor: Well, would you mind coming by the office?

Ashley: Sure. Do you want me to bring dinner?

Victor: No, just bring yourself, okay?

Ashley: Okay. I'll be there in a little bit.

Victor: I love you.

Amber: I know what I know, Jill.

Jill: What are you accusing me of?

Amber: That maybe you bribed the technician to change the D.N.A. results.

Jill: Why would I do that?

Amber: To keep Mrs. C.'s fortune!

Kevin: You could've even changed swabs. Used somebody else's D.N.A. to screw up the test. I read about it somewhere.

Jill: Oh, enough! Enough insanity! God, I hate that Marge for giving me false hope! I thought I had a second chance with Katherine.

Amber: You have no one to blame but yourself for the way things ended between you and Mrs. C. you practically put her in a home.

Jill: This is none of your business! Our family is none of your business! The gall of you to force me to submit to a D.N.A. test. Well, too bad you don't like the results. There they are! She's a phony, and you're either a swindler or a sucker!

Daniel: Oh, you know what? We don't have to listen to this crap.

Amber: No, you know what? It is really awful that Mrs. Chancellor's own daughter doesn't believe in her. I can't wait until she hears about this, but you know what? I'll try not to make you out as the heartless witch that you really are.

Kevin: Murphy? Where's Mrs. Chancellor?

Murphy: I was, uh, I was hoping you might know. That's why I ran down here.

Daniel: She left a little while ago to pick you up.

Amber: She didn't get there?

Murphy: Uh, I went out for a bit. When I got back, there was this weird note saying that she was leaving town.

Kevin: What?

Amber: No, she wouldn't do that.

Murphy: It doesn't sound like her at all.

Kevin: Did you call the police?

Murphy: Yeah, I sure did. I told them about the memory lapses. You know, it could be that... that her mind is playing tricks on her.

Daniel: Yeah, or it could be something worse.

Amber: What, like what?

Jill: Your poor sap. The D.N.A. results are in. She left because she's busted.

Kevin: No.

Kay: Oh, please. You don't need to do this. No, I-I will--

Clint: I can't have you screaming bloody murder, Marge.

Kay: (Muffled talking)

Clint: I mean, my God, what would the neighbors think?

Kay: (Muffled) Please-- please don't leave. Please don't leave me here!

Victor: I thought you'd be upset with me for breaking our plans.

Ashley: Oh, did you really think I bought that "I'm too busy" excuse? Really?

Victor: What, am I that transparent?

Ashley: You are. Sometimes, actually. Why? Are you keeping secrets from me?

Victor: There's one secret. That's why I lured you here. It's right over there. Your present.

Ashley: Wow. Huh. A desk chair. I never expected to get a desk chair for Valentineís Day. Um... Victor, really, you shouldn't have. I mean, it's lovely, but I already have one at Jabot. Am I missing something?

Victor: When we met in Paris, I never thought this would happen. You saved my life. And I want you close to me at all times. So I'm offering you the vacant seat on the Newman board of directors.

Ashley: Now that I really didn't expect. Brad's vacant board seat?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Is it a consolation prize for losing my Jabot C.E.O. title?

Victor: No, my darling, your name came up long before-- long before the power shift and long before Billy's appointment. This is not an act of pity, if that's what you think. I want you with me.

Ashley: I'm still very active and involved at Jabot.

Victor: My darling, Brad Carlton was involved with both companies. No one is more capable and deserving than you.

Ashley: Thank you... for having faith in me. May I think about it?

Victor: What is there to think about?

Billy: The MedEvac can't fly in. We're stuck here until the storm passes.

Chloe: Oh, like hell we are. I am not having this baby in this cabin. Ow! Oh, my gosh! Oh! Okay!

Lily: Oh, okay, that was faster than last time.

Chloe: I gotta get outta here. I can't have this baby here. Oh! Ow!

Billy: Chloe, Chloe, listen to me, okay? Whoa! You are not in charge anymore. The baby's in charge and she's sliding down the chute and there's nothing you can do about it. So unless you wanna have this baby in a blizzard in minus-10 degrees, you're stuck here with us.

Chloe: Oh, yeah, in purgatory with incubus and succubus. Don't you dare smile at me like that, Billy Abbott! Ow! Oh, my God! Oh, my gosh! I think she wants to be born out of my back instead of the right way!

Lily: Okay, that's it! I'm calling my Aunt Liv for help!

Billy: No, no, no, no!

Lily: Billy, where'd you find reception?

Billy: You can't go out there.

Lily: Well, one of us has to stay here. You don't really wanna leave your baby right now, do you?

Chloe: I think he wants to get out of here sooner than I do.

Billy: Just past the car, you'll see two trees on your left, and then there's a rise and a clearance and you can make the phone call. Just take the walkie talkie.

Lily: Okay, I'll be back. Be back as soon as I can.

Chloe: Ugh. Look at you. You are stuck like the rat that you are. What a divine joke.

Billy: Oh, yeah, thank God. He's got a great sense of humor.

Chloe: Okay. I gotta keep moving. Gotta keep moving. Don't touch me. Gotta keep moving. Oh. How did you know the baby was yours?

Billy: In the hospital, when you fell off the ladder. You were further along than you were telling everybody.

Chloe: Before Christmas? You're telling me that you have known all this time and you have never said anything?! Oh!

Murphy: How could the test go wrong? She is Katherine. You're mother and daughter.

Jill: She is a fake. The woman is not my mother. She never was.

Murphy: Katherine is not a liar. Maybe you're the fake!

Kevin: What about-- what about the ring?

Amber: Yeah, the emerald ring. Why would Marge have it, huh?

Jill: Thank you, thank you for doing the leg work. I will have the police put out a warrant on her for grand theft.

Jana: What is going on over here?

Kevin: All right, so Mrs. Chancellor wrote Murphy a note and then she disappeared. Do--do you have that note?

Murphy: I gave it to the cops.

Jana: Well, what did it say?

Murphy: That she was leaving, and that she didn't wanna be lying anymore.

Jana: Lying?

Daniel: Why the hell would she write that?

Murphy: Who knows? I mean, none of this makes any sense!

Amber: No, Mrs. Chancellor wouldn't just disappear.

Murphy: Yeah, well, you and I know that.

Amber: You've spent more time with her than anyone recently. I mean, what do you think happened?

Murphy: Well, my gut tells me that somebody snatched her. And so help me, if they touch one hair on Katherineís head, I'll kill them.

Roger: Who's my best girl? I'll see you soon, Esther. Can't wait.

(Kissing noise)

Clint: Oh, quit making those disgusting noises. Close the deal and marry the broad.

Roger: Chancellor's daughter, Jill what's-her-face, keeps getting Esther to postpone the wedding.

Clint: Are you telling me you can't sweet talk the merry maid into marrying you? Just do it!

Roger: Don't worry, I will.

Clint: I'll walk out with you. I need to buy more bullets.

Kay: (Muffled) Don't leave me here like! Please don't leave me here!

Clint: Calm down, Sweetheart. I got a trained nurse to look after you. Nothing but the best for my duchess.

Kay: (Muffled) Please!

Kay: Please!

Annie: Hey there, Sunshine. I'm Annie.

Billy: Here you go.

Chloe: Snow?

Billy: Women in labor suck on ice chips in movies.

Chloe: You suck on it. I'm not having this baby. I'm not doing it. Not in this cabin.

Billy: So now you're a doctor, too, huh?

Chloe: No, I'm not a doctor, but I went to Lamaze class and I learned that I still have a far long way to go when my contractions are 15 minutes apart. And you would've know that if you would've shown up, but you were too busy macking on Lily. So you missed that part.

Billy: I'm not gonna sit here and argue with a crazy pregnant lady, whose contractions are now 5 minutes apart. Come here. Now you made it... pretty damn clear you didn't want me to know, when you lied to my face twice and told me Cane was the daddy. And you know that you would've sat on it forever if I hadn't told Lily.

Chloe: You do not get brownie points for that. You donít. I made the right choice for this baby. And you only told Lily so you can nail her.

Billy: That's not true.

Chloe: You're telling me that you had an attack of conscience? Billy Abbott does not have a conscience! You don't! And I made the right choice by picking Cane for the fat-- aah! Oh, my God! Okay, okay, here we go.

Billy: Just squeeze my hand or something. Okay! Punch me or something! I deserve it! It's okay! Curse me out!

Chloe: Oh, damn you, Billy! Aah! Aah! Oh, why are you being so nice?! Why are you being nice? You never wanted us! You never wanted us and you never wanted this baby! Aah! Aah!

Neil: Happy Valentineís Day.

Olivia: Oh, chocolates! Apply directly to thighs.

Neil: Nice.

Olivia: Thank you.

Neil: So can I buy you a cup of coffee?

Olivia: Oh, wait a minute, don't you have a wife that's expecting you to wine and dine her tonight? It's Valentineís Day.

Neil: Yeah, well, she made me promise that I'd stay out of the house for another hour. She and Ana are cooking a special dinner.

Olivia: That's nice.

(Cell phone ringing)

Olivia: Oh, oh, it's your gorgeous daughter calling.

Neil: Oh.

Olivia: Hey there, miss niece. You don't have time for your aunt anymore now that you're crushing on a boy?

Lily: Aunt Liv, it's an emergency.

Olivia: What's wrong?

Neil: What?

Lily: Um, I am stuck in a cabin out in the woods and the roads are closed. Chloe's having her baby and I need for you to tell me what to do.

Olivia: She's stranded with Chloe and Chloe's baby's coming.

Neil: Where the hell is Cane? Give me the phone.

Olivia: Hold on, your dad wants to talk to you.

Lily: No, Aunt Liv, wait!

Neil: Lily? Listen, you shouldn't be in the middle of this mess. What's going on?

Lily: Trust me, Dad, I really wish that I werenít.

Neil: Are you okay?

Lily: Yeah, I'm fine. Please just put Aunt Liv back on the phone. I have to talk to her.

Neil: Okay.

Olivia: Neil, come on. Okay, Honey, I need to ask you a couple questions.

Lily: Um, okay, hold on, I'll find out. Uh, Billy, are you there?

Chloe: Oh! Oh, my God!

Billy: I'm here.

Lily: Um, okay, my Aunt Liv needs to know how far apart Chloe's contractions are and how many months pregnant she is.

Chloe: Mmm.

Billy: About two minutes apart, and seven and a half months along? Maybe more.


Amber: How could you sic the police on your own mother?

Kevin: Look, look, look, at least if Mrs. C. is in trouble, the cops can track her down, right?

Esther: What is this about Mrs. C. and the police?

Jana: The D.N.A. results are in.

Esther: Well, is she or isn't she?

Jill: The woman is a lying fraud who tried to take advantage of our grief. And now that she's exposed, she's run away.

Esther: I-I didn't think it was Mrs. Chancellor, but I'd hoped.

Amber: No, I-I still say something's wrong. You know, if we do one more test--

Jill: Amber, enough! Please let my mother rest in peace!

Annie: When you care about your patients as much as I do, it really drains you. Knitting relaxes me.

Kay: (Muffled noises)

Annie: Are you doing okay, precious?

Kay: (Muffled) No.

Annie: Oh...

Kay: (Muffled noises)

Annie: Well, Clint said you were an actress.

Kay: (Muffled pleading)

Annie: Didn't get that.

Kay: (Muffled pleading)

Annie: You can't use the little girls' room until Clint comes back. Oh!

Kay: I'm hungry.

Annie: I can handle that.

Annie: (Humming)

Annie: You gotta keep your blood sugar up, Sugar.

Lily: Thank God we brought clean towels and sheets with us.

Neil: Lily, listen to me, I don't like you out in the middle of nowhere in this weather.

Lily: Dad, please don't worry about me. What matters is the baby.

Chloe: Ow! Oh, my gosh! Oh, gosh! Ugh! Ow!

Billy: Aren't you supposed to do some sort of, like, special breathing? Or something?

Chloe: I am breathing, but tell them I'm pushing and the baby isn't coming.

Billy: Did you hear that?

Lily: Yes, um, okay, she's pushing like you told her to, but the baby's not coming. Her back? Uh, it's hurting. Why?

Chloe: Oh!

(Heavy panting)

Billy: Okay, come on. It's time to push again. Okay, come on.

Chloe: I...

Billy: Come on!

Chloe: I canít.

Billy: Yes, you can! Come on! Push, Chloe!

Chloe: Ow!

Lily: Okay, Billy, listen to me. My aunt thinks the baby might be in the posterior position.

Chloe: Oh, my God. What do you mean, sunny-side up?

Billy: What's that?

Lily: It means that she could be stuck face up in the birth canal.

Billy: What then? What do I do?

Lily: Uh, you have to turn the baby around or she could suffocate.

Chloe: Oh, my God, my baby could die! (Panting heavily) What... what do we do? Tell me what to do! What do we do? What do we do?

Billy: Lily, are you there?

Lily: Yes, if the baby is really early, she might be small enough to turn around without too much tearing.

Billy: Tearing? What if the babyís... big? What then?

Lily: Uh, hold on. Okay, you have to turn the baby around.

Billy: How? What do I do?

Lily: I will talk you through it.

Chloe: Billy? Billy, you gotta save the baby. Please save the baby. You gotta save the baby.

Victor: My assistant will pick up everything tomorrow. Thank you.

Ashley: You really are trying to romance me, aren't you?

Victor: It comes naturally with you. It's not difficult, you know?

Ashley: Life is just so amazing. You know, just when you think you got it all figured out, it takes a turn you never expected.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Who would've thought all those years ago that Abby and I would be close?

Ashley: Mm.

Victor: And that you and I would be together again. My beautiful Ashley.

Victor: Life is just one miracle after the other, isn't it?

Billy: Come on, little boog. Turn just a little bit more for us. Come on, you can do it. Come on.

Chloe: (Panting heavily) Oh! Ow! Ow!

Lily: Billy, what's going on?

Billy: Nastia Liukin's doing somersaults in there. I just hope it's enough.

Chloe: I need to push. I need to push.

Lily: Okay, just tell her to do it. We have to get the baby out now.

Billy: Hey, you hear that?

Chloe: Yeah.

Billy: It's time to push. Come on, push!

Chloe: Aah! Oh, I canít. I canít. I canít. Oh!

Billy: All right, listen to me, okay? Don't give me more of this "I can't" garbage. I've seen you in action. You can do anything the hell you want. Now just push his baby out! Come on!

Chloe: Billy, I hate you.

Billy: That's fine! Use that--use anything! Just push!

Chloe: Promise me-- you promise me that whatever happens, you choose this baby. Okay, I don't care if you don't love her, just promise me that you'll choose her.

Billy: I know I screwed things up, okay? And I swear to you, I'm not gonna let anything happen to you or this baby. Now push. One last time. Push, okay? And... come on!

Chloe: Aah! Ow! Ah!

(Panting heavily)

Olivia: Once the baby's out, the problem becomes hemorrhaging.

Lily: And if we can't get her to the hospital, then what do we do? Hello? Aunt Liv? Damn it! God!

Cane: Lily?

Lily: Cane? What are you doing here? The roads are blocked.

Cane: I left my truck at the roadblock and I was headed to the Abbott cabin to see you when I saw your light.

Lily: Wait, me? But what about Chloe?

Cane: I care about Chloe, and I love my baby, and I love you. And I can't stop loving you. There has to be a way that you and I can work this out.

Lily: Cane...

Cane: Unless I'm too late. Unless you just don't wanna be with me anymore.

Baby: (Cries)

Billy: Lily, do you hear that?! She did it! Chloe did it. The baby's here!

Ashley: Thank you. I have one last valentine present to show you.

Victor: My darling, I don't need anything but your love.

Ashley: Who said it was for you?

Victor: Oh?

Ashley: I had... I had a locket made.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: For Abby. With two pictures-- yours and Brad's.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: I thought we could give it to our daughter together. That way she knows that we will always honor the man that she first called Dad, and that she also has you to turn to for love and protection. You don't like it.

Victor: What a sweet thing to do for Abby. You're a remarkable woman. Come here.

Nikki: Ahem, excuse me. Um, I was looking for Nicholas.

Woman: Got word from my sergeant. That woman that you reported missing-- someone wants to press charges against her for grand theft.

Amber: I'm gonna kill Jill. I don't really wanna kill her.

Kevin: Okay, look, I know that this doesn't look good, but we can explain.

Amber: Yeah, you know, she's really important to us. And we think that she's in trouble.

Murphy: Yeah, yeah, she wouldn't have taken a powder like that.

Woman: Sorry, but it looks like that's exactly why she did. Here's your note.

Murphy: I-I couldn't have been wrong about Katherine. I mean, could I?

Daniel: Michael would've used a top lab to do the D.N.A. test.

Jana: He would've taken any precaution to prevent tampering.

Kevin: But she remembered things that nobody else knew.

Amber: Yeah, she's Mrs. Chancellor. And I'm not giving up on her.

Kevin: Neither am I.

Esther: Oh, thank you, Honey. Jill wanted me to hope that that was Mrs. C. so I wouldn't elope with you.

Roger: She's just jealous. She wants me for herself.

Esther: Let her get her own boyfriend.

Roger: You know, happily ever after is the best revenge.

Esther: My bags are still packed.

Roger: What do you say you and I tie the knot after all on Valentineís Day, Esther Valentine?

Esther: Let me fix my face, and then we're off.

Annie: Marge was an angel. We had us some girl-talk, didn't we, Margie?

Clint: Don't get too chummy.

(Cell phone ringing)

Clint: What's up?

Roger: D.N.A. test came back. She's not Katherine Chancellor. And things are back on track with Esther.

Clint: Let me know when it's done. (Chuckles) You're a phony, Margie. The D.N.A. test just proved it. And now, the whole world knows. No one is looking for you.

Billy: Oh, she's perfect. Oh! You've done good. My little girl.

Cane: Here, give her to me. Give me the baby. Oh! Oh, hey, baby girl. Hey, baby girl, I'm your daddy. Oh, Sweetheart, I'm your daddy. Little girl! Little girl.

Cane: Oh.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victor: Brad Carltonís death left a vacant seat on the Newman board of directors. I offered it to Ashley.

Billy: What's wrong?

Lily: I don't know, she's just bleeding and it won't stop.

Annie: I say get rid of her. Now. Why pussy-foot around?

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