Y&R Transcript Monday 2/9/09

Y&R Transcript Monday 2/9/09 -- Canada; Tuesday 2/10/09 -- USA


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Gloria: I'm very glad to hear he's all right. I never had any use for Brad Carlton, but so what? In my book, he died a hero.

Jack: No argument here. I don't see the paperwork.

Gloria: For?

Jack: My offer to buy the shares Katherine left you of Jabot. It's a very good offer, which included our dropping a lawsuit against you.

Gloria: Oh, yeah, that. Well, you're too late, Jack. I tore it up. I sold the stock to somebody else.

Jill: (Sighs)

Victor: What are you doing here?

Jill: (Sighs) You called me, remember?

Victor: In order to implement the plan, not for you to come to the house.

Jill: Please, Victor, it's important.

Victor: Come in.

Jill: (Sighs)

Victor: I ask because Ashley may be here any minute now.

Jill: Ah, she still doesn't know you have controlling interest in Jabot.

Victor: No, she does not know, and she's not about to know. That was part of your understanding with me. You got it?

Jill: Look, this won't take very long. This is about the C.E.O. position at Jabot.

Victor: The C.E.O. position at Jabot will go to Billy Abbott.

Jill: That's what I want to ask you to reconsider, 'cause we would do so much better with Cane.

Victor: You want to call the whole thing off?

Jill: (Sighs)

Cane: (Sighs)

Chloe: Ugh! Narciso, we love you. We love you. Look at those black-and-white lines.

Cane: These retail numbers can't be right.

Chloe: Ugh! I...

Cane: I wonder if that's what Mom wants to talk to me about.

Chloe: I mean, I could put a dress on that lamppost, and it would still look hot.

Cane: She sounded tense on the phone. She wants to see me and Billy at the same time. Something must be up.

Chloe: You know what, bug? We are gonna get on a plane if it kills me, because we're gonna go to fashion week.

(Clicks tongue)

Cane: You're going away?

Chloe: What about Billy?

Cane: Did you say you were flying pregnant?

Chloe: What? No, no, no. Not--not now I'm not, but after the baby is born. I mean, I can't go to New York lookin' like this. I look like a pod.

Cane: So why-- why'd you ask about Billy?

Chloe: Um, I-I-I just heard you say something about Billy. Your mom asked him to come to the meeting?

Cane: Yeah.

Chloe: Wonder--wonder what that's about.

Cane: I guess we'll find out.


Chloe: Yep. (Sighs) I guess so.

Cane: (Sighs)

Billy: Did Colleen get any sleep?

Lily: Uh, I don't know. I heard her get up about five times.

Billy: Ah, which means you didn't get any sleep, either.

Lily: Well, I just wanted to be here in case she needed me. But I heard Traci, too, so I think that they were up talking most of the night.

Billy: She's a real mom.

Lily: Yeah, she's great, and speaking of moms, aren't you meeting your mom today?

Billy: Oh, yes. I am so excited. Can't you tell?

Lily: What's it about?

Billy: Beats me.

Lily: Well, maybe she wants things to be better with you.

Billy: (Laughs) Well, I'm not expecting a lot of hugs and kisses, but I'll tell you what. I wouldn't mind ducking out immediately after and hitting the road with you, but I don't think this is the right weekend for it.

Lily: Oh, uh, so you mean you don't want to go to the cabin?

Billy: Is that okay?

Lily: Yeah, of course that's okay.

Billy: I just thought, you know, with Traci leaving, you might want to stick around and look after CeeCee and make sure she's all right. What?

Lily: (Giggles) That is very thoughtful of you.

Billy: Okay, well, don't tell anybody, 'cause they probably wouldn't believe you anyway. Besides, there's plenty of weekends we can go off and take a trip.

Lily: (Chuckles)

Colleen: Who's taking a trip?

Billy: Nobody's takin' a trip. How are you doin'?

Colleen: Uh, I'm hanging in there.

(Cell phone rings)

Colleen: Uh, except for all the phone calls. Excuse me. Hello?

Ashley: Hi.

Billy: Hey.

Ashley: We're gonna take Colleen out for coffee. You guys want to come?

Billy: I got a meeting.

Lily: Um, I'll come with you guys.

Ashley: Okay, great.

Colleen: So, uh, we're going. Wha--what's--what's the plan?

Traci: Crimson Lights. Sweetie, you okay?

Colleen: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I-I'm fine.

Lily: What--what-- what's wrong? What happened?

Ashley: Yeah, who was on the phone, Honey?

Colleen: That was Dad's lawyer. They're reading the will next week.

Traci: Oh, Sweetie. I'm sorry.

Chloe: Hey, um, so how about we finish the final touches on the nursery tonight, yeah?

Cane: What's left?

Chloe: Um... (Sighs) Well, I just have some photos and, oh, the ceiling stars.

Cane: What ceiling stars?

Chloe: Oh, they're just, uh, they're gonna--I don't think she can really see 'em yet, but they're gonna go really high up, and, uh, well, if she's anything like her mother, she's gonna get really bored really fast with the mobile and the plushness and all the primary colors, so I just want to give her a higher focus.

Cane: I think that any little girl of mine would love a starry night. It's good thinking, Mum.

Chloe: Oop. Nope. Huh. We're not gonna say that. Nope, that word is forbidden, because it makes me feel like the queen mother.

Cane: Oh, you know what is forbidden--you and anything to do with ladders.

Chloe: (Sighs) Yes, that I know. I've been there. I've done that, and, well, you have the hospital bills to prove it.

Cane: So anything to do with the ceiling, you wait till I get home, okay?

Chloe: Okay. It's sorta crazy, you know? In a couple months, that empty room is gonna be filled with our baby.

Cane: Yeah. You know, last night I went and stood by the door and tried to imagine it. It's--it's so quiet now, but, soon, there's gonna be this gurgling and this spitting up and laughing and crying.


Chloe: (Chuckles) And that's just gonna be me, yeah.

Cane: (Laughs)

Chloe: (Sighs)

Cane: (Sighs) You know, anything you need, just tell me.

Chloe: Yeah, I know.


Cane: All right, I'm gonna go.

Chloe: Yeah. Hey, not with that collar, you're not. Okay, you have a great meeting.

Cane: I'll see ya.

Chloe: Okay, bye. Hmm.

Cane: I'll call ya.

Chloe: Okay.

Chloe: (Sighs) My gosh. Oh, my. Okay, I just patted my husband on the back to say good-bye. I have hit rock bottom. (Sighs) My life is officially a charade. (Sighs)

Jack: You sold your shares to someone else, knowing it would open you to a civil lawsuit?

Gloria: The stock isn't worth a fraction of this.

[Gloria remembering]

Victor: Value is what someone is willing to pay.

Gloria: Oh, yeah. So what is it? I don't care what Jack says. I know you're not the devil, and I know you don't want my soul. So what's the catch?

Victor: If you agree to the stipulation, then, uh, I'll take control of the stock.

Gloria: And all these zeros?

Victor: Will be sent to an offshore account. No one will have access to it, not your husband, not the government, just you.

Gloria: You want to sue me, Jack?

Jack: I already have, and I am not letting up until I have the stock.

Gloria: Well, go ahead. Drag me through the courts. Go for every penny.

Jack: Who'd you sell it to?

Gloria: Now that is confidential.

Jack: It is also a matter of public record. I'm gonna find out anyway. Who did you sell it to?

Gloria: Hmm.

Jack: To Jeffrey?

Gloria: Hmm.

Jack: Jill?

Gloria: Hmm.

Jack: Victor?

Gloria: Hmm.

Jack: Okay, fine, have it your way.

Gloria: (Giggles)

Jack: I will bury you. When you get out of here, if you ever get out of here, you will have nothing.

Gloria: Keep dreamin', big Jack, but you won't get me, and you'll never have control of Jabot.

Jill: Cane ran Jabot very effectively until the takeover. He stepped up. He showed loyalty to the company. Billy, on the other hand--

Victor: Is very bright and a far better businessman.

Jill: Yeah, in Hong Kong where we sent him to work out his personal problems, but he can't be relied on. Cane, on the other hand--

Victor: Is irrelevant.

Jill: Look, I know that what you're after here is to stick it to Jack, and that's fine. I'm all for that. What I'm thinking about here is Jabot's bottom line, and we will be better off with Cane.

Victor: Let me tell you what I'm thinking about.

Jill: (Sighs)

Victor: Putting Cane in that position would unite the Abbots. I want them divided. Putting Billy in that position will pit him against Jack Abbott.

Jill: Which may amuse you, but it's lousy for business.

Victor: In due time, I'll cede power to you. Then you do what the hell you want to do. Right now, you will name Billy Abbott as C.E.O. of Jabot. You got that?

Jill: Billy's gonna have questions. He's gonna want to know who decided to give him Ashley's job.

Victor: You tell them you did. That'll avoid any further questioning.

Jill: All right, but the minute this arrangement is bad for business, you will hear from me.

Victor: Thank you, Jill.

Victor: I need to see you this afternoon. I'll send a car for you now.

Kevin: Hey, I just passed Jack in the hallway. Man, does he look ticked off.

Gloria: Oh, gee, what a shame.

Kevin: Something you said?

Gloria: I didn't sell him my Jabot stock, the ones I got from Katherine. So now he's my sworn enemy. He's gonna ruin me, blah, blah, blah.

Kevin: Well, your chemistry expert with the face cream did get him ousted at Jabot. I can't blame the guy for being so ticked off.

Gloria: Suing me isn't gonna change that.

Kevin: Well, then sell him your shares, and he'll drop the lawsuit.

Gloria: Jack will never be satisfied. Besides, he's just one on a very long list of...

Kevin: Of?

Gloria: People who've turned their back on me. Even when I ever get out of this place, I'm not gonna have anybody on my side, except maybe Katherine Chancellor.

Kevin: Mom, Katherine doesn't even have Katherine yet.

Gloria: But you are close to proving she is.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah.

Gloria: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Kevin: Looks that way.

Gloria: And she's gotta be very grateful for your help.

Kevin: I guess.

Gloria: Of course she is. She's always had a soft spot for you, the way her eyes light up when she talks about you.

Kevin: Where are you going with this?

Gloria: (Sighs) I almost had her convinced that we were the best of friends. When Katherine was in here, she was a captive audience, but now...

Kevin: Now she's out in the real world, and who knows what people are saying to her.

Gloria: Yeah, that's right. That's right. I need somebody close to her.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Gloria: Sing my praises.

Kevin: So you want me to help foster this fake friendship between you and Katherine.

Gloria: It wasn't fake. I've always been very fond of Katherine.

Kevin: Should I remind you about the time you tried to gaslight her for her stock?

Gloria: Are you gonna help me or not? You're the perfect person. She trusts you.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, she trusts me.

Gloria: Yeah. So it'd be so easy for you to work it.

Kevin: (Scoffs)


Colleen: It feels like Dad and Abby and I just had lunch. When was that, a few days ago?

Traci: It was just so fast. It was too fast.

Colleen: You know, when I went to the house, the night-- to, uh, to check on him, his breakfast dishes were still in the sink. His list for the housekeeper was on the counter. "See you tomorrow. Brad." You know, it's like he stepped out for a minute.

Ashley: You know, Honey, I still feel that way about our dad. Don't you, Traci? Even though we had a chance to say good-bye, I don't think anything really ever prepares you.

Lily: Yeah. I mean, you'll just-- you'll be numb and disoriented for a while, but don't try to make sense of it, okay?

Ashley: Abby's definitely in shock, too.

Traci: Is she back in school?

Ashley: No, not yet. She's spending a lot of time alone in her room at the ranch. She says she wants to be alone.

Lily: You know, not really.

Ashley: I know, and she says that, but I'm not gonna let it happen.

Colleen: Well, alone sounds good to me.

Traci: Sweetie, why don't you go visit your grandmother? And Rebecca was just sick that she couldn't come here and--and get here in time for the service.

Ashley: I'm sure she'd love to see you.

Colleen: I-I don't want to leave town right now. You know, I-I like that hole-up-in-my-room idea.

Lily: No, there is no way I am leaving you alone. That is the last thing that you need.

Colleen: I thought you and Billy were taking a trip.

Lily: Well, I mean, we had talked about going to the Abbott cabin for the weekend, but it just didn't seem like the right time.

Ashley: Um, I didn't realize you were so close. Really?

Lily: (Scoffs) Well, I mean, it's--it's new.

Traci: Well, this explains a lot. Billy has been strangely considerate lately.

Ashley: (Laughs) Well, you must be a good influence on him.

Lily: (Chuckles) Um, excuse me.

Ashley: Sure.

Lily: Hey.

Cane: Hey.


Lily: We can have boundaries and still say hello, right?

Cane: Of course we can. How's Colleen?

Lily: Um, well, she's walking into walls.

Cane: Yeah, I guess that's to be expected.

Lily: Yeah.

Cane: So I heard that you and Billy are taking a trip. I wasn't eavesdropping.

Lily: Well, did you overhear the part about how we're not going right now?

Cane: Listen, I know this is none of my business.

Lily: Listen, we said that we weren't gonna talk about Billy, remember?

Cane: Yeah, I remember. So I won't say another word about my brother.

Lily: Okay.

Jill: Billy, I want you to listen very carefully to everything I have to say before you react. Agreed?

Billy: Fire away.

Jill: I am about to retake control of Jabot.

Billy: Really?

Jill: You know, I was, uh, completely crushed when you threw in with the Abbotts during the transition. I felt completely betrayed, but then I had a little time to think about it, and I came to realize why you did what you did. I mean, I gave you very little credit, gave you very little responsibility, in effect, I practically threw you into their arms. Well, Billy, I am not about to make the same mistake twice. That's why, this time, I want to appoint you C.E.O. of Jabot.

Billy: (Clears throat)

Jill: Well, what do you say, Billy?

Billy: Uh... (Clears throat) I'm speechless, actually.

Jill: (Laughs) Now that doesn't happen very often, does it?

Billy: No. Mom, can I ask a few questions now?

Jill: Of course you can.

Billy: How are you about to regain control of Jabot?

Jill: Gloria sold her 5% she inherited from Katherine, and the new buyer gives me control over those shares on the condition of strict anonymity.

Billy: And you went in for that?

Jill: (Scoffs)

Billy: Of course you went in for that. Okay, if I'm C.E.O., what happens to Ashley? I'm not gonna demote my own sister.

Jill: That's my call, Billy. Now you can keep Ashley and Jack if you like.

Billy: So the Abbotts will still be running Jabot.

Jill: Yeah, the public is happy with the new management. We keep that, only now you're in charge.

Billy: And your boy's in place.

Jill: Honey, you are a Chancellor and an Abbott. That's the best choice for everybody.

Billy: (Sighs)

Jill: So what do you say?

Billy: (Chuckles) You know, this is only the second most surprising meeting I've had this week.

Jill: Really? What was the first one?

Billy: Victor Newman called me into his office. He said that I can expect big things in my career.

Jill: Did he? You just forget about that. You forget about Newman Enterprises. You belong at Jabot.

Billy: How does Cane feel about all this?

Jill: (Sighs) Cane doesn't know about it yet.

Billy: (Laughs)

Jill: No, Cane-- no, Cane has huge responsibilities at Chancellor, and I need him there. Now, Billy, can I count on you?

Billy: Sure, yeah, I'm in.

Jill: Honey, hi. Billy and I were just finishing up.

Cane: So what's goin' on?

Billy: Oh... (Chuckles) I'll let Mom fill you in.

(Door closes)

[Chloe daydreaming]

Chloe: This is really not good. I mean, I'm sure you already know that, but... you know, I-I don't understand why you picked me or this horrible, ridiculous situation, because if I were you, I would've hopped on the next bus, because there are millions, millions of other women out there who know what they want. They know where they want to be, and they choose the right guy right from the start.

Cane: Maybe you did.

Billy: Or maybe you got it right in the end.

Chloe: What are you guys doing here?

Cane: Well, you want to figure out where you are.

Billy: And we want you to be there.

Cane: Hmm.

Chloe: Okay, Billy, and where is that?

Billy: With a guy who's gonna take care of you, the dependable guy who's gonna come home every night and not mind walking around the house with a diaper slung over his shoulder to catch the baby spit. Hell, he's lookin' forward to it. Just look at him.

Chloe: Only he's not you.

Cane: See, Chloe, you need to be honest with yourself, because this here is the man that you love. I mean, he's a little out there and a little unpredictable, but you guys think the same, so you'll always get each others jokes, and, uh... (Whispering) It's even possible... (Normal voice) That there is a morsel of decency buried somewhere in there.

Chloe: Yeah. (Sighs) Very, very deeply buried. What sucks is that this is my psyche. This is my fantasy, and the both of you are trying to push me off onto the other guy.

Cane: No, we're just trying to help you, Baby.

Chloe: Yeah, well, it doesn't fit. It doesn't work, because Cane is the perfect father, only he's not, and Billy--Billy is the father, but he's just gonna be a baby's daddy, and he's probably gonna break my little girl's heart, and not to mention mine.

Cane: You see, you don't know how Billy would react if you told him the truth.

Chloe: (Sighs) Do you think it would suddenly be love?

Cane: Well, you won't know if you don't try.

Billy: But then you'd have to tell Cane the baby isn't his.

Chloe: And then what if he suddenly runs away?

Cane: (Sighs)

Chloe: (Scoffs) You know what? You guys are no more help than I am.

Billy: We can't be.

Cane: 'Cause we are you.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Billy: So what's it gonna be?

Cane: So what'll it be?

Chloe: (Sighs) I made the best choice for my baby, and I'm stickin' to it.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Jack: Y-yes, but that corporation has to list a principal. Howard, listen to me, somewhere behind the show companies is a name. Do that. Get back to me.

Traci: Oh, that's not good.

Jack: Hey, I'm glad you're both here.

Ashley: Is something wrong?

Jack: (Sighs) Gloria sold her 5% of Jabot stock.

Ashley: Uh, to whom?

Jack: She won't say, and my broker can't trace the buyer. Somebody went to a lot of trouble to make sure they stayed hidden.

Traci: Wow. Do you think it's Jeff?

Jack: I don't think Jeff’s smart enough.

Ashley: Well, what about Jill?

Jack: If it were Jill, she'd be waving the stock under our noses right now. No, only one person has this particular M.O.

Traci: M.O.? Y-you know, it's not exactly a crime to buy stock.

Jack: Okay, let's put together our list. Someone who's powerful and rich enough and wants to see me take--

Ashley: Oh, don't even start with that again. Come on.

Jack: This has Victor Newman written all over it.

Ashley: You know what? He might be out to get you...

Jack: Might be?

Ashley: But he wouldn't harm me in the process.

Traci: She does have a point.

Jack: You two can't be that naive. Victor will walk over anybody to get what he wants.

Woman: Please, don’t.

Victor: I trust your trip to Genoa City was comfortable.

Woman: Very. I've never been on a private jet before.

Victor: Any concerns?

Woman: Why did you bring me here?

Victor: Big plans for you.

Jill: Um, it isn't exactly business as usual. This silent partner-- he, um, he has certain conditions.

Cane: Sure, such as?

Jill: Billy has to be C.E.O. of the company.

Cane: Silent partner said that?

Jill: He insisted on it.

Cane: Why?

Jill: It's political. Honey, my hands are tied.

Cane: What, and all the good work I did at Jabot-- what, it means nothing?

Jill: That is not true. I fought so hard against this decision, but... listen, someday, I can make changes. Right now, this is the way it's gotta be, okay?

Cane: Okay what? What, like, there's a question on the table here?

Jill: Please, please, try to understand this and support me.

Cane: Oh, I understand. I've supported you even when I didn't understand. I've supported you.

Jill: Cane, Cane, you are my strong right hand at Chancellor.

Cane: Yeah, with less autonomy.

Jill: (Sighs)

Cane: Look, if you weren't happy with the work I was doing, why don't you just say it to me?

Jill: Of course I'm happy. This is not about you.

Cane: Yeah, I believe that.

Billy: My mother has regained control of Jabot. Though she doesn't own the shares, there seems to be a mysterious buyer who's put her back in charge.

Jack: Bingo. The mustache at work.

Ashley: Oh, stop.

Traci: Billy, how do you know all of this?

Billy: My mom asked me over to tell me the big news. Ash, um, she wants me to be C.E.O. I'm sorry.

Ashley: Well, I guess it's not that shocking.

Jack: She wants you in charge because she thinks she can control you.

Billy: You think? Really? Ashley, I don't want you to go anywhere, or you, Jack, for that matter. I told my mom that you both remained at the top of the company.

Jack: Yeah, how did she react to that?

Billy: She said it was good. She said it was smart business, that we're doing a great job.

Jack: Wait, then nothing's going to change?

Billy: Just the job titles.

Jack: The three of us would still be calling the shots?

Ashley: Why don't I trust that?

Traci: Because there's something else going on here. I-I mean, it might just be the novelist in me, but I smell a plot twist we haven't seen yet.

Jack: Where do you see the plot going?

Traci: I don't know, but I know this-- Jill would not keep the Abbotts around because she thinks you're good executives.

Ashley: Well, okay, but she could also just change her mind, and we'd be out like that.

(Snaps fingers)

Traci: We've gotta find the person who bought those swing shares of the company.

Jack: Billy, did you get the sense Victor was involved?

[Billy remembering]

Billy: I appreciate the drink and the talk, but we all know that you and Jack aren't friends, and since you and I haven't exchanged two words ever, my guess-- this conversation is aimed straight at Jack's head. Now some people might say that I'm low on scruples, and I'll let you in on a secret-- they're probably right-- but I'm not gonna turn on my brother no matter how great the scotch.

Victor: Your loyalty is impressive, Billy, and there is something I want, but it has nothing to do with your brother Jack.

Billy: My mom never mentioned Victor, but it doesn't mean he's not involved.

Ashley: Oh, now come on, Billy, not you, too.

Jack: Oh, please, Ash. It's hardly a reach.

Ashley: Look, I know what he's capable of, but he would not have me removed from my job.

Traci: No, look, if this were Victor, you two would be out of a job, but not Ashley.

Ashley: Exactly. So could we move on, please, and focus on who the real culprit is?

Jack: Whatever you say. Maybe I'm wrong about Victor.

Victor: Did you know Jack Abbott was still in Genoa City? And he's on his own again.

Woman: Jack Abbott?

Victor: Jack Abbott.

Woman: I don't look so good.


Victor: (Sighs) I'll take care of that. Don't worry about it.

Woman: Really?

Victor: I'll handle everything and more. Are you ready?

Kevin: Do you have these drug searches every day?

Gloria: Yeah, and we stand at attention the whole time. I'm in jail, Kevin.

Kevin: I get it. I get it.

Gloria: So does that mean you'll help me with Katherine?

Kevin: Mom, those two things don't track.

Gloria: Honey, it'd be so easy for you.

Kevin: Manipulating a woman who's already having memory problems.

Gloria: (Clucks tongue) The way you say it, you make it sound so ugly.

Kevin: Its dirty work, Mom, and it's gotten us nowhere. And the last time you promised me a big promotion, but instead, you're in jail, and I'm still slinging coffee. What do I get out of helping you?

Gloria: Listen to you. It's not about what you get. It's about being a good son...

Kevin: (Groans)

Gloria: And helpin' your mother.

Kevin: Look, there's being a good son, and there's being a sap. I'm surprised you haven't asked me to put on a wig and lay down in your cell so you could escape. (Sighs) Only because you hadn't thought of it. Look at you.

Gloria: Oh, because you'd be so good at it.

Kevin: (Scoffs)

Gloria: You're a very talented young man, Kevin.

Kevin: No.

Gloria: Oh, get over yourself. You wanted to work with me. Nobody put a gun to your head. You liked it.

Kevin: All right, well, that is possibly true, but now I need to think about the consequences.

Gloria: Don't you dare talk to me about consequences. Look at me. I've paid for failing you, for failing us, but I can make it up to you. I just need your help with Katherine one last time.

Kevin: Is that the best you got?

Gloria: Are you gonna help me or not?

Kevin: (Sighs)

Traci: Lily, thank you so much for being such a good friend to my girl.

Lily: (Sighs) Oh, well, it's easy.

Colleen: Mm.

Lily: Listen, you call me anytime, okay? Day or night.

Colleen: Okay.

Lily: I mean it.

Colleen: Thank you so much.

Traci: Thank you.

Lily: Thank you.

Billy: Hey.

Colleen: Oh, hi.

Billy: Where are you goin'?

Colleen: I'm going to Italy to visit my grandmother.

Billy: Oh, look at you. Well, good. Have fun.

Colleen: Thanks.

Billy: You call me if you need anything.

Colleen: Okay. You look after Lily, okay?

Traci: And Jabot.

Billy: I'm on it.

Traci: (Chuckles)

Billy: You have a safe flight home.

Traci: Okay, Sweetie.

Billy: Love you guys.

Traci: Bye-bye. Love you.

Colleen: Bye.

Billy: Bye.

Lily: (Sighs)

Billy: So I guess Traci told you the news.

Lily: No, what news?

Billy: My mom took over control of Jabot again.

Lily: What? You're kidding.

Billy: Yeah, and she made me C.E.O.

Lily: Oh, my gosh. That's--that--

Billy: Surprising and shocking, huh?

Lily: Yeah, yeah. Uh, w-well, I mean, what about Cane?

Chloe: Hey, how'd it go?

Cane: Let's finish the nursery.

Chloe: What happened?

Cane: I bought some museum hooks. They should be here somewhere. They'll hang anything.

Chloe: Uh, well, they're right here, so no escape. Tell me what happened.

Cane: There's nothing to talk about.

Chloe: Well, am I gonna read it--about it in the papers or are you gonna at least warn me?

Cane: Mom regained control of Jabot and gave Billy my old job.

Chloe: What?

Cane: Yeah. So she blindsided me, too.

Chloe: I-I don't understand. How could she do that? You've been so loyal to her.

Cane: I don't know. Maybe Billy worked it out somehow.

Chloe: Well, then I'm sorry, but she's off the christening list.

Cane: Chloe--

Chloe: No, I'm serious. I'm serious. You did nothing to deserve this. You're the perfect son.

Victor: How's Abby?

Ashley: I don't know. I mean, she's lying on her bed, glued to the computer screen.

Victor: (Sighs) Maybe I'll take her riding.

Ashley: She might go. I don't know. I really don't want to push her, though. She needs to grieve. You know what makes it so much worse--she was just reconnecting with Brad.

Victor: I know. (Sighs) I feel so badly about that, but considering what she's going through, I think she's handling it remarkably well, don't you?

Ashley: She is, yeah. I could take a lesson. The Abbotts were dealt a nasty blow today.

Victor: What happened?

Ashley: Well, apparently, Gloria sold her Jabot stock to somebody who gave control of the company back to Jill.

Victor: Well, this is a shock.

Ashley: Yeah, oh, yeah. And then Jill made Billy C.E.O.

Victor: Hmm. So then the Abbotts are in control again of Jabot.

Ashley: Well, yeah, but that's not the only thing that matters. I've been replaced by somebody who went out of their way to make sure the company's back in Jill's hands.

Victor: Now who the hell would do something like that?

Chloe: Come on, take your jacket off. Sit down. Sit. Your shoulders are up to your ears.

Cane: (Sighs)

Chloe: Oh, you're in knots.

Cane: Yeah.

Chloe: You know, I don't-- I just don't understand it...

Cane: (Sighs)

Chloe: Because you supported Jill when she was publicly humiliated...

Cane: (Sighs)

Chloe: By Gloria and the Abbotts. I don't get it.

Cane: Yeah, I know. Maybe Mum's not telling me the whole story, or maybe she doesn't trust me. You know, I expected backstabbing from Billy, but not--not from my mum.

Chloe: Well, you know what? There's--there's some good news. You don't have to-- I mean, you're just gonna work next to her and around her. She's not the only family you got now, you know?

Cane: (Sighs)

Chloe: Here.

Cane: (Sighs)

Billy: I-I really don't know how Cane took the news at all. Probably not very well.

Lily: Yeah, probably not.


Billy: So I guess he'll have to console himself with the rest of Chancellor Industry.


Lily: (Scoffs) You know what? We should celebrate.

Billy: Yeah?

Lily: Yeah.

Billy: That would be a great change of pace from this week, wouldn't it?

Lily: (Scoffs) Yeah, no kidding. How about a weekend getaway?

Billy: I thought you said...

Lily: Well, I mean, Colleen decided to see her grandmother, so why not? We should go up to the cabin.

Billy: Sounds like a perfect plan to me.

Gloria: I'd never ask you to hurt Katherine. You'd just be giving her a new friend.

Kevin: You.

Gloria: Yeah. Worse things could happen to her.

Kevin: Please name one.

Gloria: If it'll help you change your mind, I will make sure you are compensated in some way. Now I know I can't give you the big fat promotion at Jabot anymore, but I can offer you the next best thing.

Kevin: A new chain of coffee shops?

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: New car?

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: Trip around the world, what?

Gloria: Name it.

Kevin: (Scoffs) Mom, I can name anything, and it doesn't matter, because it's not gonna happen.

Gloria: Really? Angel, there are a couple of things you don't know.

Kevin: (Scoffs) I'm sure. Look, Mom, I am always, always gonna be on your side, but I can't be your accomplice anymore.

Gloria: Why not?

Kevin: Because you're a bad luck charm, and sooner or later, I would wind up where you are. Now I love you, but I'm not willing to take that risk.

Gloria: (Scoffs)

Jill: (Laughs)

Jack: Peace offering.

Jill: Very nice.

Jack: You won, Jill. I don't know how, but you played the better game.

Jill: So no hard feelings? You are a prince, Jack. Come in.

Jack: I'm glad you were smart enough to leave my family in charge.

Jill: Well, it's all about business, isn't it? I mean, in these hard times, we gotta keep an eye on the bottom line.

Jack: Uh-huh. Is that why you made Billy the C.E.O.?

Jill: Billy will make for a smoother transition, yeah.

Jack: There is no way in hell you would make my brother the C.E.O. instead of your favorite son. This secret shareholder has you on a short leash.

Jill: You trying to provoke me into firing you?

Jack: If you could've fired me, I'd be long gone by now. You have to ask permission, don't you?

Jill: Honey, you keep pushing, and you will find out.

Jack: So who's on the other end of the bat phone?

Jill: (Sighs)

Jack: You know, it's almost worth it to watch you bite your tongue. Tell me something. How does it feel to be a puppet?

Ashley: If I'm gonna be ousted as C.E.O., you better believe I'm gonna find out who's pulling the strings at Jabot.

Victor: I'll look into it for you.

Ashley: Well, Jack's broker is tracking the ownership of the stock.

Victor: Jack's broker does not have the kind of connections that I do. I'll find out for you.

Ashley: Thank you. Ugh, what a day.

Victor: I know, what a day. Let's end it well, okay?

Ashley: What, upstairs?

Victor: My thoughts exactly.

Ashley: Okay.

(Telephone rings)

Victor: I'll be right up.

Ashley: Okay.

Victor: Yes?

Woman: I'm in.

Victor: I'll be in touch.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Michael: A swab will be taken from Jill, as well, so your D.N.A. can be compared.

Jill: I don't care what the judge says. I'm not submitting to any test.

Phyllis: ...That he's in love with both of us--me and Sharon.

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