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Y&R Transcript Friday 2/6/09 -- Canada; Monday 2/9/09 -- U.S.A.


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Michael: Uh, Lauren's still a little in shock.

Lauren: Well, I think we're both devastated. But Brad's family-- I can't even imagine what Abby and Colleen must be going through.

J.T.: Yeah, it's been pretty rough.

Victoria: Yeah.

Michael: Here, have a seat.

J.T.: Thanks.

Victoria: Um, listen, guys, uh, the reason we stopped by, I didn't really know if you were planning on bringing Eden.

Lauren: She's gonna stay with Fen. Why do you ask?

Victoria: Well, considering the circumstances around Brad's death.

Michael: What circumstances?

Victoria: You don't know?

Michael: Well, we heard that he broke down in the storm. We just assumed that he got disoriented while he was looking for help.

J.T.: There's more to it than that.

Victoria: I'm really sorry. I assumed that someone told you.

J.T.: The person who pulled Noah out of the lake... was Brad.

Lauren: What? What?

Michael: How does that work?

J.T.: Sheer coincidence. His car broke down near the lake.

Victoria: And Noah didn't really remember any of the details, just that-- that Brad saved him.

J.T.: Unfortunately, he couldn't save himself.

Lauren: He drowned in that icy water.

Michael: Its okay, Sweetie.

Eden: Oh, my God.

Michael: Eden.

Eden: I-I have to see Noah. I have to be with him, just--just give me a second.

J.T.: It's not a good idea.

Victoria: Abby's really upset about this whole thing. She's looking for someone to blame, and right now, that's Eden.

Nick: Kinda surprised Sharon isn't here. I know how worried she's been about Noah.

Jack: Yeah, poor kid's really beating himself up about this.

Nick: So where is she?

Jack: She wanted to go by the cemetery, pay her respects there first.

Nick: That's where Phyllis was headed.

Sharon: I didn't expect to see you here.

Phyllis: Well, I could say the same to you. I shouldn't be surprised, though. I know how much Brad meant to you.

Phyllis: How's Noah?

Sharon: It's been hard. He blames himself.

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm sure he does. It's not his fault. But you and Nick have done such a great job raising Noah, Sharon. And you'll help him, and you'll get through this. You'll help each other, because that's what families do.

Ashley: I'm glad to see that Abby and Noah aren't letting what happened affect their relationship. She's gonna need a lot of support now.

Victor: I know she felt very close to Brad, but now she has me to lean on.

Ashley: Yeah, but we have to be patient with her. This isn't gonna be a quick fix. Abby needs to grieve the passing of her father in her own way.

Victor: Sweetheart, I'm not insensitive to her feelings.

Ashley: I realize that, but everybody knows how you felt about Brad, Victor.

Victor: That's besides the point. I didn't like Brad Carlton, but I would thank him profusely for saving my grandson.

Ashley: You owe him so much, and I do, too.

Victor: Okay.

Ashley: You know, when I was in my darkest hours, it was Brad who saved my life, as surely as he saved Noahís.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Billy: There's even more food in the kitchen, if you guys are hungry. You okay?

Ashley: No, not really. It's very surreal. I keep expecting Brad to walk down the stairs doing business or something.

Billy: It's so unexpected. It's tough.

Ashley: I know. And that's making this even more difficult for Abby.

Victor: Ashley and I will give Abby all the support she needs.

Billy: I'm sure that'll help, knowing she has you two. You're definitely someone I'd want in my corner.

Victor: Well, that's nice of you to say, Billy.

Billy: Excuse me.

Colleen: Explain to me why Victor Newman is here after the way he treated Dad, Mom.

Traci: Oh, Sweetie, he's here for Ashley and Abby, just like I'm here for you.

(Doorbell rings)

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Cane. Hi.

Cane: I hope its okay with you. I just wanted to, uh, stop by, pay my respects to the family.

Victoria: You know, out there in the dark, with Noah barely conscious, I'm sure that Brad didn't even know who he was saving. Not that it would've mattered. I'm sure he would've saved anyone.

Lauren: He was a rock for so many people. I mean, there was a time when he and I were, uh... I relied on him. A lot.

J.T.: You and Brad? You were...

Lauren: Well, we-- we had a lot of adventures together. You know, probably some you wouldn't even believe.

Michael: Mm.

Eden: I just called Jana. She said she could watch Fen. Is that okay?

Lauren: No, I would like you to stay home. You can call him later.

Eden: I need to see him, Lauren, not just talk to him.

Michael: No. Not today. Not at Brad's house. With his family gathered.

Eden: Because they blame me? Abby blames me. Her father's dead and it's all my fault.

Abby: I can't believe this is happening. I'm numb.

Noah: I was really worried you'd hate me. I mean, if your dad hadn't saved me, he'd still be alive.

Abby: Noah, it wasn't your fault. I could never hate you. Besides, I'm really gonna need a friend now.

Noah: You got one, Abby. No matter what.

Cane: I know Brad and I had our issues, but I just wanted to, you know, come by for Colleen's sake.

Lily: Yeah, I-I know it meant a lot to her seeing you here. And Billy's been really great, too. He and Colleen are really close.

Cane: I'm glad to hear he's stepping up. I know from losing Grandma that Colleen's, uh, she'll have some rough times ahead, and there's not much you can do or say. But it's good to have people who love you around.

Billy: No worries there.

Nick: Any word from Sharon?

Jack: No. Phyllis?

Nick: No.

Jack: She give you any flak?

Nick: About what?

Jack: Driving up to the cabin.

Nick: Well, she wasn't thrilled about it.

Jack: Oh, I'll say. I tried to talk her out of it, of course. I know those roads up there. They can be very treacherous in the snow. But you know Phyllis, when she's made up her mind about something, there's no talking her out of it. So I guess the only thing that stopped her was the police road block. She had to drive all the way back. Never mentioned any of this to you, huh?

Nick: I guess she decided to let it go.

Jack: Well, maybe it's better for everyone concerned that she never made it up to the cabin. Conditions that night were pretty dicey.

Phyllis: This doesn't seem real to me that he's gone.

Sharon: I would give anything if he werenít.

Phyllis: I owe you an apology.

Sharon: For what?

Phyllis: For, um, letting Noah go out without checking his story first.

Sharon: Oh, well, you-- you called Michael.

Phyllis: It wasn't enough. It wasnít. And then you came to the office and you were upset at me for being very vigilant, and I just gave you a load of garbage instead, so I'm so sorry, Sharon. I really am. You don't know how much I regret that.

Sharon: Well, you can go crazy blaming yourself.

Phyllis: Definitely. I'm sure we all wish that we could undo that evening.

Noah: Dad, hold up. Did you talk to Abby yet?

Nick: You've kinda been monopolizing her time, partner.

Nick: I'm so sorry.

Abby: Thanks, Nicholas.

Colleen: I'm really glad that Noah's all right.

Nick: Yeah, we all are.

Colleen: My dad would've felt terrible if he hadn't gotten to you in time.

Nick: Well, you girls both know how super devoted your father was to you, right? I mean, I could never schedule a meeting on Fridays, just in case Brad was gonna head to the airport to go and see you, Colleen.

Colleen: We used to have so much fun in New York when he came to visit me at Momís. You know, Abby, you knew Dad way more than I did growing up. And I'm really glad that you had that.

Abby: I'm gonna miss him so much.

Colleen: It's okay.

Noah: I'll never forget what he did for me, Abby. I'll make sure no one else does, either.

Traci: Thank you both so much for being there for Colleen the night that Brad went missing. I understand that you were with her when they found his body.

J.T.: Yeah, I just wish he'd made it.

Traci: Oh, J.T., so do I. Shall we?

Victoria: Yeah.

Victoria: Hi.

Victoria: How are you doing?

Abby: Not so good.

Colleen: I really appreciate you guys and Nick being here.

Victoria: Um, my mother sends her condolences.

Colleen: I heard that your, uh, Aunt Casey was sick. I'm so sorry.

Victoria: No, thank you. My mom's taking good care of her. Thanks.

Abby: I need some water or something.

Colleen: Okay. Let's go get you a glass.

Abby: Okay.

J.T.: You okay?

Victoria: Yeah, I'm okay. It was just that I used to live here, so... everywhere I look, I see things that remind me of--of Brad, so... I bought him this for his birthday. Elephants are supposed to protect people and supposed to bring them luck. I remember one year he told me that he didn't care what I got him for his birthday, as long as I didn't bake him anything.

J.T.: He knew, huh?

Victoria: Yeah, he said that I was the only person that he knew that could screw up a cake mix. I can't believe he's gone.

Lauren: As shocking as it was to hear, just-- it doesn't surprise me that Brad would lay down his life for another person.

Noah: Hey, Lauren.

Lauren: Noah. It's so good to see you out of that hospital bed. Oh, wow. How are you feeling?

Noah: Okay. Sad.

Lauren: Yeah. Me, too.

Noah: Is Eden here?

Lauren: No, Michael and I didn't think we should do that.

Noah: Why, because of Abby? I think she would've been cool.

Lauren: We just didn't wanna take the chance. You know what? I see Colleen. I'm gonna go talk to her.

Noah: Okay. Dad?

Nick: No. Absolutely not. You're not going over there.

Noah: Look, Eden's sitting at home feeling guilty 'cause she thinks everyone hates her. She needs to hear it wasn't her fault. If she thinks she's responsible for this now, too... Dad, please.

Nick: Okay. Wait a second. Listen to me. You go straight there, you don't stay very long, and you don't go anywhere else. All right?

Noah: I wonít.

Phyllis: (Sighs) What was it about you that always made me do reckless things, Brad? You know what? That's a cop-out. I just do reckless things. You're reckless, too. (Sighs) Why... why didn't you stay up at the cabin with Sharon? Why didn't you? You would be alive right now and my marriage would be intact. But then you wouldn't have been around to save Noah. There are so many times I wanted you dead. So many times. Through my trial, especially... on my wedding day-- on my wedding day, Brad. When I was handcuffed and pulled out of the church on my wedding day! I wanted you dead. And now you are, and in spite of everything, in spite of everything, I'm sorry. And I feel bad. I mean, it's all meaningless now. And I don't understand that. I am forever grateful to you for saving Noah's life. Thank you. 'Cause I don't think... that Nick or Sharon... could survive losing another child. So thank you.

Nick: Hey. I was just gonna call you. Jack told me where you were headed.

Sharon: Yeah, um, I saw Phyllis.

Nick: Everything okay?

Sharon: Well, when she walked in, I didn't know what to expect, but she was downright civil. Shocking, huh? I guess you didn't say anything.

Nick: Well, I didn't really have to. She took one look at me-- she knew.

Sharon: Wait, Phyllis knows what happened at the cabin?

Nick: Yeah. I wasn't gonna lie to her.

Sharon: Wow, so all that time we were there with Brad and she didn't say anything.

Nick: Doesn't really sound like Phyllis, does it?

Sharon: No, it doesnít.

Eden: It was my stupid idea to go to the lake. This is totally my fault.

Michael: Hmm? What was your fault? The fact that Noah skated out too far on the ice? The fact that the ice was too thin to support his weight? What about the blizzard? That your fault, too? And Brad being in his car, driving up that way, you arrange for that? And for his engine to give out at that exact minute, so he could be out of his car to hear Noah yelling for help? Wow. Damn, you're good. You can control the weather and the actions of people you barely know. What's your secret?

Eden: Stop making fun of me.

Michael: Well, Sister, that is the last thing I'm trying to do. What I want you to see is that this huge burden you are attempting to take on is absolutely--

(Knock on door)

Michael: Hold that thought.

Noah: Before you ask, my dad knows I'm here.

Michael: Perfect time, Kiddo. I will go check on Fen.

Eden: How are you?

Noah: Worried about you. I know you just found out what happened.

Eden: A man is dead because of me, Noah. The whole thing's on my head.

Ashley: Honey, Olivia asked me to let you know that she's having a tree planted in Israel, in honor of your father.

Abby: That's really nice. I'll call and thank her.

Victor: Abby, Sweetheart, I've been thinking. Why don't you and I choose a charity, and then, in recognition of Brad saving my grandson's life, I donate a million dollars.

Ashley: Are you serious?

Victor: Would you like that?

Abby: It's kind of a neat idea.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Colleen: You are so full of it!

Traci: Colleen!

Colleen: No, Mom, I need to say this. Victor is throwing around his money, making Abby think that he cares, when the truth is, he's nothing but a hypocrite!

Billy: Whoa, CeeCee, take it easy.

Abby: Colleen, donít.

Victor: You're upsetting your sister now.

Colleen: No, you are, Victor. We both heard that threatening voice mail you left our dad. For you to be here right now is totally sick!

Traci: Okay.

Victor: I understand your pain. But before you attack me in front of all these people, kindly get your facts straight.

Colleen: I know all the facts, Victor. You wanted my father out of your business and out of Abby's life. How dare you come here right now when everyone knows how much you hated him!

Jack: Bravo, bravo, Colleen.

Victor: You, of all people, shouldn't talk, Jack.

Jack: Finally, somebody's telling you like it is.

Victor: Colleen, I empathize with you. I understand your pain. And I will not pretend that your father and I had a very good relationship. We didnít. We had our differences. But I certainly did not want this kind of harm to come to him.

Colleen: The hell you didnít.

Abby: Stop, you guys. Please, no more fighting.

Ashley: Honey, its okay. Come here.

Jack: Hey, hey.

Colleen: Hey.

Nick: Look, don't freak out, all right? I told him it was okay. I mean, Michael is there. And Noah promised me he wasn't gonna stay very long. Sharon, are you listening to me?

Sharon: Phyllis apologized to me for disrespecting me, even though she knew that I'd slept with you. That's just... strange. Wouldn't she be furious? Something's not right.

Phyllis: Hi, guys. Is it too crowded in there? I love having a coffee with a friend.

Noah: It was an accident, Eden.

Eden: Abby told me at the hospital you almost died because of me. And that was before anyone even knew about Brad. Maybe everyone's right about us, Noah. Maybe we are no good for each other.

Noah: That's crazy.

Eden: Look, I'm glad you came so I could see that you're okay. But--but would you just go?

Noah: Eden...

Eden: Look, I really need to be by myself right now.

Noah: But we should--

Eden: Noah, please... please.

Noah: Call if you need me.

Michael: Where's Noah?

Eden: He had to go.

Michael: Well... I hope seeing him helped you put a few things in perspective.

Eden: Does Fen need more milk?

Michael: Yeah, he drank the last of it.

Eden: I'll go get some. A walk would feel good right about now.

Nick: I was just gonna come out here and give you a call, and then Sharon walked up.

Phyllis: Oh.

Sharon: Um, I'm going inside now, though. Excuse me.

Phyllis: Sure.

Phyllis: Uh, why were you calling?

Nick: Jack told me you were headed to the same place as her.

Phyllis: Jack was right.

Nick: You didn't tell her you knew?

Phyllis: No, I didn't, Nick. It wasn't really the time or the place.

Nick: Sharon was surprised you didn't say anything, but I guess Noah is her focus right now.

Phyllis: Yeah, and he should be our focus, too. No matter what goes on between all of us, the kids come first.

Nick: I agree.

Phyllis: Yeah. That's why we should go in, give our condolences, and then go home to our little girl.

Lauren: He had such great... hair. But when he was with you, did it ever move? I mean, gusts of wind, and, like, nothing!

Traci: I will say, Fabio had nothing on our Brad.

Lauren: Fabio? Are you crazy? What year are you in? How about, like, Daniel Craig?

Traci: Okay, okay, we'll go with that.

Lauren: All right. You know... when we were at Kayís funeral, I apologized to you for being so horrible when I was in my teen years. Now I think I need to apologize to you for my 20s.

Traci: Oh, Lauren, I don't think we have that much time.

Lauren: I'm serious. I mean, honestly, I look back on those days, and I just-- I'm--I'm not proud of the way I acted at all.

Traci: Okay, listen, you would not have been able to seduce my husband if our marriage did not already have big problems.

Lauren: But that does not excuse the blatant way I went after him when the two of you were married. It doesnít.

Traci: Which time? (Laughs) Lauren, when I finally divorced Brad and I left this town, so many things changed for me, most of them for the better. And you know... Brad and I related so much more deeply as friends than we ever did as a couple. So... you see? Everything worked out for the best.

Colleen: Victor has no right setting foot in my father's house.

Lily: Don't worry, okay? He'll be outta here soon.

Billy: Just try to hang in there, okay?

Victor: I'm here for Abby's sake. And I really don't care what anyone else thinks.

Ashley: I think its best that we go.

Victor: Well, let's go when Abby's ready to go, okay?

Ashley: Mm-hmm. I'll go get her.

Victor: Okay.

Victor: Hello, Jill? I think it's time we put our plan into effect.

Jack: Excuse me.

Traci: Okay.

Jack: So I saw you talking to Victor earlier. You two looked pretty chummy.

Billy: Can't blame the guy for wanting one semi-decent relationship with at least one of Ashley's brothers, can you?

Colleen: I'm so glad that man is gone.

Jack: You were magnificent, young lady. The guy's a first-class bully. Very few people stand up to him. That was the Abbott in you speaking.

Colleen: Well, it made Abby upset and I feel bad about that, but I don't know, I couldn't stand him being here.

Jack: Abby will be just fine. Ashley will see to that.

Billy: I gotta tell Traci something.

Jack: Hey. Come here.

Jack: Hey. When did you get here?

Sharon: Uh, just a little while ago.

Jack: I didn't see you come in.

Sharon: I, uh... I wish I could say something. There just--there are no words. Brad was one of the best friends that I've ever had. And, um... I know that his greatest joy in life was... you and your sister Abby.

Jack: That's absolutely true, Colleen.

Colleen: Thank you.

Sharon: If you girls ever need anything, promise me you will come to me.

Colleen: I will.

Phyllis: Hey. I just came from the cemetery. Your father was a good man. He was a courageous man. You should be very proud.

Colleen: I am. Thank you.

Nick: Well, we gotta take off.

Colleen: Look, I-I really appreciate you guys coming.

Nick: No problem. Again, I'm so sorry.

Phyllis: We both are.

Colleen: Bye.

Jack: You okay?

Sharon: Yeah.

Jack: You run into Phyllis at the cemetery?

Sharon: I did. Um, she was coming, I was going and, uh, we--we didn't make anything of it. So I'm gonna take off.

Jack: I'll--I'll drive you.

Sharon: No, no, I brought my own car. Besides, you should stay here and look after your niece. I'll see you later.

Lauren: It's hard saying good-bye to someone who was such a big part of your life.

Michael: Well... about that, um... how big?

Lauren: You don't really wanna hear my Brad stories, do you?

Michael: Hmm. Well, I'm sure they're very different from my recollections of the man.

Lauren: Did you talk to Eden?

Michael: Yeah, yeah, she's beating herself up about things.

Lauren: Poor kid. Where is she? The bedroom?

Michael: Mm. Noah came by, she seemed calmer afterwards, so I let her run out to get some milk.

Lauren: By herself?

Noah: None of this is fair. You gave up everything to save me. Now I'll never be able to thank you.

Eden: What is it about us and cemeteries?

Noah: What are you doing here?

Eden: Same as you, I guess. I wanted to thank Brad. Tell him how sorry I am. Not that it's gonna make a difference.

Noah: He'll know.

Eden: Really?

Noah: I think so.

Cane: Okay, Mum. All right, I'll see you there. Oh, yeah, Billy's here. Why? Okay, I'll pass it along.

Billy: Pass what along?

Cane: Mom wants to see us in the house tomorrow morning.

Billy: Together? Why?

Cane: I guess we'll find out in the morning, Billy.

Billy: Okay.

Jack: Can I assume you'll be staying at the house tonight?

Colleen: Uh, no, I just-- I wanna stay here in my old room.

Traci: Oh, then, you know what? I'll stay here with you, keep you company.

Lily: Well, do you mind if I join you guys?

Colleen: I would love it. Thank you.

Lily: Okay.

Billy: Oh, well, I know when I'm odd man out.

Colleen: No, you're just odd.

Billy: Ha ha. Love you.

Colleen: I love you, too. Hey, um, thank you for coming.

Billy: Yeah. You call me if you need anything.

Lily: All right, I'll walk you out.

Traci: All right, you guys, I think I'm gonna go to the kitchen and start putting away some food.

Colleen: Okay, I'll--I'll be right in.

Traci: Okay.

Jack: You know, Brad was smiling down from heaven a little earlier. The way you took on old moneybags, he'd have been very, very proud.

Colleen: You know, I always wondered why you hated Victor so much. Now I know.

Ashley: So I was thinking... um, why don't we just keep it simple. If anybody's hungry, we'll just order out.

Victor: I think that's a great idea.

Abby: Colleen said that you hated my dad. Is that true?

Victor: Sweetheart, I didn't hate Bradley, all right?

Abby: I'll be in my room.

Ashley: I feel awful for her. She must feel like she's lost both of her fathers.

Victor: Sweetheart, I feel awful for her, too, all right? But what happened just now at the house with Colleen has, um... if they only knew. Brad Carlton may have been a very good father, but as far as business was concerned, he was absolutely untrustworthy. But I will do everything in my power, I promise you, to mend fences with Abby, okay? Now if you don't mind, I have to check my messages.

(Knock on door)

Wallace: Nicholas Newman?

Nick: Yeah.

Wallace: I'm Detective Wallace, Genoa City P.D. I have some things of your son's from the other night near where he had his accident. Is--is it all right if I come in?

Nick: Oh, please, yeah.

Wallace: How's he doing, by the way?

Nick: Oh, much better, thank you.

Wallace: Good. I'm glad to hear it. The state police combed the area and found these. You got, uh...

Nick: Oh, yeah, his shoes. He must've, uh, taken these off to put his skates on.

Wallace: And, uh, what about this lantern here?

Nick: You know, I don't-- I don't recognize it. Could be his, could be his friend's, I don't know.

Wallace: Well, we also found this water bottle.

Nick: All right. Thank you. You know, you didn't have to drive all the way out here and give me this stuff. I could've come by the station and got it.

Wallace: Well, the thing is, uh, well, just smell it.

Nick: Is that whiskey? Were they drinking?

Wallace: I thought you should know.

Nick: Yeah, thanks.

Sharon: If I just hadn't gone to the cabin... I would've been able to stop Noah from going to the lake. And he wouldn't have almost drowned in that freezing water. And Brad would still be alive. It was so hard today at the service. It was so hard seeing his girls. Abby and Colleen are heartbroken. They loved their dad so much. So much. And now they've lost him. He's gone forever. And it's all my fault. It's all my fault, Mama.

Doris: Shh. Shh.

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