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Traci: Well... this is going to take some time to settle in-- to sink in that you're really gone. Oh, Brad... you died a hero. . .

Man: Excuse me?

Traci: Oh.

Nussbaum: I'm Rabbi Nussbaum.

Traci: Oh.

Nussbaum: Are you a relative of Bradley Carlton's?

Traci: Yes, how do you do? I'm sorry. I'm--I'm Traci Connolly, Brad's ex-wife.

Nussbaum: Ah.

Traci: Our daughter Colleen is arranging the service.

Nussbaum: Colleen, yes. She's told me a lot about her father. Mr. Carlton was quite an impressive man.

Traci: Oh, yes, he was. So very special. (Sighs) I'm honored to have known him.

[Traci remembering]

Traci: I feel kind of bad. Every time you see me, I'm crying about something.

Brad: Hey, forget about it. If my dad was in the hospital, I'd be feeling the same way.

Traci: Well... I appreciate that you understand.

Brad: So how's he doing? Better, I hope.

Traci: Actually, they have--they haven't heard anything yet.

Brad: Well, I bet he's hanging in there. And I bet you're hanging in there with him. Giving him all the support you can.

Traci: I can't do very much. Just wait.

Brad: And keep those positive thoughts going.

Traci: What?

Brad: Positive thoughts. Good vibrations. Whatever. Hold 'em in your heart, and you send 'em to your dad.

Traci: Brad, this is reality we're talking about, not dreams. I can't just dream that he's up and around and feeling better and have it be so.

Brad: Who knows? Everything starts with a dream.

Traci: (Sniffs) Brad always knew exactly the right thing to say. I wish I shared his gift. He would know what to say to our daughter now.

Billy: Hey, are you sure you don't want us to go to the service with you?

Colleen: Um, no, I-I said that it was just gonna be immediate family, so I think it would be weird.

Lily: Okay, well, whatever you need, we are here for you.

Billy: Honey, just focus on saying good-bye to your father.

Colleen: Good-bye? How do you do that, you know? How do you say good-bye to your father?

Lily: You know, you just... you open your heart and you say whatever you feel. Colleen, you dad will always be with you. You know, I talk to my mom all the time.

Colleen: It just seems really unreal, like it didn't happen, you know? And everyone kept saying to me, your father's strong and he's smart and he's a navy seal, you know? If anyone can survive, it's him.

Lily: Colleen, you have to believe that he tried so hard to hold on.

Colleen: It's just... I have to go. I'm gonna--I'm gonna lose it.

Lily: It's okay. Listen, nobody will care if you do, okay?

Colleen: Yeah, I--

Billy: You're supposed lose it. It's okay.

Colleen: I love you both, okay?

Lily: Okay.

Colleen: Okay.

Billy: Are you okay?

Lily: Yeah. I mean, why wouldn't I be?

Billy: You lost your mother.

Lily: Well, you lost a parent, too.

Billy: Yeah, but... my dad was sick, he was older. I had more time to live with it.

Lily: What an awful club to belong to, right?

Billy: Yeah, you, uh, you grow up to learn that people come and go, but your parents-- they're irreplaceable.

Victor: I appreciate you coming here, Neil, instead of the office.

Neil: No problem at all, Victor. Lily told me about Brad. What a shock.

Victor: Wasn't it?

Neil: I'm not surprised you didn't go to the funeral, though.

Victor: No. No. Please sit down. Obviously, I'm extremely grateful that he saved my grandson. It was no secret that Brad Carlton and I didn't get along too well. In fact, I had no respect for that man at all. And now his daughter Colleen is very upset with me.

Neil: Why is she upset with you?

Victor: Well, she overheard a rather nasty message I left on his voice mail in regards to his seat on the board of directors.

Neil: I'm sorry to hear about that. It must make things that much more difficult for Abby, having her sister angry with her father.

Victor: Well, to be frank with you, I'm only concerned now with Abby's well-being. That's all. I'm her father. I'm her only father. And that's how it should've been from the beginning.

Victoria: Hi. Hi.

Colleen: Mom?

Traci: Oh, Honey! Oh, Honey.

Colleen: (Sobbing)

Traci: Oh.

Abby: Its okay, Colleen.

Sharon: Hey, do you wanna go up to your old room?

Jack: Nothing's changed.

Noah: Everything's changed. Abby's dad's a good guy and now he's gone. It's all my fault.

Sharon: Noah, donít. Don't do that to yourself. This was a tragedy. This was a sad, terrible tragedy, and it is not your responsibility.

Jack: It was an accident, Noah. Accidents happen.

Noah: Right.

Jack: Poor kid-- blaming himself for this, thinking it's his fault.

Sharon: It's not Noah's fault. It can't be. Because it's mine.

Phyllis: Hey. You look exhausted.

Nick: It was kind of a long night.

Phyllis: How's Noah?

Nick: He's pretty out of it. That's why they wouldnít... release him last night.

Phyllis: Is he-- is he going home?

Nick: Well, Sharon took him home this morning.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Well, he shouldn't be at the club. He should stay with us.

Nick: Well, they're gonna stay with Jack temporarily. Noah thought he'd be more comfortable sleeping in his own bed. Where's Summer?

Phyllis: Uh, Summer is at breakfast with the nanny. Uh, she--she called it a date. She's been asking for you the--the last couple days. She wanted you to see the snow with her.

Nick: What'd you tell her?

Phyllis: I told her that... all the snow meant that you were snowed in and the roads were closed and you couldn't get back. But I told her you were with a friend and you were safe. You slept with Sharon, didn't you?

Nick: (Sighs) I understand... if you hate me. And I'll listen to whatever you have to say.

Phyllis: What happened with Sharon-- it's only as big as we allow it to be. It was a moment-- it was a moment, that's all it was. And it's over. It's done now. We can move on.

Nick: We both know it's not that simple. You have been worried about this happening and it has. I mean, I know you just can't let it go.

Phyllis: Who says I'm letting it go? I'm not letting it go. I wanna make my marriage work.

Nick: Why would you wanna do that after how bad it's gotten?

Phyllis: I'm sorry, what? Why? Because you're my husband and I'm your wife and I love you. And I-I think... that you love me.

Nick: I do love you. That hasn't changed.

Jack: Coffee?

Sharon: Thank you.

Jack: You haven't said a word since you blamed yourself for Brad's death.

Sharon: Brad came to the cabin. And he poured his heart out to me. He told me that he loved me, and I sent him away. I told him to go.

Jack: Brad went to the cabin of his own volition. And you made the right decision sending him away. Imagine what would've happened if you hadn't? He'd have never found Noah. Sharon, Noah is not to blame here. Neither are you.

Sharon: Oh, jeez!

Jack: Easy, easy.

Sharon: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Jack: It's okay. Hey, it's coffee. It's all right. It's all right.

Sharon: Yeah.

Colleen: I wish I'd known more about my father's faith. I never thought I'd be planning a Jewish funeral.

Abby: Is that heís... why they, you know... before we even got here?

Nussbaum: There's, um, a passage in the bible about laying someone to rest within 24 hours of his passing. Among other things, to make it easier for the mourners.

Abby: Doesn't feel any easier to me.

Nussbaum: Another tradition is for the family to rend their clothing before the service. This black ribbon has been cut to symbolize the torn clothing. Now you and your sister will wear the ribbon on the left, over your heart. And the rest of the family will wear it on the right.

Ashley: Thank you.

Nussbaum: Would you and Abby like to say something at the service?

Colleen: I would like everyone to know how proud I am of him. He, uh, he died saving a friend of ours.

Abby: If Eden hadn't taken Noah to the lake in the first place, Dad would still be alive.

Nussbaum: Sounds like your father is a real hero, Abby. You know, to give your life up for someone else, there is no greater honor, no greater sacrifice.

Abby: Do you think he knew it was Noah?

Ashley: I don't know.

Traci: But, Sweetie, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter who it was, your dad would've been right there to help them. That's the kind of man he was.

Victoria: Yeah. He never let his fears get the best of him, that's for sure.

Ashley: And he was--he was-- he was brave enough to love deeply, and that takes a special kind of courage.

[Ashley remembering]

Brad: It just makes me realize how many people there are out there that know I'm not Abby's biological father.

Ashley: So?

Brad: It could become an issue.

Ashley: For whom? Brad, I've already told you--

Brad: I know what you told me. But the fact is, Abby's real dad is out there somewhere.

Ashley: He's not going to be a problem.

Brad: Well, maybe not today, but what about down the road? Can you be sure he's not going to wanna be part of Abby's life?

Ashley: Yes, I can.

Brad: Absolutely certain?

Ashley: Absolutely certain. Now why can't you just trust me on this?

Brad: Oh, Ash. I wanna trust you. I wish I had your faith in people, but I donít. So if years from now, this guy finds out about Abby and shows up at our door, I'm going to be prepared.

Ashley: How do you plan to do that?

Brad: By making sure no other man can lay claim to my little girl.

Ashley: What are you saying?

Brad: I want to adopt Abby.

Ashley: Brad was a wonderful father.

Victor: Liar. Cheat. User. Hustler. Brad Carlton was all of these things. Then he took... advantage of women. Or worst of all, hid behind their skirts.

Neil: I hear that the service is entirely comprised of his ex-wives.

Victor: Yeah, all of them women he used.

[Victor remembering]

Victor: The moment you married my daughter, you jeopardized my family. We put our lives on the line for you.

Brad: I'll always be grateful for that, Victor.

Victor: Really? Cheating on my daughter? That's how you show your gratitude?

Victor: You know, I never trusted that fellow. It really made matters worse when he treated my daughter with such disrespect. At the same time he had the chutzpah to remain on the board of directors.

Neil: Victor, I gotta tell you, that would be, uh, one hell of a fight trying to take away his seat.

Victor: It would've been preferable to what happened to him. But to be quite frank with you, I think having Brad Carlton no longer there is gonna be good for Newman.

Neil: Uh, Victor, she's a very savvy businesswoman. I think she'd be a good fit for the board.

Victor: But she's being tapped by the new administration. In fact, she just moved to Washington, D.C.

Neil: All right, well, good for her. Good for Barack. Um, in that case, what do you think about Michael Baldwin?

Victor: Let's hold off on Michael Baldwin.

Neil: Let's hold off, huh? So I've depleted my short list. It's very apparent to me that you already have someone in mind.

Victor: Ashley.

Neil: Ashley? Ashley Abbott? C.E.O. of Jabot? Don't you think that's one hell of a conflict of interest?

Victor: She has her priorities in order. She is loyal to me and to her daughter-- our daughter.

Neil: Yeah, uh, she's also loyal to Jabot and her brother.

Victor: I'm not worried about that. I think Jack's hold on his sister is gonna diminish, in fact, disappear entirely.

Neil: Well... I gotta admit, it's a very interesting idea to have, uh, an Abbott on the Newman board of directors.

Victor: Then there's young Billy.

Neil: Billy? Yeah. Victor, you really enjoy stirring things up, don't you?

Victor: Yeah, but I don't consider him... for a seat on the board of directors.

Neil: Just a piece on your chess board?

Victor: I just think he needs a better mentor than Jack Abbott has been.

Colleen: It's crooked.

Traci: That doesn't matter, Sweetie.

Colleen: Yes, it does, Mom. It's crooked.

Traci: Okay, okay, okay, let me help you. No, no. Sweetie... there, is that better?

Colleen: Yeah.

[Traci remembering]

Traci: Okay. Catch the baby! Just support it! When it comes out, just support the baby! Brad!

Brad: Okay, okay. Okay, I'm here.

Traci: Aah!

Brad: I got it. I got it. Oh, my God!

Traci: Oh, is it coming? What's happening? Is the head out?

Brad: Traci, the head's out. The head is out!

Traci: Aah!

Brad: The head is out.

Baby: (Cries)

Brad: Traci! Traci, it's out! It's a girl! It's a girl! It's our baby. The baby's out.

Colleen: Mom? It's okay.

Traci: No, don't worry. It's--itís... it's not grief, Sweetie. It's--its gratitude. Brad gave me everything when he gave me you.

Ashley: Want some help? Let me help you.

Victoria: Thank you. Sharon should be here.

Jack: You still thinking about Brad? Or something else on your mind?

Sharon: What are you asking me?

Jack: I'm offering a friendly ear, if that's something you need right now. The last thing I wanna do is pry.

Sharon: Whatever you think happened, happened.

Sharon: Nick came to the cabin. And... he found this letter that I wrote him where I was pouring my heart out and I said I loved him and-- I never meant for him to read that. So... we talked and... we made love. And while that was happening, Brad died saving my son's life.

Phyllis: We should get ready to go to Bradís.

Nick: Phyllis, I can't do this. I can't pretend that everything's okay. I can't do it.

Phyllis: Who's pretending? I'm not pretending. I'm not doing that. I'm... not going to war over this with you. I'm not doing that again. Okay? We got into this relationship with our eyes open. You had unresolved issues with Sharon. The other shoe dropped. It doesn't mean that the love that we have for each other is less. We have a family. We--we can--we can move on. We can move on.

Nick: I know you wanna believe that--

Phyllis: And--and you had sex with Sharon, and that's fine. You--you did. You--you had sex with Sharon. And you had it for a lot of reasons. What, you felt trapped or because you were worried about Noah. You were trying to chase your youth. You--you wanted things to be as they were when Cassie was alive. All of those things-- that's why you had sex with Sharon. But it doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean that-- that you love her and you don't love me anymore. It doesn't mean that.

Nick: I think I love you both. Look, I never... meant to hurt you. But I guess... the part of me that is connected to Sharon... is bigger than I thought.

Nick: Phyllis...

Phyllis: Don't touch me! I don't want your help! Get away from me! Don't touch me!

Nick: I don't wanna do this with you, okay? Maybe I should-- I should just move out for a while.

Phyllis: No!

Nick: I'll move out.

Phyllis: You are not moving out of this house. That's just gonna increase the separation between us. You are not moving out.

Nick: It wouldn't be permanent.

Phyllis: No! You have a family and you have a daughter. You have a daughter and you need to be home for your daughter. She needs her father here. You have a responsibility. You are not moving out. It's not happening. I'm going upstairs and, uh, I'm gonna get ready for Bradís. When I come down here, are you gonna be here?

Nick: Yeah, I'll be here.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: I won't ask any questions about Nick. That's your business.

Sharon: Okay. Then can we just drop that, please?

Jack: Yeah. I am concerned about you.

Sharon: I'll handle it.

Jack: You'll handle Phyllis?

Sharon: Nick won't tell her.

Jack: You honestly think she won't get it out of him?

Sharon: I'll handle whatever Phyllis dishes out. Don't forget, she was the one who sent Noah off with Eden in the first place. She was the one stirring up Brad. And she was also, you realize, the one who gave me your credit card receipts for that damn motel in the first place.

Jack: She's been gunning for you for a long time now, yeah.

Sharon: I'm a lot stronger than you give me credit for. Phyllis is just gonna have to handle her own crap. And I'll handle mine.

Victoria: Well, I think Brad would be thrilled if he knew there were all women here.

Ashley: It's true. He always got along better with women, didn't he?

Traci: Ah. I remember the first time I saw him.

Ashley: That's not something you easily forget.

Victoria: He certainly did make an impression, didn't he?

Traci: Everything about him was memorable.

[Traci remembering]

Traci: If I didn't have you to brighten up my days tell me what would I do to keep the dark away? You're the one who's from my dreams it's like you were always there waiting for me every minute with you changes me every second you're away feels like eternity every little thing you do is proof you always see inside of me so who would I be if you didn't love me?

Nussbaum: We're ready for the service.

Abby: I hope dad knew how much I loved him. I hurt his feelings when I called Victor "Dad," too. He thought I was picking Victor over him.

Ashley: Your dad knew exactly how much you loved him. He never questioned that for a minute. And he loved you back, as much as any father could love a child. Don't ever forget that, Sweetie. Okay?

Colleen: So should we bring out the rest of the food from the kitchen now?

Billy: Whatever you think.

Lily: What's wrong?

Billy: Colleen and I did the exact same thing the day my dad died. We didn't go to the funeral. We, uh, we stayed behind and we put out food. I don't know, I just didn't wanna be there. You know, I wanted to be anywhere else. Go surf. Go to the beach. Anything but deal with it.

Lily: Yeah, I know. I just--I couldn't stop moving. You know, and Devon-- he wouldn't take off his headphones. And my dad wouldn't give up hope, just kept calling the hospital to see if they'd found my mom.

Billy: Brad had a full life. He had people that loved him.

Lily: Yeah, but there wasn't anyone special. You know, not that one person who wouldn't give up hope. It's like how awful not to... love someone who loves you that way.

Noah: Where are you going?

Sharon: Oh, I'm-- I'm going to Brad's house to pay my respects to his family.

Noah: I'm coming with you.

Sharon: Wait, Honey, you need to rest.

Noah: You think I shouldn't go 'cause everyone will blame me?

Sharon: No. No one is going to blame you. The doctor said that you-- you need to take it easy. You're still recovering and I want you to be 100%.

Noah: Mom, Abby and I are family. You can't stop me from seeing her.

Sharon: Okay. Whatever you want.

Noah: Five minutes.

Jack: He's a good kid. Listen, if you don't mind, I'd like to go with you and Noah.

Sharon: Um... okay. Well, would you mind going with Noah and--and dropping him at Brad's house? I'll just meet you guys there later. I have something else I need to do first.

Jack: We could drop you off wherever you need to go.

Sharon: No, I need to do this alone.

Jack: Do what?

Sharon: Say good-bye to Brad.

Phyllis: Um... I-I called Indigo and they're gonna make a platter for us to take to Bradís.

Nick: That's good thinking.

Phyllis: Yeah, and, uh, I think that we should have an early dinner with Summer.

Nick: Okay. But before we do that, we really need to make some decisions.

Phyllis: I made my decision. I already made my decision. We need time as a family. We need to heal... as a family. You need time with your daughter. Don't you want that, too?

Nick: I really wish I could say what you wanna hear. But I canít. I-I need some time to think.

Phyllis: Really. You need time to think? Well, you take all the time you need. Oh, God, Nick, please. Please, please don't leave. Please don't leave.

Traci: Uh, may I help you with your coat?

Victor: Of course, Traci.

Traci: Thank you.

Victor: I am... very sorry.

Traci: I really appreciate you coming. We all do.

Victor: Thank you.

Traci: Okay.

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: Hi, Sweetheart. How are you?

Ashley: Um, I'm fine. Obviously, I'm worried about Abby. It's devastating enough to lose your father, but the way that Brad died...

Victor: But, Sweetheart, she has two people who love her and will see her through this.

Ashley: That's true. She does. Thanks for being here.

Victor: I wouldn't be anywhere else, okay?

Colleen: I cannot believe he showed up here.

Lily: Colleen, just try to ignore him.

Colleen: How can I do that, Lily, after all the horrible things he said to my dad?

Billy: The voice mail he left for Brad was pretty intense.

Colleen: Billy, he-- he wanted to throw my dad off the board of directors, okay? He spent all his free time with Abby. I know that it hurt him, and now Victor has her all to himself, so...

Victor: Hi, Sweetheart. Come here. How are you doing?

Abby: Well, how do you think I'm doing? My father just died.

Victor: I know. It's a very sad time.

Abby: I canít... I don't wanna talk about it.

Victor: Okay.

Noah: Grandpa?

Victor: Noah. How are you doing?

Noah: Pretty good. It's still hard to believe that Abby's dad was the one who pulled me out of the lake. Remember what we talked about in the hospital?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Noah: You said that you owed the person who saved me.

Victor: I know.

Noah: I'll never be able to thank him. He's gone.

Victor: As sad as that is, I'm glad it wasn't you that we lost. But I will always be grateful to Brad Carlton for saving your life, son. Where's your mother?

Jack: Sharon wanted to pay her respects alone.

Sharon: I'm so sorry, Brad.

Abby: I just don't understand why you couldn't save yourself.

Noah: If you want me to leave, I will. Do you hate me?

Victor: I think poor Abby is still very upset about the voice mail I left for Brad Carlton.

Ashley: I think so, too. She's grieving her father. She can't handle it all.

Victor: Why don't the three of us go back to the ranch?

Ashley: Not yet. She needs to be here to honor Brad and to see how much he was loved by his friends.

Victor: Okay. But I want her to know that she can count on me.

Jack: Well, I won't be a hypocrite and say that I loved Carlton.

Traci: Oh, no one expects you to, Jack. Besides, you got your payback-- all those names you used to call him?

Jack: The hedge clipper. Junior. Golden boy. Bradski.

Traci: You were incorrigible.

Jack: And now I got a new one-- the Bradcicle.

Traci: Jack! Don't say that! That is so disrespectful! He's the father of my child.

Jack: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend. I didnít. And look, it's not like I wanted the guy to die. It's just I'm having a little trouble bringing up sympathy for a guy who was doing his damndest to destroy my marriage.

Traci: What? Brad--Brad was-- Sharon... is the woman that he was talking about. He said that he was in love with her and I encouraged him to go after her. This is--I am so sorry.

Jack: No, no, no.

Traci: I didn't know.

Jack: It's not your fault. Truth be told, Brad is not what came between me and Sharon.

Traci: (Sighs) Look, I need to go and see if they need me in the kitchen. But I'm really sorry.

Nick: I didn't expect to see you here.

Jack: Yeah, I'm... showing some respect for my niece and I brought Noah here.

Nick: You what?

Jack: Yeah, he insisted on being here. Sharon had somewhere else she had to go first. She asked me to bring him.

Nick: She did, huh?

Jack: You seem kinda thrown by this.

Nick: Why would I be?

Jack: Why, indeed? I am still Sharon's husband, despite recent events. Phyllis come with you?

Nick: She's on her way. We took separate cars.

Jack: I see.

Sharon: I spoke to the rabbi. He said there wouldn't be a headstone here for 11 months. I guess that marks the end of the mourning period. I can't imagine that in 11 months I'm gonna feel any different than I do now. I loved you, Brad. I hope you know that. Not in the way that you needed me to and I'm so sorry for that, but... you meant so much to me. Why does God take the people away from me who I love? First, Cassie, and then Drucilla, now you. If you hadn't been there on that road at that exact time, I would've lost another child. And the thought of that... you were meant to be there. And you gave your life for my son. And I will never forget that. Never.

(Footsteps approaching)

[Phyllis watches Sharon. Sharon turns and looks at Phyllis]

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