Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/4/09

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/4/09 -- Canada; Thursday 2/5/09 -- U.S.A.


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Phyllis: Hey. How's he doing?

Jack: In the middle of a nice long sleeping jag.

Phyllis: Good. Good. Good. So did you hear the big news?

Phyllis: No, what news?

Jack: Apparently, Noah didn't save himself at the lake. Brad Carlton saved him.

Phyllis: What was Brad Carlton doing at the lake in the middle of a blizzard?

Jack: Ice fishing?

Phyllis: Well, he caught a prize one, right?

Jack: Don't you find it interesting that he was even in the area? I mean, there's nothing up there but the lake and a few cabins nearby, including mine.

Phyllis: Yeah, that's right. I'll file that under useless information.

Noah: (Moans)

Phyllis: Hey.

Noah: Hey, guys.

Jack: Hey.

Phyllis: How you doing, Noah?

Jack: You okay, Buddy?

Noah: Mm. Where are Mom and Dad?

Nick: Ah, great, you just ruined my breakfast in bed moment.

Sharon: Well... mmm. That looks delicious. How long have you been up?

Nick: Like 20 minutes.

Sharon: Why didn't you wake me?

Nick: Well, you looked like you were sleeping so peacefully. You had a nice smile on your face.

Sharon: I slept really well.

Nick: Yeah, me, too. Best in, like... weeks.

Sharon: Yeah. Going on months. So, should I put some wood in the fire?

Nick: Yeah, the new stuff I brought in's a little damp, so you might wanna use the old stuff.

Sharon: Okay. So you went out? How was it?

Nick: Well, the drifts are still really high, so... we're not going anywhere yet.

Sharon: Well, I'm starving.

J.T.: All right, thanks a lot.

Colleen: Was that the state police?

Ashley: Have they found Brad?

J.T.: No. But they're putting more men on it now that the storm's let up, so that's good news.

Colleen: Well, I'm gonna go look for him.

J.T.: Colleen, the police are already doing that.

Colleen: Well, J.T., they haven't found him yet, so I'm going.

J.T.: Well, you're not going alone.

Abby: Well, if you guys are going to look for Dad, I'm coming, too.

Ashley: Honey. Think how happy you'll make your dad when he walks in and he finds you here. I mean, you don't want him walking into an empty house, do you?

Abby: Look, Mom, I know what you're doing, but I guess it worked. I'll stay. It's just, I know that you would totally freak if I was out there, and you feel bad enough as it is.

Ashley: It's true. Thank you. Okay. Okay.

J.T.: All right.

Ashley: You guys, be careful.

Abby: Bring Dad home.

Murphy: Whoa. I mean, you clean up good, like a million bucks. Or, uh, or I should say, in your case, Mrs. Chancellor, a billion.

Kay: Oh, good. Yes, um, well, a billion. Yes.

Murphy: Your nerves rattling?

Kay: Oh, come on, Michaelís an excellent lawyer, but I--Murph, I'm not sure about this set-up.

Murphy: Look, we gotta get the pawnbroker to admit that he bought and sold your famous ring. Then the court might get Jill to do her side of the D.N.A. test. I mean, Michaelís plan has smart written all over it.

Kay: I know, but this plan is useless if I blow it. Do you think I can pull this off? Really?

Murphy: Pull it off? All you have to do is be yourself-- Katherine Chancellor.

Amber: What if the creepy pawnbroker guy doesn't cave and admit he bought Mrs. C.'s ring?

Kevin: He will if she shines her death glare at him. She can be really scary.

Jana: Yeah, but he cheated Mrs. Chancellor on the price of the ring, and he lied to Amber about it. So clearly, he's trying to protect himself.

Amber: Yeah, that's why we need a backup plan. How to prove Mrs. C. is who she says she is.

Jana: Dental records?

Daniel: No, no, not dental records. That's for identifying corpses. Mrs. Chancellor's the opposite.

Amber: No, no, no, no, you know what? She's right. We get the records, we match up the fillings and the crowns and stuff and Mrs. C. goes home.

Kevin: Michael thought of that.

Amber: What do you mean, he thought of that?

Kevin: I mean, he thought of that. Besides, dental offices don't give records out to anyone.

Jana: Well, I think it's worth a shot, don't you?

Amber: Okay. So, team, you ready for another break-in?

Daniel: No. No. No way.

Kevin: Uh, I'm in, as long as I get to be in charge again.

Daniel: What--what are you talking about? Last time you were like, "Hell no, I'm not doing that again." Now you're just cool with breaking and entering?

Kevin: Well, I admit it, I had fun.

Amber: Yeah.

Kevin: Even though somebody left her cell phone behind and almost got us busted.

Daniel: That's the point. You know, last time we got lucky. Why push that luck? And besides, what's that gonna help Mrs. Chancellor?

Jana: Yeah, he does have a point.

Daniel: Yeah, I do have a point. And in case you've all forgotten, there are ways of doing things that aren't illegal. Like, oh, here's a crazy idea. Why don't we just start by asking?

(Knock on door)

Murphy: Oh, Michael, good to see you. Come on in.

Michael: Oh, thank you. Well, Murphy, this is Mr. Langston. He's here to see that, uh, double eagle coin of yours.

Mr. Langston: I hear you got the real deal here.

Murphy: Well, I sure do, but, uh, it's not mine. It belongs to a friend. Uh, just a sec. Katherine? Uh, a pawnbroker's here.

Kay: Um... remember me?

Mr. Langston: Never seen you before in my life.

Noah: Thanks. So they're still stuck up at your cabin? Don't they plow the roads up there?

Jack: Well. This weather system only passed a little while ago.

Noah: They know about Brad?

Phyllis: Um, I don't know, but I heard about it and I think it's incredible.

Noah: I know it's early, but you think Brad's up? I wanna thank him.

Jack: Yeah, let's make that happen. I'd like to know what happened myself.

Sharon: That was delicious.

Nick: Yeah, it was. I do make a mean breakfast bar.

Sharon: Yep. You know, if the generator was working, I would've made you a real breakfast. I can tell you're still hungry.

Nick: You can, huh?

Sharon: Mm-hmm. You always needed refueling.

Nick: And what exactly do I need refueling for?

Sharon: Cute.

Nick: I am, aren't I?

Sharon: Very.

(Knock on door)

Nick: Oh, hey.

Joe: Good news, folks. The roads are finally clear. It's safe to leave.

Nick: Oh, okay. Thanks--thanks for coming by.

Joe: I know how anxious you are to get back.

Nick: Yeah. Thanks.

Michael: Scan the deep recesses of your memory. You and this lady have met.

Mr. Langston: I don't think so.

Murphy: Think harder.

Mr. Langston: You even got a 1929 double eagle, or is this some kind of game?

Michael: I just went through all this with the gem dealer you sold this woman's ring to. Oh, yeah. Him. That gem dealer. You sold him quite a substantial ring. It was an emerald surrounded by diamonds. You made a $90,000-- $90,000 windfall off it. I doubt you've forgotten it.

Mr. Langston: That? Sure, I sold it.

Murphy: Bingo.

Mr. Langston: But I didn't buy it off that broad.

Murphy: Hey! Watch your mouth.

Kay: Do you have a record of the sales, Michael?

Michael: This might be the time you'd like to, um, revise your previous statements.

Mr. Langston: Big deal. It's a print out. Not even the real thing. Good luck proving that's legit.

Michael: Oh, we don't need luck. We have technology. Even if you've erased the file, it leaves a record on your hard drive. If we have to prove that it came from your computer, we will.

Mr. Langston: Someone broke into my shop and hacked my computer. Did you just confess it was you?

Amber: Yes, hello, this is Amber Moore from Chancellor Industries. We're collecting all of Katherine Chancellor's personal files, and we would like her dental records. Why? Because, like, because... you know, we--we don't want the tabloids to get a hold of them because you know what scavengers they are. Hello?

Kevin: Tabloids?

Amber: Okay, so now what?

Jana: We find the dentist and make an appointment.

Kevin: Ah, ah, and then we can procure the file.

Daniel: You know, you can say "Procure" all you like, we all know you mean steal.

Jana: Well, what if Mrs. Chancellor shows up to the appointment herself? And she asks for the file? The dentist will have to give it to her.

Amber: Right, right, right. I love it! Um, you call.

Daniel: Why me?

Amber: Well, because, you know, I just called. They just heard my voice and I sorta used my real names.

Daniel: Oh, good one.

Kevin: Amateur.

Jana: Okay, I'll phone.

Kevin: There's my little scam artist.

Jana: Well, I don't mind a bit of duplicity if it's for a good cause, and I think this is definitely for a good cause. Excuse me.

Nick: Okay, I'll hike up to the ridge, see if I can get a cell signal. Let everybody know we're okay and on our way home.

Sharon: Make sure Noah's okay and tell him we love him.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: Wow. Brad saved Noah. Great for his ego. His head may explode.

Jack: His voice mailbox is full. Any of those messages from you?

Phyllis: Uh, no, they're not. We're not friends.

Jack: Except when you need him to come in-between Nick and Sharon. That's what happened, isn't it? You send him up to the cabin to be with Sharon.

Phyllis: No, I didnít. No, I didnít. He already knew that Sharon went up to the cabin to, what, find herself? He is the one who wanted to follow her there.

Jack: You just gave him a little nudge. Gee, Phyllis, you are in free-fall. You gotta cut this out or Nick is gonna figure out that you're up to your old tricks again.

Phyllis: Oh, come on, Nick knows everything. He already ratted me out. He--he--he did that already. But you know, I love Brad, because this is what he also did. He covers his butt, but he blames me for everything. And then, he goes after Sharon anyway. Goes up to the cabin, sniffing up at-- you know, but I'm gonna thank him for something. I'm gonna thank him for saving Noah's life. What? What? What?

Jack: Nick knew what you did before he went up to get Sharon.

Phyllis: Yes. What's your point?

Jack: (Sighs)

Phyllis: What? He's not angry at me. He's not. He didn't go up there to seek revenge.

Jack: I didn't say that.

Phyllis: Listen, my husband knows me. He understands me. He knows I'm a fighter. He knows I'm gonna fight to save my family. He knows this about me.

Jack: Yeah, I fought to save my marriage. That sure worked out well.

Phyllis: But you and me are two very different people.

Jack: We both lit a match to our marriages. I screwed up by lying, you screwed up by doing what you do.

Phyllis: No, I screwed up by trusting Brad. That's the only mistake I made. I'll learn never to do that again.

Jack: So that's it? No regrets? If you had it to do all over again, you'd tell Brad to go follow Sharon?

Phyllis: Oh, I'd tell Brad where to go. But it wouldn't be to follow Sharon.

Victoria: So there's no word yet?

Ashley: No, but Colleen and J.T. have joined the search team.

Victoria: Yeah, I know. J.T. left me a message while I was in the shower, which is why I didn't have the chance to tell him the most incredible news.

Abby: About my dad?

Victoria: Yes. Abby, your father-- he saved Noah's life. He's the one who pulled him out of the lake. Your father is a hero.

Man: No sign of foul play. Fresh snowfall has covered all the tracks.

J.T.: How far did your search team go?

Man: 5-mile radius, but we can expand, if needed.

Colleen: How many buildings are there--?

Woman: Aah!

J.T.: That came from the lake. Stay here.

Jana: Yes, um, Kay Phillips. Yeah, uh, when's your next avail-- yeah, but it's an emergency. Yeah, but her filling is-- Kay. I understand. Thank you.

Amber: What, they're so busy they can just reject new patients?

Jana: Oh, no, they can see her. In March.

Amber: Well, there goes that idea.

Daniel: Kevin, what are you doing?

Kevin: I am getting a street-level satellite photo of the office.

Amber: I think it's better in person.

Kevin: Will you cover for me here?

Daniel: So that's it? We've just all moved right on to burglary?

Amber: No.

Kevin: No, no, no. No, no, we're just gonna scope the place out, do a little recon.

Jana: Okay. No breaking laws just yet.

Kevin: Just--just a little look-see.

Daniel: Have I mentioned that you're killing me?

Amber: We'll be right back. Wait for me!

Kay: You think I am some broad that you can lie to? Just like you thought, uh, you could cheat me? You offered me $5,000 for a museum quality piece of jewelry. I negotiated you up to $10,000.

Mr. Langston: Didn't happen. 'Cause I don't know you.

Kay: You don't know me? Well, I am Katherine Chancellor. And I deal with tougher guys than you every day of my life.

Mr. Langston: I got news for you. Katherine Chancellor is dead. And that makes you a two-bit fake.

Colleen: (Crying)

Colleen: No. I heard a scream, but... but...

J.T.: Some, uh, some kid was playing on the ice, near where Noah fell in. There's a body.

Colleen: No! No! No! No!

J.T.: Colleen, your dad.

Colleen: No! No! No! (Crying) No! No!

J.T.: I'm sorry.

Colleen: (Sobbing)

Jack: Was that Nick?

Phyllis: Yeah, he left me a voice mail. Uh, I had my phone off in Noah's room.

Jack: What did he say?

Phyllis: Uh, he said that he and Sharon are on their way home. Uh, he's going home, and then Sharon is going to come here and pick up Noah.

Jack: So they were definitely snowed in.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, they were.

Jack: He mention Brad?

Phyllis: No, he didnít. He just, uh, mentioned Sharon.

Jack: So Brad wasn't there when Nick arrived to help Sharon. How'd he sound?

Phyllis: He sounded like a man who was on his way home. And he wanted us to give Noah their love.

Jack: Their love-- his and Sharon's?

Phyllis: Oh, you're so pathetic, Jack. What are you doing? It's like you want me to think that there's something going on between my husband and your soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Jack: You know, the truth is, I am hoping for everyone's sake nothing happened.

Phyllis: Oh, you're such a liar. You're such a liar. Sharon's done with you, so you want Nick to be done with me. You want a buddy in misery. It's like you want someone to cry with you, to go to the club and--and drink and commiserate over the horrible-- my marriage is not over.

Jack: Well, there's the Phyllis that I know. Ever pugnacious in the face of reality.

Phyllis: Whose reality? What reality? They got snowed in. So what? They got snowed in. They're worried about their son. Like we are all worried about-- I don't wanna talk about this with you.

Jack: Nick and Sharon will always be drawn to each other, but they're decent people. They've already fought whatever feelings they have. They'd have kept fighting if we hadn't kept pushing. If we'd just backed off. If I hadn't pushed them by lying. If you hadn't shoved them with Brad and--

Phyllis: I-I didn't do-- things are not over for me.

Jack: Okay, fine.

Phyllis: You know, I care about my marriage. I-I'll fight for my marriage. I'm not gonna give up on my marriage like you threw everything away.

Jack: Fighting for your marriage is exactly how you got here in the first place. If you'd just trusted what you had with Nick. But no, when you meddle and scheme, boy, you don't play around. And eventually, it was gonna go too far. Apparently, it already has.

Phyllis: Things are not over for me. Okay?

Kay: With or without you, Mr. Langston, I am going to prove that I am Katherine Chancellor. And once that is done, I'm going to reclaim my name, my fortune and my influence. Good people like Mr. Baldwin and Murphy here, are gonna be on my side-- good people. And people like you... will not. Are you willing to take that chance? Do you really feel that lucky?

Mr. Langston: What are you gonna do, take me off your Christmas card list?

Kay: I am going to buy a pawn shop right next to you, offer twice what you pay and run you out of business.

Michael: She'd have the resources, too.

Murphy: Drop in the bucket.

Kay: This broad is going to crush you.

Mr. Langston: You're really her? Katherine Chancellor?

Kay: You bet your ass I am.

Victoria: So then, once we realized the glove was Brad's, it all started to come back to Noah.

Ashley: That's unbelievable.

Victoria: I know!

Ashley: You guys are back already?

Abby: Does that mean that you found Dad? Did you hear he saved Noah?

J.T.: Yeah, he, uh... he did save Noah. But your--your dad... he didn't make it.

Ashley: Wait a second. Are you sure?

Abby: (Sobbing)

Sharon: How's Noah?

Nick: Oh, Sharon, I'm sure he's great.

Sharon: You're sure? You don't know?

Nick: Well, I left a message for Phyllis. I told her we were... we were good, and we're on our way home. So you ready?

Sharon: Um... here, you should probably wear this. Not carry it. 'Cause I mean, it might look...

Sharon: Nick...

Nick: Yeah?

Jana: Oh, God, just think. Amber and Kevin couldn't even be in the same bloody room just two weeks ago, and now they're a team.

Daniel: Yeah. You know, you say that like it's a good thing. I mean, the two of 'em? They feed off of each other. And if there was any perspective in there, it's just... gone, right out the window.

Kevin: Did you see?

Daniel: Ah, look, well, if it isn't Bonnie and Clyde.

Amber: You guys, that place is so awesome!

Kevin: Awesome. Awesome. I mean, there is practically no security. Not even a fake barking dog.

Amber: I know!

Daniel: Awesome, yes. You know, I'm sure their patients would love to hear that.

Amber: We are so gonna score Mrs. C.'s dental records.

Kevin: Yeah, what she said, partner.

Daniel: Partner?

Jack: Yeah, give Colleen and Abby my love, okay? Thanks.

Phyllis: What? What's wrong? Why do you look like that?

Jack: They located Brad. Apparently, he was trapped under the ice when he saved Noah's life.

Phyllis: Well, he's okay, right? Did he--did he get out?

Jack: He's dead. He's dead. Colleen and J.T. went up to where they found his car. We knew he'd saved Noah, we thought he'd made it, too. I guess... I guess he didnít. Colleen and Abby had been searching and waiting and--

Phyllis: How--how are they? How are they doing?

Jack: Just as you'd expect. They're devastated. They loved him.

Phyllis: I told him to go to Sharon.

Jack: No, that was his own decision. You told me that.

Phyllis: I told him to go. I gave Noah permission to go out.

Jack: Phyllis, none of this happened because of decisions that you made.

Phyllis: But I did all of this.

Jack: Phyllis, don't do this.

Phyllis: A man died, a boy almost froze to death and it's because of me.

Jack: Phyllis, you've got enough going on in your life without putting this on your head.

Phyllis: This is my fault. Nick will think this is all my fault. All of this--

Jack: Listen--listen to me, listen to me, get a grip.

Phyllis: It's all my fault!

Jack: Get a grip. Now. Brad lost his life. It's senseless. It's tragic. You're still here. Nick's still here. Go home. Wait for your husband. Focus on something you can fix. You said it yourself, it's not over.

Nick: So we just leave here, go back to Genoa City?

Sharon: I guess it always was just a matter of time. And Noah needs us.

Nick: And all this is just supposed to be a secret? I don't know if I can do that.

Sharon: Well... if--if you tell Phyllis, it'll only hurt her.

Nick: You're not hurting anymore?

Sharon: Nick, this was magical. I wouldn't trade what happened here for anything in the world, but you have a wife and a daughter who adores you. And that's real.

Nick: This is real, too.

Sharon: Thank you so much for saying that. That really means a lot to me, just to know that you feel the same way I do. We really have to get to Noah.

Sharon: What?

Nick: That "Star Trek" episode, the one with alternate universes.

Sharon: That was always your show, not mine.

Nick: True. True. "Sliding Doors," the movie. We saw that together, remember?

Sharon: Yeah, I remember. It's the same concept. What if...

Nick: What if Cassie never got in that car?

Sharon: What if... it were you and me and Noah and Cassie? What a wonderful idea. You go first. I'll lock up, okay?

[Nick and Sharon kiss]

Kevin: And-and it's a 6-story building, so we could wait until after hours.

Amber: Yeah, in the stairwell.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And there's two entrances, right?

Amber: Yeah, one in the main corridor, and one right around the corner.

(Cell phone ringing)

Kevin: Right, okay, hold that thought. This is Kevin.

Michael: Oh, well, this is your brother, with excellent news. The broker caved. He agreed to confirm how he came into possession of that ring.

Kevin: Oh. Oh, that's--that's great. That's great. The broker admitted everything.

Michael: Oh, wait, hold on.

Kay: May I?

Michael: Of course, Mrs. Chancellor.

Kay: Thank you. Kevin, Katherine here. Uh, can you get Amber on the phone, also?

Kevin: Oh, yeah, yeah. Mrs. C. wants both of us.

Amber: Oh, hey, Mrs. C. congratulations. I bet you scared the pants off that jerk, huh?

Kay: Well, um, the two of you gave me ammunition with that receipt. And I can't thank you enough.

Kevin: Hey, it was our pleasure.

Amber: Yeah, it was.

Kay: All right, bye-bye.

Amber: Bye.

Kevin: Bye.

Amber: Oh.

Kevin: That's good.

Amber: Yeah. I do have a present for you, though.

Kevin: Oh, yeah?

Amber: Yeah.

Daniel: What is it?

Kevin: I don't know. I love presents, though.

Amber: Look, I know I was a jerk to you at Christmas, so better late than never. Look, look, um, I made it. See, there's a British flag on this side, and, like, an American flag on this side.

Kevin: Oh, my God.

Jana: That is so sweet, just like us!

Amber: You know, uh, if you don't like it, you don't have to wear it.

Kevin: Are you kidding? I totally, totally love it. Thank you.

Amber: Oh, yeah.

Kevin: Thanks.

Daniel: Yeah, it looks great.

Kevin: Thanks. Wow.

Abby: Grandma? Grandma, he should still be here. This girl made Noah go skating on the lake, and if she hadnít... Daddy would...

Colleen: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Ashley: Abby?

Abby: I need time alone.

Colleen: Hi. Grandma, yeah, I'll-- I'll call you back, okay? We love you, too. Okay. Bye.

Ashley: Oh, boy, are you okay?

Victoria: Yeah. No. Are you?

Ashley: No. No. I just feel... I... I have known Brad forever. Since he came to work for us as a grounds keeper. It seems like he always had such a big part to play in my life, either as Traciís husband or my husband, Abby's father. Heís... he's family. Always will be.

Victoria: I know. I know. I loved him, too. He was a little frustrating as a husband.

Ashley: (Sobs) He was.

Victoria: But as a father...

Ashley: He loved his girls.

Victoria: Yeah. He knew from the beginning that Abby wasn't his, didn't he?

Ashley: Yes, he did. He didn't hesitate for a second to open his whole heart to her. I mean, he really lived for those two girls.

Victoria: He's never gonna know how grateful we are.

Ashley: Oh. I know.

Phyllis: Noah's fine.

Nick: Good.

Phyllis: He remembered who saved him. It was Brad.

Nick: Really? Wow, I gotta thank him.

Phyllis: He died. He died saving your son.

Nick: (Sighs) Has Noah heard this yet?

Phyllis: No, he hasnít. When he does, maybe... maybe you should be there.

Nick: Yeah, I-I got-- I should go see him.

Phyllis: Well, good. Go see your son.

Sharon: Jack? Hey, how's Noah? Is he awake?

Jack: Noah--Noah's incredible. You did a wonderful job raising that boy.

Sharon: That's why I just can't wait to hug him.

Jack: Well, wait, before you go in there, you need to know something.

Sharon: You said Noah was fine.

Jack: Noah is fine. Someone rescued Noah. Someone pulled him out of the water.

Sharon: Jack, that-- that's wonderful news. Why are you looking at me--?

Jack: It was Brad Carlton.

Sharon: Yeah, Brad-- Brad was on his way back.

Jack: Noah called, Brad came running. Noah only remembered this last night.

Sharon: Wait a minute, I... but your tone-- you said that Noah was okay. Is Brad okay? Just tell me.

Jack: Brad didn't make it.

Sharon: What?

Jack: Brad died.

Sharon: What?!

Jack: The found the body earlier today.

Sharon: (Sobs)

Jack: It's okay.

Sharon: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Well, does Noah know about this?

Jack: I thought you would be the one to tell him.

Sharon: Oh, how am I gonna tell him? How am I gonna tell him somebody died saving him? Will you stay with me?

Jack: I'm right at your side.

Sharon: Okay.

Noah: Mom.

Sharon: Hey, Noah.

Noah: Is Dad on his way?

Sharon: Yeah, he'll be here soon. I think he just wanted to give me some time alone with you.

Noah: You know-- you know I'm fine, right? You look like you're scared you'll break me.

Sharon: You know how much I love you? You--just the idea of you hurting...

Noah: I'm--I'm fine now. Did Jack tell you Brad saved me? Did you talk to him yet? Tell him I wanna thank him?

Sharon: Honey, um... Sweetheart, Brad knows. He knows--he knows how grateful we are for what he did. And I will never be able to thank him enough.

Jack: Noah? We got some news today.

Sharon: Honey, it's--its pretty sad news. Um... Brad, um... he knew how much you meant to everyone who loved you. And he did a brave and wonderful and very generous thing. He saved the most wonderful young man that I've ever known. But something happened, and we will never know why, but he just... he died, Honey. Brad's gone.

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Sharon: I'm so sorry, Brad.

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