Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/28/09

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/28/09 -- Canada; Thursday 1/29/09 -- U.S.A.


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Noah: Are you sure this is the right place? Where is everyone?

Eden: It's a party, Noah. No one actually shows up at 8:00 on the dot. God, it's so beautiful out here. It's so quiet.

Noah: Especially compared to a bowling alley.

Eden: Oh, my God, can you believe that Michael and Phyllis actually bought that lame story? A fundraiser bowl-a-thon for the debate team? Nerd City.

Noah: Yeah, I believe it. You're pretty good.

Eden: You're right. I am.

Noah: Hey, uh, I'll keep an eye on the time. We gotta hike back to the bowling alley and call Phyllis. That way, when she picks us up, she won't suspect anything.

Eden: Is this gonna be hard? Ice skating, I mean.

Noah: No. No. Lace up your skates right, get your ankles solid.

Eden: And I'll be gliding over the ice like a ballerina, just like my mom.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: You're here pretty late.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, um... Summer is with the nanny, fast asleep, so I decided to come in and get some work done.

Nick: No phones.

Phyllis: Exactly. How was Chicago?

Nick: It went awesome. I, uh, locked up another advertiser for Beauty of Nature.

Phyllis: Oh, that's great. That's really super. That's great.

Phyllis: So, um, did you see anybody else?

Nick: Like who? Sharon? If I knew she was going, I certainly would've told you about it ahead of time.

Phyllis: I... I wasn't asking that, Nick.

Nick: I was there for Newman Enterprises, by myself.

Phyllis: Okay. Good. You just... you know, I... you have a reaction like this, and that's why my mind goes places. I mean, you don't have to get so defensive.

Nick: (Sighs) Okay, I'm sorry. It's been a long day. Traffic sucked. I'm exhausted. And I still have a lot of work to do. So you wanna start over?

Phyllis: Okay.

Nick: I missed you.

Phyllis: I missed you, too.

Sharon: Brad, what are you doing here?

Brad: Can I come in? I promise you, I won't stay long. Just let me say my piece and then I'll get in my car and drive home. Sharon, please? Just let me come in and say what I have to say. This could be the most important conversation of my life.

Sharon: Okay. Come in.

Victor: If I want a hundred portraits made of Ashley and Abby and me, I will do so. You had no right to upset her the way you did. I won't stand for it.

Nikki: Are you finished? Everything is out of your system? Because I have a few things I'd like to say.

Victor: Really? That is what you do best, isn't it? You run your mouth. You don't listen. You're incapable of listening. That's your problem.

Nikki: Victor, after the year you have had, I'm glad that you have people in your life that you care about. What concerns me is the way you're throwing yourself into this.

Victor: That's none of your business.

Nikki: Well, it becomes my business when you are so enamored with your new family that you neglect your first family.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Nikki: Nicholas and Victoria.

Victor: There is no problem in regard to Nicholas and Victoria. What are you talking about?

Nikki: Okay. Okay. Until I hear otherwise, I will accept that.

Victor: That does not give you the right to harass Ashley.

Nikki: Ashley was unhappy with the conversation we had because I was being straight with her. But she's a big girl, and I think she can hear the truth without falling apart.

Victor: Let me ask you something, how presumptuous on your part to wanna tell someone else the truth. Who the hell are you to do that?

Nikki: You know what? Can we just--can we just not do this? Let's just call it a day, please. Because I have a lot of other things on my mind. Let's just...

Victor: What are you talking about?

Nikki: Um... my sister is sick.

Victor: Who, Casey? What's the matter?

Nikki: Cancer. Stage 2.

Victor: Whoa. Sorry to hear that.

Nikki: She's, um, starting treatment, and I'm gonna go and... make sure that she eats and--and takes care of herself. I'm leaving on the red eye tonight. So you can tell Ashley the coast is clear.

Victor: If you need anything, just let me know, all right? I'll fly in specialists, whatever.

Nikki: Thank you. That's very sweet of you.

Victor: Anyway, she's in good hands with you.

Eden: It's not even ringing.

Noah: Yeah, mine won't work either. Must be out of range.

Eden: Well, then I have no idea how we're supposed to get a hold of people, find out where they are. Do you think we got punk'd?

Noah: As in, there's no party?

Eden: Gee, why would the cheerleading captain lie to the weirdo new girl? I should've known.

Noah: Let's give it a little more time.

Eden: You don't wanna leave?

Noah: Like you said, it's pretty out here.

Eden: I was hoping you'd say that.

Noah: You brought water?

Eden: Whiskey, from Michael's liquor cabinet.

Noah: No way.

Eden: Yeah, I snuck it out as soon as I heard about the party.

Noah: Before I even said yes?

Eden: I knew you would.

Noah: I'm that predictable, huh?

Eden: No, I'm that persuasive. You want a sip?

Lauren: Is that the good scotch?

Michael: Between defending Gloria and trying to determine if some waitress in a trailer park is or is not committing the world's biggest con, I'd say I have earned it.

Lauren: You're still questioning whether that woman is really Katherine?

Michael: If you had seen her with that gem dealer... the way she talked, the way she acted, I still get goosebumps. Anyway, uh, in a dilemma totally unrelated to that, uh, but also requiring the good scotch...

Lauren: Oh, boy. All right. Lay it on me.

Michael: Eden. My guardianship. I'm torn over whether to make it permanent.

Brad: I know I'm probably the last person you wanna see right now. But I've spent the last few days doing a lot of soul-searching. And I imagine you've been doing the same.

Sharon: Yeah. That's what I came here for.

Brad: I've made a lot of, um... mistakes in my life. I have... done a few things that I'm not very proud of. But falling in love with you was not one of them. And I do love you, Sharon. More than any woman I've ever known.

Sharon: Brad...

Brad: Sharon, please. I wouldn't have intruded on your solitude if expressing this to you was no extraordinarily important to me. We promised each other that no matter what, we would always be friends. And I'm counting on that friendship right now. I am counting on you keeping an open mind. I know how upset you are with me and I deserve it. I do. I shouldn't have given Phyllis the time of day. But, Sharon, my judgment was clouded by the hope that you were available again. And I-I know there's a right way and a wrong way to go about something, and conspiring with Phyllis behind your back... was dead wrong.

Sharon: I'm glad you realize that.

Brad: I do realize it. Of course, I do. And that's one of the reasons I'm here today, to ask for your forgiveness. But you have to know that my motives were pure. I want a life with you. I want to give you anything and everything that you could ever want or need. I want to care for you and I want to protect you. I wanna spend every day making you happy. That's what I came here to say. Tell me what I have to do for you to give me that chance. Because I'll do anything, Sharon. Anything you ask.

Victoria: What is her prognosis, Mom? Did the doctor say?

Nikki: They won't know anything until she's through with her first round of chemo.

Victoria: Oh, Mom. Poor Aunt Casey. I can't believe she has to go through this. This is awful. Well, when will you be back?

Nikki: I don't know. I'll just stay as long as she needs me. So... how are you? Everything okay?

Victoria: Yeah. I'm fine.

Nikki: J.T. and Reed?

Victoria: Good. Everybody's good. Everybody's happy and healthy.

Nikki: And working with your father again, how's that?

Victoria: Uh... it's fine, for the most part.

Nikki: Uh-oh.

Victoria: Oh, you know Dad, he's just on his rampage lately to get Brad off the Newman board.

Nikki: I don't know why he doesn't just resign. Who needs that grief?

Victoria: You know, I really hate to say it, but Dad has a way of bringing out the worst in certain people.

Nikki: Yes, apparently, I'm one of them. He just gave me a hard time for giving Ashley a desperately needed reality check.

Victoria: Are you kidding me? Please, let her fight her own battles.

Nikki: Well, I'm sure she didn't think that he was gonna confront me. It's just another example of how your father has to control everybody around him. Doesn't make for very healthy relationships. I learned that the hard way. I thought Ashley had, too.

Victoria: Well, something tells me, she's about to be reminded.

(Knock on door)

Victor: Well! This is a nice surprise.

Ashley: Hi. I come bearing gifts. Macadamia nuts, still warm, from the that little candy shop on the corner.

Victor: Oh, really? Whoa.

Ashley: Smells good, doesn't it?

Victor: My surprise got even nicer.

Ashley: I knew you were gonna be stuck here waiting for that overseas conference call, so...

Victor: I got two now, one from Kuala Lumpur and the other from Bangkok. It's gonna take a while.

Ashley: See, you do deserve a treat, don't you?

Victor: I love this.

Ashley: I know. Let me smell.

Victor: Isn't that great?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Did you get in contact with the photographer to take a picture of the three of us?

Ashley: Actually, Daniel wants to do it. And I feel great about that. I want to give him the business. How do you feel?

Victor: That's fine.

Ashley: Okay, good.

Victor: Cool.

Ashley: Well, then I will contact him, and I'll see you whenever I see you.

Victor: Yeah. Uh, by the way, um... something I have to discuss with you concerning business, involving Brad Carlton.

Ashley: Oh?

Victor: There's something you may not like to hear.

Noah: (Coughs) Ugh.

Eden: (Chuckles)

Noah: Okay, that's just nasty.

Eden: Yeah, I could tell. Here, let me try.

Noah: Ugh.

Eden: Okay, yeah, you're right. Maybe it's better mixed with something.

Noah: I doubt it. It still tastes like nail polish remover.

Eden: God, Michael drinks this stuff straight. I don't know how he stands it. I mean, then again, I don't know much about him at all. I guess I better change that, considering he's probably the only family that I have.

Noah: You don't think your dad's coming back?

Eden: Not unless he wants to spend the rest of his life in jail.

Noah: That's B.S., the way he bailed on you.

Eden: My entire life I thought he loved me. I sure loved him. But he was lying the whole time so that the cops wouldn't find him and.... how do I know that he wasn't lying about loving me?

Eden: And now my half-brother is stuck with me.

Noah: Hey... Michael's a great guy. And Lauren's an awesome person.

Eden: It's not that I don't like them. It's just that... I have no clue if they ever want me around.

Noah: Hasn't Michael said he wants you to stay?

Eden: So? With all the junk that I've been through with my dad, he kinda has to say that. What if he's not telling the truth? What if I'm just this huge obligation that he secretly wishes he didn't have?

Michael: Maybe I'm just not cut out to raise a teenager.

Lauren: What Eden needs is a strong, loving father figure, who knows how to set boundaries. And, Honey, you're written all over that. I don't even know why you'd hesitate.

Michael: Well, I'm more than happy to make things permanent, you know, be her guardian until she turns 18. My concern is Eden. I mean, due to our less than adequate father, she has no place else to live. She might hate it here, not dare say anything out of fear she'll be sent to live with strangers.

Lauren: Do you really think that's how she feels?

Michael: Honestly? I have no idea. I wish I knew what she was thinking.

Brad: Say something.

Sharon: Well, um... I was furious. I mean, I couldn't believe that you stooped to Phyllis' level, but--but... thank you for the apology. And I can see that you would never do anything like that again.

Brad: I would never do anything to hurt you. I know it's gonna take a lot for us to get back to where we were. But if you just give me that chance, Sharon...

Sharon: Brad, uh... no. You know, I just--I don't want to get involved in another relationship hoping that it will work out, because I did that with Jack and it blew up in my face.

Brad: I'm not Jack.

Sharon: I know. I know. You're not. But... I just... I really care about you, as a friend. But I... I don’t... love you the way that you love me. The only person that I think that I've ever felt that way about... is Nick.

Sharon: Nick really is the love of my life. And I think... I've known that since I was a teenager.

Brad: When he betrayed you with Phyllis after Cassie died, did you feel that way then?

Sharon: Well, I don't think that we would've divorced if Phyllis hadn't gotten pregnant. And even after she told him that the baby was his, he still wanted his marriage.

Brad: And you turned him down. Why?

Sharon: Because I didn't want him to feel obligated to stay with me.

Brad: Because you knew it was over. And Phyllis wasn't the first time that Nick cheated. Your best friend Grace?

Sharon: Yeah, I remember.

Brad: If I were ever lucky enough to call you my wife, I would never break our commitment. I couldn't even imagine thinking about another woman. Because you are everything to me, Sharon. You're perfect and beautiful in every way.

Sharon: Well, that's, um... ironic. Because Jack just said the same thing to me recently. He said, "Sharon, you are the perfect woman." And, um... you know, I-I really do believe that Jack loved me, despite his flaws. And I loved him, too, but just not in that same way. And I think that if Jack had been a different person, I-I could've been content to stay with him. But that's not the same thing as being happy.

Brad: No, it's not.

Sharon: I just need more than security. You know, I need-- I need the passion.

Brad: Sharon... we had that passion and so much more.

Sharon: I know, but I'm talking about just... the passion that I had and the connection that I had with Nick, that came from our history. I just... he's the only person that I've ever had that with.

Brad: Do you really think he's going to leave his wife for you?

Sharon: Brad, I'm not... I'm not even thinking like that. You know, I mean, with the way that everybody has manipulated me, I would never even go down that road. I just wanna be honest with you. And I wanna be honest with myself. I mean, here I am, I'm going through my second divorce. I feel like a complete loser. I need to take some time to heal and... then figure out which direction I'm gonna go in my future.

Brad: Doesn't sound like that's a future that's going to include me.

Sharon: I'm sorry.

Brad: So am I, Sharon. So am I.

Phyllis: Okay, I can't stand this not talking. I don't like this. This doesn't work for me, okay? Nick, it--it's the thing. We gotta--we gotta fix the thing. The thing just sits there, you know?

Nick: Right. What--what else is there to talk about? We know what our problems are. We've come to an agreement. Until we stick to them, things are gonna be tense.

Phyllis: What you mean to say is until I stick to them, right?

Nick: Mom? What are you doing here?

Nikki: Hi, Honey. Um, uh, I'm afraid your Aunt Casey's real sick.

Nick: What's wrong?

Nikki: She has cancer.

Nick: Oh.

Nikki: Um... so I'm gonna go... stay with her and help her, you know. She's just starting the chemo.

Phyllis: I-I'm sorry.

Nick: Is there anything we can do?

Nikki: Just pray. Actually, I came by to pick up my laptop, so I can do some work while I'm there. I know I'm leaving you in the lurch.

Nick: Mom, don't-- don't worry about that. You just--just go take care of Aunt Casey.

Nikki: I-I do have to go. I have to meet Paul. He doesn't know that I'm leaving yet.

Phyllis: Don't worry about it. We'll take care of everything. No sweat.

Nikki: Kiss the kids good-bye for me?

Nick: Yeah, we will.

Nikki: Okay, thanks for understanding.

Phyllis: Have a safe trip.

Nikki: Thanks.

Phyllis: Are you okay?

Nick: Yeah. Speaking of kids, where's Noah?

Eden: I bet all the cheerleaders are laughing their asses off, thinking about me out here in the freezing cold. Hello, how stupid was I?

Noah: Lots of things are stupid. People treating you like that, for one.


Eden: What else?

Noah: Mom and Jack are getting a divorce.

Eden: That sucks, how come?

Noah: No one will tell me. I've only been able to put together bits and pieces. Basically... Jack's been hiding things from my mom. Plus, Dad and Phyllis have been fighting. And I think it's because of my mom. Phyllis is just freaked out that they're sneaking around together behind her back.

Eden: How would you feel if they were?

Noah: What, having an affair? I guess... a part of me would be happy to have my parents back together. But a bigger part would hate it. Because it would be such a terrible thing to do to Phyllis.

Victor: Sorry to keep you waiting, my darling.

Ashley: No, it's okay. What's going on with Brad? Why am I not going to like it?

Victor: (Sighs) I asked him to resign from the board of directors. Even offered him a settlement if he decided to go quietly.

Ashley: I assume he turned you down.

Victor: Mm-hmm. You assume correctly.

Ashley: Why do you want Brad out?

Victor: When he left for Jabot, he broke into our computer and stole some company secrets and used them against us. So... I'm gonna have to charge him with corporate espionage, unless he agrees to go quietly.

Ashley: Oh, boy. So you must have proof?

Victor: Yeah. And I didn't want you to hear this from someone else, okay?

Ashley: I appreciate that. Look...

Victor: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Ashley: I know. And I know you have to address this. But have you thought about what going public is gonna do to Abby?

(Telephone buzzes)

Victor: Excuse me. One second. Yes? Uh, this is the call from Malaysia. Good morning, everyone. This is Victor Newman.

Nick: So there's no teenagers there matching that description? Okay, thank you very much.

Phyllis: No, listen, don't tell me they're not there.

Nick: There's no G.C. bowl-a-thon there tonight or any other night.

Phyllis: Oh, no. We've been had.

Nick: No, you've been had.

Phyllis: Wait-- wait a second, wait a second. Noah's a good kid. I've never known him to lie to me before, okay? And I called Michael and I asked what he thought and he gave Eden permission. So I thought it was fine.

Nick: Well, neither one of you bothered to check out the facts.

Phyllis: No, just listen, there's due diligence, and then there's paranoia. I...

Nick: I'm gonna call Michael.

Eden: Okay, it's official. The skating party--we're it.

Noah: Are you okay?

Eden: There was supposed to be a bonfire.

Noah: Yeah, that'd be great about right now.

Eden: You're cold, too?

Noah: Some.

Eden: Too bad that whiskey tasted so gross. It might've helped warm us up.

Noah: No. I'd rather keep you warm the old-fashioned way. Is that better?

Eden: I guess it'll have to do.

Noah: How about now?

Eden: Almost there.

Michael: No, I didn't check with the school. I was in the middle of doing three different things when they bounced in here all excited about a fundraiser. I mean, it-- they were going bowling, in a group, with teachers around. It seemed harmless enough to me.

Nick: Well, since you and Phyllis relied on each other, instead of bothering to get all the information needed, we have no idea where Noah or Eden are or what they're up to.

Lauren: With a storm coming in.

Paul: So what time is your flight?

Nikki: 12-something. Uh, I don't know, just right after midnight. I'm not gonna take very much, just the bare essentials until I know how long I'm gonna be there.

Paul: Yeah. Oh, Nikki... I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

Nikki: I know you are. I just can't imagine a world without Casey, you know? I-I don't even wanna think that.

Paul: Is there anything I can do?

Nikki: Well... since we have so little time, you mind if we skip dinner?

Paul: No. Not at all.

Ashley: Hi. I thought you might be thirsty.

Victor: Another surprise. Thank you, my sweetheart. Um, I'm still waiting for my second call.

Ashley: I know. I actually was hoping we could finish our discussion about Brad.

Victor: (Sighs) Well... I don't think there's much to discuss, really. He stole from me. And he's not willing to exit quietly.

Ashley: I know. But not only are you going to crucify him in the courts, but he's gonna be crucified in the media. And a lot of other people are gonna get punished along the way. Abby's gonna be devastated. Now only because the father that raised her is being accused of a very serious crime, but because the father that she's just getting to know is out to tear him down. Victor, she loves both of you. And if she thinks for a second that you're doing this out of spite, there's not gonna be enough Arabian horses in the world to undo the damage.

Brad: The radio said the storm's going to be worse than they expected. Roads closed. White-out conditions. If I'm gonna make it back, I'd better get going. You gonna be okay?

Sharon: Um... yeah. I-I have plenty of food, and the generator's working. So I should be fine.

Brad: You're making a terrible mistake, Sharon.

Sharon: Maybe I am. Maybe I'm... making a mistake, I'm gonna regret the rest of my life, but I can't help how I feel.

Brad: Feelings change.

Sharon: Well, I think I would just be going through the motions, and you deserve better than that. And so do I.

Brad: I'll love you till the day I die, Sharon. That'll never change.

Lauren: (Sighs) We've called everybody we can think of.

Nick: Nothing, huh?

Lauren: No.

Phyllis: You know what? Michael, what were you thinking, letting--letting Eden go out without checking it out?

Michael: Why didn't you check it out?

Phyllis: Well, I-I did. I called you.

Nick: You both could've called the school or checked the calendar on the web site. And you would've realized this was a hoax.

Lauren: Oh, I see, so Michael's just supposed to assume that Eden's lying?

Nick: Lauren, have you forgotten about Paris?

Lauren: No, I haven't, but as I recall, it was your son who got arrested.

Michael: I'm supposed to drop everything and monitor every footstep those two make?

Lauren: Yeah, you can't blame Eden for what happened over there.

Michael: Or for the fact that they're both out there tonight.

Phyllis: Okay, no one is-- is putting blame on Eden.

Nick: Okay, just hold on, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Well, that's true, right?

Eden: You realize...

Noah: Hmm?

Eden: This isn't going any further.

Noah: I know.

Eden: Not because I'm not into you, but because there's no way I'm taking off my clothes in the freezing cold.

Noah: Ah. Well, we came here to skate.

Eden: So let's skate. Um, if we move around, maybe it'll warm us up.

Noah: There's still plenty of time before we need to hike back to the bowling alley. You ready for your lesson?

Eden: Yep.

Nikki: (Sighs) Maybe the suitcase will pack itself?

Paul: I don't feel like getting out of bed either.

Nikki: I wish Casey lived in Genoa City, then I wouldn't have to leave. Because I feel so at home here with you. Comfortable, very safe. I haven't felt this happy in a very long time.

Paul: Mm. I'm gonna miss you like crazy.

Nikki: You better.

[Brad remembering]

Sharon: Oh! The Shakespeare garden at dusk! It was heaven.

Brad: Yeah, it was. But the zoo was closed and we .couldn't feed the goats.

Sharon: The kids' zoo?

Brad: Yes, the kids' zoo. It just so happens that, uh, it's one of my favorite things to do when I come to New York. But keep it quiet.

Sharon: Aw. Don't worry, I'll take it to my grave.

Sharon: You're my best friend. That's what last night was about--friendship.

Brad: As far as I'm concerned, what happened between us stays right here.

Sharon: Well... we haven't left the hotel room yet, you know?

(Car engine decelerating)

Brad: What the hell?

Brad: Damn it.

Victor: You tell Mr. Suchinda unless I hear from him by tonight, the deal is off. Is that clear? Yep.

Ashley: Trouble?

Victor: That's all not important. What is important is what you said... about Abby and how this would all affect her. I do not want to hurt her, and I don't want to alienate her. However, I cannot permit Brad Carlton to poison the atmosphere around here any longer.

Ashley: I understand.

Victor: Okay.

Ashley: Just hold off from taking him to court, please. Let me talk with him, and maybe I can convince him to withdraw from the board, for Abby's sake and his sake. And more importantly, Abby’s.

Victor: Because I love you as much as I do, I'll let you do it. I'll wait. Okay?

Ashley: Thank you.

Michael: Nick and I will go out and look for Eden and Noah.

Phyllis: Okay, we'll stay here in case they call.

Lauren: Just be careful. I think there's ice on the road.

Michael: Oh, great.

Phyllis: Nick? I'm sorry.

Nick: Well, I just hope those kids aren't doing anything stupid.

Eden: Oh, my God, you're so good.

Noah: It's easy. See?

Eden: Okay, that's not fair. I'm from California. The only thing that freezes out there is the traffic.

Noah: Ah. The ice is great. I'm just saying, nice and smooth.

Eden: Hey, Noah! Come back! I can't see you. Noah?

(Ice cracking)

Eden: What was that?

Noah: Eden, stay back! The ice is cracking! Don't come out here, okay?

Eden: Noah! Noah!

Noah: Stay back!

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Jack: There's no way Brad will ever agree to Victor raising his child. I don't blame him.

Phyllis: Those kids are out in a blizzard, and this is my fault. Go ahead and say it.

Noah: Help! Somebody help! Please!

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