Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/27/09

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/27/09 -- Canada; Wednesday 1/28/09 -- U.S.A.


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Victor: Have you spoken with Legal?

Victoria: The bylaws are clear. A Newman Enterprises' board member can only be removed for malfeasance.

Victor: That's Brad Carlton's specialty. Shouldn't be too difficult to find something against him.

Victoria: J.T.'s working on it.

Victor: You tell him to work harder, all right? I want Carlton out of here. I do not want him privy to sensitive information.

Victoria: Listen, uh, Dad, you're gonna find this out anyway.

Victor: Find out what?

Victoria: Ahem. You remember a year ago, when our computers were hacked into?

Victor: Yes.

Victoria: It was Brad.

Victor: Why was I not told about that?

Victoria: Because you were traveling with Sabrina. Okay, and I really didn't wanna get into it with you. And to tell you the truth, I wasn't really in the mood for ruining my ex-husband's life at the time.

Victor: I, however, am in a great mood to do that. Exactly that. So we can nail him for stealing company information.

Victoria: Uh... actually, we can't.

Victor: What do you mean, we can't?

Victoria: When Adam took over your job ere, he gave--he gave Adam a golden parachute like you wouldn't believe. We got out of paying him by promising not to press charges.

Victor: You promised him, I didn't.

Phyllis: Oh, watch out, slugger. Slugger, that's right. How funny. No, you were the one who got hit.

Brad: Yeah, you know, Nick got a little hotheaded. Never could take a joke. Or the truth.

Phyllis: Arsenic with your coffee?

Brad: No, I don't use sweeteners. I like my coffee acidic and bitter, sorta like your marriage.

Noah: The party's tonight? But it's supposed to snow.

Eden: So? A bunch of us are gonna meet at the lake, start a bonfire and go skating.

Noah: Do they even have ice in Malibu?

Eden: Only in drinks. I've never been skating before in my entire life. I'll probably fall on my butt a million times, unless you're there to hold me up and keep me warm, of course.

Noah: Look, Eden, it sounds great.

Eden: Don't say but. Becky, the cheerleading captain, personally invited me. We--we have to go.

Noah: You know my folks will never go for it. Especially after new year's eve. I-I can't lie to my mom again.

Eden: Who said anything about lying? I'm talking about describing the night in a way that the "Ps" will feel okay to say yes to.

Noah: Look, maybe your brother and Lauren will, but... my folks? I doubt it.

Eden: Watch and learn. There's a way.

Kevin: So do you want the good news first or the bad news?

Michael: Why is it never just good news with you?

Amber: You are gonna be very proud of him. He did something very, very heroic.

Kevin: See this here? All the information about Mrs. Chancellor's ring-- right here, ready to be popped into your computer.

Michael: And where'd you get that?

Amber: Well, it's from the pawn shop. Um, that is Kevin's flash drive.

Kevin: We know who has it, mike. There's a paper trail. Well, an e-trail.

Amber: Yeah. See, the pawn broker, he sold Mrs. Chancellor's ring to this Nelson Harkins for $100,000, after he gave her 10 grand for it. Can you believe that? That big fat emerald ring for $100,000? I mean, that is absolutely outrageous.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. That thing has gotta be worth at least half a mil.

Michael: Hold on, hold on, who's Nelson-- what was his name?

Kevin: Harkins.

Amber: Harkins.

Kevin: He's a gem dealer. Very high end. Which means, we're this much closer to tying the ring back to Mrs. C.

Amber: Mm-hmm.

Michael: And how exactly did you get this information?

Kevin: Well, I told you there was some bad news.

Michael: Kevin? Breaking and entering is illegal. Stealing private files-- illegal. And please, please tell me that the police don't know about this.

Amber: Can't we just-- all just take a deep breath and focus on the positive here? I mean, can't we just do that?

Brad: Well, that's quite a cup of coffee, Phyllis. What's the matter? Coming up with new schemes to hang onto your husband keeping you up nights?

Phyllis: I sleep just fine, Brad.

Brad: I imagine you do. You have that great big bed all to yourself. It must be peaceful.

Phyllis: The only one who has a hard time sleeping at night... should be you. You can't even land a desperate woman who's served to you on a silver platter.

Brad: Hey, speaking of Sharon, how's Nick doing? I'd ask him myself, but he never seems to be with you. Problems at home, I guess.

Phyllis: The only problem I have is that you're still breathing.

(Cell phone ringing)

Brad: Carlton.

Victor: I need to see you. It concerns your board seat. I'm at my office.

Brad: I'm a little tied up at the moment. I'll see if I can squeeze you in.

Victor: He's on his way over.

Kevin: Michael, we can't just sit on our hands. We gotta get that ring back.

Amber: Yeah, before he sells it to someone else.

Kevin: Mrs. Chancellor was so excited when we told her that there was still a chance.

Michael: That's what she meant when she said the ring wasn't a dead end. See, I should've know it had something to do with you two.

Amber: Well, we gotta help her out. Come on, please, Michael?

Michael: All right, all right, all right. You know what? You call Katherine and I will... take a look at this data you brought me.

Eden: Hey, Michael, can I talk to you for a sec?

Michael: Uh, I'm busy, but, uh, yeah, you know what? I'll make some time for you. What's ? Oh. So what are you two kids doing here together?

Eden: I ran into him, okay? There's no law against that.

Michael: Well, there should be.

Eden: Look, you're busy, so I'll make this quick. The freshman class is sponsoring a bowl-a-thon over at Twin Lakes.

Michael: Oh, so this is a charity function?

Eden: Fundraiser, for the speech and debate tame, so they can compete this spring. The school had budget cuts, so there's, like, no money, which totally sucks. You did debate, right? 'Cause you're a lawyer? Well, there's entry fees, coaching, the bus to take us to the meets.

Michael: I take it, you wanna participate.

Eden: It's tonight. Wanna make a pledge? Dime a pin.

Michael: Sure, hit me up when it's over.

Eden: So it's okay? I have your permission?

Michael: Are there going to be adults present?

Eden: It's for school. The place will be crawling with teachers.

Amber: Uh, Michael, I have your party on the line.

Michael: Uh, tell her that, uh, we need to work out a plan here, and then we'll be over.

Amber: Okay.

Michael: Uh, what, I'm sorry? Well?

Noah: The party starts in an hour. If we're gonna make it there on time.

Eden: Yes or no, big brother. What's it gonna be?

Michael: Uh, yeah, um, sure, have fun. Bowl your hearts out.

Eden: The debate team thanks you.

Michael: All right.

Eden: We're outta here.

Ashley: So I spoke to Fenmore's, and you are officially authorized to use my credit card.

Abby: Big mistake.

Ashley: Let's hope not. So keep it simple, not too expensive, and make sure it's white.

Abby: I can handle that.

Ashley: Okay. Bye, sweetie. Happy shopping.

Abby: Thank you.

Ashley: Bye.

Nikki: Don't tell me she's buying a wedding dress already.

Ashley: No. Thank God. Just something to wear for, um, a picture on Victor's desk.

Nikki: Oh, a formal portrait of his daughter. Very nice.

Ashley: Yeah, we decided to do it more casual. You know, just white, um, sweaters and jeans, I guess.

Nikki: We decided?

Ashley: Yeah, Abby, Victor and me.

Nikki: So the three of you?

Ashley: Yeah, the three. Kind of, um, a family portrait, I guess.

Nikki: That was fast.

Ashley: Well, Abby wanted a picture with her new horse, and it kind of evolved from there. It wasn't anything we actually planned.

Nikki: Look, Ashley, when I sent you to look for Victor in France, I knew there was a chance of this happening. It was a risk I was willing to take. But if you think things are gonna be different this time around, I'm sorry, you're wrong. I mean, just because you take a family portrait, does not mean you're a family.

Ashley: We are a family.

Nikki: I know you wanna believe that, but Victor is still grieving. You're an escape for him, don't you see? Reuniting with you in Paris, it didn't just magically take his depression away. It--it just dulled the pain. So now he's using you and Abby to keep those feelings from coming back. I mean, that's what he does. He controls, he manipulates. Ashley, there was a time when you knew that.

Ashley: I do know him, and I also know that he's different with me than he is with you.

Nikki: No, Victor is Victor, no matter who he's with. And someday soon, when reality sets in, you'll realize that.

Victor: Take it.

Brad: What is it?

Victor: It is your letter of resignation from the Newman board of directors.

Brad: You have no grounds.

Victoria: He knows that you broke into our database after you went to Jabot.

Brad: It's irrelevant now. We have a binding agreement, guaranteeing me immunity from prosecution, don't we?

Victor: My daughter protected you. I won't. You sign this letter before the next meeting of the Newman board of directors, or I will ruin you.

Brad: Whatever floats your boat, Victor. Bring it on.

Victoria: Brad, you don't mean that.

Brad: Oh, I mean it. No matter how hard Victor tries, he can't replace me as a father or a board member.

Victor: Taking legal action against you will only cost me money. It'll be far more costly for you to be publicly humiliated.

Brad: I couldn't care less what people think of me.

Victor: Even Abby?

Brad: We're done here.

Victor: Sign.

Brad: So... Daddy's back in town and you're turning your back on our agreement.

Victoria: He wants you out, and there's nothing I can do.

Brad: So you just stood there and let him use Abby as ammunition. That's way out of line, but did you call him on it? No.

Victoria: You know what, Brad? I am not the enemy. This was his decision. And I wish it could be different.

Brad: Ah, I guess you didn't wish hard enough, did ya?

Victoria: You know what I don't get? I don't get why you're being so stubborn about keeping the seat on the board, when it's just gonna create a lot of really ugly conflict. I'd hate to think that it's because Dad is acting more like Abby's father.

Brad: And you're welching on our deal? Are you telling me that isn't personal either? Careful, sweetheart, you're getting to be more and more like your father.

Kay: Well, now that we know who has the ring, how do we get it back?

Michael: I am gonna call Nelson Harkins, tell him I have a wealthy client looking for a substantial emerald ring. He'll set up a private showing, show me his stock.

Murphy: Well, how you gonna know which one is Katherine's?

Michael: I'll have an expert witness present to verify it.

Kay: Who?

Michael: You.

Kay: Oh, for heaven's sakes, Michael! I mean, look at me. I mean, who's gonna believe someone like this is looking for an expensive piece of jewelry?

Murphy: Well, I can iron that, uh, bowling shirt that pearl gave you. You look really snazzy in that.

Kay: Oh, stop.

Kevin: Ahem. You didn't think we were just gonna show up empty-handed, did you?

Amber: Here you go. Time to get busy.

Kay: Whoa.

Brad: Well, when do you expect him out of court? All right, then get a message to him. Tell him it's urgent that I speak to him today. And remind tom that I've been his client for ten years, all right?

Abby: Dad!

Victor: Send this upstairs. Thank you.

Victor: Sweetheart!

Abby: Hi.

Victor: So what's all this?

Abby: Well, I found the perfect sweater for our family portrait. And Mom gave me her Fenmore's card.

Ashley: Uh, Mom was nice enough to loan you her Fenmore's card.

Abby: Oh. I got something for you, too. Can I show you?

Victor: You did? Show me.

Abby: Uh-huh.

Victor: In my office. Here we go.

Ashley: Oh.

Brad: Hey. Can I talk to you for a second?

Ashley: Sure.

Brad: So did I just hear that right? A family portrait? What are you trying to do, ash? Rewrite history? Do I have to remind you again and again, I am Abby's father. I'm her father.

Ashley: I know that. And so is Victor. And he has every right to have a relationship with her, Brad. Look, I know this isn't easy for you, and I feel for you.

Brad: You know what? Don't. Don't make this about me. It's not about me. It's about Abby. It's about what's best for our daughter. The kind of values that we want to instill in her. What are you teaching her? That--that relationships can just be cast aside like an old pair of jeans that have gone out of style? Or is it that--that the father who buys her the most gifts gets the coveted title of Dad?

Ashley: Come on, come on. Victor's a part of the picture now. And so are you, and nothing's ever gonna change that. Never. Can't we please just find a way to work together, for her sake?

Kay: How many women can say they have an entire beauty salon coming to them?

Michael: Not many.

Amber: Kevin, pay attention.

Kevin: Oh, sorry. I'm sorry.

Murphy: Oh, if I only had film in my camera.

Kay: Oh, please.

Michael: Yeah, that'd be a picture.

Amber: You know what this reminds me of?

Kay: No, what?

Amber: Backstage at Forrester creations, like, right before a really big fashion show, and everybody, they were all scurrying around trying to get the models, like, completely perfect.

Kay: (Laughs) Oh, Amber, how would you possibly know what colors look good on me?

Amber: Are you kidding me, Mrs. C.? I am expert on you. I have studied you. You are my role model. Because when I am your age, I wanna be exactly like Katherine Chancellor-- the classiest woman on earth.

Kay: Really?

Amber: Yes.

Kay: Oh, that's sweet.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nikki: Hey, sis! How are you? I haven't heard from you in ages. How are you? What's going on? Oh, Casey, no.

Phyllis: Okay. Since when have you been into the debate team?

Noah: It's the whole class.

Eden: Every year they have a fundraiser. It's part of our community service.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Okay, Noah, your mom got in my face over that new year's eve thing.

Noah: Yeah, I'm sorry about that.

Phyllis: Well, I have to grill you. That's how it is now. Your mom and dad are out of town.

Noah: No worries. What do you wanna know?

Phyllis: Okay, so this bowl-a-thon, how late does it go?

Noah: Um...

Eden: Six games. Like, four people on each team, so that's, like, five hours?

Phyllis: Is there adult supervision?

Noah: Yeah, teachers, debate coach.

Eden: The class sponsors, definitely. They come to all that rah-rah stuff.

Phyllis: Okay, so this is a cross-your-heart, hope-to-die, official school event? That's what you're telling me, right? As in, if I call the principal, he'll know what I'm talking about?

Noah: Yeah.

Murphy: Whoa. Those are a far cry from your waitress shoes.

Kay: Well, I'll manage.

Michael: Thank you. All right, everything's set. The gem dealer's meeting us at my place.

Kevin: Can Amber and I--

Michael: No.

Amber: Okay, that's it.

Kay: All right. Uh, how are the earrings?

Amber: It's terrific. Yeah.

Kay: Ready?

Kevin: Uh-huh.

Kay: Mm. My God, I feel like, uh...

Michael: Katherine Chancellor?

Amber: It's really, truly you.

Kay: No, what I was going to say is... I feel this is all very comfortable and very, very natural.

Murphy: Well, to you, maybe.

Kevin: Are you saying you remember?

Amber: When you look at the mirror, does it bring back anything? Like, just anything at all?

Kay: I look at this... remarkable... you know, I... I feel like... it's the most natural thing in the world to be all dressed up again. But I can't seem to get the mental image of myself. There was a time in the past I can remember... damn it! Oh, come on. I mean... there's just so much-- oh, people, there's just so much missing. When... when in God's green earth am I ever going to get my own self back again?

Brad: I'm in a lousy mood. You?

Nikki: I don't know that lousy is strong enough.

Brad: So this is probably not the best time to mention the Newman family portrait?

Nikki: Ashley beat you to it. And no, I am not happy about it either.

Brad: Did she also happen to tell you that Abby has been calling Victor "Daddy?"

Nikki: Ugh. Well, Brad, you had to know that he would start taking a larger role in her life.

Brad: Yeah, well, you, of all people, should know why that concerns me.

Nikki: I do. And I sympathize. But I've given up fighting the inevitable. It just gets in the way of... the things that really matter, you know?

Brad: You okay?

Nikki: Casey called. She has cancer.

Brad: What? Oh, Nikki, I'm so sorry.

Nikki: Ahem. Thanks. She, uh... she's gonna take a leave of absence from her research job because, you know, the chemo.

Brad: Oh, of course, of course, it's brutal.

Nikki: Oh, God, that's right. You went through that with Ashley.

Brad: Nikki, listen, Casey will be in my thoughts and in my prayers. She's a terrific lady.

Nikki: She is. I asked Paul to meet me here, um, so I can tell him I'm gonna go to her and be with her as long as she needs me.

Brad: I'm glad that Paul's back in your life, Nikki. I know he'll be there for you.

Nikki: Thank you. Well, these last few months have really reminded me how... unexpected life can be. So when you have a second chance at something you thought was lost forever, you grab onto it, and you hold on for dear life.

Victor: Abby did so much shopping, she got thirsty. She's getting herself a soda. Look at you.

Ashley: What?

Victor: I can hardly wait to have a photo of the three of us on my desk.

Ashley: Don't let your ex-wife hear you say that.

Victor: Why, what do you mean?

Ashley: Um, nothing. I shouldn't have said anything.

Victor: Did she say something to upset you?

Ashley: Nikki just seems to think that our family portrait's a bit premature. And that maybe Abby and I are just an escape for you.

Victor: What? You don't believe that nonsense, do you?

Ashley: No. No, I don't, I don't. I just wish she'd keep her-- her thoughts to herself.

Victor: Exactly.

Ashley: Yeah.

Traci: Woolgathering again?

Brad: Traci. Hey! This is a great surprise.

Traci: Hello.

Brad: Come here. I didn't know you were in town.

Traci: Yep, just a little Jabot business.

Colleen: Uh, plus a little Colleen business, A.K.A. shopping, right, Mom?

Brad: Oh, the local economy is looking up.

Traci: (Laughs) So, um, do you think we could join you?

Brad: Do I think you could join-- what are you talking about? Of course, sit down.

Colleen: Thank you.

Brad: You guy's hungry? You want something to drink?

Traci: No, no, no, I'm fine.

Colleen: I'm fine, too.

Traci: We, um, couldn't help noticing that you were a little... gloomy when we first stepped in.

Brad: Well, I ain't gloomy now, am I? You know something? Your mom always had a knack for cheering people up.

Traci: Oh, yes, that's me, wafting sunshine everywhere I go.

Colleen: Well, you cheered me up when you spent time with me.

Brad: See? It's unanimous.

Traci: All right, happy to be of service.

Brad: You haven't changed a bit since the day we met.

Traci: Oh, now that must be the lighting.

Brad: No, it's not the lighting. I mean it. And I don't need glasses either, 'cause I'm sure that was gonna be your next quip.

Traci: And, you, Mr. Carlton, have not aged one day.

Brad: Ugh.

Traci: Not since I first laid eyes on you.

Brad: Was I... 21? 22 years old? Huh?

Traci: Mm-hmm.

Brad: Must be all that good, clean living, right?

Traci: Not!

Brad: Not!

Colleen: Okay, are you guys seriously gonna claim that you haven't changed in all these years? Come on!

Brad: What? Come on! How rude. What do you think, trace, have we changed?

Traci: Studying is one thing that I'm really good at. Maybe I could help you.

Brad: Could we start tomorrow?

Traci: Yes, we could start tomorrow.

Brad: Hey, you know, there might be some things that are good for you to learn, too.

Traci: What do you mean?

Brad: Well, if you ever did decide to start working at Jabot, a little--a few marketing tips wouldn't hurt you.

Traci: Bradley, I thought we'd been all through that.

Brad: Yeah, I know, I know. But those are your insecurities talking-- the old Traci Abbott's insecurities. They have nothing to do with who you are now. All that stuff about your appearance and your weight, not fitting in, that is all up here in your little brain. You know that.

Traci: Maybe so. But you have to realize, it takes a lot of time for things to change. I've had those images and those insecurities since I was a little kid, for many, many years. I was always the fat one. Ashley and Jack were always thin and gorgeous and glamorous, and I--I never really felt like I was a member of the family, like I fit in here. I used to wonder if maybe I was adopted or something. I bet you think this sounds pretty stupid, don't you?

Brad: No, no, not at all. I was just thinking about the numbers that we put ourselves through, even as little kids.

Traci: Yeah.

Brad: And you deserve the very best things out of life.

Traci: Hm. Well...

Brad: Maybe a little?

Traci: Yeah, maybe a little.

Brad: Yeah.

Kevin: There you go.

Amber: This has got to work.

Kevin: Mike knows what he's doing. He's great at this spy vs. spy stuff.

Amber: You know, you're the hero-- getting those sales records. Thanks again for that, by the way.

Kevin: Hey, well, what are friends for?

Amber: Are you saying that we're friends again?

Kevin: You know, how I'm kind of the black sheep in this town? And I don't have very many friends? Well, that's why it hurt so much when you turned on me.

Amber: Have I told you lately that I'm sorry?

Kevin: Not often enough.

Amber: You know, I'm not proud of the way I treated you, Kevin.

Kevin: Yeah, well, I'm not proud that I took some of Mrs. Chancellor's money and spent it.

Amber: Oh, hey, you were broke. You know, being a broke person myself, I pretty much get that, so...

Kevin: What about the money you got from Mrs. C's will?

Amber: Well, if we can prove that she's alive, I will have to give it all back. But I will do it with a great big smile on my face.

Amber: Kevin? I really am sorry.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah, I think it's this one. Thank you.

Noah: Why do you have to call Michael? He gave Eden permission.

Phyllis: Well, if he gave Eden permission, there should be no problem, right? Hey, I have a question for you.

Michael: All right, make it fast. I'm in the middle of something.

Phyllis: This bowl-a-thon, this, uh, fundraiser for the debate team, legit or not?

Michael: Sounded fine to me.

Phyllis: What sounded fine about it?

Michael: Uh, teachers, public space, worthy cause, all that good stuff.

Phyllis: So did you check Eden's story before you gave her permission?

Michael: It's for school. I told her she could go. Is there a problem?

Phyllis: No, no problem, just checking, thanks. (Sighs) Okay, you can go. Uh, on one condition.

Man: The crème de la crème, Mr. Baldwin. Emeralds like these are exceedingly rare. You won't find a finer selection anywhere.

Michael: Oh. Yes, well, these rings, though, uh... they're not exactly what I'm looking for. My client prefers antiques, estate jewelry.

Man: In that case, there is one more I can show you. Stunning piece. I held it back, because most buyers aren't interested in Victorian era settings.

Michael: Oh, my, my, my. Yes. My client will definitely want to see this. In fact, she just happens to be in the next room.

Man: My God! Mrs. Chancellor, I... I... I thought you...

Kay: Six feet under?

Michael: Like Mark Twain, the rumors of her demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Kay: May I, Nelson?

Josh: Seriously, what's up with the money suit

Amber: This gem dealer-- what if he's, like, a fence or a mobster or, like, one of those people--

Kevin: Amber--Amber, relax.

Amber: Sorry.

Kevin: And dispense with the apologies, at least for today. Tomorrow, I reserve the right to ask for another one.

Amber: Okay, sorry. Again, for all the sorries. Oh, God. What is taking so long? Why haven't we heard anything?

Nelson: A letter of agreement/

Michael: Loaning me this ring for 30 days, so that I might prove my client is still alive.

Kay: Which, uh, would seem to be self-evident, considering how the courts are.

Michael: And given the pittance you paid for it...

Nelson: How would you know what I paid?

Kay: If that ring can convince a judge to give me back my life, I promise you--promise you, I'll make it very much with your while.

Michael: On the other hand, if you don't help us, once my client's identity has been confirmed and she has access to her not unsubstantial resources... don't look for it to be a happy time for you. So... what's it going to be?

Traci: And I'll bet the last thing you were expecting that day was to deliver your own daughter.

Brad: To say the least.

Traci: But as soon as I heard that wail, I knew that we'd done it.

Brad: A little embarrassing, but that wail was me, not the kid over here.

Traci: (Laughs)

Colleen: Dad. Guys, this has been fun, but I'm sorry, I have to go to class.

Traci: Oh!

Brad: Oh.

Traci: Oh, that's okay, sweetheart. Listen, we'll say our good-byes here.

Colleen: Okay. Have safe travels. I love you.

Traci: Oh, thank you, sweetie, I love you, too. And good luck with your paper.

Colleen: Yes. Say hi to Steve for me.

Traci: I will. Thank you.

Brad: Come here, you.

Colleen: Bye.

Brad: I love you.

Colleen: Love you. Give me a call.

Brad: Okay.

Colleen: Okay. Bye.

Brad: (Sighs) So you headed back to New York?

Traci: Yes. This was just a day trip.

Brad: I'm sorry to hear that.

Traci: I hope I get out. There's a huge snowstorm heading this way. It might ground my plane.

Brad: Well, if that's the case, I'm buying dinner.

Traci: Thank you. I will take you up on that. I'm really glad that we got to spend some time together.

Brad: Yeah. It made my day. I mean that, Traci.

Traci: So... how's your love life? Any better? You know, the last time we talked, you were telling me that there was a special lady.

Brad: Mm-hmm.

Traci: Yeah?

Brad: Yeah. I took your advice.

Traci: Good.

Brad: Tried to see if that door was still open.

Traci: And was it?

Brad: No.

Traci: I'm sorry. If I'm being a buttinski, you just tell me and I'll stop, but, Brad, if you really care about her, you can't give up. You know that old saying about how you only go around one time in life? Well, I have learned... it is true.

Brad: Do you know how much I still love you? It means so much to me that we have remained close, Traci.

Traci: Oh, Brad, me, too.

Brad: You know, it is true what they say about friends. That it's not until you're down that you really find out who gives a damn and who doesn't.

Traci: Oh, Brad, I will always, always want what's best for you.

Brad: I know you mean that. Thank you for that. Sometimes, I can't help thinking... that it's you.

Traci: It's me? What?

Brad: That you're the one who got away.

Traci: Oh, Brad. I... I hope that you get all the happiness that you so richly deserve.

Brad: Now go out there and get it, right?

Traci: (Laughs) What are you waiting for?

(Cell phone ringing)

Nikki: Oh, you didn't waste any time, did you, Ashley? Yes, Victor, what is it?

Victor: I want to see you.

Nikki: Well, it's not a good time. I'm getting ready to leave town.

Victor: Where are you?

Nikki: The club.

Victor: You stay put. I'll be right over.

Amber: So the gem dealer, did he have your ring?

Kay: Yeah!

Amber: Oh, yes! Look at that!

Michael: All right, all right. Hey, it's a little too early for all the celebration. There's still a little piece of the puzzle missing.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. Our not-so-friendly neighborhood pawn broker.

Michael: Bingo. We have got to get him to admit in front of a judge that he bought that ring from Katherine. Who in this room thinks that'll be easy?

Noah: We could've gotten a ride with one of the other kids.

Phyllis: No problem. Besides, I'd like to see this facility/

Eden's voice: Sound grumpier!

Noah: Well, just don't go in with us, okay?

Phyllis: Uh, okay. 'Cause I know how embarrassing that would be.

Eden: No, it's not that. It's just, you know...

Phyllis: Yeah, I know. Listen, uh, whether you two believe it or not, I was 15 at one time.

Noah's voice: Can we hike to the lake from the bowling alley?

Eden's voice: Piece of cake.

Noah: So you'll drop us off in front of the place?

Phyllis: Say pretty please, Noah.

Noah: Dude, don't be difficult.

Phyllis: Dude, I'm not difficult.

Noah's voice: Let me outta here.

Phyllis: Hey, guys, it's supposed to, uh, start snowing like crazy. So, um, what time do you want me to pick you up?

Eden: We'll call you when we start the fifth game. That way, you can take your time when the roads are slick.

Phyllis: All right. That's really thoughtful. Thank you very much. Because it's--it takes a while, you know, to get out this far.

Noah's voice: Nice save.

Eden: Hey, I'm from California. I don't know how anybody drives in this stuff.

Phyllis: (Chuckles)

Eden's voice: Loser!

Victor: How do I get through to you that I have moved on? What Ashley and Abby and I do is none of your business, you got that?

(Knock on door)

Sharon: Brad.

Brad: Hi, Sharon.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: There's no G.C. bowl-a-thon there tonight or any other night.

Phyllis: Oh, no, we've been had.

Nick: You've been had.

Noah: I'd rather keep you warm the old-fashioned way.

Ashley: What's going on with Brad? Why am I not going to like it?

Victor: He broke into our computer and stole some company secrets.

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