Y&R Transcript Friday 1/23/09

Y&R Transcript Friday 1/23/09 -- Canada; Monday 1/26/09 -- U.S.A.


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Kevin: Well, I don't see him, but he obviously hears us.

Amber: Well, we have to get the receipt for Mrs. C.'s ring so we can find out who has it now.

Jana: Well, honestly, I don't think that dog wants to share any information.

Daniel: All right, expert, how we gonna get past cuddles when he wants to chew our heads off?

Kevin: Why are you looking at me?

Amber: Because you said you'd be in charge.

Daniel: Yeah.

Kevin: Because you guilted me into it by acting like you were gonna get caught. How's this? I'll be in charge of team we're going home.

Jana: Oh!

Amber: Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, just--just give me a sec. Okay, give me a sec. I'm sure that there's something in here. Here, baby, take this. Um... ah! Maybe pretty puppy will be up to negotiations, huh?

Phyllis: What--what are you doing here?

Nick: I got a phone call. I heard you and Brad talking about Sharon at this address.

Brad: And you certainly got here quickly. I guess the instructions were clear.

Phyllis: You set me up?

Brad: I just thought we'd try something, I don't know, novel. Like putting our cards on the table. So do you wanna tell your hubby about our little meeting or should I?

Sharon: Oh, great.

(Knock on door)

Jack: Jack Abbott, handyman, at your service.

Jill: Jeffrey? Jeffrey, do not play games with me. Come on, you were supposed to convince Gloria to sell me those Jabot shares she inherited from my mother. And then I was gonna appoint you C.E.O. You can't change the game plan now.

Jeff: Well, you see, I played that game with Jack once before and I got screwed. Not--not that I'm saying you'd do that. Well, actually, I am.

Jill: So you wanna continue working with Jack?

Jeff: You're not hearing me. I'm not working with anybody. But when I get those stocks, I'll buy you a "Thanks anyway" cocktail.

Jill: When? You mean, you haven't got them?

Jeff: Did I say when? Uh, maybe I like to keep people guessing.

Jill: You blowhard, you got nothing.

Jeff: What I've got is Gloria’s deep love and affection. Those shares are mine.

Jill: No, they're not. And they never will be, if I have my way. Oh, you! You had your chance!

Gloria: So you want my stock, too. That 5% Katherine gave me turned out to be my best friend. Who knew?

Victor: You've been inundated with offers, haven't you?

Gloria: No, no just offers, blackmail, bargaining, even seduction. But no surprise like this. I had no idea you were interested in Jabot.

Victor: I'm not. I'm interested in you. I mean, look at you in this hell hole here. I know the kind of cell you're going back into. It's depressing. And yet, here you are, thriving. Excelling. I mean, I'm impressed with your sense for business.

Gloria: No one gives me credit for that.

Victor: John did. And I respected his judgment, his opinion.

Gloria: Too bad his son doesn't feel that way.

Victor: I guess one of those offers is from Jack?

Gloria: Yeah, not that I'd take him up on it. I wouldn't sell him a loaf of bread if he were starving on the street.

Victor: That's why you should sell to me.

Gloria: Oh, so that's what this is about. You want my stock to keep Jack from getting his grimy little hands on it. Oh, that is so appealing, Victor.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: But no, I'm really not interested in making a deal with anybody.

Victor: You know, Gloria, this is John's company we are talking about and you worked very hard for those shares.

Gloria: That's right. Thank you for understanding that.

Victor: Do you realize that you could be stripped of those shares in no time at all, and then left with nothing?

Gloria: Can't think that way.

Victor: You better think that way. If you want to keep up the value of those shares, you gotta be aggressive and proactive.

Gloria: With your help, I guess?

Victor: You sign the papers I drew up for you, you walk out of here with more money than you ever dreamt of.

Gloria: Is this... are these... am I reading this right?

Victor: I'm glad you're pleased.

Gloria: Yeah. Yeah, but, come on, Victor, the stock isn't worth a fraction of this.

Victor: I gotta teach you a little lesson about business. The value is what someone is willing to pay.

Gloria: Oh. Yeah. So what is it? I don't care what Jack says, I know you're not the devil and I know you don't want my soul. So what's the catch?

Victor: If you agree to the stipulation, then, uh, I'll take control of the stock.

Gloria: And all these zeros?

Victor: Will be sent to an offshore account. No one will have access to it. Not your husband, not the government, just you.

Gloria: And I get to keep all the zeros?

Victor: Mm-hmm. If you sign the agreement. But don't give me an answer right now. Think about it.

Gloria: Yeah.

Victor: When you're ready, you call me.

Gloria: Yeah, well, hmm, you might not like my answer.

Victor: It's up to you. Nice chatting with you.

Gloria: Thanks for the offer.

Gloria: So many offers... and so little time.

Phyllis: Okay, Brad, you've had your fun. You can go now. You can go.

Brad: Go? Go? Phyllis, I'm just getting started. If I go, then you're gonna spin this and somehow make it my fault. So, Nick, while Phyllis is perfecting her bob and weave, you need to know that she has got some seriously jealousy issues when it comes to Sharon.

Phyllis: Okay, you know everything he says is tainted, you know this.

Brad: So jealous in fact, that she tried to send me up to the Abbott cabin where I would find Sharon alone and lonely, vulnerable, and I could proceed to seduce her.

Phyllis: Can we go home and talk about this, please. Let's go home, please. Let's go home.

Nick: I wanna know what the hell's going on.

Phyllis: All right, you wanna know what's going on? This fax--right there. "I'm fine, just a little lonely." Sharon is lonely again. Reaching out to you again. And you falling for it again. She said, what, she respects our marriage, isn't that what you told me? Enough to invite you to a little cozy cabin for two?

Sharon: It's beautiful up here.

Jack: Yeah, it is, isn't it?

Sharon: You know, when you knocked at the door--

Jack: I hope I didn't scare you.

Sharon: You did a little bit, at first, but then I was really relieved to see a familiar face. I guess I get tired of listening to myself think.

Jack: What, you think you wanna go back?

Sharon: A little loneliness never hurt anyone.

Jack: The papers came.

Sharon: The divorce papers?

Jack: Is that why you wanted to get away up here? You knew I was about to be served?

Sharon: I didn't plan it that way.

Jack: Pretty powerful reading those words-- "Petition for divorce." It's really happening, isn't it?

Sharon: Yeah, it really is.

Victor: I have one more meeting, and then I'll be home, okay?

(Knock on door)

Victor: I love you. Yes, me, too. Bye. Thank you for coming on such short notice.

(Dog barking)

Daniel: That dog's gonna rip your throat out.

Amber: No, doggies love me. Don't they always come and give me little doggie kisses when we walk past the park, huh?

Daniel: Apparently, it's because you carry ancient jerky around in your purse.

Jana: No, I think it's true. Amber does have this really lovely aura that children and dogs just really like.

Daniel: Are you kidding me right now? No! No! No way am I letting you get mauled for a piece of paper.

Amber: You said you believed in me, that I could make magic happen.

Daniel: Don't--don't start this right now.

Amber: No. Mrs. C. needs us. She needs a miracle or--or whatever you wanna call it. Okay, she can't even claim her own name. But if we had that receipt, we could find out who has the ring and we could get the ring and we could take it to Michael. Michael could take it to the judge, and then maybe he could make Jill have the D.N.A. test and Mrs. C. could prove who she says she is.

Kevin: You know, Michael does need some ammo.

Jana: Oh, I thought we were leaving.

Amber: You know, she had faith in us as artists and as people. She proved that with the money that she left us. So--so what do you wanna do? You--you wanna just abandon her? Huh? You wanna just say, "Oh, I'm sorry, you can't have your life back because of a dog." A dog? Really, Daniel? A dog? Unh-unh. I'm going.

Daniel: Okay, okay, okay, fine, okay, you're going. You get in there, you do this fast, right? And you get up, you get high. You stay on desks, you stay on chairs. You climb shelves. You throw that jerky to one side of the room, you let the dog go there. You go the other way. Don't touch the guns behind the counter.

Kevin: All right, are we gonna do this?

Jana: Yes.

Amber: Yeah, um, can you show me where the window is and just kinda boost me through?

Kevin: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you land on your head, bonus.

Daniel: Don't joke. Don't joke.

Jana: Listen, I'm gonna have my mobile on me. You phone me if you need anything.

Amber: You are on speed dial.

Jana: Okay. Now you better be safe, okay?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we'll be fine.

Jana: All right.

Daniel: Be careful, or I'm gonna kill you.

Kevin: Oh, that-- that's a good one. It's not like she takes killing talk literally or anything. Let's go.

Amber: Just wait!

Jill: Move! Move!

Jeff: Make me. Cupcake, this one wants to yank Jabot away from both of us.

Jill: If you let this jerk talk you out of your stock, you are crazy.

Jeff: Talk you out of? Darling, you know I'll protect your interests.

Jill: Protect you? You can't trust him. He's the reason you're in here. I can stick it to Jack for you.

Jeff: Isn't it sad when women become dried up and bitter?

Jill: Oh, drop dead! I will give you 10% over market value.

Jeff: 15% with bonuses. Lots and lots of bonuses.

Jill: 20%. You are revolting.

Gloria: Shut up, both of you. You're fighting over my stock because you think I'm done for, as good as dead. You know they wanna bring back the death penalty for me! All those people on TV saying, "Go on, let her fry." Now you two swooping in like a couple of vultures, trying to pick the bones clean. Well, too bad. I'm not dead. And that stock belongs to me. Katherine gave it to me. And nobody is prying it out of my hands, you hear me? Not you. Not you. Not Jack. Nobody is getting their filthy hands on my stock. 'Cause you're not worthy.

Billy: I can't believe this is the first time I've been inside the Newman offices after all this time in Genoa City.

Victor: Well, the technology around here is cutting edge, Billy. We are very much part of the new millennium.

Billy: That's evident. It's very impressive. But, uh, it is just an office, you know? I've been to hell holes in Hong Kong where they made business deals that would blow your mind. It's all about the work.

Victor: Really? You bet. It's all about the work. What can I get you?

Billy: Scotch, neat, please. Thank you.

Victor: All right. There we are. So how do you like your new position here?

Billy: It's fine.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Billy: I received more reports in Hong Kong than I did here, but my responsibilities were basically the same.

Victor: Really?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Please sit down. Well, if you don't mind my saying so, but it seems like a lateral move, doesn't it?

Billy: Jabot's back in the hands of the Abbotts. It's not lateral.

Victor: You know, Ashley thinks very highly of you as a businessman.

Billy: That's great. And I have to tell you, Sir, I could sit around all night and listen to someone say nice things about me, but I have to ask. What am I doing here?

Victor: Well, let's cut to the chase, Billy. Since everyone is talking about your business acumen, it piqued my interest.

Jack: I saw an accident on the way up here. The tow truck was pulling an S.U.V. out of a snow drift.

Sharon: I hope everyone was okay.

Jack: Oh, she was fine. The driver was alone. Hey, you got chains on your tires? You want me to check those?

Sharon: Yes, thank you. Were you able to figure it out?

Jack: Yeah, everything seems fine there. I'm gonna check the generator right now. It won't take long.

Sharon: Oh, it's freezing outside. Oh, how about some soup? You know, I-I made a big pot.

Jack: I'd love some soup. I won't be long.

Brad: Phyllis wanted to use me as a blocker, toss Brad in. He'll get between Sharon and Nick. I give you, that's rude as hell, but she is right. You're always right there, Nick, right by Sharon's side.

Nick: All right, that's enough. You need to go.

Brad: Come on. It's just the three of us here. I'm one of the gang now. I mean, Phyllis obviously doesn't feel she can save this marriage without my help. Well, tough luck, Sweetheart. I'm out of the picture. So, Nick, you can run to Sharon. No obstacle. And, you-- I guess you can go home and wait for your head to explode.

Nick: Last chance. Beat it.

Brad: Why don't you show a little class. Put her out of her misery already. Cut the conniving bitch loose.

[Nick punches Brad]

Phyllis: (Gasps)

Brad: You know, Nick, I am in a surprisingly good mood today, and you're a little hot under the collar. I get that. So I'm gonna let that slide. But just this once.

Nick: Now we talk.

Phyllis: We should go home.

Nick: Summer is at home. We're not going anywhere. We're gonna talk about this right here. I told you, Sharon is not a threat to us. And you sending Brad after her was crossing the line. You knew that. You did it again.

Phyllis: Don't ask-- don't ask why I did this again. Don't ask me that when I see something like this, "I'm fine. I'm just a little lonely, Nick. Come save me, Nick." "Oh, Nick, I'm so lonely."

Nick: That's--that's-- that's enough. That's enough. What are you talking about? I mean, because of this-- she responds to my fax and you hid this from me?

Phyllis: I didn't hide it from you. I-I saw it in the fax machine and I picked it up like I do any of the other faxes that come to the office. I picked it up and I-I took it when I saw this was an--an invitation for you to go up to the cabin. She was trying to lure you up there.

Nick: That is not what she is trying to do.

Phyllis: Oh! God! Please, Nick. That is exactly what she's trying to do.

Nick: She is in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. This is a statement. It's not a request.

Phyllis: Oh, it's quite a statement. "I'm fine. I'm just a little lonely." Just a little lonely. Face it, Sharon is just as conniving as I am. Face it. So I went to battle grounds. I'm fighting fire with fire.

Nick: Because of a piece of paper. Do you see how paranoid you are?

Phyllis: Oh. Her marriage ended with Jack. She went right to you. I keep on thinking it's gonna end, but it never will, will it?

Sharon: Oh. You brought that with you?

Jack: Yeah, it was unplanned.

Sharon: No, I mean, I-I wasn't saying that--

Jack: No, I wasn't saying that. I was just getting-- having it refinished. I had it in my trunk. I knew you didn't have a radio or TV up here and...

Sharon: Yeah, it’s... pretty quiet.

Jack: Silence can be deafening sometimes, can't it? Guess I better go.

Sharon: Thank you for fixing the generator and for the music.

Jack: You got enough heat and hot water and... electricity to last for a while.

Sharon: Are you okay?

Jack: Yeah. I don't know, I guess I figured when I got here and we-- we were alone with a... with all the garbage far away back... we're further apart than ever, aren't we?

Sharon: I'll always care about you, Jack.

Sharon: Good-bye.

Jack: Good-bye.

Victor: I've heard a great deal from Ashley about the Jabot takeover. It must have been difficult for you to choose between the two sides of your family.

Billy: Chancellor Industries did a decent job guiding Jabot over the past two years, but it is an Abbott family business. My father wanted it to be an Abbott family business.

Victor: I bet he did.

Billy: Listen, Sir, I appreciate the drink and the talk, but we all know that you and Jack aren't friends. And since you and I haven't exchanged two words ever, my guess, this conversation is aimed straight at Jack's head.

Victor: (Chuckles)

Billy: Now some people might say that I'm low on scruples. And I'll let you in on a secret, they're probably right. But I'm not gonna turn on my brother. No matter how great the scotch.

Victor: Your loyalty is impressive, Billy. And there is something I want, but it has nothing to do with your brother Jack.

Jeff: Darling, you know I can't stand to see you so upset. Guard, this woman is making threats against my wife.

Jill: You idiot! He hit on me, you know?

Jeff: Been there, done that. Not going again.

Jill: Oh!

Gloria: Stop it! Not another word, either one of you!

Man: That's it! Move it.

Jeff: Uh, Honey, I can't-- I can't leave you like this.

Jill: Don't--don't-- don't look into his eyes.

Gloria: Would you please get rid of her?

Jeff: (Chuckles) That's my girl.

Jill: Oh, you idiot.

Jeff: Let Jeffrey take care of you.

Gloria: Yeah? Take care of me? Or my stock?

Jeff: Oh, Sugar Plum, you know those stocks-- they're like the children we never had. Let papa protect 'em. You can do it. Just one little signature.

Gloria: Can I?

Jeff: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: Yeah. Yeah, maybe I can. I said, you keep your hands off my stock, I meant you keep your hands off of my stock! And that means you and Jill and Jack! Now get him outta here, too!

Jeff: You just trashed your best chance ever.

Gloria: Poor me. What am I gonna do?

Kevin: All right, it's cool. It's cool. Amber's in.

Daniel: How is this a good idea?

Jana: Daniel, you have to have faith.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, the security system is off. All she has to do is get past that dog, unlock the door.

Jana: Well, you know what? This is good. Nothing so far.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: We need to find something to break this window.

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Jana: Hang on, listen!

(Dog barking stops)

Jana: The dog must've eaten the jerky.

Kevin: Either that, or he's choking on it it's so old.

Daniel: Where's Cujo?

Amber: Cujo's on pause.

Kevin: A recording.

Daniel: Come here.

Jana: So you're going in?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You guys just stay out here and keep watch, all right?

Jana: All right.

Daniel: Hey, can you guys do this fast? So in and out, all right?

Amber: Okay.

Kevin: Let's go.

Jana: Right.

Daniel: Looks like we're home free.

(Car approaching)

Jana: Oh!

Amber: Oh, my God! Lights! Car! Mean pawn shop guy! Hurry, hurry, think faster!

Kevin: Yeah, because stress is gonna make me work faster.

Amber: What?

Kevin: Oh, crap!

Jana: Oh, my God.

Daniel: (Cockney accent) 'Allo, mate! Hey, me and me bird here, we seem to have gotten ourselves lost. Wonder if you could give us directions how to get back to Genoa City?

Man: Why didn't you stop at the gas station back there?

Daniel: Petrol-- luv, did you see a petrol station?

Jana: Oh, blimey, we drove right past the bloody petrol station.

Daniel: Right past it.

Jana: When I said, "Ask for directions," he said, "Oh, those are for tossers."

Daniel: Tossers, I say, yeah.

Jana: So you know I says, I says, oi, you don't like me bimmin' mum, that's why, isn't it?

Daniel: It's not the mum. No, I love the mum. Her mum's brilliant. See, when you've got a lovely bird like this, you want a bit of time with the lovely bird.

Kevin: And... open.

Amber: Oh, move, move, move.

Kevin: All right.

Amber: Okay.

Kevin: What the hell is going on out there?

Amber: I don't know, but she and Daniel can totally handle him.

Kevin: Okay, so what exactly are we looking for? It's not like this receipt's gonna say "Mrs. C." on it.

Amber: Okay, emerald ring $10k, anything too nice for this place. It was like a week before Christmas, so anything like, look for dates like then, or maybe like after.

Kevin: Great, sure. So basically, any date, any time. Okay, okay, there's a computer. So the guy's not totally old school.

Amber: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! What do we have here? Okay. Oh! We have acoustic guitar, watch, gun, gun, ruby, silver.

Kevin: Come on, come on, boot up already! Boot up.

Amber: Hurry up. Hurry up. Um, watch, watch, gun.

Nick: Like a damn chump, I'm thinking our marriage is fine. And then I gotta hear from Brad that you're freaking out again.

Phyllis: How do you not see this as an invitation? I--how do you not see that? Sharon saw and opening and she took it.

Nick: What opening?

Phyllis: It says, "Love, Nick."

Nick: That's a figure of speech.

Phyllis: Love means something.

Nick: Her marriage just ended.

Phyllis: It's like she's setting up her next one.

Nick: I am not an option. We made a deal. If I could prove that you could trust me, you would stop with these schemes. Sharon's the mother of my son.

Phyllis: Oh, please, you know what? Okay, listen, listen, Danny and I love Daniel. We love Daniel very much, okay? But we don't send each other faxes saying "Love, Danny" "Oh, I'm lonely." We don't do that. We don't do that with each other. It's like the way you care for Sharon, the way she cares for you.

Nick: You just can't do it. You can't--you can't do it.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Nick: You can't get over it. And I can't fix this.

Phyllis: Well, let’s... go home and talk about this, okay?

Nick: I'm gonna go home and kiss my daughter good night.

Phyllis: Okay. All right, let's go.

Nick: Then I'm packing a bag. And I'm leaving. I'll be at the office. I can't deal with this right now.

Victor: So you think I asked you to come by because I have an agenda in regard to your brother Jack? Not so. I asked you because your sister Ashley thinks very, very highly of your business sense. I read your résumé. And I think you're far more capable than your present title suggests. So if you're ever tired of working at Jabot, you're welcome at Newman.

Billy: Because of Ashley?

Victor: Because of Ashley, you're welcome at the ranch. Because of what you know, you're welcome at Newman.

Billy: Well, it's always nice to be wanted. I'll keep this in mind. Thank you, Victor. It was enlightening.

Victor: Same here, Billy. Have a nice day.

Billy: You, too, Sir.

(Telephone ringing)

Victor: Yes? Put her through.

Gloria: Hello, Victor.

Victor: Gloria.

Gloria: The stock is yours.

Victor: Well, you decided quickly, Gloria.

Gloria: You give me the name of the offshore bank and the account number, and I give you the 5% Katherine gave me.

Victor: With one catch. You do not mention my name during the transaction.

Gloria: What do you mean? I can't tell anybody?

Victor: Not a soul, okay? The money will be held in escrow for six months. If you manage to keep your mouth shut during that time, I'll give you access to the account.

Gloria: But then nobody will know that you won.

Victor: They won’t.

Gloria: Fine. Nobody will know what a brilliant deal we made.

Victor: Brilliant indeed, Gloria. Now someone will come and pick up the signed papers. You have a nice day.

Gloria: Oh, so you're back.

Jeff: Don't you know by now I can't stay away from you?

Gloria: Yeah, me or my stock? Not that I matters anymore anyway.

Jeff: What do you mean?

Gloria: My 5%. It's gone. I sold it.

Jana: Right or left. That's all we need to know, mate.

Man: You go north.

Daniel: Now I reckon I'll need a plane to get home, eh, guv'ner? Would you like a peep?

Jana: Yeah, despite our beauty. You know, by the market, luv.

Daniel: Oh, that's Jack the ripper territory, it is.

Jana: Yeah. Listen, you know, me, great-great-grandmum used to walk them same very streets as Jack the ripper. It's a good thing they never hooked up, though. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here making your lovely acquaintance right now.

Daniel: (Imitating knife cutting)

Jana: Ooh.

Man: Just my luck. Hey, look, just take it with you. I left my wedding ring on the desk. My wife's gonna kill me.

Jana: Thanks, yeah.

Daniel: What'd he say?

Jana: I don't know. I can't make heads or tails of it, can you?

Daniel: Thank you!

Jana: Yeah, thanks a lot! Yeah!

Daniel: (Normal voice) Do you think it worked?

Jana: I don't know, I just hope that Amber and Kevin get out of there now.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, with a receipt or we're gonna have to come up with crazier.

Man: What the--

Amber: Go, go, go.

Daniel: Did you get it?

Kevin: We got it.

Brad: Hi, Sharon.

Daniel: (Cockney accent) Hey, your bird's a keeper, she is, mate.

Jana: God, I'm still tingling from the rush. Now we know who has Mrs. C.'s ring.

Amber: Yes, we helped a great lady today.

Daniel: Yeah, well, it was your idea.

Amber: Yes, but technical genius Kevin here got us the receipt.

Kevin: Well, I'm a killer when it comes to computer stuff. Did you get that? Killer?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, we--we got it. Just moving on.

Amber: And Mrs. C. is that much closer to being home where she belongs.

Daniel: To a job well done.

Man: They cut the power to the security and jimmied the cage.

Jana's voice: To not getting bloody caught.

Daniel's voice: Yeah, to fake dogs.

Kevin's voice: To computer flash drives.

Amber: To the a-team.

(Glasses clink)

(Crumples paper)

Gloria: Why so glum, Jeffrey? This is what we do. You win some and I win some. But you know you love it when I end up on top.

Jeff: Who'd you cave to? Jill or Jack?

Gloria: Mm. Someone else swooped in, made me a better offer.

Jeff: You sold to an outsider? Who?

Gloria: My lips are sealed.

Jeff: Like hell. You'll spill.

Gloria: Not this time, lover man. Come on! Congratulate me.

Jeff: Congratulations on the worst decision of your life. And that's saying something.

Jack: Hey.

Billy: Hey. You sounded down on the phone, man. What's up?

Jack: Not my best day. I tried to get Gloria to sell me the shares of Jabot stock that Katherine willed her. That tanked. Then I got divorce papers from Sharon.

Billy: That's rough. I'm sorry, Jack.

Jack: So how about you? Any big news today? Any great victories?

Billy: Nope. I'm sorry. I got nothing. It was a boring day.

Jack: I'm glad you're back, Billy. We Abbotts have to stick together. We're all we have.

(Knock on door)

Victor: Come in.

Jill: Well, I haven't had a very good day. I certainly hope your news is better.

Victor: Hello, Jill. It is.

Jill: Gloria's shares. She sold you her shares. Congratulations.

Victor: I bought it for you. I want you to resume control of Jabot.

Jill: Me?

Victor: I'll be your silent partner. You answer to me.

Jill: (Scoffs) You expect me just to be a figurehead?

Victor: Eventually, you'll have full control. Meanwhile, you appoint your son as C.E.O.

Jill: My son Cane? Of course, I would. He did a great job before.

Victor: We misunderstand each other. I'm talking about your son Billy.

Jill: Billy? No. Billy has no loyalty. I couldn't trust him at Jabot.

Victor: If you want control of the company, you do as I say. And you ask Jack to stay on in the company that his father built under Billy as C.E.O.

Jill: I see. You wanna humiliate Jack. Okay, I got no problem with that. Really, no problem with that. Here's the trouble. My sons, Billy and Cane, are finally able to be in the same room since the takeover. If I appoint Billy C.E.O., I'm afraid they'll kill each other. Plus, how could I possibly explain that Billy is worthy of that position and Cane isn't?

Victor: You make it work, Jill. Or this company will not be yours.

Jill: What about, uh, Ashley? Isn't she the current C.E.O.? She came all the way from London to be with you. Does she know you're planning this coup?

Victor: Ashley is not interested in running Jabot. She's happier in the lab.

Jill: That's what you're gonna say to her?

Victor: I'll say nothing to her. Nor will you.

Jill: So you're just doing her a great big favor?

Victor: You can accept my terms, and Jabot will be yours. Or not. What will it be?

Jill: Okay. I will find a way to make this work. I accept your terms.

Victor: I thought you would.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Phyllis: I still don't think that you're taking responsibility for your actions.

Nick: My actions?

Wallace: Does the name Pogue's pawn shop ring a bell?

Esther: Sometimes a girl has to listen to her heart.

Cane: Oh.

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