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Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/22/09 -- Canada; Friday 1/23/09 -- U.S.A.


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Jack: Gloria.

Gloria: Guard!

Jack: Wait, wait.

Gloria: For what? You were supposed to get me out of this place a week ago.

Jack: Here.

Gloria: What is it?

Jack: Read it.

Gloria: The civil suit Ashley threatened me with.

Jack: Turn to page three. That's what I'll be seeking in damages. Though if you ask me, it's not nearly enough.

Gloria: I don't wanna read it. I'm the one who helped you get controlling interest of Jabot. Have you forgotten that?

Jack: Say the word and it will all go away.

Gloria: How?

Jack: You sell me your shares of Jabot-- the 5% that Katherine left you in her will.

Gloria: And the criminal charges? You'll make those go away, too?

Jack: I could speak to the courts and ask for leniency on your behalf. Think about it. Take your time. I don't think you'll get a better offer than this.

Gloria: You have no idea what I went through to get that stock for us. It's not for sale. Not one share.

Jack: Fine, fine, then I'll sue you. I'm gonna get it sooner or later. Wouldn't you rather have the cash now, avoid the embarrassment?

Gloria: I'm not selling that stock, Jack.

Murphy: There you go, Sweetheart.

Kay: Hmm? Mm.

Murphy: Just what the doctor ordered.

Kay: Thank you. There's nothing I like less than being poked at by a bunch of doctors.

Murphy: Uh, when do you get the results?

Kay: Next week.

Murphy: You know, it's probably just a simple thing like needing vitamins.

Kay: Oh, come on. A magic pill for my memory? Murph, it's a total waste of time.

Murphy: Heh. You know, I, uh, I had a visitor. A census taker. He said he was gonna come back and interview you.

Kay: With my pathetic memory?

Murphy: Come on, Katherine, don't go quitting on me.

Kay: You're right. I'm not a quitter. It says so right here in the book. I may be down, but I'm not out by a long shot.

Murphy: That is my girl.

Kay: Do you believe I'm Katherine?

Murphy: (Laughs) Of course I do. And so does that--that woman you met in jail.

Kay: And Amber.

Murphy: Uh-huh.

Kay: And Kevin.

Murphy: Yes.

Kay: It's a start. It's a start.

Daniel: So Kevin's inspired idea is to break into the pawn shop and find out what the owner did with the ring.

Jana: Well, you just leave it up to my cunning cat burglar to come up with something really brilliant.

Daniel: So what's the plan, boss?

Kevin: Oh, sorry, this is where my involvement ends.

Daniel: No, no, no, no, no, what are you talking about? We need you here.

Kevin: No, you donít.

Daniel: Yeah, we do. What about, like, security systems, you know, slipping past them? No one's better at that than you.

Kevin: When it comes to breaking the law, I'm like a walking jinx.

Jill: Hello, jasmine tea, please, Kevin.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Amber: Hey, Jill.

Jill: Amber.

Amber: Um, I heard a woman showed up at your house calling herself Katherine.

Jill: Yes. Marge Catrooke. She's an impostor.

Amber: Are you sure?

Jill: I am very sure. This is a sick woman who takes advantage of a tragedy.

Amber: Because... you know, I spoke to her and she sounded pretty legit.

Jill: I know, Amber. She impersonated Katherine and fooled everybody for months. But do not, and I repeat, do not help this charlatan.

Amber: What if she really is your mother, Jill?

Jill: My mother is dead.

Amber: You're wrong. She's wrong.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh! Look at this! The latest sales figures. Is that great, or is that great?

Nick: Wow! Kudos to you and Mom.

Phyllis: And to "The men we love." And especially the man I love.

Nick: Yeah, but it was your concept. You deserve most of the credit. This is hot.

Phyllis: Team effort, Baby.

Nick: Very nice. Hey, do you, uh, do you have the fax number of that general store that's near the cabin that Sharon's staying at?

Phyllis: No, I-I think it's probably in your phone book. Why do you need it?

Nick: Well, her cell doesn't work up there, and it's really the only way to get hold of her.

Phyllis: Oh. Is something wrong?

Nick: Well, Noah told me she said it was cool if he joined the ski club this semester, and I, you know, I just wanted to double check.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Well, that can wait.

Nick: I know, but the weather's kind iffy. And she's up there all by herself. I just wanted to make sure she was okay. You don't mind, do you?

Phyllis: Absolutely not.

[Sharon remembering]

Brad: I'll always be there for you, Sharon. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

Sharon: But I don't think that I ever really loved you.

Brad: You don't mean that.

Sharon: Not in the profound way that you say you love me.

Brad: You're just too afraid to let yourself go there.

Nikki: Oh, hello, Victor.

Victor: What are you doing here?

Nikki: Just dropping something off for Victoria.

Victor: She's not here.

Nikki: I heard Adam plead guilty. That must've been difficult.

Victor: He is getting what he deserves.

Nikki: No, I meant for you. No matter what he did, he's still your son.

Victor: How I feel about my son is none of your business, all right?

Nikki: This may come as a shock to you, Victor, but you are no longer the center of my universe. I was merely expressing empathy.

Jack: Well, hello, Jill.

Jill: Well, don't you look happy?

Jack: Well, you'd be happy, too, if you were getting the upper hand in running your father's company.

Jill: You did it. Congratulations.

Jack: Gloria will be selling me the shares your mother bequeathed her. Unless, of course, she's willing to lose them and a lot more in a civil suit.

Jill: Such compassion. Knowing Gloria, though, she's just stubborn enough to wanna hang onto them.

Jack: Nah, she'd lose everything.

Jill: Well, I don't know, you never know what Gloria will do.

Heather: The Katherine Chancellor look-alike isn't in my caseload. Why do you ask?

Paul: Whoa! You mean, I'm actually working on a case that doesn't conflict with you? Whoo-hoo!

Heather: So I'm curious, have you met with this woman?

Paul: Not yet, but she paid a surprise visit to Nikki the other day.

Heather: What'd Nikki think?

Paul: It really upset her.

Heather: So she's definitely an impostor?

Paul: Well, I'd like to see for myself. So I'm taking Nikki over there later today, so she can observe this woman calmly.

Heather: You take really good care of people.

Paul: Thanks. Where did that come from?

Heather: Well, it took me a while to realize, but even though we were working on opposite sides, you've been looking out for me. I just didn't see it.

Paul: You mean, Adam?

Heather: Yep.

Paul: How are you doing with that?

Heather: Adam deserves to be in prison for what he did, but I still have all these feelings for him. Does that make me crazy?

Paul: You were engaged. You love him. Give it some time.

Heather: The Mexican authorities ruled that the cause of Walter Palin's death is undetermined.

Paul: When did that happen?

Heather: Today. So Victor gets his life back, and Adamís rotting away in jail. Where's the justice in that?

Paul: Well, Sweetheart, you know as well as I do, justice isn't always served.

Nikki: Please see that Victoria gets this.

Victor: You have tried this "I don't care" act before. Who are you kidding?

Nikki: Okay, Victor, we both know how this goes. You push my buttons, I react. Let's not do that. I don't want to spoil a nice day. But for the record, I am happy that you've reconnected with Nicholas and Victoria. You being home and working together is very good for them.

Victor: Good, thank you.

Nikki: What you're doing with Ashley, however, is trouble for you, her and Abby.

Victor: Are you finished?

Nikki: Indeed, I am.

Victor: Good.

[Sharon reading Nickís fax] 

Nick's voice: I thought I'd check in with you did you give Noah permission to join the ski club? I hope you're okay and that you find what you're looking for. Holler if you need anything. Love, Nick.

[Sharon remembering]

Sharon: What are you doing? You can't really carry me over the threshold.

Nick: Oh, it's tradition, Sharon.

Sharon: No, I'm too heavy.

Nick: You are as light as a feather. Now come on.

Sharon: Okay.


Nick: Here it is, Mrs. Newman. Our new home.

Sharon: Affairs don't just happen.

Nick: This one did. I wasn't looking for it.

Sharon: What does she have that I don't, Nick?

Nick: This isn't about that.

Sharon: Tell me! What does she give you that I donít.

Nick: Nothing. This has nothing to do with her. This is about you and me.

Sharon: No. This is about a lie that's between us-- a disgusting lie. And I was fool enough to believe that you were committed to this marriage.

Nick: You cold?

Sharon: A little.

Nick: Is that better?

Sharon: Yeah.

Noah: (Yawns)

Nick: Hey, what's up, Dude? Did you come to earn your keep?

Noah: Yeah, right. Hey, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey.

Noah: Dad, can I put my backpack here?

Nick: Sure.

Noah: Did, um... did Mom tell you why she went to the cabin?

Nick: Uh, yeah she just went to, uh, clear her head, get away for a little bit. It had nothing to do with you, so don't worry.

Noah: You know, um... I've been thinking, we should go up and see her.

Nick: Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Noah: Dad, she shouldn't be alone.

Nick: Did she talk to you at all about divorce?

Noah: A little. She say anything to you?

Nick: Look, you should know your mom's a lot tougher than you think she is.

Noah: I'm glad you guys are still friends.

Nick: I am, too, son. Me, too.

[Phyllis sees fax to Sharon and puts it in her pocket]

Daniel: So are you down for breaking into the pawn shop?

Amber: To find Mrs. Chancellor's ring? Whatever it takes.

Jana: That's the spirit! This is gonna be such an adventure.

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. How did you get to be involved?

Jana: Excuse me, why not? I want to help Mrs. Chancellor and you and I owe it to her, don't you think?

Kevin: Well, we're not gonna do her much good if we're arrested and thrown in jail.

Amber: What makes you think we're gonna get caught?

Jana: Well, he's convinced that that's his lot in life. But you're taking it too hard now.

Kevin: Um, do I need to remind you about a certain night that you and I spent in a closet?

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, who did what in a closet?

Kevin: Uh, never mind. Just leave me out of this.

Amber: You said you believed she's Mrs. Chancellor.

Kevin: I do. I do. But I am not risking 15 years for anyone.

Paul: Are you okay? You getting cold feet?

Nikki: I'm fine. I just would like to know why you're so hell-bent on believing this woman is Katherine.

Paul: Well, I can't put my finger on it. But promise me you'll keep an open mind, okay?

Nikki: Yes, yes, I will.

(Knock on door)

Murphy: Oh! Oh, it's the census man. Hello, again.

Paul: Good to see you again. Uh, well, actually, I am not a, um, a federal employee. Mr. Murphy.

Murphy: Yeah?

Paul: No. My name is Paul Williams and, uh, I'm a private investigator. Michael Baldwin hired me for the Katherine Chancellor case.

Murphy: Oh, did he now?

Paul: Listen, I am-- I'm sorry for the ruse earlier. I just, uh... it was part of my way of getting to the truth.

Nikki: I'm Nikki Newman.

Murphy: I know who you are. We saw your picture in Katherine's book.

Kay: Who is it?

Murphy: You have some visitors. Come on in.

Paul: Thank you.

Kay: I, uh, thought you could take me down to the laundro-- hello.

Nikki: Hello.

Kay: I didn't mean to upset you the other day. I had no intention. Is this your bodyguard?

Paul: Um, Paul Williams, private investigations.

Murphy: Your lawyer, Michael Baldwin, hired him to check you out.

Paul: We--we'd like to ask you few questions.

Kay: You want to prove who I am?

Nikki: Or who you're not.

Jack: Hey, is Noah around? I'm supposed to pick him up, right?

Noah: Yeah, I'm here. Hey. Did you hear from Mom?

Jack: No, I didn't expect to. She's miles from civilization right now.

Nick: It's very rustic up there. Mom and Jack used to take us when we were kids. I hope it's winterized. Oh, hey, it's from Sharon.

Jack: Oh?

Phyllis: Is everything okay with Sharon?

Nick: Yeah, I guess there's a problem with the generator. The lights keep flickering.

Phyllis: Oh, that's too bad. Excuse me, will you?

[Phyllis reads the faxes from Nick and Sharon]

Nick's voice: Holler if you need anything. Love, Nick.

Sharon's voice: I'm fine. Just a little lonely.

Phyllis: Hi, I need to see you right away. Do you know that bar on East Wilton Street? It's called Jimmy's? Meet me there, please.

Amber: I was thinking glass-cutters. We just cut a hole in the window.

Daniel: What window? The big glass one on the front?

Amber: Yeah, why not?

Daniel: Video security.

Daniel: Yeah, I think we're better off breaking in to the back door. Anybody know how to pick a lock?

Amber: With a credit card.

Daniel: No, no, no, not that kind of lock.

Jana: I could pick a lock or two in my day.

Kevin: Well, that won't set off any alarms.

Amber: What are you thinking?

Daniel: Sledgehammer. Take down the door, get in there, get out fast.

Kevin: (Snorts) You'll wake up the whole neighborhood.

Amber: Okay, what if you guys just bust down the back door, you and Jana--you--you go in, grab the records. I will take a rock and I'll smash the front window, and they'll think it's a robbery and the police will chase after me.

Kevin: You are all gonna end up in jail.

Jana: Okay, smarty, what would you do?

Kevin: Well, I would start by disabling the alarm system.

Amber: Can you do that?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, I mean, I could, but... then again, I mean, no one's better at doing that kind of stuff than Kevin.

Amber: Yeah.

Jana: Will you visit me in prison, Darling?

Kevin: That is a low blow, Jana. All right, if I do do this, we do it my way, right?

Amber: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah.

Amber: Of course.

Jana: Yeah.

Kevin: Okay.

Jana: Oh, okay!

Daniel: Okay, okay. Well, it looks like, the, uh, three musketeers are back in action.

Jana: Oh, no, no, no, no, you mean, the Fab Four.

Amber: Oh, yes.

Kevin: The Fab Four jailbirds, if we get caught.

Woman: Listen to what they're saying.

Gloria: Please, it's just the news.

Man: I'm standing outside the state house where Andrew Gibson has filed a ballot initiative to make the death penalty legal in Wisconsin. Gibson's deceased wife was a victim of the Jabot face cream scandal. A small crowd of demonstrators has gathered in support.

Woman: Uh, that's you they're talking about

Gloria: Turn it off.

Woman: Look at that sign, "An eye for an eye, she must fry." You must've really pissed that man off. He wants you to hang. You know what? Thanks to you, we all could. Guard, I wanna go back to my cell.

Man: Gloria Bardwell? Visitor.

Gloria: Did you come to gloat?

Jill: I just came to say that I feel really bad about all this. And now I hear that the Abbotts are--are claiming they're gonna file a civil suit against you?

Gloria: Cut the crap, Jill. I'm in no mood for your games. What do you want?

Jill: I wanna buy back my mother's share of Jabot.

Gloria: You, too, huh?

Jill: Look, I know that Jack is after those shares, but I will make you a better offer.

Gloria: You gonna make the charges against me go away, too?

Jill: Look, I think you'll be very happy with the terms I'm--

Gloria: Go to hell.

Jill: Does this mean that you're taking Jack's offer?

Gloria: I'm not making a deal with Jack. I'm not making a deal with you. Now get out of here! Guard!

Jill: No need to be so hostile.

Man: Yeah?

Gloria: She's leaving.

Jill: Just read it, Gloria. I will top any offer Jack makes. Call me if you change your mind.

Jeff: You're the last person I expect to see consorting with the enemy.

Jill: Jeffrey, talk Gloria into selling me Katherine's 5% of Jabot.

Jeff: What's in it for me?

Jill: If I regain control of Jabot, I will make you C.E.O., if you like.

Jeff: Oh, I like. I'm gonna want that in writing, of course.

Jill: But I don't know if you can persuade her. Gloria was very hostile to the idea. I don't know if you can talk her into it.

Jeff: I'll work my magic.

Jeff: A million for your thoughts. What, no smile for your husband?

Gloria: Jill wants me to sell her the stock that Katherine left me in her will.

Jeff: Ah. I hope you told her to take a flying leap.

Gloria: I'm not selling that stock. Not until they strap me in the electric chair.

Jeff: No chance of that happening since Wisconsin doesn't have a death penalty.

Gloria: Oh, really? Well, it seems Andrew Gibsonís got enough signatures to put it on the ballot.

Jeff: Gibson? Don't let him get to you. The guy's grandstanding. He knows you're loaded. You watch, he'll probably try to slap you with a civil suit.

Gloria: Well, he's just gonna have to stand in line then. 'Cause Jack was already here.

Jeff: Well... we knew this would happen. That's why you need to sell me your 5%. I even have a transfer letter for you to sign.

Gloria: I'm not selling you the stock. You're the reason I'm in this damn place. I don't trust you.

Jeff: You're gonna lose it all if you don't trust somebody. Then what's my little Glo-worm gonna do?

[Sharon remembering]

Jack: This is great, isn't it?

Sharon: Yeah.

Jack: Maybe a little more enthusiasm than that?

Sharon: Oh, okay! Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! This is the best surprise anyone's ever given me. Thank you. It's bad enough that you tried to set up Victor, then you make up these outlandish stories about hookers, and then you bring it to the point where I think you need therapy!

Jack: Okay, listen to me--

Sharon: No, I will not listen to you anymore! It's bad enough you have this revenge you need to get on Victor, but it's the most important thing in the world to you. It's more important than me!

Jack: I'm simply asking for another chance.

Sharon: I have given you thousands of chances-- thousands! The problem is, is that you never change, Jack! And fortunately for me, that is not my problem anymore.

Jack: Wait, what are you saying?

Sharon: I'm gonna file for divorce. And my lawyer will be in touch with you.

Jack: It's not one reason that your mom and I are divorcing. It is complicated. Noah, I've done a lot of things I'm not very proud of.

Noah: Apologize.

Jack: Oh. Boy, I wish it was that simple. It's not. I can see you're very concerned about your mom.

Noah: Look, she tries to pretend she's okay around me, but I know she's not.

Jack: Yeah, splitting up a family's tough on everybody.

[Brad calls Nick and leaves the phone on when he sees Phyllis waling in.]

Phyllis: Hello, Brad.

Nick: Hello? Hello?

Brad's voice: Phyllis.

Phyllis' voice: Yeah. Good, I knew you couldn't resist.

Brad's voice: Well, how could I? I relish any opportunity to spend time alone with you. So why are we meeting at this, uh, dive here on Wilton? Jimmy's isn't one of your usual haunts, is it?

Phyllis: Hey. Um, I have news about Sharon.

Brad: News, really? Oh, uh, would that be that Sharon is in a cabin in the woods all alone? I know.

Phyllis: Who--who told you?

Brad: I overheard a conversation between her and Jack. And no, I'm not going up there.

Phyllis: You have a great shot right now. I mean, she's alone in the cabin. It's very romantic. And apparently, she's very lonely.

Brad: (Laughs) You know, it's amazing. You are so busy trying to position me and manipulate everyone around you, that you discount the fact that I really do love Sharon.

Phyllis: I know you love Sharon. I know this. I understand. That's why you should get your butt up there, please, and do something about it before she makes another play for my husband, please.

Brad: I'm not playing any more of your games, you black widow. If Sharon and I are meant to be together, it won't be because of you, it'll be in spite of you.

Victor: Thank you for coming by. We'll talk, l right? Thank you.

Victor: Well, look who's wandering into my office.

Heather: This'll just take a minute, Victor.

Victor: Are you here to arrest me again or what?

Heather: This is a courtesy call.

Victor: Make it quick. I have a full day, all right?

Heather: The Mexican authorities have officially stopped investigating the death of Walter Palin.

Victor: What the hell are you talking about? I thought that story was laid to rest...

Heather: So as far as they're concerned--

Victor: Once it was determined that diary was a forgery perpetrated by your fiancť.

Heather: As far as they're concerned, you can't be held responsible. I was asked to inform you, and now I have.

Victor: Good. Then you're off. Thank you.

Heather: Victor? Just because the diary was found to be a fraud, it doesn't mean that you didn't kill Palin.

Victor: Is that the district attorney's opinion?

Heather: That's my opinion, Victor.

Victor: Really? So again, you're coming after me personally.

Heather: It's never been personal. I still believe you're guilty. And I'm going to keep looking for proof.

Jill: How did it go with Gloria? Will she sell me her stock?

Jeff: No. But she may sell it to me.

Kevin: We all set?

Jana: Let's synchronize watches.

Amber: Oh, no watches. Better yet, cell phones.

Kevin: Put that away! The entire world knows what your cell phone looks like.

Daniel: Oh, please tell us what to do, o fearless leader.

Jana: One for all...

Amber: And all for Mrs. Chancellor!

Kevin: Enough. Enough. Let's roll. Cover for a little bit.

Kay: I woke up in that river bank having no memory of how I got there. Had it not been for Murphy--

Murphy: She--she didn't recognize me. She had no memory of the trailer, the diner, her friends.

Nikki: Well, Katherine's accident was in all of the newspapers. I find it rather convenient that he found you close by.

Kay: I wish I could offer something more concrete.

Nikki: I need to hear something that is not in this book. Something private. Something Katherine and I would've shared privately, just us.

Kay: There had to be a million of those moments. I mean, I have these flashes, but they don't make sense. Because my memory is so...

Murphy: It's coming back. I mean, slowly.

Kay: I-I... I know that I am Katherine Chancellor. I know that. And I feel that I know you, too. Perhaps if a friend were to just give me some help, I could find myself again. Would you, uh... would you please help me, Nikki? Please?

Nikki: My God. You're either... very, very confused, or you're a consummate con artist.

Kay: I-I have--

Nikki: Stop it. Stop it. You're not Katherine.

Kay: I have moments of doubts, but--

Nikki: Let's get outta here.

Murphy: Tell her about the ring.

Nikki: What ring?

Kay: Oh, the ring that-- that I was wearing when-- when Murphy found me.

Nikki: No, no, no, I-I-I'm familiar with the ring. Where is it?

Kay: Well, before I knew who I was, I pawned it. But I have-- I do have the receipt.

Murphy: No, no, you gave the receipts to the kids.

Kay: Oh, dear God in heaven. I forgot.

Nikki: You do an incredible impersonation of Katherine. But you know about-- you know about the ring because of this damn book! I've had enough of this con artist!

Jack: Noah, there's two things I want you to know. One, you and I want the same thing, for your mother to be happy. And two, no matter what happens, I will always love you like a son. Nothing will ever change that.

Noah: I hope not.

Jack: It wonít.

Woman: Are you Jack Abbott?

Jack: Uh, yeah. Oh, the man we love to hate. You saw the article, huh?

Woman: Uh, I don't know what you're talking about. You've been served.

Jack: Divorce papers. Hey, look, I hate to cut this short. Why--why don't we get out of here?

Paul: You haven't said a word since we left the trailer.

Nikki: Oh. Sorry. It's just... very eerie to--to see Katherine's face on that horrible woman.

Paul: Nikki, I wouldn't put you through it if I didn't believe it was worth it.

Nikki: It wasnít.

Paul: I disagree. I think she was telling the truth.

Nikki: What! How! I don't understand! How can you think that woman is Katherine?

Paul: I watched how she moved, how she sat, all her airs and graces. Did you see how she drank her tea?

Nikki: Well, that doesn't mean anything. She's imitated Katherine before. You learn how to do these things.

Paul: Nikki, I've spent my life reading people. And I believe she is who she says she is.

Nikki: You're being conned just like everybody else.

Paul: I don't think so.

Nikki: Well, I do.

Paul: Why?

Nikki: Can you just take my word on this, please?

Paul: I don't get why you are so certain she isn't Katherine.

Nikki: Because of David, all right? Does that satisfy you? I mean, after everything that happened with him, I-I developed some kind of acute "Con radar" or something. I mean, he was swindling me from the very first day. He was charming and attentive. And he said everything that I wanted to hear. And I believed it. Never again. Never again.

Paul: Your radar could be wrong.

Nikki: It isn't wrong, Paul. That woman is trying to take advantage of our love for Katherine, and it's not gonna work.

Kay: Oh, God, I wish I could find something to convince her. You know, I can't--I can't-- I can't keep this up.

Murphy: Look, Katherine, things will turn out the way they're supposed to.

Kay: Do you believe that?

Amber: I'm getting nervous. Kevin's been gone a while.

Daniel: No, we would've heard something if something happened.

Jana: Shh, don't worry. He's fine.

Amber: How do you know?

Jana: Because we're psychically connected. I would know.

Daniel: Okay, you know, if it makes you feel any better, I'll go see what's happened.

Jana: Wait, there-- there he is.

Kevin: Okay, so I cut the power to the camera lines, and there is a small window in the bathroom that is not connected to the alarm system. It's a tight squeeze. I think Amber should go in.

Daniel: You okay with this?

Amber: Yeah.

Kevin: Cool, let's go.

Amber: Okay.

(Dog barking)

Kevin: So I planned for everything but that.

(Barking continues)

Gloria: Jack. Jill. Jeffrey.

Woman: For all of your complaining, you sure get a lot of visitors.

Gloria: I'm only popular because I've got something they want.

Woman: Who'll pay you the most for it?

Gloria: It's more complicated than that, Imogene. If I give it to Jack, I might right some of my mistakes. May even clean up my karma. If I give it to Jill, things go back the way they were and that's not good.

Imogene: Third choice?

Gloria: My husband.

Gloria: No matter what I do, I'm gonna get stung.

Man: Gloria Bardwell. Visitor.

Imogene: Miss popularity. Hey, isn't that--

Gloria: Shut up.

Gloria: Victor.

Victor: Hello, Gloria. I have an offer... that you can't refuse.

Brad: You know, Phyllis, you never learn, do you? Get your own life in order. Stop messing with everyone elseís.

Phyllis: Really? Really? You know what? Don't act like you're some kind of angel, Brad. You would've broken up Sharon's marriage a long time ago if you could have.

Brad: Well, you know what? The difference between you and me is that I've learned my lesson. It's about time you learned yours.

Phyllis: Oh, please.

[Phyllis turns and Nick is standing there]

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Jana: All right, I just hope that-- Kevin, get out of there now.

Nick: She responds to my fax and you hid this from me?

Phyllis: I didn't hide it from you.

Victor: Sign the papers I drew up for you, you walk out of here with more money than you ever dreamt of.

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