Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/20/09

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/20/09 -- Canada; Wednesday 1/21/09 -- U.S.A.


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Kay: Dear God in heaven, isn't that something? (Chuckles) I was wearing the proof of who I am on my finger and didn't even know it.

Amber: You wore that ring every single day.

Murphy: I'm sorry you sold it.

Kay: Well, I got $10,000 from the pawn broker.

Murphy: He offered her $5, 000.

Kay: Yeah.

Daniel: That ring was worth $250,000.

Murphy: Holy... I'm sorry, Sweetheart.

Amber: You know, um... Nikki and Jill-- they're not gonna believe you're real without, like, major proof, not after the crash site and the funeral.

Kay: Yeah, but--but Michael is requesting D.N.A. testing.

Daniel: Jill's gonna fight that hard.

Amber: Well, we fight harder.

Murphy: That sounds familiar.

Amber: Okay, so where is this pawn shop?

Murphy: Uh...

Kay: Route 8 and--and Bolton Crossing.

Amber: I'm gonna get your ring back. I'm very sleuthy.

Murphy: (Chuckles)

Kay: (Chuckles)


Phyllis: All right, so the press can work the line outside.

Nick: That's fine, as long as no one gets in.

Nikki: Well, you both must be so proud of our latest issue. I know I am.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: Yeah. It's great.

Phyllis: (Chuckles) Uh... I'm gonna go check on the food.

Nikki: Are you two okay?

Nick: I'm gonna have to get back to you on that.


Colleen: Extra whip on that?

Lily: Do you have to ask? Hey, are you going to the "Men we love" party?

Colleen: Cute, single and hopefully some straight guys? I'm there. Are you gonna be Billy's arm candy?

Lily: Well, he's the model, so technically, he's the arm candy.

Colleen: How's it going?

Lily: Uh, it's good. He's really funny.

Colleen: Except you think he's a player and you're holding back.

Lily: Well, I don't know, it just seems like he has chemistry with everyone, you know, even Chloe. Do you think that they dated?

Colleen: Well, she's female and he's Billy. But I mean, dating? Like, hanging out and conversation? I don't think so. No.

Lily: I don't know, they just have this, you know, funny, chatty, wink-wink thing going on.

Colleen: Well, that's just Chloe sliming yet another innocent bystander. Poor Cane, right? No one should be that noble.


Chloe: Oh, look who it is. So you, uh, have any adoring fans yet?

Billy: Well, now that you mention it, you might not be my only stalker soon.

Chloe: Your ego is so fat, it just popped a button.

Billy: Seriously, you need to chill on the Billy worship. Lily just asked if we met before I got back into town.

Chloe: Really? What did you say?

Billy: Oh, I told her that we had red hot monkey sex all over New York before you bagged Cane.

Chloe: (Laughs) No, you didnít.

Billy: Of course I didnít. Don't want her wondering who the real father of Boog is.

Chloe: Well, she already knows who the father is.

Billy: Does she?

Chloe: Look, Billy, you can relax, because there is absolutely nothing tying us together. So if you wanna go and waste your life on Lily, then you're free and clear.


Sharon: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Sharon, hi.

Sharon: What are you doing?

Jack: Oh, I'm, uh, gearing up for the "Restless Style" "Men we love" party. Of course, my portrait is "The man we love to hate."

Sharon: Well, I guess you could always send your regrets.

Jack: No, my name was on the masthead once, and now my face is between the covers, so... I gotta go. I could use some support, though. You wanna come with me? Well?

Crystal: Baby? I have time for another drink.

Jack: Um, no, this isn't what it looks like.

Sharon: Yeah. Never is with you, Jack.

Jack: Sharon --

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. Wait! Wait! Please? Please?

Sharon: Jack--Jack, you know what? You told me that first you were seeing prostitutes, then you say that no, that was just a lie to cover up the diary. What, now you're seeing hookers again?

Jack: No, of course not. That is the woman that I hired to keep the forger busy while Adam went through his place looking for evidence against us. I just ran into her at the club.

Sharon: Am I supposed to believe that?

Jack: Honey, it is the truth. I'm telling you the absolute truth, and I will tell you anything else you need to know.

Sharon: No, Jack, because what comes out of your mouth, you think that if you believe it and you really truly believe in it hard enough, it will become the truth. And that's not how it works.

Jack: You want the truth? This is the truth. I hate that I hurt you. I want you in my life.

Sharon: Too damn bad.


[Brad remembering]

Brad: I'm sorry. Okay, I'm sorry. Obviously, I went about this the wrong way.

Sharon: Maybe you just showed your true colors.

Brad: Sharon, come on, you know me better than that. What--

Sharon: You know what I know? I know that you lied to me, Brad, and now you're trying to justify it and wiggle out of it. And you know what? No more of that. I have been there, done that, and I don't need any man to treat me like that anymore.


Colleen: Hey. Are you okay?

Brad: Hey. Uh, yeah. Yeah, just a run of bad luck, that's all.

Colleen: Personally or professionally?

Brad: Yes. And you know what's worse? I haven't seen my daughter. You have work and you have school and you--

Colleen: A little bit of bad luck, too.

Brad: Personally or professionally?

Colleen: Like father, like daughter.

Brad: Mm. Well, you know what? We're gonna make that better. And the way we're gonna make that better is we're gonna have a little father-daughter date. Indigo, tomorrow night. How's that sound?

Colleen: Uh, would I sound like a dork if I said that sounds amazing?

Brad: That's my girl.


Billy: Yeah, we need to rethink this.

Lily: What's wrong?

Billy: Waste this on "Restless Style"? No, no, no, no. Actually, you know what? There is a late night party in Chicago. I could get a driver to take us up there after the magazine thing.

Lily: And would we be sleeping over in Chicago?

Billy: That is an interesting idea! Does the Drake work for you?

Lily: Would that be one room or two?

Billy: I'd be a gentleman either way.

Lily: Well, what if I'm the one who can't be good?

Billy: Oh, I think my socks just melted.

Lily: (Giggles) No, but seriously, we just-- we said that we would take things slow, so...

Billy: I know, and here I am trying to sweep you off your feet. Gosh, I hate me.

Lily: Well, the last sweeping was wonderful, but I need to just keep my feet on the ground for a while, okay?

Billy: Anything you want, however you want it.


Amber: Hi. Um, we're looking for a ring that you bought a few weeks back.

Daniel: Yeah, uh, it's actually... this ring in this picture, sold to you by this woman.

Man: Never seen her.

Amber: Well, um, maybe someone else dealt with her?

Man: It's just me here.

Amber: Well, I mean, you gotta remember. I mean, how many diamond and emerald rings do you buy here?

Man: In this economy? What do you think?

Amber: I think you're not being honest with us.

Man: Why would I do that?

Amber: Because you bought it for ten grand, when you know it was worth a hell of a lot more than that.

Daniel: Oh, okay.

Amber: And now-- now you're trying to cover your butt because you know you swindled a good person.

Man: I don't hold a gun to anyone's head. People don't like what I offer, they can walk away.

Amber: You bought it. Where is it?

Man: That's twice you've called me a liar now.

Amber: Let's go for three times, huh?

Daniel: Let's go outside.

Amber: Whoa! You know what? He has to have it. Mrs. Chancellor said she sold it here.

Daniel: Mrs. Chancellor didn't remember who she was up until a couple of days ago. Did you see the guns behind the counter?

Amber: I don't care. I don't care. That guy is a liar!

Man: Yeah, it's me. You move that ring I sold you yet? Good. Be glad you got rid of it. And forget you got it from me.



Nick: So it was Phyllis' concept all the way. It was very--oh. Here she is now.

Phyllis: Hi, very nice to see you. Can I borrow my husband for a sec? Thanks.

Nick: Excuse me.

Phyllis: Um...

Nick: What's wrong?

Phyllis: Renato is freaking out. He claims that he never got paid for the photo shoot.

Nick: I cut that check myself before I went to New York.

Phyllis: Well, you had a lot going on before you went to New York. Maybe you forgot to mail it.

Nick: That's true, I did have a lot going on, but I'm sure I somehow managed to remember to put that in the outgoing mail.

Phyllis: Okay, I'll call the bank and see if it cleared. How's that?

Nick: Now? We have advertisers and designers here.

Phyllis: And I have a photo shoot in two days and I have no photographer.

Nick: Okay, fine. You mingle, I will call.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Nick: Sure.


Billy: Trying to see who has the better light?

Cane: Uh, it looks fine. Besides, the profits go to charity, don't they?

Billy: You're not gonna clock me again, are you?

Cane: Huh. Well, that depends on if you say something stupid, doesn't it?

Billy: (Chuckles)

Lily: Okay, then, um, how about a drink, Billy? Would you mind?

Billy: My pleasure.

Cane: You don't have to worry. I wasn't gonna hit him.

Lily: Um, I'm surprised Chloe's not here. Didn't she style the shoot?

Cane: Yeah, she's in the ladies room. It, uh, happens a lot.

Lily: Hey, you know what else is funny? Is have you seemed to notice how Billy and Chloe seem really close, even though they just met each other? And you and Billy have had your problems?

Cane: Yeah, you know, they're in-laws, so they're probably just making small talk.

Lily: No, no, no, no, no. They seem friendlier than in-laws. They seem like kinda... casual, comfortable.

Cane: Well, you know Billy. If he's awake, he's flirting. And, uh, he's already tried to take everything I have, so I suppose Chloe's next.

Lily: Oh, right, I forgot, because Billy is with me 'cause of you.

Cane: I didn't mean it like that.

Lily: Well, it's the second time you've said it.

Cane: Well, you're special and Billy can see that. I don't think he deserves you.

Chloe: Sorry. I'll have to, uh, probably only go about ten more times in the next hour. Hi.


Jack: Well, you look absolutely tremendous, as usual.

Nikki: Well, thank you. You look a little less rat pack than you do in your portrait. I wasn't sure if the "Man we love to hate" would show up tonight.

Jack: Uh, you know what they say, no such thing as bad publicity.

Nikki: Mm. Are you on your own?

Jack: Yeah, Sharon couldn't make it tonight.

Nikki: Jack, you remember George?

Jack: Oh, of course, George, you do terrific work.

George: Hey, Jack. Hey, have you met Shiva Rose? Please convince her to be my muse.

Shiva: Oh, he's relentless.

Jack: Jack Abbott. It's a pleasure.

Nikki: They're working together on our next editorial layout.

Jack: Well, for the first time, I think I regret not being at "Restless Style."

Nikki: Oh, George, there's that buyer that I want you to meet. He's got a wonderful eye.

Shiva: You've never regretted selling out your fabulous style? Growing profits, cultural impact, fabulous magazine?

Jack: Well, I regret not selling it to you.

Shiva: You're as bad as your brother.

Jack: Oh, then you've met Billy, huh?

Shiva: From parties and openings, that sort of thing. I met him through a modeling friend. Speak of the devil. And Chloe? They're still together?

Jack: Billy and Chloe? I--

Shiva: I have to go say hello.


Sharon: Hey, um, can I get a regular coffee to go? Thanks.

Brad: Sharon?

Sharon: Hey, whatever you came to say, donít.

Brad: I just want to apologize.

Sharon: No, you donít. You just wanna say all the right things right now. You wanna tell me how much you care about me, how you never meant to take advantage of me, or exploit my feelings for you. You'd like for me to just move on so that we can rebuild our friendship. That way, next time I'm feeling lonely and vulnerable--

Brad: I do care about you and you know that. If I could go back and change what happened, I would.

Sharon: If you do care about me, then you'll leave me alone. I've just had enough of you right now and everyone else like you. Excuse me.


Paul: Looks like a huge issue.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, it was a huge issue, just a little problem.

Paul: What?

Phyllis: What?

Paul: I was talking about the--the--the magazine issue.

Phyllis: Oh, that issue. Yeah, I thought you were talking about the problem, but there's not a problem. This, you know-- yeah, the issue-- the "Men we love."

Paul: Yeah.

Phyllis: I'd like a cocktail.

Paul: (Laughs)

Nikki: I just got an earful from Renato's business manager about his check.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know. Nick was supposed to deal with that, but... do you know where he is?

Nikki: Um... no.

Phyllis: Great.

Paul: Oh, I just saw him up in the foyer just a moment ago.

Phyllis: Oh, good. All right, excuse me. Thanks.

(Cell phone ringing)

Nikki: Hello?

Sharon: Hi, Nikki, it's Sharon.

Nikki: Oh, hi, Sharon.

Sharon: Listen, I'm really sorry to bother you at the party like this, but can you tell me has Phyllis arrived there yet?

Nikki: Oh, yeah, she has. Do you wanna talk with her?

Sharon: Oh, no, no, I, uh, I just need to stop over at "Restless Style" to pick up some books that Noah left there.

Nikki: And you wanted to make sure Phyllis wasn't around.

Sharon: In a nutshell, yes.

Nikki: Well, the party should be going on for quite a while. I think you can get in and out of the office with no problem.

Sharon: Thanks, Nikki.

Nikki: You're welcome.

Paul: They'll be fine. They're adults.

Nikki: I didn't say anything.

Paul: Sharon's avoiding Phyllis? You just said that. I can see the wheels turning.

Nikki: Sharon's avoiding Phyllis. Phyllis and Nicholas are strained. That doesn't bode well.

Paul: Look at you, spending a little time around me is developing your suspicious nature. Come on.

Nikki: Right.


Nick: They're very good.

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: Oh, hi. I was just talking to Shante with Tranquility. You know her?

Phyllis: Oh, of course, of course, good to see you again.

Shante: Hi, how are you?

Phyllis: Great, great. I-I love your ads. They're just spot-on.

Shante: Oh, thank you. I'm glad you like them.

Phyllis: Absolutely. Um, will you excuse us?

Shante: Oh, sure.

Phyllis: Thanks. Uh... did you call on the check?

Nick: Well, it--it turns out, uh, I did call the bank and it hasn't cleared yet.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nick: What okay?

Phyllis: You're just calmly talking to Shante like you don't have a care in the world and the check hasn't cleared. I just say okay.

Nick: Look, Tranquility gives us a lot of money for their ad space. I figured I'd just do my thing here, then go over to the office, cut a new check and have it messengered.

Phyllis: Okay, great, but your mom just told me that Renatoís business manager called and he's sort of freaking out. Listen, if he gets another job, then I've lost him. I don't have a photographer. It's a problem.

Nick: Okay. If you would like to take over with Shante and everyone else, I can go to the office now.

Phyllis: Why are you-- why are you do-- no, go ahead, talk to the advertisers. I don't think I could be very charming right now. And apparently, you can. So I'll take care of it.


J.T.: (Sighs)

Victoria: Wow.

J.T.: Cane and Billy are boxing. Daniel's cool. Jackís...

Victoria: Jackís... aptly titled.

J.T.: Yeah, and I'm Mr. Mom.

Victoria: It's too bad. You know, that would've made a really nice Christmas card.

J.T.: The picture's fine, but...

Victoria: Mm. Yeah. You're not thrilled with the caption, are you?

J.T.: No, it's just-- is that--is that me in ten words or less?

Victoria: Not all of you. I mean, you are head of security at Newman Enterprises and you're a loving father. The picture's all about being tough and being nurturing. And it's about Reed's cute little chubby cheeks.

J.T.: Look, I would've put on boxing gloves or a leather jacket if they would've asked me, but instead, it looks like I'm on diaper duty.

Victoria: No! Listen, the last thing that anyone is thinking when they look at that picture is diapers, trust me. They'll say you're gorgeous, smart, handsome, loving, sexy, loyal. Did I say gorgeous?

J.T.: Is that what they're thinking?

Victoria: Guaranteed.

J.T.: Well, I couldn't be with 'em. I couldn't love anybody who isn't you.


Billy: This is Billy.

Jack: Shiva Rose is on her way to you.

Billy: Oh, I love her.

Jack: She doesn't know that you and Chloe, uh, never met before. She thinks you're still an item.

Billy: Oh, uh, got it. Thank you. (Chuckles) Hey, Shiva?

Chloe: Shiva's here?

Billy: Shiva's--Shiva.

Chloe: Shiva. Oh, excuse me. Excuse me.

Billy: Hi!

Shiva: Billy! The photo is gorgeous.

Billy: Well, thank you. Don't forget to thank my, uh, co-star here. That's Cane Ashby. This is my brother.

Cane: It's a pleasure to meet you.

Shiva: The photo is so vibrant.

Cane: Thank you.

Billy: And this is Lily winters. She's my--

Shiva: Ah, the Fresh Face of Jabot. What does the spring campaign look like?

Lily: Um, well, actually, I'm--I'm not modeling anymore.

Shiva: Oh, that's a shame.

Lily: Yeah.

Shiva: And, Chloe! There you are.

Chloe: Shiva! Hi! Look at you!

Shiva: You're pregnant?! I had no idea!

Chloe: I am. I am. This is, uh, my husband. This is him, right here. And we are very excited.

Shiva: How wonderful for you both.

George: Shiva, you must come see what Mariaís wearing. It's fabulous.

Lily: Well, she seems sweet. Did you two work together?

Chloe: Yeah, yeah, she's a really, really great girl, but she's got a rotten memory. You just--you can't trust a thing that she says.


Kay: Oh, that looks heavenly.

Murphy: Well, dig 'em on in, lady.

Kay: Ah. Oh, yes, yes, yes.

Murphy: Better?  

Kay: Oh, for the feet, yes. But, uh, Amber's phone call was--was very disappointing. That pawn broker made me a very bad deal with the ring, you know that? That must be why he won't admit anything.

Murphy: Yeah. Well, I should go talk to him. I mean, you sold the ring because of me in the first place. I mean, me and bait and tackle.

Kay: I sold that ring because I wanted to! All I have done is take from you, ever since you fished me out of the river. Now come on.

Murphy: Yeah. That ring proves that you're Katherine. I mean, if you had it, you'd probably be in your own house and your own bed.

Kay: Do you wanna know something? That ring isn't the only thing. It was just one tiny thing that I could do for you. And I would do it again. Chancellor name be damned. I'm--I'm right where I'd like to be.

Murphy: What'll it be? Meatloaf or fish?

Kay: Surprise me.


Sharon: Okay, I don't see it. Um... no, it's not there. I'm still looking. Um, oh, okay, I found it. Noah, I am going to tape this book to your hand when I get home. You're welcome. Bye.

Phyllis: What are you doing here?

Sharon: Um, I-I just came to pick up a book for Noah, and now, I-I'm going home to see my son.

Phyllis: Well, how funny. You just come in and out of here so easily for your son, but you had to spend one more night in New York.

Sharon: What the hell is wrong with you? You--you could've just let me go and--and now you wanna push?

Phyllis: Well, I would prefer if you keep your lips away from my husband's face.

Sharon: Nick is all yours, Phyllis. You two share a beautiful child and--and a company together. You have the man you love, and yet you still come after me?

Phyllis: Oh, poor Sharon the victim.

Sharon: Like hell I am. I'm just really tired of your games, Phyllis. They're starting to bore me. Like throwing Brad in front of my face to try to save your marriage? Please.

Phyllis: Damn straight I'm gonna do anything to protect my marriage, Sharon.

Sharon: Oh, well, did it work? Are you two closer than ever?

Phyllis: That's none of your business.

Sharon: Nick and I kissed. We did. But that is where it ended. It did not explode into some full-blown affair. That's really your arena, not mine.

Phyllis: Aw, very nice. Good.

Sharon: So why don't you just focus on your marriage and forget about me.

Phyllis: Well, you know, I would love to do that. Except you focus on Nick enough for the both of us. I mean, latching onto that beauty of nature job like you did? And now miraculously, Nick has to spend all his time at Newman.

Sharon: You really think he's spending time at Newman to be with me? How can you be in love with Nick and have no idea what really matters to him?


Nick: Thank you.

Victoria: Wow! Congratulations! The issue is incredible. Shouldn't Phyllis be here celebrating with you?

Nick: She's doing some troubleshooting at the office.

Victoria: Oh, uh, well, make sure that Mom knows it's just work and not some crisis. She's in worry mode, you know?

Nick: Did you talk her down?

Victoria: Yeah, I told her that your marriage is all about big fights and big making up and that you'll be fine.

Nick: Yeah, well, we better.

Victoria: How bad is it between you two?

Nick: I screwed up. And don't ask.

Victoria: Okay.

Nick: And then Phyllis, uh...

Victoria: Phyllis pulled a Phyllis?

Nick: Exactly.

Victoria: So?

Nick: So? It was a big Phyllis.

Victoria: So? You married her with your eyes wide open. I'm saying that in the best sisterly way.

Nick: You're defending her. You don't even know what she did.

Victoria: No, I don't know what she did, and I really don't care to know. Actually, I totally do, but I'm not gonna ask. The bottom line is, do you still love her?

Nick: Of course. Maybe more than ever.

Victoria: Okay, so... just get over it and go find her. Kiss her like you mean it.


Phyllis: I'm sorry, are you lecturing me about my husband?

Sharon: Well, since you can't seem to figure it our for yourself, yeah. Nick isn't spending time at Newman Enterprises to be with me. He's there to be with Victor. Victor sliced Nick out of his life. He practically disowned him, now finally, finally, Nicholas and Victor are together again. How can you expect him to spend his days at "Restless Style"?

Phyllis: Sharon, "Restless Style" is Nick's dream.

Sharon: Maybe for the past year. But getting Victor's approval has been Nick's dream his entire life.

Phyllis: That job is sucking him dry. He goes on and on how he doesn't wanna be like his father.

Sharon: Rationally, no. But since when has love ever been about being rational? And Nicholas loves bigger than any other person I know. The way he loves Victor and the kids and you. And the kids adored Nick. With Victor, Nicholas has to bleed for every ounce of affection he gets from that man.

Phyllis: Yeah, why are you telling me this? I know this. Nick has me. I love him. He has his family. I-I don't-- I will give him what he needs.

Sharon: If you think you can fill the void that Victor has carved out, you're crazy.

Phyllis: So what are you saying, Sharon? That you're the only one who can love Nick properly? Is that what you're saying? Um, I'm sorry. You had your chance.

Sharon: I'm not a threat, Phyllis. You wanna keep Nick by threatening him and manipulating him? He gets enough of that from his father.


Kevin: Do girls really find guy liner hot?

Daniel: Huh. That's funny. That's a funny guy.

Kevin: Oh! Oh, my gosh! That's you! Oh, wow, I'm--I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

Jana: Oh, stop it. He's just teasing. It's stunning, Daniel.

Kevin: Stunning. The hair alone is just... wow.

Amber: I think you look gorgeous. Hey, um, can I talk to you about Katherine?

Kevin: Oh, but I have, like, six more jokes and they all involve the word "Bouffant."

Daniel: Okay!

Amber: Mrs. C. is more important.


Shiva: When is Chloe due? She looks about seven months along.

Cane: Just about, yeah, yeah.

Chloe: Hi! There you are! You know, you are the most gorgeous girl here. Cane, would you do me a favor? Could you get me a, uh, ginger ale, please?

Cane: Sure. Would you like anything, Shiva?

Shiva: Uh, nothing, thanks.

Chloe: Thanks. He doesn't know.

Shiva: What?

Chloe: Cane doesn't know about Billy.

Shiva: Are you serious? So that photo wasn't a duel over you?

Chloe: Oh, actually, it was, which I loved, of course, but not because Cane knows. No one knows.

Shiva: You seemed so into Billy, but you love Cane even more now?

Chloe: Cane's a keeper. Billy...

Shiva: Oh, we all know what Billy is.

Chloe: Just keep those perfectly lined lips shut, okay?

Shiva: What you have with Cane seems so special. I'm sure he'd understand.

Chloe: Humor me, Shiva, humor me.

Shiva: Of course. Of course. Not a word.


Jack: Oh, J.T., I think it's great. I'm telling you, when Reed is grown up, you're gonna love having that.

Colleen: Girls love guys and babies, so you'll get more fan mail than anyone else in the issue.

J.T.: Oh, well, that's great.

Jack: Wait, wait, more than Mr. Love to hate?

Colleen: Um, well...

Jack: Sharon? You're here.

Sharon: Yeah, um... Jack, you said that you'd do anything for me.

Jack: Anything.

Sharon: Okay, well... I have a favor to ask.


Kevin: So there's free food inside where it's warm and we're out here. Why is that? You gonna sic the feds on me for murder?

Amber: Katherine. I saw her and she recognized me.

Kevin: For real? She knew you?

Amber: Yeah. And I know you paid her bail and I know you asked Michael to be her lawyer.

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, whoa, who said I paid her bail? That was supposed to be a secret. I might have to take you out for that.

Amber: Look, you're a really great guy and I'm really sorry I called you a killer, I am. I'm really--I'm really sorry. Hey, where'd you get the money to pay her bail?

Kevin: Why don't we go back to the apology?

Amber: Oh, okay. Um, listen, we have to help her together.

Kevin: Uh, but I can't be trusted, Amber. And maybe you're still afraid of me, you know? I'm wiry, fast, and I may have a set of nunchucks in my pocket.

Amber: Look, I am really, really, really, really sorry.


Kay: Ah.

Murphy: So, uh, what do you wanna watch, Marge? Katherine. What am I thinking?

Kay: Oh, please.

Murphy: You know, if somebody heard...

Kay: Oh, come on, come on, come on, there's no one here but us. And I know who I am. That's good enough for me.

Murphy: Well, you're Katherine and we're gonna prove it.

Kay: Mm, yeah, but, uh, I don't know, Marge has had her upside. New old friends, you know? Pearl, regulars, Joe, Jr. And, uh... and you.

Murphy: Oh! Boy, you impress easily.

Kay: Well, Genoa City is a lovely place, but, uh... and that house--my home-- it's elegant. But, uh, here with you now?

Murphy: Hmm.

Kay: There's no place I'd rather be.

Murphy: You know, why I went down to the diner all those times before?

Kay: Mnh-mnh.

Murphy: Because I was... sick to death of these four walls. But you know, I-I like coming home now.

Kay: Hm?

Murphy: To you.

Murphy: There's nothing on the TV anyway.

Kay: (Chuckles)

Kay: (Laughing)


Lily: It just makes me smile to see his face.

Shiva: He does have that effect on women. Some women. Very few.

Lily: It's okay. I know all about Billy.

Shiva: Really?

Lily: Yeah, people keep thinking they have to protect me from his reputation, but trust me, I know a lot more about Billy than you think, so...

Shiva: When you say more, do you mean anything specific or anyone?

Lily: Well, wait, you know Chloe from work, but how do you know Billy?

Billy: Hey, uh, Shiva, can you help me out, make me look like a hero and come talk to this guy for a minute? We'll be right back.

Lily: Okay.

Billy: Mnh-mnh.

Shiva: All those parties I saw you at with Chloe, you were never this tense.

Billy: No. No. No parties. No Chloe. No dating. No. Nothing. Okay? Please, Shiva?

Shiva: Why are you acting so strange about this? You both moved on, so who cares? Oh, the baby?

Billy: No, no, we were long over by then. But Lily--she's a keeper.

Shiva: That's what Chloe said about Cane.

Billy: You see? Now everybody's happy and all it costs is just an itsy bitsy little secret, so zip your lip.

Shiva: Chloe said that, too.

Billy: Damn it.

Shiva: You both think alike.

Billy: Yeah, well, maybe, but I mean, Lily is--

Shiva: Oh, she seems wonderful.

Billy: Yeah, she's the real deal. And I'm not gonna screw this up. Now come on.


Phyllis: So have you been collecting compliments? I wanna hear 'em all.

George: How are you gonna top this issue? It looks amazing, you know, from concept to execution, it's great.

Phyllis: Yeah.

George: Congratulations.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Nick: Well, all the credit goes to my very beautiful wife. Without her, I and this magazine would be lost.

Phyllis: Thank you. It was your dream. I just helped make it come true.

J.T.: Well, maybe we should go.

Victoria: No, I think we'll stay. And, um, maybe they should get a room.


Colleen: Dateless. I am completely dateless with all these men here.

Lily: Oh, come on, it's not that bad.

Colleen: Yeah, right. I just said that I would go to dinner with my dad tomorrow night. I am totally pathetic.

Lily: (Laughs)

Billy: Okay, come on, CeeCee. Let's find you a nice, presentable, respectful young man.

Colleen: Right. Like you would know any. How do you put up with him, huh?

Lily: I don't know. What are you doing?

Billy: Sweeping you off your feet. I just can't help myself. Excuse me!

Colleen: Sorry!

Billy: (Humming)

Lily: Ah, sorry.

Billy: Pardon me.

Chloe: Uh, that's not just dating, is it?

Cane: No, it's not.


Daniel: Hey. What's going on? Where's Kevin?

Amber: Probably thinking up new ways to torture me for calling him a killer.

Daniel: Yeah, wasn't exactly your finest moment.

Amber: I was wrong. I was wrong. I admit it. But I am right about Mrs. C. being alive. So now how do I convince everyone else?

Daniel: You yell and fight and find a way, like you always do.

Amber: You believe in me?

Daniel: Yeah, see... you have this magical way of making things happen. I guess I'm just glad I'm along for the ride.


Paul: Kevin?

Kevin: Hey.

Paul: Got a second?

Kevin: Yeah.

Paul: Uh, Michael just told me about this new case he has--the woman that looks like, uh, Katherine Chancellor. What do you know about her?

Kevin: That she's Katherine Chancellor.

Paul: Really?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Paul: 'Cause I understand that's she's pretty vague on just about everything that has to do with Katherineís life.

Kevin: Yeah, that's from the fall she took. She lost some of her memory. But--but she remembers things, like me and Amber, where she lives.

Paul: Not much to go on.

Kevin: Trust me, you look into her eyes, and that is Katherine Chancellor staring back at you.

Nikki: Hey. What were you and Kevin talking about?

Paul: Uh, oh, nothing. We, uh, I keep losing my gloves. I think I've lost, like, six pair already. I leave them at the coffeehouse.

Nikki: Oh! Well, I just have to check on some posters, and then we can go.

Paul: Okay, sounds good.

Paul: Michael, its Paul. Listen, I don't know if you still need me, but I'm back on the impostor case.


Sharon: Okay.

Jack: Are you sure you wanna go?

Sharon: Thanks. Yeah, uh, this is exactly what I need.

Jack: No phone service, no contact?

Sharon: You know what? It'll give me time to think. Figure out the next part of my life.

Jack: I'm sorry I made the last part of your life so unhappy.

Sharon: So Noahís gonna be staying with Nick, and, um... I'll just go into town when I need to check in.

Jack: Okay. If--if I can help with anything else--

Sharon: You know what? The cabin's really-- it's plenty. Thanks, Jack.


Nick: So you cut the check to Renato, but, uh... forgot to call the messenger? I guess it was just a little too much.

Phyllis: I called a messenger. I lied. I wanted to get you here.

Nick: That is so shocking.

Phyllis: You know, if we go home now, we're gonna get Summer all wound up.

Nick: So we should wait here.

Phyllis: Yeah, we could wait here. Or we can go?

Nick: No, we canít.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Brad: I am and always will be Abby's father. You're not pushing me aside.

Amber: We can't wait. Do the tests now. I'll pay for 'em.

Daniel: So what do we do? We just, uh, give up?

Kevin: This pawn broker doesn't wanna give you the information, you're just gonna have to take it.

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