Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/14/09

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/14/09 -- Canada; Thursday 1/15/09 -- U.S.A.


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Gloria: Do you know how many cinder blocks there are in my cell?

Kevin: Do we get a prize if we guess?

Gloria: 252. There could be 94 more if they'd just take the bars out and wall it up and be done with it.

Jana: Oh, that's nonsense. You'll get out of this. You've got fabulous karma.

Kevin: Karma? I thought you were done with all that woo-woo stuff.

Jana: Well, you can't be done with karma. It's a grand force of the universe.

Kevin: Well, so is Michael, and that is Mom's secret weapon. If he can get River out of jail--

Gloria: No. Don't you dare say that name. That man is my karma. And it's all been bad.

Paul: Whoo-hoo! Hey, Nikk?

Nikki: Hey!

Paul: Oh!

Nikki: Welcome home!

Paul: Oh, thanks. How great to have you to come home to.

Nikki: Well, the feeling is very, very mutual.

Paul: Really?

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Michael: You better not have come back with a ta-- whoops.

Paul: Perfect timing.

Michael: It's my forte. How are you, Nikki?

Nikki: Um, busted.

Michael: Uh, so you two are...

Paul: Well, we're trying to keep it quiet for right now, but yeah.

Michael: Hey, as long as you're happy.

Nikki: Actually, we're miserable. We just love company.

Paul: For the record, I, uh, contacted Michael as soon as my flight landed.

Michael: Yes, I'm very anxious to hear about Florida. Did you find out anything that'll help Gloria?

Paul: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I found out a couple—

(Cell phone ringing)

Michael: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, just a minute. Uh... I'm gonna have to take this. Yes, Lauren?

Lauren: Yeah, Honey, I'm so sorry to bother you, but the L.A. county tax assessor has sent Eden another letter. And it seems that they have seized the ashram and they have shut it down. Michael?

Michael: Uh, yeah, I'm here.

Lauren: I--look, I know your hands are full today, and this is probably the last thing you wanna deal with.

Michael: Where are you?

Lauren: I'm at Crimson Lights.

Michael: I'm in the middle of a meeting with Paul. I'll swing by when I'm finished.

Lauren: I'll wait for you.

Michael: All right. Uh, sorry, but my parent who actually deserves to be in prison is creating an ongoing headache.

Karen: Perfect. Done!

Ana: Thank you.

Neil: All right, ladies, you ready? Say cheese. Smile.

Karen: Cheese smile?

Neil: Oh, absolutely beautiful. You're gorgeous.

Ana: Thank you. You have an hour to teach me before we go to the dance.

Karen: Oh, that's right. You better hop to it, Dad. Come on.

Ana: So where are we gonna practice?

Neil: Well, it just so happens that I know a place where we'll have the dance floor all to ourselves.

Ana: Thank you. Indigo? Indigo? Is Mom there?

Neil: It's Indigo. Uh, you know, I think she just might be.

Karen: You know what? Tyra's gonna be completely blown away by how beautiful you look today.

Ana: Thank you. You guys are the greatest. I'm gonna go get my coat and we can go.

Neil: Okay, hurry up.

Karen: Okay, go, go, go.

Neil: Go on.

Karen: You are the sweetest man.

Neil: Oh, yeah?

Karen: Yes, you are. Stopping by Indigo on your way to the father-daughter dance? It's gonna make them both so happy.

Neil: Well, I still can't get over how you light up around that child. You are absolutely incredible around her, Karen.

Karen: You know, Honey, oh, I love you.

Neil: I love you, too.

Karen: I used to pray to God that he would help me somehow find a way to... just experience the joys of raising a child.

Neil: Mm. Yep.

Karen: It seemed completely hopeless... until now. You and Ana-- you have just absolutely make my life complete. And I love you so much.

Neil: I love you, too.

Kay: Ah.

Murphy: (Laughs) You're--you're going to work?

Kay: 3:00 to 9:00 shift, yes.

Murphy: Katherine Chancellor, billionaire tycoon, wiping down tables at a two-bit diner?

Kay: Please don't let Joe, Jr. hear you say that, or he will not allow me to sneak you another piece of pie.

Murphy: No, no, no, no, I was just, uh... I'm just surprised, that's all.

Kay: Well, come on, what alternative do I have? I don't have an alternative. Well, I could drive into Genoa City, wander around the streets, hoping I will meet somebody who believes I am who I say I am.

Murphy: You could lay low for a couple of days.

Kay: Or I could focus on the here and now. I could use the money. And to tell you the truth, um... it's a life I've grown rather fond of.

Tyra: Uh, yeah, we open at 5:00.

Neil: Hey. Special delivery.

Tyra: Hey, come here, little bit. How are you?

Ana: I'm doing great.

Tyra: Is it--is it okay that she's here, you know, without a social worker supervising?

Neil: Listen to this, I got a call from Rafael this morning. He got a change in the court ruling. No supervisor needed if you and Ana should happen to run into each other in a public place.

Tyra: Nice! Well, I guess we're just going to have to happen to run into each other all the time, right?

Ana: Every day if we can. Oh, Mom, look.

Karen: Oh, here.

Tyra: Oh, my, is that a new dress?

Ana: Yes. It's from Miss Karen for the father and daughter dance at school.

Tyra: Oh, it's very pretty.

Devon: You look amazing, Squirt.

Lily: Yes, très chic.

Neil: Uh-huh. And if we're gonna practice our dancing, then you and I better choose some music. Come on. Let's go.

Devon: Music? Let's see what we got.

Neil: Come on.

Tyra: Oh. It's Ana’s first official dance.

Karen: I know!

Tyra: And she looks so grown up.

Karen: It's over before you know it, isn't it?

Tyra: Yeah. Look, Karen, thank you so much. The dress is beautiful.

Karen: I know. But are you kidding me? We love making her happy.

Tyra: Oh, thanks.

Karen: She looks beautiful.

Eden: How could they just throw all those people out into the streets? All because of some stupid taxes?

Lauren: I know. I don't understand it either, Honey, but it happens. The tax assessor has a lot of clout and the sheriff in Los Angeles was just following orders.

Eden: They can't do that to them, Lauren. And what about Dad? How am I supposed to see him again if there's no ashram?

Lauren: Oh, I don't think River will ever go back there. It's too dangerous. I don't think the authorities--

Eden: It was home. And now it's nothing. I have no place to go back to.

Lauren: You always have a home with Michael and me, as long as you want one.

Michael: So where'd you find him?

Paul: Well, Gibson lives in Sobe--South Beach, party central. I managed to hang out with him several nights.

Michael: Not exactly the picture of a bereaved husband.

Paul: Well, he actually opened up a little bit about Emma after the, uh, mojitos took effect. She apparently had a child with another man before she and Andrew met. Now the kid is in boarding school, but caused tension within the marriage.

Michael: Emma Gibson had a child? Why wasn't that in the disclosure paperwork?

Paul: I don't know. It should've been. I'm looking into it.

Michael: Well, thank you, Paul. And thank you for letting me borrow him.

Nikki: Michael, you know I have a lot of respect for you, but I just can't stomach the thought of Gloria getting away with everything she's done without paying for it.

Michael: A year ago, I might've agreed with you. Gloria did the crime, so let her do the time. But my mother never meant to hurt anybody.

Nikki: Is that what she told you?

Michael: Look, her biggest mistake was trusting two men she cared about, both of whom betrayed her. She stood up for my father-- a man she believed to be innocent-- and that prompted her current husband-- a man whose vindictiveness is the least of his problems-- to go through elaborate lengths to set her up. And that--that is the reason she is in jail right now.

Nikki: No, the reason Gloria is in jail is because the truth came out. Not because she did some noble deed. Now sooner or later, she is gonna have to take some responsibility for what she did. A woman died, Michael.

Paul: Well, um, to be perfectly fair, it's never been proven that the tainted face cream caused Emma Gibson’s death. The coroner's report was inconclusive.

Nikki: I-I cannot believe you two. She put a substance into a face cream that she knew would burn people's skin. That was not a mistake. That was a malicious, intentional act. And yet, the two of you act like she's the one who's been victimized.

Michael: She was! She was! We all were. Lowell Baldwin was-- is a despicable human being. There's not a life that he touched that wasn't worse for it. Especially Gloria's! When she was young and naive and hopelessly in love with him, he took that love, along with her idealism, and he crushed it! And she changed. I don't think she ever recovered from it. You'll excuse me if I give her the benefit of the doubt.

Nikki: All right. Calm down. I'm glad that you've had this epiphany. That you're able to find some forgiveness. But that doesn't change the fact that what your mother did was wrong.

Michael: Fine. Maybe I'll never convince you, and--and that is perfectly fine. Because I know what I know.

Gloria: This place is so boring I could scream. The only interesting thing that's happened is that crazy lady who came in saying she was Katherine Chancellor. Of course, I could tell right away she was a phony.

Kevin: Uh, Pinocchio? Before your nose gets any longer, we know she's real. And so do you.

Jana: Yeah, Kevin met her and her friend Murphy.

Gloria: Yeah, I heard. So what makes you think she's not a phony?

Kevin: Just certain things she said.

Gloria: What things?

Kevin: I'm convinced. We'll leave it at that, okay?

Gloria: Yeah, Katherine said she saw you. It's funny. She got out of here the same day--same day I was supposed to get out of here. Her bail was sky high. I have no idea how she came up with it.

Kevin: I put up the money.

Gloria: You did?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, I did. And I convinced Michael to represent her. He's gonna get the charges against her dropped and help her figure out who she is.

Gloria: Are you out of your mind? Katherine gets her memory back, I lose the stock she left me, and then it's bye-bye Jabot! Does anybody give a damn what happens to me if that will gets overturned?

Kay: Uh. Oh, God. I told you this was a mistake.

Murphy: Too late now.

Pearl: Hey, you! Everyone, look! Marge is back! Well, where have you been, girlfriend? We were all so worried. I mean, were you sick? Hungover?

Kay: I never touched a drop.

Murphy: We were in Genoa City.

Kay: Yes.

Pearl: Ah. Ain't that nice? A little holiday getaway? But, Marge, I wish you would've said something. You missed so many shifts.

Kay: I imagine Joe, Jr. is furious?

Murphy: Uh, does Marge still have a job?

Pearl: Depends on how much she's willing to grovel. But--but listen, I've got something for you, so don't clock in. Just a sec!

Murphy: I don't know.

Pearl: Ta da!

Kay: What's this?

Pearl: Well, reach on in there and find out. Oh, come on! I'm dying to see how you like it.

Kay: Uh...

Pearl: A bowling shirt!

Kay: Oh.

Pearl: I signed us up for the winter league, and Joe’s gonna sponsor us. Now how about that?

Kay: I'm--I'm a captain?

Pearl: Well, just like always. I hope I got the size right.

Kay: Oh, it's wonderful. No, it's--thank you, Pearl. Thank you.

Pearl: Well, I gotta scoot. Oh, be thinking about a name. Now I'm partial to "Spare me." Get it?

Murphy: So, Marge, you're a--you're a bowler now.

Kay: I'm Captain Marge to you.

Paul: Seeing this look-alike up close had to be spooky, huh?

Nikki: Oh, you have no idea. If I hadn't seen her in that casket with my own eyes. And she just knew so much about our relationship, for a moment, I actually did believe it.

Paul: So when did you realize it was Marge?

Nikki: When she admitted that she had read Katherine's book. That that was the source for all of her information. Oh, Paul, it was horrible. I mean, just to believe for a moment that Katherine was alive, and then realize that it was all a hoax. It's a hoax.

Paul: I'm sorry you had to go through all of that alone.

Nikki: It was unbelievably cruel.

Paul: Uh... ahem. Um... before you hear about this some other way, um... Michael's handling her case. And he asked me to help him with it.

Nikki: What?

Neil: No, you need to take smaller steps. Okay, we'll start over again. So you go to the left and... back to the right. Then over to the left. Then over to the right. There you go.

Ana: Are you sure?

Neil: Yes, you're doing perfect. There you go.

Ana: This is weird.

Neil: No.

Devon: You do this dance with him, too?

Lily: I wish. Mom and I were in Europe when I was that age.

Devon: He's really, really good with her.

Lily: Well, he's the best dad ever.

Karen: Ah, you know what? I left my camera in the car. I'll be--I'll be right back.

Neil: I'll hold you like this.

Karen: Keep going. Keep going.

Neil: There you go.

Ana: Can we do tango, please?

Neil: The tango?

Ana: This is hard.

Neil: You're not doing a tango.

Devon: All you need is just some practice. That's all it takes.

Neil: I tell you what. Tyra, let's show her how it's done. Come on.

Tyra: Uh...

Ana: Go ahead, Mom. Teach me.

Neil: You gonna claim to be rusty? Come on, you got dancer's legs. Come on.

Tyra: Okay, okay, okay.

Neil: It'll be easy. Perfect. See how she's up on the balls of her feet?

Tyra: Yeah, baby, it helps you pivot.

Neil: Nice.

Ana: You guys are really good.

Neil: There you go. And... a little spin. Whoa! And a dip!

Tyra: (Laughs)

Lily: Wow!

Neil: Hey. Uh, Mrs. Winters, come on, come on, join us.

Tyra: Oh, you were good, Babe. You were very, very good.

Karen: So what, um... what happened to Ana’s lessons?

Ana: He was teaching me by example. Easy on his feet.

Neil: Yeah, you were doing just fine, kiddo.

Devon: Look, all this standing around watching other people dance has made me thirsty. Does anybody want a soda? Anything?

Ana: I do.

Lily: I'll take one.

Tyra: I will, too. Come on.

Neil: What is it, Baby? Hmm?

Karen: You're gonna think it's crazy.

Neil: I'm gonna think it's crazy?

Karen: Yeah.

Neil: Try me.

Karen: Well... you know, since we got married.

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Karen: And since Ana moved in with us...

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Karen: Everything is just... I don't know, it just felt right, you know?

Neil: Yeah, I hear you. It feels right for me, too.

Karen: I mean, Honey...

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Karen: We're not just newlyweds, we're a real family. The three of us, you know?

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Karen: Ana's adjusting beautifully. And, um... now that Yolanda’s disappeared again, that crisis is pretty much over. So...

Neil: Yeah, and where exactly are you going with this?

Karen: Honey, I think the best thing for Ana and for us... is to adopt her. Let's make it permanent.

Nikki: Paul... you loved Katherine, too. How can you even consider helping this con artist?

Paul: Nikk, I'm helping Michael.

Nikki: Helping him to build Marge’s defense.

Paul: Uncover the truth. That's all.

Nikki: Why do you have to do it this way? Why do you have to bring that woman into our lives?

Paul: Is that how you see this?

Nikki: Yes! People are grieving. And she has no right to intrude on that. It's just--it's wrong. It's bringing up too much pain.

Paul: Okay. You know, I don't wanna make this harder on you than it already is, but this is my job. It's what I do. Believe me, if I could just work on cases defending nice people...

Nikki: I know. I-I know. You'd be out of business. I understand that. And I normally wouldn't interfere in your work at all, but... please, just this once... please don't take this on for my sake, please?

Neil: Sweetheart, you know, adopting a child--that's-- here--that's a huge step.

Karen: I know, I know, I know, but you know what? It's a commitment I feel I'm ready to make. I mean, she's brought so much joy into our lives. It just--it feels so natural to me, you know?

Neil: Yeah, natural, right, right, right, I can see that.

Karen: Do I sense a-a but coming?

Tyra: Seeing my little girl having such a good time...

Lily: I bet it's made your day.

Tyra: Yeah. Until she has to leave, you know? I just wonder, maybe I should go back to Seattle, you guys. You know, and just leave Ana here to be...

Devon: Tyra? I don't wanna hear you say things like that. Just 'cause things are a little complicated right now doesn't mean you pack it in. You saved my sister's life. You are Ana’s rightful mom.

Tyra: Yeah. Yeah, you know what, Devon? You're right. Thank you. That's just the little kick in the pants I needed. I'm gonna see if my little girl needs anything.

Lily: So... why would you say that to Tyra?

Devon: It's the truth.

Lily: Well, I mean, I think the jury's still out on who should be raising Ana.

Lauren: Well... it's $23,000 in back taxes.

Michael: Versus a fortune in real estate, technically belonging to Eden. Thanks to Lowell’s forethought in protecting his ass.

Lauren: So what are you gonna do?

Michael: I'm gonna write a check to the tax assessor, put the property up for sale, and set up a trust fund with the proceeds to pay for Eden's education.

Lauren: You see? You're brilliant.

Michael: I am.

Lauren: And it is Malibu. In this market, even this market, you should get a decent price.

Michael: All the effort I put into finding that bastard. Now I'd give anything if he'd never shown up here. You know, when Gloria gets out of jail, I'm gonna erase Lowell from my mind. Except when the F.B.I. catches him. Then I'm gonna celebrate. That man never brought one good thing into any of our lives. Not one damn thing.

Michael: Oh. Eden. Eden!

Lauren: Honey.

Michael: Yeah, uh, Eden, uh, I am sorry you overheard me talking that way. Lauren and I love you and we're gonna be worried until we hear from you, so... when you get this message, uh... just call, let one of us know that you're safe. All right, uh... bye.

Lauren: That was good.

Michael: Oh. Oh, damn! I told Gloria I'd be at the prison by now.

Lauren: All right, Sweetie, go. I'll let you know if I hear from her.

Michael: All right, all right, thank you.

Lauren: Bye.

Karen: (Laughs)

Neil: Beautiful. Can I see it?

Ana: Was that a good one?

Karen: Look, look, look.

Neil: Is that a good one? Are you kidding me? That one's getting framed, kiddo.

Ana: Thank you. Can I go show my mom?

Karen: Of course.

Ana: Thank you.

Tyra: Let me see.

Karen: Look, Honey?

Neil: Mm?

Karen: I'm not gonna push you, 'cause I-I know you need time to think about it. It's, uh, it's a really important thing, but--but promise me that you'll consider everything I've said before we actually make a decision about adopting Ana. Okay?

Neil: Babe, listen, I...

Tyra: Um, Sweetie, can you excuse me for a minute?

Ana: Sure, no problem.

Tyra: Okay. Look, I trusted you. What are you trying to do, cut me out of Ana’s life?

Karen: Don't be ridiculous, Tyra. Nobody is even suggesting that.

Tyra: Well, the answer's no, okay? If anyone's adopting Ana, it's me. No.

Neil: Okay. Shh. No need to get defensive here. Until we resolve this issue with child services, it's all a moot point, right?

Tyra: Look, I've been raising Ana on my own for 12 years, okay? I am not a threat to her.

Neil: And we agree--

Karen: Of course.

Neil: We agree.

Tyra: Well, then tell them that.

Karen: Don't you get it? If Neil and I are too involved on your behalf, the agency's gonna come in and take her and put her in a different foster home. But if we adopt her, no one can ever come take her away again.

Tyra: From you.

Neil: Listen, Tyra, bottom line, Karen and I are Ana’s advocates, for as long as it takes to get her back to you.

Kay: Uh, Pearl? About this, uh, this bowling thing? Honey, it was so wonderful of you to include me, and--and I love the shirt, but, um... just don't expect too much.

Pearl: Since when are you so modest? You got the second highest average in the league.

Man: Order up, Pearl.

Kay: Marge is that good of a bowler?

Pearl: You are. You're Marge. Says so right there.

Kay: (Laughs) Oh, yes, of course. So silly of me.

Pearl: Hon, are you feeling all right?

Kay: Pearl, listen to me, there's something I should tell you.

Man: Get it while it's hot.

Pearl: Is it the shirt?

Kay: No.

Pearl: I told Gertie they were awful bright.

Kay: Oh, God, no, it's-- it's beautiful. It's beautiful. Thank you.

Man: Pearl!

Pearl: All right, all right. Keep your shirt on, Hector!

Murphy: How's it going?

Kay: Oh, well, she's-- she's so wonderful to me. It's so uncomfortable living a lie.

Murphy: Sweetheart, don't be so hard on yourself. It's not like you started out to fool people. I mean, the whole thing's out of your hands.

Kay: How do I fix it?

Murphy: Well, be patient and it will come to you. The answer.

Ana: Mom and Karen aren't really friends on account of me.

Devon: No, no, no, not on account of you. I don't want you thinking you're responsible for any tension between them.

Lily: Yeah, they just might not agree on what's best for you.

Ana: But the good thing is, I did hear Miss Karen talking about adopting me.

Lily: Really?

Ana: Yeah.

Lily: Wow! Well, that's pretty neat, right?

Ana: They are really cool people. And they're really great parents, but I don't know.

Lily: Yeah, they are really cool, right, Devon?

Devon: Yeah, absolutely, they are, but here's the thing, you're always, always gonna have Tyra.

Ana: I know.

Devon: She's always gonna be your mom. You can count on it.

Tyra: Hey, Ana? Come here, baby girl, I made you a snack.

Ana: Coming. See you guys later.

Lily: Bye.

Devon: What's that look for?

Lily: Well, why would you promise Ana something that might not even happen?

Devon: Because if there's any justice in this world, it will happen.

Lily: Well, that's a very big if. And personally, I think that Dad and Karen should adopt her.

Karen: Honey, a child is the one thing I can't give you. And here's Ana-- this beautiful gift-- right--right there in front of us.

Neil: Karen, listen to me. We need to put her needs first--

Karen: Of course, I understand--

Neil: And Tyra's needs, as well.

Karen: And Tyra's needs?

Neil: Right.

Karen: What, you think she's gonna be a better mother and provide a better home?

Neil: I didn't say that, did I? No. We can't--it's too soon to adopt a child. We can't do that right now.

Karen: I know, I know, I know we can't rush into it. And--and we shouldn't rush into it, but I know in my heart, Honey, that in the long run this is gonna be what's best for Ana.

Nikki: Now how is it possible without even asking, you knew that I would love a cup of tea right now?

Paul: And be such an idiot when it comes to the big things?

Nikki: Oh!

Paul: I'm really sorry about this.

Nikki: Oh, Paul. Marge was standing right in front of me. But it Katherine's face. It was Katherine's voice. And then when she told me that she only recognized me because of pictures... I didn't know whether to cry or to slap her. I don't wanna have anything to do with that woman ever, ever.

Paul: Okay. I understand how much this upsets you, so I'll just tell Michael that I'm unavailable.

Nikki: Thank you so much! Thank you!

Lauren: Any sign of her?

Kevin: I'm afraid not. We checked the train and the bus stations.

Lauren: I really hope she's not doing something stupid.

Jana: What about Noah?

Lauren: I called Nick and Sharon, but you know, they're not help.

Eden: You can stop looking now.

Lauren: Eden! Oh!

Jana: We have been so worried.

Eden: Why? It's not like I have anywhere else to go. There's no ashram. There's no River. All I have is this stupid city and a brother who doesn't even want me.

Lauren: That is not right. When he said that River hasn't brought anything good to his life, he didn't mean you, Sweetie.

Eden: Whatever.

Lauren: No. Not whatever. It's the truth. Why do you think he called and apologized?

Kevin: Uh, you know, Eden, I know we haven't hung out much, so you probably don't know this about your... kinda-sorta-maybe brother Kevin, but I used to think that I was just a big pain in the butt for Michael.

Jana: Yeah. Kev used to get in a lot of trouble. All the time.

Kevin: Um... it's true. I was sort of a bad seed.

Jana: Yeah, he's not exaggerating.

Kevin: So guess who stepped in, time and time again, and saved my life?

Eden: Michael?

Kevin: Yeah. So I know that sometimes the things coming out of his mouth when he's blowing off steam make you wanna, like, punch him square in the jaw, but you could not ask for a better brother. He's like--he's like a pit bull when someone who he loves is in need. So think about that next time you're tempted to hit the road.

Michael: I'm still working on the Andrew Gibson angle. I'm trying to figure out where that kid fits into it.

Gloria: When did you agree to represent Katherine?

Michael: You mean, the woman who says she's Katherine?

Gloria: It's her, all right. I'm glad you're taking care of her case. I've gotta hold onto that Jabot stock, Michael. So I got an idea I wanna run by you.

Michael: No. No.

Gloria: Michael--

Michael: Forget it.

Gloria: Michael?

Michael: No. Look, if you have something that can help the woman, fine. Otherwise, that subject is off limits. Now Paul is working on the manslaughter aspect of your case. Who knows? We may get lucky there. Uh, as far as the product tampering charge, I'm facing an uphill battle. And since you blew any chance of bail, I suggest that you get used to your new home here.

Gloria: Oh, that's great. You go ahead. You blame me for being in this place? I blame your father. This is all his fault. I risked everything to help him. And look at this. I despise that man.

Michael: If it's any consolation, you're not the only one.

Paul: Got his voice mail.

Paul: Michael, its Paul. Listen, uh... about the case with, um, Marge and--and, uh, Katherine Chancellor-- I'm afraid I'm gonna have to pass on this one. I've got, um... other priorities. So I hope you understand. I'm home if you wanna talk.

Nikki: Thank you so much.

Paul: No problem. You know... the last thing I'd ever wanna do is hurt you.

Nikki: You never could. I feel very safe with you. Very loved.

Kay: (Laughing) Oh, Dear.

Murphy: Oh, you two are in rare form today.

Kay: Oh, she is such a character. She's a wonderful soul. A wonderful soul. You know, I can't help but be close to her.

Murphy: Yeah, well, you've always had each other's backs.

Kay: You know, one of these days, I gotta sit her down and tell her everything. But right now, I'm content to be... plain old Marge.

Murphy: Plain? No way.

Kay: Well, not in that bowling shirt.

Man: Marge, order up!

Murphy: You know, uh, I know what, uh, one of these days you're gonna go back to your real life. But for now... as long as it's possible...

Kay: I feel the same way.

Man: Marge, while we're young!

Kay: While we're young? You talkin' to me?

Murphy: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Lily, how could you even think of tearing Ana away from Tyra?

Lily: Because if it means that she could put her roots down and be a part of a family with two parents... I mean, look, you were adopted. Look what it did for you. It completely turned your life around.

Devon: Yes, you're absolutely right, it did. If it wasn't for Dru and Neil, I'd probably be in jail or dead, but the thing about that, is that if I had had a mom as good as Tyra, I wouldn't have been in the mess I was in. Ana's been doing fine until Yolanda came and messed everything up.

Lily: Yeah, but still, to have the stable, loving influence that Dad and Karen can give her--

Devon: Stability comes from love. And Ana has had plenty of that. She belongs with Tyra. No matter what.

Neil: It's important that this family stays together as much as we can. Right?

Tyra: Yeah.

Devon: Amen.

Tyra: Thank you, Neil.

Neil: So you ready to go dance?

Ana: Yes!

Tyra: Okay. It's cold out there. And you look perfect.

Ana: Thank you. Bye!

Neil: All right, let's do this. Come on.

Lily: Bye.

Devon: See ya.

Tyra: Bye. Okay, bye.

Karen: You know, now that Neil and I are married, we are in a position to offer Ana the best home possible. When it comes time for decision-making, I hope that you will put her needs ahead of your own.

Jana: Well, we're all a pretty fair bunch of loonies, wouldn't you say? And from what I've heard, you're going to fit right in. Fighting in cemeteries in Paris? Or sneaking out the fire escape to go to parties late at night?

Kevin: Dancing in tables. My kinda chick.

Eden: Great, remind Lauren of all the times that she's been mad at me.

Lauren: Yeah. But the main thing is, is that we all look out for each other. And you'll always be safe with us.

Eden: Do you think my dad will ever come back?

Lauren: Um... I don't know, Sweetie. But River is the kind of man who could be... anywhere, doing just about anything.

River: In Ezekiel it says, "Wherever the River flows it will bring life." This--this money you've so generously donated-- it's--it's--it's like a gift to the many children in the orphanages I run all over the world.

Woman: Well, I'm delighted to contribute to such a worthy cause.

River: I'm deeply grateful, as I know the children will be, too. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Woman: Thank you, Father.

River: Thank you.

Man: So Father Donohue, it's wonderful to have such a distinguished guest visiting our parish. Feel free to stay as long as you like.

River: Well, it's-- it's vital that I stay in close contact with my staff overseas, but... perhaps I might stay longer to raise more money. I sense our Lord has a mission for me here.

Michael: As soon as Paul finds out anything, you'll be the first to know.

Gloria: If--if--if. I am so sick and tired of not knowing.

Michael: Oh, it's called living in the gray area. You should be used to it by now. That's how I grew up.

Gloria: Because of your father, you mean, and deserting us.

Michael: Lowell pulled a number on a lot of people, not just us.

Gloria: Well, I hope when the authorities catch up with him they put him in solitary confinement and he can rot there for the rest of his miserable life.

Michael: Solitary?

Gloria: Yeah, solitary. The only one he'll have to con is the guards. And they'll be wise to him.

Michael: Well, that's a nice fantasy. Too bad they'll never catch the man. He's too good at staying underground.

Gloria: I got nothing in here, Michael. Don't rain on that little parade.

Michael: Well... Lowell, wherever you are, I hope to God you stay there. I never wanna see your lying face again.

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