Y&R Transcript Monday 1/12/09

Y&R Transcript Monday 1/12/09 -- Canada; Tuesday 1/13/09 -- USA


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Nick: I asked you a question. What are you doing here?

Brad: This is a private conversation, Nick.

Nick: Why are you in New York?

Brad: Why is that any of your business?

Nick: Did you know about this?

Sharon: No.

Nick: Are you okay with it?

Brad: Nick, you gave up your right to question Sharon when you left her and married someone else.

Nick: All right, that's out of line. And I'm not gonna stand here and let you harass Sharon like this.

Brad: Sharon can make up her own mind.

Sharon: Yes, she can. And she can also speak for herself.

Nick: Just say the word.

Sharon: Hey, I think I need to talk to Brad alone for a minute.

Nick: Okay. I'll be over there. I gotta call Phyllis and tell her about the flight delay.

Brad: Hey, uh, while you're at it, ask her why I'm here.

Phyllis: Hey, Baby, it's me. I just wanted to know if you got a flight out. Um, give me a call so I can meet you at the airport. Love you. Bye.

Jack: Your people said I'd have to sign a release on the photo shoot.

Phyllis: Oh, yes. Here you go.

Jack: Thank you.

Phyllis: Here are some proofs. You have some pretty wicked smiles there.

Jack: Anything for a good charity.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Remember, no cheap shots at me or Jabot.

Phyllis: You sign the paper, I sign the paper, we agreed. The worst thing will be the new title, which says, "The man we love to hate." But you seem to like that, Jack.

Jack: Well, all in good fun, right?

Phyllis: Yeah, all in good fun.

(Cell phone beeps)

Jack: What's that?

Phyllis: Oh.

Jack: Mm. Maybe a text from your hubby?

Phyllis: He and Sharon closed a big deal in New York. We're gonna celebrate.

Jack: The three of you celebrating? What a picture.

Phyllis: No, it won't be the three of us celebrating. I'm sure Sharon will find someone to share her victory with. Drive safe.

Jack: Why are you so smug? I mean, you were pretty upset about that kiss in Paris that Nick and Sharon shared. And yet, here Sharon is, well, exploring her options.

Phyllis: Divorcing you. You can say it.

Jack: You're not worried that Nick and Sharon are alone in New York? Either you've attained enlightenment, or, uh... you're up to something.

Phyllis: Good-bye, Jack.

(Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: Hey, Baby. Did you--did you get a flight?

Nick: Uh, the flights are all canceled because of the storm and all the airport hotels are jammed, so I had to come back to the city.

Phyllis: Oh, you went back to the Viewmont?

Nick: Yeah, and guess who's here? Brad Carlton.

Phyllis: Wow, no kidding.

Nick: Are you surprised?

Phyllis: Uh, you know, why wouldn't I be?

Nick: Well, when I asked him why he was here, he told me to ask you.

Rafael: Okay, first things first, jury selection in your trial begins tomorrow.

Adam: Look, uh, Rafe, hey, there's not gonna be a trial.

Rafael: Does that mean you still want to pursue a deal? Because the D.A.'s office indicated they might be interested in plea bargaining.

Adam: No, no. It's not necessary.

Rafael: Do you know something I don't?

Adam: Yeah, I'm--I'm worried for no reason. I mean, come on, think about it. This is my father. He's not gonna let me go down for this.

Rafael: Adam, that's not what you said the last time we discussed your case.

Adam: Look, Rafe, it occurred to me, this is what Victor does. He gets angry, he punishes you, then at the last second, he comes through. Victor Newman-- he's not gonna let his son go to prison.

Heather: I believe you know the A.D.A. Owen Pomerantz.

Victor: We have crossed paths at various functions. I expected the D.A., though.

Heather: Mr. Ellroy sends his apologies, but unfortunately, he was called out of town.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Well, this is your meeting. I've got 20 minutes. Let's go.

Owen: We appreciate the time. I know you're busy.

Victor: Having been falsely accused and jailed, I have a lot of things to catch up on, all right?

Owen: Our office is extremely sorry for what you've endured. I hope you know we only followed the evidence.

Victor: Did you?

Heather: Your own expert was fooled by the forged diary.

Owen: You were well set up. That's the only reason you were arrested. It was never personal.

Victor: Really?

Owen: Well, we're glad we caught the right man.

Victor: Did you?

Owen: With your invaluable help.

Victor: Kindly refrain from blowing smoke.

Heather: Mr. Newman, we just wanted to update you. As you know, Adam's trial is set to begin tomorrow. You are scheduled as our first witness.

Owen: Well, we wanted to spare the taxpayers the expense of a trial and you know, avoid the whole spectacle if we can.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Heather: We're prepared to offer Adam a deal.

Owen: As the victim of this case, we wanted to inform you first.

Victor: In other words, you want to... avoid me making a stink and blowing the whistle in public, is that it? So what kind of deal are you willing to make?

Adam: All right, look, Victor left me in jail to soften me up.

Rafael: I don't follow.

Adam: He wants me to roll on Jack Abbott.

Rafael: Did he say that?

Adam: Victor and Jack have been enemies longer than I've been alive. Jack's the real prize for him.

Rafael: Adam, when was the last time you actually spoke to your father?

Adam: My phone access is limited. I-I keep missing him.

Rafael: He's refusing your calls.

Adam: You don't know that.

Rafael: Well, that's what his secretary told me.

Adam: No, that's a mistake.

Rafael: I spoke to his office. And, Adam... Victor is listed as the first witness for the prosecution. You have to wake up, Pal. Your father is not coming to rescue you.

Victor: I trust you agree that this was a serious crime, but my son is involved.

Owen: I'll take that into account in the final offer.

Victor: Hi, Sweetheart.

Ashley: Hey. Am I late? Hi. Where's Abby?

Victor: She is still riding at the ranch. She didn't wanna get off the horse.

Ashley: Oh, boy.

Victor: Chuck is driving her over here, okay?

Ashley: Okay. Hi.

Victor: Uh, this is the assistant D.A., Mr. Pomerantz.

Ashley: Oh.

Victor: You know Ms. Stevens.

Heather: Hi, Ashley.

Ashley: Hi. So, um, is everything okay?

Victor: We are discussing Adam's trial.

Ashley: Oh, we're not looking forward to that, are we?

Victor: No. Well, look who's there. Look who's there, our daughter.

Ashley: Excuse us. Hi!

Abby: Oh, my God!

Victor: What?

Abby: You should see how he posts!

Victor: Yeah?

Ashley: Well, hello to you, too. So you had a nice ride?

Abby: Hello! Didn't you tell her?

Victor: Well, I was waiting for you.

Ashley: Okay, what's going on, you guys?

Abby: Victor bought me a new horse.

Ashley: What? Are you kidding? That's--that's kinda big.

Victor: Yes.

Abby: Like you can't believe it!

Victor: Why don't you two grab a table? I'll finish up here, okay?

Ashley: Okay. All right. Come on, Honey.

Victor: So...

Owen: I think we've taken up enough of your time, Mr. Newman.

Victor: You understand the deal in regard to my son?

Owen: Yes, we do.

Victor: Good. Uh, Ms. Stevens, can I have a word with you, please?

Heather: Of course. I'll see you back at the office. What can I do for you?

Victor: There's nothing you can do for me. It's already been done. You wasted my time, your time and taxpayers' money to persecute me, and now my son is behind bars. You are responsible.

Brad: We're good, thanks.

Nick: All right, so what's the deal? What do you know about Brad being here?

Phyllis: Um, I think I told him that Jack and Sharon were divorcing.

Nick: Since when do you chat with Brad?

Phyllis: Well, I-I donít. He--he, uh, called the magazine regarding that, um, ad we ran about Terra Cosmetics. And he was... asking, uh, about the company. I figured he wanted to do some business with them, so, you know, we talked.

Nick: And how did that land him in New York?

Phyllis: I-I don't know. Um, I-I may have mentioned that you and Sharon were in New York doing business and... maybe that's why he went there.

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Um, Baby, I have to go.

Nick: Uh, okay, but we're not finished with this.

Phyllis: Um, I know. We're not. I really wanna talk to you about this, I really do. But I wanna talk to you about it in person, okay? Bye-bye.

Brad: I'm glad we're getting a chance to talk this way.

Sharon: Okay, well, as long as we are, you mind filling me in on the whole story? Did Phyllis send you here?

Brad: She told me about the divorce and she told me where to find you. Sharon, it doesn't matter how I heard. I would've come to you anywhere, the moment I heard that you and Jack were through. I've loved you for years, you know that. Our timing has always been off. We just miss each other. I couldn't let that happen again. So I got on a plane and here I am. And here you are. And we're both free. This is our chance, Sharon.

Heather: How am I to blame for your son's crimes? Adam lied to me just like he lied to everyone else.

Victor: And you never had a clue, did you?

Heather: No.

Victor: Whilst living in my house with my son, knowing full well that he would become an heir to the Newman fortune? You didn't mind spending our money, did you?

Heather: I never took any of Adam's money.

Victor: And you didn't really go by the book then, did you? And now you're willing to punish my son, is that it?

Heather: This is incredibly unfair.

Victor: You know what's unfair, Ms. Stevens? The fact that Jack Abbott is walking around free. That is unfair. Now you and I know that Adam needs to be punished for what he has done, but Jack Abbott is the truly guilty party. If you're truly interested in pursuing justice, you persecute that bastard.

Heather: I would love to. I have no proof that Jack Abbott was involved.

Victor: That doesn't mean that he is innocent. That only means that he's more clever than you are. Let me tell you something. I'm warning you. Life has a way... of catching up with you.

Adam: We don't wait for Dad to come to us. Take the evidence straight to him.

Rafael: What evidence is that?

Adam: We implicate Jack Abbott. I mean, he was behind the whole thing. He only used me to cover his tracks.

Rafael: Unless we have solid proof, we have no case against him.

Adam: I'll get a confession, okay? Just set it up. I can get Jack to talk.

Jack: So Brad Carlton is in New York, huh?

Phyllis: Yeah. That's what Nick just told me.

Jack: You just happened to mention that Sharon was there on business and off he ran to be with her?

Phyllis: Yep. As far as I could tell.

Jack: Interesting, don't you think? Brad was also there the night you arranged for Sharon to see my credit card statement, the one that told her about my motel use when she threw me out. Brad was also there at her room on New Yearís Eve.

Phyllis: Brad has a thing for Sharon. We all know that. It's no secret.

Jack: And you used it.

Phyllis: That's insane.

Jack: And that's why you're calm about Nick and Sharon being in New York together alone. You knew Brad was there, too.

Phyllis: What... how would I know that?

Jack: Because you sent him. Just like all the other times. You wound him up and you pointed him in Sharon's direction. My God, this wasn't just my bad luck. You planned this.

Brad: I'm sorry about the interruption.

Sharon: Brad, I can't believe you.

Brad: What's wrong?

Sharon: You let me believe that I ran into you by accident. You lied to me.

Brad: Do you believe that I love you?

Sharon: That's not the point I'm making.

Brad: It's all that matters.

Sharon: No, what matters is trust and honesty, and friends don't play each other like this, especially with Phyllis pulling the strings.

Brad: I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry. Obviously, I went about this the wrong way.

Sharon: Maybe you just showed your true colors.

Brad: Sharon, come on, you know me better than that.

Sharon: You know what I know? I know that you lied to me, Brad, and now you're trying to justify it and wiggle out of it. And you know what? No more of that. I have been there, done that, and I don't need any man to treat me like that anymore.

Brad: Sharon.

Sharon: Please, just go.

Brad: Give me a chance to explain.

Sharon: Leave me alone.

Nick: You're pathetic, Carlton.

Nick: You okay?

Brad: I am, Nick. I'm an idiot. I'm an idiot for listening to your wife. Do me a favor, tell her next time she wants to set up Sharon, call someone else.

Nick: Phyllis didn't call you.

Brad: I'll tell you what. When you get home, why don't you check her phone log? Phyllis has pushed me at Sharon since the night she broke up Jack and Sharon's marriage.

Nick: Phyllis helped break up their marriage?

Sharon: What are you talking about?

Brad: Who do you think sent you Jack's motel receipts? And made sure that you would be unavailable that night to pick up the pieces?

Sharon: Oh, God.

Brad: Phyllis practically begged me to come to New York. Hell, she did everything but pay for the plane ticket. So you know who's pathetic in this whole scenario, Nick? You.

Ashley: You must've misunderstood, Abby.

Abby: Mom, its money. I don't misunderstand.

Ashley: So you're telling me that Victor spent over a million dollars on a horse for you?

Abby: Yeah, check it out. He is a world cup champion, an Olympic finalist, and here...

Ashley: (Gasps)

Abby: Last sale price. Isn't he gorgeous?

Ashley: Well, for that price, he should be gold-plated. Are you kidding me?

Abby: Victor is the best bio dad ever. Oh, hey, I have to tell Noah. That okay?

Ashley: Yeah. Yeah, go ahead.

Abby: Dude, check your e-mail in like 20 seconds. Yeah, huge surprise. Wait, where are you? Okay, don't move.

Victor: What's this?

Abby: Noah's at Crimson Lights. Can I go tell him about my horse?

Victor: Of course you can, my sweetheart. Come here.

Ashley: Um, yeah, you may. And just don't take too long, all right? Show Noah the pictures, and then come right back with Chuck for dinner.

Abby: Cool. Thanks, you guys.

Victor: Have a good time, my sweetheart.

Ashley: Bye, Honey. Don't you think you went a little overboard with the horse?

Victor: No. She enjoyed jumping horses in England, so I thought I'd buy her the best.

Ashley: Right. But, um, no 14-year-old needs a million dollar horse, Victor. A million dollars?

Victor: Sweetheart, it's an investment, okay?

Rafael: I gotta warn you. The D.A.'s office was very skeptical about all of this.

Adam: Yeah, well, they won't be once Jack starts talking.

Adam: Come on, Jack. Answer the phone.

(Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: Jack, I'm not clairvoyant. I don't know when you're screwing things up in your marriage. And I don't know when Sharon's alone.

Jack: But you sure knew when to strike, and you had Brad there, ready to move in.

Phyllis: You're delusional.

Jack: You know, why don't we give Brad a call and see if he agrees.

Phyllis: Donít... make a fool out of yourself.

Jack: You have trolled some gutters in your hay, Sweetheart, but this is a new low. You're in cahoots with Brad Carlton?

(Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: Aren't you gonna get that?

Jack: I can't believe you would let that scumbag torpedo my marriage!

Phyllis: I didn't do that.

Jack: Look, I know things got a little rough here at the magazine between us, but that was business. Business! You gave as good as you got! We both like playing the game.

Phyllis: I'm not playing a game here, Jack. I'm not playing a game.

Jack: Oh, boy, do I get that now. My God! I thought somehow given our history, there may be a little grace here. Maybe there would be a little room to live and let live. I expected you to go for the jugular! My God, I didn't think you'd go for the heart!

Nick: Are you okay?

Sharon: Oh, I'll be fine. You know, my marriage is over, a friend betrayed me. But hey, at least we closed two big deals for Newman.

Nick: I'm so sorry.

Sharon: You have nothing to apologize for.

Nick: After what Phyllis did? Damn her! How could she do that? How could she put you through that? She had no right.

Sharon: Sure she did. She had every right.

(Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: I warned you, Jack.

Jack: Oh, that you'd stick a knife in my back? Somehow I missed that warning.

Phyllis: I told you to take care of your marriage. I told you to take care of your marriage. You threw your marriage away. You did that. You lied to your wife over and over again. And I-I told you to fix it before it exploded in your face.

Jack: You didn't have to use Brad Carlton to make sure that it did.

Phyllis: I needed to protect myself!

Jack: You used Brad Carlton for your protection?

Phyllis: Yes! Yes, I did! I needed to protect myself against Sharon going after my husband yet again. She needed to lean on somebody else instead of my husband after you screwed things up!

Jack: You're scared you're gonna lose Nick.

Phyllis: I will never lose--

Jack: If you weren't worried, you wouldn't be acting like this. Wow, is your marriage in that kind of trouble?

Sharon: Phyllis did what she did because she felt threatened, Nick. And we both know why.

Nick: Because of what happened in Paris.

Sharon: Well, not just the kiss. You know, it's--it's this. It's this connection between us.

Nick: We have a son together. We're always gonna be connected.

Sharon: But that's not what upset Phyllis.

Nick: That doesn't make what she did right.

Sharon: Well, look, you two love each other. She wants your marriage to last.

Nick: She didn't have to set you up to make that happen.

Sharon: Well, she thought she did. You know, the way I turn to you and rely on you, as if we...

Nick: I-I just-- I don't get this. She helped sabotage your marriage. She played with your life, and now you're defending her?

Sharon: No, I don't mean to defend her, I'm just saying... I do understand what it's like to have your husband taken away from you by another woman. And I understand... what that desperation is like.

Nick: Maybe you can excuse her for this, but I canít. You're not the only person she's messing with here.

Sharon: Well, I think it's me she doesn't trust.

Nick: Still. What does that say about our marriage, that she feels she has to resort to a stunt like this?

Eden: Okay, I give up.

Noah: I can't make it out either. The--the picture's too big. She should've resized it.

Eden: Okay, well, whatever it is, its way brown. Any idea?

Noah: I don't know. Abby just said check my e-mail.

Eden: And she's your cousin, right?

Noah: No, she's my aunt. Which is weird, because she's a year younger than me. We used to hang out before she moved away.

Eden: You like having her back?

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, you will, too. She's chill.

Eden: Check out the tally ho.

Noah: Abby! Hey! Hey, it's good to see you.

Abby: You, too! Long time!

Noah: Yeah, um... this is Eden.

Eden: Hi, Abby.

Abby: Hello.

Ashley: I hope you know you don't have to buy Abby's affection. She adores you.

Victor: Sweetheart, I'm not buying her affection. I'm just doing something to make her happy. You know, you must remember I missed out on so much with Nicholas and Victoria, I don't want to make the same mistake again.

Ashley: Well, I'm sure you wonít.

Victor: Look, if I had been a better father or a father at all to Adam, maybe he would not be in this situation.

Ashley: So... is the D.A. gonna make him an offer?

Victor: That is what he came here to do, yeah.

Ashley: Do they know how you feel on the subject?

Victor: Oh, they know exactly how I feel.

Adam: Ugh! It's going to voice mail! Jack turned his phone off. Damn it!

Heather: Adam? So I take it the call to Jack didn't go too well?

Adam: Yeah, he never picked up.

Heather: Well, it was a long shot that he would've given you anything useful.

Adam: We can keep trying.

Heather: We're out of time, Adam. The state is prepared to offer you a deal.

Rafael: Adam? We're listening.

Adam: Yeah, okay.

Rafael: Why don't you take a seat?

Heather: Look... if this thing goes to trial, you could go to jail for a very long time.

Adam: If you would just talk to my father...

Heather: We did.

Adam: Victor. Okay, at the eleventh hour.

Heather: He does not dictate the terms to us, but we did take Victor's desires into consideration.

Adam: Good. Good. As well you should.

Heather: Adam, your father wanted to make sure that any deal we offer you include jail time.

Phyllis: My marriage is none of your business.

Jack: Oh, we're way past that now, Sweetheart. You made it my business when you sabotaged me and Sharon.

Phyllis: Think about what you're saying. I want Sharon free? I want her looking for comfort? No, I wanted you-- I wanted you to step up, Jack!

Jack: I did. I needed time.

Phyllis: Time for what?! For what?! To cover your tracks? Is that what you needed time for? You know what? I don't even wanna know! You lie and you lie and you lie. You lied to your wife. You lied to me. I needed to do something. Because I knew that this plan, or whatever you were doing would blow up in your face. I needed to protect myself.

Jack: Only things went a little too smoothly, didn't they? I know that look in your eye. You are scared spitless. What are you scared of? Me? Losing Nick? Maybe you oughta be scared of both.

Phyllis: I'm not scared.

Jack: Maybe I oughta--

Phyllis: You need to leave.

Jack: Maybe I oughta test your relationship the same way you tested mine.

Nick: Oh, finally! Newman travel found me a flight out of Newark. You want me to get you a seat on it, too?

Sharon: Um... I don't know. I haven't even thought about a way home yet. I feel like I've been sitting here for days.

Nick: Have been.

Sharon: I literally told Jack I wanted a divorce, and then ran out and caught this flight to New York.

Nick: Well, you wanna hang out here for a while? Clear your head? I can keep Noah for as long as you want. It's no problem.

Sharon: No. I think I'm ready.

Nick: Okay. Let's go home.

Abby: Oh, look at this one. This is him jumping at the Olympic trials.

Noah: No way! Grandpa bought you an Olympic horse?

Abby: Yeah. Is he awesome, or what? Look at this one, mid-hurtle.

Noah: Arabian?

Abby: Arabian cross. They're better jumpers.

Noah: 16 hands?

Abby: Yep.

Noah: Whoa! That horse cost $1.4 million?

Abby: Yeah, Victor went for the gold.

Eden: Do you know how many people that could feed?

Abby: My horse?!

Eden: The money. Do you want a refill?

Noah: Thanks.

Eden: Okay.

Abby: I can't believe you like that stiff.

Noah: Be nice.

Abby: She better at least be a good kisser. Oh, I gotta bolt. Mom and Victor are waiting for dinner. Come riding soon?

Noah: Yeah, tomorrow after school?

Abby: Perfect. We'll talk about your taste in women.

Eden: This one's on me.

Noah: Thanks.

Eden: It's okay. You don't have to apologize. We don't get to pick our families. It's not your fault Abby's an airhead princess.

Adam: Okay, you're telling me my father insists that I go to prison?

Heather: It's not up to him, Adam. 18 months, full restitution of the $2 million advance to "Sophisticate" magazine.

Adam: No, no, no, I-I can't--I can't go to prison for 18 months. I could be acquitted.

Rafael: Wait a second here. Let's think this thing through.

Adam: I can't!

Heather: Rafe? If we could have a moment alone?

Rafael: Only if my client wants.

Adam: Yeah, it's--its okay.

Rafael: Anything he says is off the record. I'll be right outside if you need me.

Heather: Look, if this goes to trial, I will hate--I'll hate it.

Adam: Really?

Heather: Yes, I will, but I will do my job. And I'll win.

Adam: You want me to take a deal so that your life's easier? Really?

Heather: If you don't think you can last 18 months in prison, how are you gonna do 3 years or more? Have you ever seen what it does to a man to be behind bars that long? Do you have any idea what it would do to you? Adam, this deal is a gift. If you don't take it, you're going to regret it for the rest of your life.

Ashley: So if Adam doesn't go for the deal, his trial starts tomorrow?

Victor: You got it. And I'll be on the witness stand before the week's out.

Ashley: Wow. Well, I want you to know if it comes to that, you won't be in that courtroom by yourself.

Victor: Thank you. I just hope that Adam takes the plea.

Ashley: Do you know what the terms are?

Victor: He has to return the money, and then go to jail.

Ashley: I'm so sorry.

Victor: And I support it.

Ashley: You do?

Victor: He needs to learn that actions have consequences. Are you surprised?

Ashley: Yeah. Yeah, I-I... I don't understand how you can buy a million dollar horse for one child and send another child to prison.

Victor: Sweetheart, I don't quite understand the question. Adam and Abby are totally different people.

Ashley: But they're both your children.

Victor: Sweetheart, Adam committed a felony. He tried to set me up for murder. Do you expect me to buy him a present? Really?

Abby: My friends are dying! They're so jealous!

Victor: They are?

Abby: Yeah, Caitlinís in Sussex for a week and she showed the picture to everybody on the farm.

Victor: Really? Uh-oh.

Ashley: Dinner time.

Abby: I'm here. Oh, and Noah wants to come riding tomorrow after school. That okay?

Victor: Of course, my sweetheart.

Abby: This is my favorite week ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, and can I tell you something?

Victor: What?

Abby: Thank you! Victor, you're the best!

Victor: Thank you. Now will you do me a favor?

Abby: Does it involve homework or chores?

Victor: No. But now that your mother and you are living at the ranch with me, I think we are sort of family, don't you?

Abby: Totally.

Victor: Well, I would be very honored if you called me Dad.

Abby: Yeah, cool. Done. Unless, Mom, you think Dad would be okay with that?

Ashley: Why don't we go ahead and have dinner and, um, let's talk about that one later, okay?

Abby: Okay.

Adam: We would've been planning our honeymoon right now.

Heather: Well, Iíll take it.

Heather: Okay. Well, um... I'll get Rafe back in here.

Heather: Do you want a moment alone with your lawyer?

Adam: No, I don't-- I don't need it. I'm taking the deal.

Rafael: Good.

Heather: So that's 18 months, full monetary restitution.

Rafael: Credit for time served.

Heather: We can do that. Adam, you'll be transferred to the penitentiary right after court, okay? So... be ready.

Adam: Oh, yeah. I have to pack for prison?

Nick: I can go see if our car is ready.

Sharon: Okay. I think I will text Noah and tell him we're on our way home. You want me to copy "Restless Style" so they know you're coming?

Nick: No. Why don't you let it be a surprise?

Sharon: Nick... maybe you should... give Phyllis a chance.

Nick: Did you honestly just say that?

Sharon: I think she just-- she just wants your marriage to work out.

Nick: Well, that can't happen if she doesn't trust me.

Jack: You know, I actually warned you, too, didn't I? You had a good thing going with Nick, but you couldn't leave well enough alone.

Phyllis: Oh!

Jack: Now you're gonna destroy that relationship just like you have every--

Phyllis: My marriage is fine. My marriage is fine.

Jack: Well, let's see how Nick handles this latest scheme.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, really? Let's see. You know what? My husband loves me. He loves me. He knows I'm not perfect, but he loves me. He understands.

Jack: Good luck keeping that going.

(Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: Brad? I-I don't-- I don't understand this. Why is it so difficult to make up an excuse as to why you're in New York?

Brad: Dial it down, Phyllis, or I'll hang up.

Phyllis: No, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait. I need to fix this. Listen, what--what did you tell my husband? What did he exactly hear?

Brad: (Chuckles) Good luck getting out of this one.

Phyllis: What happened?

Brad: Your lousy plan blew up in my face.

Phyllis: What exactly did you tell Nick?

Brad: Oh, I told him everything. From you breaking up Jack and Sharon, through to today. I may have left out New Yearís Eve, but I'm pretty sure Nick got the gist.

Phyllis: Why would you do that? I-I don't understand why you would do something so stupid.

Brad: You made sure I had nothing to lose, Phyllis. Don't call me again.

(Cell phone ringing)

Sharon: Hello? Hello?

Phyllis: Hello. Why... why are you answering my husband's phone?

Sharon: Because he went out to see if the car is here yet. We're on our way home.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kay: Do you believe I'm Katherine Chancellor?

Kevin: Will you shut up, Amber? You're gonna get me arrested!

Amber: That is the plan!

Phyllis: I'm gonna do anything to protect my marriage.

Nick: And there is no way in hell I'm gonna let you off the hook for it.

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