Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/6/09

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/6/09 -- Canada; Wednesday 1/7/09 -- U.S.A.


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Jeff: Well, Sweet Cheeks, you just planted yourself in jail for who knows how long. Why?

Gloria: Miscarriage of justice. Now leave me alone.

Jeff: Oh, you know I could never do that.

Gloria: Thank you for all of your hard work, Michael.

Michael: Tell me why you blew your chance to go free.

Kay: But it-- it makes sense, doesn't it? I mean... you, me and--and a bag of money?

Kevin: Maybe. Any idea how much or why? Not that I'm saying its true, and not that I'm saying you're Mrs. Chancellor.

Kay: I don't need your approval. I need your support. I mean... I am here. I'm alive. Why will not anyone-- anyone--believe me? What is wrong with you people? Why are you so jaded, so... so negative, so reticent?

Kevin: Well, if you really knew me, you'd know the answer to that.

Kay: Kevin, focus. Your mother believes me.

Kevin: You're dead. Everybody says so. This is huge, if it's true. I just want to tweak a couple of things, and I will, uh, drop it off later.

Kay: Thank you. Kevin, you helped me before. Please. Please help me again.

Kevin: You sound like her.

Man: Another visitor.

Kevin: You do.

Kay: Y--uh, Kevin, wait. Please.

Murphy: Marge? A-are you okay?

Murphy: Hon?

Daniel: So you want to keep obsessing about this Kevin and Mrs. C. thing, or do you want to move on with our lives? Because I can tell you my vote.

(Cell phone rings)

Daniel: Hang on. Hey, Mom. What's up?

Phyllis: Have you ever noticed how brilliant I am?

Daniel: Um, yeah. I'm kind of in the middle of something right now.

Phyllis: I have come up with yet another genius idea I would like to bounce off of you.

Daniel: That's awesome. I'm still in the middle of something, and it's with Amber.

Phyllis: Oh, that sounds fun. Okay, well, when you're done, will you come over so I can tell you?

Daniel: Okay, I gotta go. Bye.

(Cell phone clicks shut)

Daniel: Come on.

Amber: I canít.

Daniel: Do you want craziness to stop? Well, this is how we do it.

Jill: Victor, uh, that project we discussed? I'm working on it right now. I'll be in touch.

Jill: (Laughs) Whoa. There is a picture for the annual report.

Jack: You ever hear of knocking, Jill? You might give it a try sometime.

Jill: This is the C.E.O.'s office, Jack. And you are not supposed to touch Jabot.

Jack: You lost controlling interest in Jabot. Whatever happens in this office is no longer your problem.  

Jill: Yeah, but you see, Chancellor has a very large stake in this company.

Jack: Yes, and seeing me behind this desk conjures up images of lawsuits past and future, all because of Gloria and her tainted face cream. Well, be that as it may, I'm staying put.

Jill: Good. I feel better already. No. I'm serious. If Chancellor can't control Jabot... you are the next best thing.

Jack: Wow. You weren't too happy when my family and I regained control of Jabot.

Jill: (Laughs) Well, can you blame me? Especially with Ashley and Billy in charge. No, you... you're the one with the track record. Now if you were to be in charge--

Jack: Jabot is an Abbott family venture again, as it should be. No one person is in charge.

Jill: That's your story, and you're sticking to it. As per the Gibson settlement, you are not allowed to run the company. But with Gloria's arrest, everything's changed, at least for you.

Jack: Jabot and I will both be vindicated.

Jill: And Gloria will be flushed away, which could leave you in the clear to run the company again with Ashley and Billy following dutifully behind.

Jack: You know, I don't think Ashley would appreciate being characterized as my lackey. No, that wouldn't go over well at all.

Jill: You really are sharing power? Well, that's too bad. 'Cause when vision is diluted, leadership suffers.

Jack: Wh-what do you mean?

Jill: Nothing. Nothing. I just prefer to back a known winner, that's all. If you decide to take more power, my Jabot shares would be behind you. Anyway... you enjoy the view from that desk, Jack. I always did.

Michael: Reckless... stupid. You practically begged the judge to let you rot.

Gloria: They acted like I was a common criminal.

Michael: A woman died. Allegedly, you were responsible. So by definition? Criminal.

Gloria: I really should get back.

Michael: Oh, to jail? Oh, you will. Why do I even bother?

Gloria: Because you're a good son, Michael.

Michael: And what do I have to show for it? "Thanks for almost getting me out of jail, Michael. Now shove off."

Gloria: I have to go back.

Michael: Why?

Gloria: It's complicated.

Michael: Then speak slowly.

Gloria: It's for a very good cause.

Michael: The only cause is your case. The stunt you pulled-- it can't be undone. Why... why did you do it?

Gloria: Thank you for all of your hard work, Michael. I'm ready.

Kevin: Who's Marge? What are you after? How do you know that woman in there?

Murphy: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hold on a second. I'm Murphy. You're Kevin, right?

Kevin: Yeah. I worked for Mrs. Chancellor. So who is that, and how do you know her?

Murphy: She's a good woman who's had a rough time. She had a bad fall. I found her. I thought she was my friend Marge. I mean, they--they look so very much alike, you know? And since Katherine had memory problems, she didn't know to correct me.

Kevin: Until recently?

Murphy: Well, things are starting to come back to her. First and foremost, her name-- Katherine Chancellor.

Kevin: She said she remembered her daughter and her house, too.

Murphy: Yeah, Jill. I mean, she called the cops on her own mother.

Kevin: Yeah. Jill's like that.

Murphy: You know her? Can you talk to her? Can you make her hear Katherine out?

Kevin: No. Nobody can make Jill do anything.

Murphy: Man, it's a-- it's just a crime, the way everybody treats that gal. I mean, it just breaks your heart.

Daniel: Kevin killed Mrs. C.

Amber: You believe me?

Daniel: No. Actually, I was just hoping that you would hear how ridiculous that sounds.

Amber: Because you think being friends with Kevin makes him innocent. And then you go all "Wacky Amber and her wacky theories," because in your head, the thought of Kevin doing something awful is just kind of impossible. But you know what? It isn't impossible. It is very possible. And I am not wacky. I did not make up the money. And I did not make up Kevin yelling at Mrs. C. or her dying. This is all very real. Katherine is dead, and Kevin is hiding something.

[Amber hangs up]

Daniel: Okay.

Phyllis: Ooh! Son of mine. Hello. Are you done with Amber?

Daniel: Uh, yeah. She's just finishing up something on her own.

Phyllis: Okay.

Daniel: So what's up with the new issue?

Phyllis: It's actually locked in. It's the next issue. It's, uh, "The men we love" issue. Terrific, right? You like it?

Daniel: Yeah.

Phyllis: Just really brooding, interesting, artsy, edgy men--hot-- of course, they're hot. What do you think? What do you think?

Daniel: Well, I think that you're gonna have the young female audience locked in, and you know you'll get the advertising money. So, yeah, it's a great idea.

Phyllis: So now this is, um, where you come in, son of mine. (Clears throat) Uh... who should we put on the cover? What do you think? I don't know. You.

Daniel: (Chuckles) No. No.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Daniel: No, not me.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Daniel: No, no. I was the guy behind the camera. Now I'm the guy behind the paintbrush.

Phyllis: Okay, okay. I guess you don't want to help charity. What kind of son are you?

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no, no, no. There's no charity. You're making stuff up.

Phyllis: Yes, there is charity. Half of the sales go to charity--of this issue. It's a big deal. So we make a lot of bucks on this issue and a lot of bank for the charity, unless you don't want to help the less fortunate, which is...

Daniel: Okay.

Phyllis: Embarrassing.

Daniel: Yeah, okay. Okay. Okay. Um... you are amazing.

Phyllis: Really?

Daniel: Yeah. I mean, you are the one reason that... I can handle Amber.

Phyllis: Oh, God.

Kevin: Amber. Amber. Come here. Come here. You are not going to believe this.

Amber: Okay, Daniel made me promise to listen to you about Mrs. Chancellor.

Kevin: Okay, I know that I've been secretive and--and weird, and you think I took out Mrs. C., which is insane. But--but let's forget all that. (Sighs) I went to the jail. I saw this Jane Doe. Only she says she's Mrs. Chancellor.

Amber: In jail?

Kevin: Well, yeah. She broke into the Chancellor house, so Jill called the cops.

Amber: Mrs. C. is dead.

Kevin: Amber, I was this close to her. I'm telling you--

Amber: No, no. I was at her funeral. I saw her coffin.

Kevin: I looked into her eyes. I don't know what is happening, but I swear to you, she's alive. I gotta get Michael on this. Hey.

Michael: Hey. You'll notice that Gloria is not sitting there. Why? Because crazy lady wants to stay in jail. Why? 'Cause she's crazy.

Kevin: Well, yeah, she is. But listen to this-- Katherine Chancellor is alive and with Mom in jail.

Kevin: I'm serious. It's really Mrs. C., only nobody believes her.

Michael: All right. Wait. Be quiet. There is a woman who claims to be Katherine.

Kevin: No, no. She is.

Michael: Is she the reason Gloria threw herself under the bus?

Kevin: Well, it's Mom. So ulterior motives are always involved, but yeah, she probably wants to stick by Katherine.

Michael: Why, so she can help the woman commit another fraud?

Kevin: What fraud? It's Mrs. C.

Michael: Why would you even believe her?

Kevin: Because she knew about the money, as in bag o'.

Michael: Okay, what did she say, exactly?

Kevin: Well, I didn't write it down verbatim, but she knows I have her money.

Michael: No "Kevin, you have the $75,000 I left at the coffeehouse"?

Kevin: Michael, don't be dumb.

Michael: Is that what I'm being?

Kevin: Would you please just shut up and get her out of jail?

Michael: Did she ask you for help?

Kevin: Yes.

Michael: And money? Yes.

Kevin: Yes. Look, she has nobody backing her up except Mom--big help-- and--and some guy.

Michael: Some guy? An accomplice?

Kevin: No, a friend. His name is Murphy. He's crazy about her.

Michael: Oh, that's sweet. And he has absolutely no interest in Katherineís estate.

Kevin: Look, I am as big a cynic as you are. So doesn't it tell you something if I believe that the dead lady is alive?

Michael: Maybe you just feel like a jackass for what you and Gloria did to get her stock.

Kevin: Oh, that's helpful.

Michael: Or maybe you feel that you could be redeemed if she's alive. And I've been there. But for your own sake, do not put your faith in a fraud.

Kevin: Look, this is not about River. Will you at least go meet with her before you start treating me like an idiot?

Michael: No, I save idiot treatment for your mother. Gloria would stay in prison for faux Katherine. But what the hell does she expect to get out of it?

Man: No contact.

Jeff: Well, look at you, Cupcake. Right back where you wanted to be.

Gloria: Don't be stupid, Jeffrey. Nobody wants to be in this place.

Jeff: You want to tell me why you screwed up your bail hearing? Wait a minute. Is this because you're afraid of something on the out--

Gloria: I'm not afraid of anything. I think you're afraid I'm up to something, and maybe you got left out of the loop.

Jeff: You ready to sign those divorce papers now?

Gloria: Mm. And miss out on all those conjugal visits you want so much?

Jeff: Well, we could make our bust-up official, and I could woo you all over again.

Gloria: (Chuckles) Woo, woo. No divorce. And you're not getting my Jabot stock.

Jeff: If we get sued--

Gloria: If we get sued, then, Lover Man, we can both kiss it all good-bye. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back.

Jeff: I will figure out why you want to stay in here.

Gloria: Come back and see me sometime, Jeffrey.

Jeff: Who is that?

Gloria: Who?

Jeff: The broad with Katherine Chancellor's face-- who is she?

Gloria: Mm. Some crazy lady. Tried to convince Jill she is Katherine. As you can see, Jill didn't buy it.

Jeff: When did she see Jill?

Gloria: Well, word in here is there was a tussle at the Chancellor place. Now why is it just crazy people think they're rich and famous, you know? And just regular joes on the street just...

Jeff: Did you talk to her? Is she lucid?

Gloria: You worried about me, Hero?

Man: Hey! I said no contact. You, move it along. Your time's up.

[Amber dreaming]

Amber: Mrs. Chancellor?

Kay: Yes, Dear. I'm here.

Amber: (Crying) Oh. Oh. Kevin was telling the truth. You're alive.

Kay: Oh, you were so brave, trying to get me justice. But it's all right. I'm okay. I'm here.

Amber: You're okay. And you're here. You're...

Kevin: Amber? You okay? You look a little bleh.

Amber: Bastard.

Michael: I'm getting lousy reception. Hold on. I have to go outside. Wait a minute. Yeah.

Kevin: What the hell was that about?

Amber: Sick, disgusting-- that you could even joke that Mrs. C's alive means you're just as evil as I thought you were.

Kevin: Would you calm down and listen to me? The woman I saw in jail who--

Amber: No. I was at the funeral while you were playing plumber. But you want to know the real reason why you stayed away? Because you knew if you stepped foot in that church, that you would just burst into flames. You know what? She liked you. She liked you, and you stole her money and you left her in a ditch.

Kevin: Shh. Shh. Shut up. Just stop it. God, you know, I have cut you slack because of Jana and because of Daniel, but I am sick of this crap. I never once dreamed about hurting Mrs. Chancellor. But you? Oh. That is a different story.

Kevin: What, did you follow me here?

Murphy: No, I called that Chancellor company. They said that you-- you own this place.

Kevin: Yeah. Well, we don't make any money, so if you're looking for cash--

Murphy: No, no, no, no, no, nothing like that. Now you didn't shut Katherine down like the others, so I thought maybe... you knew a lawyer.

Kevin: Well, yeah, I do, but... he's not interested. Trust me.

Murphy: Okay. Right. Sure. Well, I'll see you around.

Kevin: Hey, um, you know what? Uh, would you like a cup of coffee?

Murphy: Sure.

Jill: Are you proud of yourself? Some lunatic broke into my house because of your disgusting book, because of you.

Amber: You've ripped on me about the book before, but guess what. It's still on the shelves. So deal with it.

Jill: You are such a parasite. Get your own life. Stop living off Katherineís.

Amber: You know what? Mrs. C. wanted to share her story, but you, you can only make it about yourself. So I don't even know how you can call yourself her daughter.

Michael: Caffeinated or decaf?

Jill: A sledgehammer for Amber's head.

Michael: I'm sorry. I heard about the Katherine fraud. I can only imagine.

Jill: Michael, I walked into the house, and there was Katherine. There was no booze, no car accident. The whole funeral was just a big misunderstanding. And then she opened her mouth, and reality just hit me in the face.

Michael: Did she ask for money?

Jill: She just babbled on about being Katherine. It was nothing solid. But she sucked me in for a few minutes.

Michael: A vulnerable family with a lot of money-- the cons just zero in.              

Jill: I should've known better after it happened the last time.

Michael: What last time?

Jill: You never heard about that? Katherine got kidnapped, and this woman named Marge took her place.

Michael: Same woman?

Jill: Oh, probably. Either way, she better never see freedom again.

Kevin: Here you go.

Murphy: You seem like a good egg.

Kevin: Either that or, um... I'm just crazy.

Murphy: What?

Kevin: It's real. Can you put it away?

Murphy: Would you spell this out for me?

Kevin: Mrs. Chancellor is a good person. She shouldn't be in jail. So... why don't you use that and get her out? What are you doing?

Murphy: Where I come from, people don't give away free money. Not unless there's something hinky.

Kevin: No, no, no. Mrs. Chancellor having that money is the most legal thing in the world. She deserves every dollar of it. More, actually.

Murphy: She's a good woman, decent. She wouldn't hurt a soul.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah. Mrs. C. is awesome. There, uh, there's this... book out about all the crazy things that she's done in her life. But I think that, um... I think you could do crazy things and still be a decent person.

Murphy: Oh? What's that supposed to mean?

Kevin: It means that if you use this money to help Mrs. Chancellor... you're also gonna be helping me. Leave my name out of it. Promise me that. And it's not because of anything illegal. Just... don't use my name.

Murphy: Okay. I'll take this up to the courthouse. I'll bail her out, and I'll be back with a receipt.

Kevin: No, don't-- don't bother. Again, this has nothing to do with me.

Murphy: I was right. You are a good egg.

Phyllis: Look, look, look. I especially like this one. Look at that sly smile. It's like we're in on the same joke.

Daniel: Mm.


Phyllis: That-- that would sell a lot of covers.

Daniel: Yeah, I guess the, uh, photographer knew what he was doing.

Phyllis: See? That's why you have to be on the cover.

Daniel: See, I didn't agree to this test shoot. I don't know how I can agree to a cover.

Phyllis: (Sighs) You can. Look at that. That's you.

Daniel: (Laughs)

Phyllis: It's you-- edgy, artsy, cover boy, you, charity. Come on. Come on. Don't jerk me around, Daniel.

Daniel: I... you know, I-I just want to make sure that this is not another one of your "Break up Daniel and Amber" schemes, you know? You put me on the cover of some magazine and then all these strange girls start sending me their thongs in the mail.

Phyllis: Oh, la la la la la. I don't want to hear about thongs and girls with you, okay? That--just stop that.

Daniel: What about my artistic integrity? Wouldn't this be selling out?

Phyllis: Your art will be on the cover, too.

Daniel: Okay. Okay. But I want final photo approval...

Phyllis: (Gasps)

Daniel: Because I want to make sure that its artsy enough.

Phyllis: Wait, wait, wait. You want photo approval? Are you kidding me? Are you gonna do this or not?

Daniel: Call me cover boy.

Phyllis: Ha! Yay!

Daniel: Hold on. Yeah, yeah, yay. Wait a second. I got one condition.

Jack: Hey, Jeff. How's it going?

Jeff: Actually, I'm looking for a new office. My windowless cave doesn't exactly scream "Major Player."

Jack: You want a new office? Take Gloriaís. Sorry. Did that come off insensitive?

Jeff: Not to me. Uh, Honey.

Jack: Well...

Jeff: You want to get some boxes and load up all my stuff and take it into Gloria's office?

Woman: Sure.

Jeff: One other thing.

Jack: Uh, n-no. You can't have your own assistant.

Jeff: Unh-unh. Have you seen this Katherine Chancellor look-alike that's haunting Genoa City? She's in the clink for crashing Jillís place.

Jack: Yeah, unfortunately, some people have no scruples at all.

Jeff: Uh-huh. You got any idea who this broad is?

Jack: Not a clue. Unless, of course, it's this woman from years ago. Katherine was kidnapped. An imposter kind of took over her life.

Jeff: Whoa. That must have been some resemblance.

Jack: Listen, I have to get to marketing. Enjoy your new office.

Jill: Hello? Is anyone here? Where is my damn cell phone?

Jeff: Jill, you okay?

Jill: (Sighs) Jeff, if you're here to gloat about being at the helm at Jabot, would you please save it? It's a bad day.

Jeff: No, no. I was worried about you. I heard about the break-in at your place. Thank God that crazy woman didn't hurt you.

Jill: Yeah, well, no bruises at least.

Jeff: Hmm, but I take it it wasn't painless. You know, I saw her today at the jail when I was visiting Gloria. She can't bother you anymore, but, man, that face... are you sure it's not Katherine?

Jill: I think I know my own mother, all right? I lived with her, fought with her, cried with her. I loved her.

Jeff: No one doubts that, Jill.

Jill: That woman is not Katherine, all right?

Jeff: Hmm. Cheap con, and not even original. I heard about what happened the last time.

Jill: Marge--that bitch.

Jeff: Oh, man. You really are rattled. Come on. Sit down. Tell me all about it.

Kay: Uh... your son came to see me earlier.

Gloria: Really? Now I wonder why he would do that.

Kay: Well, he saw me when he came to see you. He wanted to know if I was the real deal.


Gloria: Oh. And what did he decide?

Kay: Well, he... he asked some very intelligent questions. He--he listened carefully, and I had some memories involving him.

Gloria: That's good, Katherine. That's good. And this is exactly what you need-- people around you who believe in you.

Kay: Yeah, well... I need people who believe in me to raise my bail. I mean, $25,000 is so much.

Gloria: Mm-hmm. So I guess you're stuck here, huh?

Kay: Mm.

Gloria: And that is why... I had to do it. It was all very dramatic. My son's very angry with me.

Kay: What did you do?

Gloria: I made a scene at my bail hearing so they wouldn't let me out.

Kay: You want to stay here on purpose?

Gloria: No, Katherine. On account of you. You need a friend, someone to jog your memory so you can once again claim your rightful place. You gotta know I'd never leave you.

Kay: Oh, Gloria. (Sighs) It occurs to me you're either very generous or... extremely stupid.

Gloria: Hmm.

Jeff: Man, that's a hell of a thing to have to go through twice, that phony in your house.

Jill: It makes me tense just to think about it.

Jeff: Well, we could take care of that if you like. You, me, the boardroom-- for old time's sake.

Jill: Thank you so much for reminding me of who you really are.

Jack: Jill. You're back.

Jill: Yeah. I can't find my cell phone.

Jack: Well, I'll have someone look for it. Meantime, you and I could continue our conversation from earlier.

Jill: Excuse me.

Jeff: Forget about the boxes. Fire up the search engine. Find out everything you can on this Marge person that kidnapped Katherine back in the '80s. It was a juicy story-- kidnapping, extortion. The papers probably loved it. Find out where this Marge is now. Address, family, job--all of it. Hop to it, Honey.

Woman: Yes, Sir.

Amber: Hello.

Daniel: Hey, it's me, sensitive-yet-edgy cover model.

Amber: Is that why your mom called, to put you on the cover of "Restless Style"?

Daniel: Ooh, yeah. But actually, the, uh, best part about it is, um, I made her promise to let me wear-- wait for it-- an Amber Moore original. (Whispers) That's right, Baby. You're going national. You're gonna be on "Restless Style" magazine and restlessstyle.com.

Amber: That's--that's great. Thatís... whew.

Daniel: What? What's the matter? Every--everything okay with Kevin?

Amber: Yeah, I listened, and he tried to convince me that Mrs. C. is actually alive and in jail.

Daniel: Well, is there actually a woman in jail?

Amber: Yeah, a con artist look-alike. You know, Jill blames me, of course. She said that the woman showed up because of Mrs. C's book.

Daniel: Look, Baby, you know that none of this is your fault, right?

Amber: I know two things. One, I plan on selling a gazillion books just to piss off Jill.

Daniel: Okay, and what's the other one?

Amber: Kevin wants to hurt me. He said so himself.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, no joke it's a bad time for you to be out of town. Jana, I swear to you, that woman is Katherine Chancellor. Oh, and I did something with the money, but I will tell you all about that when you get back. Now? I'm at the bookstore. I need to buy a copy of Katherine Chancellor's book to see if there's anything about a fake Katherine from 20 years ago so I can prove that this is the real Katherine now. The copy that Amber gave me? I tossed it. Who knew it was gonna be this valuable? All right. Okay. I love you, too. Bye. Oh.

Gloria: You took Kevin under your wing as a favor to me...

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: Because you saw a spark in him, and you knew you could depend on both of us.

Man: Your boyfriend's back.

Kay: Murphy.

Gloria: Your boyfriend, huh?

Kay: Uh, Murphy, this is Gloria, the woman I told you about. And, uh, Gloria, this is Murphy, my dear friend.

Murphy: Yeah, nice to meet you. I'm bustin' you out, Sweetheart. I got the bail money.

Kay: Don't tell me you sold the bait and tackle--

Murphy: No, no, no, no, no. I didnít. Uh, manna from heaven. An anonymous donor. And please don't ask me who, because that's what anonymous means.

Kay: Oh, come on, Murphy. I have to know who did that.

Gloria: Yeah, yeah. She'd be crazy not to know.

Murphy: Will you trust me? Can you do that? I mean, can you-- can you just let me take you outta here?

Kay: Uh... well... it looks like I'm gonna take a walk. Oh, uh, Gloria, thank you for your belief in me. And, uh, it was a relief in such a trying time, Dear. But... I hope you get to take your walk soon.

Gloria: Yeah, well... my bail hearing.

Kay: I'm so sorry about that. Well, perhaps there's someone you can call.

Gloria: Yeah. Sure, sure. Sure, sure, sure.

Kay: Oh.

Gloria: Uh, you know...

Kay: Yes.

Gloria: If only one of us can get out... I'm glad it's you.

Kay: Oh, thank you.

Murphy: So come on. Let's brush the dust from our shoes.

Kay: (Laughs)

Murphy: And you, don't tell me not to touch her because she doesn't live here anymore.

Kay: Thank you.

Gloria: There has been a terrible misunderstanding. It was a joke. I gotta explain that to the judge. I gotta talk to him. I gotta at least call him. I mean, I know how convincing I can be, but it was a joke.

Kevin: Amber, Mrs. Chancellor is alive. Which means I didn't kill her. Which means you don't have to worry. Come see for yourself. I'll drive.

Amber: Oh, oh, yeah. In a car with you? What, so you can hurt me like you said you were going to?

Kevin: I apologize. That was not a very bright thing to say. But I am trying to offer you a miracle here.

Amber: (Chuckles) That's what you call it?

Kevin: Mrs. Chancellor is alive. What do you call that, no big deal? Come on. Let's go.

Amber: D-d--no. Unh-unh. Don't touch me. Donít.

Kevin: Amber.

Amber: Nope.

Kevin: Amber.

Amber: No, you just-- just stay away.

Kevin: Amber, Mrs. Chancellor needs our help. If you will just listen to me, I'm not gonna hurt you. Why are you being so pigheaded here? I'm not gonna do anything.

Kay: Oh, Murphy. I don't know anything about a memoir.

Murphy: Oh, boy. You are one talented lady. You can wait tables and write books.

Kay: (Laughs)

Murphy: Come on.

Kay: What? Oh, Murph-Murphy.

Murphy: All right, let's go.

Kay: Oh, my goodness.

Murphy: Whoa. Boy, that is one good-lookin' woman. But actually, I prefer the real one.

Kay: (Laughs)

Murphy: Hey, look.

Kay: Look at that. Would you look at it? Books... books.

Michael: Yes, a Jane Doe in lockup for trespassing on the Chancellor estate. Oh, and, uh, get me the police report and any pertinent files on the kidnapping of Katherine Chancellor in the '80s. Yes. Thank you, Chantal. Bye.

Paul: So how exactly does that tie in to the Gibson case?

Michael: Well... there is a woman in prison who looks exactly like Katherine Chancellor. Meanwhile, Gloria went rogue at her bail hearing. This Jane Doe/ Katherine doppelganger is... somehow involved. Hmm.

Paul: Nothing simple where Gloria's concerned, is there?

Michael: No.

Paul: I guess she doesn't realize how badly the feds want to make an example of her. Product tampering is big stuff.

Michael: If that's how Emma Gibson died. Initially, her husband claimed it was food poisoning. Then he switched gears and went after Jabot. Now it seems he was more interested in finding where he could get the biggest payout than getting justice for his wife.

Paul: Okay, I'm working on finding out how he spent his settlement money to see if there was an abrupt change in lifestyle or marital status.

Michael: Well, if you can cast doubts on his motives, that's a big plus for our side. Of course, if my blessed mother continues in her lunacy, none of this really matters. She'll be watching her grandson grow up from behind bars.

Jack: I have to admit, you played me well earlier-- prickly with a whiff of honesty, flattering, but with a faint air of contempt.

Jill: I'm just being pragmatic, Jack. Jabot has more of a shot with you in charge than with Ashley or Billy. That's all I'm saying.

Jack: If you're trying to divide the Abbott triumvirate, give up now. It ain't gonna happen. There is one thing I would like your help on, though. The Gibson settlement.

Jill: Ah, the one that keeps you far, far away from this office.

Jack: Yes. Katherine signed that agreement as head of Chancellor Industries. It seems to me now that Chancellor is no longer in controlling interest...

Jill: So it may not be binding, which means that you may legally be able to prop your feet up on that desk after all.

Jack: Think maybe you could get the, uh, Chancellor legal department to look into that?

Jill: Yeah, with a fine-tooth comb. And I will get you the report.

(Telephone rings)

Jack: Oh. Excuse me. Jack Abbott.

Gloria: Oh, thank God. Jack.

Jack: Gloria, why are you calling me?

Gloria: Because Jabot's in trouble, and I wanted to warn you.

Jack: Shouldn't you be making license plates or doing K.P. duty?

Gloria: That woman that Jill had arrested really is Katherine. She's alive.

Jack: Sure she is.

Gloria: I am serious. She is out on bail. You know what that means? It means I could lose the stock she left me, and that means we could all lose Jabot.

Jack: And that would be a bad thing.

Gloria: That's right. So we need to fix this, together. And I can't do it from inside this place, so I need you to come get me out.

Jack: Okay. I'll do it.

Gloria: You will. Well, that's great, Jack. That's great. You come right now. Right away.

Jack: You sit tight. I'm on my way.

Gloria: Maybe you really are John's son. I'm waiting for you, Jack.

Jill: (Laughs) Tell me what she said so I can hate her even more.

Jack: She claims the imposter you had jailed is the real deal, the real Katherine.

Jill: What? She's backing that lowlife? Are they a team now?

Jack: And she wants my help to get out. This woman's psychosis is what caused me to be barred from working in this place, and she wants my help.

Jill: You said you were meeting her. Were you lyin'?

Jack: Gloria will do 25 to life, and I'll be cheering every day of it.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nikki: I'm just surprised that you were able to move your daughter onto the ranch so quickly.

Ashley: She's Victor's daughter, too.

Gloria: If everybody thinks Katherineís dead, that gives us time.

Jack: I can't stand the idea of you thinking I cheated on you.

Sharon: I don't know what you're trying to pull .

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