Y&R Transcript Monday 1/5/09

Y&R Transcript Monday 1/5/09 -- Canada; Tuesday 1/6/09 -- USA


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Jeff: Now why is my little pussycat so glum? Come on. Give us a smile.

Gloria: Why should I? I haven't forgotten that you came in here on the worst day of my life and asked me for a divorce.

Jeff: I explained that.

Gloria: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you mention the word assets to me one more time, that's exactly where my boot's gonna end up.

Jeff: Look, will you cheer up? You got a great lawyer. He's gonna have you outta here in time for martinis.

Gloria: What are you talking about?

Jeff: Your arraignment's this morning.

Gloria: I'm getting out of here today?

Jeff: You didn't know? Well, once you make bail, we'll find the nearest bed and celebrate your temporary freedom.

Kevin: There you go. $2.50 is your change. Have a good one.

Michael: You and I-- we're talking, now, in private.

Kevin: I can't, Mike. I'm short-staffed, and Jana’s out of town at a small business convention.

Michael: You really want (loud voice) The whole world knowing about this?

Kevin: Knowing about what? Oh! Mom's arraignment is today, right?

Michael: (Normal voice) Yes.

Kevin: Sure did take a long time, huh?

Michael: I'm not here to talk about Gloria.

Kevin: Oh, you wanna talk about what happened last night at Nick and Phyllis', huh? Was that a hoot or what?

Michael: Mm. That's right, little brother. Make me laugh. Explain to me what you and your wife were doing hiding out in their closet.

Sharon: When I heard you were back, I had to come and see for myself.

Victor: I'm so happy you came by. So I understand that you are spokesman for Beauty of Nature again?

Sharon: I am.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: I really love it. I-I can't believe how much I've missed it.

Victor: Things have come full circle, haven't they?

Sharon: Seems that way. It must be nice for you to walk back into the company you founded and see your two kids working side by side.

Victor: It's almost like a miracle.

Sharon: So... is Nick going to be staying on here, or will he go back to "Restless Style"?

Victor: Well, he's mulling it over, but I made it clear to him that I would very much like him to stay forever.

Sharon: Well, I hope then, um, for your sake, that wish comes true.

Nick: Let's take separate cars this morning. I really need to swing by Newman first.

Phyllis: To give your notice to Victor?

Nick: Phyllis...

Phyllis: I'm not pressuring you. I'm not pressuring you. I just wanna know how long you're gonna be there.

Nick: I have some deadlines there, too. Some things that really need my attention.

Phyllis: Beauty of Nature things?

Nick: (Laughs) If you are worried about Sharon--

Phyllis: I'm not worried about Sharon. I'm not. I'm actually worried about "Restless Style."

Nick: Since when?

Phyllis: Since our cover model broke his leg in a skiing accident. It was the "Men we love" issue. I was very excited about this issue. All things male. It was so cool. It was my idea, you know? And now we have no cover model, we have no cover, and, um, well, we're gonna miss our deadline yet again.

Nick: Well, I'm gonna be there early this afternoon. We'll put our heads together, and we'll come up with something.

Phyllis: Yeah? What if there's another major crisis?

(Cell phone ringing)

Phyllis: Hello? Hey, Lee Ann. Oh, wait, what? Well, how--wait, wait, wait, how long is it gonna take 'em to fix it? Are you kidding me? No, it's--it's nobody's fault. This stuff happens. Let me talk to Nick and then I'll get back to you, okay?

Nick: What was that?

Phyllis: That was Lee Ann. Uh, she talked to the graphic artist who talked to the printer, and I guess our offset color press that-- that makes our magazine-- it crashed. That pushed the deadline back one week.

Nick: Ugh. That's not gonna work.

Phyllis: Unh-unh. It's not gonna work. Remember, um, when you said you would come running if I called? Remember that? Okay, well, I'm calling.

Neil: Hi.

Woman: Mr. and Mrs. Neil Winters. Wow, that is so awesome.

Karen: We think it is, too.

Neil: Hey, Gracie, good morning. Um, the paperwork on the Clancy deal? Is it ready for my signature?

Gracie: Mr. Newman wanted to look it over first.

Neil: Oh, he did, did he? Well, okay, so is Nick here or at the magazine?

Gracie: Don't know, haven't seen him.

Karen: You just said you gave him the contract.

Gracie: Oh, sorry, I meant Victor Newman.

Neil: Victor Newman is here in the building, right now working?

Gracie: Yeah, he's in his office! Isn't it cool?

Neil: Yeah, Gracie, cool. Well... what do you know? That... that is some news.

Karen: You've been working on Clancy for months.

Neil: Tell me about it. So much for the victory dance, right?

Victor: So how is that grandson of mine? He looked rather grown up when I saw him at Christmas.

Sharon: Yeah. He, uh... he's fine. He's a good boy.

Victor: Is there a problem?

Sharon: Well, I'm... sure it's just the usual teenage stuff. You know, wanting to be independent, but I think I overreact sometimes, and maybe I shouldn’t.

Victor: Being a parent, one wants to protect one's children. So it's only natural to be very concerned, you know?

Sharon: You know, Noah went to Paris in November with his French class. And, um, I flew in to pick him up. I was doing some sightseeing and, um, I saw this... old carousel in the Tuileries.

Victor: Ah. It's la belle époque. Beautiful and old.

Sharon: That's the one. Well, when walked past it, I stopped and... I just stood there and stared. It reminded me of Cassie, and how much she would've loved to see Paris. And all these memories came flooding back. I just stood there and cried.

Victor: I certainly understand.

Sharon: I know that I can't live in dread that something terrible will happen to Noah, but it's just so hard not to worry. I-I think he feels I'm hovering.

Victor: Well, Sweetheart, he's a 15-year-old kid. I mean, any--any adult within a mile radius would be hovering.

Sharon: Yeah, I'm sure you're right. Um, listen, I don't want you to hear this from someone else, so, um... Jack and I are separated.

Victor: Hmm. I see.

Sharon: Noah and I have moved out.

Victor: Well, Sharon, you and I have known each other long enough I don't have to pretend as if I'm terribly upset. For Jack's sake, I don't like the man. I'm sorry if you're hurting, but I honestly think you and my grandson are better off without him.

Kay: Thank you. Thank you.

Gloria: Katherine. Good morning. How are you feeling? Any better?

Kay: Well, a good night's rest helped.

Gloria: Always. So your friend Murphy put your mind at ease? Seemed like you were having a nice visit yesterday.

Kay: Yes, he, uh, he wanted to know what you were in for. Know why any dear friend of Katherine Chancellor's would be in jail?

Gloria: A misunderstanding.

Kay: So you're innocent.

Gloria: More or less.

Kay: What is it, Gloria? More or less?

Gloria: I need some water. You want some?

Kay: Well, what were you charged with?

Gloria: You know, I really don't know. 'Cause I haven't had my arraignment yet.

Kay: Well, the police had to tell you something when they arrested you. What did they say you had done?

Gloria: Product tampering. Maybe manslaughter.

Michael: You kept the whole $75,000?

Kevin: I tried to give it back. Things just kept getting in the way.

Michael: Kevin... God, what is wrong with you? What you have done is grand theft.

Kevin: Yeah, Jana wasn't thrilled about it either. But her response was to go behind my back and give it to a charity.

Michael: Which?

Kevin: River.

Michael: What?

Kevin: Actually, it was more like $63,000. I had to fix the busted pipes, bought Jana a scooter.

Michael: No, no, no, no, that doesn't explain what you two were doing in Nicholas and Phyllis' closet.

Kevin: Okay, so get this. I overhear Noah and Eden talking about how she found some money-- $63,000 hidden in her freakin' teddy bear. Do you love it?

Michael: Lowell must've hidden it there.

Kevin: Mm-hmm. So Eden gives the money to Noah, Noah hides it at the tack house.

Michael: So you and Jana went there to steal it back?

Kevin: How is that stealing? It was never theirs.

Michael: It was never yours, either.

Kevin: Look, Michael, you don't know how it's been for us, okay? Business is down, costs are up. Throw in a couple of burst pipes, and both of our bank accounts are drained. You know, it is like we are in this giant sea of--of red ink, and we are paddling around on this leaky rowboat. Life decisions like buying a house someday or having a kid are so far out of our reach.

Michael: Why didn't you come to me?

Kevin: For what, a handout? No, thanks. Meanwhile, enough money to get us by for a very, very long time just falls out the sky. So I ask you, if you were in my shoes, what would you have done?

Michael: No, Kevin, Kevin, Katherine did not mean for you to have that money. It is not a windfall. It belongs to her estate.

Kevin: Well, then what do you suggest I do? Go back to Jill now and say, "Oops, this was your mom’s. Sorry, I'm just now getting it back to you"? What?

Michael: I-I thought Jana was keeping you on the straight and narrow, but apparently, that is not the case.

Kevin: Fine, Michael, then go ahead. Turn us in.

Michael: No. I am not going explain to you what the right thing to do is. I just suggest before you make any more bad decisions, you think long and hard.

Gloria: Katherine, please, don't walk away from me. I can't go into any details on account of Michael.

Kay: Who's he?

Gloria: My son, and my lawyer. And he said I'm not allowed to talk about the case.

Kay: Well, then let's not talk at all, shall we?

Gloria: Oh, that's mean. Katherine? When we buried you, I was devastated. I hadn't felt that alone since I lost John. And now here you show up in this place, in jail. And everybody thinks you're an impostor or some Jane Doe who happens to look like Katherine Chancellor. Well, I've spent time with you. I know the truth. You are Katherine Chancellor.

Kay: You really believe me?

Gloria: Yeah. I'm probably the only one in town that does. Now here you are, trying to push me away. All I'm trying to do is help you get your life back.

Michael: Oh, Eden? You got a moment?

Eden: Sure.

Michael: Have a seat.

Eden: Okay.

Michael: Uh... that stuffed bear you brought with you from the ashram...

Eden: What about it?

Michael: I understand you found a great deal of money hidden inside.

Eden: Money? What money? I don't know what you're talking about.

Michael: Jana mistakenly believed that was donating that money to a worthy cause. Only it wasn't hers to donate. Kevin was holding it for someone. That's where Lowell got the cash, in case he didn't tell you. I'm also aware that you and Noah hid that money at his father's place. It's not there anymore.

Eden: What do you mean it's not there? Who took it?

Michael: Kevin. It's headed back to its rightful owner. You wanna tell me what happened after you found it? Did Lowell leave it for you?

Eden: No. He came back to the apartment before he took off. I'm sure he wasn't expecting to see me there. When I walked in on him, he already had my bear underneath his arm. He was all ready to leave. He made up a bunch of garbage just to cover his tracks. He said that he wanted me to stay with you and Lauren. 'Cause you guys could give me a better life. And then he asked if he could keep the bear. That way, he'd always feel close to me. Yeah, right. All he cared about was that money.

Michael: But you'd already taken it by then.

Eden: I wish I could've just seen his face ripping open the one thing I had left from my childhood. Only to find that it was just stuffed with a bunch of cut up pieces of paper. He was so full of it.

Michael: In the end, Lowell was a lousy father to both of us. Still, I am grateful that he came back into my life. If he hadn't, I would never have met you. I wouldn't have even known I had a little sister. Believe me, I'm extremely grateful for that.

Michael: Gimme. Come on. There.

Nick: So I've called every printer from here to Chicago, but they're all tied up with something else. Then it occurred to me that we have two presses on the west coast.

Victor: Well, why don't I call Dave Grisham in Sacramento and if he has the right setup, I'm sure he'll be happy to help.

Nick: Dad, you are a lifesaver.

Victor: Uh, son, while I have you on the phone. Um, it just occurs to me, can you go to New York and do something for me that has to do with Beauty of Nature?

Nick: Uh, let me guess, the prima donna buyer on Madison Avenue that's giving Neil and Victoria a lot of-- a lot of grief? You know, if we're serious about getting that account, we're gonna have to go there in person and put on a show for her.

Victor: Exactly. Now will you take a crack at it?

Nick: Yeah, yeah, I could do that.

Victor: Hold--hold on a minute. Would you go with Nicholas to New York and help him do a presentation? This person that's sort of difficult to persuade.

Sharon: Of course. I would love to.

Victor: You would? Hey, listen, Sharon is here, and she has agreed to go along with you and she'll turn on the charm for that person.

Nick: Uh, all right. Well, the poor woman won't know what hit her.

Victor: But you won't be staying overnight.

Nick: Even better. Great. So just have Connie send me the itinerary. And I'll, uh, I'll take care of it, all right? Talk to you soon.

Phyllis: We have a printer! Right?!

Nick: We got a printer.

Phyllis: Oh, good! I am so glad! Hallelujah! And it sounds like you're going on a trip.

Nick: Yes, a little, uh, business presentation in New York, with Sharon. We're gonna fly in there, close the deal, and I'll fly back and be home by dinner. I'll be a hero twice over. Am I good, or am I good?

Phyllis: You're going on a trip with Sharon? Are you serious?

Nick: Look... its just business. Sharon is our spokesperson.

Phyllis: Sharon-- Sharon is not my issue. We have a ton of work to do here. And I'm afraid I'm gonna be stuck with all of it. Again. While you're working at Newman. This is our baby, Nick.

Nick: You're right. And it still is.

Phyllis: No, it's not. It doesn't feel that way.

Nick: I really thought you understood why I'm back at Newman.

Phyllis: I did understand, and we discussed it, and you said that you'd be working there temporarily, while your father was missing. And now that he's back controlling things, I don't-- I need you here.

Nick: You're acting like I'm never around. Look... look, I really need you to support me on this.

Phyllis: I do. I do support you. Completely. But honestly, why did we buy this magazine from Jack, if we're gonna treat it like a hobby?

Nick: All right, that's not fair, okay? I love this magazine. But I love Newman Enterprises, too. And I always will. Now Dad has asked me back. And it's not fair of you to ask me to choose without at least giving it some thought.

Victor: How's married life treating you?

Neil: Married life is excellent. Fabulous. Thanks for asking. And it certainly is good to see you back. How do you feel?

Victor: It feels good. It feels very good. And you know, I realize, after looking at the books, I made the right decision putting you in charge. You did a hell of a job.

Neil: Well, thank you, appreciate it. Enjoyed the challenge very much so.

Victor: So once everything is in order, we'll, um, discuss how to move forward, okay?

Neil: Everything in order? Um, meaning what?

Victor: I've asked Nicholas to stay on.

Neil: Yeah. Yeah, right, um, Nick--Nick-- um, the Newman dream team, huh?

Victor: I'm sure that disappoints you, Neil.

Neil: Well, Victor, come on, I love the fact that you've come back to work. Matter of fact, you are this company. I know that. And I would be honored, absolutely thrilled to be your second-in-command again. But to be perfectly honest with you, if that's not in the cards, if I'm gonna be taking a back seat to Nick and Victoria, then I should know up front, so I can make other provisions, make other plans.

Victor: I understand. But I assure you that I'll do something to keep you here, because I do not wanna lose you.

Sharon: Hey. Who are all the coffees for?

Noah: Uh, magazine.

Sharon: Oh, I-I didn't realize you were working today.

Noah: Yeah, Phyllis asked me to come in. They're pretty crazed.

Sharon: Oh.

Noah: Justin! Hey!

Justin: Oh, dude. Where were you on New Year’s Eve, man? We had a blast over at Tim’s house.

Noah: Uh, couldn't make it. Next time.

Justin: All right, see ya.

Sharon: You weren't at Tim’s?

Noah: No big deal.

Sharon: Yes, it is a big deal, Noah. You just lied to me again.

Noah: I didn't wanna go to a stupid party. Is that a crime?

Sharon: You were with that girl again, weren't you?

Noah: She has a name.

Sharon: Noah, this behavior has got to stop. When I get back from my appointment, we are going to sit down and have a very serious discussion.

Michael: Can we discuss bail? I'm sure we can come to a reasonable agreement. Particularly given my own cooperation of late.

Heather: So you turn in your father, and now you want me to cut your mother a break?

Michael: Oh, you! Well, if you wanna put it that way, yes.

Heather: Mm. What?

Gloria: You don't remember the name of any of the boards you sat on? All right. How about this? Besides the stock, you left me something else in your will to remember you by. Ring any bells?

Kay: No. Not a single one.

Gloria: Jasmine tea. I used to bring you buckets of the stuff when I answered phones at Jabot.

Kay: Jasmine tea? Jasmine tea? Blue--blueberry scones!

Gloria: Yes.

Kay: Yes! And it was, um... uh, it was... oh! Please! Bread! Red--red...

Gloria: Not red. Crimson. Crimson Lights. You remember!

Kay: Yes. Yes. Tea and scones. Blueberry scones. The rest of it...

Gloria: It's huge. It's huge. So we'll just keep working.

Man: Gloria Bardwell? You're being transferred to the hearing room for your arraignment.

Gloria: Well, can't it wait?

Kay: Good luck.

Phyllis: The printer in Sacramento is a go. We'll make deadline.

Nick: That is great news.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is.

Nick: So I'm gonna stay at Newman.

Phyllis: You decided just like that?

Nick: Yeah, just like that. But, I'm also gonna stay at "Restless Style," so it's not gonna be a problem.

Phyllis: Nick. You can give enough attention to both?

Nick: Look, I know this isn't the answer that you're looking for, but this is a chance to work with my dad again, after all this craziness that we've been through. You know, I never felt like I was able to prove myself to him because of the impossibly high standards he set for me. But now he's asked me back. He needs me. And I can't help but feel like this is a chance to make my father proud of me.

Phyllis: Okay. I know how much his approval means to you. I understand that. And I want you to think of something.

Nick: What's that?

Phyllis: Victor is still Victor. He hasn't changed. He treats you like a second-class citizen. You resented it so much you had to leave the company more than once, Nick. And I just don't want you to get your hopes up. I-I just--I don't wanna see you disappointed all over again.

Kevin: (Sighs) Do the right thing. Right for whom, Mike? That's what I wanna know. Hey, I need to run out. Can you keep an eye on things?

Michael: Okay. Listen up, I worked out a deal with Ms. Stevens. Bail will be set at $350,000. When the judge asks you what you plead, you say "Not guilty." Two words. That's it. If that's all you say, you could be out of here today.

Gloria: But I'll go back to the jail first, right?

Michael: No need. I have the cash ready. We can post bond immediately after arraignment.

Gloria: That fast?

Michael: What? What's the problem? You've been whining nonstop about getting out of that place.

Gloria: Yeah.

(Cell phone ringing)

Noah: Hello?

Eden: I need to talk to you. Now. There's a problem with the money.

Noah: What kind of problem?

Eden: A big problem. Just meet me at your dad's house. I'll tell you everything then.

Noah: Okay, on my way.

Noah: Here's your coffee.

Phyllis: Oh. Thank you. Thanks.

Noah: Where's Dad? I brought his, too.

Phyllis: Uh, he's at Newman. I don't expect him back any time soon.

Noah: Um, hey, my--my buddy Chase reminded me I have this book I needed to read over holiday break. I totally forgot. Do you mind if I go home and take care of it?

Phyllis: Uh, no. That's fine. Do you need a ride?

Noah: No. No. I'll take the bus. I'll be fine.

Phyllis: Okay.

Noah: Later.

Phyllis: All right. Thank you.

Noah: Thank you.

Neil: You know, Honey, as Victor's friend, I am absolutely delighted he's back. Any other outcome-- it would been heartbreaking.

Karen: Well, you know, your loyalty is admirable, Honey, but... you wouldn't be human if you didn't wonder what that means to your career. Especially if Nicholas stays in the mix.

Neil: Yeah, sure, Nicholas. I was very forthright about that with Victor. He asked me what it would take to make me happy.

Karen: That's because he knows how valuable you are to the company.

Neil: What's my last name, Honey? It isn't Newman, is it?

Karen: Mm. So what'd you tell him?

Neil: I told him that I wasn't willing to answer to Nick or Victoria. I've been there, done that. And you know what? I meant it.

Woman: Case number 09-316 People of Wisconsin vs. Gloria Bardwell. Product tampering and involuntary manslaughter.

Michael: Michael Baldwin for the defense, your honor.

Judge: How does your client plead?

Gloria: Not guilty.

Judge: What do the people want for bail, Ms. Stevens?

Heather: $350,000, 10% surety.

Judge: Fine.

Heather: Also, due to the considerable resources at Ms. Bardwell's disposal, we ask that she surrender her passport.

Judge: Sounds reasonable. Counsel?

Michael: Agreed.

Judge: Very well. Bail for the defendant is set at $300--

Gloria: Judge? Please? I'd like to say something first.

Kevin: Uh, the woman who was brought in claiming to be Katherine Chancellor? Uh, that's who I'm here to see.

Man: Right there.

Kevin: Thanks.

Kevin: Excuse me?

Kay: Do I know you?

Noah: I can't believe Kevin jacked your cash.

Eden: Jana stole it from him, and then she gave it to my... River, before she found out what a huge jerk he is.

Noah: Well, did Michael explain why his brother had 63,000 bucks laying around?

Kay: Kevin Fisher?

Kevin: You don't recognize me, huh?

Kay: I've been having some-- some memory issues.

Kevin: I worked for you. We spent a lot of time together.

Kay: Ahem, no, it doesn't-- it doesn't ring a bell.

Kevin: My mother is Gloria Bardwell.

Kay: I know her. I know Gloria. She's in here. Oh, my God, you're one of the sons that she mentioned.

Kevin: So what do you remember?

Kay: About you?

Kevin: About anything?

Kay: Well, if you don't believe I'm Katherine Chancellor, I-I understand.

Kevin: You do?

Kay: Well, there was a funeral. I mean, this corpse, she was under arrest for trespassing? Of course, you would be skeptical. Who wouldn't be?

Kevin: What about friends? Or--or people you knew?

Kay: I had friends. A face here and... laughter there and...

Kay: Yes. You're like, um... an entrepreneur.

Kevin: Oh, yeah?

Kay: Mm. And--and... you--you have this shop.

Kevin: Where is it? What kind of shop? What do I sell?

Kay: Oh, God, it's on the tip of my tongue. If I could just... think, think, think. Uh, yes, you, uh... you... you work some sort of machine.

Kevin: Is it a big machine? A small one?

Kay: You owe me money.

Kevin: Huh?

Kay: Yes. You have my money. I left my money at your shop. And you called me to-- no, no, no, I called you.

Kay: Didn't I?

Michael: (Whispers) Are you crazy?

Judge: You have a question, Ms. Bardwell?

Michael: No, your honor, she doesn’t.

Gloria: Yes, I most certainly do. I just don't understand why you wanna take my passport away. It doesn't seem fair. I mean, have you ever been in that jail, your honor? It's cold and it's dreary and it's dark. Now what if do wanna take a little trip?

Judge: A trip?

Gloria: Yes, someplace warm and sunny, like the Caymans. The Caymans are beautiful this time of year.

Heather: Your honor, the defendant's wealth would allow her to charter her own jet.

Gloria: That's good thinking. Going private makes traveling so much nicer.

Michael: All right, for the last time, you better keep your--

Heather: It also makes going to countries without extradition treaties easier, as well.

Judge: I agree. Bail denied. I order Ms. Bardwell returned to custody.

(Bangs gavel)

Michael: (Sighs)

Michael: What the hell were you thinking?

Gloria: I didn't think he'd make such a big deal out of a little vacation.

Jeff: I guess you showed them, huh, Sugar?

Nick: "Restless Style" is very important to me, Dad. I know I started it against your advice.

Victor: You rarely hear your father say it, but I was wrong. You've made this a great success. I'm very, very proud of you.

Nick: Thank you. So I just wanna make sure, if I do come back, I'll have the freedom to function in both places.

Victor: Son, I promise you. If you come back, you will have all the freedom you need, all right?

Nick: Then I'm in.

Victor: I'm very much looking forward to making this a success with you and Victoria at my side.

Nick: Me, too, Dad.

Victor: Okay.

Phyllis: Nick's not here, Sharon.

Sharon: I was looking for Noah. He said he'd be here.

Phyllis: He had schoolwork. He's at my place.

Sharon: Oh, really? Really, are--are you sure that that's where he is?

Phyllis: What's that supposed to mean?

Sharon: Well, Noah was caught lying again about where he would be on New Year’s Eve.

Phyllis: Where was he?

Sharon: He was with a friend. Someone who Nick and I do not approve of.

Phyllis: The notorious Eden, no doubt.

Sharon: Did you even bother to check his story, Phyllis?

Phyllis: No, I didn’t. 'Cause I'm not half as anal retentive as you are. And honestly, if you would loosen your death grip on those kids, they wouldn't have to go underground.

Sharon: Well, we all know that lying doesn't bother you, does it? Listen to me, Phyllis, Noah is not your son. And I expect you to honor the way that Nick and I want him raised.

Phyllis: Okay. I will. And, uh, Sharon? I have some news for you. While you're in New York, I expect you to remember whose husband Nick is. Here's a hint-- he's not yours.

Sharon: Well, I don't think anything is gonna happen between Nick and me.

Phyllis: Good. I wish we'd had this agreement before you two were swapping spit in Paris.

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