Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/1/09

Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/1/09 -- Canada; Friday 1/2/09 -- U.S.A.


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Karen: Mm. I love that smell.

Neil: Mm. Sumatra roast?

Karen: That, too.

Neil: Hey. Rise and shine.

Karen: So is the married life, huh? An amazing honeymoon night...

Neil: Absolutely. Amazing.

Karen: And then a greeting like this... first thing in the morning?

Neil: Mm. Don't forget about the Sumatra roast, baby.

Karen: The what?


Neil: We should start our honeymoon right now.

Karen: You think?

Neil: Yeah.

Karen: I think so. Whoa! (Giggles)

Neil: Come here, you!

(Doorbell rings)

Neil: We're not home!

Karen: Oh, no! That's not fair.

Neil: Okay. Okay.

Karen: No, no, no, no, no.

Neil: I gotta get it. It could be important. I'll be right back. Yeah, what--hi.

Tyra: Hey, hey, Neil. Look, I'm really sorry, okay? I know it's early, but I had to come by. Hey, Karen, I'm sorry.

Neil: No, it's okay. Something wrong or...

Tyra: Well, I spoke to Rafe this morning, and he thinks we might be able to get in front of a judge today. You know, Ana could be out of foster care and back home tonight.

Nick: Dad. I didn't know you were coming in today.

Victor: It feels good. Mind if I sit in my own chair?

Nick: That chair will always be yours.

Victor: From now on, I'll resume control of Newman Enterprises.

Michael: We're gonna get a lot of the D.A.'s discovery in Gloria’s case today.

Lauren: Yeah, well, as long as there aren't any ugly surprises.

Michael: Oh, well, if there are, I wanna know them now, so we can prepare.

Lauren: Um, Michael? I mean, it's not gonna come out that we helped Gloria cover up the truth, is it?

Michael: No. I don't think so. I think that I'm going to build Gloria’s defense as if all of our lives depend on it.

Lauren: Okay.

Michael: So... you wanna meet me for lunch?

Lauren: Sure.

Michael: What?

Lauren: What's going on? You're different. I mean, not happier, but... I don't know, I can't put my finger on it.

Michael: Well, the holidays are over, it's a new year. Just trying to start things right.

Lauren: I like it. I like seeing you ready to take on the world.

Michael: Yeah. Taking on the world... is easy. Getting Gloria out of prison...

Gloria: You know, hardly a day went by that we didn't talk or trade stories.

Kay: Really?

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Kay: Um... how--how did we meet?

Gloria: I was married to your oldest and dearest friend, John Abbott.

Kay: John Abbott? John Abbott? John Abbott? That sounds familiar.

Gloria: It should. You went to high school together. John passed away a couple of years ago, though.

Kay: Right, he was... he was a very handsome man.

Gloria: Oh, was he handsome. He had silver hair and blue eyes. And he had this way of lifting one eyebrow when he thought you were trying to pull one over on him.

Kay: And had a way of throwing his head back when he laughed?

Gloria: Yes! Yes, Katherine, that's John. See? You remember.

Kay: Yes, there was such a warmth about him. And he... he was such a good man.

Gloria: Mm. Happiest years of my life were with John Abbott.

Kay: Do you know my daughter Jill?

Gloria: You bet I do.

Kay: Tell me this, why would she have called the police before I had a chance to prove who I am?

Gloria: Because that's Jill. I'm afraid you two fought all the time.

Kay: I know. We fought all the time? All the time?

[Kay remembering]

Jill: Katherine, I've had to fight for everything I've ever had in this world. And at every turn... there you were, trying to take it all away from me! My house. My husband. Not this time. Not this time. This time, I have the law on my side! This time, you lose! You're gonna be out of that house faster than I can say good riddance!

Kay: You will never have my home! Whatever I have to do to keep your contemptible hands off it, I will do.

Gloria: Katherine? Katherine? What's the matter?

Kay: Um... well... why was she so quick to prove I was a fraud? Did she want me gone?

Gloria: Because your daughter is a power-hungry witch. And I'm sorry to have to tell you that. It wouldn't surprise me at all if she wanted you out of the way.

Jack: Hey, Ash. Jabot stock held firm after the opening bell. I'd say that's pretty good news, given the bad publicity we're getting from Gloria’s tainted face cream.

Ashley: What are you doing here?

Jack: Helping things run smoothly.

Ashley: How many times do you have to hear it? Stay away from the office, Jack. If there's even a hint that you're working here, we have big trouble.

Jack: We can handle it.

Ashley: We have enough problems on our hands, and you know that. I don't wanna give people the wrong idea and let them think that you're back.

Jack: It wouldn't be the wrong idea. I am back.

Neil: Rafael, uh, if you're ready to go to court today, Karen and I will be there. We just got married last night. Yeah, thanks, appreciate that. The best wedding present we could ask for is getting Ana back.

Karen: Good morning.

Devon: Yeah, I hope so. Tyra called and said we have a hearing?

Tyra: Yeah. Hey, Devon, come here.

Karen: Your dad's on the phone with the attorney right now.

Neil: I'll talk to you soon, bye-bye.

Tyra: So? What did Rafe say?

Neil: Rafe is on his way over right now. Looks like we're gonna be in court.

Devon: Not much of a honeymoon.

Karen: It's all right. We're all right.

Neil: Yeah, that is all right, because I plan on making our whole lives a honeymoon. But first things first, we gotta put this family back together.

Paul: (Shivers) Hey, Heather? Happy New Year.

Heather: Hi!

Paul: How were the rest of your holidays?

Heather: Uh, well, Christmas with you was... definitely the highlight.

Paul: Yeah, mine, too. I know it wasn't how you expected to spend it.

Heather: Well, I'm just really glad that you were around.

Paul: Did you, uh, get my message about New Year’s Eve?

Heather: Oh, yeah. You know what? I did. I turned my phone off the whole night.

Paul: Well, hope you were at a party.

Heather: Yeah, a party. I, um, let's see, what did I do? Oh, I organized my closets, updated my address books. Good times.

Paul: I'm worried about you.

Heather: No, don't be. It's the New Year. I've already got my resolutions. Number one--don't fall in love with congenital liars.

Paul: Good call. I have one, too. It's to spend more time with my daughter. How would you like to have lunch today at the Athletic Club?

Heather: I'd love to.

Nick: So I thought this was the best way to handle this.

Victor: I agree with you. I think that's very good.

Victoria: Nick, have you seen the prospectus for the Singapore-- Dad! What a nice surprise.

Victor: My sweetheart.

Victoria: I'm so glad you stopped by.

Victor: Expect to see a lot more of me.

Nick: Dad's coming back to work.

Victoria: Oh.

Victor: You surprised? I was tired of sitting around the ranch. This is where I belong.

Victoria: Well, no one would argue with that.

Victor: Exactly. Good.

Nick: It's gonna be a huge boost for the company, Dad. Plus, Mom and Phyllis are gonna be very glad to get me back at "Restless Style."

Victor: They are two very capable women. I'm sure they can take care of things.

Nick: Well, they've been troupers, but it was an awful lot to ask of them.

Victor: I want to thank both of you for taking care of things around here when I was gone. You did a great job. And from now on, it is my desire that we as a family run this company together.

Nick: Permanently?

Victor: Son, I want you to stay on at Newman if you want to.

Ashley: You can't just announce that you're back and think that's all it takes.

Jack: Which is why I had a company memo and an official press release written up.

Ashley: No, no, no, no, you're not gonna release those, Jack. Jack? Jack? It took Jabot well over a year to recover from the product tampering. If you're back here, it's just gonna remind our customers of the scandal all over again, isn't it?

Jack: Gloria being arrested and being on trial is going to do that. I say we meet this thing head on.

Ashley: Okay, so what are you thinking?

Jack: The product contamination was not a company problem. It was one bitter, deranged employee coming after the Abbott family. We were the victims.

Ashley: We were the victims. Okay, so we were the victims. That's your spin?

Jack: It's not spin. It's the truth.

Ashley: Jack, you're not gonna be able to sell that to Andrew Gibson. What if he reopens his lawsuit against Jabot because you're back? It's not worth the risk, Jack. Can you see that?

Jack: I say it is.

Ashley: I hate you so much.

Michael: Thanks for fitting me in.

Paul: Happy to. How were your holidays?

Michael: Different. In a good way. Uh, I had this, uh, sort of dream you were in. You helped me out.

Paul: Really? How?

Michael: Uh, it's a long story. But trust me, you did. And I'm hoping you can do the same in real life.

Paul: Okay. Oh, product tampering case? You gonna represent your mother?

Michael: I wouldn't trust it to anyone else.

Paul: I heard she confessed.

Michael: Jeffrey set her up. I should be able to get the confession tossed.

Paul: What about the jar of face cream?

Michael: There is no chain of custody there. Anybody could've put anything in that jar.

Paul: Okay, so it sounds like you can knock down the evidence. Why are you, uh, so worried?

Michael: The fact that the police would love to nail someone for this crime. Especially if they can prove that Emma Gibson died as a result of using that face cream.

Paul: Instead of a result of the food poisoning?

Michael: Look, it's all there in your report, Paul. Emma Gibson had food poisoning when she died.

Paul: Well, her husband filed suit against the restaurant where they both ate before he went after Jabot.

Michael: Because Jabot had deep pockets, not because they could prove that the cream led to Mrs. Gibson's death.

Paul: Okay, but the, uh, autopsy report was inconclusive, right?

Michael: Add it up, and its reasonable doubt. That's all I need, Paul, just dig deep. If we can prove that Emma Gibson died from other causes, there is a shot of clearing Gloria. Otherwise, my mother goes away for 20 years.

Heather: Hi, Dennis.

Dennis: You hate your office, don't you? Is it the coffee? Or the company?

Heather: It's the paint fumes. They're killing me. Do you have something for me?

Dennis: Only the biggest case in the office. Gloria Bardwell. Product tampering, resulting in the death of Emma Gibson.

Heather: It's mine?

Dennis: This is from the original investigation. So you can get up to speed.

Heather: Mm-hmm. You know, I never had the chance to work with William Bardwell. He had had his stroke right before I got here.

Dennis: He was one of the best prosecutors I ever met. Relentless. Especially on this one.

Heather: Ironic that it was his wife we was looking for the entire time.

Dennis: Makes me sick to think how she played the grieving widow when he died. William deserved better.

Heather: Well, let's just see that Gloria Bardwell gets what she deserves.

Gloria: I just can't believe I get a chance to thank you.

Kay: Why not?

Gloria: For being so generous with me in your will.

Kay: Well, if I'm such a good friend, of course I would leave you something.

Gloria: Oh, not just something. You left me 5% of Jabot stock that had belonged to John. You were the only one in the world who knew how much that meant to me.

Kay: Mm. Well... 5% of Jabot stock-- that must be worth quite a lot.

Gloria: Mm-hmm. But it was the thought, Katherine. Oh, I have lots of my own Jabot stock. But having something that belonged to John... that was priceless.

Woman: Excuse me. You have a visitor.

Kay: Oh, thank God, Murphy’s here again.

Gloria: Ah, that's the man who was here yesterday.

Kay: He's the one who found me when I was lost. He didn't know who I was. He saved my life. And he's been taking care of me ever since. That's a true friend.

Gloria: Yeah.

Woman: Oh, no.

Rafael: I pulled a few strings, so if everything goes as planned at the hearing...

Devon: Ana gets to come home tonight, yeah?

Rafael: She'll be out of her foster home and into yours.

Devon: Perfect. Perfect. Is--is Ana’s room ready for her?

Neil: Uh, yeah, I think so.

Devon: I'm gonna double check. I just--I wanna make sure. I want everything to be perfect when she gets back here.

Neil: I know you do, son. Go check.

Rafael: Neil, I'm gonna get you to, uh, go over these papers real quick, see if you have any questions right before you sign, okay?

Neil: Yeah, sure, no problem.

Tyra: Karen, did you see Devon? He's as excited as I am about Ana coming home.

Karen: Yeah, I mean, we're--we're all excited.

Tyra: Look, I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you've done for us, Karen. You know, not many people would push a wedding up, you know, just to help someone.

Karen: Well, you know, Tyra, Neil and I got married because we're in love. I mean, if that brings Ana home sooner, that's wonderful, but we never would've done it if we weren't 100% committed to each other.

Tyra: Oh, no, no-- I totally didn't mean it like that. I just--look, I just-- I'm happy. You know, everything worked out for everyone.

Ashley: Hi. I missed you.

Victor: I missed you.

Ashley: I'm sorry I'm late.

Victor: I was, too.

Ashley: Oh. Okay.

Victor: Please have a seat.

Ashley: Thank you.

Victor: Yep.

Ashley: So?

Victor: Yes?

Ashley: How was it, being back at Newman after all this time?

Victor: Well, to be honest with you, it felt great.

Ashley: That's wonderful.

Victor: All thanks to your encouragement.

Ashley: You belong at Newman.

Victor: I wasn't so sure, you know? But you were.

Ashley: Yeah. Some things you just know are right. Other things, you're not so sure about.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Ashley: My brother. My brother.

Victor: What about him?

Ashley: He's decided that it's time for him to take his rightful place back at Jabot.

Victor: Ah. Publicly?

Ashley: Can you believe that? It's the last thing the company needs.

Victor: I disagree. I think it would be a good thing for him to be front and center at Jabot.

Rafael: Okay, let's have you sign here and here and date it.

Neil: Okay. And... your signature, Darling.

Rafael: We're all set.

Tyra: All righty. Well, Neil, can you pass me my purse? Is it under that thing right there? Devon?!

Rafael: Um, Tyra? It's probably best if you wait here.

Tyra: What do you mean? Look, Ana needs to know that I'm there.

Rafael: Right. The court doesn’t.

Neil: Uh, he's right. This is Karen and me, applying for custody as Ana’s foster parents. You know, if the judge-- if you're there, he might not approve this.

Ana: Well...

Devon: Hey, no, you know what? I'll--I'll stay with you. If she can't go. It's all right.

Neil: All right, come on. Great.

Tyra: Thanks, Devon.

Neil: Listen, we gotta go. We don't wanna be late. Are you two okay?

Devon: Absolutely. We're fine. Yeah. Go. Get outta here. Just bring back my sister.

Neil: All right, we will. Bye. Is this yours, Sweetie?

Billy: (Humming) Jack. Is this what your idea of keeping a low profile is? I mean, what's next, you gonna put your face on the product label?

Jack: Hey, there's a capital idea.

Billy: Okay, look, I know that New Year’s was hard for you, but do you really think coming here is the answer?

Jack: Yes, I do. Jabot and I are both climbing out from under a giant cloud. Her name is Gloria. And once she's convicted, she's going to prison.

Billy: That is a bonus. I hate her, too. But come on, Jack, do you really think Gloria being arrested is gonna clear the way for you to be reinstated here?

Jack: The whole world-- the corporate world, the legal world and the press world will know I had nothing to do with this tainted face cream.

Billy: Okay. So what's your plan? Are you just gonna be around now, is that it, Jack?

Jack: Don't worry. No one is pushing you out or down.

Billy: Oh, no, just aside, like...

Jack: Billy, you and Ashley and I will be making all decisions together. Oh, I gotta catch up with my trainer at the club. Be here when I get back? I'll explain everything else.

Victor: Thank you.

Ashley: You think Jack should be back at Jabot?

Victor: He will never stop maneuvering for a place at the table. So give it to him. That way, he'll be out in the open.

Ashley: Where I can keep an eye on him?

Victor: That's right. And he cannot scheme behind your back.

Ashley: There's definitely something to that.

Victor: Besides, he knows a thing or two about Jabot. So he could be an asset.

Ashley: You're just full of surprises today, aren't you?

Victor: Don't mistake that changing my mind about who your brother is. He has always been and always will be a questionable character, but he is your brother. So take advantage of it.

Ashley: Interesting perspective.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Something I've always told my family is to never allow personal feelings cloud your judgment in business.

Michael: I had Chantal check on reservations for us.

Lauren: That Thai fusion place you were talking about?

Michael: Monte Carlo. I owe you an anniversary present.

Lauren: I can't even believe that you're thinking about that now. Tell me... what has brought about this change in you.

Michael: I had one of those moments. One of those realizations that... no matter how disastrous things look sometimes, I have made a difference in people's lives.

Lauren: Oh, Michael. Do you know how empty and quiet... my life would be without you?

Michael: Actually, I do.

Lauren: Ah. He hasn't changed all that much.

Michael: Well, I'm-- I'm just saying. I've thought about what it would be like if I weren't here. If I've never been here.

Lauren: It would be awful. And not just for me and Fen, but for Kevin and Eden. Honey, you have made such a difference in all our lives.

Murphy: I went down to the bank first thing to see what they'd lend me against the bait and tackle and the trailer.

Kay: Oh, Murphy, you can't do that. Now $25,000 is far too much.

Murphy: Yeah.

Kay: I may have found, uh, someone who can help me out with the bail, however.

Murphy: Who's that?

Kay: The woman I was talking to when you came in. She said her name was Gloria. She also said we're good friends.

Murphy: Do you remember her?

Kay: A little. No, Murphy, listen to me, she's helping to spark my memory.

Murphy: Katherine Chancellor is well-known. This woman could've read about you in magazines and gotten enough details to string you along. What she is in here for?

Kay: Well, we were talking so much about me and my life, I didn't ask her.

Murphy: Now you think about it. Is it likely that a good friend of yours would be in jail?

Kay: Maybe you're right.

Murphy: Yeah, look, I think the best thing would be to keep your distance until we can get you out of here.

Tyra: I'm really grateful to Neil and Karen for everything they've done, you know? I am. But Ana’s my little girl. Okay, that's my child.

Devon: Ana knows that. She does. Just like I know that Dru and Neil are my parents. Yolanda--all she did was give me her D.N.A. that's it. You are Ana’s mother.

Tyra: I just-- I wish the judge could see my heart, you know? 'Cause if he did, then he'd know that that was true.

Devon: Hey. Hey. Listen to me. Hey... Neil and Karen-- they're gonna get custody of Ana. Today. They're gonna bring her home.

Tyra: Yeah. You know, your dad's a prince. Not many people would be so selfless.

Devon: Well, you were. You took on a baby when you were just a kid yourself.

Tyra: Oh, that was easy, though. Because I loved her so much. Ana, baby, just come home.

Devon: It's okay.

Victor: Going back to Jabot?

Ashley: Yeah. I'm gonna think about what you said about Jack.

Victor: Whatever you decide, I'll support you. See you back at the ranch?

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Miss you.

Jack: Wow, they'll let anyone out of jail these days, won't they? Beating a murder rap seems to be your strong suit. How many would this be?

Victor: It's an easy thing to do when you're falsely accused. I'm free because I'm innocent.

Jack: Well, let's hope it works that way.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Well, in a perfect world, the innocent would always go free, and the guilty would always be punished.

Jack: Speaking of your guilt, must've been pretty tough-- your own son, Adam, exposing your little secret.

Victor: Ah. He'll pay for his bad judgment, I'm sure.

Jack: Oh, is that what we're calling it?

Victor: I understand that he was influenced by rather despicable people.

Jack: I couldn't agree more.

Victor: And in time, I'm sure he'll learn to use better judgment. So, Jack, I understand you are running Jabot again.

Jack: My, good news does travel fast.

Victor: (Laughs)

Jack: Pillow talk with Ashley?

Victor: That's right. That's right. That's right. I wish you all the success in the world.

Jack: Well, thank you, Victor. I'm gonna bring Jabot back, bigger and better than ever.

Victor: Oh, boy. You always were full of big talk and big plans, Jack. Full of 'em. The results are what counts.

Jack: Really? Well, you stay tuned. You may have do it from behind bars, but I promise you, you'll see results that'll blow you away.

Victor: Hi, this is Victor. How soon can you meet me at the Athletic Club dining room? Mm-hmm. I have a business proposition that you might like.

Murphy: You hang in there, Marge. Katherine.

Kay: Oh. Oh, thank you for coming back today, Murphy.

Murphy: No place else I'd rather be. Listen, I'm sorry I ran out on you at the Chancellor place.

Kay: No, no, no, no.

Murphy: You shouldn't have been in that house alone before you got your footing.

Kay: Shh. Shh. Shh. It's forgotten. And I'm glad you left. Given how vindictive my daughter seems to be, you could've been put in jail.

Murphy: Well, at least I wouldn't have been all alone in that trailer. My God, I-I rattled around all night. I couldn't stop thinking about you. Listen, uh... to get you outta here, I'd sell a kidney if I had to.

Kay: Always saving my life.

Murphy: Well, that's what friends do.

Kay: I, um... I'm just so fuzzy about things at time, but... I'm sure I never had a better friend.

Murphy: Uh-oh, they're gonna throw me outta here. Listen, I'll be back with the bail money as soon as I can.

Kay: All right.

Murphy: And, uh, listen... remember what I told you, okay?

Kay: Yes. I will.

Gloria: Nice your friend came back today, huh?

Kay: Yes, it is.

Gloria: Any luck with the bail?

Kay: Not just yet.

Gloria: Katherine, look at this. I found some pictures of downtown Genoa City in this magazine. And I thought it might trigger your memory, so you look at the picture, I'll fill in the blank.

Kay: Gloria, Gloria, Gloria, thank you so much, but I really am exhausted. So, uh, we'll do this another time.

Gloria: Of course, Katherine, you rest. We can do it later.

Kay: Okay.

Heather: So do you have room for dessert?

Paul: I have room, but no time. I have to be at the Greene Street Café in 20 minutes.

Heather: You have another lunch date?

Paul: Well... it's work.

Heather: You have a case that involves Greene Street Café?

Paul: Yeah, I do. Why?

Heather: So do I.

Paul: Really?

Heather: Yeah, it's the biggest prosecution case in the office right now, and they gave it to me.

Paul: That's great.

Heather: Gloria Bardwell. Product tampering, possible manslaughter. Is that your investigation?

Paul: You know I can't talk about my cases any more than you can.

Heather: Right.

Paul: You, uh, wanna go riding this weekend?

Heather: Aren't you gonna be hard at work, trying to get Gloria Bardwell off the hook?

Paul: Heather, come on.

Heather: No, you know what? Forget it. I just-- I have to get used to the fact that my job is to put guilty people away, and yours is to set them free.

Paul: That's not true. All I do is look for the truth. Just like you. Hey, hey, hey, I got this. I asked you to lunch.

Heather: Well, it wouldn't be proper for the district attorney's office to accept a gift from the defense team.

Jack: Family has always made Jabot a great company. It's how we worked best. It's the best face our company could present to the public.

Billy: Yes, except for now one of those faces could potentially open up the lawsuit that will ruin us, Jack.

Ashley: He's right. Just because Gloria was arrested, it does not change the terms of our agreement with Andrew Gibson.

Billy: Too big of a risk.

Jack: I have spoken to an attorney. He assures me I'm on solid legal ground.

Billy: Jack, solid legal ground is-- translates into billable hours by any lawyer. Why should we take this risk?

Jack: Because it is a golden opportunity for us to clean up our image. To prove to the world the Abbotts are the best stewards of this company.

Billy: Okay, so your plan is that you come back, and the three of us run this company, right?

Jack: Absolutely.

Billy: Great. Then let's vote now.

Jack: Vote?

Billy: Yes. I mean, that is how we would run this company. Each one of us has a vote.

Ashley: Sounds fair.

Billy: So, Jack, does he stay or does he go? I'm sorry, big brother, but I say you go. You're too big of a legal gamble. And I assume we know where you stand, so, Ashley? Does Jack stay or does he go?

Ashley: I think... Jack should stay.

Jack: You won't be sorry. Hey, no hard feelings?

Billy: No, democracy at work, right?

Jack: It's a beautiful thing, isn't it? Well, I gotta get some of my staff up and running. Uh, we'll meet here at the end of the day?

Billy: Didn't see that coming.

Ashley: Yeah, believe me, a few hours ago, I didn't either. It's the best option for now, Billy.

Billy: I hope you know what you're doing.

Ashley: Me, too.

Michael: Hello, Gloria.

Lauren: Hi. We brought you a care package. The guard's going through it, so you should have your personal items soon.

Gloria: That's very sweet of you, Lauren. May as well settle in, huh?

Michael: Well, let's hope it's not much longer. When we leave here, I'm gonna talk to the clerk of court about moving up your arraignment.

Gloria: Don't do that.

Michael: Don't you want out of here?

Gloria: Of course I do. I just don't want the judge to be angry with you for trying to pull some strings. There's no hurry, Michael. I'm fine.

Michael: So it's all good? You love jail? The smells, the food, the company? Oh, please don't tell me you're making friends with the felons.

Gloria: They're not all guilty, Michael.

Michael: What gives?

Gloria: I just want it done by the book, Michael. And I'm glad to wait until then.

Neil: Hey, everybody! We're home!

Tyra: There's my baby girl! Come here! Oh, I'm so happy to see you! I can barely believe you're home! Thank you, guys. Thank you so much.

Devon: Dad? What's wrong with you?

Neil: Um, nothing's wrong. The good news is, Ana is here at home.

Tyra: Well, what's the bad news?

Neil: You can only have supervised visits with Ana as long as someone from children's' services is present.

Karen: It's the best Rafe could do for now.

Tyra: Well, wait-- what do you mean? Like, Ana couldn't even come by Indigo, you know, after school?

Neil: And you can't come by here unannounced or without a social worker present.

Devon: We'll just accidentally run into her all the time, if that's how it is.

Tyra: No. No. No, Devon, no, okay? I'm not gonna risk my little girl living with strangers because I don't like the rules. I bet I'm not even supposed to be here now, huh?

Ana: I don't want you to go.

Tyra: Look, baby, look, I don't wanna go either, okay? But that's the deal, you know? And you can follow a couple rules, can't you?

Ana: I can.

Tyra: Yeah, I know you can. Look, baby, I promise that I'm gonna call you tonight, okay, before you go to bed. And I promise I'm gonna get a visit lined up as soon as I can, okay?

Ana: Okay.

Tyra: Okay.

Ana: Love you, Mom.

Tyra: I love you, too, baby. Come here. I love you, too. (Sighs) Okay, I'm gonna see you soon. Thank you, guys, for everything. See you later, Devon.

Devon: Bye.

Neil: Take care, Tyra.

Tyra: Okay, you, too.

(Door opens and closes)

Tyra: (Sobbing)

Victoria: That should do it.

Nick: Yeah. Unless Dad wants to read every memo that we sent to every single part of the company while he was gone.

Victoria: No, I think that would be the old Dad's first impulse.

Victoria: Well, maybe we should wait until he asks.

Nick: Good call.

Victoria: So... do you plan on, uh... staying on?

Nick: Look at you. You just want me to stick around so you're not the only moving target.

Victoria: Now that's not true! I've loved having you here. And you've had fun, too. Admit it.

Nick: I guess it's been pretty cool.

Victoria: But?

Nick: Vick, come on, you've worked with Dad before.

Victoria: All right, it was hell. It's why I quit the last time.

Nick: Well, at least you got to quit. I was fired.

Victoria: I know. And I'm not forgetting any of that, but... it seems like he's a different man. I mean, how could he have gone through the last year and not be changed by it, right?

Nick: He's definitely different. The question is how?

Victoria: When Dad wants to be, he can be very thoughtful, and he can be very loving.

Nick: And then the next minute, he can be cold and calculating. The question is, which man came back to Newman today?

Jill: You called me, Victor?

Victor: Jill. Please sit down.

Jill: You said something about a business proposition?

Victor: How would you like to regain control of Jabot? And in the process, crush Jack Abbott?

Jill: I'm listening.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Chloe: She likes you.

Billy: She's amazing.

Cane: Are you dating my brother?

Victoria: But now what you're doing with Ashley and--and Abby--

Victor: Ashley and Abby are my family now.

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