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Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/26/07 -- Canada; Thursday 12/27/07 -- U.S.A.


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Nikki: Yeah, I'm here.

David: Hey. Wow, did you get any sleep?

Nikki: Mmm. I don't know. I guess I did a little.

David: Well, I hope it wasn't my proposal keeping you awake.

Nikki: Oh, David.

David: I somehow sense my timing was a little off.

Nikki: Victor's reaction to the lawsuit was beyond my imagination. He was unbelievable.

David: A raging jerk. Considering how he's been treating you. I just can't believe that he doesn't know you well enough to know that you would fight back.

Nikki: I never know what to say when you defend me like that. That is so amazing. And I know you want an answer, and you deserve an answer, but--

David: It's all right, Nikki. You don't have to finish. I know what "But" means. It means no.

[Victor remembering]

Nikki: The minute you called in my loan, you made it personal! You ease up on the loan, we will ease up on the lawsuit.

Victor: You wanna play me at my own game? You fasten your seatbelt. You're in for the battle of your life.

(Door closes)

Neil: Victor, good morning.

Victor: Neil? I didn't hear you come in.

Neil: Yeah, I, uh, I did ring the bell. And I saw you sitting in your chair through the window. Are you okay?

Victor: Please sit down.


Neil: What's this?

Victor: Oh, um... never mind that. Um, I wanna talk to you about the lawsuit, Neil.

Kevin: And so basically that's the gist of it, Doctor. Look, I really hope you'll consider this, 'cause having you testify at my fiancée's case would be-- well-- I, no, I... I understand. Okay, thanks for your time.

Michael: Hey, is this my phone?

Kevin: No, it's my phone. Michael, what are you doing? Give me my phone.

Michael: Really? 'Cause it really looks like it should be mine. I mean, it's exactly how you described it last time you did talk to me, you said that mommy dearest was gonna buy me a state-of-the-art one just like this for Christmas. That was, you said, why she was acting so mysteriously.

Kevin: Oh, that. No, I was just telling you what she told me. Besides, when have you not known Mom to act mysteriously?

Michael: Stop it. You're just being pathetic now. You're covering for her. Again.

Kevin: Uh, not being pathetic. Not covering for Mom. She's capable of doing that on her own.

Michael: Hold on. You're not sloughing this one off, little brother. I wanna know the truth, God help me. All of it. What the hell is Gloria up to?

Gloria: Ah.

Jeff: Oh, my bride-to-be. Where are you off to in such a hurry? (Chuckles) don't tell me you were gonna pretend like you didn't see me.

Gloria: Actually, I didn't. And to think, I was so close to a clean getaway.

Jeff: Now why would you possibly wanna avoid me?

Gloria: Because you're trying to blackmail me into marrying you.

Jeff: Blackmail is such a depressing word.

Gloria: Then drop it from your vocabulary, Jeffrey.

Jeff: Well, I intend to, once we're wed. To that end, I've been making plans. I've been thinking white frosting on the cake with white roses, too.

Gloria: Please.

Jeff: And you all in white, as well. Or is that a bit too ironic for your taste?

Gloria: I think you're getting way ahead of yourself.

Jeff: Oh, how?

Gloria: Because I haven't agreed to marry you. At least not in public.

Jeff: Well, then the public will get a different announcement-- a headline informing everyone that you tainted the Jabot cream that resulted in someone's death.

Gloria: That's sick. And it doesn't make any sense.

Jeff: It makes perfect sense to me. So I think it's time we went public, uh, with our love affair, not with your guilt.

Gloria: Public how?

Jeff: New Year's Eve, Darling. I can think of a better time to announce an engagement.

Jeff: And there's nothing quite so festive and meaningful than to welcome a new year with your bride-to-be on your arm.

Gloria: There's nothing quite so twisted as a psychotic with a flair for the dramatic.

Jeff: Well, that kinda makes us perfect for each other, don't you think? I say we keep it simple. How about a little family party?

Gloria: Family?

Jeff: We'll have the best champagne, and then at the stroke of midnight, after a heartfelt kiss, I'll declare my undying devotion. You get all flustered and pretend to be shocked. And then, of course, you'll say yes.

Gloria: And you know nobody will buy it.

Jeff: They've never seen me perform, Darling. In front of God and family, I'm going to be perfect, Oscar-nominated. I expect you to be equally convincing.

Gloria: Oh, yeah? I don't care how good of an actor you think you are, Jeffrey. I'm telling you right now, nobody's gonna buy it for one second. So you just need to slow down and we need to put this off for awhile.

Jeff: Putting it off means you go to jail. Your choice.

David: Nikki, look, um, I wanna get this off my chest. I put you on the spot and I feel bad about that. Not about asking, just about my timing. I know you're not ready, and I know better than anyone what you've been going through lately. And I certainly don't wanna be like anyone else who might push you into something you don't wanna do.

Nikki: I have always taken great pride in having clarity when it comes to momentous decisions, but I have to say, I don't have it right now.

David: It's okay. It's all right. I want you to be clear. But I also want you to know that I love you, okay? And I wanna be with you, plain and simple.

Nikki: I do know that. That's probably the only thing in my crazy world right now that makes any sense. 'Cause right now all I can think about is Victoria, day after day, lying there. I feel like I don't even have the right to be happy until she comes out of it.

David: I understand. I understand. But she is gonna recover, Nikki. We both know that. But you're right, that's all that's important right now.

Nikki: I'm not scaring you off, am I?

David: Are you kidding? Not by a long shot.

Nikki: Good. Because I really need you in my corner right now. Especially now that I'm gonna be fighting Victor in court. I really need you in my corner.

David: It's all right. I wouldn't be anyplace else.

Nikki: All right. Well, get ready, because now that Victor knows the details of this lawsuit, he is going to do everything he can to--

David: To what? Rip us apart?

Nikki: At the very least.

Neil: Wow. It's nasty out there.

Victor: Yeah. Matches my mood.

Neil: Uh, Victor, I need you to sign this. Here you go. You know, I don't get it. The lawsuit, I mean. With everything that's happened, why--why at this time? Why now? I mean, I understand their problem with you calling in the loan, but with Victoria...

Victor: Well, what irks me the most is that Katherine Chancellor is involved in this lawsuit. I know that Nikki's out for blood, but Kay joining that lawsuit really bothers me.

Neil: You have a history.

Victor: Yeah. We're old friends. But I guess that's ancient history. Boy, it's really getting bad out there, isn't it?

Neil: Yeah, yeah, it was hell coming over here, too. I'd better get going.

Victor: Well, one second. Let's talk about filing a countersuit.

Neil: Okay. I kinda figured you would. What do you have in mind?

Victor: I want you to find out everything you can about the Clear Springs construction.

Neil: To find every weakness?

Victor: You bet. And then use it against them.

Jeff: And after everyone's toasted us, we'll lead off the first dance of the New Year, and just by the way I'll hold you, they'll be convinced.

Gloria: All right, all right, all right, Jeffrey, you win. I'll speak to Michael and Lauren about a party.

Jeff: Don't forget Kevin. This is a family affair.

Gloria: Of course, of course, they'll all be thrilled.

Jeff: Oh, cheer up, Gloria. This doesn't have to be a painful experience. I'm really a hell of a nice guy when you get to know me.

Gloria: Mmm. One in a million, right?

Jeff: Ah, so you'll call me?

Gloria: Do I have a choice, Darling?

Jill: Hello.

Gloria: Hello, Jill.

Jill: Boy, this is one day everybody should've stayed in bed.

Gloria: That bad, huh?

Jill: Oh, it's miserable. Days like this I feel like we should be moving to Hawaii.

Gloria: I know exactly how you feel.

Jill: There is some cheerful news, though.

Gloria: Hmm?

Jill: The entries for the Fresh Faces of Jabot contest-- they're pouring in.

Gloria: Oh, that's great. And the deadline is right around the corner. Well, hate to run, but, uh, wish me luck on the ice.

Jill: Mmm.

Jeff: Jill, you look like you could use a warm drink.

Jill: Oh, I'll say.

Jeff: Well, how about I treat you? And to lunch as well?

Victor: Whatever you can find out about Clear Springs, you let me know, however inconsequential it seems, all right?

Neil: Absolutely. I'm on it. You know that.

Victor: Drive carefully.

Neil: All right. Thank you, Sir.

J.T.: Hey, Victor. Neil.

Victor: J.T.

J.T.: Be careful out there. The temperature's dropping. The roads are like glass.

Victor: That looks nasty.

Neil: Thanks for the warning. I'll be careful. Victor, I will be in touch with you soon.

Victor: Thank you, Neil. Come in, J.T.

J.T.: Thank you.

Victor: I guess you came by to see Victoria?

J.T.: Yeah. How's she doing?

Victor: (Exhales deeply) no change.

J.T.: Don't worry, she'll be better.

Victor: I appreciate your optimism. How's your little boy in the hospital?

J.T.: He's doing good. He, uh, he likes to wrap his--his hands around this little bear in his crib.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

J.T.: You know, and when the-- when the nurses come, he scrunches his face up and fights like hell. He's tough. He's a tough kid.

Victor: I bet he is.

J.T.: Hey, I, uh, brought a new picture of Reed for Victoria. I thought you might like it.

Victor: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, look at that. So much darkness in my life right now. This little boy is a ray of hope.

J.T.: The nurses said he gained another half pound.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

J.T.: So they're taking bets on when he's gonna go home.

Victor: Well, that's a good sign.

J.T.: Yeah.

Victor: Yeah.

J.T.: As soon as he does, I'm gonna bring him here to Victoria. I think they need to be with each other. I'd like to think that Victoria would know if her son snuggled up next to her.

Victor: Yeah. (Sighs) sweet Victoria. I'm so glad she chose you, J.T. I have a feeling you're never going to abuse her trust. And that's what life's all about. Finding out who you can trust.

Kevin: And since I don't wanna know the details of Mom's personal life, I can only assume that she has a thing for Jeff.

Michael: Oh, please. Gloria has a thing for Jeffrey Bardwell like I have a thing for a root canal. All these months she hasn't trusted him. Now, all of a sudden she does? No, I don't think so.

Kevin: Maybe-- maybe it's a fatal illness. A brain disease. Maybe it's a tumor that is causing her to act irrationally. You know, it has been known to happen.

Michael: You're going to be the fatality if you don't stop. Now... she knew that he was suspicious that she was behind the whole face cream fiasco.

Kevin: Yeah. Maybe. So?

Michael: So... so her hanging out with him-- it was all a ploy to find out how much he knew.

Kevin: Which I guess turned into love. Michael... Michael, she is a woman. He is a man. These things happen. Love is a mystery. It's an enigma. It is a mystically powerful thing when two people come together--

Michael: You have really got to shut up, you know that? Now... he--he's onto her? Is that what happened? She snuggled up to him just long enough to find out that she was right.

Kevin: Look you wanna know about their pillow talk, ask Mom.

Michael: She slept with him?

Kevin: I was speaking hypothetically. Look, the only thing that I know for sure is that your paranoia here is working overtime.

Michael: I'm not buying this whole ignorant act. You know all of it. He's onto her. And he's holding it over her head.

Kevin: You are so good at conspiracy theories. You know what you should do? You should get on a plane, fly to London, figure out who was behind this whole Princess Diana fiasco because they--

Michael: No, no, no, no, see, you're not changing the subject on me! It's blackmail. Jeffrey Bardwell is blackmailing Gloria.

Kevin: I don't know what you're talking about. But Prince Phillip and the MI-5--

Michael: I knew it! I'm right! I'm right! Ha!

Gloria: Right about what?

Michael: I'm right about every little thing you have been trying to hide.

Kay: So Victor was served? How did he take it?

Nikki: Oh, my God, you can imagine. He went ballistic.

Kay: Mmm. Well, I imagined as such.

Nikki: It was horrible. Horrible. It was very complicated. The timing couldn't be worse. It's just awful.

Kay: Do I detect a slight reticence? Like having second thoughts?

Nikki: No! Are you kidding? No, not at all. But I will admit, I can't help but feeling a little sorry for him. I mean, lashing out is the only way he knows how to respond.

Kay: True. That's true. But now come on, frankly, Nikki, Darling, haven't you had enough of this? All of the outbursts, the anger and his always trying to get even?

Nikki: I have to say, he has worn me down.

Kay: Darling, I have known and respected Victor, what, years. Years. But I'm telling you right now, this volatility of his-- it's become his Achilles heel.

Nikki: I guess I have to admit that I can't stop him. I can't fix it and make it better.

Kay: Oh, God, it's ironic, isn't it? We--we believe that we can fix everything. When a child scrapes their knees, when a husband has fatal flaws. We do the same. We try to fix it. Try to change them.

Nikki: All of the experts say you can't change people.

Kay: Well, I suppose that's the lesson that's learned.

Nikki: I just feel everything piling on like I can't fix anything. I have no control. I've got a daughter in a coma, I can't do anything about it. I've got a husband who has grown to hate me.

Kay: Oh, he doesn't hate you.

Nikki: You wanna bet?

Kay: And Victoria will heal. She will.

Nikki: Of that, I am certain. Yes, she will.

David: Oh, hello, Katherine.

Kay: David.

David: Nikki, Darling, listen, I gotta rush off. Uh, I got some business to take care of, okay?

Nikki: Oh.

David: So I'll see you later.

Nikki: Well, drive carefully.

David: All right.

Nikki: It's nasty out there.

David: Okay. Take care, Katherine.

Kay: Well... is he living here with you now?

Nikki: No. He just spent the night.

Kay: Oh. Things happen fast.

Nikki: Now you know what I mean when I said things were complicated.

Kay: Yeah. Good complicated or bad complicated?

Nikki: He's very sweet. He asked me to marry him.

Kay: Really? Is that what you want?

Nikki: What I want-- well, no, not really what I want, but what I have to do right now is focus on this lawsuit. Victor forced it on us and we have to deal with it.

Kay: Well, I think your happiness is what counts here.

Nikki: What are you saying?

Kay: I know you, Nikki. I know you so well. You are far stronger than you think you are right now. You have it in you to stand up and face Victor. Yes, you do. And face all those demons as well.

Jeff: You sure I can't interest you in a glass of wine?

Jill: Oh, not with the roads in the condition they're in. Mnh-mnh.

Jeff: Well, there are benefits to living where one dines.

Jill: You know something? This has been delightful.

Jeff: Yes, it's be really nice getting to know one of Gloria's friends.

Jill: You're pretty taken with her, aren't you?

Jeff: (Chuckles) the secret's out, huh?

Jill: Well, you light up every time you say her name.

Jeff: Well, I hope she does the same thing when she talks about me.

Jill: I really haven't heard her talk about you. But then, we don't talk about much besides work.

Jeff: No. You will hear her talk about me. In fact, we may have a few surprises in store for everybody.

Jill: Oh, now I'm really intrigued.

Jeff: Good.

Jill: Gloria does seem to always get her man, doesn't she? And believe me, I know that better than anybody.

Jeff: Oh, that's right. You dated William for awhile.

Jill: I did, for a little while, yeah. A little while. Gloria made sure of that.

Jeff: Stole him away from you, did she?

Jill: You know, let's not ruin a perfectly pleasant lunch with a subject that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Jeff: I'm sorry. I apologize.

Jill: That's okay. It's okay. We've moved on. Some of us faster than others.

Jeff: Yeah. She's had a hard time getting over William's death.

Jill: Oh. Well, she seems to have recovered.

Jeff: She talks about him all the time. I've got some big shoes to fill.

Jill: You know something, Jeff? If I were you, that is not what I'd be worried about.

Jeff: What should I be worried about?

Jill: You know what? Never mind. It doesn't matter.

Jeff: (Laughs) oh, no. Oh, no, no, no. Now you have to tell me.

Jill: No! Because I don't know you well enough to give you advice.

Jeff: Sure you do. And I'd welcome it.

Jill: Okay, here it is. If I were you, I would stay as far away from Miss Gloria as possible.

Michael: So now he's onto you and you are in the most miserable predicament of your whole miserable life. Because he's holding it over your head. He's dangling it like a carrot. The option being, you go to jail or what? Or what, I wonder.

Gloria: You know, they say it's gonna get a whole lot colder out there. Snow on top of ice. We should all be in Miami right now.

Michael: See, that's what I don't understand. Why is Jeffrey Bardwell blackmailing you? I mean, the obvious reason is money, but that-- that doesn't explain the whole "I find him so intriguing" act you've been pulling with him.

Gloria: And you know, there are car accidents every place and sleet freezing on all the windshields?

Michael: You go ahead. Don't answer me. Ignore me. Blather on about the weather. But know one thing-- I'm onto you. I'm onto both of you.

Gloria: Oh, come on, Michael! Listen to yourself! Why can't you accept the fact that I'm admitting I was wrong about Jeffrey.

Michael: Perhaps that's because it doesn't make any sense!

Gloria: Oh, stop it! Calm down! You're getting yourself worked up for nothing.

Michael: Damn! All right, I'm late for Victor. I'm tabling this, for now. But only for now, understand? I am not done with you.

Kevin: Be careful on the roads.

Gloria: And before you go, I've decided to have a lavish, elegant New Year’s Eve bash at the apartment.

Michael: Great.

Gloria: And I expect you and Lauren to be there. And you, too, Kevin.

Kevin: I'll be there.

Gloria: And Jeffrey will be there, of course.

Michael: Of course.

(Door slams)

Gloria: You just had to do it, didn't you? You had to tell him everything.

Kevin: Hello? Michael's a lawyer. He's able to deduce things on his own.

Gloria: So you didn't say anything? You swear?

Kevin: Uh, yeah. Yeah, I swear. I didn't have to. Unfortunately, his assumptions are right on the money.

Gloria: Oh, please, Honey, don't even say that word. That's what's got me into this big mess. And if I don't figure out a way to get out of it, I'm gonna be forced to be the bride of Frankenstein.

Jill: Thank you for lunch, Jeff.

Jeff: My pleasure. And thank you for the advice. Although, I think I'm gonna have difficulty taking it.

Jill: Mmm. Well, then, as they say, enter at your own risk.

Jeff: Ah. I've lived my whole life following that philosophy.

Jill: You know, you never asked me why I think you should stay away from her.

Jeff: Well, maybe I'm afraid of what you might reveal.

Jill: Oh, Honey, don't worry. You'll find out sooner or later.

Jeff: And then you can rub my face in it. Be careful out there.

Jill: Yeah. You be careful. Hello, Michael.

Jeff: Hello, Michael. Pretty nasty out there today, huh?

Michael: You have no idea. I am sorry I'm late, Victor.

Victor: Bad weather. I know.

Michael: What can I do for you?

Victor: The police are conducting an investigation. They claim they have a link between me and, uh, Ji Min Kim's death.

Michael: Whoa. Do they have a link?

Victor: Of course they don't. And I want you to prove it. I'm becoming rather impatient with this, okay?

Michael: Well, why are they even proceeding with this? What do they got?

Victor: Because someone fabricated a story. Our friend Jack Abbott is setting me up.

Michael: Well, perhaps the police are just throwing up a smoke screen?

Victor: Then clear the air.

Michael: I'm on it.

Victor: Good.

Michael: You certainly are being hit from all sides, aren't you, with uh, Nikki going for your most sensitive area.

Victor: The jugular?

Michael: No, your wallet. It always comes down to money, doesn't it?

Victor: Yeah. Most disappointing and disconcerting thing is that Katherine Chancellor has joined Jack Abbott and Nikki in this lawsuit.

Michael: May I offer a solution?

Victor: Don't suggest to settle, okay?

Michael: Nobody wants to see this go on any longer. Don't you wanna see it finished? Don't you wanna close the book on Clear Springs once and for all?

Victor: The word settle is not part of my vocabulary, all right?

Michael: Victor, you have got to take your emotions out of this. You cannot make this personal.

Victor: My wife already has.

Gloria: Oh, come on, Kevin, I'm running out of excuses.

Kevin: Hmm. You got any tainted face cream? We could tie Jeffrey up, have our way with him.

Gloria: Very funny.

Kevin: Uh, well, Mom, I'd say your best bet is to come up with more dirt on him than he has on you.

Gloria: Or?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. I don't like the sound of "Or."

Gloria: I beat him at his own game. The only reason he wants to marry me is for money, right?

Kevin: Oh, is that why? I thought he was passionately in love.

Gloria: Yeah, well, I bet he'd change his mind like that if he thought I was broke.

Kevin: But you're not. You can leave me all of your money, and I will disown you, huh?

Gloria: I got a better idea. We're going to turn all of those beautiful millions from William into liquid and stash them where Jeffrey can't find them. A safe deposit box filled with diamonds in a Swiss bank.

Kevin: Gold bars in an offshore safe in the Bahamas.

Gloria: Emeralds under lock and key in the Caymans. A fleet of customized Rolls Royce's.

Kevin: They won't fit in a safe deposit box.

Gloria: So we'll hide it in the desert. Now figure out how to open an offshore account.

Kevin: Well, I'm gonna leave the liquid jewelry part to you. In the meantime, I'm gonna figure out just how dirty Jeff Bardwell is.

Gloria: Yeah.

Nikki: Oh, well. Um... I'm gonna go to the ladies' room.

Kay: If you're, uh, leaving, Victor, uh, be careful. The ice--it's treacherous.

Victor: Treachery seems to be in the air these days, Katherine. I've gotta tell you, I'm very disappointed that you joined Jack Abbott and Nikki in this lawsuit against me.

Kay: Considering everything, I felt it was the right thing to do.

Victor: Is shoddy, less than standard construction at Clear Springs the right thing?

Kay: What are you insinuating?

Victor: You know damn well what I'm talking about.

David: You're not gonna win this one, Victor.

Victor: Let me give you a piece of advice. You're out of your league. If I were you, I'd get out while you still can, all right?

David: No, I think I'll stick around.

Victor: Then that will be the end of you.

Gloria: And I would very much like to come in and view the stone. Oh, it's too big for a ring? Well, how about a pendant? I bet you could do that. Well, it's for a very special occasion. You see, my husband and I are getting ready to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary, and I want him to give it to me as a token of his love.

Kevin: Oh, please.

Gloria: Shh! No, no, oh, no, no, no, Sir, not you. I was just shushing the family pooch. So you get the stone ready for me, I'll see you in a little bit. And I so look forward to doing business with you. Thank you.

Michael: All righty then. Round two. Where were we?

Kevin: Uh, I was about to go to the coffeehouse.

Michael: No, you stay in. It's a mess out there.

Kevin: Fine, well, only if you two agree to take this argument upstairs. I can't listen to you fight anymore. And lock the door on the way out, will you?

Gloria: See? He can't stand seeing you grill me like a piece of meat.

Michael: Gloria, listen to me very carefully. You may think you're in control of this situation, but you are not. Didn't you learn anything from Tom? Once you give into blackmail, it doesn't stop.

Gloria: Michael... I'm going shopping.

Michael: Post-holiday mark-downs?

Gloria: Oh, come on. You can do better than that, Michael. Let your imagination run wild!

Kay: Well, it's, um... nice to see your fork is not shaking so much.

Nikki: That's because being with you is very comforting.

Kay: Hmm. David really asked you to marry him?

Nikki: Yes. But I can't even consider that right now.

Kay: At a later time, perhaps?

David: I already told you, I don't have time to meet. And even if I did, it wouldn't resolve anything. All right, look, I'll call you later on.

Kay: You are really quite fond of him, are you not? Truth. The truth.

Nikki: Yes, I am.

Kay: Hmm. Falling in love with him?

Nikki: Did you notice how Victor won't even look at me? He won't even acknowledge my presence.

Kay: Darling, Victor is Victor. He will always be Victor. But this is quite a separate issue. We were talking about David.

Nikki: I know. David makes me happy. And that has to count for something, doesn't it? He's--he's pleasant, he's supportive, he's right there for me all the time. He--he supports me even when I don't even need him to support me. It's not like Victor, who's always fuming and angry... ugh, just impossible. Very unpleasant.

J.T.: It's getting bad out there, huh?

Victor: Hello, J.T.

J.T.: I was just watching from Victoria's window. I told her it looked romantic.

Victor: Yeah. J.T., I like the fact that you're keeping vigil with my daughter. If you're ever too tired to drive home one night, just use one of the guest rooms, all right?

J.T.: Oh, I don't wanna impose.

Victor: You're not imposing. You're a member of the family now.

J.T.: I appreciate that. And you can count me. Whatever you need. Anything I can do to help.

Victor: As a matter of fact, there is something you can do for me.

J.T.: Name it.

Victor: Find out everything you can about David Chow.

Gloria: Hello!

Kevin: Leave me alone. I'm busy.

Gloria: Please tell me you found some dirt on our mutual enemy.

Kevin: No, but I'm going to. What are you all smiles about?

Gloria: Because I've been working on my part of the plan. Ta da!

Kevin: That can't be real.

Gloria: Why, Honey, you haven't looked at me like that since you were 2 and very hungry. Look at the receipt.

Kevin: Holy sh--

Gloria: Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Now watch this.

Kevin: Why?

Gloria: Because I am about to make it disappear.

Kevin: Ski trip to the Swiss Alps?

Gloria: Oh, far too cold. I think a nice beach on Grand Cayman. By this time next week, William's fortune will be so liquid we can drink it.

Kevin: I think you're onto something.

Gloria: I think so. I like making money disappear. Especially when it comes to Jeffrey Bardwell.

Jeff: Bring me a glass of champagne. I just got some news that calls for nothing less.

J.T.: What specifically do you want me to find out about David Chow?

Victor: Everything you can find out about him, J.T. I don't trust that man. He's a very shady character. He has a very negative effect on my wife.

J.T.: I thought you were getting a divorce.

Victor: She's still my wife, all right? So anything that happens to her affects the whole family.

J.T.: Okay. I'll look around to see what I can find.

Victor: I appreciate it, J.T. and thank you for being so kind to my daughter, all right? I appreciate that.

David: And so I'm looking for investors for this new project I'm hoping to launch with Nikki Newman. I would love to present it to you, but I'd much rather do it in person, if that's all right. Believe me, I know what busy is. So why don't we do this next week, okay? After the holidays have passed. That sounds great. Perfect. I'll call you then. Okay, all right, thank you. Bye. Yes, hello, David here. I already told you, I can't meet with you. Are you out of your mind? You couldn't pay me to go back out in this weather. There's no point because I don't yet have the money. All right, listen to me, look, I have some serious investors lining up, okay? In due time, when the money starts flowing in, you will be the first in line. It's not gonna come to that, all right? I promise you. You're not gonna have to do that! I'll get it to you when I can, damn it!

(Door opens)

Nikki: Oh, my gosh!

David: Hey.

Nikki: It seemed like it took forever to drive home.

David: I was starting to worry about you and Katherine.

Nikki: The snow is really coming down.

David: Yeah, I know. They said on the radio that it might be a blizzard.

Nikki: Yeah.

David: Here.

Nikki: Well, we'll stay warm, won't we?

David: Yeah.

Nikki: Yikes! What's the matter? Something's upset you?

David: No, no, nothing. It's just-- it's been a long day. And I was worried about you, that's all.

Nikki: Oh? Well...

David: So how was lunch?

Nikki: It was enlightening.

David: In a good way, I hope?

Nikki: I think so. Katherine was able to let me see something that I have been unwilling to admit to myself. And to you.

David: Really? Like what?

Nikki: I'm falling in love with you.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: I have to find a way to stop Gloria from getting her hands on Dad's inheritance.

Nick: You're gonna leave Jack?

Noah: Just say it, Mom. Tell him the truth.

Nikki: But for the sake of our family, let's try to find a common ground.

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