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Jack: Welcome.

Sharon: (Sighs) Jack, I don't--

Jack: This evening at Chez Abbott we happen to have a very special table for two available.

Sharon: This all looks so lovely.

Jack: We aim to please at Chez Abbott. Please, have a seat.

Sharon: I don't know.

Jack: Let me first tell you about the special holiday menu. For the lady, we will start with an appetizer of honeydew melon, followed by honey baked ham, and for dessert, angel food cake. I, myself, will be dining on the crow parmesan, followed by a hearty helping of humble pie. And I thought maybe we could share some water under the bridge.

Sharon: Look, obviously you've gone to a really big effort here, and--and I really appreciate that, but--

Jack: There are no buts in the cuisine at chez Abbott. Look, no part of me thinks that one meal is gonna change everything. I know you're angry with me.

Sharon: I'm not. I'm not angry. I'm past anger. And that's just-- that's something you can get over. Try disillusioned.

Jack: Okay. I understand that, and I'm sorry. But I honestly think we can get through this.

Sharon: It's just not as easy as you pretend.

Jack: I'm not pretending. I'm hoping. It's one meal, Sharon. One little chance to talk.

(Camera shutter clicks)

Amber: How'd your Christmas end up?

Daniel: It was pretty good. How was yours? Oh, yeah, sorry. Look at this camera that my mom got me. This is pretty sweet, huh? Look at these pictures.

Amber: It looks too complicated.

Daniel: Actually, it's pretty simple. Come on, rock star, I'll show you. Why don't you show me what you got, huh?

(Camera shutter clicks)

Daniel: Oh, that's--that's it, huh? That's what you've got? You know, I'm gonna need a little bit more than that. I'm gonna need, uh, I'm gonna need rock star. I'm gonna need Fergie. I'm gonna need, uh, London Bridges. I'm gonna need--I don't know. Give--give me the stuff that those girls give, come on. Come on, what do you got? Oh, yeah, yeah, that's a little better. There we go. Oh, this could be album cover material here.

Amber: Album cover? You want album cover?

Daniel: Yeah.

Amber: I'll give you album cover.

Daniel: Yeah?

Amber: You want a little rock star?

Daniel: All right, what you got?

Amber: Here's a rock star.

Daniel: What you got? Oh, Gwen Stefani, eat your heart out. Uh-huh.

Amber: Okay!

Daniel: Ooh!

Amber: Photo shoot's over. Hi, Cane.

Cane: Hey.

Daniel: Hey, Cane.

Cane: Hey. Oh, nice camera.

Daniel: Thanks.

Amber: Um, what can I get you?

Cane: Uh, tea, please. But be careful.

Amber: Yeah, um, so how'd your Christmas end up? Santa bring you everything you wanted?

Cane: Yeah.

Phyllis: Hey, Baby.

Nick: (Sighs) hey.

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: I got lipstick on you.

Nick: It's okay.

Phyllis: Excuse me, I just need to, uh... sit here.

Phyllis: What's wrong with you?

Nick: (Sighs) just... stuff with Dad. I saw him this morning. He's all over my mom lately about this loan. And every time I try and talk to him about it or come up with an alternative, he basically takes my head off.

Phyllis: Well, you know how your dad is when he's mad.

Nick: No, this is different. I've been around my dad before when he comes down on someone. Me included. But there's something vicious about this. It's like he's on this crazy path of vengeance, set out to destroy my mother. I basically can't stand to be around him right now.

Amber: One tea, on the house.

Cane: Thank you.

Amber: Mm-hmm. So how'd the rest of your Christmas end up?

Cane: It was good. It was all right. Thank you for that gift.

Amber: I'm glad you liked it. So did you make it to your mom's all right?

Cane: Yeah, we had a good time.

Amber: How could you not, though? It's Christmas, right? It's like the happiest season of the year.

Cane: Exactly.

Amber: But New Year’s, though, New Year’s is a little bit tougher. Big expectations about New Year.

Cane: I suppose.

Amber: I mean, are you kidding me? It's like historically the worst date night of the year, really.

Cane: Listen, I have to, uh, do this paperwork.

Amber: Oh, yeah, yeah, sure, of course. I mean, you'd think it's my first day, right?

Cane: Right.

Daniel: Hey. Hey, we're friends, right?

Amber: Uh-huh, BFFs, remember?

Daniel: Well, B.F.F., I want you to take a look at something. I'm not trying to be harsh, but you see that face, Amber? That's a face of a guy who is just not that into you.

Jack: To you. And to the new year ahead. May you have all the joy and happiness that you deserve.

Sharon: To happiness.

Jack: To happiness. So... have you made any interesting new year's resolutions? I have. Wanna hear about 'em?

Sharon: Um, sure.

Jack: Well, for starters, I am going to go green. I mean it. Energy saving light bulbs, recycling, soy milk, no red meat, carpooling.

Sharon: Carpooling? You?

Jack: Okay, carpooling doesn't sound like me. But I am going to get a hybrid car.

Sharon: Yeah, maybe if it's a really luxurious one-- something more your speed.

Jack: Oh, and I haven't told you the most important resolution. I'm going to be the man you want me to be. The man you can live with and you can stay with and you can fall in love with again. I've somehow gotten pretty far away from him, I know. But I can find him again. With you, I can find him.

Sharon: Jack...

Jack: I mean every word I'm saying. We have everything we need to put this together right in front of us. I love you. And I love Noah. Against all odds, you and I have built something pretty wonderful. Yes, it can be better. Yes, it can be stronger.

Sharon: I can't do this.

Jack: Sharon--

Sharon: I have to go.

Nick: Where are you going?

Phyllis: I'm going out.

Nick: Out?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: Out's good.

Phyllis: Yeah. Actually, I'm on a mission of mercy. I'm going to pick up some comfort food, some movies. I'm gonna come back here and we're gonna shut out the entire world.

Nick: All right, sounds good.

Phyllis: All right.

Nick: I look forward to the shutting out part.

Nick: Hurry back.

Nick: Be careful.

Phyllis: Always.

Nick: Okay!

Summer: (Cries)

Nick: And perfect timing.

David: Hey there. Welcome back.

Nikki: Hey.

David: How's Victoria?

Nikki: Oh, the same. I know one day soon she's gonna wake up, but right now it's so difficult to see her like that.

David: She's a strong woman. She'll come back to you. Look, I made us some dinner. Are you hungry?

Nikki: Oh, um, I really don't have an appetite right now, but...

David: Okay.

Nikki: Thank you. You're an angel for thinking about me.

David: No problem. We'll eat later. You didn't happen to run into Victor, did you?

Nikki: We crossed paths. Apparently, we're in the "Not speaking to each other" mode.

David: Yeah, well, enjoy it while it lasts. The lawsuit's being finalized and Victor's being served today. I'm sure he'll have a few choice words for you later.

Nikki: Yeah, I'm sure he will, and I dread it. Just thinking about it is enough to take any appetite I may have had away.

Victor: Thanks for coming by. Please sit down.

Paul: Thank you.

Victor: So I assume you have been following the investigation of, uh, Ji Min Kim's death?

Paul: Well, it's in the papers. It's hard to miss.

Victor: Do you know that they-- the police department, that is, supposedly found evidence linking me to the murder?

Paul: You're not about to confess, are you?

Victor: Of course I'm not about to confess. Jack Abbott is setting me up. I want you to prove it.

Paul: Well, first of all, I think it would be unethical for me to interfere in an ongoing police investigation.

Victor: For them to implicate me in the murder of Ji Min Kim is evidence of their incompetence, for heaven's sake.

Paul: Margaret Sullivan is a very good cop. And if you're being set up, it'll come out. She will put it together.

Victor: You have more faith in her than I do, all right? Meanwhile, this is hurting my reputation. I won't stand for it. I want you to find out where Jack Abbott was the night of the murder. I know he was involved. I know it as I sit here.

Paul: Victor, Maggie's not going to give me any information about the investigation. And I can't work behind the police department's back for any number of reasons. First of all, it's too risky. For me as a private investigator, and for you as a suspect.

Victor: I'm asking you to do me a favor. I want you to find out where Jack Abbott was the night of that murder.

Paul: I'm giving you my best advice. If I were you, I would just let the police do their job.

Victor: All right, I guess it was a waste of time to ask you to come over.

Paul: I hope not.

Victor: Thanks for coming by.

Phyllis: Hey, Sharon.

Sharon: Oh, hey, Phyllis. Are you dining alone?

Phyllis: No. I'm picking up food for Nick and me.

Sharon: Oh, that's nice. So I was--

Phyllis: So there was this--

Sharon: Oh, sorry. No, you go.

Phyllis: No, no, no, you go.

Sharon: No, really, what-- what were you gonna say?

Phyllis: No, um, okay, I'll--I'll go. I just was gonna say how was your Christmas? Was it merry?

Brad: Hey, Sharon. Sorry I'm late.

Sharon: Uh... hi.

Brad: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Merry Christmas, Brad. Belated.

Brad: Right back at you.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Brad: Shall we?

Sharon: Yeah, absolutely. See ya, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Bye.

Sharon: We shouldn't have come here.

Brad: Thank you.

Sharon: There's too many people here. I knew this was a mistake.

Brad: There's only, uh, one person making any assumptions. And that's par for the course when it comes to Phyllis.

Sharon: Well, I had no idea we were gonna run into her here.

Brad: Well, you know what? We are here now. She knows it. And there is obviously something important you need to talk to me about.

Sharon: You know what? I-I can't do this. I gotta go. This is a bad idea.

Brad: No, no, Sharon, Sharon, please don't go. Come on. Sit down.

Jack: Hey.

Nick: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Sorry to just drop by without calling.

Nick: No. Either come in or I gotta put a coat on.

Jack: Thanks. Thanks. Uh...

Nick: What's going on?

Jack: Is Phyllis around?

Nick: Uh, no, she just stepped out. You, uh, need to talk to her?

Jack: Uh, yeah. You know what? It--it's business stuff-- loose ends. You know what? It--it can wait. I'm sorry. I was just in the area... and I thought I'd drop-- I'll call her later.

Nick: No, no, no, no, why don't you wait? She'll be back soon.

Jack: Sure that's okay? I don't wanna intrude.

Nick: Yeah, it's cool. Come on in. Have a seat.

Jack: Thanks.

Nick: So, uh... what's going on? Is everything all right?

Jack: I'm losing her, Nick. In fact, she may already have left.

Amber: So, Cane, um, I wanted to tell you about my new web site. It's, uh, for my music. It's a great web site. When you go on it, you can download my album.

Cane: Uh-huh.

Amber: And I'm actually working on some new songs, too, which you'd find out if you signed up for the e-mail notification. But you know what? I-I could just-- I can actually just tell you next time I see you in person.

Cane: That sounds good.

Amber: Yeah. So, uh, how's the fresh face of Jabot contest going?

Cane: Listen, I have to get going. I, um...

Amber: Oh.

Cane: I have a meeting that's on the other side of town.

Amber: Okay.

Cane: And traffic's bad.

Amber: Sorry--sorry if I was, um...

Cane: I'll see you.

Amber: See you later.

Daniel: Hey.

Amber: Hey.

Daniel: Did you listen to anything I said?

Amber: I know. And I know exactly what you're gonna say, too.

Daniel: Well, it needs to be said. And I say this with your best intentions at heart. You are making a fool out of yourself.

Amber: Thanks a lot.

Daniel: I'm not trying to say this to be harsh. I'm saying this 'cause I'm a friend.

Amber: Oh, really? You really don't sound like you're being a friend at all.

Daniel: You know, I just don't wanna see you get hurt. And that's exactly what's gonna happen if you keep throwing yourself at a guy that doesn't--

Amber: I'm not throwing myself at anyone.

Daniel: Yes.

Amber: Okay, okay, fine. I cannot help myself. I love him.

Daniel: You don't love him. No, that's not the word for it.

Amber: Oh, really? Then what is it, brainiac, huh?

Daniel: You're scared. You're scared of being alone.

Paul: Hey.

Maggie: Hey. Pull up a chair, grab a mug.

Paul: Thanks. How's your day going?

Maggie: Don't ask.

Paul: Oh, that bad, huh?

Maggie: Oh.

Paul: So, um, you have any more news that connects Victor Newman to Ji Min Kim's murder?

Maggie: Whatever happened to innocuous chit chat?

Paul: I just met with Victor. He wants me to start my own investigation to prove that Jack is setting him up.

Maggie: Well, that's typical Victor Newman, isn't it? Maneuvering for his gain, no matter what's right.

Paul: Well, yeah. I-I'm not so sure if that's the case.

Maggie: What does that mean?

Paul: Well, Victor Newman is capable of a lot of things, some of them very bad. But I'm not sure that murder is on the list.

Maggie: We're going through the evidence that we've collected and it keeps on leading me to Victor Newman. And I know that Victor claims that's exactly what somebody wants, but... I guess we'll find out soon enough. When the truth comes out.

Paul: I'm sure you will.

Maggie: Please tell me you didn't take Victor up on his offer.

Nick: Here you go.

Jack: Hey. Thanks.

Nick: Cheers. You know, Sharon's probably as confused about things as you are. That doesn't mean she's gonna write you off.

Jack: I've made a lot of mistakes, Nick. I accept that. I think back on all the things I've achieved and the way I achieved them, and I still say most of what I did was justified, but... it doesn't mean anything if it's gonna cost me everything I care about.

Nick: Well, I know Sharon. She doesn't deserve it. Neither does Noah. I mean, they've both been through so much. And I have caused them so much pain. And I know you certainly don't wanna see them hurt anymore.

Jack: That is the last thing in the world I want, is to cause them pain-- it never has been. I don't know how to make it up to her. To them.

Nick: Well, maybe you can't right now.

Jack: What are you saying? I just sit back, do nothing, and let her slip away?

Nick: I guess I'm saying you should give her some space. Don't back her into a corner. She's just gonna look for a way to run.

Jack: What if she already has?

Sharon: So... I feel like I'm just-- I'm stuck. I mean, I-- no matter what I do I lose. If I stay with Jack, then I continue to put up with the wondering and-- and just the--the lies, but if I--if I leave him, then I'm facing another failed marriage. And--and that's not good for Noah. I mean, he's been through so much.

Brad: Let's talk it through.

Sharon: Okay, well... I knew what kind of man Jack was when I met him. I mean, I knew about his drive and his ambition. And those were a lot of the things that attracted me to him. But I didn't know that he could go this far.

Brad: Well, I don't have to tell you that he's the kind of guy who will go as far as he has to.

Sharon: But people can change. Right? I mean, I have to believe that I have changed over the years.

Brad: Well, some people do. But it takes a lot of work and a lot of trust. Tell me, what do you want, Sharon? What do you want for you?

Sharon: I want... to be happy. I want... someone I can rely on.

Brad: Okay, so?

Sharon: I want someone who Noah can rely on.

Brad: Sharon, Noah's going to be fine. Kids are resilient. And he is a smart, strong boy. He'll understand that his mother couldn't stay in a marriage where there was no love left. No trust. The best thing for Noah is to have a mother who's happy. You serve Noah best by doing what's right for you. By putting off the inevitable, things will only get harder.

Sharon: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I, um... I have to do this. I-I have to end my marriage. I have to do it now.

Victor: Yes?

Man: Victor Newman?

Victor: That's who I am, yes.

Man: This is for you.

Victor: What the hell is this?

Noah: Ugh! This doesn't fit right!

Jack: Wait, wait, wait, hey, slow down, slow down. Remember what we said at the beginning? This isn't gonna be easy. Nothing important ever is easy. The more patient we are, the stronger it's going to be. The stronger it is, the safer your customers are gonna be when they fly in this thing, right?

Noah: Yeah. Okay, I'll try again.

Jack: That's my boy.

Noah: Mom?

Sharon: I'll be right back.

Noah: Something's wrong, isn't it?

Jack: Uh, no, everything's-- everything's fine. We'll, uh, we'll give your mom a couple seconds, and then we'll show her the great work you're doing, okay?

Noah: Okay.

Phyllis: Listen. Do you hear that?

Nick: I don't hear anything.

Phyllis: Exactly. That's my point. There's nobody here. Summer is tucked away in her bed. It's just us.

Nick: What did you have in mind?

Phyllis: Do I have to spell this out for you?

Nick: Yeah, actually, you do. I'd like to hear it.

Phyllis: All right. Well, first... I was thinking of this.

Nick: Oh, yeah?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Mmm.

Phyllis: I was thinking of that first.

Nick: Okay. What else you got?

Phyllis: And then... I was thinking of that.

Nick: I like where this is going.

Phyllis: And then... we're gonna do this.

David: It's a beautiful sight to see your devotion to your daughter.

Nikki: I'm her mother. I would trade places with her if I could.

David: I have no doubt.

Nikki: Oh, God, why is this happening? I don't think I can take much more.

David: It’s gonna be okay, Nikki. I'm confident of that.

Nikki: Oh, I gotta get it together.

David: No, you don't.

Nikki: I have to get it together.

David: No, you don't. You can let it go with me. You know that. You've been so strong for so long. Why don't you let me hold you up?

Nikki: (Sobs)

David: It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

(Door slams)

Victor: You're suing me for half a billion dollars? Are you out of your cotton picking mind?

Victor: Half a billion dollars? This is vindictive madness. Now you know damn well the property damage isn't anywhere near this amount.

David: Your negligence led to more than just property damage. It set Nikki's projects back months, maybe even years. Not to mention the other corporate interests involved and the scores of people who were hurt. Including your daughter.

Victor: Who the hell asked you?!

Nikki: Stop it!

Victor: You stay out of this!

Nikki: Stop it! Stop it! My God!

Victor: Don't you tell me to stop it!

Nikki: You gave me no options.

Victor: This is my property here!

Nikki: You brought this on yourself. This is what happens.

Victor: You're making this personal, do you got that?

Nikki: No, the minute you called in my loan, you made it personal. You ease up on the loan, we will ease up on the lawsuit.

Victor: You wanna play me at my own game? You fasten your seatbelt. You're in for the battle of your life. The battle of your pathetic life.

(Door slams)

Nikki: (Exhales deeply)

Paul: Hey, Heather. I didn't know you were here. How are you?

Heather: I'm well. Thanks.

Paul: Hey, um... I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about the other night.

Heather: Okay.

Paul: I know it was kind of awkward. Awkward especially for a-a father and a daughter on Christmas Eve and, uh... I'm--I'm sorry about that. I wanna make it up to you.

Maggie: You know, guys, I'm gonna--I'm gonna, uh, get some cream. Would you excuse me? Thank you.

Paul: So, um... you have any plans for New Year’s Eve?

Heather: Uh, yeah. I, um... I do, actually. But thank you very much.

Paul: I know this is a lot to handle. And I don't mean to impose. But I think if you get to know me, in time, maybe you'll understand why I did what I did.

Heather: You know, I just, I can't erase all the anger that I still have. Just because we spent one Christmas Eve together, I can't forget about all the holidays when you weren't there.

Paul: No, I know. And I'm sorry. Truly, you have no idea how sorry.

Heather: I know you're sorry, but... it's--it's still painful. I have to go.

Amber: I have always been alone, okay? I have no problem being alone. But what's wrong with just-- just once in awhile, just wanting someone in my life, huh? I just don't see what the big deal is.

Daniel: There is no big deal. As long as he wants to be there, too.

Amber: You just want me to be single so we can be miserable, single and alone together.

Daniel: Oh, okay. You know, I am all for finding the right person, as long as she is the right person. You know, I just don't wanna see you get burned here.

Amber: Okay, Dr. Freud, session's over. Closing time.

Daniel: Okay, fine. You know what? I'm outta here.

Amber: Okay. I still love you.

Daniel: Yeah, I still love you, too. B.F.F.

Jack: Psst! Don't wake him. He's exhausted. I'll carry him up. Come on, Buddy. Here we go.

Sharon: Um, hey?

Jack: Here we go.

Sharon: Thanks so much for-- for doing this with him.

Jack: It was fun.

Sharon: He loves you so much.

Jack: He loves you so much, too. Look... you do what you need to do. For you and Noah. I mean that.

Jack: I understand. I'm not gonna push you anymore. I'm gonna give you room to decide.

Amber: We're closed!

Amber: Okay. (New York accent) Hello, I'm Marina Dryden, and I want to be the next fresh face of Jabot. (Normal voice) that's not it. Ahem. (New York accent) I'm Marina Dryden, and I'm so excited to be auditioning for the fresh face of Jabot. (Normal voice) no. Hmm. Hi, I'm... Amber. (New York accent) I mean, Marina--Marina. Marina. I'm Marina Dryden.

David: Don't let that blowhard intimidate you any longer, Nikki. Victor is not gonna win this case.

Nikki: I don't know if you realize what we're up against.

David: I'm gonna tell you exactly what's gonna happen. Victor is gonna lose this time. And Victoria-- she's gonna pull through. She's gonna wake up and she's gonna be as healthy as ever. And you, Nikki? You're gonna start your life all over. You're gonna come out of this stronger and more stable than you ever could've imagined.

Nikki: You seem so certain. What do you have, a crystal ball?

David: I have put a plan into motion, Nikki. A plan that's gonna take care of all of these money problems. A plan that's gonna give you the future that you deserve.

David: Nikki? I've been wanting to ask you this. Actually, I've been waiting to ask you this and I didn't wanna push. But I know now that this is right. I want you to marry me, Nikki. Marry me.

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