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[Christmas episode 1995]

Paul: A bottle of red, a bottle of white. Pretty Christmassy, don't you think?

Chris: Mm-hmm. Bing!

Paul: That's pretty Christmassy, too.

Chris: So what are you waiting for?

Paul: Nothing.

Paul: This is perfect.

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Spending the day with the woman I love.

Chris: It's your last Christmas as a single man.

Paul: (Laughs) that’s fine by me.

Chris: Mmm. We have so much to look forward to. Hopefully, Nicholas will, too.

Paul: You're talking about Amy agreeing to go to Matt Clark's apartment?

Chris: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Well, if it jogs her memory, if by some miracle she does have information about the night Matt was shot...

Chris: It would be the most incredible gift for Nick and his family.

Brad: I hope this place is okay. I knew we couldn't meet each other at the ranch. Not today, anyway.

Nikki: I know. I'm sorry.

Brad: Someday. So the family's gathering in a while?

Nikki: Yeah, in a couple of hours.

Brad: I imagine it's pretty tough with everything that Nick's going through.

Nikki: I've always loved Christmas. It almost always lifts my spirits.

Brad: Well, you must have a favorite Christmas memory.

Nikki: Hmm. Well... one year, when the kids were still pretty small, Victor took us all on a sleigh ride and we stopped in the middle of this big snowy field. And it was so peaceful. Nobody said a word. And then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, Nicholas points up to the sky and he says, "Look!" "Look, Mommy, it's the star of Bethlehem." And there was the brightest star I have ever seen, shining like a brilliant light from heaven. And he had such a look of wonder on his face and his eyes were... so big and... I put my hands around him and...

Jill: Billy, wouldn't you like to open one of Mommy's gifts now?

John: Jill, why don't you let the boy open whatever present he wants?

Jill: Why, because he opened all of yours first?

John: Well, maybe he's saving the best for last.

Jill: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. The important thing is that our little boy's having a good Christmas. You're right.

John: That's right. That's all that matters.

Billy: Take the tape off.

Jill: Yeah, take the tape off.

Jack: Joy to the world the Lord is come let earth receive her king.

John: Okay.

All: Let every heart prepare him room and heaven and nature sing and heaven and nature sing and heaven and heaven and nature sing.

Malcolm: (Sighs) "To Keesha, the love of my life, Merry Christmas. Malcolm." Yeah, right.

Keesha: Hello?

Malcolm: Um, it's Christmas. We're closed.

Keesha: So why are you working?

Malcolm: Keesha? What are you doing here?

Keesha: Merry Christmas, Malcolm.

Doris: Sharon? Honey, I know this can't be easy for you. You probably can't stop thinking about Nicholas. But I hope you'll try to have a good Christmas.

Sharon: I will, Mama. I'll try.

Nikki: I don't know how we're gonna be able to celebrate today without Nicholas. I really don't.

Brad: But you're going to try to, right?

Nikki: Yes. Victoria's adamant that the whole family be together.

Brad: Victoria is absolutely right. Nikki, you need each other, now more than ever.

Brad: And I'm here for you, too. Don't ever forget that.

Nikki: I know. I won't.

Brad: Well, in the spirit of the holiday season, I have a little gift for you.

Nikki: Oh, Brad! I have something for you, too, but I had it delivered to your house. I didn't know if we were gonna see each other today.

Brad: I'll look forward to it. Now would you please do the honors?

Nikki: Oh! Brad, it's stunning.

Brad: I realize it's a bit risky.

Nikki: I love it. I'll only wear it when I'm with you.

Brad: Nikki, I-I think it's time that we talk about us. I don't wanna hide this anymore. I don't wanna sneak around. If I give you a piece of jewelry, I don't want you to wear it only when you're with me. That isn't right.

Nikki: I know what you're saying, Brad, but--

Brad: I think it's time that I talk to Victor. How do you feel about that?

Nikki: Let me think about it?

Brad: I really do feel that this is the time. Merry Christmas, Nikki. I look forward to spending many, many more with you.

Nikki: Merry Christmas, Bradley.

Jack: Now I know what you're all thinking. "Oh, please, not another long winded toast from yours truly." Well, the good news is, I'm not doing the toast. Luan is.

Mai: Luan?

Keemo: Go on, Mama.

Luan: I don't know what to say... except... what is in my heart. We are all blessed to be part of such a loving family. The Christmas miracle reminds me of another miracle-- my own. After so many years apart, I was reunited with the man I love. My son Keemo shares in the miracle by being united with his father. My daughter Mai has come to know the joy of a family complete. To have this wonderful holiday is yet another reminder of all goodness in our lives. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Mai: Merry Christmas.

Keemo: Merry Christmas.

Jill: Merry Christmas.

John: Merry Christmas.

Jack: Merry Christmas.

John: Very nice. Merry Christmas.

Neil: What a wonderful day.

Dru: Oh, Honey. The three of us-- it's like a real Christmas.

Neil: We have so much to be thankful for, Dru.

Dru: Mmm. My man, our little girl. Hi, Sweetie.

Neil: Hey, Dru?

Dru: Mmm?

Neil: When are Liv and the gang getting here?

Dru: Oh, any minute, Honey. Yeah.

Neil: How do you feel about-- about seeing Nathan?

Dru: Well, do I have any choice? We all know he's a two-timing, no count liar.

Neil: Okay. Now, Dru, its Christmas.

Dru: I know, Honey, I know. And I'm not gonna let that man spoil this day.

Neil: Good. Oh.

Dru: What?

Neil: By the way, before we go any further, I have a special gift that I wanna give to my two favorite ladies.

Dru: Ooh! Okay.


Neil: Here you go.

Dru: What is it?

Neil: Oh, patience. You gotta open it up and see what it is.

Dru: Okay! I got it. I got it. (Giggles) Lily! Look, Honey. Look what Daddy got us. What is it? Oh, Baby, it's beautiful!

Neil: Isn't that nice?

Dru: Look, Lily! Let's put it on the tree.

Neil: Okay.

Dru: Look at this, Sweetheart.

Neil: Come here, precious girl. Come here. Come to Daddy.

Dru: Come on.

Neil: We gonna hang the Madonna on the tree. Look at that.

Dru: It's so beautiful.

Neil: Yeah.

Dru: Oh, Honey. Oh, look at that. Oh, it's so beautiful.

Neil: Look at that, Baby.

Dru: Oh.

(Doorbell rings)

Neil: That must be them. Let me get it.

Dru: Okay.

Neil: Come on, little girl. Let's go see who's at the door. Let's go see who's at the door, shall we?

Nate: Merry Christmas!

Neil: Hi, little Nate. What's happening?

Dru: Hi! Hi, Nate.

Nate: Hi.

Olivia: Hi, Sis.

(Buzzer buzzing)

Nick: Sharon?

Sharon: Nick!

Nick: What are you doing here? I thought I had to clear all my visitors.

Sharon: Well, I-I called Chaplain Brady and told him I wanted to surprise you.

Nick: You have no idea how much it means to me to see you, to be able to touch you, hold you. It's the best gift I could hope for.

Keesha: I suppose you don't wanna see me. I had to stop by, Malcolm. I have your Christmas present.

Malcolm: Give it to Nathan. You've given him everything else.

Keesha: Can't we talk, Malcolm?

Malcolm: What's left to say?

Keesha: I love you. It's the truth.

Malcolm: Like you know anything about the truth.

Keesha: I will say this again. I didn't realize Nathan was married until it was too late.

Malcolm: You better leave.

Keesha: Merry Christmas, Malcolm.

Sharon: I brought you something. It's cake. I made it myself.

Nick: Oh, you didn't have to do that.

Sharon: Well, I'm afraid it doesn't look too good anymore.

Nick: After security, you mean?

Sharon: Yeah, they cut it up before they let me bring it in. It's a mess.

Nick: Well, I'm sure it's a delicious mess.

Sharon: It used to say, "Christmas 1995 Love, Nick and Sharon."

Nick: I can't believe you'd do something like that.

Sharon: Not a minute of the day goes by that you're not on my mind. Look, I also bought you this.

Nick: "A Christmas Carol."

Sharon: You told me you love that story. I thought it might help put you in the holiday spirit.

Nick: Thanks. I love it. There's something that I really wanna give you, too. I hope you'll be getting it soon.

Sharon: What?

Nick: Well, it's a surprise. I'm sure you'll really, really like it.

Sharon: If it's from you, I'll love it.

Man: Newman?

Nick: Well, I guess it's time to go.

Sharon: Already?

Nick: Well, when it's crowded in here, the visits are a lot shorter. So we better say good-bye.

Sharon: Merry Christmas, Nicholas.

Nick: Merry Christmas to you. And you'll never know how much it means to me seeing you today. It's the best gift you could've given me.

Sharon: I love you. I'll always love you. Don't forget that.

Nick: I love you, too. Merry Christmas, Sweetheart.

Victoria: Mom? Mother?

Miguel: Merry Christmas, Victoria, Cole.

Victoria: Hey.

Cole: Well, hey, Miguel, Merry Christmas.

Victoria: Have you seen Mom?

Miguel: Not recently.

Victoria: I wonder where she could be.

(Door opens and closes)

Victoria: Hey. Where you been?

Nikki: Oh, I went to church, said a few prayers for Nicholas.

Victoria: Well, as impossible as it may seem, we have to celebrate Christmas the way Nick would want us to-- as a family.

John: Billy's having a great time.

Keemo: Look at your train.

Mai: Christmas is such an incredible time.

Luan: It certainly is, my daughter.

John: Yes, it brings out the best of us.

Keemo: It's a time when Americans show their generosity more than any other.

John: And you, I must tell you what a wonderful addition you have been to this family. Merry Christmas.

Jill: What, Jack?

Jack: What, not having the time of your life?

Jill: I'm doing my best for Billy’s sake.

Jack: Don't you think that kid deserves a lot more than two parents pretending to have Christmas spirit?

Jill: I said I was doing my best.

Jack: Oh, come on, Jill. Why don't give Dad the best Christmas present you could possibly give him?

Jill: If you're gonna start in again about my leaving, stop it. Because I'm not going anywhere without my son and your pig headed father is not gonna let me have him.

John: You know, it's Christmas day, you two. Let's put our differences aside. And let's celebrate it as a family. Come on. Come on.

(Doorbell rings)

Chris: Mmm.

Paul: Whoever that is, they have bad timing. Get rid of 'em.

Chris: Okay.

Chris: Who is it?

Mary: Mary Williams.

Chris: You still want me to get rid of 'em?

Paul: Ha.

Chris: Mary, hello, come in.

Mary: Hello, Christine. Merry Christmas.

Chris: Merry Christmas.

Paul: Hi, Mom. This is a surprise. Merry Christmas.

Mary: Merry Christmas. Have I come at a bad time?

Chris: No, not at all.

Mary: Well, I was just taking these mincemeat pies over to the church. Uh, I thought I'd drop one off for you two.

Chris: Oh, that's very nice of you.

Paul: Oh, thanks.

Mary: So... you're spending Christmas here?

Paul: That's right.

Chris: How about you, Mary?

Mary: Well, since Paul decided not to come over to the house, I, uh, I’m helping out at the church dinner. I thought I'd eat there.

Chris: If you'd like to join us, we're having a very traditional dinner. We'd love to have you.

Mary: Oh, well, I am supposed to be helping out at the church.

Paul: Well, just know that you're more than welcome.

Chris: How about coming by for some coffee and some incredible looking pie?

Mary: I'd like that, Christine.

Paul: Well, stop by. Anytime. We'll be here.

Mary: I will.

Chris: Thanks.

Paul: Thanks, Mom. Merry Christmas.

Mary: Merry Christmas, Son.

Danny: You see, Daniel, there is--there is an art to-- to unwrapping a present. Let--let me show you what it is, okay? Right? I mean, don't you agree?

Phyllis: Absolutely.

Danny: All right. We start by admiring the--the lovely wrapping, right? And then, we--we take the pretty paper, just like this... grab it, yeah? And then we tear it open like this! Until we find...

Phyllis: (Laughs) Whoa!

Danny: Let's look inside the box. Oh, what is this? What is this?

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh!

Danny: What is this?

Phyllis: Daniel! Look what Daddy got you!

Danny: Ta da!

Phyllis: Look at that, it's a toy piano!

Danny: Gotta keep up on his musical training, you know? I mean, I figure this is much better. More classical than the electric keyboard. You wanna play something, huh? Do you wanna start right now? Do you wanna learn?

Daniel: (Coos)

Danny: You do? Is that an "Uh-huh"? Okay, let's start with "Jingle Bells," okay? Okay, you gotta bring your finger down there, okay? Yeah? Oh, is that the note, huh? Oh, there it is. (Playing "Jingle Bells")

Danny: Yeah! Oh, what was that? That's the wrong note.

Neil: For Mommy. Here you go.

Olivia: Oh, beautiful paper.

Dru: Thank you, Lily. Thank you, Sweetheart.

Neil: You're welcome, Baby.

Dru: Uh-oh. Oh, boy. Is this, um, is this for me or you, Santa?

Neil: Uh, that's not quite my size.

Nathan: Is something wrong, Honey?

Olivia: Well, it's Malcolm and Keesha. Where are they?

Neil: They're not coming.

Olivia: What? Oh, they're having a little Christmas party of their own?

Neil: No. Things aren't working out for those two. They're breaking up.

Olivia: They're breaking up? I can't believe this.

Dru: Well, you never can tell what will happen in relationships, can you?

Olivia: So Malcolm is spending Christmas alone? That's not right. What we should do is we should pack up this party and take it on over to his place.

Dru: Well--

Olivia: Nobody should spend Christmas by himself.

Neil: You know, that's real kind of you, Liv, but, um, Malcolm's been going through a bit of a rough time. I think he wants to be alone.

Olivia: Well, the man has to eat. Come on now, why don't we put together a nice big plate of Christmas dinner and Nathan, Nate and I will drop it off on the way home.

Neil: No. Uh, that's all right. I'll swing by. I wanna wish my brother a merry Christmas anyway. And for the rest of you, I hope the New Year is filled with even more love and appreciation for our families and the joy the bring into our lives.

Lily: (Cries)

Neil: Oh, Princess. Come here, let me show you the tree. That'll stop your crying. Do you know how many presents you have under this tree? You don't even need to cry. You know that?

Olivia: Come on, there are more presents under that tree. I know that.

Victoria: Mom, where's Dad?

Nikki: I don't know. I told him we were having a late afternoon dinner.

(Door opens)

Victoria: Hey. Glad you're here.

Victor: My sweetheart, so am I. So am I. Well, Merry Christmas to everyone.

Cole: Merry Christmas, Victor.

Victor: Cole.

Nikki: Thank you for coming.

Victor: The gifts are in the car.

Cole: Let me get them for you.

Victor: All right.

Victoria: And I'll get you some eggnog.

Victor: Thank you, Sweetheart. I appreciate that. You look beautiful.

Nikki: Thank you.

Victor: What time is Sharon expected?

Danny: Come on. Oh! Got it!

Phyllis: (Laughs) Eggnog?

Danny: Yeah, thank you.

Phyllis: Sure. Music runs in the family.

(Doorbell rings)

Phyllis: Who could that be?

Danny: Come on, Daniel, one more time. One more time. Come on, you can do it. Here, all right, let me show you.

Phyllis: Peter!

Peter: I'm not early, am I?

Phyllis: No, not at all. No. Come in.

Danny: Peter.

Peter: Hey, Danny. Merry Christmas.

Danny: Ah, Merry Christmas to you, too.

Peter: I don't mean to intrude.

Phyllis: Oh, Peter, you're not. We were just having some eggnog. Would you care for a cup?

Peter: No, thanks. I just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and drop off a few presents.

Phyllis: Oh, Peter, you shouldn't have!

Peter: The big one's for Daniel.

Phyllis: They always are. Why don't you give it to him yourself?

Peter: Sure. Here you go. How are you? Ooh, look at this.

Danny: Were you expecting him?

Phyllis: Danny, I had to break my date with Peter last night so we could go to Katherine's. I couldn't very well tell him not to come over today. I'm sure he won't stay long.

Peter: Your kid sure knows how to, uh, rip off that paper.

Phyllis: His daddy taught him.

Peter: Ready? One, two, three!

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh! Daniel, look what Peter got you! Wow!

Peter: What's inside? What is this?

Phyllis: What is it?

Peter: What is it? Uh-oh. It's a choo-choo.

Phyllis: What is that, Peter?

Peter: There we go. It's a, sort of a modern kid's music box. It plays a lot of tunes. All you do is you push a button and it plays a tune.

Danny: Great.

(Toy train whistles "Jingle Bells")

Peter: Here, come on. Let me show you how to do that, Daniel. Oh, Boy!

Phyllis: Wow! Let's play.

Peter: Here we go. You wanna try it again? There you go.

(Toy train whistles)

Peter: Okay, let's try this one.

Nikki: Sharon isn't coming for dinner, Victor.

Victor: What do you mean she isn't coming for dinner? Why didn't you invite her?

Nikki: Well, I'm sure she's spending the day with her mother.

Victor: But you could've invited both of them. I'm sure that's what Nicholas would've wanted.

Nikki: (Sighs) Wait a minute, where are you going?

Victor: I'm gonna ask Sharon and her mother to spend Christmas with us.

Nikki: Oh, Victor.

Victor: If this is a problem for you, I'll have dinner in my apartment.

Nikki: Did I say it was a problem?

Victor: I mean, don't you think that those who are closest to Nicholas should spend Christmas together?

Nikki: All right, all right, invite them. I don't wanna argue with you. Not today.

Victor: I'm gonna ask them in person, all right? I'll be right back.

(Doorbell rings)

Victor: Sharon?

Sharon: Merry Christmas, Mr. Newman. May I come in?

Victor: Of course you may come in. Please.

(Door closes)

Jack: Well, I thought I would remind us all what we are celebrating today.

John: I just got off the phone with Ashley.

Jack: Really? How is she?

John: Uh, she's fine, Jack. She spent the, uh, holiday with Marina in Paris.

Luan: I hope you gave her our love.

John: Yes, I did. And she, uh, she said how much she misses us all and that we're in her prayers, as she is in ours.

Jack: Well, look, you're just in time.

John: Ah.

Keemo: Billy? My father's gonna read from the bible.

Jill: It's the Christmas Story, Darling. There.

John: Yep. Greatest story ever told.

Jack: "And the angels said unto them, 'fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. For unto you, is born this day in the city of David, a savior which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you. Ye shall the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.' And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly hosts praising God and saying, 'Glory to God in the highest. And on earth, peace, good will toward men.'"

Luan: It is truly amazing, how the birth of a child 2,000 years ago changed the history of our world.

John: Okay. Good.

Jack: Merry Christmas, everyone.

All: Merry Christmas.

(Telephone ringing)

Chris: Merry Christmas.

Danny: Merry Christmas to you.

Chris: Danny.

Danny: Hi. I just wanted to call, tell you how much I love you, and wish you a Merry Christmas.

Chris: Merry Christmas.

Danny: So did you, uh... did you like my present?

Chris: Actually, I haven't opened it yet. Look, I really can't talk now.

Danny: Right. Well, I just, uh... I just wanted you to know that, um, I'm thinking about you.

Chris: Well, you shouldn't be. Especially today. Danny, enjoy your son and give him a big hug from his Godmother, okay?

Danny: Sure. Bye-bye.

Danny: And a big hug to you, too, Cricket.

Victor: Well, Sharon, I was just on the way to your apartment when you arrived.

Sharon: You were?

Victor: Mm-hmm. I was gonna ask you and your mother to join us for Christmas dinner.

Sharon: Oh, well, that's very kind, but I really should be getting home.

Nikki: Oh, is your mother alone?

Sharon: Yes.

Victor: Well, we could arrange to have her picked up.

Sharon: Are you sure we wouldn't be intruding?

Victor: I'm sure that you and your mother feel the same way about these holidays as we do. It's very painful for all of us. And I think we should spend them together. I'm sure that's how Nicholas would want it.

Sharon: Well, thank you, I'll phone my mother and let her know.

(Telephone rings)

Victor: Excuse me. Hello?

Nick: Hey, Dad.

Victor: My boy! My goodness!

Nick: I wanted to call and tell everyone Merry Christmas.

Victor: Let me put you on the speakerphone so everyone can hear you, okay? There we are.

Nikki: Nicholas?

Nick: Hey, Mom.

Nikki: Oh! It's wonderful to hear your voice.

Nick: Oh, it's great to hear yours, too.

Victoria: Merry Christmas, Nicholas. We're all thinking about you.

Nick: I'm thinking about you, too, Sis.

Cole: Merry Christmas, buddy.

Nick: Hey, Cole. Hey, Merry Christmas, man. I just wanna tell you guys how much I wish I could be with you today. I love you so much.

Victor: We love you, too, my boy.

Nikki: Love you, too, Sweetheart.

Nick: And I want you to do me a favor, okay? I want you guys to have a great Christmas. Uh, remember I'm with you there in spirit. Mom, could you pick up the phone, please?

Nikki: Hi, Sweetheart. Thank you so much for calling. You don't know what it means to us.

Nick: Yeah, well, I can't talk long. There's a lot of guys that wanna use the phone. But I need to know, Mom, have you talked to Sharon? Said anything about what I wanna do for her and her mom?

Nikki: Um, as a matter of fact, Sharon is right here.

Nick: She is?

Nikki: Yes, would you like me to put her on?

Nick: Yes, please.

Sharon: Hi. I know you can't talk long.

Nick: I just wanted to tell you how much I love you, Sweetheart.

Sharon: Same here. And I pray you have a good Christmas.

Nick: I will. And you'll be, um, getting your present from me very soon. Merry Christmas, Sharon.

Sharon: I love you, Nicholas, more than I can say. Here, I'll put you back on speakerphone.

Nick: (Sighs) well, I gotta go, everyone. I love you so much.

Nikki: We love you, too, baby.

Victoria: We love you.

Cole: We love you.

Nick: Have a great Christmas.

Victor: We will, my boy.

Nick: And, Mom, I know I could count on you.

Nikki: Bye-bye, Honey. I love you.

Nick: I love you, too.

Victor: Well... Merry Christmas to our boy. Our son, your brother, your friend. To Nicholas. And it's very nice to be here with all of you on this very special day. May we wish you a merry Christmas and God bless you all.

All: Merry Christmas.

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