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Y&R Transcript Thursday 12/20/07 -- Canada; Friday 12/21/07 -- U.S.A.


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Kay: I'm, um, sorry to drop by without calling first.

Nikki: Oh, for heaven's sake, you're welcome anytime. You know that.

Kay: Good morning, David.

David: Good morning.

Kay: Well, are you still going through with the lawsuit?

Nikki: I have to. I have to protect my interests.

Kay: Well, you know it's going to be a very ugly fight.

David: And we're ready for it.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: I've been watching Victor for years. I know what I'm in for.

Kay: Well, good, good. Because I've thought of a way that I think will strengthen our case. You're not going to like it, but, uh, just hear me out. We invite Jack to join us in the lawsuit.

Nikki: No. No.

David: Absolutely not.

Kay: Oh, come on.

Nikki: No, I promised myself I would never do business with that man again.

David: And for good reason.

Kay: Well, you have your objections, and they're also mine, but you know, let's think about this. In the long run, who is the lesser of two evils? Victor or Jack?

Sharon: Hey. How was Sam’s?

Noah: Good. His mom wants to know if he can stay with us. Please, can he?

Jack: It's the first week in January. Uh, Beth has a conference in Miami.

Noah: Can he?

Jack: I told her I didn't think it would work out, but I'd run it by you first.

Noah: Well, we could blow up the mattress and put it on the floor and I can sleep on that and Sam can have my bed.

Sharon: I don't think so, Sweetie.

Noah: Why not?

Sharon: Because, um... I don't really know what my schedule's going to be at that time, and--and there is an N.V.P. photo shoot coming up.

Jack: You know what? My schedule's pretty much up in the air, too, Buddy.

Noah: It's only a couple of weeks away.

Jack: Yeah, but we don't wanna make a commitment now and have to back out of it later, though.

Noah: Well, one of you has to be home.

Sharon: You know what? We will have Sam over for a weekend, though, okay?

Noah: You guys never let me do anything anymore.

Sharon: Thank you for handling that so well.

Jack: That was handling it well?

Sharon: Well, Jack, I'm not ready to tell him we're moving out yet.

Jack: So don't move out. Please.

Sharon: Jack...

Jack: You and Noah brought life back into this house. I never thought I could be happy here again. And I can't imagine living in this house without you.

Paul: Hey, he lives. I didn't see you come in. How you been?

J.T.: Well, it's official. The test came back. I'm a dad. Yeah.

Paul: Congratulations! I didn't expect that. That's great news!

J.T.: No, I know. Yeah, I'm pretty excited. I'm pretty excited. Uh, the waiting almost killed me.

Paul: The waiting's tough, but you know, look, in the end, you got what you wanted.

J.T.: Yeah, I did. I just wish Victoria could've been there to share it with me.

Paul: Yeah, well, soon.

J.T.: You know, I-I keep telling myself that. But everyday that I see her like that, I just... it gets harder and harder to stay positive, you know?

Paul: Yeah, well, listen, you know, I don't know if it's too early or not, but you're welcome to come back to work. I mean, no pressure. If you just need something to get your mind off everything else.

J.T.: Yeah, well, I'll think about it. Appreciate it, though.

Paul: So tell me, the little guy have a name yet?

J.T.: Reed.

Paul: I like that. Good strong name.

J.T.: Yeah, yeah, I thought so.

Paul: Awesome. I just... you know what? I know things didn't work out exactly the way you wanted, but try and enjoy being a dad. It all goes so fast.

Daniel: Shiny duck!

Phyllis: Oh, thanks.

Daniel: Hey! How was your workout?

Phyllis: It's cold! Hi, baby girl! Hey! Oh, it was good. It was good.

Nick: Yeah, it was good. We ran. A lot.

Daniel: Yeah?

Phyllis: Yeah. You know, it's a new year's resolution. We're gonna do this more.

Daniel: You know it's not New Year’s yet, right?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, I know. But I figure if I make it now, uh, I'll keep it up. Thanks.

Daniel: Huh.

Nick: Some weird reverse psychology thing going on there I think.

Daniel: No. No. That's just Mom. Come on, let's get up.

Phyllis: Oh! How was the baby girl?

Daniel: She was a little monster, wasn't she? Yeah.

Phyllis: You were?

Daniel: No, she was great. After she woke up, we played with her little piano. If I was Billy Joel, I'd be watching my back right now.

Nick: Thanks for coming over last minute.

Daniel: Yeah, you know, anytime I get to spend my morning with her, it's--it's--it's worth it. I just gotta get some caffeine in me A.S.A.P.

Phyllis: Oh, I'll make you some coffee, save you some money.

Daniel: Can you make me a double nonfat latte?

Phyllis: No.

Daniel: Yeah, okay then. I, uh, did the dishes that were in the sink.

Phyllis: Oh, thank you.

Daniel: You're welcome.

Phyllis: Okay, bye.

Nick: See ya, Bud.

Daniel: See you guys later.

Nick: Drive safe.

Daniel: I will. You know I will.

Phyllis: See ya later. Um, that was nice of him to do the dishes.

Nick: Yeah. You should take notes from him.

Phyllis: Thank you. I will.

Nick: He, uh, he sure has done a 180 since we fired him from Newman.

Phyllis: Yeah, he has. Hopefully, the adults can follow his lead.

Nick: If there was anything I could do to end the war, I would.

Phyllis: I think you could talk your mom into it, but your dad...

Nick: I wish there was some way I could get through to him.

[Victor remembering]

Maggie: Does it surprise you to know that we have D.N.A. evidence putting you at the scene of Mr. Kim's death?

Victor: That's impossible.

Maggie: The lab results are irrefutable.

Victor: What D.N.A. evidence could you possibly have?

Maggie: Traces of Mr. Kim's blood were found in your gym bag. D.N.A. does not lie.

Victor: Michael Baldwin, call me as soon as you get this message, thank you.

J.T.: This father thing is pretty intense.

Paul: Yeah, I know, it changes your whole perspective.

J.T.: Yeah, and it's only been a couple of days. It kills me to see him so helpless, you know? He's already got me wrapped around his little finger.

Paul: Babies will do that. They look at you with those big eyes, and, uh... all you see is a little person so full of potential. My mom used to tell me all they need is love and support, and a diaper change now and then and food and a lifetime of financial assistance. I guess what I'm saying is, it's a big responsibility, isn't it?

J.T.: Yeah, well, um... I'm ready for it. Even if I don't know what to expect.

Paul: That's where most parents drop the ball. They get into it before they realize what it entails, like yours truly.

J.T.: Hey, Paul, come on. You--you did the best you could with an impossible situation. Ricky's mom was crazy.

Paul: Yeah, I suppose. He just started kindergarten. He's got a crush on his teacher, Miss Weber.

J.T.: Is that right? His first crush, huh?

Paul: First of many, I suppose.

J.T.: Well, if he's anything like his dad.

Paul: He's doing great.

J.T.: See? Don't beat yourself up. It sounds like its all good.

Paul: Yeah. Not so much with my daughter.

J.T.: Your daughter?

Paul: Yeah, it's a long story.

J.T.: Yeah, well, give me the short version.

Paul: Well, her mother didn't want her to know about me for a lot of reasons. But now that she's back in Genoa City, none of those reasons really matter anymore.

J.T.: Wait, she’s... she's here? Do I know her? Who is she?

Paul: Heather Stevens.

J.T.: Heather? That's your daughter? Does she know?

Paul: Yeah.

J.T.: And what happened?

Paul: She doesn't wanna have anything to do with me.

Sharon: You guys, thanks so much for having me over.

Nick: Yeah, no problem. It sounded important.

Phyllis: Yes, is there a problem with Noah?

Summer: (Fusses)

Sharon: No. Um, I mean, not yet. But I'm really worried about him.

Nick: What's going on?

Sharon: Well... I'm moving out of Jack's house after the first of the year.

Phyllis: Oh. Wow.

Nick: That's a big decision.

Sharon: Yes, yes. But you know what? It's what I need to do. It's what I really need to do to clear my head.

Phyllis: Absolutely. Are you--are you filing for divorce?

Sharon: No! No! No!

Phyllis: No? Okay.

Sharon: Nothing like that. This is just-- I need some time and some space to really think this through.

Nick: So Noah doesn't know yet?

Sharon: No, he doesn’t. But you know what? I just--I wanna wait until after the holidays to tell him. I don't wanna spoil it for him.

Nick: Yeah, well, if there's anything we can do to help, just ask.

Phyllis: Yeah, definitely. Definitely, we're here for you.

Sharon: Thank you.

Nick: Do you know where you're going?

Sharon: Mm-hmm. Yeah, um, I'm going back to our old house.

Phyllis: Isn't Nikki there now?

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Oh, wow. Uh, have you told her?

Sharon: Not yet.

Phyllis: Oh, well, good luck with that.

Jack: My, I didn't know I was so popular.

David: You're not.

Kay: Victor has called in Nikki's loans, Jack.

Jack: Wow, that's harsh even by his standards.

Nikki: Well, I have no intention of letting him steamroll me.

Jack: You may not have much recourse.

Nikki: I'm suing him. For causing the damage to N.V.P. up at Clear Springs.

Jack: Ain't that a kick in the pants?

David: It was Victor's drilling that caused the accident.

Jack: Yeah, so the reports say. He is gonna try to refute that, you know?

Kay: Well, he will try.

Jack: Where do you fit in in all of this?

Kay: Well, Chancellor Industries is a co-claimant in the case. The delays and the cleanup have cost me a fortune.

Jack: Yeah, I know. I swimming in the same red ink you are. Oh, wait, you-- you want me to be part of this?

Nikki: Well, Jack, as an owner of property that was damaged in the accident...

David: It's only logical.

Jack: From whose perspective?

Kay: Well, I've seen the preliminary report from Victor's insurance company. And the payout is just a fraction of the cleanup costs.

David: And that is only a small part of it.

Nikki: Think of the revenue you're losing. When we finally do open, it's gonna take a very long time to overcome the negative publicity from the accident.

Jack: Have you drawn up a complaint?

Nikki: All spelled out here very acrimoniously. What started out as our dream project has become our nightmare. Courtesy of Victor Newman.

Victor: Please sit down, Neil.

Victor: This is their counterproposal? This is hardly different. What the hell are insurance policies for but to cover an accident like this?

Neil: Well, I'm sure they're taking a hard line because the drilling company is owned by you personally and not Newman Enterprises.

Victor: I don't give a damn. If they don't improve on these numbers, then what the hell? Let's take our business elsewhere.

Neil: Yeah, but, Victor, you--you might wanna give that some more thought.

Victor: I don't have to think about a damn thing, Neil.

Neil: We may not be able to find another insurer if Nikki goes ahead with her lawsuit.

Victor: That lawsuit would be against me, not against the company.

Neil: No, I understand that. But the insurance company may not view it that way. Newman Enterprises could suffer collateral damage. Especially with Kay Chancellor on board.

Victor: Even the cops won't leave me alone.

Neil: Well, did something happen since you were served with warrants?

Victor: This female detective, whatever the hell her name is, came by and practically accused me of killing Ji Min Kim.

Neil: You must be kidding me. How could she do that?

Victor: Apparently, they found his blood on my gym bag.

Neil: But how is that even possible, Victor?

Victor: I have no clue. I have no idea. All I know is that the cops and the D.A. probably would like nothing more than to have a rich and famous guy on the stand. And that I guess defines me.

J.T.: Go over there. Talk to her.

Paul: Hey, mind if I join you?

Heather: I'm a little busy.

Paul: Well, I was just wondering, uh, what your plans were for the holidays? You gonna go see your mother?

Heather: No. I'm not.

Paul: In that case, would you like to join Maggie and me for Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner?

Heather: No, but thank you.

Paul: Have you ever been alone for the holidays? I have. It's not much fun.

Heather: I'll survive.

Paul: I was working on a case. I was undercover trying to save my dad. I had to make it look like I was on the outs with my entire family.

Heather: Is there any point to this story?

Paul: Well, yeah. As a matter of fact, there is. I felt terrible. It was Christmas Eve and I was shut out. And it was one of the worst nights of my life.

Heather: I was shut out from knowing my real father for over 25 years. I think I have you beat.

Jack: Well, I gotta say, this should get Victor's attention.

Nikki: He'll go through the roof when he reads this.

Kay: And then he will come for us.

Jack: I hope you're prepared.

Nikki: With you and Katherine behind me, I will be more than prepared.

Jack: I can go after Victor all on my own. I don't need to two of you.

David: You know there's strength in numbers. The most effective way to go after Victor is in a concentrated attack rather than one on one.

Jack: You'll forgive me if I don't value your particular brand of advice.

Nikki: Well, you should, Jack. He's right.

Jack: That remains to be seen. Look, if I go it alone, I don't have to answer to the two of you.

Kay: We all have the same goals, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, tell me that when it's decision time and I'm outvoted two to one.

Nikki: All right, this is not a match made in heaven. You don't trust us. We don't trust you. But I think we can all agree that Victor is the bad guy here.

Kay: What do you think?

Jack: I think you make some good points.

David: Well, here's another for you. If Nikki loses N.V.P., Victor is your new partner in Clear Springs.

Nikki: Jack, I promise you, it would behoove you greatly to help us make our case as strong as possible.

Nick: Hey, Dad. Thanks. So is, uh, there any change with Victoria?

Victor: No. Unfortunately not. What brings you by?

Nick: I wanted to see if you, uh... still wanted to build that crib for Reed?

Victor: Oh! How nice of you to remember.

Nick: Yeah, I'm actually looking forward to doing that.

Victor: Well, so am I. How about on the weekend?

Nick: Cool.

Victor: Yeah. And here I thought you'd come by to lecture me.

Nick: No. That's not why I'm here.

Victor: Why are you here?

Nick: I wanted to talk to you about Christmas.

Victor: What about it?

Nick: Well, it should be a time for celebration and forgiveness.

Victor: Uh-huh. In other words, you did come to lecture me.

Nick: No. I just want the fighting to stop, Dad.

Victor: I would like nothing more, Son.

Nick: You know, ever since the explosion, we've all been on edge. We've all said and done things that we regret. This should be a time when we can set things aside and start to heal.

Victor: Hmm. You're talking about your mother and me.

Nick: This tension between the two of you-- it's not good. It's affecting everyone else.

Victor: Sorry about that. So you're asking me to make an overture, is that it?

Nick: It couldn't hurt.

Victor: But you know for me to make an overture, she has to be receptive. And she ain't.

Nick: Dad, honestly, have you tried?

Victor: Son... she is otherwise occupied, okay?

Nick: What are you talking about?

Victor: Let's just say that your mother is more concerned with her so-called independence and that excuse of a man she's running around with. This is all self-imposed. I had nothing to do with any of this. She started it all. She made it personal.

Nick: You made it personal when you called in those loans.

Victor: Son, I did that to protect my company's interest. What are you talking about?

Nick: Okay, well, what about the drilling? You didn't tell Mom about it or anyone else, because you didn't want anyone to know what you were up to.

Victor: You don't know what you're talking about.

Nick: I know if you hadn't started drilling, my sister wouldn't be in a coma. And your grandson wouldn't be fighting for his life.

Victor: Get out of my house now.

(Door closes)

(Knock on door)

Phyllis: Hey!

Nikki: Hi.

Phyllis: Um, Nick isn't here.

Nikki: Oh, uh, I didn't come to see him. I just wanted to finalize plans for the holiday.

Phyllis: Oh, okay, come in.

Nikki: Thanks.

Phyllis: It's cold.

Nikki: It's cold.

Phyllis: Okay, well, um, I figure we'll have Christmas here and, um... you know, you're welcome to come, if you'd like.

Nikki: Are you doing lunch or dinner?

Phyllis: Uh, lunch. I figured lunch, after everybody has opened their gifts. Um... yeah. That's what we'll do. Then we'll eat.

Nikki: That'll be nice. Thank you.

Phyllis: I, uh, I figure that Noah will be up at the crack of dawn.

Nikki: Oh, just like his father was. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I would get so excited, I'd start planning before Halloween. Victor thought I was insane.

Phyllis: I-I-I love seeing how excited the kids get.

Nikki: Yeah, well, that's what it's all about, huh?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Are you doing okay?

Nikki: Oh, I'm fine. Uh, just... it's a little difficult for me realizing how different this year will be, you know?

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, you'll still be with family. Nick, Noah, Summer...

Nikki: Yeah.

Phyllis: Me. Ahem. Oh, uh, this is funny. When I was going through the ornaments today, um... I came across our business plan for N.V.P.

Nikki: Oh! If only we had borrowed money from a different lender. I should've known better than to go into business with Victor. I should've known it would be a disaster.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, you have lost anything yet. Believe me. I believe in Clear Springs.

Nikki: Oh?

Phyllis: And so does Nick.

Nikki: That means a lot to hear you say that. Look, I know things got way out of hand. I regret my part in it. I'm really sorry.

Phyllis: Apology accepted.

Jack: Sorry I didn't leave a note. I thought I'd be back a lot sooner.

Sharon: Where were you?

Jack: With Nikki and Kay. They're suing Victor.

Sharon: What?

Jack: For damages to Clear Springs. And they want me to be part of it.

Sharon: What did you say?

Jack: I told them I would give it some thought.

Sharon: How did this come about?

Jack: Victor called in Nikki's loans.

Sharon: Oh, my God.

Jack: No surprise. Classic Victor Newman. He doesn't care about Christmas, doesn't care about Victoria. He just wants to make his point.

Sharon: So she's fighting back?

Jack: Wouldn't you?

Sharon: I don't know. I-I can't even imagine.

Jack: What do you think I should do?

Sharon: About what?

Jack: About the suit?

Sharon: Well, you know, it's not for me to say.

Jack: I've always valued your opinion, and I'd love your input.

Sharon: Okay, um... well, I can tell you this. If you're gonna go through with this, then just be honest. Be honest with yourself and be honest with everybody else, because it never works out when you try to get what you want by deceiving people. It backfires.

Heather: Ahem.

Daniel: What's this?

Heather: It's a bill, for the money that you owe me.

Daniel: Oh, and thank you for taking it to the dealership.

Heather: I told you I was going to.

Daniel: Did you charge 'em with grand theft auto? Look at this price! It should be illegal.

Heather: You're probably just not used to going to legitimate businesses.

Daniel: Oh, oh, is that what it is? Are all district attorneys so quick to judge, or is it just you?

Heather: You were going to take my car to a guy that operated a chop shop.

Daniel: I didn't know it was a chop shop.

Heather: You didn't know it was a chop shop? So what, it wasn't your fault? Pretty familiar with that one. It's all over your record.

Daniel: Oh, good, you've got a copy of my record? You know what? That doesn't mean that you know a thing about me.

Heather: I know a lot. For instance, like mother, like son.

Daniel: You know, supposedly you're supposed to be out there chasing down justice. All I've seen you do is jump to conclusions without any hard facts. Do you do that with everyone or is it just with me? You know, if you'd bothered to take the time and read that file, you'd realize my mom didn't raise me at all.

Heather: Well, you certainly made up for lost time quickly.

Daniel: I thought that she was a loser, and I didn't want anything to do with her.

Heather: So how'd you deal?

Daniel: I made her life miserable for abandoning me, okay?

Heather: Your father raised you?

Daniel: Mmm, yeah, my father? I guess you could say that my father raised me. My father was too busy running around the world with his rock band. And my mom? Well, I just assumed that she didn't really wanna see me.

Heather: Well, you obviously changed your mind about her.

Daniel: Yes, I obviously changed my mind. I don't know why I'm telling you any of this. You know what? You'll get your check in the mail.

Maggie: Hey, um... you mind if I talk shop for a second?

Paul: Uh, no, go ahead.

Maggie: Okay. Excuse me, Mr. Chow?

David: Yes, Detective Sullivan.

Maggie: Do you have a moment?

David: Well, if you make it brief.

Maggie: Do you remember telling me that you thought Jack Abbott might have something to do with Ji Min Kim’s death?

David: Well, I didn't exactly accuse the man. I said that I knew that he was angry with Mr. Kim.

Maggie: Okay. Um, you knew that because you were here that day.

David: Yes.

Maggie: Yes. Did you see Victor Newman here that day?

David: I don't recall seeing him. Wait a minute, you searched his house and his office. Are you making a connection between Victor and Mr. Kim's death?

Maggie: You know, Mr. Chow, I'm really not at liberty to say. I'm sure you understand. I may have some more questions for you in the near future, though.

David: Anytime.

Maggie: Okay.

Maggie: Okay.

Paul: So you really think Victor might have something to do with that?

Maggie: Do I think that Victor set out to kill a man? No. Do I think that Victor-- a man that uses a heavy bag and is known to have a bad temper-- might've struck out in frustration and caught Ji Min in the throat? Yeah. Yeah, I think that's a definite possibility.

Paul: You want a drink or--

Maggie: Yeah. Hey, um, what are we doing for Christmas?

Paul: Oh, I don't know. Whatever you want.

Maggie: Did Santa forget you last year?

Paul: No. It just that, uh... well, I asked Heather if she would be interested in joining us, and her answer was, um... a resounding no.

Nikki: Oh, Sharon?

Sharon: Hi. Hi, can I come in?

Nikki: Yeah, it's your house.

Sharon: So, uh, how do you like living here?

Nikki: I love it. Uh, it's great being so close to Victoria.

Sharon: Mmm. Well, I'm glad this all worked out.

Nikki: So, um, what's going on?

Sharon: Um, well, Jack told me that you had a meeting with Kay, and--and I can't believe what Victor's doing.

Nikki: Oh, I can.

Sharon: So I would imagine you will probably wanna move back to the club so you can get as far away from him as possible?

Nikki: You know, I really don't even care about Victor. Victoria is my main concern.

Sharon: Oh, well, then, um... well, what I came here to tell you is, um, Noah and I need to move back in.

Nikki: What?

Sharon: Because, uh, well, Jack and I are--are separating first of the year.

Nikki: Oh. Oh. Um, wow, I wasn't planning on that.

Sharon: Well, I'm not, um, throwing you out, if that's what you thought.

Nikki: Sharon, what do you expect me to do? Be your roommate?

Sharon: If you're up for it.

Heather: Hey, Daniel?

Daniel: Let me guess, you'd like me to pick up your dry cleaning, too?

Heather: No. I, um... I wanted to apologize to you.

Daniel: Okay. Fine. See ya around.

Heather: Well, no, um... actually, I was wondering if you could just tell me a little bit more about when you found your mother. Humor me? Please?

Daniel: I was 16. The world sucked. If anybody did me wrong, I-I cut 'em off. You know, end of story.

Heather: So you didn't want a relationship with Phyllis then?

Daniel: No, I didn't want a relationship with her. I resented her.

Heather: Yeah, well, I can understand why.

Daniel: Yeah, but what good did it do me? Look where it got me.

Heather: Ah. I see. They--they must've stuck you in therapy or something, huh?

Daniel: Yeah, you know, you ask a lot of questions.

Heather: I'm sorry. I'm just, uh... curious.

Daniel: Okay.

Heather: Look, can you just, um... tell me how you two reconciled?

Daniel: It was simple. I just gave her another chance. And you know what? I'm kinda glad I did. Because I can't imagine my life without her in it.

Heather: You fought really hard for her when she was in trouble.

Daniel: Everyone deserves a second chance. Some people-- they need a third and a fourth.

Nikki: So... roommates?

Sharon: Yeah. Um, weird prospect, huh?

Nikki: I-I-I don't know that that would work. I mean, we don't even really--

Sharon: What, like each other very much?

Nikki: Well, I wouldn't put it that strongly.

Sharon: Nikki, you know, if I--if I had someplace else to go, I...

Nikki: Oh, look, hey, this is your house. I totally understand.

Sharon: Honestly, I was thinking it would be really, really good for Noah, having you here.

Nikki: Oh. Well, that would be nice to see him everyday.

Sharon: Well, think about it. You know, you don't-- you don't have to--to come up with an answer right now.

Nikki: Oh, Sharon. Have you ever seen "The Odd Couple"?

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Would that be us?

Sharon: Um... but which one would you be? The neat freak or the messy one?

Nikki: Don't be ridiculous!

Sharon: Well, I'm not messy.

Nikki: Well... I suppose we have... gotten through our differences in the past. Thank you for not asking me to move out.

Sharon: Oh, I wouldn't do that.

Nikki: Roommates?

Sharon: Roommates.

Jack: It's freezing out there.

Phyllis: I know. I'm kind of glad you're here alone. I wanted to see how you're doing.

Jack: So Sharon told you?

Phyllis: Yeah. Listen, I know you have a lot on your plate. Most of it cooked up by me.

Jack: Hey, wait, wait, let’s not even go there. Here, sit down. None of this is your fault.

Phyllis: For what it's worth, I am sorry about everything.

Jack: Well, thanks. I appreciate that. The sorriest part of this is, I did all this stuff before Sharon and I were even married. I feel like I'm a different person now. She changed me.

Phyllis: Sharon is a , um... reasonable person. She'll realize that.

Jack: I'm not so sure.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no, no. Listen, listen, when she came by, her intentions were very clear. She wants space. She only wants space. Nick asked her about a divorce, and she said no. She's not even thinking that way.

Jack: Well, I-I realize you're trying to give me hope here, but--

Phyllis: But--no, no, no, no buts. If I learned anything in prison--

Jack: Listen, this could be the end of my marriage. I mean, she may decide not to come back at all.

Phyllis: You could be hit by a bus tomorrow.

Jack: When Sharon and Noah moved into this house, they breathed new life into it. They leave now, it's... it's gonna be empty and depressing. Again.

Phyllis: Okay, well, obviously I'm not gonna give you hope.

Jack: Phyllis, I-I--

Phyllis: But I can give you this... Sharon and Nikki will be living under the same roof. So if those two don't kill each other first, Sharon will be back here before the moving van backs up to the front door. I guarantee it.

Nick: Hey!

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: Don't look over here.

Phyllis: All right, I'm not looking.

Nick: How was Jack?

Phyllis: Doing badly.

Nick: Yeah, guess we are, uh, 0 for 2, huh?

Phyllis: Yeah, we tried. Look!

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: You wrapped that!

Nick: All by myself.

Phyllis: Beautiful job!

(Package rattles)

Phyllis: I have no clue what it is.

Nick: Yeah, shaking it is not gonna help.

Phyllis: Really?

Nick: Let me just take that from you.

Phyllis: (Giggles)

Nick: The tree looks great, by the way.

Phyllis: It does, doesn't it? I couldn't wait. Although, and you're gonna be very happy about this, I saved these ornaments so we could decorate the rest of the tree together.

Nick: All right. All right. What a morning! I feel like I could... take another run!

Phyllis: Really? You couldn't handle that.

Nick: Is that a challenge?

Phyllis: Shh. You wanna run three more miles? You're crazy.

Nick: You're right. I don't wanna run anymore. Besides, it's everyone else's job around us to be crazy.

Phyllis: Hey, I am trouble-free. I'm a trouble-free woman. And you've never given me trouble, right?

Nick: Never?

Phyllis: Never.

Nick: All right. Just promise me something.

Phyllis: Yes?

Nick: If I ever start acting like my father, just give me a swift kick in the butt.

Phyllis: Absolutely.

Nick: All right.

Phyllis: Is Summer down?

Nick: Um... you know, she just happens to be asleep.

Phyllis: She does?

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: Oh, good. I know that you're a traditionalist, but I'd like to give you one of your Christmas gifts early.

Nick: That's just a preview, right?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: I'm gonna get another present on Christmas, right?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. You're gonna get another one on Christmas.

Nick: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: And, uh, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Nick: How about Flag Day?

Phyllis: Absolutely, Flag Day, too.

Nick: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: Um...

(Knock on door)

Nick: No, don't answer it. I really want my present.

Phyllis: (Laughs)

Daniel: Mom?

Phyllis: Oh, it's my son.

Nick: I love your son!

Phyllis: I have to answer it.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nick: I'll just be here.

Phyllis: Hey, Daniel. Did you forget something?

Daniel: Uh, yeah. I forgot to give you this. Come here!

[Daniel gives Phyllis a hug]

Phyllis: You're an awesome, awesome boy!

Maggie: Thank you.

Paul: Thanks.

Maggie: You know, we could cook.

Paul: We could cook?

Maggie: Yeah. Well, we could-- we could order in, and then we could, you know, pretend. You know, we could make your place real cozy, you know? Or my place.

Paul: My place is cleaner.

Maggie: Your place is cleaner because I cleaned it.

Paul: Details.

Maggie: Okay. Okay. I'm not gonna argue. Christmas Eve, your place, just the two of us.

Heather: Would making it just the three of us interfere with your plans?

Paul: You've changed your mind?

Heather: Well, I-I guess I was thinking about it. I mean, if that's still okay with you?

Paul: Of course it's okay.

Maggie: Can you cook?

Heather: No, I can't cook.

Maggie: Damn! We can't cook.

Paul: Um, we can order in, or you know, we can eat here. Gina makes this place look like a winter wonderland. You know, the food's good. I'll just, uh... I'll--I'll book a table.

Heather: Okay. Whichever you prefer. Just tell me when and where... and I'll be there.

Kay: All right, is your lawyer coming?

Nikki: Yes, any minute.

David: I had an interesting chat with Detective Sullivan after you two left earlier.

Nikki: Oh?

David: She was asking questions about Victor in relation to Ji Min Kim's death.

Jack: Okay, I'm in. Partners? Nikki?

Victor: Apparently Chancellor Industries was using substandard concrete.

Neil: Well, that was part of the report. But it didn't have anything to do with the explosion.

Victor: Well, it wasn't the immediate cause of the explosion, but apparently that parking structure was a disaster waiting to happen. In fact, Chancellor Industries was closing it down as it was collapsing.

Neil: So what do you wanna do? You wanna go after Chancellor Industries?

Victor: I'll go after anyone who opposes me. Be that Katherine Chancellor, be that my ex-wife. I don't give a damn. Bring 'em on. If they're reckless enough to try, they'll pay for it.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jeff: My first Christmas with my new fiancée and future stepson.

Jack: I've joined Nikki and Katherine in the suit against your father.

Nikki: You're surprisingly upbeat for a man facing multiple lawsuits and the law.

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