Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/19/07

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/19/07 -- Canada; Thursday 12/20/07 -- U.S.A.


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Cane: Lily, I'll get you. I'm sorry, I thought you, um... I thought you needed a spot.

Lily: Well, if I do, then I will ask somebody my own age.

Amber: Yoohoo! Anybody home? No.

Amber: Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! This is cute. This is cute! Ahh. There.

(Door opens)

Amber: (Gasps) hey, you snuck up on me!

Daniel: I'm sorry. I'll wear a bell on my neck next time?

Amber: Um... why are you looking at me like that?

Daniel: 'Cause I'm waiting for you to explain all of this.

Amber: All--all of what?

Daniel: All of the Christmas decorations, the presents. What, are you moonlighting as one of Santa's elves?

Amber: I'm just getting in the holiday spirit! That's all! Wait, wait, wait, isn't this the cutest wreath you have ever seen in your life? Look at this!

Daniel: Cute.

Amber: And then, I got these little penguins and they dance.

Daniel: They're dancing. Yeah, they sure are.

Amber: (Giggles)

Daniel: Hey, did you knock over a liquor store or something? You've got hundred dollar bills in your purse.

Amber: Um, no, no, I told you, it was, uh, my CD release--the pre-sales.

Daniel: The CD you made for Fenmore's?

Amber: Yep! It's just flying off the virtual shelves.

Daniel: You know, no offense, Amber, but you're not really a celebrity pop star.

Amber: Yet. But I am making 50 cents a downloaded song, and I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but it really does start to add up.

Daniel: Yeah, I thought you were nuts when you bought that camera, but look at all this stuff!

Amber: Because this is the first time I'm not, like, totally strapped. So...

Daniel: Okay, so show me this web site.

Amber: I gotta be at work soon.

Daniel: Its only gonna take a minute.

Amber: Okay, sure. Let's--let's do it.

Lily: You know, you really don't have to spot me.

Karen: No, it's fine. Come on.

Lily: No, I don't wanna interrupt your workout.

Karen: It's fine. I needed a break anyway. And besides, your dad would probably kill me if I just stood by and sort of watched you get crushed by a dumbbell. Here we go.

Lily: Well, these weights really aren't that heavy.

Karen: Okay, here we go. You know what? You don't need my help, do you? You know, I saw you a little earlier with Cane.

Lily: Well, I wasn't with Cane. He just came up to me.

Karen: Oh, right, right. Is everything okay?

Lily: Why wouldn't it be?

Karen: Well, he... he sort of just ran out of here.

Lily: Well, maybe he had someplace to be.

Karen: You know, you're right. It's none of my business. I'm sorry.

Lily: No, that's not what I meant.

Karen: You know, you guys make a cute couple.

Lily: Well, I'm glad somebody thinks so.

Victor: By the way, what is the status with our drilling at Clear Springs?

Neil: Well, as of now, all operations have been shut down.

Victor: Well, we're gonna have to find a way to start again.

Neil: Nikki's lawsuit might delay things.

Victor: Neil, every day we don't drill I lose more money, okay?

Neil: Victor, you may not wanna hear this, but I really think it would be in your best interest to settle. Accept the insurance company's offer.

Victor: Well, Neil, you know me well enough to know that I don't back down. I won't let those vultures win.

Neil: Yes, I do know that about you, Victor. But the bottom line is, your drilling operation caused the methane explosion.

Victor: Now wait a minute. You're repeating what I'm accused of. It's not my drilling. I hired a damn company that screwed up. That's all. Now we've gotta find a way to solve this. I want you to find it.

Nikki: Well, as much as it hurts, there is a little bit of exhilaration that I'm not bending to his will.

Kay: Who would've thought?

Nikki: That I'm standing up for myself?

Kay: Mmm.

Nikki: I know. No, I'm through letting him walk all over me. It is time to fight and it's time to fight dirty.

Kay: As in?

Nikki: I'm suing him for causing the disaster in Clear Springs. And I want you to join me.

Kay: In the lawsuit?

Nikki: Yes. And I'm not asking you just because we're friends. This has nothing to do with friendship. This has to do with business and money, and you are one of the sharpest businesswomen in the state.

Kay: Darling, I don't know. Things like this have a tendency to get very messy.

Nikki: We've gotta hit him from all sides if this is gonna work.

Kay: I realize there's strength in numbers, but--

Nikki: Wouldn't you like to recoup some of Chancellor Industries losses?

Kay: Victor has insurance.

Nikki: Yes, and they will try to pay the least amount possible. And if you think that Victor's going to compensate us with money out of his pockets, you're dreaming.

Kay: Well, you do have a point.

Nikki: The more people I have on my side, the less likely a jury will dismiss the case.

Kay: Well, yeah, but why would they dismiss it?

Nikki: Please, can't you hear his attorneys now? Painting me as a bitter woman, her marriage is in tatters. But if I have Chancellor Industries on my side, that gives us a lot more credibility.

Kay: Hmm. Well, my darling, I will consider it, but, um, I'll let you know. But first I have to talk to Victor.

Nikki: Okay. That's better than a "No."

Karen: Okay, that is not the face of a happy guy. What's going on?

Neil: I just had a long talk with Victor. Nikki's suing him.

Karen: Okay, that's one way to keep from having to pay back the loan.

Neil: Yeah, I hate the thought of getting involved with what's basically a domestic squabble.

Karen: Yeah, but, Neil, how can you not? I mean, you work for the guy.

Neil: Well, the drilling operation wasn't a Newman venture. It was Victor's personal project.

Karen: And you guys said that you're more than colleagues, right?

Neil: I was drawn into this whole thing. You know why? 'Cause Victor trusts me. While he's keeping vigil at the hospital, what am I doing? I'm putting out fires trying to protect the man's interests.

Karen: Yeah, but so what? Now he wants you to bankrupt his future ex?

Neil: Karen, I have an obligation. It's not a pretty situation.

Karen: No, it's a tough spot.

Neil: Yeah. Hey, um, on a lighter note, can I ask you a question?

Karen: I don't know, can you?

Neil: Uh, yes, I can.

Karen: Okay.

Neil: May--may I ask you a question?

Karen: Yes, you may.

Neil: What, um... how'd you like to spend Christmas with me and the kids?

Karen: Wow, really?

Neil: Yeah. Unless you already have plans.

Karen: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, but you--you ran this by Lily and Devon?

Neil: No, I haven't talked to them yet, but I will. They'll be fine with it.

Karen: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You--I'm honored, but you have to ask them.

Neil: I am going to talk to Lily and Devon. And then I'm gonna get back to you. You're stuck with us, whether you like it or not. We're not gonna take no for an answer.

Karen: Well, get back to me when you ask 'em.

Daniel: So this is the legendary Amber Moore web site?

Amber: Well, I am no longer a legend in my own mind.

Daniel: Hmm. Soon you're gonna have a fan club.

Amber: And you can be my president, if you're nice to me.

Daniel: Yeah, this doesn't make any sense.

Amber: What?

Daniel: Well, the amount of songs that you've sold-- it doesn't account for why it looks like you've just hit the lottery.

Amber: Well, that's because I've just-- I've been having all these problems with my server and a bunch of stuff got erased.

Daniel: Why don't you have Kevin take a look at it?

Amber: Because he's always busy.

Daniel: Why don't you change your server?

Amber: Because I signed this contract that lasts until the end of the year, but they assured me that the problem will be solved, fixed, whatever.

Daniel: When?

Amber: Soon. Soon.

Daniel: What are your plans for Christmas?

Amber: Uh, I'll probably be roasting chestnuts by an open fire. The problem is, I hate chestnuts.

Daniel: Well, why don't you come spend it with Mom and me?

Amber: Maybe. Let's--let's just see what happens.

Daniel: So am I last resort then?

Amber: No. Even if you were, I wouldn't tell you.

Daniel: You know, I know that you're just holding out and waiting for an invitation from Mrs. Chancellor.

Amber: She and I-- we really did get close during the whole parking garage collapse thing.

Daniel: Mmm. I heard you're gym buddies.

Amber: Actually, I'm her personal trainer. And in return, I got my gym membership back.

Daniel: Yes, but we all know what your real motives are-- to get closer to Cane.

Cane: Grandma?

Kay: Oh.

Cane: It looks-- it looks like someone's gone behind your back and they're gonna be sorry, but they just don't know it yet.

Kay: You're very observant.

Cane: It wasn't me.

Kay: No, not a chance. Um, you carrying all this, uh, work just to impress me?

Cane: No. These are the Clear Springs preliminary clean up costs.

Kay: How bad is it?

Cane: Let's just say it's not too encouraging.

Kay: Well, I'm--I'm carrying extensive, um, insurance coverage. I pay a whopping premium every month.

Cane: Yeah, we're still gonna take a substantial hit on this one.

Kay: Victor Newman called in Nikki's loan.

Cane: I can't believe that man.

Kay: Hmm.

Cane: Is there anything you can do?

Kay: I will see.

(Telephone ringing)

Victor: Yes?

Kay: Victor, it's, uh, Katherine. I spoke to Nikki and I was quite disappointed by our conversation.

Victor: You told me that you agreed that Nikki was in over her head. You shouldn't be surprised that I intervened.

Kay: Well, no, I'm not at all surprised, but I do have an enormous financial stake in that development project. So I really think, uh, I'd like to meet and discuss business.

Victor: Why don't you come out to the ranch?

Kay: I'll be there.

Lily: Hey, did you know that a dairy cow can produce up to five gallons of ice cream a day?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Did you forget how to read lips?

Devon: What did you say?

Lily: I said, you're not listening!

Dev: Can you let me listen to this for, like, a couple more minutes? 'Cause it's a really good song, okay? Please?

Lily: Ugh.

Devon: Hey, Cane, what's going on, man?

Cane: Hey.

Devon: Would you like to join us?

Cane: I'd love to, but I, uh, I got some reading I have to do.

Devon: All right. Take it easy. Talk about rude, Lily. You couldn't even say hi?

Lily: Just mind your own business.

Devon: Where you going?

Lily: I have to pick up Christmas presents. I'll be right back.

Devon: Want me to go with you?

Lily: Uh, no, 'cause the place where I got yours doesn't gift wrap.

Devon: Oh, that's right, they don't gift wrap sports cars.

Lily: Ah! Bye!

Devon: (Sighs)

Amber: Hey, Devon. What'll it be?

Devon: Refill on coffee.

Amber: Okay. Where'd Lily go?

Devon: Why do you care, Amber?

Amber: Just because she doesn't like me, doesn't mean I don't like her.

Devon: All right, well, to tell you the truth, I can't keep up with her most of the time, so I don't know.

Amber: I envy you two.

Devon: Why?

Amber: Your relationship. I just wish I had someone I was that comfortable with, you know? You guys must tell each other everything, huh?

Devon: Yeah, pretty much.

Amber: Yeah.

Devon: Mm-hmm. Is that coffee gonna take awhile or...

Amber: Oh, coming right up.

Devon: All right. Just bring it to my table, please.

Amber: Sure.

Devon: Thank you.

Cane: Hey.

Amber: Hey.

Cane: How's the coffee today?

Amber: It's hot and fresh. Oh, um, I got a little Christmas present for you.

Cane: Amber, you can't go buy me Christmas presents.

Amber: Oh, don't ruin all the fun! Um, when's a good time to drop it by?

Cane: I can't accept it. I'm sorry.

Amber: Um...

Nikki: Look at this, David. I found it at the gallery on Main Street.

David: That's Venice, isn't it?

Nikki: Mm-hmm. Victoria adores Italy. She used to live there.

David: Hmm.

Nikki: I almost wish she hadn't come home, to go through this whole ordeal.

David: Yeah, but then you would've missed her too much.

Nikki: I know. You're right.

David: It's very colorful.

Nikki: Isn't it funny how some paintings just... project a really warm feeling? You know, it just makes you feel good.

David: Yeah. Kinda like some women.

Nikki: I'm gonna hang it in her room, so that when she wakes up, she will be inspired to get well.

David: I'm sure her son will be all the inspiration she needs.

Nikki: That baby is a miracle baby. And I know he's going to do wonderful things in his life.

David: You know, one of the things I admire most about you is your passion. For life, for your children. You used to be that way about Clear Springs.

Nikki: Oh, that seems like a whole lifetime ago.

David: It doesn't have to be. Victor calling in the loan is just a setback.

Nikki: Really?

David: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: So you think this project can be salvaged?

David: Absolutely. It was a great concept. That part hasn't changed. It can still be the success that you and your daughter envisioned.

Nikki: I wouldn't even know where to begin.

David: Well, it's funny you would bring that up. Because I think this lawsuit is gonna get you on track.

Nikki: My God, already? The lawyers did this this fast?

David: Read the complaint. I think you're gonna be very impressed with the sum we're asking for. It's on the last page.

Nikki: The last page? (Gasps) holy cow! Half a billion dollars?

David: Mm-hmm. Compensatories and punitives. Drilling is a strict liability tort. If you do it and there are damages, you pay and pay and pay.

Nikki: (Whistles)

Victor: Please sit down, Katherine.

Kay: Oh, thank you.

Victor: What can I do for you?

Kay: Well, I heard you were calling in Nikki's loan.

Victor: You also heard that my ex-wife is suing me?

Kay: Victor, we have been friends for many, many, many years.

Victor: We have indeed, Katherine.

Kay: And I think that entitles me to speak to you in a way that most people are afraid to.

Victor: Get it off your chest.

Kay: I hate what this is doing to Nikki and to you, for that matter.

Victor: Well, don't worry about me.

Kay: Well, I do worry about you. You don't wear your heart on your sleeve, for heaven's sakes. But I know it's tearing you up inside.

Victor: What's your point?

Kay: Are you really intending to destroy your wife?

Victor: My soon to be ex-wife.

Kay: Well, think about it. Is this the way you want Victor and Nikki's great love story to end?

Victor: Well, Katherine, I'm obviously very... sad it has come to this.

Kay: You're a wealthy man. This is totally unnecessary, Victor.

Victor: Katherine, let me recapitulate for you. Nikki asked me for advice before she invested in that Clear Springs. Okay? I advised against it. I thought it was nonsense. She didn't accept my advice. She was sort of arrogant about it. She dismissed it. Insisted on being treated like anyone else in business.

Kay: Victor, she's not just anyone else in business. She is your wife. She is the mother of your children.

Victor: I was perfectly reasonable with her. And I'm very reasonable now. I'm asking her to repay a loan that she has defaulted on.

Kay: My God, why do you have to be so vindictive of something like this?

Victor: Sweetheart, I'm not being vindictive. I'm simply following the rules of business. She defaulted on the damn loan.

Kay: Well, be that as it may, but it's morally wrong. Now you know it and I know it. Come on, Victor. Please don't do this. Please?

Devon: Thanks. What's that?

Amber: Apple muffin, on the house. You had that, uh, hungry look on your face.

Devon: Thank you. What's a hungry look?

Amber: Can't explain it. A good waitress-- we just kinda know these things, you know?

Devon: Okay.

Amber: How's that thing work?

Devon: What did you say?

Amber: I said, how's that thing work?

Devon: I can hear you. You can talk normal. Um, you put music in, you press play. It's an mp3 player.

Amber: No, I meant, how--how's it work with your, uh--

Devon: Cochlear implant?

Amber: Yes.

Devon: Yeah, it's a special connector. It works through induction.

Amber: Oh. Whatcha listening to?

Devon: Pete Fountain.

Amber: Oh, you like jazz?

Devon: I do like jazz. I like all kinds of stuff. I'm a music major.

Amber: You're kidding.

Devon: No. Not kidding. Why are you so surprised? 'Cause I can't hear without this thing?

Amber: No, I just figured it would be difficult.

Devon: I figure if Beethoven can do it, why not me?

Amber: He--he had a, um...

Devon: No, I don't think they invented cochlear implants back then, but he still conducted and composed even after he went completely deaf.

Amber: Wow.

Devon: Mm-hmm. So am I your only customer today or...

Amber: Oh! No, uh, okay. I'm gonna leave you and Pete alone.

Devon: All right.

Amber: Okay.

Devon: Thanks.

Nikki: Pretty much blames Victor for everything, huh?

David: It's necessary to spell out all the destruction he's caused.

Nikki: Wow. Massive property damage, injuries, death of a man, his own daughter in a coma, one grandson losing his spleen, another fighting for his life.

David: He needs to be held accountable for all of it.

Nikki: No, I realized that, but--

David: Nikki, Nikki, listen to me. Why should you lose everything because of his actions through no fault of your own?

Nikki: I don't disagree with you. I'm just wondering how it all came to this. I mean, we used to love each other.

David: So you're feeling sorry for him?

Nikki: Yeah, I am. This is really gonna hurt him.

David: Just like he hurt everyone else.

Nikki: And the only way he knows to respond to something like this is to lash out. It's gonna be so ugly.

David: As anticipated. And we can handle it.

Nikki: I just wish I could find another way to reason with him. Avoid all of this heartbreak for everybody.

Kay: Oh, Victor, talking to you is like talking to the sky. Not that I mean you're Godlike.

Victor: More like talking to a brick wall, right?

Kay: Well, I've tried to appeal to your reasonable side.

Victor: Well, I've been reasonable with her. She just made a bad choice, that's all.

Kay: Let's be honest. Real honest. You are treating Nikki like this just to punish her. Because she has, um, found a man and she's found her independence.

Victor: That's about the long and the short of it.

Kay: And you're angry because she left you and, uh, you no longer can tell her what to do.

Victor: Somebody better tell her what to do. She made a total mess of things. You know that.

Kay: You know, one day you're gonna be old and very lonely, and you're gonna find that control is not everything. That time comes and it's gonna be too late, 'cause Nikki has simply moved on.

Victor: For your information, she already has, Katherine.

Kay: Because you will not give her the one thing that she wants from you, Victor, and that's your respect, Darling.

Victor: Katherine, I'm a successful businessman. You know that. She comes to me for advice, then refuses to accept it, then she makes a mess of things. How the hell can I respect her?

Kay: Well, you started that drilling site. Now come on, you started that just to trump Jack and Nikki.

Victor: Not true.

Kay: Oh, yes, it is! Yes, it is! It's why you kept it a secret. I mean, you pushed and you pushed. And I mean, who knows what could've been overlooked at that drilling site in haste?

Victor: Katherine, every precaution was taken, all right?

Kay: But it wasn't enough. Just go upstairs and take a good look at your daughter and the result of your need for revenge.

Victor: I choose to ignore the last remark.

Kay: Yeah.

Victor: I'll take you to the door, okay?

Victor: And you tell my soon to be ex-wife that her efforts are in vain. I will not back down. Thank you for coming by.

Kay: Yeah.

Devon: I didn't ask for a refill.

Amber: Yeah, but your cup was empty.

Devon: Didn't mean I wanted more coffee, though.

Amber: Hmm.

Devon: Can I help you?

Amber: I-I was curious... um...

Devon: If you want another music history lesson, it's gonna have to be another day, all right?

Amber: No, no, no, I just thought, you know, since we're both into music--

Devon: Everybody's into music, Amber.

Amber: Yeah, but I think you and I might have something in common.

Dev: Oh, I got that.

Amber: Did you know I write songs?

Devon: I did, actually. So do I.

Amber: And I'm a singer.

Devon: I know.

Amber: You know, you should check out my web site sometime. I have these CDs there for sale.

Devon: I'll do that.

Amber: And maybe... you and I can get together and write some music, hmm?

Devon: You never know, maybe we can.

Nikki: So have you spoken to Victor?

Kay: Well, more like argued. The man is impossible!

Nikki: Tell me something I don't know.

David: What did he say?

Kay: Well, you're absolutely right. If he has his way, you'll be left with nothing.

Nikki: Have I told you how much I hate being right?

Kay: You know, I-I thought I could get through to him. Make him see where he was wrong.

Nikki: Are you kidding? He will never admit he made a mistake.

David: Oh, come on. We all knew he wasn't gonna back down.

Kay: Well, especially now that you've threatened to sue him, David.

David: It's not only just a threat. Nikki's lawyers have drawn up the papers.

Kay: You know, it--it is so sad, it could've all be avoided had--had Victor not been so damn stubborn!

Nikki: Well, what have you decided? Are you joining us?

Kay: Oh, Darling, if it was just about vengeance, no, of course I wouldn't even be considering, but, um... like you said, I'm a businesswoman.

Nikki: I believe I said you were a sharp businesswoman.

Kay: Mm-hmm, that's right. So why should I stand to lose millions of dollars just because of Victor's mistake?

Nikki: Does that mean you're in?

Kay: Yes. I'm in.

Amber: (Giggles) it was!

Devon: That was a good part.

Amber: (Giggles) oh, God! Okay, I'll see ya.

Devon: Thanks. (Laughs) hey.

Lily: Since when are you and Amber best friends?

Devon: Oh, no, she was just, um, telling me about her music.

Lily: Oh, well, she's a pro at self-promotion.

Devon: Yeah. So... spill it.

Lily: Spill what?

Devon: You and Cane? I thought you had a crush on him, but you wouldn't even look at the guy when he came in here.

Lily: Because I am mad at him right now.

Devon: Why are you mad at him right now?

Lily: Because he says he likes me, but yet that I'm just too young for him.

Neil: You are way too young.

Devon: Hey, Dad.

Lily: Listen, I don't even wanna talk about Cane right now, okay?

Neil: Oh, good. I have an idea, let's talk about Christmas.

Devon: What about Christmas?

Neil: Well, I'd like Karen to be there, if that's all right with you guys.

Devon: It's fine with me.

Lily: Yeah, it's fine with me, too. She's, uh, starting to grow on me.

Victor: If you're here to ask more questions, I've said everything I'm gonna say.

Maggie: Well, I'll try to make this brief then, Mr. Newman.

Victor: I do not want an interrogation.

Maggie: I understand. You're going through a difficult time.

Victor: Didn't you and your fellow detectives realize last time you were here, rummaging through everything in this house, that you're barking up the wrong tree?

Maggie: I'd like to talk to you about how you managed to pressure Ji Min Kim to telling the truth about the fraudulent purchase of Jabot.

Victor: You're wildly hypothesizing now.

Maggie: No, Sir, its fact.

Victor: Why don't you come in?

Maggie: Thank you.

Victor: So it's a fact?

Maggie: I have a tape in my possession. It has a conversation between you and Mr. Kim.

Victor: To tell Mr. Kim the truth was the best thing that could've happened.

Maggie: I'm more concerned with what happened afterwards when he decided not to do so.

Victor: What's your point?

Maggie: Well, I assume you were angry.

Victor: I wasn't angry enough to kill that pipsqueak, if that's what you're implying. Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna look after my daughter, who is comatose. All right?

Maggie: Go right ahead, Sir. I'll wait here.

Victor: Normally, I'd throw you out, but you wait here.

Daniel: Hey, Amber.

Amber: Hi. It's nice to see a friendly face.

Daniel: Well, aren't all the faces in here friendly?

Amber: Some are. Some aren't. Hey, I had a nice talk with Devon today.

Daniel: Oh, he talked to you?

Amber: Yes. I found out we both write music. In fact, we might get together and write a song.

Daniel: You guys, like, friends now?

Amber: He's a really cool guy.

Daniel: You are so transparent.

Amber: What is that supposed to mean?

Daniel: It means that if you're trying to suck up to Devon, you're just trying to find out what's going on between Cane and Lily.

Amber: You really think I'd be that devious?

Daniel: Oh, you were born that devious.

Amber: Ugh, I'm so offended.

Daniel: I'm so sure.

Neil: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Karen, I've been looking all over for you. I have some good news.

Karen: Oh, really?

Neil: Yeah, I talked to both kids. And they're happy to have you join us for Christmas.

Karen: Seriously?

Neil: Yeah. Do I look like I'm kidding?

Karen: No. Okay. Okay

Neil: And my second piece of good news?

Karen: Yeah?

Neil: Is that my daughter's relationship with her Australian crush is over.

Karen: Really?

Neil: Yeah.

Karen: What happened?

Neil: Well, Cane ended it. Um, I guess the guy's smarter than I gave him credit for.

Karen: Okay.

David: I made us some coffee. Nikki?

Nikki: Hmm? What?

David: It's not important. Where were you just now?

Nikki: I'm embarrassed to tell you. I was thinking about the time Victor hired Il Divo to serenade me. It was a wonderful surprise.

David: Victor's surprises haven't been so wonderful lately.

Nikki: Yeah, I know.

David: You're having second thoughts, aren't you?

Nikki: No, I am not. I'm not dropping the suit. I just realized that my doubts are 'cause I gave into him for so many years.

David: Were you really that afraid of him?

Nikki: Not afraid. More wanting to keep peace in the family.

David: Well, then I applaud you for doing it so well and for so long.

Nikki: I was a whole different person then. The old Nikki would've caved.

David: I like the new Nikki.

Nikki: He also never gave up an opportunity to tell me that I came from nothing.

David: There's no big surprise there. The last thing he wanted was a woman who was self-confident. And you know the irony about this, Nikki? You're gonna beat Victor at his own game.

Nikki: Yeah, I am. You know why?

David: Why?

Nikki: 'Cause all these years I've been watching him. I've been learning. I've got it all down. I have figured out his tricks. Did you know that there was a book written about him called "Ruthless"?

David: You're kidding me.

Nikki: I kid you not. That shows you how famous he is in his cutthroat manner in the way he does business. Well, I can be ruthless, too. In fact, I have something he doesn't have and never will have.

David: Which is?

Nikki: I'm a woman scorned.

Victor: I admire your tenacity. You're still here.

Maggie: How's Victoria, Sir?

Victor: No better, no worse.

Maggie: I'm not a heartless woman, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Detective Sullivan, I have talked enough to you. Get to the point. I wanna get back to my daughter.

Maggie: Does it surprise you to know that we have DNA evidence putting you at the scene of Mr. Kim's death?

Victor: That's impossible.

Maggie: The lab results are irrefutable.

Victor: What DNA evidence could you possibly have?

Maggie: Traces of Mr. Kim's blood were found in your gym bag. DNA does not lie.

Victor: And I do not lie, Detective Sullivan. I did not kill that bastard.

Maggie: Maybe you'd like to talk about what happened when you went up to his room the day he was found dead.

Victor: And I've heard enough, Detective Sullivan, all right? You don't come into my house and you accuse me of something I didn't do. And next time you show up, you announce yourself, so my attorney can be here. You got that?

Maggie: Yes, Sir.

Victor: Now show yourself out.

Victor: You wanna play with Victor Newman? I got news for you, I'm gonna take all of you on.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

David: If Nikki loses N.V.P., Victor is your new partner in Clear Springs.

Victor: I'd like to ask you a question or two.

J.T.: About what?

Victor: It's about Clear Springs.

Daniel: Everyone deserves a second chance. Some people need a third and a fourth.

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