Y&R Transcript Tuesday 12/18/07

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 12/18/07 -- Canada; Wednesday 12/19/07 -- U.S.A.


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Victor: That's right. That's right. Yeah. Well, not only are we here to celebrate our granddaughter's first birthday-- that's right. I have some news for you. The DNA test results are back.

Phyllis: Please don't let it be Brad.

Victor: J.T. is the father.

Phyllis: Oh, good! Good! That's great!

Nick: Vick is gonna be thrilled.

Daniel: J.T.'s a daddy? That's tight.

Phyllis: Hey, Summer, J.T. is your new cousin's daddy! Look, she's very happy.

Victor: That's good. He's very happy. She's very happy with Grandpa, isn't she? That's right.

Summer: (Coos)

Phyllis: Um, get your father a cupcake.

Victor: Cupcakes?

Phyllis: Yes, yes, it's a new tradition. We're doing cupcakes. Everybody gets to light the candle and make their wish. So...

Nick: There you go. Just, uh, you know...

Victor: That's a good girl.

Nick: Humor her. Here we go. Let's take a picture.

Victor: You wanna blow it out?

Phyllis: All right!

Victor: We take a picture?

Nick: Dad, you gotta blow it out.

Phyllis: All right, make a wish. Make a wish.

Victor: Hold on a second. Let me take off my glasses.

Phyllis: Here we go. Make a wish.

Victor: Here we go. Now do I blow it out?

Phyllis: Yes. Blow it out. But make a wish.

Victor: I did. I did.

Phyllis: Good job.

Victor: Yeah, my baby.

Phyllis: Okay.

Victor: Um, there's something I wanna tell you, son.

Nick: Want me to take her?

Victor: I want you to-- come here. Go to Daddy. There we go. There we go.

Nick: Yeah, I know.

Victor: Uh, it has to do with your mother.

Phyllis: Summer?

Victor: I called in her loan.

Nick: Wow. Early, uh, Christmas present, huh?

Nikki: I told Victor, he can't walk all over me anymore.

David: Yeah, I think he's done enough of that in your lifetime.

Nikki: He has just pushed me to my limits. I am not paying back his loan. He is not getting N.V.P. he can try to take my company, but that's not gonna happen.

David: I'm very proud of you.

Nikki: Well, it could be years before the insurance companies settle on Clear Springs. I'm not gonna put my life on hold.

David: And you shouldn't have to. We move forward. We start afresh. I've got plenty of ideas.

Nikki: So do I. Step one-- sue Victor's company for causing the explosion.

David: I thought you wanted to move past that.

Nikki: Well, I do, once I get what I deserve.

David: (Chuckles) you do know that Victor's gonna come at you with everything?

Nikki: Hey, bring it on. Who knows his tactics better than I do? This time, he can't bully me.

Jack: I keep forgetting to tell you I got another gift for Noah.

Sharon: Don't you think you're overdoing it, Jack?

Jack: It's an ant habitat.

Sharon: Oh. Oh, he'll love that. He always talks about the one that they have in school.

Jack: Yeah, I had one when I was a kid. I stared at that thing for hours. Listen, I wish you'd give us another chance. Stick around after the holidays.

Noah: Hey, Mom? This tape keeps sticking! Can you help me finish wrapping?

Sharon: Yeah. Come here.

Noah: Thanks.

Sharon: Oh, wow.

Jack: Is that a gift for your sister?

Noah: Yeah, it's a picture frame.

Sharon: We put a picture of Noah in it.

Noah: Yeah, we're gonna put it in her room.

Jack: Well, that's cool. I'd love to have a frame like that on my desk.

Noah: Well, I'll make you one. Can we go now?

Sharon: Yep. There. Okay, where's your backpack?

Noah: It's over by the door.

Jack: Okay, let's hit it.

Sharon: Okay.

Noah: Hey, I call shotgun!

Sharon: Um, no, in the back.

Noah: Hey, but I called it! That's not fair!

Jack: Your mom doesn't ride in the back.

Noah: Well, then you can ride in the back and you can drive, Mom, right?

Sharon: Right.

Gloria: Hello, anybody home?

Gloria: Merry Christmas. Oh, Kevin!

Gloria: I'll put these down here.

Kevin: What the hell?

Gloria: Aah!

Kevin: Mom, you shouldn't have. Unless I like it.

Gloria: I thought you weren't home.

Kevin: And I thought I took your key back.

Gloria: I took Michael's.

Kevin: Mom, that key is for emergencies.

Gloria: Honey, this is an emergency. I have to hide Michael and Lauren's Christmas presents.

Kevin: I see. You know, you can't even look in that store without showing them a bank statement.

Gloria: Hey, what's the good of having money if you can't spend some of it?

Kevin: You can invest it. Or you can give it to me.

Gloria: Ha!

(Pounding on door)

Gloria: Shh! Shh! Shh!

Kevin: Who is it?

Michael: It's me!

Lauren: And Mrs. Me!

Michael: Open up!

Gloria: Wait! Wait!

Lauren: Could you please hide Gloria's present--

Gloria: Oh, what? So I won't be tempted to open them before Christmas?

Lauren: Oh!

Kevin: Here, you guys can all hide them in the same closet.

Lauren: Great.

Michael: Great. We're thinking alike.

Lauren: That is really scary. Well, look who bought out the place!

Kevin: Yep. Yep. She gives new meaning to the term buying one's affection.

Michael: You didn't get all that for us, did you?

Gloria: No. Some of it's for Fen. And there is one kind of expensive one for my brother-in-law Jeffrey.

Kevin: Oh.

Lauren: Gloria!

Michael: For who?

Kevin: Well, you know what? If it's expensive, I'm sure he's gonna like it.

Colleen: So was it the "Let's just be friends" or "You're too young for me" speech.

Lily: Uh, try both.

Colleen: Ouch.

Lily: Yeah, he said he likes me, but he just can't deal with my age.

Colleen: And what did you say?

Lily: I got mad. I mean, he comes onto me and tells me that my age is a problem? It's like, what did he expect me to do?

Colleen: Well, you know, I think he likes you. I think he's just freaked out. I mean, why not be his friend?

Lily: And watch him hook up with other women? I don't think so.

Colleen: Well, then he'll realize that he's an idiot for not dating you.

Lily: Been there, done that.

Colleen: You know, I don't see him dating anyone else.

Lily: Well, yet. But he has followers everywhere he goes.

Colleen: Okay, how about this? How about if he goes on a date, then you stop hanging out with him?

Lily: I'd like to, but I'm kind of not in the mood to get my heart broken again.

Colleen: You know what? This time it might be worth it.

Lily: You know what? I'm just gonna ease up. I'm gonna--I'm gonna keep it friendly. No pressure.

Colleen: Well, he won't be able to resist you.

Lily: Mmm.

Phyllis: (Gasps)

Nick: You know, Dad, you calling in that loan? You're not just hurting Mom. You're hurting all of us.

Phyllis: So adorable, Victor. Thank you so much.

Summer: (Fusses)

Victor: You're welcome.

Nick: And I don't care how you rationalize this, you're not doing this for anyone's good except your own.

Phyllis: Oh, boy! I think someone needs to be changed.

Daniel: I bet that's my cue.

Summer: (Fusses)

Phyllis: Oh, no! Somebody needs to be changed.

Daniel: Oh, let's see.

Phyllis: Here, take this with you. Take this.

Daniel: Is this her sweater?

Victor: There we go. Are you taking your mother's side or what?

Phyllis: Look at this.

Nick: I'm not taking anyone's side, Dad.

Victor: Look, she borrowed that money without thinking of the consequences, all right?

Nick: There are consequences for everyone. You are creating more problems for this family.

Phyllis: Baby, look at this. Look at this. Look at this.

Nikki: Hi, everybody.

Phyllis: Hey, Guys!

Nikki: Where's the birthday girl?

Phyllis: Oh, she's getting changed.

Nikki: Oh.

Victor: You're early.

David: By my watch we're right on time.

Nikki: Next time I'll call.

Victor: Next time you'll abide by our agreement, all right? Anyway... it was so nice being here. Thank you for the cupcake and give a kiss to the birthday girl.

Nick: Dad? Dad?

Victor: Nice to see you.

Gloria: I spoke to my accountant and he said I have to buy tax free gifts for all of you before the end of the year.

Lauren: Oh, well, then we should talk to our accountant and make sure that doesn't change anything for us.

Kevin: Here you go. You can give it to me.

Lauren: Oh, thanks.

Gloria: Now do you have a college fund for Fen yet?

Lauren: Yes, we do.

Michael: Wait a second, hold on. Back it up. You are buying expensive gifts for Jeffrey Bardwell.

Gloria: No! One gift.

Michael: No, no, spending money on the man is gonna give him the wrong impression.

Kevin: What? That she can't buy him?

Lauren: I agree with Michael.

Kevin: Yeah, so do I.

Gloria: No wrong impression. Come on, the guy's my brother-in-law. And I am going to spend time over the holidays with him.

Michael: No.

Gloria: Yeah.

Lauren: Now I-I just don't understand what you see in him. I mean, other than he looks like William.

Michael: Don't trust this man! He is sleazy! He's after your money! That's it!

Gloria: I thought the same thing, but the more I get to know him, the more I like him. So please, just give him a chance.

Michael: Why? Why waste my time? I can already see through this guy.

Kevin: He's a really good judge of character.

Lauren: You know, you've been married to two really amazing men, John and William. Why are you scraping the bottom of the barrel now?

Michael: She's right. You don't wanna get involved with this man.

Gloria: Well, all of you are wrong. He can be very charming.

Kevin: So can kidnappers, Mom. Doesn't say much.

Gloria: Would you please just give him a chance, Michael?

Kevin: So, Mom, how long do you plan on keeping this up? Because Michael and Lauren didn't buy your whole "Jeff is a great guy" routine for a second.

Gloria: You know, you weren't a lot of help.

Kevin: That's because I agree with them. Where are you going?

Gloria: I'm going to meet Jeffrey.

Kevin: Ugh. I'm coming with you.

Gloria: Absolutely not.

Kevin: Uh, absolutely yes.

Gloria: Honey, I can handle him.

Kevin: No, you can't.

Gloria: I'm not gonna argue with you about this, Kevin.

Kevin: Good, good, because I'm coming.

Gloria: No, you're not.

Kevin: Yes, I am.

Gloria: Honey!

Kevin: What?

Gloria: I told Jeffrey that I wouldn't marry him until my children were convinced I was in love with him. So you should come. Sit at the bar and watch us. And glare at him.

Kevin: This may be the dumbest idea that you have ever had. Pretending to pretend that you're in love?

Gloria: Yeah, well, maybe. But you're my son and you're obligated.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, you gave me life. I get it.

Gloria: Glare as hard as you can, baby. I don't know how long I can stall him.

Colleen: So what are you doing tomorrow?

Lily: Mmm, I don't know. Why?

Colleen: I wanna go Christmas shopping.

Lily: Wait, I thought you did Hanukkah with your dad?

Colleen: Yeah, I just wanna get gifts for Adrian and friends and stuff.

Lily: Mmm.

Colleen: What would you do if Cane walked in?

Lily: Uh, I don't know. Why?

Colleen: Because Cane just walked in.

Cane: Hey, I, uh, called the, uh, to go order in?

Lily: Well, should I say hi? Pretend like I don't see him?

Colleen: Well, if you want your plan to work, I'd say hi.

Lily: Should I wait until he says hi first?

Lily: He just ran out the door. He probably knew that we were talking about him.

Colleen: Okay, you need to do something to keep your mind off him, okay? You should work it off, train for a marathon. You need to do something.

Lily: Yeah, I'll spend the rest of my life on a treadmill.

All: Happy birthday!

Phyllis: Yay!

David: Make a wish.

Nikki: Ooh!

Phyllis: Good! Good!

Nikki: Pretty!

Phyllis: Perfect! Oh, gosh! Oh.

Nikki: Um, look, Phyllis, I'm really sorry about Victor's behavior.

Phyllis: Oh, don't worry about it. No problem.

Nikki: I didn't mean to antagonize him, but, you know, I'm not gonna let him walk all over me either.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Well, you two are always welcome here.

David: Thank you.

Daniel: I think, uh, Summer wants her cupcake.

Phyllis: Not until her boyfriend gets here. She can't have that.

Daniel: Oh, did you hear that? Fen's coming to see you.

Phyllis: Fen is coming.

Daniel: Yeah, he is.

Nick: You know, Dad shouldn't have called in those loans.

Nikki: He's gonna do what he's gonna do. You know, he wants a fight, he's gonna get one, but, uh... it's okay. Because I've decided I'm gonna sue him for causing the explosion.

Nick: Mom, lawsuits hurt everyone involved. So what do you think?

David: I think your mother has the right to stand up for herself.

Nick: By suing my father?

David: How she does it, is her choice.

Nikki: Do you know that a lot of people lost their life savings in Clear Springs? And that is Victor's fault. He did that. He is responsible for that. He is responsible for the explosion and for the accident that happened to your sister.

Nick: Mom, you're going too far.

Nikki: No, I'm not going too far. Your father went too far. Now somebody has to step in and make a stand and stop all this nonsense. Right now.

Victor: So have you named the baby yet?

J.T.: Reed. Reed--it was, uh, Victoria's suggestion.

Victor: Oh, yeah? That is Nikki's maiden name.

J.T.: Right. Yeah, she, uh, she wanted to name it for Nikki and keep it in the family.

Victor: How does it feel to be a dad?

J.T.: Overwhelming. In a good way.

Victor: You bet. Best feeling there is. You go home now and go to sleep. All right?

J.T.: There's time for that later.

Victor: Trust me, when you take that baby home, you ain't gonna get a lot of sleep. I know.

J.T.: I really don't wanna leave, 'cause if something happens, I wanna--

Victor: If something happens, I'll be here. Don't worry about a thing. All right?

J.T.: All right. Please call me if anything happens.

Victor: I will do that. I'll call you.

J.T.: Thank you.

Victor: Thank you.

Noah: Uh, excuse me! Coming through!

Nick: What's up, Dude?

Noah: Happy birthday, Summer!

Daniel: Happy birthday, Summer, but no "Hello, Daniel"?

Noah: All right, hi, Daniel.

Daniel: Hi.

Noah: Did she get any good presents?

Daniel: Yeah, she got some building blocks and she got this little learning center which makes animal noises, and she got baby's first cell phone, so she can talk just like Mom, right?

Phyllis: Just like Mom.

Daniel: Just like Mom.

Nick: Hey, uh, hop in there. Get close to your sister. Let me get a shot of you guys.

Noah: Okay.

Phyllis: Oh, there was a yawn.

Nick: All right, ready?

Noah: All right. Yeah.

Nick: Say "Pizza"!

Daniel: Pizza!

Noah: Pizza!

Nick: There you go.

Sharon: They grow up so fast, don't they?

Phyllis: Yeah. It's been a year.

Sharon: Oh, man.

Phyllis: Yeah, they grow up real fast.

Sharon: Right, it's a year.

Nikki: How are ya, Jack?

Jack: Well, I'm above ground. I hear there's a senate seat available if you're interested.

Phyllis: Okay, well, listen, have--have a seat. Jack, I want you to take a picture with Summer. And you, too, Sharon.

Sharon: Oh, no, no, no, you don't want me--

Nick: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, we want you in that picture. Definitely. Definitely.

Nick: Slide in, Dude.

Phyllis: Just--go ahead. Take a picture.

Nick: Ready? Cheese!

Daniel: Happy birthday.

Nick: Nice!

Sharon: Yay.

Phyllis: Great. Jack, um, this is a present from the three of us.

Jack: For me?

Phyllis: Yeah. Um, because, uh, you know, you helped me in the elevator. And if it weren't for you, maybe our daughter wouldn't be here at all.

Nick: Yeah, you brought Summer into this world. We won't forget it.

Jack: I did what anybody else would've done.

Phyllis: Oh, come on. Stop being humble. Just open the gift.

Jack: A doctor's bag?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Well, I think that's very cute.

Phyllis: It's cute, right? Yeah, it's fine. Um, I just figured, maybe, you know, you and Sharon can play doctor, too. I mean, if you want.

Jack: I look at your little girl and I remember that night and... I realize I got one thing right in my life.

Gloria: Why thank you very much. Oh!

Jeff: Gloria. Wow, you look beautiful!

Gloria: Well, thank you very much. And I'm very much looking forward to our dinner.

Jeff: They're, um, setting up a table for us over in the corner.

Gloria: Why the corner? Isn't the point for people to see us?

Jeff: I'll see what I can do.

Gloria: Oh, Kevin!

Kevin: How's lover boy doing?

Gloria: He's getting us a table.

Kevin: Catch you later. Thanks.

Jeff: So all set!

Gloria: Great. Thank you.

Gloria: Thank you, Jeffrey.

Jeff: You're welcome. So shall I order us an appetizer?

Gloria: Yes, you choose.

Jeff: Aren't you the pliant one? Where's the waiter? That's your son over there at the bar watching us?

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Jeff: Well... why don't we give him a show?

Gloria: Why, Jeffrey, you read my mind.

Jeff: (Laughs)

Phyllis: So the tension between Jack and Sharon you could cut with a knife.

Nick: Yeah. It's almost uncomfortable.

Phyllis: Almost?

Nick: Yeah. I'm kinda surprised that they're still together.

Phyllis: I think people are still surprised that I'm, uh, with you.

Nick: Uh, you got that backwards.

Phyllis: Oh, I don't think so.

Nick: Yeah, you do. What--I-I...

Phyllis: See if you can balance it. I don't need anymore cupcakes. Hey, is this, uh, Noah's coat?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, I'll run it out to him at the stables.

Nick: Good man.

Sharon: Well, I'm gonna get some more coffee.

Nick: So have you read the latest report on Clear Springs?

Jack: No, what does it say?

Nick: Well, the, uh, the town's in better shape than we thought. The casino and parking structure are obviously toast, but a lot of the old buildings, they can be saved.

Sharon: So, I, uh, I love the--the cupcakes.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: I-I figured, you know, everybody can pick their own flavor. I like red velvet. It's too rich for Summer, but I like it. So, um, how are you and Jack spending the holidays?

Sharon: Um... well, I think, uh, we're just gonna keep it low key.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, low key.

Sharon: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah, that'll probably be good after everything you've been through.

Sharon: Yeah, well, there's not much good about it.

Phyllis: Yeah. So, uh, I-I know Jack screwed up. But, um, everything he did, he did before you were married. So, um... I know he's tried to be a better man since then.

Sharon: Yeah, um... tried being the operative word.

Phyllis: Right. Did--did he show you that letter that he wrote when he was trapped in the garage?

Sharon: Uh, no.

Phyllis: Really? Oh, you should definitely read it. It--it was about you.

Sharon: So he showed this letter to you?

Phyllis: No, he didn't show it to me. He didn't show it to me. I found it on his desk accidentally. I-I think it said, "My love for you is literally keeping me alive." That's--that's what it said.

Sharon: Um, why are you telling me this?

Phyllis: Well, because I-- I wanna see him happy. And you make him happy. If I were you, I would wanna leave him, too. But before you start making some life-altering decisions, you should read the letter. You should definitely read it.

Michael: Hey!

Nick: Come on in!

Phyllis: It's freezing!

Lauren: Yeah, I know! I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Michael: Birthday girl! Birthday girl!

Nick: She is, uh, feeding the horses with her big brothers.

Lauren: I don't know how long we can stay. You won't believe what happened at the store. Women were fist fighting over cashmere.

Lauren: Hi, you guys. I'm exhausted!

Phyllis: I know, I'll bet. Can Fen have a cupcake? 'Cause that's-- that's what we're having.

Lauren: Ooh, sugar before bed? I don't know, I don't know. What do you think? Okay!

Phyllis: Here.

Lauren: They're beautiful!

Phyllis: That's for you.

Michael: Yes, yes. Well, hello, Jack. I'm surprised you're not huddled with your lawyers over that new will.

Jack: That new will, as you call it, is not worth the paper it's written on. It's a fake, just like your mother.

Phyllis: Uh, hey! I love you both, but, um, if you bring this party down, I'm gonna kick your butt.

Michael: All right.

Nick: Yeah, you're on your own.

Michael: Thank you.

Phyllis: Hey! There's the pretty girl!

Noah: Hey, Fen.

Michael: Aw, she's adorable.

Phyllis: Hey, look!

Lauren: Can you hold this for one second?

Phyllis: Sure. Sure.

Michael: Are we having cupcakes?

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah, it's cupcakes.

Noah: Oh, wow.

Phyllis: This is for you.

Michael: This is great.

Nick: Ready, Guys?

Michael: Get in here.

Phyllis: Cupcakes for everyone.

Nick: Cupcakes! Say cheese.

All: Cheese!

Nick: Fen! All right!

Lauren: He looked right after!

Sharon: Hey, you guys, we have to get going.

Phyllis: Oh!

Jack: Uh, we'll pick up Noah in the morning.

Nick: Uh, yeah, cool. Uh, call first. 'Cause we're gonna go and get some pancakes first.

Sharon: Okay.

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: Hi, pretty girl.

Nick: Hey, Jack? I know it sounds trite, but if there's anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask.

Jack: You're the first person to say that to me in months.

Nick: I mean it.

Jack: I know that. I appreciate it.

Phyllis: Hey, watch yourself.

Nick: Thanks for coming by.

Sharon: All right, bye, Nick.

Michael: Oh, good-bye, Sharon. Good-bye, Jack!

Lauren: Bye, Guys!

Michael: Daddy really know how to clear out a party, doesn't he? That's more cupcakes for us, my friend, right? Right? Right? Right?

Cane: Good news travels fast. Congratulations, man.

J.T.: Thank you, appreciate it.

Cane: That's cool. So, uh, I didn't think you were leaving the hospital.

J.T.: Oh, well, Victor's keeping watch.

Cane: Yeah? Good. Good. You know, man, I'm admiring you for this. You know, the way you're stepping up to being a dad. No fears.

J.T.: Who said I wasn't scared? When I found out I was a father, I almost hyperventilated.

Cane: But you look happy, man.

J.T.: Oh, I'm happy. I'm definitely happy. I'm also scared to death. I'm a single dad raising a premature baby. I mean, what happens if I mess up? Actually, let me rephrase that. What happens when I mess up? I guess I, uh, hopefully don't mess up so bad. You know, kids expect their parents to know what they're doing. And it's easy to say that until you're--you're in a situation and you got nobody there to catch you.

Cane: I really can't give you much advice on that, my friend. My uncle, you know, he may have been a nice guy, but he wasn't really parent of the year, if you know what I mean.

J.T.: Yeah. But that's it. For the rest of his life, I'm responsible.

Gloria: Hmm.

Jeff: Here you are.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.


Jeff: (Chuckles)

Gloria: Laying it on a little bit thick, don't you think?

Jeff: Well, is your son still staring at us?

Gloria: Mm-hmm. Oh! I have a surprise for you.

Jeff: A present?

Gloria: Mm-hmm. I saw it in the store and couldn't resist.

Jeff: Ah, you really shouldn't spend your money on me.

Gloria: Yeah, listen to you. Oh, come on, Jeffrey, open it.

Jeff: All right. What could it be, Gloria?

Gloria: My, my... I hope you like it.

Jeff: Oh, my God! It's--that is beautiful! And far too extravagant. My goodness!

Gloria: But I want you to have it.

Jeff: I really can't accept this.

Gloria: Please do. It'll make me very happy.

[Kevin calls Michael]

Kevin: Michael, you're not even gonna believe what Mom just did.

Michael: Okay, you know what, Kevin? We will talk about this later. Yes. Yeah, bye.

Phyllis: The little princess is fast asleep.

Lauren: Aw!

Michael: Aw!

Daniel: Mom, I gotta say, you really know how to throw a party.

Phyllis: Thanks.

Nick: So what was your favorite part? When my dad accused me of siding with my mom, or when Mom said she was gonna go after Dad?

Michael: Oh, I'm sorry I missed that.

Phyllis: Hmm, I kinda liked the big reveal-- "I'm suing your father." I liked that.

Michael: Wait, suing? Who's suing who? What?

Nick: Oh, yeah, my mother is suing my father.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Michael: Oh, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Nick: Yeah, seriously.

Daniel: Let's not forget Jack offering his senate seat to Nikki.

Michael: Ha ha! I really am sorry I missed that.

Phyllis: You know, you're just as bad with that little quip-- hello--to Jack about the lawyers and the will?

Michael: I think I behaved rather well.

Lauren: I think you did, too, Sweetheart. There were no punches thrown. Very good.

Phyllis: It's ironic, isn't it? That we brought our families together for this joyous occasion, and--and we end up fighting.

Michael: And on that note, we have to take off.

Lauren: Oh, is it time?

Michael: Yes.

Phyllis: Okay!

Michael: Where's your coat?

Nick: I'll get your coats.

Phyllis: Ooh, ooh, ooh, we have a cupcake down. Cupcake down.

Daniel: You're chewing on that block. You wanna take that one with you?

Lauren: Do you mind?

Phyllis: Thank you so much for the beautiful outfit.

Lauren: Oh, did you like the outfit?

Lauren: Aw!

Phyllis: Bye, Fen!

Daniel: I'm gonna go upstairs. I'm gonna say good night to Noah.

Michael: See you later.

Phyllis: All right.

Lauren: Bye, Sweetheart.

Phyllis: Bye-bye.

Lauren: Talk to you later.

Phyllis: Thanks. Your coat. Your coat.

Lauren: Oh, my coat.

Michael: Let me just throw you. We can run for the car.

Nick: See ya, little Fen.

Michael: All right, Sweetie.

Phyllis: Bye.

Nick: See you, Guys. Drive safe.

Lauren: See you later.

Michael: All right, hold on! Wait, here's your coat!

Nick: Put that coat on her.

Lauren: It's cold!

Phyllis: It is cold. Shut that.


Nick: (Sighs) silence. And cupcakes.

Phyllis: It's quiet.

Nick: Yeah. That was some party, huh?

Phyllis: You know what? Next year... we're gonna do a kiddie party.

Nick: Yeah. At a pizza parlor with-- with a jumpy. I love jumpies. The jumpy will really be for me.

Phyllis: No adults. Just us... on the jumpy.

Nick: All right, sounds good. So, uh... what did you and Sharon talk about?

Phyllis: Well, in my, uh, subtle way, I told her to give Jack another chance.

Nick: Hmm.

Jack: Oh! I forgot the medicine bag. I'll call Phyllis in the morning.

Sharon: She said that, um... you wrote me a letter when you were trapped in the garage?

Jack: Yeah, I did.

Sharon: May I read it?

Jack: Sure.

Sharon: "Sharon, at this moment, my only strength comes from imagining you in my arms. My love for you is literally keeping me alive. In this last hour, I've had so many thoughts about my life-- the highs and lows. I know I've disappointed many people, but I want you and Noah and Kyle and my sisters to always remember one thing-- I could not have loved you more. I'm so lucky and so proud to have been your husband. I love you, Jack."

(Cell phone ringing)

Lily: Hello?

Colleen: Hey, are you working out?

Lily: Yeah, well, I'm trying to, but Cane's here. I mean, how am I supposed to forget about him if he keeps showing up.

Colleen: What's he wearing?

Lily: What is this, torture Lily day? I have to go.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Gloria: Well, that was just a lovely dinner. Thank you.

Jeff: Well, you know, I was so busy staring at you, I didn't even notice the meal.

Gloria: Isn't that sweet?

Jeff: I'm sorry to cut the evening short, but I've got some overseas calls that can't wait.

Gloria: Okay. Well, we'll do it again sometime, Mr. Bardwell.

Jeff: Oh, I plan on it.

Gloria: Good night.

Jeff: Good night.

Gloria: Mmm. That was excruciating.

Kevin: How can you let him kiss you?

Gloria: I just close my eyes and think of England.

Kevin: England?

Gloria: Oh, I didn't think I'd be able to keep my food down. Every time he touched me I thought I'd puke.

Kevin: He's nasty.

Gloria: All right, it's over now.

Michael: Hello. Where's your date?

Gloria: I guess he's gone upstairs to his room.

Michael: Oh, perhaps that's because he realizes that you were not going to see him anymore.

Gloria: No. We had a lovely evening. And he has a wicked sense of humor, Michael.

Michael: Mmm. Wicked is quite the accurate adjective.

Kevin: Look, maybe he's not as bad as we think.

Michael: Don't tell me Gloria has taken you over to the dark side.

Gloria: How was Summer's birthday?

Michael: We ran into public enemy number one.

Gloria: Did you and Jack talk about the will?

Michael: It was mentioned briefly.

Gloria: I've been thinking about it. Let's not settle John's probate. At least not for awhile. Let's sit on it.

Michael: Why? What do you have to gain from that?

Gloria: Well, for starters, I get to see Jack suffer longer.

Kevin: In the spirit of the holiday season.

Gloria: Yeah. I wanna explore my options. Sue him for damages. He thinks I'm gonna wrap this whole thing up and be done with it? He's delusional.

Michael: Okay, lawyer hat coming off, horrified son hat. Uh, why do you wanna prolong this whole thing?

Gloria: After the way he treated me, you need to ask? Now put your lawyer hat back on, because I want everything that's owed me plus interest. And that includes the Abbott mansion.

Jack: I made us a little something to eat.

Sharon: Um... no, thank you.

Jack: You working?

Sharon: Yeah, I really have to get going on this, um, Valentine's Day N.V.P. promotion here.

Jack: Everything I said in that letter is true, you know?

Sharon: I know.

Jack: You're just not in love with my anymore?

Sharon: Jack... it's not that simple. I just don't trust you anymore after all the lies that you've told. And you know, if this were just about you and me, I... but I have Noah to consider. And he's just been through so much. You know, and he really looked up to you. And--and you let him down.

Jack: That's probably the worst part of all of this. I wish you'd give me a chance to make it up to both of you.

Sharon: No. I need to work this out on my own.

Sharon: I'm not-- I'm not leaving you. I do not want to talk to a divorce lawyer. I just... need some time away from you so that I can think about this clearly.

Jack: There's a lot of good stuff here.

Sharon: Jack... if you love me, then you will not make this harder. I need to do this.

Nikki: You know, I think this is the first Christmas that we're not all gonna be together.

David: I'm sorry to say that I'm partially responsible for that.

Nikki: You are not. You've been nothing but supportive and wonderful. No, Victor is the problem. I've spent our entire marriage tiptoeing around his moods. I'm finished with that. And I am not going to apologize for having you in my life.

David: I agree with that. And I don't think we need to wave a red flag in front of him either.

Nikki: Well, Nicholas accepts you. Victoria accepts you. And Victor's just gonna have to get used to it. The sad thing is, he deceives himself. He thinks by making all the decisions he's protecting me. When actually he's just making me weak and dependent.

David: I can't even imagine that. That's so far from who you are today.

Nikki: Well, he is through manipulating me. I am not going to live my life in his shadow anymore.

Victor: I'll make you a promise. I'll always protect you and guide you. You know, you're a Newman. You know what that means? It means that a lot of people will respect you, a lot of people will envy you. Some people will even hate you for being a Newman. That's just the way it is. But you know something? Let 'em come on. You and I will take 'em on. I will always be at your side. Your grandpa--your grandpa's a tough old bird. I'll always be at your side, my boy.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Daniel: Did you knock over a liquor store? You got hundred dollar bills in your purse.

David: Read the complaint.

Nikki: Half a billion dollars?

Kay: Are you really intending to destroy your wife?

Victor: My soon to be ex-wife.

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